Trade War Currency War Impeachment – ITS ALL ONE ELECTION MANIPULATION


What do China Russia the EU and Japan all have in common today? They tax MADE IN AMERICA 500% more than we tax them. An EU pound of American Cheese – just old plain American yellow Cheese cost 70 Pounds in the EU about 100 dollars. Their Cheese costs 7 bucks in the USA. Times this by everything.

So today as the trade war starts to bite and the EU is sinking before tariff’s hit their cars and goods – and they will – and Japan’s goods – and they will – the united front to protect – THEY NOT THE USA IS PROTECTIONIST – have moved into full on currency wars. They have bid the dollar way up – and their currency way down to keep their goods LOW PRICED and made in America Super High prices. This is full on economic currency WAR FARE.

The FED representing profits to its bank controlling share holders that own the Fed want Trump Out. Trump wants to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY where they belong in fact. All of these powers are uniting behind one event.

IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP going into the 2020 election. The Impacement can never prevail. Impeachment is POLICIAL THEATER. the hope is that the public bashing of TRUMP even though he wins and no impeachment – tips the election over to the social democrats and Biden.

The powers named here are all behind BIDEN and the socialism because….hey they are all socialist nations. With Biden and the USA safely tipped into socialism, those opposing socialism are once and forever dealt with and gone. Trump? He gets the largest pay raise of his adult lifetime to lose the White House. Don’t bet early on that.

So economics – the socialist union and GULF nations want TRUMP OUT and this is at ALL COSTS.

Today the push is on by all of them for impeachment. Which risks a SUPER BACK LASH. No one can predict.

if Trump wins four more years those engage in the effort to GET TRUMP OUT will then pay an awful price.

China coming up on its 70 anniversary party will dance a sweep happy dance in talks that go no here is my opinion? Why would China make a deal before they see if TRUMP is going to be out?

Answer me that?

So the trade war is likely to get far worse before it get’s better…I could be wrong …in economics I do not see the reason for a rush to balance trade or open fair and free trade to America …when the unfair model pays us more and is secure if we get TRUMP OUT. Why not wait?

So they bid up the dollar.

They crash their own currency.

They win.

The Fed helps them not us.

So watching it all the all time record high on stocks should be happy time back on Friday.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND – bond inversion gone -and stocks soaring….we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?

Meanwhile I’d do CEO SPACE to profit in the final SUPER CYCLE of 2019.