100% of World Wars commence years before as economic and mind control. Those in Power – say the NAZIS move to control information from education to adult media. The Nazis were new why? Hitler was the first MEDIA SUPER STAR leader as mass media reached home space world wide. Never before had real time reporting ( well almost ) reached NEWS REELS in movie theater ( the talkies had arrived in motion picture films ) and prop planes and Nazis Blimps circled the globe. Nazis worked to weaken the economics of their enemy sucking WEALTH TRANSFER into Germany all the while seeding cells in the target nations, while promoting peace and cooperation they had no intention of executing. Fake news in the 1930’s. The Nazi war machine pre AI was the largest THIEF of technology from the entire world and then moved to advance stolen latest greatest technology with their nation of leading engineers into the stunning technology leadership that defined their rise to powers and war itself. The first media rock star war machine in history. Caesar had town criers and controlled information world wide but nothing like the real time NAZI information machines.

Fast forward to AI AND BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS all connected today. Now the AI manages the demographics to your attitude and feeds you considered materials that will trigger your mind which they know everything about. The information war is a war for mind control. In the new WORLD WAR III the first war of its kind – everything is new. In 10,000 years of war enemies lined up and fought each other. Oh modern warfare went urban and civilians were slaughtered without regard – six million jews in just the camps lost more outside – and 100 million RUSSIANS for crying out loud – mostly non combatants as the weapons of war became city busting then nuke extincting.

This is important because in the WORLD WAR III My blog economically ( not politically its all about money flow dynamic tracking MFDT ) – follow the money and source the war activity. The arms race is not line up and fight each other on geographic boundaries. WORLD WAR III is entirely new. Interconnected. Zero boundaries. The war as all wars seeks to soften up the enemy in the following ways and both sides are doing it:

  1. Weaken the economic capacity of your enemy by ever possible means covert and overt over years of time
  2. Set up internal cells to destabilize unity and rise up factions to alliance with your side and positions
  3. Elevate violence in your enemy nation to breach trust with government and authorities to protect its own
  4. Prepare for measured real war to take economic territory zones to elevate your nations victory in economic strength
  5. Keep expanding over time until the war escalates then in today’s weapon calm it down and wait for next options

We wrote which you can scroll ITS THE BOND MARKET. The Bond Market has moved into – just this summer 20 TRILLION DOLLARS of negative interest Debt. Germany and France are the two black ink EU nations with economic body strength the last two decades. Germany pays 1.3% of its GNP to national defense. Poland pays the full 2% agreed upon my Nato. America with just under 40,000 troops and billions yearly to keep Germany safe – bordering with RUSSIA – is paying the bill. Germany via too many Presidents to count has over taxed us – WEALTH TRANSFERRED its products to the USA who subsidized the war ravaged nation to # 1 economy in the EU at great cost to our people – and Germany today acts like our full blown enemy. They will not make a trade deal. They will not pay their defense which Trump demands and is now moving troops to POLAND who does pay their full 2%. AND IS IN FULL ON TRADE WAR to reset WEALTH TRANSFER just like China to the USA greatest possible economic harm. This is economics.

Germany once the strongest economy in the EU is expected to have a less than 1% GNP. A recession. Even their lie numbers can’t show anything but crashing German economics. The EU is sinking. German bonds are negative interest. You buy a 106 EU bond for ten years and ten years later they pay you back 100 EU’s. Now think of your loss in total buying power over ten years and you lost money holding the bond because you think the bond is particularly safe as Germany economics crash.

Folks 20 TRILLION IN BONDS WENT NEGATIVE INTEREST THIS SUMMER. Todays front page news is all about – Morgans AI trading which they seldom really report on. They report on MRAS – a tiny part of their total AI. Machine Read Analyst Sentiment. You missed all that? Today? Well it is what you heard first here. The AI attempt is to replace analyst with a program. Morgan surveys with AI self learning and in real time teaching AI ( itself ) not humans today. So no one knows as the code unfolds in real time in millions of lines of code what is going on really at a human level any longer. Not really. As no GAME PLAN FROM NATION TO CONTROL AND MANAGE THIS UNCONTROLLED NEW LIFE FORM DEVELOPMENT AREA BY NATIONS ANYWHERE – WHY? My New book is why. Super Change. The PACE OF CHANGE HAS EXCEEDED HUMAN SYSTEMIC CAPACITY AT FORTUNE LEVEL AND IN NATIONS TO ADAPT TO THE SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATIONS WE OURSELVES INVENTED. Think on THAT truth you heard first here.

You know the truth.

So Morgan surveys 40,000 analysts in real time over time. AI has two flaws one serious the other fatal. Remember you heard this first:

  1. Programers and modeling AIA do not have sufficient overall market depth of “givens’ to program for capacity humans only have for IMPLICATION. MORGANS MRAS is trying to codify human capacity for implication they call analyst sentiment. But they even got the base code wrong as it is implication not propensities. Their error base line conclusions is all those peer to peer real time over time lines reviews demonstrate the analyst calls may be wrong in the trading week but are right and self correcting ( always or the majority of time weighted to their data outcome ) so that a weighted software can now replace the anayust “sentiment factors”. This program modeling at core design is flawed and far to shallow for human capacity to gut markets.
  2. Programers engineer to the past models of economics. The new AI ECONOMY is entirely new – at war with each other and self learning beyond human input – self designing – and residing on core programs of yesterday in fact. No one is writing 5G programs for tomorrow with IMPLICATION for where AI is going versus where humans have been in the past. This is fatal. Why? Liquidity. The EVENT ( which can not be predicted ) is coming in core economics. The EVENT will create LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY and program parameters ( of the past models ) will be exceeded ) and the markets will seize up. Only sell orders will exist – for say a long time – and no buy orders to create liquidity  will exist. All ASSET CLASSES WILL DELEVERAGE INTO THE GREATEST DEPRESSION OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY FOR DECADES beyond all nation control – as AI is in control and nations are now. In such times the speed to fix the problem may for the first time in human history reside outside humanity itself.

The BOND MARKET will become the trigger. Why? The DEBT LOADING of nations and institutions is unsustainable. Everyone spending more than they make one day must rebalance. Institutions carrying total crap on their balance sheets as good assets – when they are non performing loans never to be repaid – is fraud – and the system must one day rebalance all those 100’s of trillions of dollars of non performing loans. The BOND MARKET this summer imploded. What does that mean. You missed it. World wide all news casters reported what you heard here first. THROW OUT ALL THE OLD RULE BOOKS – something entirely NEW IS HAPPENING. Only NONE OF THEM unlike all of YOU “know” What IS happening. New AI ECONOMICS with 10,000 SuPER MONEY POOLS and sovereign WEALTH FUNDS all waging AI war fare to get PROFITS for their pools of money in a totally insane economic broken antique never upgraded 1700 theory construction of I WIN YOU LOSE economics. Which can never be stable or end well. Until we upgrade.

Inside the NEW AI ECONOMICS that took control from central banks and nations we see the new reality in the largest market – DEBT – underwriting all industry and all nations. All nations and all industry are DEBT SLAVES in a system that is economic insanity as to its core rules. Made possible by GREEDY ELITES who understand the system they created to control absolutely POWER. The system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Ignorance by the public keeps the POWERFUL consolidating power until ECONOMICS ITSELF melts down the systemic instability when the GREEDY ELITES took their own mantra – POWER = PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH – way too far. Which is unfolding now – and again as we human seems to learn nothing from history in our endless crazy Game of Thrones with one another. Gosh there just has to be a better way – which is WHY as an economist investment bankers I WROTE REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( backordered since 2010 release – best seller 5 star rated they fill em quick ) and written for those who wish to JOIN A REAL REVOLUTION and improve things replacing competitive economic theory modeling with cooperative economic theory modeling a first for humanity – a better way. The ELITES in a system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY are not supporting a new model of THE MANY FOR THE MANY because they lose power. Perception of losing power is the motivation for all that creates social instability.

The BOND MARKET is how the central banks owned by the banks not the state – control world everything – through DEBT. The BOND MARKET IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING – bank interest – and debt. The largest outlay of most nations is debt payments including the USA. The the real OWNERS – the Lenders. The tallest building in town is owned by the BANK. The OWNERS are the lenders. That is your system> THE OWNERS less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS have all the power through DEBT. But now something terrifying and NEW for the OWNERS has occurred just this summer. On their mega yachts in the MED right now as summer ends they are chit chatting about this NEW. They have no clue why. They now now – first time folks – they have lost control of the BOND DEBT MARKETS OF THE WORLD TO NEW AI ECONOMICS. Just as we told you first right here. The system core instability event has begun.

Oh to be sure I see new ALL TIME SUCKER RALLIES AND NEW HIGHS IN THE MAJORITY OF ASSET CLASSES so bet on into the casino capitalism at your own RISK into AI moving forward. But keep a sharp eye on German and EU debt and CHINA DEBT the system killer in our opinion – as risk without a trade deal and fast. Which China making policy in the rear vision mirror can’t see the PETERBILT THEIR NATION IS ABOUT TO SLAM IN TO STOPPED DEAD AHEAD RACING AT 120 miles an hour in their DEBT made in China little economic car. BAM.

You can not speak CENTRAL BANK so you miss it. This weekend the IMF trying not to PANIC BOND MARKETS to the core stated – if China does not make a trade deal soon – and they won’t looking backward – then massive stimulus into CHINA economically is required and NOW in 2019 to stay ahead of this DEBT LOADING. China spends 30)% more than it makes and over decades this has mounted up in bad bond debts. It is not sustainable economically. You can eat your Wheaties and order GO LARGE – but denial will not help you in forward bond markets. You can’t spend 300% more than you earn forever.

All economic abuse ( bond markets first ) must one day rebalance – true in AI economics and exceeding their programing as no given allowance for the SUPER CRASH of global BOND MARKETS has been made – precisely like Wall Street and all STREETS had zero models for real estate and sub prime GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN THE ECONOMIC RABBIT HOLE FOR YEARS. The casino capitalism risk less risk model is fatally flawed in core engineering and the SUPER CHANGE is unfolding too fast for SEC in present form and authority to over sight the globalized AI market place. No oversight or rules to unfolding entirely NEW AI ECONOMICS.

DE-LINKAGE. The FIRST SUPER CHANGE this summer is BOND MARKETS are not de-linked from all charts and performance criteria of past economic models. The Bond markets are behaving in ways that are no longer predictable. The central bank and the FED is now in full on trade wars which THIS SUMMER morphed into two front economic TRADE WARS AND CURRENCY WARS BETWEEN ALL NATIONS. The YUAN has lost 1.6% percent of its dollar value last week. China poured enormous sums ( all lost in flash trading to markets ) as the WORLD “AI” MARKET CONTROLS THE YUAN TODAY and MRAS IS NOT HELPING MORGAN PROFIT ON THE NEW FRONTIER OUTSIDE PROGRAMING PARAMETERS of their engineers and now AI itself. Project 1.6% for more weeks – how far does the YUAN fall from does it go to 15 yuan to one dollar which means less than one yuan to a dollar by %? We told the following:

  1. China is super crashing in every measured sector – service and manufacturing state and consumer spending.
  2. This first ever SUPER CRASHING is an economic SUPER CHANGE FOR CHINA state central planners who lack tools and capacity to stay ahead – looking in the rear vision mirror of economics – they make errors driving into the economic stalled PETERBILT TRUCK ahead. REACTIVE ECONOMICS IS FAILED ECONOMICS IN NEW AI ECONOMICS. A theory model for Yale and Harvard to unfold next. China has lost control of its economics.
  3. The Super Crashing China elevates debt loading stresses that risk a economic SUPER CRASH in China commencing with BOND MARKETS into REAL ESTATE. Remember you heard this 2016 first and repeated to now – with 2021 our RISK RED LINE YEAR If not before.
  4. The IMF stated this weekend such an instability event would  challenge the core world order.
  5. CURRENCY WARS are the final economic wars that destabilize core systems with excessive bond debt loading.

No one knows what will happen next. I don’t. It is all new AI economics. My best guess studying this the longest and being the most advanced in new AI ECONOMICS advising nations on the risk issues and DEBT RESETTING ( search this site for SUPER BONDS the only fix to the sovereign nation rising DEBT CRISES in the market – but time is a factor in execution of the fix – book market that page if you wish to help ).

My best guess:

  1. Super Volatility – into the election year with worst still far into 2020 and the – super nasty war level election 2020.
  2. Record year end portfolio AI wealth adjustments to value in all asset classes for profit maximization this year.
  3. Wild card – trade deals – up or down – read the prior blog on WORLD WAR III which presents war economic models
  4. De-linkage of all asset class modeling in 2020 from pre AI economic modeling as AI is Super Changing
  5. Presidential economics – if Biden wins a slow new Super Crash unfolds eventually – long time out – If Trump wins the economics are prosperity globally with no nation left behind – as we pull back from the war brink ( maybe ) risk unknown in fact. Not predictable.

THE BOND MARKET is a long term watch and will be your canary in the mine with SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT DEFAULTING IN BOND MARKETS GLOBALLY – alerting us all to the world wide SUPER CRASH – which can be averted by not without G 100 economic cooperation and which of you see THAT taking place right now. The EU is imploding. MASSIVE STIMULUS RISK BETTING IS TAKING PLACE NOW. Bank reserves are being relaxed to lend more – nations are infusing cash – buying bonds – moving 20 trillion to NEGATIVE INTEREST ( free money again like ten years back ) and in AI economics FREE MONEY fails to stimulate as NEW LAWS were never passed – so that NEW FREE MONEY IS USED IN WILD SPECULATIONS IN CASINO CAPITALISM BY AI CREATING SUPER BUBBLES STARTING WITH DEBT SUPER BUBBLES that make the GREAT DEPRESSION look like an economic three year birthday party.

Blow out the candles and make a wish.

August to October – no one knows – its all brand spanking new and fully UNLINKED with new forward rules being written at warp speed while all 10,000 SUPER MONEY pool leaders and nations look the rear vision mirror to drive economics into the future. Do you feel safer or less safe in the core system today then you in 2005?

To you feel more risk and instability but you had limited information on the WHY? These two blogs tell my readers the WHY. My blog on WORLD WAR III is supported by third party documentation from leading global journalistic research to confirm my WORLD WAR III REPORT. I tell YOU all two steps to safe harbor yourself:

  1. Sell out of stocks and bonds at peak and reposition into the highest legal returns permitted by law over any measured time frame within what I call diversified insurance investing – with the top leading insurance providers who paid out when banks were closed in the 1930’s. Sleep like a baby behind SAFE HARBOR. Next Peak do that.
  2. Register and use tax bucks to attend CEO SPACE September 28th in Dallas Texas to assure in a larger cooperative community of business OWNERS and Professionals in 150 nations – coming together in COMMUNITY – you will have superior options to profit in the last quarter SUPER CYCLE and into 2020 – Press Ranked as the # 1 Conference in the world you can not afford to miss 2010 -2020 – for all the profit making reasons. There is safety in numbers and DELAY IS THE ENORMOUS COST no reader can actually afford to PAY TODAY.

If you act you attract. If you delay you pay.

You are all so smart. You’ll figure out your own game plan. If you wish to upgrade your brain core software from all the lies to the absolute TRUTH as KNOWLEDGE IS POWER if and only IF YOU HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE AND ACT UPON THAT KNOWLEDGE – I would read the books presented in my prior blog as if my economic safe harbor depended on that information. Do not believe me. Do not trust me. Do not take my word for anything. Get hard documented data proofs. From third party authors ( Global Best sellers ) that all prior PRESIDENTS OF THE USA have read. Now it IS your turn to trade up buggy awful brain software downloaded by folks you don’t even know. Replace lies with TRUTH its just a few books and you have the POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE for your own circle you cherish and love.

My goal is to keep you in power – and safer in turbulent times of SUPER CHANGE. You have to do something to step ahead and protect your PERSONAL ECONOMY – or your driving in the rear view mirror and the crash when it hits you will total your PERSONAL ECONOMY – or not. KNOW THAN GO and act while others are asleep at the wheel thinking the economy is a safe self driving car.


Economics is unforgiving for error.


PS: Bond markets are not predictable – unlinked – AI controlled entirely – super volatile in currency wars central banks lack capacity to moderate today – which from debt foundational economics to everything leads to slow creep of market turbulence unseen from pre AI economics. Everything Monday is NEW folks it is just absolutely NEW.