John Deere Did GREAT – off only a smidge – due to the trade war and farm folks postponing demand waves till 2020 and a trade deal. Our Farm Technologies lead the world in new 5 G which changes everything. Real time 5G spray a weed not the crop. Real Time Dollar cost management from fuel to self driving everything. John DEERE Leads the 5 G farm revolution.


China is fatal in trade war plan – starting with core economics – time to deal – fatal – internal economics – currency wars, and strategy. China is not losing the trade war as it ramps into Oct 70th Anniversary of the most horrific economic revolution of all time – the Chinese COMMUNIST PARTY – a gang of MAFIA who have stolen their wealth which is now – a thing of the past in economics – and without that CRIMINAL THEFT and WEALTH TRANSFER FROM COMMUNIST CRIMES the nation of China economically is over. Super Crash IS coming to China. WINTER IS COMING TO CHINA.

Failure to see the economics of 5G as they can not longer steal the IP that makes it all work – is fatal for China and the single urgent reason to make a deal – to preclude SUPER CRASH IN ALL ASSET CLASSES which as we reported on the data is COMING. TIME is the commodity more precious than Diamonds to China economics. Using economics of the past in entirely new AI economics of tomorrow – China is at the 11th hour 59 seconds. The SUPER CRASH may be following what is the last 70th anniversary of of the communist revolution – before another revolution following SUPER CRASH. Time. XI under water in fake news and bad advice simply lacks the real data to save himself. Remember this prophecy and how in the future you will come to see the accuracy of this information. Its sad for the 1.5 Chinense and we are sad for them all – as prosperity is in the deal – not the the capsizing keel – economically speaking.


In September 2007 we wrote the first ever news stories that the world had moved into WORLD WAR III – and the world war was digital – weaponized by sovereign nations – and we defined the nature of the new WAR – asymmetrical warfare. In 2010 Kevin Freeman wrote THE SECRET WEAPON as a DOD CIA NSA adviser and contractor using fully his own data which confirmed all our data being FIRST. Then Kevin wrote GAME PLAN to update readers on the evolving WORLD WAR III ( which the USA has been losing and the EU ) and suggested YOU DEVELOP YOUR OWN GAME PLAN as your nation has NOT GOT A GAME PLAN OR IS YOUR NATION FORMING A GAME PLAN.

Brad Thor pulled from Kevin’s hard data to write a series of BEST SELLING GLOBAL NOVALS on the evolving world war with his most recent 2019 summer smash best seller ( GO BRAD ) outlining the Balkin home of all REAL WORLD WARS as to what is the Putin China War Plan to destabilize NATO from Turkey to the Balkans. Accurate war research if you wish a novel to the data.

China executing the PUTIN ( Axis of evil INTEGRATED DIGITAL WAR PLAN INTO 2020 ) will do more to influence the American election – pretending to by strategy befriend Trump – then pulling the rug out From Trump moving voters from Trump to their chosen social democratic candidates and BIDEN. Biden in means back to WEALTH TRANSFER and the war with the USA is over and the enemy wins. ONLY TRUMP has turned the tide of the FIRST AI DIGITAL ECONOMIC WARFARE EVER EXECUTED AGAINST THE WETERN NATIONS ALL AT ONCE A REAL WORLD WAR THAT IS VIRTUAL. Multiple front proxy wars consume trillions form western nations softening further their economies to wage any real war – War in Afghanistan – Iraq – Syria – Somalia – Yemen – Gulf Security – NATO SECURITY – it is bankrupting the USA – slowly but surely. WEALTH TRANSFER WITH UNFAIR TRADE sucking the life economics out of the EU and America – 1960s to 2019 no let up and only MORE AND MORE WEALTH TRANSFER until the trillions can no longer be tallied. Putins first ever DIGITAL AI VIRTUAL ECONOMIC – HACK HACK THEFT – PLANT TROJANS IN POWER – DATA BASES ( ALL OF THEM NSA TO WALL STREET RECORDS ON COMMAND TO WIPE EM ) WATER – DISTRIBUTION – SEWAGE – THE INTERNET – BRING IT ALL DOWN AT ONE CLICK. Years coming the execution. The money to gut the under belly of our nation came from crimes and theft by the criminal war plan of the asymmetrical warfare. Crucial is assuring you and the public DO NOT BELIEVE THERE IS A WAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

XI still loses the war due to Trump winning 2018 – 2019 war counter attacks and strategy. The Trump  War Plan:

  1. Isolate economics for Russia and China
  2. Tsunami outflow from integrated war counter attacks trillions leaving all AXIS OF EVIL alliances in the war plan
  3. Stop hacks and criminal theft of forward innovations and a trillion in annual bank stealing by hack
  4. Firewall the CRIMINAL DIGITAL with superior AI now ahead of their war planners via theft of yesterday IP
  5. Attack the war planners at every level – steal their IP their WAR PLANS and destabilize their nations – fair game

The war is not fully engaged on multiple fronts all at once.

Trump in 2017 got the lay of the land and in 2018 and 2019 returned the WAR VOLLEYS no balls in Putins Net all Putin alls now in the net including XI’s return volleys. The SUPER CHANGE In all battles in this war ( AI DIGITAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL ) turned to the USA side so fast – so unexpectedly that XI and Putin meeting all year long – are with their war planners REELING from loses. They never saw after a decade of winning the SILENT WAR the reversal now being served upon them all. A tsunami of internal destruction of the core foundational economics funding the AXIS OF EVIL WAR is now all at once crashing upon the INTEGRATED WAR PLANNERS EXECUTION COMPLETELY FIRE WALLED TODAY BY THE USA CYBER WAR FARE COMMAND CENTER OF THE DOD AND THE NSA AND CIA – FIRE WALL WORKING – IRAN CRASHING – NORTH KOREA CRASHING – CHINA SUPER CRASHING – RUSSIA THE WAR PLAN SOURCE SUPER CRASHING IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICS. PUTIN FRANKLY IS OVERWHELMED AND XI IN DENIAL AND ECONOMIC DELUSION IS PLANNING AN OCT SUPER PARTY FOR THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY – WE SUSPECT WILL BE CLOUDED BY XI LOOKING IN REAR VISION TIEMAN SQUARE – WILL CRUSH HONG KONG FREEDOMS. War mistake.

Now then unseen by PUTIN as he really lacks economic ability competency capacity and intuition gifts – to discern the greatest core change to economics inside his decade old war – as 94% of all capital flow and investment – is now AI globally which was not on Putins war master plan – and – the AI is now protecting itself from PUTIN AI. We’ll see on all that as the was is EVER SUPER CHANGING.


The economics of 5G look like this:

  1. Trillions are flowing into 5G – creating wealth jobs and prosperity for America and the EU but not China equally with their own off Huawei a criminal war institution for Putin and Xi check mated by Trump derailing China war planning.
  2. 4 billion 4g phones, laps, internet of things, and smart everything will roll over and be replaced in 2020 and 2021 – the biggest WEALTH TSUNAMI for America since the PC revolution. Nothing comes close. More jobs employment and economics will reach NO RECESSION SAFE HARBOR from the wave and massive tide that lifts all American vessels into Prosperity.
  3. Trillions MORE will be invested for the 5G software new platforms – from remote surgery – self driving flying transportation from sea to air to roads – unstoppable PROSPERITY ECONOMICS Trump rides into SAFE HARBOR IN WAR TIME – VICTORY . and all plugged in internet of all things and – robotics as the world has never seen before integrated from supply lines to Mcdonalds – wait for it – with jobs shifting into those new 5G multi trillion dollar industries that rise America into 2025 prosperity NO RECESSION – those predicting one are rear view mirror driving and OUT OF ALL CONTEXT OF INTEGRATED AI ECONOMICS – entirely new from their old failed models ( see the Fed for the worst failed policy agency of all history ).
  4. Merge the FED into the US TREASURY – which wins the war as the final chip Putin never saw coming.
  5. Trillions of unrelated invention will rise beyond 2025 from 5G. IF CONGRESS PASSES INFRASTRUCTURE AND NEW IMMIGRATION FORWARD 2050 LAWS – we insure NO RECESSION AND PROSPERITY into 2050. Putin and XI Must make a DEAL IF CONGRESS DOES THIS STEP ( and we encourage failed Fed policy so oblivious to the majority in Congress as non integrated antique economics toxic in AI integrated economics the Treasury has cold. MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY  and integrate economic policy under Congress POWERS. Its late but still wins the PUTIN War for the USA an allies.

5 G ECONOMICS supported by CONGRESS on 2019 Infrastructure as ACT OF WINNING WAR STRATEGY and New 2050 immigration policy to populate the USA with demographics that insure prosperity – preclude a USA DUMPING BY NATIONS CESS POLE while holding compassion for war weary QUALIFIED ASYLUM versus illegal floods of invasion by war strategy from PUTIN asylum seekers. PUTIN in his war plan imports ISIS and terror and floods the USA with 160,000 flood of asylum dirt poor uneducated monthly tax to the social system – a city rising to 2 million a year – 20 million in only ten years bankrupting the social fabric – as PUTIN is attacking our economic back bone on multiple fronts all at once – drain money out in wars – drain money out in trade war crash to our markets ( not working in fact ) – multiple front shooting wars taking trillions out – and policaital election manipulation costs in 100 million an investigation – distract – impact – and debowel your enemy economically.

Trump is now returning the favor in WAR TIME. Will Congress work for PUTIN in war time or America. You will know them as the bible says by the WORKS and not by their words Now you have world wide your own red line to know the war plan and who is working for who. YOU KNOW NOW. You can never unknown.


Economics in America is noting – like the economics pre AI in 2014. The NEW AI ECONOMICS is a new economy. No tie or history to old models. The old models are obsolete and no longer apply. Problem? Everyone one you hear on news is reporting their attempt to fit the NEW AI ECONOMY into the old economic models they know as old paradigms that no longer have currency or relevance in SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS. All such conclusions are wrong and you should detach from relying upon them.

Delio trader to America is so invested in China he is working – as an economic traitor to America. He has come out with PUTIN FAVORING war policies. This month Ray suggested SUPER MONEY POOLS at his level should invest in both sides of the war. Invest in the UK and invest in Adolf Hitler – profit from all sides. I OPPOSED RAY having read his book thinking your parents RAY will roll over in their grave as you betray the AMERICA that made YOU son.

Then Rey today suggests China will weaponize their 1 trillion of USA debt. Selling it? If the FED was merged into USA Treasury we would just  it all and profit from it. But others will buy it and profit from it RAY and China would go into end game economics. War over.

So Ray and his invested in China during war time and encouraging others to help China win is economic terrorism and a traitor to America as are all SUPER MONEY POOLS betting on both sides of the war for profit. Be clear on what traitors who did business with Hitler and the UK look like in 2019. They look like Ray Delio and community – and many are on our side not the enemy. Consider that carefully. Wake up.

  1. Retail with 72% of sales with Wal Mart are soaring – beating all estimaes – consumers driving the USA in war time are so strong.
  2. Millions will no longer buy MADE IN CHINA and this number is soaring. Winning the war when all of us – we the people – fully engage to stop the WEALTH Transfer….10x over the Delio and Fed working against the USA in war.
  3. Nvidia and other leaders in technology beat earnings this week in the USA the state of our economy is strong.
  4. Inverted yield Curve is AI and driven by 20 trillion in off shore negative bond yields not comparable to any prior yield curve inversion NOT A RECESSION INDICATOR AT ALL a fools rush to the bottom for no reason at all.
  5. The Jobs and the credit strength is with both NOT COMPRESSING showing zero evidence of any prior recession matrix and in NEW AI ECONOMICS we are not fully confident on record new highs by year end.

The EU failed policies of their economic planners and their central bank policy – has opened recession compression for AI and the EU losing the TRADE WAR. To open a new economic front in the war to protect their own industry in WEALTH TRANSFERS ( that are criminal and historic ) the EU and ASIA has entered in August full on CURRENCY WARS. The Unmerged Fed has no way to act in speeds and time lines in INTEGRATED AI ECONOMIC WAR FARE.

Powell is both an idiot beating Greenspan as the WORST CHAIRMAN in US History since the Great Depression – causing the 2007 ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH almost crushing the entire global system – beat by BERNANKE even worse securing 100 Trillion in global free money flood creating the worst debt super bubble in human history and the worst asset class super bubble in human history fully globalized we all have to work out of over 30 years yet – then Yellin cementing economic rip tides as AI she was in full denial about – removed CONTROL from the FED entirely on her own watch as she crushed the world shallow weak fragile RECOVERY limping forward in time. Why? Yellin looked in the rear vision mirror unable to understand economics she knew was dead and retired and new AI economics had risen and assumed control. She lost her award status as the WORST OF ALL FED CHAIR PERSONS when POWELL an idiot – so antique and behind all economic SUPER CHANGE stepped in front of them all. Why? His policy of normalization – interest raises 14 times now and liquidity draining destroyed the global recovery outside America – massively assisted our enemies in WORLD WAR III helping PUTIN AND XI IRAN AND NORTH KOREA – on his failed obsolete watch marginalized the FED now lacking any bullets or tools of any kind – against 440 trillion in circulations controlled by advancing massively evolving AI developing AI today controlling 94% of all circulations making the FED A JOKE a foolish non integrated institution in new economics of TOTAL AND FULL INTEGRATION where INDEPENDENT NON INTEGRATED POLICY of fiscal policy and economic policy working in opposition are now TOXIC TO SYSTEM CORE STABILITY. Merging the failed FED AGENCY into US TREASURY who understand the economic war ( best Secretary of Treasury in 100 years fighting this war to win while the FED WEEKEND REPORT 8/16 – BUSINESS IS BOOMING IN THE USA !!! the integrated economic war policy  – with models and policy of yesterday – obsolete and risk to core system stability at every wrong POWELL TURN. His brain software is dos 1.1 in a 5G advanced code world Powell’s brain denies even exists in the first place. Idiot. Merge the old obsolete 100% failed policy FED back into US TREASURY with Congressional full powers re-established. War winning. The FED in full on war in currency wars with nations world wide waring against the USA needs a 1% interest drop and HOLD – never going lower and adjust in 2020 back to 1.5%. But POWELL WILL NOT DO THAT. His basis point incremental timid outside the economic war plan 1990’s moves – will not work and harm the war versus help the war. TRUMP and Treasury have to rig the sails to win against their own internal sabotaging FED working for PUTIN. No fun.

Despite the POLICY ERRORS of the FED ( 100% mistakes in policy since 2007 not one is winning for us ) the US ECONOMY and 39 million small business ( CEO SPACE IS THE VOICE FOR ) has created 85% of all the growth stability and economic activity and innovations. Driving the WINNING WAR STRATEGY in 2019.

The War is won by CONGRESS joining the war – 1-2-3 we win – in economics in real economic WORLD WAR III:

  1. Merge he Fed back into US Treasury. Game over. Putin loses the war entirely. Retire all US debt within one Super Bond – see Roel Campos in DC former SEC COMMISSION for advice on that war winning strategy.
  2. Infrastructure – 20 trillion funding in one 100 YEAR SUPER BOND – prosperity to 2050 2019 act we win.
  3. Immigration to demographically secure prosperity by new law – prosperity to 2050 2019 act we win.

1-2-3 we win no matter who wins the election in fact. Putin loses even with his favored Biden as his war plan is not about Trump winning just the opposite. Follow the Putin bouncing ball folks.

Putin is weakened. Subs sinking. Billion dollar sub loss in new technology failing. Nuke explosion on new weapon systems killing lead scientist who brought you all that failure. Billions lost. Billions in clean up. War Crime to nuke pollute 1000 miles of ssa land and seas. No end in sight on cost as RUSSIA IS SUPER CRASHING with oil demand falling off all cliffs and price for oil SUPER CRASHING down 40% this year. Oil sales are down to levels PUTIN never foresaw and price is down to the one PETRO nation costing trillions to RUSSIA now in declining ( massively ) standard of living. PUTIN WAR PLAN consumed him and Putin failed to DIVERSIFY RUSSIA. The WAR FAILURE LEADS TO WHAT?

First rule: never assume crazy brains will act in their own self interest. The War loss can end in war rising to distract revolutionary forces going on in China. To stop HONG KONG CHINESE spreading REVOLUTION to XI show and awe in HONG KONG as China takes over HONG KONG fully and moves 1,000,000 or so to its BRAIN WASHING CAMPS is next up. Putin will join war distraction to survive at all cost in POWER – where is the only next unknown in the unfolding war. Remember you heard this all first here as history in the WORLD WAR III unfolds. History will report looking back how right this blog series is at every single maco micro economic level.

Trump: The Pain Trump is causing the PUTIN WAR PLAN now crashing and loosing can rise to survival economics. A prosperity deal would end the war – and secure a NEW WORLD ORDER. Because the war plan failed and the parties failing economically HAD NO OTHER SURVIVAL COURSE in TIME but to make a deal. The 2019 year is the SET UP for this final outcome. These two paragraphs define the WHAT but not the WHEN as outcomes to anticiapte.

All outcomes lead to NO USA RECESSION AND A WINNING PROSPERITY IN AMERICA. We have told you why. 5G economics – trillions upon trillions.

IF CONGRESS suppors our war win in 2019 with 1-2-3 GAME OVER and deals get made. If not we still may win but it is harder in fact. Congress failing to act gives PUTINS war plan TIME to adjust.

Keep in mind we get inut from leaders in nations all over the war zone as CEO SPACE is decades mature with clients at the top in 150 nations globally. Unfiltered by Politics. Raw economics we digest and integrate layered by decades of the truth. Accuracy in this news site is legend and easy to scroll and see for any new reader. Old time readers rely on this data to plan growth investing and outcomes that win. In any market.

No RECESSION despite what your hearing.

The USA is in an ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III that began with PUTIN a long time ago. In 2007 a first ever digital weaponized AI weapon was successfully fired at our booming markets to DESTABILIZE western economics at core world wide. Data in publications on this DIGITAL AI WAR have been suggested so you KNOW THE TRUTH world wide here. Trillions have been stolen from banks and block chain and from industry ( see SONY HACK ) in the first AI digital virtual war on economics ever. Ray Delio says invest with PUTIN XI and the USA and EU hedge – profits before winning the war?Just as occurred with Hitler. BAD POLICY from economic traitors in war time. We just report the economics.

Economic TRUTH is always accurate. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Will consumers stop buying MADE IN CHINA?

Will Congress help PUTIN or the USA? In war time?

You WILL know THEM by their works.

The Fed la failed agency hurts the USA – consistently. Economic truth. FAILED POLICY horrible for our people.

This weekend it is all about WAR despite the masses thinking its about old economics having no relevance to NEW AI ECONOMICS at all.



No recession.

AI for the first time KNOWS we are at war and is adjusting.


This week the abborration was not the inversion at all.

This week the abboration was what only AI knows in real time. THE MASSIVE MOVES IN BOND MARKETS ( recall our reporting since MAY the instability the FED massively adds to is THE BOND AND DEBT MARKETS ). The total in billions that moved from equity in Asia and EU into BOND protection was massive economic water fall out of ASIA AND EU into safe harbor bonds now rising to 20 trillion in negative interest – a first and new in economics for the world system. An outcome of ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III and AI reacting.

Valuation was frothy in the USA. 160 IPO’s at values never seen before averaging 14 multiples a first. In the first half at some 65 billion invested in these IPO’s a record new economic.

The FROTH has been adjusted by who? AI.

We anticipate based on: GREAT WAR NEWS TO THE USA WINNING:

  • Massive consumer steady as she goes in the USA
  • Earnings beating estimates
  • Jobs and employment showing zero recession indicators of any kind
  • Credit not compressing as in 100% of recessions – stats remain strong and anti recession
  • Buying opportunities will entice AI to adjust back up
  • Episoditic SUPER VOLATILITY will continue into September and into October from EU and Asia economics

The USA IS WINNING THE WAR if nothing changes.

Everything will change. Those unknowns in war are the wild cards.


Until leaders come to grips with economics is all new – risk remains. Policy error is the wild card.