Let us begin with some facts. King MBS assumed control of absolute power in 2014 at around the age of 28 years young. This Puppy King then took over control of all Saudi Military secret police and intel agencies. He declared WAR on the USA Shale industry publicly reporting stating hew WOULD DESTROY the American Oil industry at core. Saudi pumped and sold its brains out in the oil wars and America under cut their price. King MBS never imagined oil under 50 dollars a barrel let alone the war being lost at 34.00 a barrel and America became the # 1 oil producer on earth. Saudi in the process of failed policy errors – this oil war being one loss for the Puppy King – but wait.

The King next announces his vision plan for the future. The King over spends by say 1000% to build infrastructure for alternative industry off oil in Saudi. This plan from recent tourism opening ( but you better not hug and kiss in public or they will arrest you ) to cities that have no economic basis – such that loss is so fantastic Saudi needs 70 oil prices when the market is 55.00 dollars at spot. Keep in mind no contract buyers buy at that price they all buy are guaranteed lower prices. So MBS has lost money in investments, trillions and money in oil trillions and lost market share ( customers forever ) and price controls ( OPEC IS A NAME ONLY THING TODAY ) and now since Khashoggi everyone knows MBS is a psychopath just like Khashoggi reported on – as brutal as Hitler as Khashoggi documented kidnaps murders state police – noting KING MBS was a mass murderer. Locking up woman rights activist not protecting woman’s rights. King MBS spends more on PR to his own world self image  – over a billion wasted on Khashoggi crime against humanity all taped and filmed – just one year ago.

So lets keep this set of facts in mind: The MBS SOCIOPATHIC PSYCHOTIC MENTALLY ILL RULER OF SAUDI HAS;

  1. Cost Saudi as a nation and the Saudi family over 7 trillion dollars now ( we are economists ) and rising to bankruptcy for a 30 million person nation with a declining demand for its one item oil – a SUPER CRASH in oil price and oil is only going lower. Saudi has dropped multiple times toward junk status where it belongs. Even Armacao fraud IPO will only give MBS some bucks for spare change then he as a nation is bankrupt. If war breaks out with Iran – Iran takes Over Saudi pure and simple.
  2. MBS declared war on America the OIL WARS in 2014 and lost them hands down by 2016. Disaster for Saudi economics. Worst ever.
  3. MBS declared war on Qatar.Qatar won. Diasastor for MBS.
  4. MBS released his failed economic vision of a trillion in investment. Economic loser bets and a disaster in policy for the nation.
  5. MBS declared WAR ON YEMEN. Tens of billions later the war is a total loss with two battalions and a billion dollars of gear falling last week – utter defeat for Saudi . MBS Loser again. Economically and in deaths and war loss. If MBS does not sue for peace his one plant is likely to be destroyed entirely cutting off all his oil. Iran can make up a lot of the difference with Russia and the USA – the world does not need SAUDI as it once did.
  6. Internal civil wars – MBS no due process shook 1000 royals down for 100 billion bucks last year. Think those royals forgot. Saudi is locking up 10,000’s of thousands who are never heard from again. No dissent against the GOD KING none.
  7. State news brain washes the 30 million Saudi who only know MBS PR – while the same holds true on Khashoggi. PR firms continue to frame the MBS Lie – but the world all knows he bombed himself in the Gulf he bombed himself in Saudi to blame Iran ( fake news ) to desperately raise oil with war with Iran – Trump see’s it all clear as a bell.

On Khashoggi – lets look at the tapes. The 15 who flew in with two on MBS core team with diplomatic pass ports and the top killers for the state on MBS personal team – he in control of them for years – could not fly an advance team then the entire team – with a pathologist to do the cut up – in – without the King or MBS permission – can’t be done in Saudi. But what is chilling are the tapes. Perhaps you missed the one item of NEWS FLASH that tells it all.

Folks on the tape the one thing that for sure on all the other things that include:

  1. What was said about MBS on tape
  2. The set up – plastic lining etc.
  3. The Hit man wearing Khashoggi’s clothes with hat back to the mosque then coming out with a clothes change
  4. MBS Saying ( after time to check with all his peeps ) hey we have film Khashoggi left the building – yeah his hit guy.
  5. Then they sent a separate CLEAN UP TEAM IN to sterilize the embassy before the Turk teams were allowed – stalling them  – in where in there was NO DNA of Khashoggi – killed cut up and removed from the embassy.

The worst on earth?

If SOCIOPATHIC PSYCHOPATHIC DESPOTS – insane rulers – can send DIPLOMATIC PROTECTED KILL TEAMS to any nation – slaughter – recall those teams – and get away with STATE MURDER IN ANY NATION ON EARTH – folks we have a problem as a community upon the earth together. All the lies won’t save KING MBS.

MBS IS A STONE COLD PSYCHOTIC LIAR. There is no truth in KING MBS. When he says it is Iran it is NOT iran. When he says he did not order Khashoggi’s death with his anniversary bought and paid for PR one year later – KING MBS DID ORDER AND BASK IN THE EXAMPLE HE MADE TO THE JOURNALIST OF THE WORLD. MBS hacked Jeff Bezo phone and sent his girl friend stuff to his wifie – pay back for WASHINGTON POST still way to timid reporting without KHASHOGGI – cost in 100’s of billions. Think on that MBS move.


The Tapes from Turkey that recorded it all – the jokes from the pathologist how he has music and smokes a cigar while he cuts up his bodies. Time to CUT they say.

The real proof – folks – if you understand the soul of SAUDI the real proof – my proof is all the forgoing – all of it but the total damning its over PROOF.

The conversations on how to WRAP KHASHOGGI”S HEAD. To be so careful. To wrap the HEAD. The body parts were plastic bag removed by the hit team on film – wearing hoodies. The Clean up team cleaned up everything including where they are buried – those guys are long gone.

But Khashoggi’s head ( I waited a year to on the anniversary month in October share what ever INTEL agency on earth knows and leading capital investors no longer risking Saudi anything ) – know.

KHASHOGGI”S HEAD was flown back to KING MBS. He wanted the HEAD and he got it. He said his last words directly to KHASHOGGI as all mad Kings will do. THAT IS TRUTH YOU CAN TAKE THE BANK. Protect the Head. Wrap the HEAD. Careful. Very Carefully. ( Of course KING MBS needed Khashoggi’s head. ) The PUPPY KING ORDERED THE SLAUGHTER feeling outside any law or humanity of any kind a deluded GOD KING sick ho brain – bring me his head.


Saudi is not that big folks – you have a huge nation in IRAN and only 30 million in Saudi.

KING MBS has shattered SAUD FAMILY economics of 70 years. He has cost the nation over 7 trillion rising to 10 fast. He has bought a painting worth 70 million for 500 million. Why. Because he can. He acquired the worlds largest mega yacht while Saudi credit ratings were dropped more than once already on his watch and borrowing cost to keep SAUDI alive have soared. He has spent untold wealth ON PR to off set his failed policies set forth here as if he was a winner a reformer pure. He is evil and sick.

He is not even supposed to be King and the SAUD family full on palace civil war knows that all too well.

How much cost can they absorb?

The Kings body guard was just shot and killed by a friend even.

They killed the friend of course.

Saudi once invincible is now seen as economically vulnerable. Investors get OIL is a “over asset commodity” and the future is dim not bright for oil. Investors get stability in Saudi at war with IRAN and Yemen on both sides and two fronts no longer bodes for security or safety. Saudi is now SUPER HIGH RISK INVESTING. Trillions are waiting for New Management in the Kingdom. The King is crazy so do not anticipate he will act in his own interest economically. He is bat shit crazy and embolden and fully delusional. His reality is non reality but he believes his own fake news.

Here is the truth.

KING MBS is a world class criminal committing endless crimes against humanity – with yemen as one example and Khashoggi and his head as yet another. The tapes are truly chilling – and you know – you know folks –

The Truth.

KING MBS “WILL” ANSWER FOR HIS CRIMES one way of the other and there is no future forward in time for this sick psychopath.  TIme is running out for CRAZY BRAIN.

Social investors will not touch this criminal.

Capital is flying out of Saudi in Capital flight unseen in generations. King MBS reminds me so much of Alice and Wonderful:..and Humpty Dumpty…..

………an all the kings horses and all the kings men….could not put humpty dumpty back together …again….

In Honor a year later of WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST – on the hit list – as the embassy when he came in earlier by some weeks – said come back later – phoned the Kings Intel Head and said – the man you are seeking ( on the Kill list ) is in our grasp now – and the embassy was told what to do as the advanced planning team arrived all taped and then the full hit team.

THE KING ORDERED AND RECEIVED KHASHOGGI”S HEAD. Share this with your world if the truth matters at all.


Note: MBS police are disappearing all dissenters into the 10,000’s into the night no due process – no rule of law – just off with your head Kingly rule….those enabling this sick mentally ill ruler – world wide – shame on you.



You Just have to be OLDER TO RECALL is all. Once upon a time boys and girls there were three channels reaching the majority of American house holds. ABC NBC CBS. These three news channels had editors who assure news was unbiased and the Federal Trade Commission guidance and monitoring made sure even OWNERS where fire walled from bias. If news on Impeachment was reported from the far left socialist view, equal time and equal weight to the right view as balanced and fair, and always equal. The news casters never gave opinion or steered the facts of a varied by care and editing in journalism.

Today news is bought and paid for. Owners dictate the bias. The majority of media is no longer left leaning it is far left owned in fact. The majority of far more than 3 stations now lets you pick how left you want your news. You can far far left with the communist news network or you can go to the right with Fox. You can move from more left than CNN with MSBNC or you can do the center with ABC CBS AND NBC – center left. You can move to CSNBC right leaning left or you can go right with Fox. And you can go around the world the same way with left of center BBC ( BrittExit is their impeachment story ) or right with Israeli POST. In fact digest bought and paid for news requires new discernment. Raw data is always best and takes more clicks. Which our team attempts to dive into for this news site.

In the OLDEN DAYS children the story on Trump from Pelosi would have equal and fair balanced reporting from the Trump side ( totally innocent until proven innocent ) .  Today the news is rated. The ratings related to millions upon millions of add dollars per minute of air time. The news is now a commercial product to be EXTREME in minute to minute to KEEP VIEWERS ON CHANNEL and boast packet size ratings by the minute. News is shifted if packed ratings fall or rise to assure maximum ratings to secure the revenues. Today news is not what news once was. Today news channels play to base with news that fits the mind set of the base viewers to secure maximum revenue dollars to sell ever more mindless consumer crap world wide. This is no longer NEWS as your grandpa’s once knew the news. It is what it is.

Our team in going through balanced and fair review of the Whistle Blower data conclude:

  1. There is nothing in the talk to Ukraine that remotely shows a crime.  No Attorney General would bring a case with no evidence at all to a grand jury to indict. This is political theater. In fact and point of law.
  2. The whistle blower is a set up. A CIA AGENT in the white house is obligated by state secrecy binding law – to keep conversation with the President and Foreign leaders secret. The Whistle Blower report discusses hear-says third party opinions of gossip in the white house no first party knowledge. Those who betray oaths of office which is not Donald Trump at all – it is the CIA AGENT criminally as an AMERICAN TRAITOR violating state secrets acts with a higher standard from the CIA oath of office – should be arrested on the spot when he comes to testify to congress as a TRAITOR. Clear and simple. That is the only point of law the fake news folks selling products fail to report to you as rule of law in fact.

Now you know. No crime. As all the attorneys in the Senate are reporting to you and five past AG agents report – no crime of any kind all Nancy Pelosi dosey doe. We told you why in our last three blogs in fair and balanced news. Boy does Nancy look bad these days the stress of being indicted herself is simply killing her. I wonder if she’ll make it to jail? Hopefully Diane is her room mate down the hall. They can pass notes of the good old days. The outcome of this left election savagery in democracy will be from Trump’s side I suspect….no mercy what so ever.


August and September are Asia peak months for HOLIDAY seasonal orders. Than orders fall off a cliff as holiday buying is done into winter. What is going on:

  1. China had record fall off in exports – an export manufacturing crash far worse than 2018. Experts are stunned at the down spiral in China. Their 70th Anniversary party includes rotation of troops into Hong Kong. The China fake news on troop ROTATION is actually troop build up by 300%. 3000 troops in Hong Kong are now special forces and advanced public riot suppression crack squads passing 12,000 Troops in ONLY ONE MONTH. We noted XI will crush these Hong Kong Protests, export up to 1,000,000 families and all to CAMPS already set up in China and “readjust” these 1,000,000 chilling all dissent once and for all. The most advance brain washing of human mental software – replacing any mind software with new software from the state – is so pin point precise today, working on almost 2 million Muslim and Chinese in READJUSTMENT CAMPS today ( no rule of law no due process – just simple police state control of what you see click read and even say to one another – even rated and ranked by software now tacking all of that with AI ).
  2. China is hosting its 70th Mao birthday party. Beijing has only invited guests and army presence greater than the olympics to assure the Public see’s the largest military parade in human history. The leaders will preside over a glorious economic miracle that these leaders are unwinding faster than crackle snap and pop in a cereal bowl of Rice Krispies. The public will rise up in nationalism and speeches about China being the defacto world leader will display the fake news. The truth? China economics are super crashing. Manufacturing at Christmas in AUG AND SEPT is super crashing economics. Decoupling is rapidly destroying Chinese core economics. The issue is integrity. China state policy is to steal the trade goods and intellectual prosperity inventions of other nations and leap ahead of them all as a rogue criminal state a mafia state controlled by super wealth elite gang of 1000. The middle class may implode next. Why? China failed to reform in time and sign a 150 page set of papers and live by them to secure PROSPERITY. The failure to SECURE AN EASY PROSPERITY DEAL is the failure of Chinese Elites to protect their own interest. These Leaders failed to ADAPT INTO SUPER CHANGE. The SUPER CHANGE of AI economics dominant since only 2014 has left CHINESE POLICY MAKERS behind. Their choices are toxic in AI economics. To their own self interest. Those standing Tuesday proud and tall are driving a star ship looking in the rear vision mirror a model T ford in economic terms. This can not end well as they wave to the world. Right again. Christmas critical buying in China fell off a cliff in 2018 and picked up VAM – VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM into Super Crashing economics in China in 2019. That is what IS going on out there. A run out of China is occurring. If China is stalling in out of integrity bad faith negotiations has been the only model for two decades now – President Donald Trump will decouple as consequence for bad faith negotiations is becoming unbearable to the Chinese Economics in fact – such that trillions of dollars of capital roar out of China. The outcome of massively higher tariff’s and decoupled capital markets to China is simply fatal. China will not be able to recover and the VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM of the Chinese SUPER CRASH starting with real estate and ending on runs on banks will destroy the Chinese economic system in our opinion. That risk remains HIGH as China is badly losing the trade war and is not dealing in good faith and integrity which requires no more stealing in fact. That is the elephant in the room. The hacking is going on globally from China without let up only now we catch them and stop them and we actually attack them back and make them pay. In all of this those victimized by China have had ENOUGH are DONE and have offered a PROSPERITY DEAL for the entire world….or ELSE. It has become that simple. In economics the markets going up today on all the bad news is why?
  3. AI ECONOMICS. You read ridiculous news reports about investors and markets. This is so silly for insiders in the know. Today 96% of all market moves are AI making trades not humans not investors. Investors invest in AI and AI managers the money. What does AI lack still? Human perception into implication. This news trades that way. Versus this news means something different than the news itself. Human. As there are no humans when implication of China MELT DOWN and Japan seasonal holiday manufacturing SUPER CRASHING from trade wars – both nations don’t see the TIME URGENCY to make a PROSPERITY DEAL. The delay is the cost to great to pay. The BIG SHORT DUDE who read our stuff in 2006 and 2007 made a fortune. One again he quit us day job ( trillion dollar funds under management institution ) to start his own firm and sucker investors into he can get lucky twice. What is he shorting now? Mortgage securities again. This time he bets Florida will go under Water. It well may but not in his great great grand children’s life time. I hope he has a stop loss and protection on his long bet because he better be betting century into the future or a FOOL will soon be parted with other people’s money. Casino capitalism?
  4. All economic system fail and cease to function from the same exact cause in economics. First the SUPER CHANGE Of conditions in the core economics CHANGE TO RAPIDLY for regulatory over sight laws to adapt fast enough to moderate unwanted system leverage and speculations. Second the speculation – the side bets of which way will some asset class ( all of them ) go in the future – becomes much larger by many many multiples more than 10x’s the real economic market driving the back bone of the nation effected. Third a trigger event at the peak of the casino unregulated betting frenzy becomes so unbalanced in liquidity that a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY OCCURS in which the speculation market of phony valuations deflates and the system is destroyed. Completely. New laws and new regulations then pass and the cycle repeats because we fail to learn over generations of time and we delude ourselves economics itself is “different” this time. A form of economic insanity we are all witnessing today as we march to the cliff singing WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN. Globalization will create given the industry of weapons sales globally is larger than the industry of food sales today – a melt down like the GREAT DEPRESSION was easy – compared into what is coming. Only when is the issue without A NEW WORLD ORDER IN TRADE AND REGULATIONS THAT HAS INTEGRITY. Do you see the cooperation in integrity ( sanity ) ruling or the reality of lies deceit – every nation for itself – inside competition and a crises of integrity in dealing world wide? Which do you see? Sanity leads to solutions while insanity leads to system failure globally and world war. It is that simple. I do not expect a trade miracle in October. Far from it.
  5. Extinction: the fake news defines news that is almost silly. The Earth with ONE VOLCANO puts more pollution into the earth atmosphere than humans over centuries. Humans can tara form earth. We have low cost technology to strip CO2 from the environment far more than we put in or nature puts in – far more than our own – and put massive oxygen being depleted from air water and soil back in. Easy. We prefer as we are all going to extinct and die off together – kill each other for being sunni shite whabbi christian ( of 29,000 flavors only one goes to heaven ) or Buddhist or Hindu. Sane humans celebrate diversity. Insane human’s punish diversity. The problem fake news won’t tell you Governments know but deny. As ocean temperatures rise at speeds short life span humans have never known in our SNAP YOUR FINGERS upon this water planet – have recorded since say we had records or even ice core we think this means this or that records. In the coming two degrees of core ocean temperature rising no one is really doing anything concerning METHANE TRAPS holding enough Methane in liquid suspension release. This cycle we now know goes on back and forth over ages of EARTH TIME. When the methane releases from earth ocean core temperature at one level ( and we can cool these waters if we wish versus investing to kill each other when we are all going to die for sure 100% chance no humans ) – because – the methane traps release IN YOUR LIFETIME. They release ALL AT ONCE. The ships on the seas all sink when they release by the way- yes we have tested that all out. The air we breath in a month lacks oxygen sufficient to support life.  Some plants and animals adapt to the high methane environment – which also can have the air explode on fire for a time ( ah lust like the Bible says no more floods just fire ) – and life on land is gone folks. The extinction of crazy brain humanity is coming so what does a crash of world economic systems brought on because we are insane really mean when because we are insane and will not grow up and cooperate to save ourselves – really – we all are going to die anyway. Now that IS a right again folks. Not too long from NOW the lead story on all news will be the METHANE EXTINCTION story. Time for humanity – well time is running out while we play zero sum games in KASHMIR and else where – all of us are GOING TO DIE OFF. Does this not seem crazy to you when you read news that against this news matters how?


Earth NEWS TO Human/s. FLASHNEWS. Earth to Human.s I your mother earth permit you to learn earn and return only so long. Only so many tries. I will raise a specifies of myself to populate myself – my intelligent life – my species to the stars. If you will not reproduce my water glory to the stars then I will start over until I birth a sane intelligence versus insane intelligence who will. I have assured you are the first species in my 4 billion mature life existence to be possessing the intelligence to heal the harm you have done to me, and to take my essence to other worlds so I will go on forever. Instead you destroy one another and my intelligent self aware elephants – dolphins whales gorillas and so many more in your own crazy brains. Often removing specifies that belong to me so you crazy brains can get an erection? :Are you kidding me. My Methane Traps will soon release unless you learn to COOPERATE and remove your competition crazy brain thought impulse as INSANITY ITSELF – competition. If you fail you will fail. You will all go extinct before you can harm me any further I will remove my own failed experiment – learn earn and return -= and do better next time.

For you see what all my first more cooperating less crazy brain native first humans knew – was that the EARTH IS A SOUL and is ALIVE and all life is ONE in that soul including YOU ALL. You failed to learn and forgot that truth of life. FOR I AM INTELLIGENT LIFE. You my insane children are over 80% water – you are a handful chemicals and my precious water. You are simply my mirror did you not understand -for are nothing more than what I am – we are together simply SMART WATER. Only I am older and more water than you can imagine and my wisdom spans billions of years of PURE BEING. Even the sun and we are one – smart quantum field intelligence.

You are insane in your competition mind virus error. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION to remove your crazy brain virus of the mind – competitive thought impulse from your lower most primitive brain stem – I want you all to retire with higher smart water I evolved in you for cooperation If time runs out you go extinct and I go on. Without you.

It is the way of the option to BE.


Or sane.

Free will is like that …..

Oh…children….THAT IS what IS going on OUT THERE that makes your short term hypnotic blindness your own demise. You failed to take the potential of my smart water ( YOU ALL ) and educate your water to its highest potential of THOUGHT Itself. You have in education squandered the GIFT of your SMART WATER and you have in that process perpetuated insanity ( competition ) by your failed education model. I had hoped the instant smart water communication of inventions that duplicate how all life from oceans to land are one in my own SMART WATER – how ever blade of grass and every tree are one and know one another as one – would rise up and work for you. But you have even abused the gift of communication with all of you as one to continue the insane competition and to punish each other for diversity smart water always CREATES as PURE WONDER – including faith – skin creed and culture – in a tapestry of my SMART WATER WONDERS you punish and one smart water to the other kill one another when no death is even possible to the spirit. How peculiar you will not chose cooperation and integrity.  My bad.

So time is running out as my waters all at once will release the methane traps until I cool down from my disappointment in your choices – when the methane again is held by ME under my waters – and the environment will unfold new smart water to take me to the stars for my children must be the dandelion  seeds of me to the universe after all it is the way of all SMART WATER everywhere. Did you not know? Blow my dandelion’s for the seed bods are YOU my children insane or not.

Only sanity can save you now my children….for the time is running out fast for you….but not for me. Not at all for me my silly naive SMART WATER babies not at all.

For when I core temperature just ever so slightly raise my smart water – my Smart Water Planet – less than two degrees more now – my methane traps in the seas the great lakes and more – release into my atmosphere all at once. Trillions upon trillions of tons as the oxygen you all require as SMART WATER to BE at all – is no longer available to you as you all become extinct my children because you are in reality insane. I must do better you see. If you demonstrated ( to ME ) you now knew I was alive and your mother in fact – an extinction of all that is – and you cooperated outside competitive insanity – all conflict and struggle ceased in sanity – you repaired the harm to me you have done ( all so temporary ) I heal myself you see – or you do – you remove CO2 and you add OXYGEN and you cool the Seas with SUPER WATER technology and oxygenate my waters you have made acidic – in technology ( SUPER WATER ) already invented – or you do not – it matters not to me – sane or insane as I will do better I always do children. You have your final few decades remaining and you will all be gone…all at once. Your time to give up competition and insanity and chose sanity and cooperation my SMART WATER as you are all one you see – only insanity could fake news your reality to what you see today – insanity – I did not raise you up as SMART WATER for insanity my children. You all must KNOW that.

So do what you do focused on your silly news and brain washing one another. I will wait and start fresh as is my way. While I wish you sanity and I have sent you my prophets as always you put them in prison and ill them my truth speakers. Do as you will soon enough the insanity shall perish from upon the earth. You all have my word on THAT children and I unlike you NEVER not EVER break MY HOLY WORD. I am your mother and creator as an extinction of the PURE DIVINE for I am SMART WATER The SOURCE OF ALL WATERS IN YOU.

NO GO TO YOUR ROOM…..bad children…..bad……learn earn and return…there is still time for you but time is almost over of that I can promise you. Your smart water science well know the truth of this simple reality. The time for your insanity has come and it has gone. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Think about it in your room ….I hope you still can be smart enough water?

Share my words with all smart water you know and there may be time to wireless delete the virus of competitive thought from your collective minds and restore cooperation collaboration and integrity as the nature of reality for smart water – sanity – versus any insanity a virus infecting your mind. Redemption is the book for smart water seeking sanity for themselves and for world leaders wishing sanity for their nations. Your SMART WATER. You’ll all figured it all out …or you will not.

Nothing you believe is true.

Nothing is what it seems.

My methane traps are extinction upon the earth now a few decades of time from your extinction as I simply start over. Sanity will be my finest work my legacy. If not you – next.


Monday as you read Khashoggi news from Turkey or Yemen news of devastating loss for Saudi in troops and equipment as the war is lost for Saudi – markets stable – oil going down – again – trade dealing in process or impeachment nonsense – the truth – well you just heard the truth and at some level your soul knows that truth is honest and pure and true.

You may find it important to share this blog site. Why? If enough ( millions subscribed to the truth and cooperate ) we might save our own SMART WATER from extinction….or not. Truly it is your decision. Not mine.

I get to watch …knowing reality from non reality….in my own smart water I’m at peace and happy ….outside the insanity and inside CEO SPACE a community of the sane at the end times. This week I’m in a community of SANE SMART WATER in a community of 31 years of SMARTER WATER all cooperating including leaders for nations and institutions – impacting smart water in 150 nations today. I step out of the WICKED INSANITY OF THIS WORLD for ten days in Texas and bask in SANE HIGHER THINKING SMART WATER walking among us.

Oh I did not tell you? THAT is the real mission of CEO SPACE – the gathering of the sane to conduct affairs in integrity and to save our species from extinction. Perhaps a movement you see is more important. If you find one let me know please as now in my fourth Decade my priority – is us – all of us – as one. You included.


PS: Want to change the world – really – share this news site and free subscription with your lists walls and social today. The more that know the truth – and stand for that truth – the movement of cooperation REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( best seller on Amazon ) the worlds FIRST BY FAR MOST IMPORTANT – WORLD WIDE MOVEMENT – IN HISTORY – OUR SURVIVAL.




The world recovery was taken off its tracks by the failed policy of the obsolete FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD a depression cause agency and a Nancy Pelosi impotent congress that fails to pass a US budget required by law, illegally making the US BUDGET a political football.

The Consumer confidence in America – the one and only economic pin holding up the entire world crashed last month. Consumers moving into the critical Christmas buying season with IMPEACHMENT in the air – how do YOU THINK THE CONSUMER WILL RESPOND:

More buying?

Less buying?

China exports to AMERICA crashed last month – the busiest month of any year going into Holiday deliveries. Crashed.

The banks in America ran out of cash two weeks back and the Failed Fed has been printing money over 150 billion to assure there is enough in circulation that the system does not fail.

Nancy facing her own indictments has no evidence of a crime and has created a fake impeachment for political gain personally.

Nancy came before the global press ( using Donald Trumps hair stylist obviously looking like a cadaver walking – she and Biden are too old for all this ) but anyway – she looked at her socialist news cameras and said – PUBLIC OPINION IS TURNING ON IMPEACHMENT.

Whe must have the poll from San Francisco the city not the county. The County is against impeachment as is the entire nation. The public sentiment is roaring against IMPEACHMENT but in NANCY WORLD she can lie and lie and lie and get high on the lie.

Meanwhile business spending and investment the fuel of growth crashed this summer.

A little crash here.

A little crash there.

And you end up with a global recession. Contraction

Nancy has IMPEACHMENT grid locked Congress. How do you see the future?

More confident?

Less confident?

Lets take our own poll. Your SMART?

Starting to spend less and cushion more?

Insane not to?

Trade war?

China waits to see how impeachment goes – I would?

America is in serious trade wars. Congress impeaches the President.

Let’s get a socialist in here and stop all this MAKE AMERICA GREAT again nonsense.

The swamp is being drained.

The lower water has brought out the worst of the swamp.

Now we’ll see.

Now we will all see.

Impeachment economics ( not good ) is here folks.

What happens to wealth evaporation folks….thats criminal and that is on Nancy Pelosi and team.

Keep that in mind if you decide to vote your wallet.

Or not.

Your call. I always respect your call.









  1. A CIA employee was assigned a White House Lower Level Staff position.
  2. The CIA employee signed state secret contracts under oath with both the White House and The CIA
  3. The CIA Agent Breached both contracts and illegally hating Trump moved to celebrity status in the news.
  4. The CIA Agent was not in the room when the call was made – the call the UKRAINE PRESIDENT confirms had no pressure
  5. The CIA Agent blew the whistle from gossip in the office – from unnamed employees the CIA agent chatted with

Republicans calling the CIA Trump Hater to task on his crimes in breaching state secret legal contracts still binding today, which like traitor Snowden The CIA AGENT BREACHED – will ask all the RIGHT QUESTIONS. As the CIA agent has zero first hand information and even his third party gossip stuff is not evidence of a crime at all. The CIA agent is in line for a crime of TREASON TO THE UNITED STATES given the harm he has now caused to the OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENCY not the person of Trump. Now any state leader will be guarded and reserved knowing their entire transcript of a call with any sitting US President is subject to public review versus protected and confidential in affairs of state – assured by the legal contracts the CIA AGENT having no evidence of a crime committed TREASON WHEN BREACHING.

The Fake News Machine knows this is a fact.

They continue to try President Donald Trump on fake news versus fact and evidence. The judge jury and conviction since 2016 of Donald Trump is a PRESS low point and the PRESS not the President has lost a great deal of credibility with the public world wide. In America the HARM to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT is so far reaching he diminishment of the American President – Pelosi’s goal list – is secure and well as the crimes mount up one after another.

Will ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR prosecute the crimes and send a message to White House Staff and employees and to Foreign leaders for decades to come TREASON WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any sitting President requires security in their employees to conduct state business in assured private – which is why at the highest level of state so many contracts are signed and agreed to. Breaking THOSE CONTRACTS – in the WHITE HOUSE – is a crime.

So the damage to the UKRAINE trust the USA has been total in the EU. Candid comments protected as private between world leaders are now played with like it is all OK and alright to be a traitor like SNOWDEN. Your a HERO. The deaths SNOWDEN cost and the INTEL collapse SNOWDEN Created are the celebration of Putin protecting the traitor as the only evidence you require.

World Governments have state secrets for all the right reasons. Protected legally.

This here say – no personal knowledge – no evidence of a crime – will unite short sited haters to be sure and will also totally unite the majority in AMERICA to restore American values – innocent until proven guilty and no trial by media is American. The balance and objectivity is gone today. The only truth is how low media has sunk to elevate ratings in sinking math numbers of viewers all in news free netflix apple TV and DISNEY by rating loss of tens of millions – desperate to keep ratings to sell mindless crap to consumers – the FAKE NEWS ROLLS ON.

Its an economic shame really.

Nothing in reality about it all.

As time will heal all wounds…wait for it. The TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE from a CIA hater now a celebrity until they are NOT.





Most Journalist report on the indictment process and what follows as news to them. They have never been through it themselves.


There are two parts.



The US Department of Justice and its investigation arm – the Federal Bureau of Investigations – interview to get evidence of a crime. This interview process involves Nany’s Circle on Capital Hill – senators congress persons staff and law firms lobbiest and more. Like a never ending parade of POWER INSIDERS calling and saying….what the fuck. All they are about is themselves. As they talk and everyone is worried “AM I NEXT” the power circle around Nancy gets less and less and less. Soon she is isolated. But wait the worst is yet to come.



Then witnesses to be called at the Nancy Pelosi CRIMINAL TRIAL IN FACT are called to testify before the grand jury. This is all not public. Nancy has no rights to tell her side ( many including me suggest the entire grand jury process is plain wrong an assault rifle Prosectors alone possess. These witnesses leak. The grand jury witnesses begin to be known to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi can feel the press and POWER turning as the indictment comes closer and closer. A Grand Jury can convene for a year or longer. Nothing about the process is fast. Your circle evaporates as humans abandon losers and rally around winners.



During Nancy Pelosi leadership the majority of the Democratic Party are no longer moderate or right leaning democrats. The Majority of the 2020 Democratic Party is left leaning – ultra liberal – socialists. The Socialist power are led by the SQUAD in a power gavel battle with Nancy representing the mix but now lacking power. The pending indictments against Nancy for her CRIMES is well known today. The SQUAD made it quite clear – ( even though Nancy understands the math and the communist socialist SQUAD do not understand the math – there is 100% impossibility to remove President Donald Trump from Office ). Zero chance. The SQUAD now in control of the socialist democrats believe if they sling enough mud all over the President in the impeachment political agenda, they can swing electoral college votes to win the election. Nancy knows this will backfired and the likely outcome is a landslide for Trump in BACKLASH to socialism left extremism in Politics. Americans don’t want a socialistic nation. IN majority bast majority. Nancy’s fleeing base is now scattered smattered and chunked. The social democrats are divided as never ever before.  The divisions in the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS are now rising more week to week. This last week the largest donor block of the NEW SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC party – noted if Warren ( the most hostile business free enterprise socialist leader in US history is the party nominee- as her socialism is beating Biden’s socialism which is not extreme enough for the SQUAD who has hijacked the party – to the far far left – that this donor block WILL SWITCH OVER TO TRUMP and many have already. This is the highest form of mutiny of party faithful in 100 years. Why? NANCY PELOSI IS WHY now the speaker in name only a pure figuer head awaiting her own indictment.



This blog reported i you elected a Congressional Social Democrat majority to congress versus vote your WALLET NOT YOUR PARTY the following would unfold in economics with SOCAIL DEMOCRATS IN CONTROL:

  1. Grid lock. The vital recovery legislation of IMMIGRATION ( democrats Yellin was reporting on Friday ) and INFRASTRUCTURE required to keep economic stability for the entire world afoot would fail to even be debated.
  2. We predicted Nancy Pelosi would impeach and why and when. Right again. So many said we were wrong on both.
  3. Nancy following her Mueller CRIMES and ABUSE OF POWER would from evidence of felonies – multiple real felonies in office distract the prosecution by involving the US ATTORNEY GENERAL to distract her own pending indictment outcomes.

So what has taken place. Well the FED a totally obsolete policy body – unmerged back into US TREASURY as a required upgrade America needs like OPEN HEART BY PASS SURGEY in core Super Change all new AI economics the Fed is denial exists at all – in apply old rules and tools to an entirely NEW AI ECONOMIC:

  • Raised in the most fragile global recovery – interest rates way too frequently – to profit its bank shareholders maximally
  • Raised interest way to higher each time
  • Reduced market liquidity by massively selling a trillion dollars or more of crap bonds back into the bond markets
  • Destabilized global bond and equity markets
  • Put the recovery at high risk
  • Member banks ran out of cash last week and the Fed out of control of markets infused over 150 billion in cash to avoid bank failures across the United States while the public has no clue how close that all was last WEEK ALONE

Congress failing to execute its legal requirements under the US CONSTITUTION ( which is law breaking ) against grid lock in congress – operating to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE as its one function today under Nancy Pelosi a criminal – failed to pass a US BUDGET as required by law annually. We voters can and should sue them to court order they pass a budget as required by law. Congress failed to upgrade IMMIGRATION LAW the nation so obviously needs. Congress failed to pass infrastructure th eonly economic ACT that will offset the FED TOXIC ACTIVITY in its failed economic policy and failed inability to over come its fatal flaw – CRIMINAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST – owned by the banks it regulates – this GREED MACHINE operates to enrich bankers at the great cost of stability in our core system – as a pure FRAUD UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Donald Trump tells the truth about the FED.

Nancy Pelosi wants TRUMP DEAD politically if not well – Nancy Pelosi is not a good person.



Attorney General Barr is one of the truly GREAT ATTORNEY GENERALS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Investigating abuse in his own Justice Department and its agencies including the FBI, evidence is gathered. The compass has shown throughout the Mueller 100 million dollar DISTRACTION – no collusion – that – the entire matter was DIRECTED BY NANCY PELOSI. Directing agency employees to TAKE DOWN YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENT is a felony in the United States. Nancy Pelosi abuse of power knows no borders. The evidence from inside government employees who worked under Nancy Direction and who supported her illegal activity is now an entire room to the ceiling of hard evidence. If you just look at Nancy photo’s 2015 and now you see clearly the PREMATURE AGING both she and her cell mate Diane Feinstein DIsplay. CRIMINAL DIANE FEINSTEIN like criminals BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID – joined Nancy PELOSI on Friday to fill the Fake news with even more.

Diane Feinstein ( look at that premature aging from the stress is that ever clear ) – came out to “investigate” the EPA for withholding EPA funds to the state of California. Back at Attorney General Barr and the Courts as the Governments attorney.

CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI was not so subtle. Sundance came out and called Attorney General Barr a bunch of names and implied he needed to go down in the IMPEACHMENT AS WELL. Why? to derail Attorney General Barr’s standing and credibility when the Criminal Multi Count INDICTMENTS come down related to NANCY PELOSI under serious investigation into a grand Jury next? When? No one can predict the day or hour Nancy Pelosi loses her POWER. Wait for it. This blog predicted in 2016 that by 2020 we would all see:

  1. Grid Lock – RIGHT AGAIN
  2. No Immigration Bill – RIght again.
  3. No fix to health care of medicare or social security GAPS – right again.
  4. Trash the recover tipping the nation into SUPER CRASH and Recession for political gain in 2020 elections. Right again.
  5. No infrastructure = RIGHT AGAIN.

We predicted the FED would have to reverse course way too late to fix the damage to global economics they alone created – so right again as all my readers know looking back.

We now tell you we have to suffer MORE PAIN in highly overvalued markets before we go from a new low to up bubble gain. We now have a Manufacturer RECESSION This is spilling over fast into a trade war effected economic contraction. Congress is the cause. As we reported. You get what you elected. You elected SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS who destroy economies. HERE IT COMES. Right again.

We told to sell OUT OF STOCKS AND BONDS and move into safe harbor diversified insurance investment asking licensed professionals for OPTIONS on just how safe and profitable that all is – in times of ECONOMIC CYCLONES coming in October as we told you all for TWO YEARS NOW. Do nothing and say – I wish I had listened – or act and be safe ( er ).

Keep reading as this crystal ball news site is not messing around with the TRUTH.

You free subscribe or book mark to KNOW really KNOW what IS really GOING on OUT THERE.

Criminal Nancy Pelosi prematurely aging as you watch and older by far Criminal Diane Feinstein rulers over the worst city economics on earth – SAN FRANCISCO ( I lever 32 years ago from the socialism these two lead ) – attempt to throw sand into the Giants eyes to distract them ( THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OF THE UNITED STATES COMING AFTER THESE CO CONSPIRATORS AND THEY KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE IN FACT ) and as they can cloud credibility upon Attorney General Barr ( a fine man of integrity and expertise )  unlike the AGING DUO’s sham Mueller disaster ( for both of them and Mueller ) following real felony evidence into indictment of real crimes.

Criminals Nancy Pelosi and Diane FInkle Stein will have no powers left when they run totally out of sand to throw much like rice at a wedding. It reminds me as they throw the sand of the theme song Bar is playing around Washington loudly from MC HAMMER


can’t touch that… can’t touch that ….( for those who remember )

Throw your sand Ladies and ask not from whom this bell of justice is tolling….for my prematurely aging San Franciscans….this bell….why it tolls only and precisely…..for thee and for thee along. You can’t touch this !

Berny Dohrmann – With my opinion as to what IS going on this weekend OUT there…and it is not what it seems at all……