Let’s review what WE Told you in May shall we?

We told you the markets of the world were all now in new AI ECONOMICS.

We told you this summer would be like none before because of that and a host of issues we detailed.

We introduced to GET OUT OF BONDS AND STOCKS at all time peak values and move into diversified insurance investing with guarantee’s on principle no loss possible. We told you moving into the NASTY Election year AI economics would create economic instability and SUPER VOLATILITY and no one could predict going forward from old tables and rear mirror driving the future.

Right again.

We told you the Summer was weak volume. It was.

We told you when the grown ups come back from vacations who run the 10,000 Super Money Pools the Super Volatility would become more calm and markets would reach all time new High’s in value as year end portfolio’s rebalance for year end.

Right again.

We told you a DEAL WITH CHINA was going to ink from the October meetings. Nor is trade dealing with Japan or EU a foregone conclusion. Expect the PROCESS to express more pain before the wound heals. Expect head winds from the nastiest global elections in modern history – from Israel to UK from EU and Italy to Moscow and Hong Kong. Expect the unexpected.

AI economics is new. Like nothing that has come before. Expect 5G to accelerate pace of Super Change. Expect AI to get smarter and smarter and what you knew and adjusted to will SUPER CHANGE with the intelligence of AI leaping generationally each quarter as AI now writes its OWN AI CODE a first in human engineering.


NO ONE CAN PREDICT from old economic charts and graphs. AI ECONOMICS is NEW. Unlike anything human beings have known before. The Pace of SUPER CHANGE within AI evolutionary economics dramatically will accelerate into the 5 G 100 foot pipe from the 4G 4 inch pipe of information itself.



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The markets to year end are driven by factored in value issues related to:

  1. Anticipations on Trade Deals which are in the extreme hard to predict. We think the optimism is misplaced.
  2. Anticipations on Fed monetary policy – we feel that optimism is very much misplaced.
  3. Anticipations on political progress in Russia – Iran – North Korea – EU – Japan – and the South China Sea and Gulf Nations
  4. We see all that as optimism very much misplaced.
  5. We see unpredictable as new normal and wild volatility de-coupled from the VIC as new normal.

If your investing in growth stocks in dips I would say AI will out time you and nothing will be as it was. Be careful.

If your investing in 60 months versus 60 minutes into solid dividend paying back bone enterprise with reasonable value ratio’s I think your always good and always safer.

We see such solid dividend companies out performing traditional growth bets by a long ratio as the valuations may be too high still in those growth not yet profitable stocks reporting losses still. We see room for value drops in growth stocks over valued.

Oil we told you was a demand falling off a cliff. The industry liars – where OPEC a fraud criminal gang of robber elites – has whomped the 8 billion poor with immoral unethical artificial market MANIPULATION OF OIL PRICE FOR ITS OWN GREED against energy demands of 8 billion poor -has come to a close. OPEC predictions of growth this year have proven to be all fraud. The OPEC down chart of today – is a FRAUD. Demand is falling even OPEC had to come forth with that today. If energy is the cost of everything else know that OIL kilowatt hours is being lowered by alternative sustainable non polluting energy to TOXIC OIL. Transportation is moving out of oil at speeds never imagined thank you ELRON MUSK and TESLA ( whose stock we said bet into ). Oil in packaging is TOXIC to earth and we are moving away from plastic bottles bags and everything else oil based including toxic fertilizer and pesticides.

Greedy OPEC cut back a million barrels or so a day and surplus’s this year are globally up and it is not year end yet by over 50 million barrels of total net storage gains over last year. Which was a record storage of oil year to surplus glut. The USA has pumped by itself more than OPEC cut back – MORE. OPEC is losing customers ( market share ) forever and ever in the failed policy of OPEC’s new dictator KING MBS. The failure of the elite oil criminals to artificially raise energy price upon the poor for their own greed has ended. They have lost control.

OIL we told you has one trajectory – down. Saudi plays every shell game it can – change oil ministers do this do that and lie to get oil up. Nothing gets oil up. They want war with Iran – Saudi radical muslim uniting taliban and ISIS to their brand of faith while moderate SHITE MUSLIM MAJORITIES which rule IRAN wish to defeat SAUDI’s plan for a MASTER FAITH. Iran is going to kick KING MBS in the balls by meeting Trump and making a PROSPERITY DEAL which forever bankrupts SAUDI from KING MBS crazy insane oil wars and policies all of which have failed as badly as MBS war in Yemen has failed. On their knees they begged this week for cease fire as the loss became unbearable and obvious to the entire world.

OIL IS IN SUPER CHANGE and without a war no one in the world wants but KING MBS – oil will remain in the 45 to 55 dollar price range of trading until falling demand makes even that number hard to sustain. OIL IS PLENTIFUL CHEAP AND RENEWING. Oil is the most toxic substance to the planet and humans on earth and we as a race are RACING to move out of using OIL entirely. OIL is a commodity with demand Niagara Falls – falling demand at levels no expert could foresee or predict. THE SPEED OF OIL DEMAND PLUNGING creates blood baths for speculators on the wrong side of the oil trade. In Such a Market of pure disintermediation no investor should buy into the FRAUD of an ARAMCO criminal valuation IPO the worst failed IPO in IPO HISTORY. That remains our prediction – you will have to wait for it. After the suckers buy the largest SHORT IN HUMAN HISTORY will burr those investors forever without recovery this side of war. Even military is rapidly moving off oil to other fuel forms as strategic. No one wins with OIL anything but SHORT SELLERS.


The markets are in AI economic SUPER CHANGE.

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Our mid week report on Super Change is obvious. You read it everywhere in news at pace levels that leaves us all dizzy. Never has any generation been so SUPER STRESSED by the very change pathology SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented and you have not seen anything yet – given the 5G accelerations coming in 2020 we have presented here with this detail on that SUPER CHANGE:

  • 2g was a 2inch pipe for information flows over a fax modem
  • 3g was better a 3 inch pipe for information
  • 4G was better and accommodating to more video band width a 4 inch pipe
  • 5G is a 100 foot pipe – a revolution for AI not an evolution – 5 G is a ONE HUNDRED FOOT PIPE
  • 4 Billion Devices turn over Dec 2019 to Dec 2021 – an industry from 5G
  • 5G Super Changes AI and everything else as in no human generation that has come before


THE SPEED OF CHANGE is now beyond human beings capacity to adapt into the ever accelerating Change.

WE ALL HAVE TO CALM DOWN and become far more objective to remain current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

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