Did you miss it this Sunday? King MBS fired the OIL MINISTER of Saudi Arabia from the ruling ROYALS by tradition and had his daddy place his own half brother as new Oil Minister. Then he released the PR world wide how GREAT HIS HALF BROTHER IS where how great Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman IS – is to DO what MBS says to do. In effect MBS is now OIL MINISTER. In KING MBS multi year PURGE one might say: ( let us set the stage for the NEWS OF OUR LIFETIME – INSTABILITY AND REAL WORLD WAR III UNCOLDING UNDER YOUR NOSE INTO 2020 ) :

Who is now head of OPEC – KING MBS

Who is now OIL minister – KING MBS

Who is now head of the military – Oh King MBS

Who is now head of INTEL – Same King MBS

Who is head of Secret Police – oh Its MBS

Who is finance minister – OH its MBS

Who is Head of – Agriculture – Oh its also MBS

Who is 100% dictator with 100% failed in all policy track record:

Royal KING MBS – thanks Daddy for doing everything I ask as I consolidate power – now over oil – although my half brother was the one and only disent to GO INTO OIL WARS In 2014 with America.

Now having failed to raise OIL PRICES as oil now trades in AI PRICE RANGES due to demand falling off a cliff like Niagra Falls just like we said ( RIGHT AGAIN ) and the order by the puppy King – get OIL up at any and every possible level.


Sociopathic Khashoggi Murderer one year ago – King More Bull Shit – KING MBS is saying:


The aging ill King has moved his son, into head of everything – military – intelligence – missiles – war in Yemen – war on press -war on woman – war on oil – war on on war on war. MBS loves toys and playing war. Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman is not head of anything as oil minister. Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman is PUPPET ON STRING doing the bidding of King MBS the puppet master. Make zero mistake about the CHANGE in the ROYAL PALACE as yet another MBS dictator complete consolidation of total power. Complete break with SAUDI traditional chain of command structures.

Respect is gone. Serve or die is in.

MBS created the failed WAR ON OIL POLICY to DESTROY the American OIL industry.

MBS took OIL from a high of 140.00 a barrel – an un-godly profit for oil that costs only 10.50 cents to bring to market . say 1000 % profit margin as a WAR ON THE POOR of the earth by elite criminal oil cartel OPEC.

MBS took oil to 34.00 dollars when the WAR ON OIL ENDED in KIng MBS utter defeat.

MBS took the OPEC nations into the WAR on QATAR blockciadeing QATAR ( For no good reason at all ) and well QATAR has won that war and MBS has lost that war.

MBS took OPEC In a WAR to get oil prices back up to 100 dollars a barrel.

MBS has lost that war and oil is now price ranged with AMERICA NOT OPEC In control of OIL PRICES as MBS lost the OIL wars in utter defeat for his policies. Oil is now cut back by millions of barrels PER DAY and the has crashed and is still going down down down the rabbit hole as demand for oil falls off a cliff. MBS folks are FURIOUS with his FAILED OIL POLICY so daddy consolidated the boys power by appointing KINGS LOSER to be in charge of OPEC as the DICTATOR OF OPEC. The end of OPEC happened on Sunday but you may have missed it all.

MBS waged war on his own ROYALS shacking them down illegally for over 100 billion dollars that he blew in a single year. Those Royals arrested and having to give up over 100 billion ya think have forgotten that INSULT from a sociopathic I’ll kill you King? Ah no – they have not forgotten and the CIVIL WAR IN THE SAND CASTLE now has the WORLDS # ! SOCIOPATHIC LIAR in charge of OPEC and Saudi OIL. How is the LOSER 100% failed policy puppy King going to come out in all this? Well we’ll all see soon enough.

MBS goes to WAR IN Yemen as a proxy war with IRAN slamming IRAN in every possible way and assuring the IRAN peace process goes no where. Then Yemen defeats KING MBS and he loses the war in Yemen decisively and even the UAE has had to break ranks with in-sane-oh King and back the winner versus the loser KING MBS. Costing Saudi trillions it now can’t afford at all.

So the LOSER of 100 years in the GULF is now ABSOLUTE DICTATOR IN CHIEF – flying in the face of Saudi traditions – history – rule of law – rule of royal pathology – and simply is the GOD in charge of it all no one else just me me me me me me. Thank you Daddy.

The press ( from Saudi ) tells us how much respect the KING has from the OIL INDUSTRY and OPEC.


The emperor has no clothes he just has money for a bit more time. He is OPEC DICTATOR making one failed policy forced on members at the cost to high to continue to pay. OIL MINISTERS IN OPEC are leaving in fact bowing in reverse showing their economic ass to the PUPPY KING who see’s it as worship.

Oh and have I told KING MBS needs the ARAMCO FRAUD IPO OFFERING to one time recharge his kiddy piggy bank and once that failed offering is failed fully, MBS is in economics and politics – toast – no more cards to play. One year after bringing a bone saw to a wedding permit King MBS is going to sink utterly from oil markets crashing all around his Kingly head.

In the end the markets control oil not the PUPPY KING.

No OPEC CZAR – the murderer was made MINISTER OF SAUDI OIL as his minister was fired – ( not going to go down well in the Sand Castle ) as DADDY the KING made a degree – his sonny – is now in charge of OIL and is the KING And the OIL MINISTER and the head of OPEC the OPEC DICTATOR.

Bow down to the KING.


Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Is a Puppet for his half brother all duly arranged by who ? OH THE PUPPY KING who stripped the prior minister of all his powers and FIRED HIM ON SUNDAY



Now WHY did MBS fire the Oil Minister?

The underwriters in the DESPERATE and in RED INK Borrowing Saudi have delayed the underwriting for years? Well the aging PUPPY King coming into his 30’s today, dreamed of a 2 trillion dollar value for Aramco oil. The offering or ARAMCO AS AN IPO is the GREATEST UNDERWRITING FRAUD IN HISTORY. Jamie Diamond is dealing to get the FEE’s from the PUPPY KING and cheat the entire world on his own way out the door with bonus income from the largest public underwriting ( fraud ) ever. Again Why?

  1. Fraud # 1 – Oil Reserves – the oil reserves stated and presented by King MBS are pure fraud. KING MBS is a liar and a sociopath and a murdered. King MBS has bankrupt Saudi Arabia. 7 Trillion dollars has left the Kingdom since he came to power over failed oil policy, investment, runs out of Saudi by capitol following Khashoggi’s – slaughter in Turkey only one year ago. King MBS spends in massive projects that are not return on investment – total loser projects consuming so much money King MBS is now draining Saudi Sovereign Wealth Reserves. Without the FRAUD OFFERING given Oil prices without King MBS labors to promote a losing IRAN/USA War to raise oil prices – King MBS has to cut back spending. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Stated Saudi Oil Reserves in the public offering are controversial and massively over stated FRAUD.
  2. Oil Quality: Oil Quality of Saudi Oil is TOXIC OIL. The highest sulphur content oil – TOXIC OIL – more costly to refine and maximally polluting. IRAN OVERS LITE OIL CRUDE far less toxic and less costly to refine. Saudi OIL is restricted by 25% of all oil use – in 2020 Jan – by the IMO in shipping. All ships must shift from TOXIC SAUDI OIL CRUDE to lite crude like the USA producers already taking place in Asia. The shift away from SAUDI CRUDE IS SO MASSIVE AND SUSTAINING the math of the IPO is pure FRAUD.
  3. DEMAND FRAUD: The world is moving off and away from FOSSIL Fuels to preclude extinction of life upon the earth. Burning Fossil Fuels from the industrial revolution has contributed to extinction climate change as a crime against all humanity. Pesticides and Fertilizers from oil are also in decline due to damage to soil and waters world wide. Super Water replaces both at lower cost and with better crop yields. Demand for oil for power – for transportation – for plastic containers – for land and soil killing pesticides and fertilizers is falling off a CLIFF like no other commodity plunge in 100’s of years. The projections for DEMAND on OIL by MBS are economic fraud to investors.
  4. Valuation: The fraud from MBS who lacks any integrity but greed – having shaken down his own royal family to 100 billion last year – now moves to shake down global investors by far more through FRAUD. How? With his new half brother minister puppet in charge of oil – Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman – MBS now moves to defend his fraud at 2 trillion Aramco valuation. Note MBS plans to sell a tiny % and retan full control to himself the sociopath murder investors will in fact be investing in. Does the IPO present the RISK related to MBS crimes? There are so many? The risk of his death in a Sand Castle CIVIL WAR taking place? The valuation under the recent FIRED OIL MINISTER was dropping from MBS FRAUD LEVELS of two trillion to only 1.5 trillion which was no holding in fact. MBS was furious so he had daddy make the OIL MINISTER CHANGE to his own control and power. Half Brother be a good boy or well you know the outcome sonny. Fraud. The real valuation for ARMACO Is 750 billion. Anything MORE in the forgoing equation of economics is pure fraud.
  5. FRAUD: The Aramco public offering is the # 1 fraud upon investors the world has ever seen. Risk factors are fraud and understated. Valuation is fraud and over stated. Saudi solvency and financial disclosures are fraud as Saudi is a red ink borrowing nation to survive MBS rising spending on declining incomes – FRAUD PHONY BALONEY DISCLOSURES. Investors from SUPER CRASHING OIL DEMAND and worst quality oil on earth banned by IMO Jan 1st for all shipping ( 25% of oil use ) is FRAUD DISCLOSURE. Investors will lose massive sums like in SUB PRIME AAA RATED SECURITIES and rating agencies rating this offering are conspirators with underwriters ( Jamie Diamond ) in pure garden variety MBS FRAUD. You missed it all this Sunday. ARAMCO MBS FRAUD was this Sunday thats all it was. Photos of Jamie Diamond smiling to get the largest FRAUD OFFERING SWINDLING INVESTORS EVER as he goes out the door making Berny Madoff look like he stole a snickers at a 7/11 by comparison.

Take this to the bank. We will be RIGHT AGAIN and remember we told you first and repeated right here. WAIT FOR IT and folks don’t be betting on the sucker rally into this ARAMCO GLOBAL FRAUD.




So Saudi has demand for its oil massively drying up. You know that right? Spending is soaring out of all control. Income is crashing beyond any forecasting. The King does not have a solution. The IMF declared a Saud Economic EMERGENCy which further we predict by year end will DOWN GRADE SAUDI credit rating – further remove future investing and raise borrowing cost to JUNK RISK levels through utter mis management of economics. Every prediction and reliance is dead wrong and the price the people will soon pay in a Saudi SUPER CRASH – saying HOW COULD ALL THIS HAVE HAPPENED…will unfold.

There is one way out – NUKES. NUKE IRAN and distract everyone from the SAUDI reality – and in the NUKE OF IRAN ( which frankly a sociopathic slaughter KHASHOGGI mentally ill King does not care a whit about ) will RAISE OIL and cement his own crises at a cost of lives and futures one can’t begin to measure in real crime against humanity.

IRAN knows all this and is in a race to NUKE MBS first which in effect sets the prosperity solution to IRAN. A deal with AMERICA solves the issues without the NUKES but Iran is in a NUKE FOR ITS OWN LIFE RACE against the crazy brain of Saudi’s King MBS.

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE and everyone in the Gulf knows this as does our DOD …..so think it through folks. You’ll see the tea leaves at the bottom of your own tea cup.

Saudi has shipping for the world – 25% of oil use is Shipping – now  going off its Sulphur TOXIC OIL in 2019 first time – crashing SAUDI HIGH SULPHUR OL forever –  and to Jan you know that IMO rule banning 100% of shipping Jan 2020 on 100% WORLD BANK ON  TOXIC SAUDI SULPHUR OI ALL SULPHUR HIGH OIL L- you know that right? Demand just stopping. Saudi has taken 11 million barrels of oil a day down to only 7 million barrels a day where the millions PER DAY also are down in core  price from over 100 dollars a barrel to above 50 a barrel only they can only sell their toxic oil to China and others at 37 dollars a barrel on contract prices – they do not want their real contract lower price  out in the marke or to other OPEC memberst. ( Fraud not to disclose THAT to the IPO on Armaco ). Even then China and Asia are moving off TOXIC SAUDI OIL as America now sells almost 3 million barrels A DAY Saudi used to sell and now AMERICA has taken market SHARE away from King MBS forever. America oil is lite crude – low sulphur – in shipping compliance – and IMO compliance – lower cost to refine – so Asia is moving off SAUDI OIL and market share for Russia and Saudi is crashing – never to return not ever. The way out? Nukes.  This trend is massively unfolding. FRAUD not to disclose that in IPO? I think it is another fraud omission one of so many SEC and world regulatory agencies.

Now against almost FREE OIL Saudi is drowning in – no one wants it and they are drowning in oil for their own energy at free oil cost –  what does KING MBS tell the world this weekend. OH YOU MISSED IT?



Within the Saudi PR machine just how great his PUPPET KING IS FOR THE PUPPY KING IN CHARGE OF THOSE STRINGS NOW – was the Puppy KING critical announcement.

KING MBS is going to enrich URANIUM like IRAN for peaceful power. Both Nations are at war. Saudi has funded:

  1. ISIS

  2. Taliban

  3. Radical Wahhabi Islam

  4. Against moderate Shite Islam Iran practices

  5. Hezbollah now at war with ISRAEL spiraling out of all control

Iran is enriching Uranium for NUKES. Why?

MBS is enriching uranium for NUKES.

Both nations have secret MISSILE FIELDS ready for launch upon the other with PIN POINT ACCURACY. All they need is a nuke.
King MBS has shopped for Nukes in Pakistan India and South Africa. israel may provide NUKES to MBS to assure IRAN is reduced to ashes first. KING MBS would bomb Israel at the same time as a hold back on that model.
KING MBS is now in a NUKE ARMS RACE WITH IRAN. The world as with Adolf Hitler is engaged in appeasement. Russia and China’s WORLD WAR III PLAN. They are providing BOTH with Nuke engineers and plans to rapidly arm both and suck America into a war they can step into to NUKE AMERICA without blame. War plan. Asymmetrical war plan.

What is really going on OUT THERE?

  1. King MBS is drowning in a sea of red ink in Saudi – his own over spending massive economic red ink failed policies in nation.
  2. King MBS is in proxy war with IRAN.
  3. King MBS is in an arms war with IRAN.
  4. King MBS has a contraction in 2020 in Saudi economics
  5. King MBS is now enriching Uranium in a Nuke arms race with Iran on NUKES make no mistake on that.

Both nations LIE.

Both nations say we are not making Nukes for weapons. They both lie. The arms race to strike first Iran to Saudi – Saudi to Iran – is on and KING MBS STARTED THIS NUKE ARMS RACE – everyone knows this as we all do nothing but appease the parties.

Israel knows that they are racing to build nukes and like North Korea Putin is behind all this – a proxy USA war – where he and China are presenting both nations with the NUKE PLANNING to develop and test their own weapons in 2020 not 2021. Presidential year election influence events.

Part of the WORLD WAR III PLAN. The PUTIN ASYMMETRICAL WAR PLAN we have well reported here and well disclosed third party proof and documentation. Did you miss THAT as well?

The world is in TWEET HYPNOTICS and as with Adolf Hitler and the world ( you  fail and )  does not see the real threat – is PUTIN’s war plan using other patsy’s like KING MBS in Saudi the puppy king believes Putin ( hammered by MBS failed oil policies ) is – my friend.


Did a 28 year old Puppy King believe his own fraud economics entering an OIL WAR in 2014 he lost utterly? You bet he believed his own phony projections as reality which proved to be pure fraud.

Did the Puppy KING in his 30’s believe his own fraud oil economics spending like a drunken sailor in Saudi? You bet as we see now from the IMF SUPER WARNING TODAY.

Did the Puppy King relying on the phony math oil modeling – find – his Armaco saving economic  fraud offering can not now be sold to markets at fraud valuations? Is he changing oil ministers to try and salvage his FRAUD MATH NUMBERS at 2 Trillion IPO valuation and WWJD – WHAT WILL JAMIE DO WITH ALL THIS as investor blood baths follow this WORST FRAUD IPO EVER JUST EVER. INVESTOR BOOD BATH IPO wait for that……trust us…..

Does the Puppy King find himself no way out – without a Nuke to remove Iran oil from world markets once and for all?

Iran see’s its oil future as simple. Nuke Saudi and remove the radical ISLAM funding source forever one strike package? Nuke MBS FIrst before MBS Nukes our Iranian People. Will either Nuke Israel? Probably yes? 

The arms race is on while the world is engaged in silly tweet storms. Wait for it. The news media out to lunch on all this. SHAME ON YOU ALL.



The IMF summer study released TODAY on Monday said what? Well folks it confirmed ( right again ) all this. It said:

  1. Saudi economics are SUPER CRASHING.
  2. Saudi economics are core deterioration in quality and quantity.
  3. Saudi economics are in crises mode in 2019 – 2020.
  4. Demand for oil is SUPER CRASHING.
  5. Against spending not cut down by growing by KING MBS Saudi red ink is NOT SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS.
  6. Saudi must cut back or raise revenues. War is their solution.
  7. IMF called for King MBS to raise VAT tax on its own people as from todays 2019 VAT of 5% to 10%. To stabilize imploding Super Crashing Saudi economics from the events we told you here. IMF emergency today. Saudi is enriching to make NUKES.

The Aramco FRAUD offering will deliver enough capital to Saudi to last two years at MBS spending levels. Plus that offering will finance the NUKE STRIKE against Iran. Iran can NOT LET THIS OCCUR.

One Iran option is to make a Shite DEAL WITH TRUMP to box in Wahabi radical Islam KING MBS underwriting terror Middle East wide.

Iran could include the USA will protect IRAN from any NUKE THREAT and how. Iran could have a USA base on its soil to effect this outcome isolating that base from their own culture for example. A non NUKE CHECK MATE. As the current NUKE WAR leads to first strike winners in nation but USA response likely to end both sides without an IRAN DEAL to firewall King MBS NUKE PLANS.

Ask yourself as if King MBS where in fact Adolf Hitler.

WHY WOULD HITLER WANT TO ENRICH URANIUM when atomic power is way way way more costly than the Kings free oil power they have endless supply of today ? WHY? Drowning in red ink?

Now consider economics.

The IMF TODAY says it is an ECONOMIC EMERGENCY to have Saudi stop unsustainable economics and raise VAT TAX by a minimum to rebalance spending red ink budgets from 5% by 100% tax raise on its own people to cover the KINGS economic mistakes – to 10% VAT.

Such a raise would present the following:

  1. Riots and civil war in Saudi
  2. Admission that KING MBS is insane

So what will ADOLF HITLER DO?

Adolf went shopping this summer for Nukes. 100 million to China. 40 Million to Nuke Pakistan. 100 Million the week later to India and Modi. Think Hitler asked for a nuke in all that money? I do. I rely on asking WHY in Red Ink all that money out in the summer of red ink – why why why?

As the world fiddles folks ROME “IS” BURNING IN FACT.

That folks is WHAT is going on out there while the world dwells on higher stock prices betting on economic free money stimulations. We see the FED as 50/50 to do nothing versus raise at all. We’ll see.

Meanwhile the dollar IS Soaring and oil is paid in dollars meaning the value of oil at todays price for oil is LOWER because less dollars at comparable value are needed to pay for it.

China negotiated 37 dollars for OIL in contract purchase at two million saudi barrels a day in 2019 up 100% from 2018. Only the Chinese also tied that oil to YUAN not dollars – MBS thinking he was hurting America – did the YUAN DEAL by contract and now has the way too low a price locked in and the yuan is dropping 16% so far this year more like 20% really and that super crash 2019 of YUAN purchasing powers is a loss to MBS beyond what can be reported here.


So folks consider how the NUKE RACE to take IRAN OUT OF OIL forever is to MBS who is a Adolf Hitler sociopath no one is fire wall contrasting today.

What IS going on out there?

It is far  more than a TWEET STORM FOLKS follow the bouncing ball.



PS: The DOD knows and is all over it folks….thank GOD ! GOD BLESS THE USA ……