My famous Daddy….who was this guy? Everyone at the top came to be around – seek mentorship from – like ribbons in a May Pole …and he just keep going deeper into the heart of human potential…..let me as his oldest son –  follow the bouncing ball while – as the one of nine children ( he raised ) to advance Fathers work in my own life calling – Cooperation Vs. Competition as a movement sweeping AI – the Board Rooms – and the Bed rooms of this world in huma potential 2020 and beyond:



Fredrick William Dohrmann was born in Glückstadt Germany. Child of A Baron Royalty. His father would serve as surgeon General to the King of Denmark. His son raised in Bonardt Germany can trace family head stonres back to the Game of Thrones – local history professors  have traced the family back in time…to the 1400’s. Thank you Barndt for your history on the family we are so grateful to fill in those gaps including the actual ship Grandfather sailed upon. Grandfather gave back to Schools in his home town and supported the community in Germany into the pre war inflation years –  and up  until his death. which preceded Hitler.

The young nobel made his way to the NEW WORLD – the rough and tumble world of the San Francisco gold rush – intercontinental rail way – and europeans flocking in with Asians to make their fortunes in this brave new world of the 1840’s. Our story has it young William broke his royal arm on the ship voyage now in wooden splints from the ship carpenter. Looking for work a Frenchman who owned a hardware store MARCHE. The owner turned William down due to his one arm productivity limitation. Undaunted this young Royal spotting SHIPS BRASS residing like hoarding all along the stairs and landing along the top of the store – asking the French owner if HE could polis and sell that brass for commission?

William sold all the brass in ten days. He went from a clerk to a partner in MACHE & DOHRMANN which was a successful hardware business for both. William developed a crockery pot outlet for all the INNS ( early hotels ) that were springing up all the routes into the GOLD FIELDS in California and Nevada and other Western States. William was a 50/50 partner with Nathan creating NATHAN DOHRMANN’s. When William bought out Nathan he returned to Germany never to come back.

William expanded lines using his fathers royal court access for exclusive lines for the developing WEST – founding DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPlY and retail stores. In each city such as Los Angeles the stores was called PARMALEE Dohrmann, in San Jose Trinkler Dohrmann always honoring the local in market partner to secure market share. The store chains were profitable and built a San Francisco legendary support for culture. The Dohrmann family helps found the Boehmenia Club the Symphony the Opera and Play Houses.

William was the founder of Dohmann Supply ( now owned by Holiday Inn as INNKEEPER DOHRMANN – a leader in 2020 decade world wide to this day ) – Nathan Dohrmann retail – Dohrmann – and the Emporium Capwell Companies. Of Williams four children it was Andrew Bernhard Charles Dohrmann – known as ABC Dohrmann – who transformed San Francisco and the family fortunes as the ultimate merchant family in the Western States.

William was born on November 17th 1842 son of William and Caroline Dohrmann. William was the founder and first President of the SAN FRANCISCO MERCHANTS SOCIETY serving 1894 to 1901.  William Dohrmann was a founder of the San Francisco Charter Association – in 1897 and was Vice President to the COMMITTEE OF 100 at the turn of this century which formulated and adopted the San Francisco CITY CHARTER.

William Served as a founding charter member and treasurer for San Francisco on the WATER AND FORREST ASSOCIATION pre national park work. In 1903 My Great Grandfather was appointed Regent of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. William was a SAN FRANCISCO “PATRON” giving generously of his wealth to include: various University expansion patronages – including the advanced technology at that time for the University eye clinic and infirmary. William created loan funds for Faculty in times of economic need – as well as Paleontology support for Universities sciences. In 1905 prior the 1906 earth quakes and fire William helped found and organize the ASSOCIATION FOR SAN FRANCISCO IMPROVEMENT AND ADORNMENT – a model for  more planned city development

William was in Europe resting. When he heard the news of the 1906 disaster in San Francisco he as CHAIRMAN OF THE REHABILITATION COMMITTEE of the WHO is WHO in San Francisco to rebuild the city. William was made Chairman of the RED Cross during this critical period, where William received the NATIONAL RED CROSS AWARD. William was sent to Europe to negotiate with insurance firms who failed to meet their fire claims to San Francisco. He was President of the San Francisco Park Commission. Earlier in 1887 William also founded the ALAMEDA IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION.

William Dohrmann led fund raising efforts for Italian immigrants especially suffering from the Fire Storms in 1906 – 1908 the Mexican Flood Victims – 1909 the Paris Flood Victims and 1910 the OHIO VALLEY FLOOD victims.

William was honored to serve as one of five trustees holding VOTING POWERS for San Francisco’s WORLD FAIR the PAN INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION whose monuments stand to this day.

William was a member of the German .- General Benevolent Society for 50 years.  Alameda and County Associations for the prevention of TB. To list all the service William provided contained in our own family history is endless really and would take pages more. You get the picture.  Great Grandfather died in San Francisco July 18th 1914 having contributed to the stature and economics of the city as one of its top tier influencers and leaders. Jezz Bezo of his time.



Andrew Bernard Charles Dohrmann ( my grandfather  ) was born in Oakland in Dec 4, 1968.

He began an explosive business journey as a West Coast leading merchant family at age 16 with his Nathan Dohrmann partnership until Grand Father Bought Nation out entirely.

He had eight children with Loise Bain Dohrmann. Edit and BIll where the first set of twins. My Father and Jerry where the last. The eight was adopted my Auntie Barbera.

ABC served his father well until Williams Death working in his Charities – Associations and Businesses  Following his Famous Father’s death ABC would scale the family wealth to unheard of leverages. ABC was President of the largest department store chain in the Western States for many years the EMPORIUM STORES. The Dohrmann retail store was family owned on Union Square until the 1970’s – now MACY’s on Union Square. ABC helped to rebuild as General Partner the Saint Francis Hotel after the 1906 Earth Quake as its Managing General Partner. with B of A support. Grandfather acquired the largest circulation newspapers in San San Francisco the CALL and the BULLETIN now merged into Hearts San Francisco Chronicle. That platform was used in working with John Muir and President Rosevelt to expand the NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM where ABC served on the board – and put Yosemite into National Park Protection – and helped build the Yawanii HOTEL still his vision in 2020 and beyond. Legacy work.

ABC organized and became PRESIDENT of the Yosemite National Park Company.

ABC led food stands in 1906 city wide to offset hunger and housing for the homeless to which he worked tirelessly after the 1906 fire and earth quake.

ABC was President of the San Francisco CHAMBER OF COMMERCE which became GLOBAL TRADE stature for San Francisco under his leadership. He became President of the Chamber of Commerce for the Red Cross. ABC Founded the San Francisco COMMUNITY CHEST In 1922, which inspired the national UNITED WAY PROGRAM.

Gov. Hiram Johnson Named ABC a leading member of the state INDUSTRIAL WELFARE COMMISSION. Mr. Dohrmann led before anyone national attention to equal pay for women, a first in this human rights area. ABC rose the Dohrmann Hotel Supply firm to the leading RESORT OUTFITTER in the world. Dohrmann’s on Union Square was a FINE RETAIL HOUSE of 80 year contribution to the city. The Sant Francisco Hotel  – the Bohemian Club – the Opera – the Light Opera the Play Houses the San Francisco Symphony – revolved around ABC fund raising and donated time blocks. Yosemit and Yowani Hotel exist as does the current NATION PARK SERVICE from Grandfathers lobby work and relationship with President Roosevelt. Grandmother was Catholic ABC was Protestant and Father was Catholic.  In Dec 28 1936 when Grandfather was graduating – he had set up a secret railway for German jews to reach San Francisco and get jobs in his enterprises. This work continued after Grandfathers death.

There is in our family records praise for ABC from Presidents, Mayors, Governors, Sentatos, the associations he served and volunteered and gave into and there are too many to name here. When you see the POOLS at Sea Cliff in San Francisco my grand father was a patron, as he was of Golden Gate Park and City museums monuments that reside on ABC stature and fund raising to make San Francisco A GREAT WORLD CITY which is how he left his City by the Bay.



My father was a twin with his brother Jerry. The two were close to their graduations. Father was Born Feb 8th 1917. I was born Feb 7th 1948 as the war ended – three months premature at 3.6 pounds – not expected to live at all – to Alan and Marjorie Roberts my mother. I was baptized in Saint Mary’s hospital in San Francisco and later in the newly restored Mission Church in the Parish of San Rafael in Marin County.

Father wrote his first concerto when he as age 12. He played in Carnegie Hall when he was 16. He had his own band going to Belmont Private School in the BIG JAZZ Ball room band era and he substituted for Del Courtneys very famous band – performing at world famous PEACOTT COURT at the TOP of the MARK HOPKINS HOTEL pre war years.

As the war rose up and swept with prejudice GERMANY FAMILIES at that time, ABC informed my Father in a famous sit down with his younger boy – ..that the family hires musicians they never marry them…..

Which was breaking for a world class musician at that age. In support of the WAR and America Alan went through officer training in the United States Navy upon graduation in what was then advanced education theory. Alan was trained at Treasury Island with a Navy advanced team on ACCELERATED HUMAN LEARNING which would shape my fathers life in Human potential work.

Father worked with that team on then top secret:

SNAP SHOTS – tall racks of KODAK slide projectors covering an enormous screen wall – to train short wave spotters on islands to spot sea and air assets of Japan and report them Back to command. This work helped win the war in fact.

90 DAY WONDERS: The team trained command officers to propel Kaiser Constructed LIBERTY SHIPS ( Father mentored Kaiser on advanced TQM ( not invented yet ) for manufacturing processes. Entire fleets of LIBERTY SHIPS were being turned out for the war effort by Kaiser at a pace level the world had never experienced before. The Kansas Farmers who never saw the ocean were trained rehearsed and in FULL COMMAND AUTHORITY from start to war – in 90 days This accelerated learning potential would impact Alan for the rest of his adult life time.

Alan’s dream was to assume command in the war effort. That Dream came true as he command Mine Sweeping fleets who were first in and under endless fire and Japanese suicide plane bombers. I would learn at my age 40 ( from men he commanded ) that father was Highly Decorated WAR COMMANDER in World War II a fact he never discussed or brought up over his life. Even when addressed to those events – showing me his box of metals – he noted the only metals that are righteous are the metal awards for those who never returned at all.

After the War the family sold the family industry and split up resources. Father was over years parted with his inheritance by con men and investments that went south. Not Dad’s area.

The only folks needing accelerating training and willing to pay for that in the 1940’s where the IRS. Dad did some work with various firms and the IRS. The family had assisted Walt Disney with credit from Dohrmann Hotel Supply in the 1950 period and Father was retained to do some training which is still used to this day. Growing up with Walt Disney as a sometimes mentor was memorable.

Dad worked with German Cranes that went UP with buildings chaning high rise cost construction not available yet in the West. Dad with Larry Myers Construction a founding member of the San Francisco Concordia CLUB ( where I spent so many years in mentorship ) helped broker the new construction modeling to the industry.

Father had met Dr. Edward Deming in the War Years and together they evolved TQM Systemic Performance training. Dr. Demining worked with Sony and I was mentored by Mr. Morita Sony Founder until his death from cancer. Father took on assignments from Samsung after the Korean war ended and later with Chairman MAO brought advance manufacturing process into China before any one else.

Father was always involved in what he determined was advanced human potential programs. Father resided in course design where Dr. Demning published more publically. Dad worked with Michael Murphy in Estlan in the 1940’s and 1950s in Big Sur. Dad also worked with Clement Stone in Positive Mental Attitude course designs.

Dad became infatuated with WILLIAM PENN PATRICK in the 1960 period. He joined Alexander Everett in Course Design for MIND DYNAMICS the most successful Human Potential trainings at that time in the world. Napoleon Hill worked for this firm as did young ZIG Ziglar and Earl Nightingale.

Jack Kennedy pitched my first little league game ( the story of which appears in my work of my fathers stories to his children lessons – the Book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD at Amazon and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS ). I marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960’s on Birmingham Bridge. John Gallager of Pepsie Co cut the Ribbons at Disneyland for their private park use – and Walt ran into the park teaching me a thing or two. Dad was always watching.

Father from the 1960s forward wrote course material for leading Fortune institutions on training outcomes for human performance. Father also wrote course materials for Warner Earhardt – for John Hannley of Life Spring for Tom Wilhite of PSI WORLD where the last body of his work is still being instructed at HIGH VALLEY RANCH into 2020 where he wrote those famous human potential leadership development programs.

Later Father worked in course outcomes for aspects of our larger investment house, publically trade and global. At the end of his life in the 1980s Father until he graduated from Cancer, would work with our SUPER TEACHING education technologies ( ) which we labored to complete with global applications where Tony Robbins cut the RIBBONS for the Super Teaching milestone installation into the University of Huntsville Alabama – a legacy completion for Dean Wilson and his great team at UAH with thanks to Senator Shelby for his support.

My fathers work is largely contribution to the SHOULDERS OF GIANTS that lead todays human potential industry and the majority attribute ALAN G DOHRMANN for his founding and direction of the entire world wide human potential industry. Interesting is Fathers brothers who from this famous family – helped take Apple PUblic at Hamburg and Quist in San Francisco – all remain today obscure and relatively unknown. My brother Founder of Institutional Real Estate news ( my Baby Brother Geoff Dohrmann ) and my own work into decade # 4 with CEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL # 1 Press Ranked Business Acceleration Conference serving 150 nations five times a year – ranked by the most prestigious press globally 2010 – 2020 # 1 – have the Children of Alan G Dohrmann the quiet elf course designer behind all the SUPER STARS of the time – corporate and thought leaders – and his children are known and praised all over the world. ABC has pride in his DNA legacy.

It is my opinion that Alan G Dohrmann with his COOPERATION VS COMPETITION PHILOSOPHIES AND WIN WIN THEORIES in work and home space – in a single life time did more to elevate human awareness and human consciousness than any thought leader from the 1940’s to 2020 and beyond. His nine children were all present into his graduation which was a holy memory in the 1980’s.

Before he died – in the cooperation revolution of thought itself – he grabbed my hand from his hospital bed and said…FINISH IT. Dr. Deming would repeat those words years later from his Atlanta hospital bed before he graduated.

My own life has been … make my daddy proud…..and to finish it……a work in progress for our family.

Now you know.


Note: I took my youngest children and stayed in Grandfathers SAINT FRANCIS Hotel, showed them the photos of grandfather still in the halls – showed them the MACY BUILDING was the DOHRMAN BUILDING on Union Square – both Hotel and Dohrmann and causeway from Dohrmanns to EMPORIUM STORE – The Yawainii Hotel – our little corner of the San Francisco world when I was growing up – yes we took the boys on Cable Cars and our Southern raised moving to empty nest us – said – Dad we want to LIVE HERE !!! But that is yet another story………