China has made such errors in its trade war management. Today the USA is engaged in DECOUPLING. This strategy diversifies supply lines to many nations such that the largest buyer the US Military and its sub contractors are 2020 no longer vulnerable to China. Not for Rare Earths not for anything.


The 7 trillion dollar 2019 sucking sound of supply lines leaving CHINA ( forever ) includes the following economic rip tides to which China has failed to determine its own danger. The failure to make a solid PROSPERITY DEAL for its own people displays an arroanage in lying that will end up in SUPER CRASH ( economics 101 ) and revolution. The People will finally have ENOUGH. Wait for it.


Larry Kudlow said this weekend the market rally on hopes China would make a trade deal next month are odd to him. He feels a change of this scale requires years to put a real deal together not months. YEARS. Much more realistic as the Chinese do not SEE the danger. Yet.


The Chinese know the economy in China has fallen off a cliff and is in FREE FALL DOWN DOWN DOWN the Trump economic rabbit hole. Far worse than they predicted. Still the elites with 3.1 trillion in foreign exchange currency record gold accounts feel insulated from the giant sink hole – the sucking sound removing their economic shoes from their feet. They seem blind to the economics.

Manufacturing is sub down bubble nose diving all year. Worse by far than expected.

Housing has hit a brick wall.


New investment is in red ink – there is none.


China stimulations all year ( their war plan ) has failed and no one is borrowing or investing.


This weekend China told the banks – heck with reserves – you no longer need reserves lend out all your money at fantastic leverage – lend it all. NO reserves required by us any more by shucks and by golly.

No one is lending. At all. Failed policy.


Imports show up but only the aberration for Christmas. Than the terminal velocity in China sinks in fully in 2020.


China fails to see:


  1. The scale of redeploying supply lines never to return
  2. That China is now too high priced
  3. China is too low quality
  4. China doesn’t allow folks to move profits back OUT of China ( not ever )
  5. China red tape and corruption costs are higher than neighbors and rising rapidly
  6. China quality for goods is plunging – China is delivering increasingly crap
  7. China takes too long – costs too much – and steals IP – the market has left the building


So 1 to 7 are economic killers for China all rising to Peaks in 2020.


The final brick is CONSUMERS IN EU AND AMERICA are in nasty trade war – seeing CHINA LIES – the one rule in China anything – CHINA LIES – so without integrity – CONSUMERS are looking at labels and no longer buying MADE IN CHINA ANYTHING. The consumer BLOCKAIDE of CHINA GOODS and SERVICES – when other options exists – is DEATH TO THE CHINA economic. Trade war aside China errors in taking too long to make an INTEGRITY BASED PROSPERITY DEAL will prove now to be FATAL AND TERMINAL for China economics.


China is experiencing the largest economic sea change in 50 years. The movement of the capital flows out of China is so massive so consistent there is no modern comparison. As China war planners come to Trump next month a growing awareness is rising:


  1. The war plan to remove Trump from office is failing
  2. Trump is going to win 4 more years
  3. Trump has in fact WON the economics of the trade war ( RIGHT AGAIN )


Now the timing issues become – NO PROSPERITY DEAL – when does the SUPER CRASH end China as everyone knows it today? Before Christmas or in 2020. It is soon. It is coming. It is inevitable without a PROSPERITY DEAL – and it is for sure. We told you.

China comes into the October Meeting with a bump up from the Christmas Holiday annual seasonal inventory but way lower than last year. That bump makes China short term planners consider – we are booming. When their annual growth is diving to under 4% not the 5% lie number you may be reading about. China is opage. Its reporting numbers are far far from accurate. Things are FAR FAR WORSE than current reporting numbers show.



Those in China who know are fleeing They are black market in any possible way out of YUAN fearting SUPER CRASH of the Yuan currency and market Super Crashes. They know the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE TIME BOMB FUSE IS LIT and time is counting down for the weight of China UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT against crashing income to explode in forward Trade War economic artillery incoming next strikes from the USA and EU. China is listing and tilting to port. Her own wealth leaders are running for the hills while the leaders playing a 79 scratchy ancient recording of THREE BLIND MIND do the happy dance thinking in pure delusions that they in any way you can count on a child’s abacus have won this trade war when they have utterly lost – for sure and in 2019.

One might see NO MERCY from the largest customers China has who has been treated so badly. The USA has been Wealth Transfer to China in a one way pathetic economic theft of a nation’s future. China has lied, hacked,, stolen, ripped off claimed an entire ocean illegally, ramped up military advance weapons on floating air craft carriers ( islands ) like a necklace to offensively strike the USA NAVY in international waters China claims as its CRIME EXCLUSION ZONE. Other nations – our trading partners and allies are in war with China invading their seas minerals and sovereign maritime boarders. ONLY THE USA says NO to China – as once CHINAS best customer and soon – not so much. Why? China came upon the feast the USA set for fifty years – pulled down their pants and smiling right in the USA leaders faces for 50 years – simply shit all over the turkey gravy and pie.

Donald Trump took a Selfie and said . enough is enough – get off our freakin table boys and girls. Forcing them off and telling them all to pull their pants up as they head for the door.

China is not laughing any more. There are no more USA jokes any more. It is serious now. China lies to the world. China ( the real on going and persistent danger ) belies its own lies are acts on the fake news they tell themselves. When you believe fake news is real and you fail to believe reality economics is real you risk your nation. The economics in DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CHINA are approaching the date in time of economic IMPLOSION. Implosion unfolds in time frames no planners have ever experienced or known before due to AI economics. The events unfold as follows:

  1. A China trigger event occurs and can not be predicted by anyone.
  2. The outcome is instant AI SUPER CRASH in China bond and stock and real estate markets.
  3. The implosion of economics creates massive unemployment and economic contractions never known before in China.
  4. The IMPLODING CHINA ECONOMY AI driven tips China SUPER DEBT BOMBS into exploding debt defaulting
  5. China imploding goes to junk credit rating and economic depression and revolution and wars.

This RISK 1-5 is economics unfolding today as China war planners are ignorant of the core economic risk and do not believe this 1-5 is even possible. The China Communist Criminals in charge – a central planning war group or real MAFIA in charge of a nation are – unable to appreciate the danger they are facing. They are all likely to be slaughtered in the coming China SPRING and REVOLUTION due to their failures in economics and political stability. China’s elites of 1000 controlling everything in China do not see their ability to predict and control outcome like a screw they stripped from turning it way too hard for way too long no longer has tracking to grab at all. The screw is worthless.

China this October is still turning the screw. Trump just shakes his head in total disgust with the inability to see their end game.

China elite Criminals in charge have in the end screwed themselves.




Note: The economic strategy of THE GREAT DECOUPLING is fully engaged – unstoppable – irreversible and permanent economic change. 7 Trillion leaving China in 2018 -2019 – rising to 15 trillion leaving China – in 2020 -2021 is TERMINAL ECONOMICS China war planners simply do not see today. That arrogance and blindness to economics is fatal to China and its people.