We told our readers to sell out at Peak markets in May and again in June and we told you all our WHY…..


Those who moved to diversified insurance safe harbor have zero loss this terrible month of trillions of wealth wiped off the map including your retirement plans. Now what?

FIrst AI is doing new things.

Ai economics is brand spanking NEW.

Humans no longer control markets globally.

Artificial intelligence controls the market. What is the growing risk in this NEW ECONOMY?


The risk of liquidity.

What caused this?

Not the trade war.

The Federal Reserve Board 100% policy error since 1907.

The Fed has caused and created all Super Crashes and all recession contractions for 60 years.

Until the Fed is merged back into the US Treasury the world economy is at risk of collapse. Why?


In the worst recover on record – which this one has been – following the FED permitting bankers that own the Fed ( thats right the Fed is owned in fact by bank shareholders and is not a government agency at all ) . google that fact. The Fed let the banks speculate in casino mortgage SUB PRIME into a super bubble that collapsed the entire world in 2007.

The nations bowing to Fed central criminal bankers who causes the economic melt down put 100 trillion into circulation. Most of this money went to bail out bad bets from Fed shareholder banks – a crime in economics.

The resulting recovery was weak and needed time like 20 years more time given the abuse the Fed presented. First DOT.BOMB super bubble crash in 2000 the real estate only 7 year later in the largest super bubble crash since the great depression.

The Fed next raised interest rates to profit who ( thats right their greedy criminal banks all pleading to one massive crime all along he recovery no banker goes to jail ) they profit.

The Fed hurt the recovery by raising interest to profit who ( their owner bankers if you only understood this fact ) way too soon way to frequently way to high each time for a sustained recovery.

Worse the Fed impacted global liquidity.

When liquidity is systemic to economic core stability the FED having stimulated liquidity by buying bonds from the market stopped all of a sudden buying bonds creating sustained market liquidity essential to growth world wide.The Fed then removed market liquidity way to fast way to frequently until the MARKET BROKE IN AUGUST. Why?

The Fed stopped buying and stimulating while other central banks still were stimulating. The Fed the Elephant in global markets stopped buying and began selling bonds back to the market taking LIQUIDITY from Global markets. The swing was 100 billion dollars a month – a trillion dollars in ten months to core liquidity.

The collapse of the world recovery everywhere on earth with the USA last to the pity party was due to FED banker greed which is not fixable while criminal pled and guilty criminals work against the nations for their own greed. It is that simple.

if the public knew the Fed was a private NON GOVERNMENT corporation owned by the criminal banks they would be outraged at the theft of the nations wealth. They would insist the FED was merged back into US treasury.

So the FED just stopped selling bonds days ago. Too late way too late obviously.

AI is punishing this economic error.

The bankers once in total control have lost in five years for the first time in 100 years 100% of all control AI is now in total control.

AI is not aware of the CRISES IN CORE LIQUIDITY.

Pushed much further a into the first ever AI panic selling – all orders turn to SELL and no orders are BUY. The actual outcome is LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. When that threshold is reached the entire global system freezes up and the system fails. Banks investment banks all fail. Debt defaulting collapses the entire system into the FED free money SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting.

The only question is WHEN.

David Stockman economist new book says 2021 the greatest collapse of human history occurs.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are so many wild cards.

If the FED where merged by US CONGRESS INTO THE US TREASURY stability to core global liquidity could still be restored. If not such stability to core liquidity under Fed errors makes system super crash most likely. Time is the asset we are running low on next.

If the USA reset debt in a Hughs Hubbard and Reid 100 YEAR SUPER BOND execution liquidity would be reset economically in time. The time to execute a solution is running out.

Debt to nations and to institutions is a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE never seen before and fully global. Far far worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION. The Fed created.

The Fed is the cause.

The Fed is never blamed.

The Fed is a fraud and lies to you all. There is only fraud from Fed Speak. Self preserving to FED POWER to control money supply versus returning money supply powers to the US TREASURY to keep us all safe and protected in fact.

POWER and GREED. The Fed is about preserving its power and greed. Criminal bankers in charge ….

The new rush to the bottom back to free money – which rolls over the massive SUPER DEBT BUBBLES across the world at lower cost. Higher cost would create default cascades and collapse the system.

When will LED OCCUR?

With new AI ECONOMICS no one knows nor can they predict. What is new in AI Economics to liquidity?


The system liquidity collapse can occur in 72 hours versus 72 days or weeks. Once AI parameters are exceeded to loss perception and risk reduction the LED day can occur in a flash trade that never ends. SELL SELL SELL. Today liquidity ripples occurred across market sectors.  A huge canary warning to the core system in new AI economics.

Who sees this? So few. Why? Pundit experts are using old economics to predict new AI economics which as we all see fails. We have been right. They have been wrong. Record numbers our readers are returning to this site to balance what IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE?

What IS going on is all new – no historic precedent or chart of the past applies at all.

Today we see 1500 day market swings down and back up the rabbit hole.

The SUPER VOLATILITY we wrote about ( search that title and read ) is here in spades as we told you all. Right again. We defined your pain and suggested you all avoid that pain with safe harbor.

We believe CEO SPACE for business OWNERS Sept 28th is a survival planning week. Everything is SUPER CHANGING. WE all need to calm down and look far more objectively into the SUPER CYCLE coming up at year end. There IS safety in numbers. We all need as owners to work collectively to develop our personal prosperity and economy moving forward in any market.

If the criminal Fed lowers interest with SHOCK AND AWE to stabilize liquidity with a full 1% rate drop ( which they will not do in fact ) we would gain more time. With Powell working to keep bank profit safe – timid in increments – the AI market will eat the FED LUNCH. We all lose.

The Fed has no clue about liquidity economics. They are working within 1990’s play books that are as relevant as a flintstone car in a Tesla world today. YABBAH DOBBIE DOOH GO FED. Error until you can’t.

Congress has the power. If congress ( bought and paid for by the bank fraudsters ) came to a point enough FRAUD was just too much- and they in ONE WEEK merged the FED Back into US TREASURY – economics could prevail while we had enough time still. Delay will be a system risk killer.


No one knows and on one can predict.

Liquidity in the system is dying. Everyone is selling. Will AI on its program averages and ranges now buy back massively creating phony temporary liquidity? Or are we passing the program borders to LED day ? System risk of collapse.

It is all real folks.

Trillions in wealth are being wiped out. Your wealth. Your savings.

Today the banks move forward with 20 trillion in NEGATIVE INTEREST. You lose with banks. Runs out of banks are clicking to GOLD SILVER BIT COIN and liquidity in circulation is being wiped out – worse than the market Super Crashing this August.

Third quarter profits reporting next 45 days are what do YOU THINK? Great? Missing? What is your own fear factor?

If your in stay in and wait.

If your out good on you – happy for you.

I bought GE at 10.00 bucks I’m holding for their 20 next year.

5G is 4 billion devices upgrading starting in the YEAR END SUPER CYCLE biggest up bubble ever. Will that be enough? It might be. We’ll see. No one knows.

What new event will crash liquidity?

China is SUPER CRASHING NOW. Liquidity is evaporating in China. Trillions are leaving China shores. Trillions. Never to ever return in our lifetime. Why? Backward economics in forward AI economic SUPER CHANGE markets. Errors. China makes a prosperity deal they win. They delay they pay. For decades. China does not understand the cost.

Crashing economics in the USA is also politics.

If politics ( get Trump out use the economy to do that ) runs economics we all lose.

If economics runs politics we all win.

What is your bet on THAT?

Nothing is what it seems – hold that fact and truth. There is so much more than YOU KNOW today. Going on out there.

So WORLD WAR III IS ECONOMIC and real. No one knows who will win in the final rounds.


The strongest most diversified feed its own people oil wealth economic engine upon the earth. No where on this planet I would rather BE than right here inside the USA today.

Let’s wait for it. The other shoe to fall.

No matter what AI does till Friday – the market never closes globally in 26/7 AI economics. The weekend will give AI a breadth. I’d say next week is critical. We’ll wait for it.

Today we report the truth. The FED has fatally destroyed the global recovery. Again. We are right on THAT.

The FED can’t fix anything. We are right on that. THE FED HAS LOST ALL CONTROL IN AI ECONOMICS.

So we’ll wait for it.

AI IS IN CONTROL…its all new….we all have to wait for it.


No one can predict.


  • Debt Super Bubbles – holding or bursting
  • Liquidity stabilizing or evaporating
  • Central bank on going error into new AI economics

The blind outside a merger of the FED back into TREASURY are leading the truly blind today.

The outcome – you all can see. Our predictions starting to make more sense now?



Note; All recessions over 60 years were caused by the FED a failed antique obsolete agency not a gov anything – why does congress keep this loser agency and empower it over TREASURY where all the brains are today? Say again?  100% failure record and we trust them going forward why? The empoor POWELL has no clothes folks. Fraudster.