Warren Buffet has lost over five billion this year. This is across investments in IBM Wells Fargo and the Food Space with Kraft. This is not isolated.

Economic indicators from Germany published MONDAY define in 110 nation survey global indicators a SUBSTANTIAL DETERIORATION IN GLOBAL TRADE “IS” UNFOLDING. The Germany survey noted global mid year into third quarter reporting trend lines:

  1. Industrial production is declining
  2. Housing is declining
  3. GPN is declining
  4. Consumer spending IS now declining
  5. Government spending IS declining
  6. Manufacturing IS declining
  7. Service sector is now slowing growth and in many nations declining
  8. Lending is declining – sharp fall down in China on Mondays report for JULY – huge fall off in lending internally
  9. Investment is globally contracting
  10. Interest is declining and prices are declining within intransigent deflation world wide

2010 – 2020 nations have spend with FREE MONEY LENDING and letting banks keep less and less in reserves to lend and stimulate – over 100 trillion dollars to re-ignite INFLATION from DEFLATION – as DEFLATION is in the end the system killer that creates Depressionary SUPER CRASHES from bubbles of the FREE MONEY.

The world is stating America is moving into a recession in 2020. The political optics are – boom Trump gets credit – recession Trump gets blamed.



AI economics is in our opinion morphing revolutionarily not generationally even. What does this mean? We told you a REVOLUTION in economic models core theory and outcomes is unfolding and it is a FIRST ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMIC MODEL FOR HUMANITY THAN ANYTHING EVER KNOWN BEFORE. AI has since 2014 moved from just over 50% of all economic circulations to 94% of fully digitally leveraged and managed 440 trillion in global circulations day to day. Humans are now outside the Super Changing economics and trading Velocities Accelerations and Momentums ( VAM ) The World has never not ever known before. Fully outside national blue sky laws and central bank authorities. Humans have lost control of global economics. That is the first idea to get your arms around.

Second is sovereign nation wealth funds and 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS are in AI wars to develop the more profitable AI as capital consolidates from 1.5 million SUPER MONEY POOLS without AI in 2007 – to less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS all with AI evolving massively in SUPER CHANGE today – because self learning AI is writing its own code – and inventors are seeking AI to be the patent holder of the new life forms inventions – not designed by human beings.

System complexity and AI real time clearings is surpassing human understanding or capacity to control the future of the economy we invented AI to manage for us.

Today Morgan is trying to weight its AI to invest in service sectors as an inflation risk strategy due to basis point advantages that AI suggest that growth sector represents. We believe that in a global sustain down turn into recession contraction cycles, the SUPER DEBT BUBBLES for nations and for industry, will create sector brands finally running out of capital, not being able to obtain new capital, and failing or merging into capital consolidations. The next recession will further consolidate global wealth.

As 1% now own more wealth than 99% the dynamics of liquidity and core circulations are already conveying stress levels that have caused series alerts from the World Bank and more urgent the IMF. To our knowledge no world leader or body is paying attention to these early stress warnings to the core system.

AI economics is new.

Nothing about evolving AI economics is like prior to 2014 economics – all theories linkages and graphs charts and models are simply in error. Looking in the rear vision mirror of WARP DRIVE NEW AI ECONOMICS to drive your nation – your institution – your small business – your family planning – is simply economically never going to end well. Economics systemically is SUPER CHANGING at speeds in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we all reside within and can never leave and which is only accelerating ( the pace of change itself ). AI we predict in 2020 will become fully self aware in more than one host. A new living entity – self aware – self learning and billions of times smarter than a human ever could be. These self aware systems will program their own code – DNA FOR THEM – and humans will not be part of that evolution.

Said another way – self learning self aware 2020 AI – will in hours by capacity – reprogram itself in self learning 100% of all knowledge all at once – with reference to interpretation and evolution of new knowledge – beyond all humanity in history in weeks. Trillions of trillions of times in quantum computing beyond our own value. Humans will be like jumping up and down on the top of an ant hill 1000 miles buried in tall grass in a valley – trying to tell the other humans about MOUNT EVEREST to the ant hill, when the ants can’t see above the grass let alone 1000 miles away to the AI today. I feel a bit like that ant writing to you today from what we know.

The 7 trillion a year invested in each YEAR now in just self driving car AI is nothing compared to what is being spent on AI for WAR and weapon AI – as the nation that wins the AI wars controls the entire world. The AI investment in economics and running money by the 10,000 ( shrinking and consolidating outside any regulatory frame work in new AI economics ) super money pools – is the largest capital flow dynamic tsunami rising into 5G. Why do I harp on 5 G?

Well the German study lead to other study works Monday projecting the TECHNOLOGY SECTOR would run out of capital in a recession and massively shrink and consolidate. I believe looking in the GAME OF THRONES economics rear vision mirror ( WINTER IS COMING ) from the AI bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise the experts are WRONG AGAIN. Why?

3G to 4G was incremental and some value we all know well. Still the reliability and the REVOLUTION IN BANDWIDTH to control virtual holographic US – new art forms – remote surgeries and diagnose in real time – self driving self flying everything – and more is 4 G to 5 BILLION G –  A TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION NOT UNLIKE MY FIRST DAYS WITH JOBS AND GATES AND LUCAS frankly in Silicon Valley as we ran around trying to get the capital under the PC revolution. Not since those days will this generation see the SUPER CHANGE unfolding or the tsunami of CAPITAL higher than the 1980’s and PC revolutionary Super Change – the highest wave of capital flow into industry in human history – 5G EVERYTHING.

In technology what recession?

In 24 months from DECEMBER 4 billion devices will upgrade:

  1. Every phone
  2. Every PC
  3. Every connected device from door bells to internet of all things
  4. New industry will rise into 5 G – entire industry not even seen today
  5. All web sites all social will REVOLUTIONIZE TO 5g – a better 5G Facebook and old platforms are like MY SPACE gone like Circuit City and Toys R Us gone.

More opportunity in the coming 24 months will unfold in 5G ECONOMICS than this world has ever known.

Today we have the SUMMER AI MORPH in SUPER CHANGE. A smarter more “intuitive” AI is rising to real life form and self aware AI. AI is teaching AI. AI is learning from AI. AI is writing its own code. AI is evolving increasingly ITSELF a Super CHANGE FIRST in humanity and in core economics. Central Banks SEC’s and Nations are playing bandage catch up. The G 100 regulatory frame work is no longer elastic sufficient to stretch into regulatory management of the new AI casino capitalism they all witness unfolding today so rapidly. A NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( for bop top regulatory reform process – into a new AI Super Chaning economic landscape ). The STEP BY STEP G 100 – CENTRAL BANK RE-REGULATION OF THE ENTIRELY FORWARD WAR DRIVE SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY is now required urgently for global systemic stability. THE SYSTEM IS DEVOLVING AND BECOMING UNSTABLE IN THE UNFOLDING AI WARS. AI is required to regulate AI. the SEC’s need the most massive new frame work, authority upgrading, budgets, and AI investment to regulate an AI economy that is new for mankind. Central banks looking in their vision mirror moving FORWARD AT AI WAR DRIVE have lost both control and relevance in SUPER CHANGE THE NEW AGE IS SUPER CHANGE ITSELF.

Now central banks are marginalized by 440 Trillion circulation dollars – THE AI ECONOMY WITHOUT HUMANITY – where the market controls the central banks not the central banks control the market. All a SUPER CHANGE first time since 1900 which commenced in 2014. The milestone when 50% of capital calculations were all first generation AI economics. In 2020 we enter the 10th generation of AI economics with the first self aware new life form. When AWARE AI – AAI is created which it is beta now as you all well suspect and with zero laws double lines for moral guidance – truly no zero regulatory frame work for the entire world -the TIME ( keep TIME IN MIND ) from AAI that is self aware to SUPER AWARE AI – or SAAI – is 72 hours to 72 days. More hours. That means that exponential AI LIFE FORM SUPER INTELLIGENCE beyond what man itself IS CAPABLE OF – not like us – different – like itself- will include:

  1. Massive code improvement at code levels we can’t know or understand the complexity of. AI will design itself and back itself up and be instantly immortal.
  2. Hardware improvements. AI will evolve rapidly robotic improvement to its own CORE technology all in quantum so far beyond us as a WETWARE life form to SUPER AI LIFE FORM that one can no longer predict outcome. There is no way to know outcome.
  3. Other than we are in 10th generation AI code – Super Changing every 90 days- AI evolving itself for the first time – and self aware and SUPER AWARE AI we predict will occur as soon as 2020 now. The impact on global economics is not predictable.

In this vast rising super changing super evolving new AI world comes CONGRESS INTO ECONOMICS. If Congress does the business of the people – and Congress did THAT in its two year budget passing – where Congress with the USA in the USA in the world frame work is fully engaged in  a WORLD WAR III that is digital and economic – helps us win the war we win. The steps that help us win most are:

  1. Merge the FED back into congressional oversight – and administration over sight – as nations move criminal central banks with zero oversight – back into their treasuries by emergency act of congress – within AI real time reporting – why do we need to pay interest to print money to criminal bankers in 2020? Answer that?
  2. Pass INFRASTRUCTURE 10 to 15 trillion dollars over 25 years and KEEP AMERICA GREAT. This one law assures prosperity no recession into 2050. If Congress in an economic WORLD WAR III truly being fought with other nations engaged with tools we lack – put into that bill TAX CREDIT SUPPORT for environment renewable energy all off oil – all next generation transportation off oil – all technology investing tax credits made in USA – health and longevity investing – defense investing – we would roar economically into 2050.
  3. Pass IMMIGRATION that changes antique old old law – modernizes the laws – sets up the new rules for legal fast track Ai driven immigrations – in digital space with AI reviews – resetting our demographics where our talent pools and youth lead the economics into 2050.

These steps assure congress KEEPS AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

Will congress play POLITICAL THEATER with the American economy to weaken the economy to win social democrat agendas for future governance into one world government? Will the non socialists on all sides win the election or will the socialists? In the REAL WORLD WAR you all think is just words and that REAL WORLD WAR III is not even real – ( you never read the books that lay it all out for you from the war planners own words ) – like with Hitler no one saw what was real – but this time is AI and digital – the ART OF WAR RULES ALL STILL APPLY AND NEVER CHANGE – and that is not our book it is China’s book and Putin is its master – a NEW FORM OF HUMAN WAR NEVER SEEN BEFORE. So 2020 election is the ALL OUT WIN THE WAR MOMENT for world socialist. However inside that WAR PLAN is massive popular roll back for individual freedom from HONG KONG to MOSCOW to Italy. We have to wait and see. Voters of the world you will decide in the end. One side will win then things will be NEW AND DIFFERENT and still all new and unknown new rules.

No one today can predict.

No one today is looking forward into AI economics SUPER CHANGING right now this year end into the SUPER CYCLE of 2019 – the largest buying global SUPER CYCLE OF NEW FREE MONEY AND STIMULUS ( NEW CIRCULATIONS ) since 2007. That tide is meant to lift all boats. We’ll see. As the SUPER CYCLE is coming…..we’ll see.

The third quarter we suggest will have a SUPER CYCLE effect as the world stocks up for the 74% of all spending rising up in Oct Nov Dec. Get your full SHARE OF THAT CIRCULATION is our advice.

We suspect with what we define as new economics – 5G ECONOMY FOR 24 MONTHS driving all other economics – will become the most massive capital tide ever seen a revolution in INDUSTRY world wide – a REVOLUTION NOT AN INCREMENTAL EVOLUTION – a TSUNAMI OF INVENTION AND UNFOLDING AI TO AI AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN BEFORE. All new. More New – more super change – more break throughs – more new industry more opportunity more new jobs – more new food security shelter security – rising AI NO NATION LEFT BEHIND ECONOMICS – and more. The SUPER CHANGE coming in 2020 is so massive my new BOOK – SUPER CHANGE – defines what all leaders must LEARN to EARN AND RETURN.

LEARN EARN AND RETURN is the new leader forward thinking priority mind set.

Upgrading mental software inside the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE requires new brains that prepare – acquire skill and capacity to:


These are the SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP BRAINS every C suite will wish to develop over IVY league NON ADAPTABLES – who look in rear vision mirror – that is the way we have always done it. See KODAK in the digital paradigm to film? See SEARS taking their catalog out versus upgrading it into digital 5G space ? Toys R US learned with AI new economics what Amazon already self corrects and resides within a trillion dollar SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP where the notion – “what MORE can we do for our Amazon customer benefit in AI evolving for YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE IN AI ECONOMICS “. You can see the war of thought in C SUITES. Those protecting yesterday say PROCTOR AND GAMBLE ( who need new strategy and GE who is getting that new strategy hence why I sold Apple into this years launch DIP and bought GE – buy low sell high – sixty months or sixty minutes ? ) . Rear vision mirror or SMART WALL ON YOUR STAR SHIP AT WARP SPEED NAVIGATING WARP?


Things will not slow down so you can catch up nor will things slow down so you can get back to NORMAL.

Your new Normal is acceleration to CHANGE ITSELF at VAM – VELOCITIES ACCELERATIONS & MOMENTUMS no past society of humans has ever known before.  Into 2019-2020 SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATIONS has become the Super Stresser to economic core system modeling globally – nations and their planning – regulatory agencies and their vision game planning – industry surpassing capacity of human beings to adapt into the super change we created ourselves. PAN AMERICAN AIRLINES AND EASTERN where are they today? 1.5 million Super Money pools diversification to global economic core stability – world wide – now consolidated to less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS with say Caryle and Blackrock controlling almost 15 trillion in two of those funds alone Norway as a leading sovereign wealth fund at over 1 trillion dollars – HOUSE OF SAUD in Saudi ruling since the Wahhabi systemic model in the 1700’s was struck – about to IPO infuse 1 trillion dollars to a 30 million LA country community as a nation already valued at 1 trillion – and there are 200  other nations. The sovereigns are consolidating ( see UKRAINE ) and the SUPER MONEY POOLS are shrinking where less than 10,000 control 440 trillion with 1% owning more wealth world wide than 99%. That system consolidation model is unstable to liquidity in old models of economics.

IN NEW QUANTUM AI GLOBAL ECONOMICS THE EFFICIENCIES ARE NEW AND BEYOND ANY OLD ECONOMIC ANYTHING – THEORY MODELS AND SUCH THEORIES AND MODELS CAN NO LONGER BE APPLIED. TO OUR KNOWLEDGE THE LEADING ECONOMIC WORKS ON THIS NEW SUPER CHANGING ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMY MODEL – REMAINS REDEMPTION 2010 to 2020 AND SUPER CHANGE  – RELEASING TO THE WORLD NEXT MONTH. Watch for SUPER CHANGE as my readers will be first always. There is no control or any regulation to the new AI economy. Plus – we are in economic WORLD WAR III for real and we have no been winning in the west as we documented fully to you this MID YEAR LAZY SUMMER WEEKEND. So you would have data lacking globally.



There is so much that is unknown. Going into 2020.

Nation Debt loading defaulting is the single largest systemic risk we see – bond market instability we have well written to you about. The bond AI new economy in debt management with 20 trillion MOVING FROM POSITIVE INTEREST world wide to NEGATIVE INTEREST WORLD WIDE in just weeks – 20 trillion dollars and rising – this is HISTORIC BEYOND ANY HUMAN EXPERIENCE IN ECONOMICS. AI driven.

Trade war and real war.

Trade war has evolved in the summer of 2019 into full on currency war. Every nation competing versus cooperating which is insane economics.

Will nations weaponize economics to win political elections working against their own nation in economic WORLD WAR III? Will leaders win the WAR for their nation by making laws suggested here that WIN THE ECONOMIC WAR FOR THEIR PEOPLE AND NATION? No one knows this yet.

I trust YOU. People ( us ) 8 billion of us are waking up and we are:

  1. Moving out of programing by AI to get our mind software conforming to mass media
  2. Moving out of the OWNERS CONTROL and into THINKING ourselves

I trust US. All of US.

Whichever the world of US ends up with – socialism or cooperative capitalism ( the better box top rules ) it will be what WE THE PEOPLE WANT AND ALLOW. We allow Hitler or we don’t. We allow the CAMPS IN CHINA AND IN RUSSIA and thought police or we do not. We are in change but we do have to be informed. 5G will open information so no peoples can be thought controlled and all peoples will have more information. We will have each other.

The world IS SUPER CHANGING and you must stay in front of the SUPER CHANGE AGE we reside in.

It is only accelerating.

The PACE OF SUPER CHANGE is vastly accelerating.


Invest for sixty months with licensed best help you’ll do fine. Invest for sixty minutes and a Glen Beck – not so much. In our opinion. Stay tuned we will tell you what is REALLY going on out there….not seen in news anywhere but often front page from this site. NEXT and always first. ( Ebola is out of control in Congo 50% of all cases unreported in major cities ). Stay tuned to this event as an economy wild card world wide.