If you own quality performing assets and bought for sixty months not sixty minutes – hold your good. If you sold at the PEAK and moved to diversified insurance SAFE HARBOR investing world wide your good. If not – when the market next peaks move to do that step in a market devolving.

The GROWN UPS are on vacation. After Labor day ferocious volumes will return and if we make it through OCTOBER Triple witching hours with an EVENT or THE EVENT to inspire a global SUPER CRASH – we will have new 2019 peaks into the the 2020 year. Sell high and buy into diversified insurance safe harbor investing as we have suggested to our readers behind that sea wall to the financial storms coming in 2020.

The news is bad from all four corners of the world. You are all reading that.


The Uk is a back stop to debt support for Brussels economic debt crises in the EU and for Defense crises in the EU – both. These outlays to the people of the UK are massive growing and only rising. All that waste outlay from the British people stops when they exit the failed EU as an economic invention that is going to end very badly. The EU wishes to set an example and punish the UK with enormous billions of separation fee’s and a tax plan on its trade goods. Noting the UK buys far far more than it sells into the EU. So who has the stick here? Boris is seeing – correctly – 80% of the UK buying is with a small number of EU nations – who will make far better individual trade deals to keep THEIR NATIONAL TRADE and buying from the UK versus all that trade moving ( which it well may ) from the EU by billions – to the USA who stands ready to supply everything to its favorite home nation to our founders. Boris is seeing a NO EXIT DEAL means he does not pay the EU anything. The EU just loses. Their idea to punish politically the powerful UK – the most powerful economic part of the EU – is to the UK oldest civilization – well silly. They will make superior deals nation to nation than the EU deal. The EU in their PUNISH THE UK MAXIMALLY DEAL MAY could not budge – EU leaders still will not RENEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH when the will of the UK population is – a) we want out of Brussels dictator model for the EU and we want out of a failed EU currency that will become worthless. We want the POUND the top tier currency before there was a US Dollar in the first place – we want our own pride governance and civilization without EU migration creating a 57% Muslim voter population in say France as one nation – in 25 years changing the entire EU ethnic back bone. The EU under guidance of Brussel endless laws and costing – has pushed the entire DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IN THE EU to the brink of total collapse now. Italy the worst of the DEBT LOADED nations is in SNAP Elections with failed government over economic policy hissy fits with who – yes – with BRUSSELS? The Swiss Markets are in effect OUT OF THE EU due to what – errors with policy on economics ( its 100% errors ) from yes – BRUSSELS. Germany the back bone is in full on recession and the numbers of the collapse are worse than anyone see’s right now and trade war has not fully engaged with Germany unfair tax to the USA but its coming so is France also in super free fall – meeting PUTIN NEXT ( not our friend France ). The EU is devolving economically politically and internally to its people in cultures. Why? BRUSSEL FAILED SYSTEMIC MODELING. The UK will exit in October and the ripples to the EU are beyond calculation in economics. TRUST and CONFIDENCE IN THE EU – in the CENTRAL BANKS INCLUDING THE FED – and in the world core system model is now shattered scattered and dunked. Capital is flying out of risk and into safe harbor. Perhaps you have noticed. The RUNS ON Deutsche Bank will mark our 2015 -2016 prediction – fail the largest bank in the EU and in Germany. Why? CLICK RUNS deposits are flying out of the bank – it is a digital bank run and now companies do not wish to be the last one turning the lights out at the bank. Stay tuned. Its happening in Italy’s largest bank as well – click runs – as their CEO died – and confidence in the Debt Banks of Italy is shattered. THE EU folks are running out of EU’s and into US DOLLARS. The USA is doing everything it can to LOWER THE PRICE OF THE US DOLLAR and the price keeps rising. Why? RUNS OUT OF ALL OTHER CURRENCY from Venezuela a failed state economically – Argentina ( we think that election will turn around and its a one off right now ) –  but the YUAN is the biggee. China is learning about HONG KONG and democracy – spreading in 5G beyond state controls – and MUSK satellites will blanker the 5G world soon – no space not open to click the truth where nation controls die – in 5G unstoppable access as revolution to old state models of mind control – so that CHINESE ARE RUNNING OUT OF YUAN INTO EU ( a mistake ) AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ( great call ) and US DOLLARS AND YEN ( Great choices ). THE RUN OUT OF YUAN is inside and outside China. China will have to invest a trillion dollars of their reserves in 2020 to keep the YUAN FROM SUPER CRASHING – but the YUAN is worthless and going down. Why? China lies about its economics. China is inside the worlds largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE with the worlds largest SHADOW BANKING BUBBLE. Assets China hoarded in commodities are SUPER CRASHING and China loses as destabilizing its DEBT LOADING. This takes time but into 2021 if they use politics ( get Trump out at all costs as the goal ) they may LOSE their economy entirely. Its a risk going on in trade war and AI is all over that risk with capital flight out of China like the world has never seen before. The only foreign investment holding China together in the RUN OUT OF CHINA BY INDUSTRY is Russia and the MBS in Saudi really and a bit of EU here and there but that is drying up next.  As China Super Crashing is the wild card – and XI must save face at all cost and protect his terrible error in advice on economics making those errors look like GOLD when they are bars of SHIT in economics in fact – mistakes and not really XI’s fault either – but its complex in China. Very Complicated.

WHAT WILL CHINA DO? Why they are doing it right now.

The Ship wars in Vietnam ( keeping in mind in the 1420’s the final Vietnam Wars with China took place where Vietnam was in effect let GO OF by China emperor my favorite – at the time. China illegally is claiming mineral rights in Vietnams exclusion zone of maritime protected waters by the World Courts. Vietnam dogged and forced the China ship to leave. The Ship is back this week and Vietnam is all over it and a shooting war may begin. China is framing to Taiwan a test to USA protections and Taiwan will not be allowed to be independent. Period. Taiwan seeing the devolving two state model in just a finger snap of time – where CHINA wants complete autonomous control of HONG KONG – leads to riots of millions of Hong Kong citizens who insist on the DEAL of a two state model – we are China but we operate our own system of laws trade and we are not bowing under the LAW OF THE CAMPS AND MIND CONTROL in our FREE NATION. China may take it over. Why?

DISTRACTION TO THE ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH DEVELOPING INSIDE CHINA ECONOMICALLY FROM A FULL RUN OF CAPITAL FLIGHT OUT OF CHINA AND OUT OF ITS YUAN CURRENCY BY THE WORLD. Hold yuan and you will know what a blood bath in core economics looks like. Keep in mind we told you this fact in the summer of 2019. Just hold on to that fact you have been hearing reported here and why.

To distract 1.5 billion eye balls from the internal SUPER CRASH IN FAILED ECONOMICS COMMUNIST PLANNERS have now created along with the worst environmental disaster and reduction of health and quality of life on earth – a nation that has failed to keep its folks safe. Millions of hogs slaughtered as swine flu ( my wife almost died of it ) is rampant out of control with other illness from hardened marleria to new gonorrhea with no cure to the new strains sweeping though China today with other STD’s including Aides. The older population the oldest on earth by % to labor force is unsustainable economics in out of control health care against the income dropping to 30 year low. Just when higher income is needed to pay the elderly care costs China has the SUPER CRASH of income to a 30 year low. Making a deal with the USA was prosperity. Today the strategy of not making a deal is SUPER CRASH and irreversible decline in China as world consumers now WILL NO LONGER BUY MADE IN CHINA.

No one told XI how the EU and USA unite in war – economic war against our people is not an exception. NO one TOLD XI how internal bashing of the USA plays out in USA CONSUMERS who stop buying MADE IN CHINA all at once. What happens when USA CONSUMERS stop buying all at once? As they won’t start buying again ( EVER )? Well in that China profits from its very best customer ( the USA ) they treat like a rabbit dog found in a field versus respected as their very best customer -who buys 1 trillion more than China buys from the USA every 24 months. What happens if the USA stops buying and making stuff in China? The Top 50 massive supply lines are all moving out of china and 2000 others are following. RUNNING OUT OF CHINA. Forever. Never to return. XI has not had the abacus from his fake news advice add up the economics yet. Error. Mistakes.

Distract the Chinese People from the failure of Communist system planners to create a real viable sustainable economic model? China is a failed economic model in slow motion SUPER CRASH. Wait for it…..

The markets in China are down by largest % ever in 2019.

The Yuan can not be maintained outside or inside China from the RUN out of the worthless YUAN failing now and next. Word is getting out like a wild fire and panic to get dollars or yen is growing inside and outside China. The YUAN trade even in the summer quiet period is already FEROCIOUS. One way. OUT OF YUAN. No one wants to hold this paper as the economic hand writing on the RUN out of China banks – shadow banks – debt defaults soaring – a virtual debt tsunami in defaults is coming until the state defaults itself. The world is finding that if criminals cheat steal and lie their economics forward their presentation of current account information is an economic LIE. When you check under the China economic hood it smells like a dead deer inside that boot.

Economic stench all covered up. To avoid that stench China will evoke regional wars or close to it. Wait for that.


Japan and South Korea huge economic pillars of the world order are in full on trade war that makes the USA and China seem like fellow Christians in an after Church and worship meal gathering with one another…old Trump and XI. Fist bumping.

These WAR nations have much unsettled in politics cultures and now trade economics. Japan has cut South Korea off of vital supplies to make its nation of technology work in fact. South Korea is panic rushing to replace those supply lines never to return to Japan due to the insults. Japan fully insulted in return has moved South Korea off trade ease and into Trade barriers and South Korea has returned the favor. The two nations have in effect stopped all trade – and made trade and profits stable for decades – now a SUPER CHANCE ECONOMIC in only 120 days of time. Decades have been unwound. Now the allies of these two power houses have to chose economic sides.  The two nations are at WAR AGAIN fully digital and economic. Japan is not OK that North Korea has hydrogen bombs that can levels its nation in 30 minutes and defended by the USA Japan under ABE is trying to modify its passive post war USA constitution to DEFEND ITSELF against whom – the KOREANS IN GENERAL and CHINA SPECIFICALLY AS WELL. Japan is not messing around on this escalation destabilizing economics and world peace.

Venezuela is moving to state sham elections to destabilize the opposing majority in a failed state a bus driver has SUPER CRASHED as no other nation with the worlds largest single lake of oil wealth. The people are starving to death. If the USA took them over and protected them it would be a humanitarian mercy and would help stabilize the world.

In the world instability – Putin is working to divide Nato and recement the SOVIET UNION. Will Putin take over Georgia or Baltic states to restabilize them? What would we do? Anything? Now. Inside this mess? Germany refuses to pay its minimum 2% for its NATO DEFENSE other smaller EU nations ARE FULLY PAYING – shoving all those billions onto the USA while Germany invests in 5 million muslims from Syria having sanctuary social services in Germany we must protect at unfair cost. Unfair cost in trade ( as bad as China ) and unfair cost in defense ) and always bashing us while we pay through the nose. Germany ( I am a German Baron ) needs a attitude adjustment on the economics. Trump is serving unfair German politicians and the EU a full on SUPER CRASH into the worst recession in the EU yet – until prosperity trade deals get done. Meanwhile in all this the one single economic LIGHT the one BRIGHT SPOT – remains the USA engine of prosperity about to move into the SUPER CYCLE LARGEST HOLIDAY BUYING SEASON EVER.

The USA is secure with 4 billion devices upgrading into a new 5G economy that the USA invented ( and others stole ) and the USA leads in today which the others can not steal any longer. The New 5 G Economy is a multi trillions up bubble in economics for the USA into 2022. If Congress in economic war time globally passes infrastructure and immigration reform laws – the USA is secure financially and economically leading the world into 2030. Congress is the wild car to America winning the economic world war III. Congress.

So we will see.


The AI is taking profits maximally – adjusting price to all asset classes  – protecting itself from risk – and in full this summer. When the GROWN UPS RETURN the Super Money pool post labor day markets will adjust prices based on third quarter actual earnings and new holiday buying patterns which will leave China in Super Crash this year. Retailers betting on China may find NO SALE will move these MADE IN CHINA GOODS if Consumers in the EU and America stop buying MADE IN CHINA everything – which we suspect is a FINAL RUN OUT OF CHINA we warned of in this trade war since 2018. The FINAL FATAL RUN on China economics.

Only a trade deal and fast secures China prosperity …but they play a long game and reside on fake news economics which is in fact FATAL and overwhelming for XI and communist planners when they see they were wrong – in error on the economics.


BAM. AI is adjusting to those errors as we report to you today. The news from all four corners of the globe in Mid August is bleak as dark gathering economic storm clouds are moving upon the debt loading of the failed CHINA economy and the EU failed economies. THE RUN out of the EU and YUAN has just begun….wait for it. Remember we told you here first.


PS: Congress on vacation? Wait for the political storms when they return into year end….WINER IS COMING …as they say in the canceled Game of Thrones – WINTER IS COMING – prepare yourself……