As investment banker economist we told you in 2015 that a TRADE WAR was coming if President Trump was elected. We also told you to SELL OUT OF EXPOSURE IN CHINA. We told you WHY. Today the China Blood Bath for investors has one RULE rising into the Holidays in 2019…the WORST BY FAR IS YET TO COME.


Import BUYING from America was a hydrant turned to more than off DOWN 22%. No good will in Trade war to balance trade accounts.

China exports declined 16% year to date which is a colossal historic ECONOMIC SHIFT never seen before. The exports were down in August when economists predicted a slight rise – no rise just down. What does this mean?


When you are DOWN at CHRISTMAS BUYING MONTH – the last MONTH you can get goods to America on TIME – from factory to warehouse to shipping to warehouse – to stores. Almost 20% down year to date AT CHRISTMAS.

No Merry Christmas for China economics.

Factories have slashed prices to win meager orders but no one is buying.

China has never had declines like last year and this year in 20 years.

China is in full on DEFLATION.

Commodities are crashing. The Trillions China stock piled are now losing 100’s of billions in value.

The bright spot despite a 7 cent silly oil rise in price today is major OIL PIPELINES are coming on line across the world this quarter and oil flow dynamics will continue to add to oil price deflationary pressures. China is immune to oil price swings outside its nation as contract prices for China from Saudi primarily average around 37 dollars a barrel a price Saudi as OPEC DICTATOR does not wish out while it under cuts OPEC members from IRAN first to Venezuela second. In fact using TRUMP TARIFF policy as excuse China passed for the second month buying ZERO shipments from Venezuela. Only Russia is buying ( when it does not need to tar thick crude from Venezuela ) primarily propping up the Communist failed state as a finger flip off to Trump. This month. And last.

Crashing demand at Christmas time leaves us with the Game of Thrones economics – WINTER “IS” COMING TO CHINA.

So oil will wonder down into deflationary pricing as pipelines flow new and more oil to market this fall and winter and shattered scattered and dunked in Market Share oil policy by KING MBS – represent forever shift out of OPEC to non opec producers. American oil has risen to over come Saudi Oil cuts, and to with other non OPEC producers flood the market with oil. As the EU sinks into rapid recessionary declines from a failed recovery – truncated too early as we told you by the HORRIFIC POLICY OF GREED by the Fed for its member bank profits – with FED SPEAK BULL SHIT about “normalization” we told you the DEAD FED was stopping economic recovery far before Trump said anything but raising core interest globally way too fast way too frequently and way to high each time. Yellin failed the world as the WORST CHAIRWOMAN IN HISTORY and Powell HER BOY continued the policy until the day he no longer could.

Criminal bankers created the SUPER CRASH and SUPER BUBBLE for greed in 2007 world wide.

Criminal bankers stopped the recovery after stealing 100 trillion dollars to cover their own criminal bad loser bets in markets.

No criminal banker has been charged for their crimes.

No criminal banker has gone to prison for their crimes against humanity.

Now the criminal bankers may cause SUPER CRASH and worse than 2007 and a world war.

Until we MERGE CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKS into the STATE TREASURY where REAL REGULATORY OVERSIGHT rather than a fraud of over sight when there is zero oversight in fact – the economic system of the world is hostage to a criminal super MAFIA of criminal bankers. If you learn nothing else when reading my blog lead and know that TOO BIG TO JAIL is a failure in economic system modeling. Can we humans DO BETTER. Of course we can? Will we DO BETTER? Perhaps not because the GREED MACHINE controls the box top rules. Until voters wake up – are educated economically – and ask candidates world wide the ONE CORNERSTONE QUESTION – will YOU – merge the Central Bank back into Treasury of Nation. Elect those who say yes do not elect those who say no and we the people of the world win.

If that one item could circulate and reach enough voters ( the criminal bankers greatest of all fears ) we all win. Long after I’m gone these words may become a manifesto for a voter movement – and the unborn generations will yet win back our prosperities. Greed is what you must all HEED. Follow the money it always leads back to the criminals who print the money today – a cabal of criminal bankers from China to the USA all operating as one insider elite class.

I know because I was born into that tribe….and believe me …..I know.

China invested to hoard commodities at record high market price. Two things have happened to China failing economics. First China spends 300% more than it earns and borrows to operate the difference. As the income to China drops like a stone off a mountain, Spending in China is soaring. China is loaning money it can’t afford to lose to nations who can’t ever pay those loans back in fact. China is now between two economic forces moderating decades of economic abuse.

..economics 101…all accounts must one day rebalance from economic abuse over time and there are zero exceptions….all accounts must one day rebalance from abuse …and for China that dey is now upon us…..

China has the following economic pressures occurring all at one quarter in 2019:

  1. Its global and military cost are soaring out of all budget controls in a fatal upward spiral of spending
  2. Global income to China is SUPER CRASHING
  3. Commodities hoarded by trillins in investing are now not in demand and are losing 100”s of billions in market valuation
  4. Credit ratings for China forward “non economic” borrowing – have fallen to near junk status as borrowing cost rise and rise
  5. China core economics are shattered as trillions upon trillions are redeploying supply lines away from China forever.

China’s largest customer the USA has been treated badly and has had enough. The 2019 USA POLICY OF DECOUPLING – of taking too large a % of supply lines for critical USA industry and defense concentrated into China is now diversifying to a dozen new diversification decoupled nations so that reliance on any one supply line is no longer a risk. China presented the risk with its fake poker hand of two twos – as we told in 2015 to 2019 against TRUMPS full house Aces high poker hand which is in economics – unbeatable. As China raised TRUMP CALLED.

As Kenny Rogers song goes….you got to know when to HOLD THEM but you got to know when to FOLD THEM.

China is still playing asking for more dealer cards when they have lost the game so totally it is only a matter of time how much loss they can and will experience. As the next step leads to CHINA PANIC in nation and world wide – China faces the real risk of TOTAL SUPER CRASH OF ITS EQUITY BOND AND INVESTMENT BANKING MARKETS. Runs on banks are NOT out of the question.

As China leaders are deluded by fake news on their own economic strength ( all lies in economics ) they fail entirely to assess accurately the real risk of core economic stability?


Why is a feature of the age we reside inside of and the title of my new book releasing for your Holidays next month at Amazon entitled SUPER CHANGE.

ISince only 2014 the economics of the entire world has left all prior theory and box top rules behind. An entirely new form of economics has developed inside SUPER CHANGE NEW ECONOMICS. This new economics is 440 trillion of global circulations – 11 daily in the EU alone – and represents total placement presented in the new box top rules by AI. In 2014 over 50% of global circulation was under control of rapidly evolving and Super Changing Artificial Intelligence. AI wars between less than 10,000 global Super Money pools including sovereign wealth funds reached 94% AI over markets and economics at the start of 2019. The compression of AI control over global economics is on going.

Old economic theories are no longer relevant nor can they any longer predict the future which is being written in all new economic theory – AI ECONOMICS – as we reported first here to you over years of time spans tracking it all as investment banker economists. The all new AI ECONOMIC theory is Super Changing in the largest arms race in human history consuming over ten trillion dollars annually now by less than 10,000 Super Money pools including nations in all new AI ECONOMICS – AI ARMS RACE. Trillions invested to evolve super intelligent AI.

In 2019 the transition was reached in the AI wars where the majority of quarterly AI moving into 5G revolutions is now being program developed by AI itself and no longer by human beings at a speed and acceleration to program evolutions humans no longer understand or are in control of in fact…a first in the history of humanity and in economics unfolding…the pace of Super Change is accelerating….

2 G is a 2 inch information pipe beating cooper wires and modems and fax me.

3G is a 3 inch pipe and improved everything in accelerating Super Change itself.

4G is a 4 inch pipe and transformed velocity acceleration and momentum for SUPER CHANGE and AI development VAM.

5G is a 100 foot pipe – and the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE into that pipe now surpasses capacity for humans to adapt into.

Today systems – economics systems and laws regulations and modeling are antique obsolete and no longer apply in any way to rapidly evolving AI economics in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

We wrote to the world in our great work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION THE FOLLOWING REALITIES OF ECONOMICS as an illumination a blue print a light house to guide world law makers and heads of economics and states into forward economic SAFE HARBOR inside SUPER CHANGE. We called for:

  1. A regulatory G 100 Economic CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to create new AI ECONOMIC BOX TOP RULES to use AI to regulate AI now in control of over 440 trillion of circulations. Today the risk from unregulated AI is system core stability itself.
  2. A global set of trade and tax rules as no longer would individual nation economic rules be relevant as AI is fully global.
  3. New models to preclude unwanted core system consolidation of wealth or speculation in system wealth executions to markets

The first generation of Ai has resulted in a new form of CASINO CAPITALISM. Ai bets on price ranges to establish a riskless risk within core price ranges. As AI written by humans and AI now rapidly evolving past human code self writing its own future in 2019 the AI is not engineered for system core stability above all other considerations.

What is new in AI economics is the unfolding risk of liquidity evaporation and global systemic failure in time frames never seen before due to SUPER DEBT BUBBLES in the system but not moderated by AI designs. This lack of accomodation of DEBT RISK in AI parameters presents a SUPER RISK of potential liquidity evaporation due to default cascading presented by failed policy of central bankers and nations. Why?

…the super change in core economic theory and reality occured far too rapidly for older systems to adapt into the economic AI super change

Nations and central bankers cling to OLD ECONOMIC THEORY and box top rules that compare to the DRUIDS worship at STONE HEDGE inside a day of the IWATCH 2019. No one uses the STONES ANY MORE. Yet if  the DRUIDS are in charge of time – Houston we have a problem.

No where is this more pronounced than China.

China trade wars are unfolding with economic advice to XI and leadership. This advice is rear vision mirror looking economist looking backward at old rule books and economic theory that no longer apply ( the STONES AT STONE HEADGE ( while flying forward on the AI bridge of the star ship Enterprise at Warp 5 going to 5G Warp unlimited in new AI code humans no longer write or are even in control of – all outside any nations regulatory frame work ). Backward looking economist law makers heads of state and central banks are all making policy in the REAR VISION MIRROR.

Ai pays no attention. It is flying at WARP 5G ahead of human capacity to adapt to make maximum profits in the fastest time frame. System core liquidity stability is not part of the programing model hence the enormous warnings we have published for years and the IMF has picked up on – sometimes.

The risk is accelerating.

China is at risk looking backwards in SUPER CRASH and debt defaulting and liquidity evaporation from new AI economics China does not understand nor recognize nor believe is in fact reality. China believes the economics they relied on to engage the trade war is the reality – old economics ( the STONES ) that are only relics of history. Economics globally is all new AI THEORY AND ECONOMICS first identified and documented to the entire world right here – and correctly so.

My book SUPER CHANGE takes Redemption from 2010 to the next level in 2020 of the VAM AI revolution now 5G accelerating.

China needed in AI economics to dispel its political agendas to favor its economic core prosperity. China political reality is underwritten by economic prosperity…without which the political agenda fails.

Economic prosperity given the rising risk of China core stability evaporation is a no brainer if you have the right mind set and reality. If not the risk is predictable as to outcome in the GREAT REBALANCING IN CHINA then the EU.

Today the economics remain:

  1. China is in denial a new AI ECONOMIC is reality and clings to antique economic theory that is like the STONES.
  2. China is moving forward at increasing WARP SPEEDS in AI economics driving in the rear vision mirror – fatal.
  3. China is in a SUPER CRASH now compounding in an economic stability death spiral potentially
  4. China lacking a USA PROSPERITY DEAL risks core economic internal stability events driven by AI economics
  5. China has in bad faith criminal dealing with the USA continued economic abuse in trade imbalances for far too long

As all economic SYSTEM ABUSE must ONE DAY rebalancing ( which is never personal or political ) the timing of the GREAT REBALANCING IN CHINA is drawing ever closer. As China approaches the USA to deal using old theories and models – delay is the one price China can no longer afford to pay. Delay itself. Time is the new asset in AI economics.

If China leaders search this web site for SUPER BOND THEORY they will read one tool in AI new economics to add in TIME sufficient to off set the economic GREAT REBALANCING where time is the crucial asset. Time to benefit China with a SUPER BOND via Xi’s friend attorney ROEL CAMPOS in Washington DC is a door rapidly closing today.

China is running out of time in never ending bad faith dealing as strategy hoping to get TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE with all its men and horse trying to put old economics of Humpty Dumpty ( Biden ) back together again. Failed policy from China in new AI Economics. Game over.

Will China compression of economics setting up the GREAT 72 Minute AI ECONOMIC REBALANCING push China to make an INTEGRITY PROSPERITY DEAL? We do not believe those operating with fake news economics as their reality will act on their own best interest. Which is human sad history.

No bell could ring for the failure of China to engage in their own Prosperity Policy within entirely NEW rapidly Super Changing AI economics – their team denies exists in the first place – than the bell of NO MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HUM BUG in the biggest trade month from Christmas down 1% from the down number of one year ago and 16% down going to 20% plus down for the entire Year.

China compression ( downward sub sinking ) is reaching crush hull depth in 2020 if unchecked. The following apply:

  1. China facing evaporation of 7 trillion of capital rising to 15 trillion in 2020 lacks capital to invest to support or stop massive unemployment coming next to China.
  2. China lacking capital can no longer trade with USA or EU and their trade accounts are rapidly compressing effecting the entire world as China the lender and buyer is running low on funs to pay its soaring military outlays today.
  3. China can not control AI versus Central Planners setting price for China’s phony worthless paper money the YUAN now in free fall world wide and soon to super crash to 15 yuan to the USA dollar no one saw but we reported to you…wait for it.
  4. Flight of capital unseen in any modern nation as trillions upon trillions run out of China to protect loss unfolding now in China
  5. Liquidity evaporation from defaulting debt cascades closing banks financial institutions and in the end closing China.

The ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL in China is unfolding as China planners drive XI forward unable to remove their gaze from the rear vision mirror of antique economics given the pace of change they see unfolding as CHINA Moves into the future of AI Super Changing economics – where China hits an economic barrier ( THE STONES ARE UNMOVABLE ).

The Super Crash leaves only smoke and fire.

Failed policy. Failure to make a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP AT ANY COST giving time to SUPER BOND and control the future from the bridge of a now locking forward on 5G screens China invented in the first place in Super Change AI economics.

Can policy makers in China ( and frankly in central banks ) get their head out of their ass that OLD ECONOMICS is the STONES and unless they climb on TOP of 5G AI economics and in TIME the world will follow Chian to the grave of the old economic system which failed to transform in TIME to the 100 FOOT PIPE of 5G that AI is now rising into as if it was new oxygen in a highly polluted toxic ( old economic ) air supply.

The pace of Super Change in economics is only picking up acceleration speed. VAM.

Human beings have exceeded their capacity to adapt into the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we all reside within – we ourselves invented – we ourselves can not slow moderate or stop the acceleration of the AI SUPER CHANGE – without new tools and tactics we simply are ourselves the STONES TO AI unfolding.

Think about that – from China to your central bank policy – as they have all failed to adapt – they are all driving in the rear vision mirror of economic theory that no longer exists – donkey travel to a PETERBILT ELECTRIC NON POLLUTING TRUCK FROM TESLA – SELF DRIVING BY THE WAY – as policy makers fail to assist CHINA to ADAPT AND PROSPER – the outcome of failure to adapt to AI NEW ECONOMICS is fatal to core systems as liquidity evaporates as RISK TO STABILITY no one in charge is on top of today. No one.

Read my brother in the work Kevin Freeman CEO SPACE FACULTY FROM DALLAS famous work GAME PLAN to tell you the China planning truth – the outcome – the liquidity issues – and why – ( as hedge fund manager ) – and guidance to make YOUR OWN GAME PLAN because your rear vision driving nation is NOT MAKING A GAME PLAN and why on that.

voters alone can change the world if they become informed and super focus on one and only one resolving prosperity issue….asking candidates …will you merge central banks back into State treasury …as if this became the one voter global issue….the outcome would be resolving into AI looking forward economics….nothing else comes close folks…nothing else in the world today……

Like the Tolkien Trilogy . its magic….one economic issue to find them….one economic issue to remind  them…and one economic issue to in the light and illumination….BIND THEM…..into victory together as we the people of the world….ah if we only knew the one ring was magic….YES I WILL IF ELECTED MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY and stop the madness at the SOURCE.