Policy makers the world over have lost control of economics.

Regulatory frame works no longer regulate the new ECONOMY using old antique laws and box top rules.

My last blog on CEO SPACE is vital to leaders who wish to move into tomorrow with urgent RIGHT NOW higher standards for safe harbor for their personal economy no matter what the CLIMATE CHANGE ECONOMY is doing OUT THERE. If you read and do nothing like the majority of you did in May – and in June – you lost some of the more than 10 trillion in wealth that has evaporated from markets in the summer of 2019. We told you how to avoid all that loss but it required a DECISION TO TAKE ACTION. Again we advise you not to proceed into FINANCIAL HURRICANES AND WILD FIRES when you could be safer behind a sea wall and inside SAFE HARBOR CEO SPACE returns HIGH PROFITS TO YOU for making the RIGHT DECISION for September 28th in Dallas. Not since September 2007 and the start of the GREATEST OF ALL SUPER CRASHES SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF 1929 – has there been a MORE URGENT CALL TO READERS – YOU – to make a decision and take action – to keep your personal economy so much safer. Read the BLOG BEFORE THIS ONE ON CEO SPACE and just explore. It requires nothing to EXPLORE a far better way into the year end SUPER CYCLE.

We reported this MARKET IS NOW CRAZY SPACE and WHY. We predicted the CRAZY SPACE. What was up in charts is now down in charts. What was down in charts is not up in Charts. The CRAZY market is all over the place and old box top models are wrong from the Fed 100% of the time to the Policy law makers. Why?



The Economic Climate Change began in 2010 with my tribe – investment bankers and then all super money pools – seeking to use AI and new box top models to moderate risk of a 2007. How was this achieved?

Layered Complexity into the Economic System. Keep in mind as we are very good at managing little problems – we ourselves create larger problems. In Nature we put out WILD FIRES and as we do that – fuel for future MEGA FIRES BUILDS UP OVER DECADES. Than a fire from say 8 million lightening strikes a day and rising – BREAKS OUT and the SUPER FUEL that nature would have burned up but mankind PILED UP creates the MEGA FIRES as they break out.

We do the same thing in economics.

So in 2010 to create a theory known as RISK LESS RISK super money pools – layering ever more complex structured assets – and using AI programs that by 2014 would write themselves and involve quantum computing for the first time over global economics ( Huge big data ) the outcomes of prediction and control appeared to rise. Like controlling small wild fires as Super Fuel for a larger explosive MEGA FIRE builds up. Over decades.

The theory it is better to let nature burn is only 100 years later gaining some data proofs to note that human beings are not what they thought – the solution to the problems – the evidence is demonstrating that human beings ARE the PROBLEMS.

Human beings create extinction events by channeling our enormous economic potentials into nuke weapons, planet killers, and climate pollution so dramatic the out come is our life can no longer breath and survive. Also as a data point only known for 25 years, the Solar System goes up and down inside the Milky Way as it moves in its pathology. Every 34 million years – not long really for earth geological time ( 4 billion years and counting ) – we enter the most dense ROCK STORMS of our journey in a circle. This has created 100% extinction of life on earth and earth RESETS – from incoming strikes to the planet earth.

This BIG DATA is important to economic theory why? Well because at the pin point of that 34 million years – smack dab i the middle of the ROCK STORM – we the 8 billion mentally ill competitive ( virus of mind is competitive thought ) – are YES – right NOW – in the 34 million year mark – the center of all extinction to life ROCK STORMS. In August we hada . near miss between earth and moon that would have extinct humanity – and it was closer than ever measured no warning? Why?

The earth has made her own seeds. US.

The first life form that could tera form planets and repopulate earth specifies and life. Including ourselves. Our raw potential absent the competitive thought virus of mind – leaving only cooperation and collaboration in integrity and trust – versus hatred and distrust we have no – is that we ARE THE FIRST SEEDS OF THE PLANET EARTH.

In this end game rock storm our potential is squandered by human capacity for insanity.

We are building SPACE FORCE – to combat China Russia and others in SPACE WEAPONS to kill all of us and the planet.

We could use less resources to PROTECT THE EXTINCTION EVENT 100% SURE TO HAPPEN – by creating a first DETECTION AND DEFLECTION SYSTEM for our mother and home planet. The space ship we are stuck on all 8 billion of us together.

No this sanity is not our economics. Our economics is around a military industrial complex driving all nations that was out of control after WORLD WAR II and is now itself a human extinction machine. One mistake and the world will no longer support say US.

Takes one hour.

In 2010 the economics which is NATIONAL SECURITY and the base line to preclude wars, moved from human box top rules of the post industrial revolution from Adam Smith to Friedman Economics as still instructed as TRUTH in major Universities world wide. The Truth is those educational pathologies are now LIES.

Listen to me. They are all LIES.

In 2014 the growing experiment in AI RISKLESS RISK sought to invest ( and control circulations an settlements world wide of 440 trillion circulations on all asset classes bar none ) . By establishing trading RANGES for OIL to Corn the notion was even currencies could not ( outside shattered economics as we see in Argentina and Venezuela failed economics ) super crash globally. Crashes would be isolated to nation and contained and the world would have a stable set of ranges in which loss for AI was no longer in new leveraged ( 50 to 1 leverage never seen before i economics made possible by layered structured assets in a global complex shell game regulators no longer can follow the shells at all ) ….risk less risk – because AI is making money all the way up the rope and all the way down the rope in all asset class trading.

As these little market problems were ADJUSTED and ACCOMMODATED by SELF LEARNING and now SELF PROGRAMING AI – completing 94% of all trades of all asset classes world wide each second of each 24/7 in markets that no longer ever close to AI. This new model is a SUPER CHANGE from economics of the past.

The SUPER CHANGE OF ECONOMICS occurred far too rapidly for nations or regulatory agencies to adapt new frame works into what is still a 5G accelerating on going SUPER CHANGE to new AI ECONOMIC THEORY. The world is in uncharged new frontiers into which no economy or humanity as gone before.

As we with wild fires we feel that in the NEW AI ECONOMICS the new modeling to moderate PRICE RANGES overall – and preclude massive loss to anyone ever – is in theory such a nice THOUGHT. In reality of economics all accounts must rebalance from abuse ( and manipulation of price whether by central criminal bankers – oil criminal cartel members – or SUPER MONEY POOLS AND THIER NEW AI – is a crime against humanity in fact – from the market manipulations for profit – the only model driving the unfolding new economic. Crazy markets the FIRST AI 5G versions lacking regulatory frame works.

The danger is as with all complex systems becoming every more complex – no one is in charge at the end – as it becomes all so new inside a pace of change Human Beings unlike AI lack capacity to adapt into such Super Change accelerations. A first for human beings.

The Risk becomes the break out of say illness like EBOLA or flu that kills 4 billion of 8 billion in say on year alone. What happens to economics then? CDC says that is 100% chance. We are doing zero about that. But we are building SPACE FORCE.

The world is now in a new arms race with AI weaponization leading the arms Race. Putin is executing a 20 year war plan with China his mentee – that is winning for socialism as Putin becomes one of the most wealthy powerful men on earth – his economics are facing SUPER CRASH. A debt default risk rising. China also.

The NUKE in the new AI ECONOMICS is unforeseen consequence or liquidity. As the base of core liquidity evaporates nations fail to see the ECONOMIC RISK of IMPLOSION or the first global LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – an economic extinction event where financial institutions ot the world seize UP- FREEZE UP – IMPLODE and self destruct and are utterly failed and gone. Unlike past periods this ECONOMIC EXTINCTION EVENT ( larger on risk tables to any nations core stability – economic well being ) is HIGHER THAN ANY PERIOD SINCE 1929 and spiraling upward into worse and worse. No one is DOING ANYTHING so keep that in your mind.

Hedge Fund Manager Kevin Freeman in his book GAME PLAN tells you the risk and why – the war risk and why – and tells you NO ONE OUT THERE is creating a game plan for you – so he advises readers in step by step pathology to CREATE YOUR OWN GAME PLAN as no one – and we mean no nation – is protecting their national economic security. If they did in fact they would:

  1. Pass laws to regulate the NEW AI ECONOMY.
  2. Pass laws to advance a planet detect and deflect system.
  3. Pass infrastructure with first allocations to drop temperature and CO2 from the earth – in our first tara forming new industry.

These urgent priorities are not being THOUGHT ABOUT.

Today the largest arms war is AI and the largest AI arms war is in ECONOMICS. The AI is so smart today in global economics that from Amazon to Tesla from Morgan to Bank of China from Russia to Bank of London – the AI is writing itself and humans no longer understand the CODE managing 94% of all economic trade settlements by the second. THE NEW AI ECONOMY is in charge and in control while we fly into our own extinction building NUKES IN SPACE and soon the MOON. Why?

Because humans clearly are insane. If we fail to deal with THAT first human illness how can we get well in time and heal ourselves from competitive insanity back into cooperative higher brain software outcomes – sanity versus insanity?

If we fail to resolve COMPETITION is a buggy god awful virus invaded brain software from our ancient reptilian brain – the one expression of human insanity – totally quarantined and removed if we became AWARE of the virus on our brain CPU’s – as there is only ONE – COMPETITION – and we can remove it leaving integrity the DNA of COOPERATION virus free brain thinking. However we teach the insanity in all education. We teach competition is good and sane when competition in any form is pure evil and insane bran software. All human GAME OF THRONES from cave days to today is endless competition culturalized so society is unsafe and insane. We alone can upgrade our OWN GAME PLAN as no one out there is going to UPGRADE YOUR personal economy.

Why is that so urgent and important?

Because the HURRICANES OF ECONOMICS the SUPER WILD FIRES OF ECONOMICS are in a death spiral to systemic destruction from whence a new more sane system we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – the blue print for which is outlined to heads of state – in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( five star read and back ordered from date of release but Amazon fills your back orders in 72 hours tops they are good on that ) but the demand keeps being SHARED by you all. World wide. Past US Presidents and President Donald Trump have read REDEMPTION. The solution no one is executing.

So make your OWN GAME PLAN? Protect yourself. Very turbulent economics are unfolding and as with Nukes one mistake which humans are 100% famous for making and ECONOMIC HURRICANES end the current system in 72 minutes a first in economics due to LED DAY. No one can predict the arrival of LED day like no one can predict the 100% we are all extinct from an incoming event we simply fail to protect ourselves as ONE HUMANITY FROM – while we war to build Nukes to extinct ourselves faster than Nature ever could. Less than one hour. How insane is our brain software to fail to secure economics of the planet and survival of our own species as JOB # 1?

Do you want to be DOING SOMETHING LARGER THAN YOUR OWN DAY TO DAY LIFE? Something that has meaning at the highest level on earth today?



The blog before this charged my readers in these three categories to EXPLORE just EXPLORE with video proof on profits:

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Creating SAFE ( ECONOMIC ) HARBOR for your lifestyle income is your first reason to join CEO SPACE September 28th. Staying out in the unprotected economic trade war turbulent seas is SUPER HIGH RISK THIS MONTH. Building your own sea wall – game plan – knowing in life there IS SAFTEY IN NUMBERS – creating a larger cooperation based COMMUNITY is an investment of a week of time that otherwise would consume a decade. The risks of economic hurricanes and wild fires include:

  1. Trade wars and currency wars unintended consequence of DEBT SUPER BUBBLE implosions in China or Italy or HIGH RISK SPOTS that remove liquidity from the system overall into a SUPER CRASH inside sovereign nation debt defaulting.
  2. Super Debt Bubbles via years of FREE MONEY into the system – Super Nation Debt – Super Corporate Debt – Super Consumer Debt from Student loans to auto’s world wide now slowing down the rabbit hole. DEBT DEFAULTING is historic – are you behind economic CEO SPACE Sea Walls – with better game plans – or is your future at GREAT RISK ?
  3. Wars: the largest arms race in human history is unfolding between competitive nations all lying about the super rising risk – and AI weapons never seen before are also rising. Science has the human extinction doomsday clock at 11th hour 59 minutes today. Less than a minute remains until dooms day.

if may be millions of years before the earth has an extinction incoming event. By then we may be cooperative and DETECT AND DEFLECT Earth Protection as Job # 1 for human beings free of insane competitive thought forms.

No one can predict how new AI ECONOMICS will unfold. Will AI save itself and us from LED day? In time? Will humans muck it all up in competitive criminal greed fests? As 100% of the history of our past? In any case will your game plan assure your personal economy is safe in any situation? Will you hire when others fire as our clients did in 2007.


We hope many of you will explore and join us in Dallas.

You are starting to see the WHY as the economic hurricanes and wildfires between nations competing like rabid dogs – increases risk and unintended economic consequence – versus if nations develop a more cooperative thinking model within integrity versus the lack of integrity – insanity has no integrity – sanity only displays integrity.


Your Economics personally?

Sane or insane.

When you register into CEO SPACE DALLAS you enroll into a better you a safer future and a new GAME PLAN for everyone in your circle – you chose sanity versus insanity joining other leaders from nations across the globe and record MEMBERS returning across 1987 to today – returning – because they SEE CLEARLY the September 28th program is about CORE TIMING.


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