• Game Plan Kevin Freeman
  • The Secret Weapon ( Kevin Freeman ( DOD contracted advisor )
  • THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – global 2019 best seller – documents the economics – of the war planners



Over twenty years a political seeding was laid in place to win the war by war Planner Putin. Putin the world MASTER WAR PLANNER – a top five wealth elite himself – invested his AXIS of Evil coordinated war planning OF COLLECTIVE TRILLIONS OVER DECADES THE LARGEST WAR INVESTMENT OF ALL TIME AND HISTORY  – to soften the under belly of the Dragon ( the western alliances non communist nations ). They seeded into:

  • Public education removing CIVICS and education on communism from public education
  • They supported massively factions that were socialist throughout western nations especially America
  • They maximally divided these factions fracturing the unity of nations especially America as culture generational
  • They maximized wealth transfer to their side – 1 trillion every two years to China and with high oil to Russia Ditto
  • They used their wealth to create first AI war hackers at state level and hacked all advanced plans and IP from their enemy ( 100% of Western advanced technology hardware software and war technology all successfully hacked as a war plan from Putin he won ).
  • They used that wealth to step weapons ahead of the West and AI ahead of the west as a to date winning war plan
  • As their AI became self developing to a point their war games stated they could win and how they went to war 2007
  • World WAR III began with the first AI attack on Western Markets with AI DIGITAL WAR – our first – and we lost 100 trillion in the west and Putins side made trillions to further fully fund their war – Ukraine was just a test of the war plan

The Western system almost was destroyed in September 2007. The attack continued making trillions for the AXIS OF EVIL war planners into 2008 – until our team ( with our CEO SPACE advice directly from day one – did what we suggested day one – statng first it was a first ever AI digital  attack ( the entire DOD knows this so well today ) – not market as usual – to wit: the G 100 finally made all global short selling a crime for 120 days and the weapon ceased to fire ). Our Digital Pearl Harbor was financially and has cost the west 100 trillion dollars and debt loading no one knows yet if we can survive economically. We have been weakened. By The First Digital War. Our team did not believe us at first and it took forever to get the fact to the short selling block to the AI war weapon – which stopped it. Finally. But the cost was way greater than we needed as all Pearl Harbor surprise attacks are. IT WAS WAR.

We have created the DOD Cyber Warfare Command center as a response and we are catching up quick. Are we even? Are we ahead? No one knows. Not yet. The War is second by AI second with attacks by AI only AI can defend against. THE LARGEST ARMS RACE IN HUMAN HISTORY IS UNFOLDING AND IT IS ALL DIGITAL WORLD WAR III FULLY ENGAGED AND AI. THE AI ARMS RACE.

When you see the wild swings in all global markets  – ( non historic off all charts volatility ) make no mistake economic war is profiting our enemies. Digital battles are being fought globally. Daily in our markets to weaken us our system and maximally profit our attackers. Sanctions mean nothing. North Korea with PUTIN AI WEAPONS OF MASS ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION MED – HAVE HACKED TWO BILLION IN 24 months from our banks and Crypto ( all exchanges ) markets – think our sanctions effect the NORTH KOREAN Nuke Program PUTIN is creating for them and funding for them by crime? IT IS AI WAR FOLKS . WE HAVE BEEN LOSING THIS WAR.  The Enemies AI has since 2007:

  • Planted AI trojans in all our power water communication and distribution grids. Waiting for War Activations.
  • All our data bases
  • When triggered the WEST STOPS worse than a Nuke Strike.
  • No records – who owns what when?
  • No communication and its not coming back on.
  • No power and its not coming back on
  • No distribution it all stops – what does 30 million in LA do – when there is no more food or toilet paper none coming?
  • Code was tested in power grids North East – entire nations Venezuela – Argentina – New York – sewerage and water from India to Pakistan – and these WAR TESTS are being carried on endlessly in prep for 2020 – Iran took out UK travel software are Heathrow entirely this month because UK took their fully loaded tanker. WAR PLANNERS are not playing around folks. THESE ARE JUST TESTS and they all work flawless. ENTIRE NATIONS brought down at a click speed. YOU ARE ENGAGED IN WORLD WAR III and ordering burger kings. BInge watching. Putin is counting on you.

We have never fought an AI digital war before. Russia states – PUTIN THE WAR PLANNER STATES – that – the one nation who wins the AI war will control the world. As Putin’s best brains hack all our advanced AI and start going better from there at our bleeding edge code from that high point in war time while we all watch GAME OF THRONES – I mean are we that stupid we are going to lose our nation asleep at the self driving car of AmerIca? Are we passengers in our nation or can we retake the steering wheel IN WORLD WAR III and I mean all of us uniting to win the war.

Puti is doing it just like STALIN  did with Nuke plan theft in the early days – the AXIS OF EVIL STEALS AND LIES. Snowden is PUTINS WAR TROPHY.  All NSA top secret everything including the code to run the AI. WAR IS HELL. The axis of evil is fully united and we are at war. Their war plan is documented ( by them ) in the books we present to you here. The new mind software their entire war game plan is FULLY KNOWN but will you all wake up globally and read the TRUTH. That is what PUTIN COUNTS ON YOU ALL NOT EVER DOING.

Until it is way too late. When IS WAY TOO LATE? Oh this time next year world. THE WORLD WAR IS LOST OR WON from this weekend to one year from now. REMEMBER how accurate this blog site has been as our long time readers well know. First. Accurate. Precision. Global. Nothing but the truth so help us GOD. For you. Just for you. Bank on this. Read the books. UPGRADE YOUR MENTAL SOFTWARE. Print. read carefully. Underline. Make a things to do list in the margin. Do not scan delete this on line WAR NEWS. You know the truth when your done reading. YOU KNOW.

America’s ignorance of the WORLD WAR III is by far PUTIN’s  greatest strength. China’s master peice THE ART OF WAR suggests as you soften and prepare your enemy for your harvest that they do not even know you are their enemy or that you are engaged in a full on war plan to utterly DESTROY them all is inside PUTIN MASTER WAR PLANS your greatest strength. I suppose the nation that wrote that book has become a kola bear today? Americans living 30 miles around a burger king and go large with that shake need to WAKE UP PRETTY SOON. The world believes THE USA  have all this….and have a game plan. READ GAME PLAN and you will see WHY we do not. We are running out of time to get a WINNING GAME PLAN. We are finally gaining on it. But we have a PUTIN congress and a Putin Fed working against the winning game plan to take PUTIN’s plan OUT once and for all. WAR IS HELL FOLKS and today it is multi front shooting and Digital all at once. Its about to fully engage – trust me from the CHINA SEA to Ukraine to the GULF – trust me. WATCH THE PUTIN WAR PLAN PULL ALL STOPS OUT unless i 2019 the economic pain Trump is inflicting as threat brings them to a trust and verify table to survive our own winning counter WAR PLAN now rapidly rising up.

Folks…we are losing WORLD WAR III in total ignorance. The Socialist democrats and the press have been 30 years invaded, carefully taken over and are with all the best beliefs and intentions – having no clue about this war in fact IS -manipulated by AI they are  united to create a socialist victory for the destruction of what was America in all our all or nothing war victory election 2020. The war planner red line – all in – total out to victory is ( this is not political this is economic WORLD WAR III all documented in facts by the books that set you free of PUTIN war software  ) – SOCIAL DEMOCRACY led by socialist press fake news all the way ( communist 101 war planning winning right now ) – and BIDEN their leader as the deal is in and  the fix is  fully made. Keep in mind those making these deals believe in the NEW SOCIALIST AMERICA is best outcome and future for the world. Putin wins. No shots fired.


The war cost oceans of money. The war planners created the money for the war plan by raising oil as a hidden wealth transfer tax on the entire population for the world – led by PUTIN who controls OPEC really. Putin the oil nation – a one off economic nation – PETRO NATION – needed OIL artificially higher for 30 years – looking like it was never him – so OPEC was the chip on his war planner table for war financing. That wealth transfer moved trillions into Russia for weapons into the war AI weapons and nuke and delivery weapons. China under PUTIN WAR PLAN rose its wealth transfer from the USA with Nixon never seeing PUTIN coming ( he wasn’t in power in the 1970’s but he developed his war plan with Nixon’s work ) to a point of 1 trillion every two years – funding the most advanced weapon and AI hacking in the world. Stealing the wealth of the world China in the war plan sharing with RUSSIA no matter of Russian trained AI – using AI to hack – first ever in war -an AI arms race every 90 days now – shared hacks from Iran North Korea China and RUSSIA as a united war plan to steal 100 trillion dollars of wealth from intellectural property of all weapons systems and defense systems and plans – they have them all – and all our advanced technology from TESLA to SPACE. The books provided here define the war plan and document the hacks and super document the LIES. Once you know everything coming from nations at WAR are lies – you stop believing XI and Putin. In war they united their people against the USA as if we were attacking the RUSSIAN and CHINESE PEOPLE. In 2007 they fired the first digital AI weapon into our markets ( from our own stolen code ) and almost destroyed the western economic system. They profited to tens of trillions to assure war financing was underwritten – profiting from digital AI Pearl Harbor as we were creating the DOD CYBERWARE COMMAND CENTER via my buddy Phylis Newhouse. Bin Laden and 911 was economic and PUTIN war planned execution by Bin Ladin. He expressed PUTINS MASTER WAR PLAN on video – we can not defeat your military power – but we see your SUPER POWER as smoke into the wind ( as with new AI digital weapons ) we can and we will BANKRUPT YOU. The war plan.

Finally one President and his team – clear as a bell about WORLD WAR III are acting into FULL WAR ENGAGEMENT against Putin. Putin has been unable to box Trump as he once thought.  The rising war effort is attempting to turn the tide of total loss since 2007 –  and we are not winning yet – some battles finally but surely not the WAR we have lost for 30 years in 2019 – no not winning the war – by far not winning yet –  but trying to: to rapidly catch up and pass PUTIN’s war plan – as we now know the war plan and the books lay it all out for you and our DOD is fully aware of that data:


The strategic gains we have made in just two years – have been more leveling to the listing USA WAR SHIP OF STATE and the WESTERN NATO WAR ALLIANCE – in just two years – than in all 20 years when both were tipping into the sea forever following 2007. Putins War Plan seeks to:

  • Divide the EU maximally Divide the USA maximally. Plan 101 decades in execution trillions invested in AI and press.
  • Divide Asia his side or our side
  • Divide the world HIS SIDE our OUR SIDE
  • Divide and Weaken Nato at any cost ( see Turkey as example ) of Putin WINNING the WORLD WAR III

NO WE ARE NOT WINNING THE WAR – see PAKISTAN AND INDIA – SEE TURKEY AND IRAN. PUTIN’S WAR PLAN IS UNFOLDING. SEE ITALY TODAY. See the Gulf. See the Balkans ( get smart read Tom Clancy and Brad Thors top 10 New York times best sellers this MONTH on WORLD WAR THREE from the books suggested here hard data ).  THE WAR IS BEING FOUGHT HOURLY TODAY AND IS ECONOMIC SOCIAL POLITICAL ALL IN PUTIN WAR PLAN UNFOLDING – MORE FRONTS THAN ANY WAR AND BOTH SHOOTING DIGITAL AND AI FIRST EVER WAR. Violence in America is part of war plan division of Americans maximally into 2020 – much more is coming – 8 Web sites all of em and Dark Web are AXIS OF EVIL PLAY GROUNDS. The War is racing into 5 G when war planning AI has blocks and stops not possible before. With 4 billion devices switching over – CHINA wants its TOTAL AI CONTROL of the internet of things – as Huawie operating WAR SYSTEM back doors all our use to AI – technology is Putin War Master Plan folks – and he has been caught by Trumps team with his hand in the AI cookie Jar – as CHINA and the Putin at full war lie – Huawei is state war plan now blocked by TRUMP. Their true colors showed with total integration to all on line 5 g everything if you use their technology you prep what outcome in the war? Oh read on we’ll tell you WHAT IS THE PUTIN MIND MAPPING GAME PLAN FOR YOUR BRAIN. WAR IS HELL and WORLD WAR III IS FULLY UNFOLDING SINCE 2007 – while the world binge watches mindless crap selling to consumers.


  1. 2007 THE FIRST AI DIGITAL WEAPON almost destroys the system with bank failure and system melt down entirely. Putin AI Digital Pearl Harbor –  Game won.  GW BUSH oh how could this have happened to Paulsen who had no clue at all? Suprise attack. They made untold trillions where later  sanctions are 100’s of millions only  – so what. They won the digital pearl harbor and took home their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we had zero weapons to fight back or protect ourselves or our people. Deny this because you won’t read a few books to learn the truth of the real world war III your residing inside of this weekend snacking on something. Every person in leadership in DC has read the books. They know we lobby up there. Game Plan documents why no one is doing anything but reacting. Game Plans sets up why your nation has no NATIONAL GAME PLAN with a united WAR CONGRESS within a fully UNITED AMERICA. Putin wins on social fracturing of American and EU unity at core. Decades of the WAR PLAN investing. Now AI plants mental software in billions connected a WAR FIRST for the mental conditioning in war. Never before in human history. A WAR FIRST. You benefit from books suggested here which replace PUTIN SOFTWARE with the TRUTH. Bug free virus free software. Your awareness alters with upgraded software when TRUTH REPLACES LIES. The download is at AMAZON it is your mind. Chose.
  2. STATE AI HACKING at free will with tools stolen and war hardened by PUTIN War planners. Asleep at the wheel the war planners hacked every three letter agency including the NSA – all data bases including Social Security – from the White House to the CIA with snowden from FBI to unknown agencies – all 100% no exceptions – now with PUTIN – nothing is sacred of SAFE DIGITALLY FROM PUTIN WAR AI TODAY – all defense contractors and their plans from ships at seas TO SPACE To SPACE FORCE to Cheyenne Mountain –  to twenty minute stealth hyper cruise missiles – our most advanced plans all in the war winning  enemy hands and then improved from that starting point – we were 50 years ahead now the PUTIN  war planners are ahead of us. The AI theft is on going and endless battling. Hourly. Daily. You read all about it but you fail to integrate it is a PUTIN WAR PLAN working and winning. YOU FAIL TO UNDERSTAND WORLD WAR III FULLY ENGAGED AS AI IN 2007 and IN UKRAINE TESTED WHAT IS COMING NEXT TO REBUILD THE SOVIET UNION AND WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER SOCIALISM AND PUTIN. The PUTIN WAR PLAN has been massively winning against all comers to date.
  3. INDUSTRY – From Huawei ripping off Apple ( just came out with their own stolen from us operating system in 90 days how do you think those boys did that in 90 days folks ? TODAY A WAR WIN FOR CHINA and they track all internet of things to social score your coffee use to your light switch just like their AI tracks all humans every click and button in China and scores you or the thought police drop by your home to adjust your behavior to China standards or the camps or death – WAR PLANNING  – coming to you in AMERICA AND US  next folks ( buy their China phone and lose the war buy Apple and win the war its true really – simple or Samsung ) – to their own Golden Arches with all the software Wal Mart rip off’s now  – all hacked from AMAZON ( see their rip off firms from ALIBABA to new teslas starting with Musk plans ) – we are at war world war III is AI digital military political economic and social all at once  – and we are STILL  losing – and the world believes we are dealing with good and fair folks who are simply KILLING US ALL ON ALL FRONTS OF THE PUTIN WAR PLAN – and wish to politically be one world government under a SOCIALIST RULING ELITE with two caesars XI FOR LIFE IN CHINA and we’ll see if PUTIN for Life in Russia as Putin never leaves the war plan. As Russia in the war plan moves to reclaim the Soviet UNION and its full strength what will we do really? Putin is counting on us doing what we always do. Watch re-runs of GAME OF THRONES  and GO LARGE on that SHAKE please as the war is won in fact as America is PUTIN WAR PLAN maximally divided and kept divided. A Divided America in politics of hatred and disrespect ( so not us historically ) has now become the greatest  war win for PUTIN’s war plan. From 2007 to 2016 PUTIN was fully not opposed in any way by any leader in America –  as the PUTIN MASTER  war plan was a denial from us there even was a MASTER WAR PLAN until AI PEARL HARBOR In 2007 when the war was fully engaged – save from KEVIN and myself as early warning 2006 –  within our own  CEO SPACE massive global foot print in the international business environment with our global hard WAR PLAN  data arriving from Moscow itself from those who have died now  – our internal access to some intel via our CEO  members – and data gathering Kevin I in horror compared notes over. Brad Thors book take the worst of our own  war research to NOVELS we suggest you buy and read them all as they are historic – researched as Tom Clancy and Brad are trying to ring your dinner bell on the REAL WAR. But your binge watching at home. Go large on that diet coke. What WORLD WAR III what – roll Tide beat Auburn.

No one wants to panic markets ( under constant war economic attack to destroy western economics ). As in 1929 the OTHER SHOE HAS YET TO DROP. But in 2020 all shoes are dropping on TRUMP being defeated to win THE PUTIN WAR PLAN. Unless enough economic pain from TRUMPS counter war plan elevates before March 2020 to secure a trust and verify war truce for PUTIN economic survival as the TRUMP THREAT BACK TO RUSSIA IS MASSIVE TODAY and winning in China facing deal or a SUPER CRASH. Putin mis calculated the WAR PLAN IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: TRUMP STEPPED UP THE WAR TO PUTIN DIRECTLY:

  1. Oil – The PUTIN MBS age 28 2014 oil wars to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION failed. Trump won the oil wars and Trump has taken Putin and OPEC to shreds. America controls oil price and OIL falling to 50 dollars is crushing PETRO NATION RUSSIA to the bone marrow into recession. World War III Battle won. Will Putin or China give MBS a nuke to fire at Iran? Next 2020 one of many unknown war volley’s as MBS has a secret missile field all ready for the nuke nose cone to Tehran. Iran must fight that threat from MBS unless we protect them absolutely which requires MBS be taken out by Saudi itself. PUTIN wins depending on that. In that theater unfolding right now.
  2. China – the Wealth Transfer to China is crashing. China is economically down worst math right now this summer in 20 years. China risks a FULL ON SUPER CRASH. Will it war with TAIWAN to defeat TRUMP in 2020 before it goes into SUPER CRASH. The risk of the war ( given the nuke pile of China ) is that our strikes would move China back to the stone age. One hour. Trump is not messing around and they all know without BIDEN the PUTIN WAR PLAN is now at risk finally. Trump is winning the economic wars in China seeking a deal trust and verify.
  3. Trump has stopped using AI the AI theft of the nations secrets and attacks massive cost and destruction in AI back to those even trying it. Still they shut our power grids. Its battle at a time folks. AI to AI. WORLD WAR III IS THE FIRST AI DIGITAL WAR IN HUMAN HISTORY.
  4. Space Force is creating a DEFENSIVE OFFENSIVE WINNING WAR TECHNOLOGY THAT FOUR MORE TRUMP YEARS SECURES FOR 100 YEARS OF WAR WINNING OUTCOMES. Putin must stop Trump and get him out and Biden in – 2020 to win the PUTIN WAR PLAN. It  is all out war on that one item.
  5. Trump built up NATO – allies – weapons countering PUTIN WAR PLANS and even tactical nukes in EU and Asia with growing missile defenses with a growing tide the USA may WIN a real war and PUTIN MAY REALLY LOSE A REAL WAR as the USA war SHIP comes upright into the wind with entirely NEW AI advantages. PUTIN never expected a TWO YEAR ramp up at that level nor the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS he bought and paid for would in majority vote in MAJORITY In 2019 – TO KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN with a massive TWO YEAR BUDGET – TRUMP ENORMOUS WAR WIN just in this last month and shock to PUTIN WAR PLANNERS. SHOCK AND AWE. You can know how large this is. Only the FED is working for PUTIN and against TRUMP to assure a socialist one world banking government the criminal bankers control and own the money supply of with the socialist hitler leadership. WAR ON. MERGE THE CRIMINAL BANKER OWNED FED BACK INTO TREASURY AND WE WIN THE PUTIN WAR ALL AT ONCE. Congress read the books.



So what is coming in Putins Master War Plan DECADES into the plan and trillions  upon trillions WAR PLAN invested. Lets review the list:

  1. 2020 is the year to look like your doing things with Trump to suck voters in to vote against Trump a war plan strategic dis-intermediation and information ploy. Move Voters away from Trump as a Putin kiss ass – all WAR GAME THEORY from the communist backing BIDEN. WAR ENGAGED 2020 election. AI manipulation on.
  2. 2020 is the election year socialist journalism is in control of 90% of media. Game to Putin.
  3. 2020 is the year socialism is the majority of the social democratic party to win the war decades in the making
  4. America is divided amply as is the EU to win the socialistic agenda. Once and for all. Rise up violence blame Trump.
  5. Putin seeks to win Biden and social congress majority in 2020 and that then is forever and no turning back. Biden is the savior socialist solutions. Trump is the evil that must be moved out to win the PUTIN WAR PLAN at all cost.

The outcome if PUTIN WINS the election –  will destroy American economics over time – reduce America dominance – the plot of the documentation to the Putin War Plan for the entire world  of socialist war planning laid bare in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. Why? Because only with America reduced in its influence and power can the outcome of ONE WORLD CURRENCY ONE WORLD SOCIALISM GOVERNMENT BE GLOBALLY REALIZED in Putins lifetime. The war plan is fully engaged today. The BOOKS document the Putin Master WAR PLAN and the full documentation is in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – the world war III manifesto maater plan laid bare from oceans of hard data.

Putin is preparing for a real war, regional at first, and with regional nuke horror, will next  creep into his MASTER WAR PLAN especially and fast surprising BIDEN –  if we can’t win in 2020 we can STILL  take America down. Putin’s war plan has multiple fronts to do so in one hour without nuking our cities.

Putin is in the AXIS OF EVIL preparing to win against America politically economically and for ever in the 2020 election or if he loses which they given the money being invested in Biden next year and the muti front total take down of Trump in the public mind – on so many attack fronts March to October just watch how accurate this all becomes in an election that is not an election it is PUTIN MASTER WAR PLAN – full  war and we are losing – the war – Putin has plan B which is FIRST STRIKE TAKE DOWN without Nukes and if needed enough NUKES to finish it keeping most of USA assets for his peace deal and they won. Absolutely new world order and PUTIN rules with XI his liege LORD and the world is theirs.

Everything is unfolding according to the war plan.Because you won’t read the most important books in the world presented here as PUTIN invests to insure utterly  your voter ignorance and fake brain software given to you by war planners you do not know nor can you recall – but it is all your core belief and real for you – as war planner excel at emotional capital – anchored in your brain software – which they studied far more than addiction to video games is studied by mindless crap sellers – world wide. The war planners using advanced brain sciences – Russia invented remote viewing and brain conditioning – with new advanced AI tools the world has never seen before. Folks – I’d like to report the CAMPS IN CHINA are war planner human experiments on the most extreme HUMAN MIND CONDITIONING AND BRAIN WASHING for 1.5 million human brains ever under taken in Human history. The war plan AI uses that data coming in daily to assure brain conditioning for 300 million in America and 500 million in EU is under their WAR PLAN INFLUENCE. Degrading your mind by engineering. All wars use propaganda. AI with billions on line has now mind conditioning mental software not possible in prior WARS. You are all WAR PLAN conditioned. The books reset your mental software. TRUTH FROM LIES. Your brain knows the truth over lies.

If all at war WESTERN READERS shared this blog and a billion subscribed – and read the books  – your mind would set your free. YOU WOULD UNITE and we would win the war. The Putin Software would delete. War software being loaded on every outlet of input you can click see or read. IT IS DIGITAL AI WAR for your mind and for your 2020 vote. THIS IS WORLD WAR III.



Russia and China are testing BRAIN WASHING to conform brain software to desired software belief and state for all humanity to state desired culture outcomes. THIS IS THE MATRIX FOR REAL.

For larger populations. They are testing over 2 million people they arrest like SS Storm Troopers in Nazis Germany. Regular folks just like you and I but who with their family and circles monitored now by AI – and  who disagree with the war plan and the Chinese or Russia war plan policies. Over 2 million RUSSIA AND CHINA “WAR TESTING MIND CONTROL CAMPS )  are now subject to BRAIN SOFTWARE RESETTING using the most advanced AI that tracks every day – every word – body movement and facial gestures for attitude and emotional replies – until they get the outcome from BRAIN SOFTWARE INFUSIONS ( the new weapon of war ) to mass comply large populations. The new brain conditioning is beyond anything we possess of have and is being TESTED ON MILLIONS OF HUMANS to win the WORLD WAR III and rapidly conform and control 8 billion humans as the STATE culture manuals define. BRAIN SOFTWARE IS NOW AN AI engineering – humans are losing all control and no one is just like six million jews – doing a damn thing. NOT ONE DAMN THING and this TESTING ON RAW HUMAN BRAINS is creating A WEAPON OF WAR ALL HUMANITY HAS NEVER KNOWN BEFORE. The ultimate outcome is to reset brains – all 8 billion – in 5G – without anyone knowing it was ever done at all. In seconds all humanity – first ever – truly possible and coming from the PUTIN WAR PLAN – and time is running out – they are TESTING ON LIVE HUMANS. THEY ARE RESETTING BRAIN SOFTWARE GLOBALLY with social engineering using AI as a PUTIN WAR PLAN against us. If we unite we win. If we divide we lose. WAR IS HELL. Now yoiu know – your belief and software is WAR PLAN to divide us. Read the books and your software resets.A BILLION NEED TO TO RESET – will you help? Or are you too far gone?

Why? TEST 2 MILLION RISING TO 5 MILLION – as these same tools are applied rapidly to 1.5 billion in China and as fast as PUTIN can to the entire Russian population – and marches by the 1000’s in RUSSIA are moved to their BRAIN RESETTING CAMPS you never hear about.  TESTING growing the AI effects – resetting brains forever. CONTROLLING MINDS forever. IT IS  PUTINS WINNING  WAR PLAN. As with Hitler we watch in denial and appeasement. How did that work out for 100’s of millions deader than a door nail for no good reason what so ever?

These tools will be used in the EU and America to remove all software of minds that oppose the WAR WINNERS. Those installing  the MIND CONTROLS will be monitored for everything – seen in restrooms and showers total AI monitoring even your facial expressions – no secret message passing – this human experiment – IS THE WORLDS FIRST AI MIND CONTROL for large populations conquested in the entire ages of all human history. Using stolen AI from the USA to advance mind control beyond what was possible before modern brain sciences. Subjects are monitored as to brain state and brain firings in real time by DIODE IMPLANTING on most advanced subjects using TESLA hacks to do so and NIH hacks from advanced research and in London.

The goal is 100% brain state compliance. Assuring the most hostile brain thinkers have new software and the thinking is now the way the STATE DESIRES with 100% reliability on RESETTERS. Resetters are the brain slaves of the state. Cradle to grave consumers loyal – orderly – compliant – with values that are pre set by the state software planners. Today tests are being developed to:

  1. Preclude unwanted thoughts as in new software unwanted thoughts trigger human pain and are repeatedly avoided.
  2. Chip diode embedding that warns of repeating unwanted thoughts which trigger pain to preclude such thinking and first give massive pleasure to thinking correctly.
  3. Warning of any who by pass these core software installations. Brain chemistry is monitored to chip convey if a brain is exceeding state thresholds – chips make wrong thinking unbearable and massively reward right thinking with pleasure. Those mental conditioning final war fare tests are being done in the camps. All devices will integrate with these new brain chips to be injected in the WAR moving to the next phase. THE CAMPS ARE TESTING HUMAN MIND CONTROL ON SCALES HILTER NEVER IMAGINED. Deny that while millions are in test to win the war so you can binge watch forever. And ever. More.

These BRAIN EXPERIMENTS in the war plan include work to directly induce desired software to brains. Said another way – as brains become real time back up – for our own immortality – which Putin is massively trying to jump ahead of Tesla in outcomes -because REAL TIME BRAIN BACK UP is immortality for PUTIN and 66 YEAR OLD  XI and we are closer and closer TO WINNING THAT ASPECT OF THE MIND AI WAR FARE – while before that the forced implanting ( the real mark of the real beast ) required for all commerce ( and total real time AI control of populations MINDS IN FACT  ) permits a DOWNLOAD INDUCTION TO THE BRAIN replacing all of 18 months of camp mind control mind resetting – with the new induction software – frequency resonance –  in a fraction of a second. NEW BRAIN SOFTWARE for 8 billion people at a click. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE WAR PLAN. Compliant populations with loyal elites in control and those who at out in fully monitored by AI elites – get their brains reconditioned. The elites in the FEW against the many we all lose. To win the war your brain has to wake up and truly engage. Or deny .

The outcome of the war plan. Total world domination for socialism as the final form of ELITE control of the many – an insane system of thought – as all war is insane due to the virus of competition on human brains. Without competitive mid brain virus control of brains ( Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ) Putin could not think with XI the way they think and the way  believe. The virus of “competitive”  insanity has infected them. The war is being won and we are all losing.


You have no clue and do not believe you are engaged in war. If you believed this on line news reporting channel  was in fact true and totally accurate like the hardness of D FLAWLESS  Diamond you would take two war steps to win against the PUTIN WAR PLAN:

  1. You would read the books and make circulating the books urgent and repetitive on your walls and boards. You would become active in opposing the war and for a time you would vote against socialism and Putin put up war planning candidates.
  2. Second you would BOOK MARK this URL and you would circulate the truth about the war to massive viral audiences globally. Without that step the war plan press and facts you think are real – which are not real – will become your ownership of truth. We lose the war.
  3. You would subscribe and comment fostering a WAR COUNTER MOVEMENT of WE THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH against the PUTIN XI WAR PLAN now unfolding to 2020 completion.

The truth can never be stopped nor suppressed.

  • China has locked up 1.5 million for no crime and is testing war weaponized mass population mind controls
  • Russia went first with 1 million in its mind control camps
  • No press – no leaks no outrage – kind of like “oh Nazis are not slaughtering jews in camps how silly ) till it wasn’t.
  • The camps will exceed 10 million soon and entirely populations are being conditioned – mind conditioned. As outcome to the WAR GAME PLAN.

Putin is winning the war so easily.


Silly until it is not.



Trump and our DOD ( and this is lots of democrats and republicans working together folks ) are fighting these  wars today:

  1. Internal social democratic wars in nations rising to the once and for all 2020 election victory for Putin war planners at all and at every possible cost. Trade war is a shame for real war.
  2. External wars which are daily – multiple front AI digital attacks – and economic wars to deprive finally the war planners of AI access to now improving new AI and technology they can no longer access or hack as they did – in only two years a firewall finally and really – but its day to day – AI TO AI – full on AI wars –  with multiple front shooting wars to drain resources and weaken us all – economic wars to move the world to real recession and sink TRUMP who will be socialistically blamed for the recession when its is PUTIN WAR PLANNING WINNING – ( and our Fed works for Putin read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM as your software is not your own folks and what you feel when you read this is planted on your brain – war software ) – wake up to the truth of the war plan. Economics first.
  3. Political globally – weakening alliances and dividing the world maximally. SEE ITALY ( Balkans Gulf Pakistan India Africa EU )   – their lead  largest Italian bank is bankrupt  with massive runs on that bank this week and their lead Chairman of that bank just died of a heart attack over it ( really ? ) and now with economics crashing in ITALY will the 2020 debt defaulting tip the world into SUPER CRASH and another 2007 but far worse to assure BIDEN GETS IN and the TRUMP WAR PLANNERS catching up are OUT OUT OUT.  Putin War Plan sink Italy now moving to failed government and elections. ITS TIMED TO WAR PLAN a front for Trump new ones week to week in PUTINs stress TRUMP out plan. Forever out. As software opposing 30 years of American planted socialism ideals as new normal to tipping point voters. WAR WON. United to Biden. Hate Trump unite BIDEN. The WAR PLAN is mental.
  4. Economic – TRADE WARS – Trump is slashing income to China and Putin as counter strike to the war plans core economics and its working so fast their Heads are coming clean off. Trump is opposing rising AXIS OF EVIL war machine advances creating war zone barriers for Nato and allies that PUTIN WAR PLAN fails against. They have to GET TRUMP OUT IN 2020 – its all or nothing war plan. TRUMP IS SHOWING HE CAN WIN AND IS CATCHING UP TOO FAST . PUTIN IS PANIC CITY NOW.
  5. EU – Weakening BRITAIN with a PUTIN no new negotiation EU plan – weakens NATO weakens the US EU alliance with hard Britt Exit into 2020 right when PUTIN is winning forever war plan 2020 socialism elections world wide. The EU negotiating a STRONG MUTUAL ( no repercussion – easy in easy out – period – model for cooperation and cooperative capitalism ) greatly STRENGTHENS THE EU ENTIRELY and the no exit posture of today helps weaken the EU and the UK massively during the 2020 war game plan – winning precisely as planned. EU and Putin war plan.


Trump has moved in 2.5 years to dry up PUTIN WAR FUNDING as no President in 20 years. Oil is 50 bucks. Saudi Putin’s boy – has cut oil from 12 million barrels a day – to only 7. Even so oil is crashing for we told you all the world is drowning in oil. Putin AI is trying to control PRICE. Oil went up a tiny smidge today when the IEA reported the drop demand for oil is the most significant demand drop in 20 years. Stock piles at the reduced OPEC crashing down production and output are still rising. Demand for oil has PEAKED FOREVER as our charts are right and PUTIN war lies are wrong. Trump won with oil policy fighting Putin socialist to blog drilling block pipe lines block every possible threat to the war plan to raise oil prices. It has all failed. China is importing 250,000 American oil barrels a day. Do they pay higher cost and move to higher cost to refine oil from the Gulf war buddies ( 70% of Iran oil goes to China and if they raise it way up Trump takes more chips from their money pile from them costing trillions not billions the economic war is fully engaged now ). China will probably save bucks and buy American oil but as little as they have to to win the PUTIN  war in fact. Putin is all over it as his one off income is PETRO selling IS now in FULL TRUMP WAR VICTORY ECONOMIC distress. Russia economics once the size of New York state but crashing into full recession is in political mess PUTIN NEVER SAW COMING. 1000’s being shipped to brain wash camps now no fooling around. Stay tuned it is war. TRUMP IS KILLING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME AND PUTIN IS IN SHOCK AND AWE REACTING …TRUMP IS OPENING MULTIPLE WAR FRONTS NOW ON THE WAR PLANNERS FULL REVERSAL.

China mentored by Putin and the state theft of our most advanced war weapons is doing what with the war plan of a trillion dollars of wealth transfer into China from America every two years – with all that money. First they spend in war 300% more than they earn for over ten years. Their growth is a lie. Their growth is debt fueled and they care less about ever paying back those debts because when they win the war they bankrupt the Western Lenders defaulting. Thanks for all that cash you guys – fuck your broke and your wealth built the strongest military on earth with your own advanced innovations. We are the total AI nation and we win the war. FUCK YOU – you lost – asymmetrical warfare outlined in the books you never read in time – 2020 time – did you in. FUCK YOU AMERICA your broke now we are never paying wall street on those trillions never – not Citi Corp not Morgan and Chase not anyone. Your all wiped up. We have the money and your paper notes – laughing as we go into depression and our banks all close – WAR IS HELL AMERICA you lose. Camps are next.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND FEEL ABOUT CHINA AND RUSSIA IS FAKE NEWS. The books will present the truth and load in virus free brain software – THE TRUTH IN WAR TIME – and America can unite or not to win the war. At least you’ll know the truth.


  1. Russia and the USA each have about 1550 CITY KILLER massive never used by human before – hydrogen dirty bombs – and we believe Russia cheats on the treaty and has close to 5,000. Russia bombs DC say with over laping concentric Hydrogen Bomb strikes minutes apart for 100 miles out. This creates a 1000 miles no humans for thousands of years. The impact of 200 cities is a world wide human extinction event and Russia dies too due to the dirty fall out shelf life of their bombs.  Russia well knows this Mutually Assured Destruction ( human insanity policy know accurately as MADD ) is not a winning war strategy for their own allies. Everyone dies. Everyone. For sure. One hour later the world is gone in 30 days. ALL OF IT. Now if competitive thought from reptilian mid brain the one and the only virus on human consciousness ( but humanity does not know they have a fatal insanity brain virus that can easily be removed -) is cause – how important is the always back ordered work REDEMPTION to remove your own COMPETITIVE CORE virus of mind once and for all to higher brain state? This treaty cap ON BIG NUKES expires.  FEB 2021. THEY NEED BIDEN TO RENEW AS TRUMP WILL TRUST AND VERIFY – NOT A WINNING WAR PLAN NO CHEATING. WILL THE PUTIN WAR PLAN renew or move to worse yet. Insanity? In that he is bold because THE PUTIN MASTER  war plan is winning and the world has no clue about the war being so fully engaged at all. Hitler play book 101 – smile deal and win. Suckers.
  2. LAST year and this year – CHINA not North Korea or India – launched MORE ballistic – space satellite killers and nuke delivery to every city on earth missile testing than all other nations including the USA COMBINED TOGETHER In their full on Putin War Plan. CHINA TESTED MORE BALLISTIC MISSILES THAN ALL OTHER NATIONS COMBINED AS WAR PLAN FOR PUTIN AND ALL THAT TECHNOLOGY IS STOLEN AND FULLY SHARED. China armed with our military advanced weapon engineering and plans all hacked – has become the BETA TEST for the more advanced winning hyper sonic delivered in ten to 20 minute weapon systems every tested by man kind and worse increasingly under their PUTIN super advanced AI. Terminator here we come. No end in site in the largest arms race in human history – ai – new nuke forms – and new delivery in hyper sonic time frames – no defense here – all OFFENSIVE FIRST STRIKE WAR PLANS – as the west is losing the war as engaged 2007 to this very day. Multi[ple fronts – economic – military – social engineering – political – information disintermediation. THE PUTIN WAR PLAN IS WINNING.
  3. Reagan Treaties were violated so badly Obama a Putin buddy – came out saying hey your cheating can we get back in the double lane. APPEASEMENT WITH HITLER BRAINS never works only threat works on competitive virus infected brains ( see Putins ISIS AND TALIBAN financed by his boy MBS in Saudi we send advanced weapons to all of which flow to iran and Russia – all none excepted for reverse engineering. ) SUCKERS.
  4. Putin and XI have placed NUKE TIPPED short term missiles instantly delivering nukes to Taiwan or Poland. The idea is in real wars engaged pre NATO that nukes will pause and time out – and PUTIN WINS ground time and time again. He now has so violated the treaty that TRUMP with the hard data tore it all up. Trump is arming NATO to reply and WILL REPLY and will NOT TIME OUT TO PUTIN NUKES as THREAT FIRE WALL is what causes PUTIN to pause. Hence get TRUMP OUT 2020 at all cost and win the war forever. WAR PLAN. Execution 101. At all cost.
  5. China is rapid building the most advanced AI nuke submarine fleet the world has ever known with TRILLIONS of our own wealth transfer to build them from hacked plans. They are stepping ahead of our own planes from aircraft carriers to particle beam weapons Russia leads in from Space ( offense beam weapons city killers no nukes ). We have our own but our leadership requires SPACE FORCE which TRUMP set up and PUTIN has to derail all that and fast. China is building not defensive weapons but OFFENSIVE WEAPONS as PUTIN and China together unite to first fully counter than defeat America power with weapons the world has never seen before. Detect our subs and kill them the final item to winning the war. Trump has in 2.5 years set up a winning WAR PLAN. Space Force is a winning war plan. Massive Military funding to leap ahead of the digital theft and to CYBERWARE FAR COMMAND strike back and with our advanced AI fighting their Advanced AI ( strikes by the minute nation wide full on war all nations fighting all out ) – all our advanced leap ahead is off line now – and Putin War Plan seeks more Snowdens. He has to defeat us in the war plan from within. With so many decades of software about our nation and its leaders being wicked and bad and socialist being compassionate and Good – Putin needs BIDEN and the full AXIS of EVIL is from AI software in the 2020 election ( taking place now ) all media – at war to assure planted software in your brain stays full planted. Violence in America is war planned. It will get much worse. Trump will be blamed for all of it. Biden will be the savior hero. It.s all war planning. How do you know? How do you fight fake brain software loaded onto your brain every day to effect emotional capital? Read the books. Take two weeks and read the truth. The truth can never be unlearned. IF AMERICA IS AT WAR UNITE TO WIN THE WAR – or don’t and we won’t. Same in EU.

PUTIN WAR PLAN is operating after decades of FULL ON TREATY VIOLATIONS just precisely like ADOLF HITLER in missile superior deliver in accuracy and speeds – with Nuke Tipped weapons never used in war before. The WAR PLAN is called and known in Moscow as DE-ESCALATORY NUCLEAR STRIKE. The war plan is in fighting Nato or China in Taiwan winning its war to retake TAIWAN decisively – they engage a LIMITED NUCLEAR TACTICAL STRIKE to back down the enemy noting they will go all the way – which they won’t because they can not and survive – they lose going all the way. We lose too. But if one is going to lose anyway do you go all the way?

Human beings virus infected brains – crazy brains – sure you do. See WATERLOO or Moscow with HITLER. Sure they do.

February 21 is the big missile treaty expiration. Trumps war plan:



  1. Economic deprivation – two can play 2007 – rise up AMERICAN EU ECONOMIC POWER AND STRENGTH as a war strategy ( the FED is the sea anchor working for Putin socialism as outlined and documented in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – which is the WHY in war time congress needs to merge the FED back into USA Treasury and we win the war – but can socialist democratically Putin controlled congress do that step still or can voters tip the war back with a republican war congress in 2020 the great FEAR FOR WAR PLANNING PUTIN – my blog is a great fear that it would every truly viral and spread globally – Russia would unite against this war plan and Putin himself could die. ) War is hell. TRUMP IS REMOVING TRILLIONS FROM THE WAR PLAN. Oil Wars. So badly has Putin lost that even Saudi now in red ink borrowing is moving into its loser over valued IPO on Arammaco – which will make the FACEBOOK underwriting look like a High Dive. Oil demand is crashing. The oil reserves shown by Saudi as way way fraud over stated. The value of the underwriting is at tops 750 billion in declining market share and market value with a what. TRUMP today – trade war and trade deal is a long way off we are not caving – Trump is not bowing to election win pressure in 2020 – telling PUTIN – GAME ON. Oil game on. Trump can dump from strategic reserves to put price right where he wants price and ARMACO financials for the IPO are fraud. Buy into that ? Good luck. The kid wants 2 trillion large where 1.5 trillion large the market wishes is 100% over valued. SHAREHOLDERS are going to lose so much money as the share price profit with the kid spending all that money on non economic development in a full on Saudi economic PUTIN WAR GAME PLAN that if America wins Saudi loses – unless or until the Kid is put on a long long MBS Vacation by Saudi Royals. The RIGHT SIDE OF THE FAMILY can be trusted to admin that money the sociopathic ruler with over a trillion for weapons into Iran? Folks the Trump war plan is winning and the oil war plan of Putin is economic disarray today. THE WAR PLAN IS FULLY ENGAGED ECONOMICALLY CHINA TO GULF AND BEYOND.
  2. MILITARY PARITY – Trump is jumping the USA ahead in AI weapons and total victory on any form of battle including new asymmetrical AI warfare we are starting TO WIN BATTLES a decade after loosing almost all the actual war plan battles as outlined in your mid year pre election 2020 – 2019 blog update on what is truly and really going on out there. Nato is massively being strengthened. Turkey is not weakening NATO as PUTIN expected by the cost to Turkey is their economy is now venezuela as ENDGAME can no longer afford his military and the state is failing in melt down economics. Its currency is toast and its future is revolution. Putin is working for his socialism. We’ll see Turkey ‘s great people do not like being pawns between two great powers and will write their own future – NATO and the west and prosperity or failed for sure communism economics always. COMMUNISM always fails economically. In the end. Track record is in folks.
  3. SOCIALLY – massive new multi front AI on social and state owned or socialist owned media dominance to advance socialism voter blocks into power. This war was lost in America. Trump awoke the majority in America without evoking WE ARE AT WAR ( which he well may in 2020 because we are ). The social democratic Putin majority party and Biden folks all sat down with Trump hatred this January when TRUMP said – can we all stand and show our unity on one issue – OUR GREAT AMERICA WILL NEVER NOT EVER BECOME A SOCIALIST NATION –  every democrat in the majority of congress sat down with pure hatred – see Nancy’s face its on line. Every republican stood for the longest standing ovation and begged with gestures their colleagues to stand for this one uniting issue but they would not. PUTIN war plan was shown in congress lear as a visual sound bite – WE WIN. 2020 We win. I say to my fellow Americans – forgive them all for it is true they KNOW NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO.  They have no clue we are engaged in Putins war plan for decades for their brains from children education re-tooling to factional unity for socialist agenda’s. Now into 2020 the mission is to massively tar and feather label and destroy Trump as a moral leader of this nation. TRUMP IS RESETTING THE PUTIN WAR PLAN and starting to WIN. The Military are massively voting for TRUMP they know this war and its facets. ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE set forth in data and documentation in the books presented for the brain wash to unwash in ten days with better upgraded software. WE ARE AT WAR and Putin War Plan wins in 2020 with BIDEN. Thats the plan. NEW TREATIES ( Hitler Putin and Xi have zero intention of honoring  – war i shell suckers ) and so forth. Trump presents the only winning war plan. Take the money off the table to internal insecurity for China and Putin economics – with sufficient pain and threat from economic implosion from AMERICAN ECONOMIC PROSPERITY ( the Trump Plan working against the FED all the way as American traitor bankers financing our enemies betting as Dalio said this week -on America and the Putin Nazis – bet on both says WALL STREET. MERGING THE FED INTO THE USA TREASURY is the winning war move for the congress – if they study and read the data of the war they are helping us lose ). Trump despite all Putins table chips is turing the war of 30 years in 2.5 years. WE ARE WINNING AGAIN. Finally. For how long? Trump is seeking Military containment new treaties but fully with Iran or anyone – TRUST BUT VARIFY always both sides – TRUST AND VARIFY. INTEGRITY IS TRUST AND VARIFY. Trump is seeking social FIREWALLs and is uniting the MAJORITY WHO HATE SOCIALISM FOR AMERICA to vote. Trump may win. Democrats who are not socialist may see the war more clearly and CROSS OVER with a TRUMP LANDSLIDE isolating the socialist minority into the SOCIALIST island of Biden defeat 2020. THIS WOULD BE THE CATASTROPHE TO THE PUTIN WAR PLAN. 2020 is not about politics as usual. 2020 is about America winning against the PUTIN WAR PLAN which requires for sure four more years of the TRUMP TEAM the war winning team – which PUTIN intends to defeat at all cost. If Trump economic pain threat rises to red line for internal social unrest in China and Russia deals will be made to TIME OUT THE WAR PLAN. Trump wins. You’ll all know as the WAR in August is fully engaged. The turbulence in markets is AI war fare economic manipulations. Two leading debtor nations Russia and China with their credit rating and borrowing cost rising to near junk rating for their nations by credit agencies because of TRUMP WINNING the ECONOMIC THE MILITARY AND NOW INCREASINGLY THE SOCIAL WARS – have sunk bond interest rates with central banker socialism help ( until central banks are all merged back into treasury  in war time ) – so that borrowing cost to fund the WAR PLAN dropped to the lowest Level for China and Russia as fuel to offset TRUMP economic pain – to the lowest level of the 30 year war effort. A WAR MANIPULATION OF BOND PRICES by AI weapons of economic mass destruction of bond markets. I wrote you last May and June – ITS THE BOND MARKET in this war its the bond market and hear in August all news presenters note – throw the rule books out this is a wild new frontier in bond markets and we don’t know WHAT IS GOING ON. We do. AI ECONOMIC WAR IS GOING ON and we tell our readers WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE first – accurate and documented.


Socialist minded journalist. What if your brain software is not your own? What if your truth and belief are not your own? What if you read the books did your journalistic thing – kept those authors in the news sound bite – and reset your buggy virus ridden brain software – installed and downloaded over years into your mind by socialist war planners you don’t remember and can no longer recall.  VIrus Brain software is removed as brain software buggy bad mind code in two steps:

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Never in history have billions been connected where WAR PLANNERS using advanced AI could reprogram billions of minds with war planning software for socialism – that is mind influencing to war agenda outcomes. A first in Human history a first in AI warfare.

Trump is alerting voters of the truth.

The truth can not be stopped. Or can it? We are about to see how strong the AI war planning software is.

What if every voter in America subscribed to this blog and read the truth? Read the books. DOWNLOADED VIRUS FREE MIND SOFTWARE AND THOUGHT WITH BETTER NOT BUGGY VIRUS FREE BRAIN UPGRADED 2020 SOFTWARE? They read the books. They circulated the books. WHAT IF CONGRESS RESET THEIR WAR PLAN SOFTWARE FROM PUTIN AND IN ONE WEEK MERGED THE CRIMINAL FED ( read all news here on the traitor Fed in war time ) and COMPLETED THAT MERGER INTO TREASURY – we win the war. We win.

Summary -in Putins War Plan with XI uniting to defeat and destroy America – Just Like HItler and worse given the weapons- TRUMP is the only risk they lose the war itself. Trump defeated they win the war. Trump wins they lose the war.

What do you think from now to 2020 it’s all going to look like now that you know the truth of it. This weekend. Just in time. Will you viral and every reader virals on all walls – all social – all email lists – rising up to a billion voter subscribers to know the truth of the war. To take sides in the war. Or will you read and delete?

Putin bets you will not become active.

Putin bets on Binge watching globally and hey GO LARGE ON THAT SHAKE AND FRIES POOO LEASE ! Five Happy meals for the kids. We lose the War and you in America elect Biden. We’ll see how Putins war plan to derail ITALY and EU in debt super crash unfolds in the 2020 war plan this summer going on right now. Five Star sees it and may massively win now setting PUTIN WAR PLAN BACK IN ITALY then we’ll SUPER BOND ITALY and they are economically out of PUTINS war plan as victim.

Will the truth viral in WORLD WAR III?

I am not betting on that ..but for my readers – you are safer today. If you read the CEO SPACE blog – add in its war in economics and think personal. UP close and personal to your economy not the worlds. Is your economy prosperous and booming? In war time there is safety in numbers – the only safety. At September 28th moving into the WAR ELECTION OF YOUR LIFETIME I would register and grow community to safe ha4bor economics – in a community from all beliefs faiths and walks of life in BUSINESS from FORTUNE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT at the TIPPY TOP ( award winning in space ) to a solo entrepreneur who wishes to maximally prosper- by December – inside a VIRUS FREE COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY WITHOUT THE COMPETITIVE VIRUS PRESENT AT ALL. That is insurance for prosperity for sure and your most profit making safe harbor decision of 2019. My blog before this weeknd report tells awake virus free brain seekers HOW AND WHY in step by step print page to really protect your economics.

THE WAR PLAN. You simply can not imagine the SHOCK AND AWE Putin and XI have in mind for you into 2020. The only threat to their war plan is TRUMPS TEAM and that THREAT IS IN FACT WINNING FAST before perhaps 2019 is over. The economic resetting is massive for those war planners beyond anything they predicted planned for or expected.