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The criminal bankers of the world are united behind Central Banks – they own and control as their bath tub toys. The central Banks ( THE FED ) has shattered market confidence across the world – as we predicted and told you – by benefiting their GREEDY CRIMINAL shareholders – the criminal banks that own control of the Central bank private stock shares ( oh you thought the central banks were agency’s of your nation – how ignorant of you in economics to think that ) – as they raised interest rates way to fast – way too frequently and way way too much each time for the MOST FRAGILE GLOBAL RECOVERY IN HISTORY.

Chairwoman Yellen ( scroll and see ) we labeled the WORST FED CHAIRPERSON IN 100 years. Her normalization policy was pathetic and predictable. She raised interest rates needing 15 years to breath into normalization in 15 months. World markets were gasping to breath in a zero interest world, trying to recover. Janet sucked the life out of the global recovery by removing liquidity of trillions from circulation – how?

  1. Janet raised interest rates profiting her criminal bankers maximally in record time as loans flipped in record all time debt SUPER BUBBLES into every higher interest rates. Firms like TOYS R US and CIRCUIT CITY and others folded as they could not pay their debts in higher interest creating a ripple rip tide of growth stopping and contraction starting.
  2. Janet at the same time she was kicking the dead body of the world economics to see if it was still ALIVE AT ALL, put a face mask on the patient and sucked the oxygen out of the dying patients very lungs. Jane stopped buying bonds world wide having bought to create liquidity to the market ( no well as a patient yet ) over 5 TRILLION DOLLARS into the largest Fed Balance sheet ever – greater by far than WORLD WAR II say.
  3. Then Janet in her GREED began to sell TRILLIONS of crap bonds the Fed had acquired – double killing the world recovery. Janet kept raising interest rates until global recovery stopped dead – Janet stopped stimulus too early and ceased all bond buying – than in the worst bond market ever – Janet began to DUMP 50 billion of her Fed Bonds back into the weakened market space created HAVOC in world bond markets for nations as well as corporations.


Now that shatters confidence for a failed institution, a corrupt non reporting zero audit ever institution, and the ONE CAUSE OF THE WORLD CONTRACTION GOING ON. Is it an emergency for CONGRESS TO pass legislation that moved the FED outside Congressional powers in the early 1900’s and NOW BRING THE FED BACK UNDER CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORITY AND CHECK AND BALANCE POWERS JUST AS OUR CONSTITUTION DEMANDS OF US? Do we empower the agency that is the ONE CAUSE OF TEARING THE HEAD OFF A GLOBAL RECOVERY AND KEEPING IT HIDDEN SOME WHERE?


Manufacturing is in a recession world wide. Manufacturing numbers are falling across the world. Following the peak Christmas season ( now ) into winter when Manufacturing falls off a cliff it all looks bleak in trade wars with Fed head winds killing it off.

Housing is down the rabbit hole across the world with a real estate SUPER CRASH coming in China. In housing. In commercial.

Opec is an hall of mirrors and IS NO MORE. MBS killed OPEC. Iran is pumping outside OPEC math. Nigeria is pumping outside OPEC MATH. Russia is pumping just as we told you and told you outside OPEC agreements. No one is losing market share to MBS crazy plans to hijack oil price to the moon. Can’t be done while the world is drowning in oil over supply never to go back to under supply not ever. Now supply demand controls price and AI capital flows – OPEC was shattered scattered and funked in the oil wars by AMERICA rising from less than 4 million barrels a day in production to 13 million in 2019 and 20 million a day by 2025 or before. OPEC is destroyed by MBS SAUDI oil wars lost by King MBS. Like the total loss in YEMEN Saudi in for billions lost lost lost. Oil is down the rabbit hole. Right again.

Bond Markets – We told you since 2015 the bond market distortions and GLOBAL DEBT SUPER BUBBLES would be market destabilizing events IF THE FED CONTINUED ITS INSANE GREED NEED. The Fed is owned and works for – criminal bankers. The Fed is a criminal agency working against the USA in currency wars in 2019. Bond Markets are now fully destabilizing and no one can predict if we will see system shattering BOND SUPER CRASH. Debt defaulting is the trigger device. We have told you all get out of bonds at peak and equities at peak. Did you do that? When we said? WOW you enjoy the losses taking place today ? Right again.


S&P is in a conventional funnel pattern pyramid pattern inside and this signals a break to SUPER CRASH unless reversed. The Reversal now requires a TRADE DEAL to offset the FED POLICY NUKES upon the world economy. The FED is working for PUTIN while the world works against PUTINS war plan which is economic for now. The S&P is subject to AI digital attacks in its weakened state today. Will a SUPER CRASH OR A BREAK OUT OCCUR? We submit the FED will be the cause of either. We’ll see what the criminals do next to hurt us all. Congress remains socialist and in the FED CAMP or it merges the FED back into US TREASURY. We’ll have to see which political camp ( socialist or capitalism ) the congress is truly on. Congress wants a socialist win in 2020 elections and their game plan is SUPER CRASH THE ECONOMY and blame that on the opposing capitalist side to get the socialist America once and for all they desire. Its full out WAR in the PUTIN WAR PLAN into 2020. The public is maximally distracted by the war plan itself. Defeat Trump at all and any cost – tar and label Trump – and get socialist in control of congress and the WHITE HOUSE and the WAR IS WON globally once and for all time. Wait for it…….WORLD WAR III reported here is real and is game on since 2007 and we the USA are losing this war to this date in time. Socialist are winning this war. How? Through war propaganda where lies are made truth and truth are made lies – the art of war trumps the art of the deal.


Today China put out LIES and war propaganda to tar and feather Trump. The WAR PLAN WORKS LIKE THIS:


  1. Today China says – we have moved significantly toward the USA poisition and it is now up to Donald Trump to move to make a deal. Assuring any deal failure is election year all on Trump as a WAR SET UP as China wants another person in a socialist.
  2. China is ramping up nationalism inside China making the EVIL USA the enemy of the Chinese people hurting them all when all China has done is HELP THE USA ( a total lie as China has been at war to destroy the USA which only elite rulers appreciate ) XI President for LIFE NOW is enjoying rising nationalism in China even using the evil Hong Kong as a cause to rally inside China.
  3. China may be behind the violence missing entirely from HONG KONG peaceful marches. As the rising CHINA LED VIOLENCE creates a communist GREEN LIGHT to use military to CRUSH the real peace ful protestors and move 1 million of them in the darkness of the night to AI 5G BRAIN WASHING CAMPS the most advanced for human brain washing and reconditioning ever created – game over in HONG KONG. Early complete rule and take over of that money machine China needs control and take over of today. WAR is never what it seems.
  4. China controls the media and the WAR SOUND BITES are designed to MANIPULATE ELECTIONS IN THE EU AND AMERICA to DEFEAT TRUMP AT ALL COST and to get socialist candidates in. The war propaganda from China influenced partners ( the Press and Wall Street ) is well thought out – twenty years in building – and now fully at work to WIN THE WAR AND DEFEAT TRUMP AND THE USA once and for all winning forever. THE PUTIN SOCIALIST GAME PLAN AT WAR.
  5. China bets the economics are that the USA is weaker than it looks in fact ( not true though ) and that China is stronger than it looks ( not true though ) and relying on hard economic theory that is no longer operational ( dead Friedman economics for example in a new AI ECONOMIC WORLD never seen before ) China bets all its chips on 2020 election. China war propaganda puts forth we have to WAIT TRUMP OUT ( as they work to get Trump out as a war plan ) and – we can’t trust Trump even if he made a deal will he wake up and change his mind and back out of even that deal. Is the war propaganda setting up their own people for real shooting war with the USA to unite all factions behind XI.

As China and PUTIN fail to appreciate the speed of SUPER CHANGE into AI ECONOMICS from 2014 to 2019 where every single aspect of economics has in fact changed, they also do not see the danger internally to their war plan. China can not conceive Congress China bought and paid for might merge the PUTIN CONTROLLED FED into US TREASURY as a land mine to their war plan – BAM.  Putin bets on NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. But Congress is AMERICAN FIRST and if CONGRESS SEES THIS IS REAL WAR they can and may well act fast. They may also pass infrastructure as CHECK MATE TO PUTIN WAR PLAN.

China bets Congress bought and paid for has a majority of socialist leaning law makers who want TRUMP OUT at any cost and who will work to put AMERICA INTO A RECESSION to assure they can blame Trump on the economics – get their socialist in – and then make a socialist deal ( a no deal at all ) and the WEALTH TRANSFER SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF AMERICA is on going. America diminishes into socialist red ink going totally broke slowly. Future generations never appreciate they lost their freedoms and future in election year 2020. They simply use HUAWEI implants and are socially scored and tracked for conformation to the central government box top rules as good little predictable conforming socialist consumers. Cradle to grave. War winners will see to it that a generation into the future educates to see the old capitalist where corrupt and you had less freedom and that it was all evil while socialist solves all those problems ( which in fact they do not – not even one of those problems ). Conditioned populations with media state controlled will relax into the new system as if they themselves sacrificed everything to assure its continuity to protect them all. The Opposite of millions in Hong Kong Today who get it right on their border.

America will never be diminished from outside and from PUTIN. America is diminished from inside by Putin via Congress bought and paid for socialist majority first time ever into 2020 – and leaders running – with a socialist press – all united to once and for all defeat capitalism into socialism. That is going on today. Right now. Today. Successfully. Begin to read WAR NEWS as how did China lace that news with over 1000 agencies all surrounding our content on line and in print.

Today China set TRADE DEAL that TRUMP MUST GIVE? Trump gave on 150 points China signed off on and then pulled out of all 100 points of that Trump give and take. XI stood in the ROSE GARDEN AND TOLD 1 billion people – I will never militarize the islands in the SOUTH CHINA SEA. Today he has a USA CONTAINMENT WAR NECKLACE off fully militarized latest weapons from Russia and China – missile batteries to take out AIR CRAFT CARRIERS – not defense all offense – and we sneak along through those free seas with radar off so as not to upset the MILITARY NECKLACE NOW SURROUNDING THE USA NAVY. This is all ONE WAR PLAN. If you bone up you see the BOOKS I’ve told you and told you to read so you know the PROOF of the plan being FULL OUT WAR. Your denial just like with HITLER did not do anything but assure HITLER BELIEF – hey we can win against these stupids. It was close Hitler almost won and only America stopped Hitler.

Same today. Only AMERICA can stop Putins war plan with China in execution. In WAR read everything with the pause to the brain – this is NEVER what it appears to be and nothing in war is WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE? Who is manipulating voter brains ? Who is presenting lies as truth. What if this is all a lie. Read that way. Listen that way. SEE THE WAR PLAN UNFOLDING.

China is patient. They are not in a hurry. Why? They fail to see their own AI driven SUPER CRASH AND ECONOMIC DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IMPLOSION. Trump see’s it and is bringing it on. Only against that financial economic Super Crash will China trade deal. Anything less while China is going down – China has room to play in this war. They wait to see if TRUMP LOSES IN NOVEMBER with all out WAR to get Trump OUT at any cost period. Then socialist control congress and socialist control the White House – worth waiting for. Putin wins. Period. Then the deal of WEALTH TRANSFER TO DIMINISH AMERICA is made and China takes over TAIWAN post election. Putin rebuilds the SOVIET UNION and unwinds NATO post election. The war in the EU is next to assure socialist own the real estate. The UK and Swiss are outside that war plan for now.

Read the books. Bone up. We present a great deal of facts to wake our readers up to the pure truth. We are inside WORLD WAR III a Putin War Plan – Putin is winning the USA and EU are losing the wars – we are attacked endless on multiple fronts digitally and in 5G in 2020 it heats up to levels we have no defense for – the enemy will fire new weapons at our politics and economics all state sponsored 5G digital weapons the world has never seen before and will not be able to track back to them in the first place. The entire USA Power Grid may go down to show – Trump can not protect you any longer – then communications for a day – etc. Multiple fronts – all at once – no banks work for a day – sew in panic – but keep the masses of socialist leaning voters from knowing it is a war plan – Americans get mad quick if they see they are all being played ( which you are – all in the EU and all in AMERICA are being PLAYED by the PUTIN WAR PLAN ).

Hitler was the first media ruler and looked what HITLER did with media to define a nation and war game plan?

Putin is the first INTERNET War planner with 5G rising to allow his leadership like Hitler in technology to see the future victory of his war game plan. War on.

Putin is at war. China is executing the war plan. No one believes we are at war. Masses of voters are fully being PLAYED into the Putin socialist war plan. War wins with the following game plan – all laid out in books I asked my readers to buy and read:

  1. Voters deny there is a war or that they are being played – they have no clue in successful war plan executions like 2020
  2. Voters believe evil ) socialism is good and that good ( capitalism ) is bad in majority voter shifting from 20 years of war plan
  3. Voters believe lies are truth….and that truth…..is lies….we lose they win
  4. War planners transfer wealth from their enemy and their IP to beat them in weapons and in AI wars stealing their designs
  5. War planners now with advanced AI attack markets and infrastructure with superior new digital weapons of mass destruction

Those in America never see the war plan at all. They are made to fear the solution and vote for the surrender of their country. Putin wins. Putin has maximally divided America and keeps America divided. Putin next raises up radical violence from individual and groups to demonstrate the capitalist can not protect their own people as a war plan from Putin. Putin advances socialist leaders who put forth WE ALONE CAN SECURE YOUR FUTURE AND STOP THIS VIOLENCE AND UNIFY YOU ALL.

America has never been so successfully divided. Can Putin and XI throw enough sand in the giants eyes – the voters – to blind them enough to get TRUMP OUT and to get socialist in to congress and the White House WAR WON final victory 2020. That is how PUTIN SEEs the future.

Will America see the truth and wake up in time and backlash against a foreign war plan against our nation? The Divided Europe did not believe Hitler was the THREAT HE BECAME IN FACT to them all. If it were not for AMERICA then we would all be one NAZI world today.

Now comes the next threat. WORLD WAR III is on going and unfolding. The FIRST DIGITAL INTERNET WAR. A war Putin plans to win. Trump plans to defeat Putin and XI and KEEP AMERICA GREAT. Can he do it? Will America support Trump winning the war for our way of life and the EU’s way of life?

Today China put out globally- war lies as truth. China reported war propaganda. The lie is not truth. China reported it had made concessions and Trump should now give to Communist what they wish and bring that to the table next. Setting up the lie that XI is anything by a criminal mob boss of 1000 elites who own more wealth in China communist system than 99% own in fact. Xi is at war. A long game play. Today the press reported the SET UP. If the Trade war talks in September fail its all on unreasonable unpredictable TRUMP. Trump is predictable. Trump stands tall for AMERICA and refuses to bend over and take it up the ass any more from XI and Putin. That is the truth of the policy.

China lies. They say they will buy goods from America ( XI same liar in the Rose Garden told 1 billion China will not militarize the CHINA Sea which is exactly what HITLER DID AND SAID and you can see – you can track the lies from the real liars and war planners ). XI said give China a time out – a cease fire – and we going into our biggest season for Christmas will buy from you wheat and oil – as in fact we have increased to 2 million barrels a day from Saudi 100% more in 2019 than 2018 and we have reduced USA energy buying by 3/4’s. Economic real wars. Trump sees over weeks NO BUYING OF USA FARM GOODS NO BUYING OF USA ENERGY even more cut backs – so he instantly puts on more TARRIF’s –  saying to XI fool me once I’m a fool – fool me twice and America is the fool and that XI BUDDY OLD BUDDY is not going to happen on my watch. Keep trying as we spiral you into SUPER CRASH ECONOMIC WAR DESTRUCTION AND CIVIL WAR AND A CHINA SPRING – lets see how all that plays out for you XI BUDDY.

Now with Talks coming up XI has only war plan for – to help make TRUMP and team look bully boy and foolish against an ark angel China ( Hitler war game board precisely ) only using all media and new 5G tools our folks can’t defend against in election manipulations – like TODAYS FRONT PAGE NEWS. Its ALL UP TO TRUMP – China pure war propaganda – lies made true and truth made lies – that CHINA IS EVIL AND AT WAR – no one thinks that truth is real they think that is a lie. War is about control of information first – economic softening of your enemies second – steal their best weapons and build better weapons more advanced weapons – then test new DIGITAL AI WARFARE with no one knowing but the DOD knows – and as these tests prove fruitful – test real shooting wars with war game plan – if you lose to cease fire you win -if you you win big time. Try and SUPER CRASH your enemy economics before they crash yours. This is a problem when the central bank is socialist and working for Putin s war plan – which will not change to protect us all – unless congress merged the FED in war time ( a 100% failed policy body causing all melt downs including this melt down – its all the criminal fed in war to rip our belly out economically ) – unmerged we are in danger. No one believes that war truth. The majority believe Trump is evil and Powell is s HIGH PREIST OF MONEY and in white robes sacred and above any accountability. We KNOW the FED is a private non government stock corporation –  owned and run by criminal bankers – who enjoy immunity from any check balance or legal liability of any kind for their crimes against humanity – causing all depressions and recessions for profit ( legal theft as their criminal bankers create all bubbles and then repossess all assets ) which is a study of economics and history. No one believes the FED caused and created this global contraction taking place world wide all at once as a war plan. Trump knows. Our DOD knows. The Public is hoodwinked and fooled by a trillion dollars of Chinese voter election manipulation all coordinated by Xi’s mentor in chief – PUTIN. Today as ROME BURNS congress fiddles. What does the future in this unfolding war hold. The TRUTH? The real Truth and this you can rely upon…always first and right – on this site since 1988:

No one knows. The war is so fully engaged today. The war fighters are at it fully. if the economic pain Trump is inflicting tips the scales to force a Deal ( the only deal is by war victory and power ) we win. If unfolding events – Pakistan and India fire Nukes – israel attacks IRAN or we do – and more – unfold these wild cards and there are too many fronts to count them all – have too many variables to know and predict the outcome. Todays press was more China election manipulation as the brain washing of the EU and America continues for socialism war victory. This generation votes and decides the future that is the only FACT CERTAIN.

NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE OUTCOME OF THE WAY FORWARD: ….but my readers world wild will know the truth of it so they can read with new reading glasses. Knowing the inside facts at the tippy top globally all we can do – is report the unfolding events accurately. Will China wait to Crush Hong Kong till after their big party anniversary party – or before? China is patient. Letting the protest grow while inserting violence to take world support away from HONG KONG and to SET UP the crushing response XI is war plan engineering may be after the big party. We’ll see. But you can know it is all coming …..

THIS IS WAR folks…….plain pure and simple ….and Putin is a Judo grand master winning ……do not underestimate your opponent. Congress wake up and unite to win the war…..or not……..2020 we know who wins once and for all…..

Game over.


The PUTIN/FED war plan failed to include AI economics founded in 2014 and in total control of world circulations exceeding 440 trillion dollars world wide today. Look ma no human beings involved at all.

In the new AI economy Trump has tail winds of the DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS that appears as a news item on this last weeks posting perhaps the most important of the entire year.What are experts missing?

They are missing the economic growth waves of 5G and all that 5G implies to nations of the world. New industries are rising out of 5G and Ai. This unfolding DNA blend of new industry – paradigm shifting – entirely new industries employing millions is coming. The socialist Press ( majority if you measure and assess accurately and know the OWNERS ) are trying to talk the world into a socialist recession. Creating FEAR ECONOMICS into the consumer. So far all that massive press has and is failing.

The USA employment market is healthy and massively employed. Consumers maximally employed with millions off state unemployment and paying to the treasury tax from jobs – are buying. CONSUMER BUYING remains off the charts. This spending and buying is taking place within rising savings. This is STRONG FOR THE USA BACK BONE TO THE WORLD and runs counter to recession when consumer spending contracts and unemployment is rising for two back o back quarters.

THERE IS NO RECESSION while consumers are being hired in record numbers and consumers are buying as never before driving a growth economy. Profits are still beating estimates in a MAJORITY OF REPORTING FIRMS and that spells no recession. The new AI 5G industry wave hits in December to 2020. That rising ECONOMIC TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS IN ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD. If Trump also completes TRADE DEALS as he is surprisingly in fact doing – then the world has no recession at all.

The waring economics continue. No one can predict outcomes. There are many unknown outcomes including shoot wars.

We all have to wait and see.

If your stuck in markets hold. Stop thinking 60 minutes and think only 60 MONTHS. Pause and hold.

If your out – you did good.

Going forward be entrepreneurial – start a business or grow the one you have now or your practice. Build momentum during this growth period. BUILD MOMENTUM FASTER.

invest in success – your own.

No recession for you is your own game plan.