The Super Volatility new “AI ECONOMICS” global market space is beyond expert prediction. What seems up may be down in AI economics. What seems down may be UP in new AI economics. Old rule books not longer apply and everyone is reporting that fact is gospel. The markets are out of control when seen with old modeling.

CEO SPACE ( here and daily ) correctly predicted the unfolding AI new economic era – and age the AGE OF AI ECONOMICS INSIDE THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( the title of my new book out during CEO SPACE WEEK IN DALLAS – where business leaders and professionals come together to profit.

We told you first.

We told you the What the When the How and we provided global hard data and we presented world wide – data verifiable – and we presented third party arms length publications that further verify our conclusions for you.

We gave specific reports into this SUMMER MARKET OF INSTABILITY AND SUPER VOLATILITY as a reply to the errors of the Fed creating untold unwinding of core bond market stability spilling over to all asset classes. We told you what errors the Fed predictable did ( again and again ) would destabilize global economics.

Todays head lines with billions more in wealth lopped out of the market space – screamed – it is every nation for itself. This is an economic world war III that is every nation for itself. Those betting against America are in our opinion money fools. Those aligning up with America are money winners. But we have to wait and see how the dice finally end up after the 2020 election.

Trump cautioned CHINA to THINK AGAIN as his winning in 2020 will MAKE IT MUCH HARDER ON CHINA who worked to defeat Trump with every possible tool they could muster to do so – and Trump never forgets such lying and insulting not ever. No one can predict. America is divided into this war game. We have to wait and see.



Leaders who want to accelerate profits into the SUPER CYCLE Of 74% of all annual global spending – OCT NOV & DEC – are well advised to improve plans – markets and alliances – and missing resources into the final SUPER CYCLE QUARTER of 2019.

Third Party Press has globally ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 – YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IT – BUSINESS CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD TODAY – top ten list – # 1 2010 – 2020 – a decade ranked # 1 by all leading financial press in the world.

Why? Why NOW ?

CEO SPACE is a business building machine. We improve your Return on Investment at your home work space to higher ROI in our program week to accelerate your outcomes. The CEO SPACE BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE ( BAC ) offers a low cost tax repurposed investment into a LIFETIME ACCESS PASS ( under various price plans – one for everyone ) to use five every 12 months BAC CONFERENCES to GROW PROFITS FASTER – via new customers and alliances – or via investors – delivering Velocity Acceleration and Momentum ( VAM ) to the leader now upgraded in plans teams and execution resources.

Bring a challenge list that keeps the BOSS UP AT NIGHT. Include with 5G advancing next your upgrade needs for:

  • Web and internet strategically in 5G worlds
  • Social in 5G worlds
  • Digital marketing and email as it all changes in 5G this Dec.
  • Pay to click
  • Marketing pipes and channels
  • Brand impact messaging and INTEGRATION ( every customer touch point pre sale to post sale
  • Three “R” Strategy – Retain existing clients too costly to lose – Repeat buy Raving Fans – Referral Market Raving Fans
  • DATA BASE upgrading in 5G
  • 5G devices ( four billion roll over in 24 months whats you plan if any ? )
  • Team performance cultures for HIGH PERFORMANCE NO EXCUSES GOAL ATTAINING TEAMS – leaders rise to this level
  • Outsource strategy – assistants – accounting – marketing – closing – IT – legal – branding – strategy – when how much and where
  • Integrated reporting to the BOSS – 5G upgrading to real time reports to fly in clear weather versus blinded by your own storms
  • Drama free work space
  • Cooperation systemic work space versus competitive work space ( less efficient )
  • Blocks and self sabotage to the leader or their teams
  • IP audits and protection strategy
  • Exit strategy as everything today should underwrite precisely goals for tomorrow – assure yours is strong
  • Legal everything
  • Due diligence and back ground checks before you write a check – ever – protect yourself to a higher standard
  • PR and brand market messaging regular strategic and consistent to year end
  • Holiday HUGE BUYER WAVE strategy to harvest year end buying maximally
  • Tax strategy –  pay less in tax own more assets with tax repurposing options October of each year planning


Secure $ 200,000 ( member reported value ) from ON SITE MENTORSHIP. Mentors make millions. Mentors are not coaches who need your funds to make their own house payment. One on one private sessions with top MENTORS at CEO SPACE remove everything from YOUR CHALLENGE LIST but those items you forgot to write down. LET US SAVE years of time and move your business forward into the 5G revolution.

4 G is a 4 inch pipe. 5G is a 100 FOOT PIPE. A revolution. Not in your life time have new technologies from AI to 5G all come together at the SAME TIME. The last period was 1800’s which created electricity – internal combustion – telephone – radio – television – all at the same time and your wash machine dish washer and garbage disposal. That industry created years of deflation and years of boom for everyone in the world. NOW WE HAVE THE FIRST “OTHER ONE” not seen since since the mid to late 1800’s.

This is YOUR TIME.

This is your NOW.

If go into the SUPER CYCLE in 2019 and you did not upgrade as a leader – and WHY NOT CHOSE # 1 PRESS RANKED to take that better step – you go forward with – that is the way we have always done it. Are there better ways? You bet there are better ways.

Invisible options made visible is all business owners need. Next.  Better leaders executing improved plans and networks to grow faster reach goals faster. Period. Hands down.



Let me PROVE to YOU – just you – member or new member – that it costs nothing to join CEO SPACE September 28th and – if you pass it costs SO MUCH MORE YOU CAN NOT MEASURE IT. Tax you pay in 90 days. Lost income you would have made in 90 days.

LET ME SHOW YOU THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT ( as right as every RIGHT on this Blog since 1988 ). I’m not selling I am telling ya all. September 28th Sat to Sat you can run your empire from high bandwidth office on site – outside your hotel room at the brand new SMART EMBASSY SUITE SHOWCASE HOTEL hosting the BAC – BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE – # 1 leadership development in the world today. Press ranked.

You will spend in that week of time less than six hours in new client face to face if that probably much less. At CEO SPACE Saturday to Saturday you will spend 60 hours getting new customers and critical alliances partnerships. You will grow better plans and your CHALLENGE LIST will be resolved. The SUPER CYCLE will pay you so much more money than was possible outside the IMPROVED CEOSPACE PLANS UPGRADED WITH MENTORS NO ONE CAN AFFORD – DONATING THEIR TIME – CUSTOMER BASE IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE AT HOME PERIOD – SEE THE FILM WE PROVE IT – AND RESOURCES YOU LOAD IN THAT ARE PRICELESS TO YEAR END SUPER CYCLE SELLING.

Click one film for me. My readers have seen how RIGHT WE HAVE BEEN in 2019. Now this:


America is fully employed. This Super Cycle the EU buyer and the American buyer will buy from each other and home – and will shift more paradigm money shifting out of ASIA and MADE IN CHINA than any one predicts today. This will ramp up manufacturing in the USA and in the EU. As the consumer 74% buying power comes HOME and is moved out of Asia in trade war – the consumer driving economics may surprise this SUPER CYCLE all experts into 2020 reporting season. We predict surprises in sea change moves to spend in HOME WEALTH versus WEALTH TRANSFERS. Consumers protect their HOME MARKETS when they take this smart step with their dollars. WAIT FOR IT.

The SUPER CYCLE will be enough – more than enough – to preclude a recession. As 4 billion devices roll over to 5G in just 24 months 2020 to 2022 – the economic impact is massive recession proofing economics. the 5G tide will lift all economics to safe harbor.

Getting AHEAD OF THIS POWERFUL REVOLUTIONARY WAVE is the WHY NOW for leaders who wish to LEAD AHEAD not behind. Leaders who wish to be the best. Leaders who want to grow faster versus grow slower.

The cost of CEO SPACE is tax dollars. That is repurposing taxes paid out this year into refunds or taxes still to pay but now reduced. REPURPOSE A TAX DOLLAR so that a tax buck returns 10x on investment is the film we asked you to click. Need more. Let me give you one more five minute film from me, entitled a BUSINESS BUILDING MACHINE – so you can see CEO SPACE is profitable. You earn more September 28th Sat to Sat by FAR by MUCH MORE than you earn at home Sat to SAT. You trade up right into the SUPER CYCLE a garden variety ordinary week – into an income accelerated EXTRAORDINARY WEEK in Dallas Texas – still running everything virtually while loading in leadership upgrading and customer base impossible to duplicate plus you saved taxes.

Explore and register – More members are returning than any program in ten years and as a member reading you should return to see the improvements beyond what we share here – you will be better and make more faster – if you come home as a member and you should – there is no class this side of September 2007 more important as to TIMING and BENEFITS this decade than SEPT 28th Dallas for owners and professionals: Check out:

CHECK OUT THE MAIN WEB SITE to PROFIT faster than you can not inside the LEADERS HELPING LEADERS all COOPERATION BASED Business Acceleration Conference Press Ranked – you can not afford to miss this one……ten years in a row now.

Trust the Press.

Trust the proofs.

Trust a far better way.

Decisions make money and nothing else does.

Take your hand 12 inches up from the desk your reading from right now.

That is the INCOME you will make into the SUPER CYCLE to Dec if you fail to join CEO SPACE for sure. Proven.

Now hold your hand up as high as your head – many times that lower income – that IS THE INCOME you will earn PROVEN AND FOR SURE if you join CEO SPACE turing a tax buck into a lifetime ASSET FOR YOUR VENTURE.

Why as a leader would you KNOW you can EARN THE HIGHER HAND INCOME – not go for the HIGHER HAND and remain with the lower hand income?


Is that thinking the thinking you want to eliminate forever?

Your old brain software works to protect you from risk……

..that same software protects you from the risk of….winning….the risk leaders must take ….

Our Holiday PRICE ( discounted just for you ) and our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE protect you from any risk.

Explore PRESS RANKED THE BEST OF THE BEST…and give yourself a pay raise.

I can not encourage you strongly enough to join the LEADERS coming together from all across the world in Dallas for all the right leadership decision making. LET US ASSURE A BETTER WAY FORWARD INTO “YOUR” SUPER CYCLE 2019.

CEO SPACE memberships pay for themselves – our videos provide the proof and the WHY we are press ranked # 1 ten years in a row. Now you get the pay raise.

Decide on a better way forward. Today.

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