Fact: Congress created the FED at the turn of the century when the pony express delivered the mail and the telegraph was being installed via an 89 page rushed act – written by the bankers not congress and passed in a bums rush.

Fact: The FED is NOT a Gov agency.

Fact: the FED is a private stock firm incorporated and owned by the banks that the Fed is controlled by.

Fact: The FED independence issue is FRAUD on Congress and upon the American people.

Fact; The Fed exists in reality to enrich its bank owners – all of which pled guilty to horrendous crimes –  where the criminal fed shareholder fraudsters own and control the central bank as a legal theft of the nations real wealth.

Fact; The 20 trillion the FED introduced into national debt of the nation interest cost is now greater than midcare the biggest line cost to the USA is interest on the national debt next year larger than defense spending.

Fact: The FED has failed in economic policy 100% of the time and has caused and created all Super Crashes and contractions including two global DEPRESSIONS and TWO WORLD WARS.

Fact: The Fed lies has never succeeded and is the worst non government agency and pure fraud every enacted against the American people.

Fact: Congress is bought and paid for by the largest lobby the banks and wall street that OWN THE FED CONTROLLING SHARES. A criminal MAFAI that controls the US money supply within a pure fraud they assure the public has no knowledge or education for.

Fact: The FED can not be overruled by any agency of nation on any basis. The FED is all powerful a crime against the US Constitution.

Fact: The FED has never – not EVER – been audited – held accountable for its fraud – track records – balance sheet – profit flow or made reportable to anyone including Congress.

Fact: When Benerake was asked by Congress – so will you tell this body where the 11 trillion dollars we authorized into your control went – which of your banks got the funds and where those funds were disbursed precisely? The answer was – NO SIR. End of congress powers – as in ZERO OVER THE FED.

Fact: The Fed raised interest rates way to fast way to frequently and way to high each time in the most fragile recovery ever recorded in US history. Failed policy utterly for 60 years of failed policy and US CONGRESS DOES NOTHING.

Fact: The Fed caused the SUB PRIME Super Crash by permitting the bank shareholders who own the Fed unlimited money to super leverage mortgage CRAP CREDIT rated by criminal rating agencies paid by the Fed shareholders to rate such CRAP AAA Credit – no one went to jail no one – and the world system was virtually destroyed and has yet to fully recover.

Fact: The Fed is now in crises mode as the economics are SUPER CRASHING WORLD WIDE due to the Fed working to diminish the USA in world markets by making the DOLLAR WAY TOO HIGH PRICED so that American goods would be impossible for WORLD MARKETS TO BUY while the goods of ever falling currency like CHINA in full on TRADE WAR AND CURRENCY WARS were undermined by the FED working against AMERICA as an internal enemy of the state. The Fed is destroying the USA ECONOMY.

Fact: We are engaged in WORLD WAR III which is a first new asymmetrical warfare outlined in my blog with party DOD contractor advisers reporting the FACTS AND DATA on the war history. The NEW WAR IS AI between nations and economic. The Master war plan is twenty years in execution developed by PUTIN and coordinated with China Iran and North Korea as proxy multi front war zones – with the FED working inside to assist PUTIN to win.


FACT: Congress can pass an emergency law ( 80 pages long as sweet justice to the criminal bankers ) TO MERGE THE FED ( Fuck independance that is pure fraud by criminal bankers ) – BACK INTO OVERSIGHT UNDER THE USA TREASURY FULLY ACCOUNTABLE AND AUDITABLE TO CONGRESS. Audits oversight real time reporting. AI controlled and reporting.

FACT: The 80 page EMERGENCY FED ACT strips the bankers of influence or control of the regulatory frame work being revised for CRIMINAL BANKERS – and interest is no longer paid at all – from that date in time ( next week? ) to print money.

FACT: Congress legislates the Administration pay off all national debt with a 100 year bond packaged to market by Hughes Hubbard and Reid to market – a SUPER BOND – with interest only payments to 100 years. The USA free of interest on printing money – is now – in the BLACK with sufficient funds for medicare and social security and infrastructure.

FACT: Congress legislates the US TREASURY SETS ALL MONETARY POLICY returning the failed 100% policy of the FED conflicted to GREED FOR ITS BANK SHAREHOLDER CONTROLLERS IN SECRET – against the interest of the USA.

FACT: In trade war and currency war and WORLD WAR III for real in 2019 – Congress in one 80 page act – assured the USA WINS THE WAR and the enemies never saw it coming. Versus bought and paid for law makers who are known when they argue against this EMERGENCY LEGISLATION. ( Read the blog on WOLRD WAR III Scroll as its verified true and beyond contention from real data. )

FACT: Without the FED MERGER INTO US TREASURY we may well lose WORLD WAR III as we are right now.

FACT: The Fed is behind the market from massive policy mistakes. WHY DO WE EMPOWER THE AGENCY THAT IS HELPING PUTIN WIN THE WORLD WAR III – which is economic. Our under belly is being gutted economically by our own FED working for the enemy in war time and the best part – our people have no clue we are being gutted at all.

FACT: There is no act of the FED that is not improved under check and balance inside US Treasury as we conducted business for 100’s upon 100’s of years. NO WORLD WARS OR DEPRESSIONS but two in ten years of creating the FED. Why? THE FED IS THE WORST CONGRESSIONAL ACT IN US HISTORY AND FULLY REVERSIBLE IN A WEEK OF TIME,

FACT: We are inside the most serious WORLD WAR III of our nations history and the US TREASURY has handcuff’s on to win the war because the FED operates as an enemy of war and the USA in fact. We are losing this war because of the FED.

FACT: THE FED IS NOT THE HIGH PRIEST OF MONEY AND ECONOMY POLICY. The Fed has a 100% failure record -has caused directly all recessions over 60 years ( save for 1961 ) – and the FED is a criminal gang of mafi thieves who STOLE THE RIGHT TO PRINT USA MONEY FOR INTEREST – now our nations highest cost – and all fixable with ONE EMERGENCY ACT OFTHE US CONGRESS.

FACT: If the USA Congress elevates the FED than bought and paid for social democratic law makers are now in majority to win the war – diminish USA economic influence globally – and bought and paid for by the criminal bankers move the world to one world socialist government and single currency they alone control with 8 billion managed cradle to grave by AI – the PUTIN WAR PLAN WINS. Can not believe this is fact? Because you failed to read three books that lays it all out completely? You lose. We all lose. Ignorance loses wars. ( See six million jews and 100 million Russians last time from the FED plan ).

FACT: Voters – ELECT CANDIDATES ON ONLY ONE ISSUE – to reclaim your economic freedom – the issue – law makers who say YES I WILL WORK TO MERGE THE FED BACK INTO STATE TREASURY IN ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD. Do not listen to FED LIES everything the FED says is in fact FRAUD. Strip them down to enemy of the state a criminal gang of bankers who stole your national wealth.

FACT: If you elect law makers who merge the FEDS back into TREASURY OVERSIGHT and you pass INFRASTRUCTURE the world has no nation left behind into a new prosperity into 2050.

FACT: If you don’t the world is going to be AI controlled and your life will be managed by the state under the unmerged FED.

FACT: 600 law makers in war time are enemies of the state or they are patriots of the state winning the WORLD WAR III.

Fact: Time is more precious than Diamonds. The longer Congress fails to act the weaker the USA is made by our enemies – can you not all see it now?

FACT: The USA can afford our debt if we grow at 3% to 5% easily. The FED is assuring we fail to grow at that rate.

FACT: Lower interest rates ( Forced upon the FED make the USA borrowing far more affordable with GNP ratio growth on debt ) – the FED does not want this.

FACT: Merging all FED PROCESS into accountable Treasury with POWERS RETURNED TO THE US CONGRESS for oversight ( say WHY again we want the FED independent of all congress check and balance powers given the 100% failed policy track record any new staff member can easily document ) ? MERGER WINS THE WAR.

FACT: Congress is a red line. Congress is united to LOSE WORLD WAR III for America by its co FRAUD conspiracy with the FED. Yellin and Powell have done more to lose WORLD WAR III than all prior FED Chairpersons in history combined. Powell this summer put in economics a lube room hoist up the Administration and USA TREASURIES ass in war time working against all our industry economics and national strength. POWELL SHOWED HE IS A TRAITOR in the WAR BEING HARD FOUGHT BY OUR TREASURY AND ADMINISTRATION. Congress protecting the FED FRAUD is an enemy of state – know THEM BY THEIR WORKS.

FACT: Congress working to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY WITH CHECK AND BALANCE AND A NEW MONETARY FINALLY WINNING WAR POLICY – is the WINNING WAR STRATEGY. Winning or the losing the war in history will land on CONGRESS no where else.


FACT: The yield curve is engineered by the FED to create a recession to weaken American in WAR. Easily reversed with the MERGE ACT of US CONGRESS.

FACT: Win the war with MERGER INFRASTRUCTURE AND INFRASTRUCTURE BY YEAR END and American wins WORLD WAR III once and forever. Or not. You will know by what CONGRESS IN FACT DOES.

This folks is the truth of the digital economic AI war unfolding before your eyes globally.

Todays SQUAWK BOX with Cabinet member at war with Secretary ROSS – ( does he have this war down cold for the USA team ) and  was extraordinary showing the work our WAR WINNERS are attempting handcuffed by internal enemy of state – THE FED AND FRAUD CRIMINAL BANKERS HOODWINKING YOU ALL TODAY.



China will not make a lasting fair trade deal with the world or with the USA. Why? Massive wealth transfer. This blog reported the MASSIVE FALL in the 20 year WORLD WAR III PUTIN Plan from THIS AUGUST PUBLICATION OF THE FORBES top leading 500 firms and the leading banking firms. 20 Years ago the USA dominated the list. 20 Years of WEALTH TRANSFER IN WORLD WAR III WEAKEN THE USA ECONOMICS and the list from illegal immoral criminal WAR EXECUTION against the USA – moved the needle so that CHINA NOW DOMINATES THE LIST in 2019. Why would China war planners winning – move to stop a purely winning war strategy? Who would do that when they are winning the war?

No President has even fought back. If China is the new HITLER ( 1.5 million in camps in two years moving to five million – and watch one million move from Hong Kong to China Camps coming up next in the war plan ) – then our Presidents did what all leaders have done in WORLD WAR II build up. They did business with HITLER and made money with Hitler purely wealth transfering into Hitler until the real war started.

President TRUMP called the WORLD WAR III WHAT IT IS – real war – and drew red lines to China. In just two years China has in the NEW WAR fully ENGAGED NOW ( with the FED working inside to gut our war effort );

  • China has declined to the worst industrial numbers in 17 years.
  • The pace of China SUPER CRASHING is massively accelerating.
  • The Risk to China of a REAL ESTATE AND ASSET CLASS SUPER CRASH into China depression is growing
  • Consumers are no longer spending they are terrified as the war game has moved against their country
  • National spending is contracting as China runs out of money to massively spend
  • Debt in China is so unstable new debt is given the sinking credit rating and soaring borrowing cost – unsustainable
  • China is running on fumes in the summer two year WAR ENGAGED by Trump – turning the war from 20 years of winning to fully engaged asymmetrical warfare on multiple fronts with USA fighting back fully and completely
  • The USA is winning the AI economic wars all of a sudden
  • The charts graphs and war plan that served XI for 20 years is now failing and all data has proven in error
  • The war tide is turning to the USA favor even with the FED as a sea anchor in currency wars

Currency wars move from TRADE WARS to full on nation to nation economic war fare. Currency is manipulated. The dollar is bid up to keep our products too high priced.The Fed has made sure of that for years now. The enemy currency is lowered so that their goods are so low cost the sell in any market sustaining WEALTH TRANSFER the Forbes report documented the USA war loss over 20 years now – only starting to reverse now. USA is rising. China is declining.

China this month moved into full on currency wars. The Fed America war reply would have been shock and awe a 1% interest rate lowering we called for. The Fed worked against the USA and for China by assuring USA goods were too high For Trump to win the world war III – while assuring China phony worthless YUAN currency – a manipulated currency – falls so China wealth transfer and goods soar into the year end season on value – winning the holiday trade war battle to Chinas great wealth transfer continuing as a war plan in economics.

The wild car is AI economics – all new and outside the China war planner war plan entirely. AI is concluding the loss that will occur with MASSIVE YUAN DEVALUATION. This future reality is brought about because:

  1. Currency traders are concluding holding YUAN is a risk bet to loss that is fantastic in this war fully USA engaged.
  2. Currency traders who control price not China are about to bet the USA will lower its dollar in trade war and the Yuan will SUPER CRASH – 15 yuan to the USA dollar as the yuan has been crashing in August but it just is starting.
  3. Nations will reduce YUAN exposure massively this fall and year end as unseen in history as China holiday economics crash.
  4. Consumers in China are running out of YUAN for YEN DOLLARS AND EU’s. The run is not reversible as confidence in China is now shattered scattered and dunked.
  5. Consumes world wide WILL NOT BUY MADE IN CHINA and the trillions of decline this is representing is FATAL IN THE WORLD WAR III to the War Plan of China. The supply chain is moving out of China forever – compressing China down bubble – in the error to their war planning – moving to Mexico – USA – Vietnam – India – Indonesia – Bangladesh and other near by nations winning on CHINA’s war plan massive super crash in slow motion. Holding YUAN before its massive devaluation is RISK OF LOSS unmatched since 2007.

China is working on bad data. Trump is working on far more accurate data. Trump holds a full house economically. China holds two twos and can not now win the war. China is in a full on slow motion economic SUPER CRASH.

The instability China faces not making a trade DEAL in INTEGRITY ( which is impossible given the long Putin war plan unfolding ). China next war game is distraction to its own people from the falling economics – failed communist economics – melting down completely and more rapidly than any China war planners imagined. China is proceeding DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE and Trumps team does not have a soft landing for anything but a fair trust and verify integrity trade deal to reset the world. In time that deal would protect China from its SUPER CRASH which historically – China can not recover from over the coming 30 years.

China in the Putin war plan is relying on phony fake news economic data from an economy that died and self buried itself forever in 2014.The rise of an entirely new SUPER CHANGE economic event – AI ECONOMICS – has occurred far too rapidly for Harvard Cambridge economists steeped in decades old box top rules – none of which apply today as we all see in global markets right now – can no longer adapt to the accelerating change of SUPER CHANGE transforming world economics globally. Trumps team and our USA TREASURY Teams and SECRETARY ROSS WAS FANTASTIC  today – GET THE NEW AI ECONOMICS. They are revised in war plan and are now winning and China is now losing as the battles change.

China has no choice. Given todays crashing economics in China – simply DOWN DOWN DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE – China must distract its people fully running out of bank deposits ( click runs in Hong Kong and China risk bank institutional failures next and faster than any historic run in failing economics ). Click runs by world holders of China YUAN ( now collapsing ) at pace levels China can’t manage in fact. This week is historic to the WORLD WAR III ASYMMETRICAL WAR PLAN From Putin. This week Putin in crises riots rising massively in Russia . distracting himself from the war plan that is failing – has XI asking what is next in the war plan. Putin just lost billions on his war spending with his failed super sub and his failed nuke disaster closing 1000 miles of land and sea to radiation everywhere. His lead scientist who created the utter failure died. He has no replacements. The clean ups is billions. Russia does not have these billions with oil prices plunging but wait…no one is buying oil ….demand is off a cliff and they can’t sell their way to support their outcomes. Putin had his folks parade out today pounding his leather biker chest – hey we Russians are way way ahead of America in weapons. Fake news. America is way way ahead of every war technology to Russia. We can easily defeat Russia and Russia can destroy us but they are gone into dust clouds if they try that – for sure and less than one hour NO RUSSIA remains. Their under gound cities are gone everything is gone. Putin knows he can DO NOTHING TO AMERICA IN THAT AREA or the insects inherit is legacy. No more Russians at all.

Russians know this is true. They read my blog. They want peace and collaboration. We want to share learn and celebrate our cultures not punish them. Americans love the Russian PEOPLE. Russian people LOVE AMERICANS. We all want a system of collaboration cooperation versus competition and insanity. THE WORLD IS SUPER CHANGING as WE THE PEOPLE are taking back our control and power. Together. Globally. Collectively. The old models are dying.

Product of the WORLD WAR III dynamics.

China leadership still roaring into the future driving in the REAR VISION MIRROR of economics that no longer exist at all, is making fatal economic choices. Making a DEAL is the way up and the way out. In WORLD WAR III yesterday is already too late to make the deal in economics. The longer the delay the more China will pay. That is the new AI economics.

China driving in the rear view mirror will act predictably. China will distract its population. China blames the FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Hong Kong on the west on the UK and on America all false flag enemies to rally their people to HATE a fake enemy. China will massively act in HONG KONG once and for all. Hong Kong will see 1,000,000 folks disappear into camps in China rising to 3 million in 2020. China will open skirmish activity in the China Sea starting with Vietnam and then moving to other nations creeping into WAR IN TAIWAN to massively move Taiwan and Hong Kong back into China rule. The cost of doing this will destroy China economics. World trade with China will implode. China will Super Crash into deflation and depression economics. Marhsall law will be declared and China will begin to colonize resource nations. The USA will control all that as the economics to support military results degrade China into revolutionary civil wars internal where China will have its hands full. This outcome is now a unlikely reality that has become more likely.

WHY? WORLD WAR III ECONOMICS UNDER THE PUTIN XI PLAN failing as Trump is now USA winning finally. The FED MERGING INTO US TREASURY would be an ace high winning volley from Congress if they understand the real asymmetrical war fare outline in books and third party hard documentation on China’s real plan Putins real plan so you can all know the data which is well published and all at our DOD have read those books posted on our site. Ignorance loses wars. Knowledge wins wars.

China will make a deal and Russia will make a deal if they ARE FORCED TO MAKE THAT DEAL to survive. That moment is coming up next in 2019 and 2020. The War Plan calls for getting TRUMP OUT. Getting socialist in world wide. This plan is now losing. As the plan is lost and known to be lost the DOOR # 2 – A DEAL – is prosperity survival for PUTIN and For China.

Time will tell. There are lots of WAR PLAYS ON ALL SIDES. A mistake can turn the war …the risk remains so high.


We are AT WAR?

Who will win?

No one knows yet.

So as you listen to the idiotic news on markets from old economic rule books that are burned to ash in entirely NEW SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS of today – you hear – the FED HAS LOST CONTROL – which it has. Same in China. CHINA HAS LOST CONTROL this week of its own currency. That is NEW.

The consumer choosing in WORLD WAR III in the EU and in America not to buy MADE IN CHINA is a war game changer. Lets see if the consumer gets their power in economic world war III. I bet on smart consumers under all the fake news getting the truth. I bet on YOU.

I trust YOU.

Now share the news – because you know the TRUTH of it all and you know first. Right Again. And as we stated the BOND MARKET is the world risk inside the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY. When that DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BREAKS the war will break as well.

OUR MARKET OR THEIR MARKET? The ball is rolling the war roulette wheel is spinning – wait for it……



PS: Three letter agencies protecting us all – national security is economic security and we are being gutted from the inside out by the FED- step up your A game on the INTEL to the US CONGRESS – you know the truth and its war time.