The May into the Summer – guidance we suggested. What did we tell our readers in 200 nations including our long time CEO SPACE business and owners and professionals ….??? We suggested:

  1. The markets would move into Super Volatility into the summer and through 2020 unseen ever in any markets
  2. The Bond Market would devolve into global debt risk and instability
  3. China would not engage in a trade deal
  4. The trade wars globally would devolve into currency wars as well on multiple fronts
  5. The Peak was the TIME to SELL OUT OF BOTH Bonds and Stocks and move to safe harbor diversified insurance investing or individuals and retirement plans before the market SUPER VOLATILITY destabilized values – and removed wealth from my readers – who – are losing now if they failed to act on the guidance within the timing of the guidance to keep you all safe.

From our prediction on oil – real estate – all asset classes – and trends to risk assets into safe harbor moving forward into the – the nasty unpredictable high volatility of the forward AI new economic market – into the ELECTION 2020 dynamic – contains its own new never experienced before market unknowns. Nothing of the past applies today.

Everything is new and AI economic driven.

We have been RIGHT in our predictions in time – precise to actual forward outcome in a new AI market where no one can predict with this matching accuracy. If you have followed the 2007 to date in our  forcasteing you are – truly – beyond impressed and stunned – because the accuracy to plan forward from this one site is not easily bested or matched on line.

This requires work. Research with top global teams to support our business owners in nations everywhere. The data we presented to you about the economic wars going on going – on world wide – is hard reading and may offend folks if you have entrenched software and are not open minded to read some books FILLED WITH THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION – that help you appreciate – my postings on the economic war fare is not radical nor out there. We are engaged in something new in the world. Alerting our readers to what is REALLY GOING OUT THERE is our mission to help you plan smarter and prosper faster in any and every market.

The markets are SUPER CHANGING now. As we predicted they would SUPER CHANGE. The pace of the SUPER CHANGE – is massively AI accelerating. This is all new for us all. We all must learn to adapt into SUPER CHANGE and prosper in the SUPER CHANGE. If you do things the way we always did them we can lose the strength and vitality of years of what we have brand created. Markets are changing. Our customer mind sets are shifting. We all have to anticipate the – new direction – faster. We all have to learn new ways to:

  1. Personalize recognize and appreciate our customers – we must retain the customers we have today by giving our customers massive value that is always renewing. What we did yesterday in SUPER CHANGE is never ENOUGH for tomorrow. RETAIN the first “R” your existing clients.
  2. REPEAT BUY THEM ” R” The second “R” of the Three “R”S in Super Change. The tools and tactics to get the effect repeat buying patterns of your EXISTING GOOD WILL AND CLIENTS NOW RETAINED – is the lowest hanging fruit to tripe your income and double your time off.
  3. REFERRAL MARKETING – “R” . The THIRD “R” – where every ten repeating now client buyers bring you three new clients in 60 day promotions – missing often today – you have – to develop those 30 new customers into the year end SUPER CYCLE with the THREE “R”S installed.

If you do not have those tools into your business or practice we fully install them with top experts in your industry – at CEO SPACE Sat to Saturday September 28th – all THREE “RS” are installed which is a huge value if you market paid for it. If you register into CEO SPACE by month end you REPURPOSE ( fourth “R” ) third quarter required tax business withholding pay outs – and you – in fact – own a solid life time business asset – which returns high profit for the tax ownership of a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP into the # 1 Business ACCELERATION CONFERENCE – August acquired CEO SPACE asset to grow better faster and smarter – within a switched on cooperative turned on BUSINESS OWNER COMMUNITY forging a 30 year new high powered network in ONE WEEK as the SUPER CYCLE COMMENCES.

The THREE “R”S are on value all members walk away with but you also walk away with:

  • New customers done and in
  • New markets opened and advancing immediately no delay
  • New affiliate and alliances
  • Sponsor plans
  • Leader speaking and publishing brand options and opportunities
  • Channel marketing and new digital marketing pipes missing now
  • PR and out reach to mass markets missing now
  • Click to pay advertising strategies with Google – Face book and Linkedin and Pinterest and Instagram vetted specialist where $ 1000 dollars spent returns $ 2000 back – hard to find in the market today
  • So much more to grow your final quarter outcome with ripple referrals all year flowing into your bottom line



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In todays SUPER CHANGE MARKETS you are hearing so frustrate the news casters – all of them saying  throw out all the rule books – its the BOND MARKET the other markets are now following – its all new – nothing we know is reliable – its all unknown – we can not predict -no one gets IT – but you all KNOW you knew FIRST and you knew precisely to the date.


First – right here.

Right – AGAIN – right here since 1988 to 2019 August – right again.

Helping you LEAD With superior information. Your relying on the information is profit making if YOU ACT ON THE INFORMATION.

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