1. We told you in May 2019 that NEW AI economics had globalized a entirely new economy. An AI controlled economy without humanity in control  We told you all information in news was obsolete and no longer applied whatsoever. We told you a new never seen before economic set of rules, outside all prior rule sets – was not only mature and in full control we told you the new AI economy was SUPER CHANGING. We told you the acceleration of changing entirely new AI economics made old economic theory modeling obsolete and such models would no longer work in the new unpredictable rapidly super changing AI writing new AI code – AI teaching and learning from AI not humans. We told you the pace of ACCELERATED AI CHANGE in core economics globally had surpassed regulatory and humanity core capacity to adapt into the pace of Super Change that humanity invented. We told you central banks including the FED were now marginalized and impotent to AI markets who have TAKEN OVER CONTROL of all world economics. We suggested merging failed central banks whose model T Ford policies – actually harm versus protect core economic stability for the outdated system – world wide. News this week reported globally – throw out all the rule books – throw out all models – nothing works as it once did. Right again. First again. The problem to systemic failure is now the failure of the G 100 to re-frame regulatory box top rules for the new AI economy now out of all control for all nations and central banks. The risk is not trade war nor is the risk currency wars. The risk is core system stability. Negative bank interest is not sustainable economically. All system abuse must one day rebalance. The failure to see economic regulatory reform as NATIONAL SECURITY PRIORITY # 1 and failure to act in time to re-frame AI regulatory box top rules globally, is the core systemic killer to the old system which is no longer stable with AI economics working without stability guidance to reset core economics into the new economic reality – AI ECONOMICS. AI economics is so new and so rapidly SUPER CHANGING that old 1930s core regulatory guidence can no longer adapt or re-frame over the AI Super Change. A new economic theory and regulatory frame work is needed. As long as leaders in nation fail to see the core systemic risk is fatal, time to stabilize global economics is rapidly declining on the experts count down to our own doomsday clock – which in the end is always economic. We told you first and continuously this set of facts. Right again. We see no early hope or promise as the markets deny the economy is new and beyond human prior expertise and experience. The Denial is the SUPER RISK. Brain god awful buggy software entrenched in old brain code that is unable to upgrade into SUPER CHANGE brain software to adapt to rapidly unfolding paradigm shifting commencing with economics NEW AI ECONOMICS. Our readers understand and the world is in denial at all levels to protect entrenched profit making in all systems, where, the risk of collapse and wealth distribution is the stability risk of our global order – economics will rebalance from all abuse. That core economic can not be altered by AI economics 101. Right again.
  2. We told you in May that the Summer market would be new. We told you lower trading volumes would exceed all trading volumes during this new AI summer. We told you to brace for SUPER VOLATILITY never seen before in any chart or graph. The market said we were bat shit crazy economist investment bankers. We told you the core market stability globally would unravel. We told you why. Wait for it. We told you how to protect yourself from the SUPER VOLATILITY. Not once but over and over to keep our vast CEO SPACE business owner and COOPERATIVE versus COMPETITIVE global 150 nation community – safer. Those who acted lost nothing and this volatility does not effect them Those who failed to act are suffering and will suffer more yet. We told you the SUPER VOLATILITY would earn fantastic profits for AI who profit all the way up all ropes and all the way down all ropes. Until THE EVENT. The EVENT will collapse the system into LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. We told you the EVENT would be triggered by global state and institutional debt defaulting at unknown EVENT DATES off into the future. We told you that LED day would evaporate liquidity as AI programing was exceeded by parameters ( we are economic programers who led in AI when we owned our public brokerage global institution – so we know a thing or two about silicon valley and algorithmic trading theory designs ). AI was designed to create system new normal stability and riskless risk via trading ranges by manipulating PRICE ( an illegal AI price control model globally ). How is that working out for the core programing? Not so well in August? Ah – RIGHT AGAIN. Super Volatility summer – RIGHT AGAIN and you all knew first. if you failed to DO what we suggested to just explore – SAD for your pain going on and your fears.
  3. We told you China is not our friend. In any way. We told you the NATION OF CRIMINALS with with master planner Putin and North Korea and Iran ( the reality is the AXIS OF PURE EVIL IS REAL ) but you are in denial. Why? You have not read the facts. If you made a priority in all belief’s to read hard data: THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman ( DOD NSA AND CIA CONTRACTOR ADVISER ) and Hedge Fund leading economic brain – and you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM for the sheer documentation – you would see the master plan to diminish USA world strength dominance and influence and powers. This is a new AI War  WORLD WAR III begun in 2007 with the first AI weaponized digital weapon fired at our economic markets. Today such weapons AI economic weapons are far more sophisticated under RUSSIA team off loading to proxy nations to never have Russia finger prints on those weapons of mass economic destruction. Today the fight is daily hourly and multiple economic fronts. The AI war is the largest ARMS RACE IN HUMAN HISTORY and makes all other arms races look silly by comparison. PUTIN has stated in public in 2017 and 2018 that the NATION THAT CONTROLS SELF AWARE NEW SPECIES AI will control the entire world. Implication – that is having hacked all of our latest greatest with their AI doing the hacking – not going to be the west or the USA in Putins arms race game plan. 7 Trillion dollars is being invested not in food, planet healing – detect and deflect incoming ( we were almost struck to extincting last week – perhaps you missed that watching TWEETS ) – but for just self driving cars. What do you believe military AI spending direct and indirect is today in the AI arms race. The AI WORLD WAR III is fully engaged in asymmetrical warfare the AXIS OF EVIL “IS” winning. Trump’s team is fighting back and catching up fast. Biden works against the AI wars and seeks a socialism alignment with CHINA. If you read the books laid out you will vote TRUMP not due to politics -politics is out in WAR TIME – but to assure AMERICA and our way of life win the war. Which is very uncertain today due to economic war unfolding with internal wars to defeat ourselves ( the Trump team fighting the war – defeat Trump and the AXIS OF EVIL WINS THE WAR ). This is economic war strategy and if you buy into the billions of brain washing being fed to you in war time – you hang America out to dry forever I suspect. This is the ONE MOMENT IN TIME in a war like no other. Read the books and your data will enrich and you will KNOW before you GO to you polls in all nations. WORLD WAR III IS FULLY ENGAGED and we are AT WAR. If you deny that. Well you lay into the bed of fake news the war planners have confidence will infect enough bad brain software they win and America does not even know it lost or how. Best plan of all. AI ECONOMICS IS IN CONTROL – all nations have lost control – and the economy is new without any prediction from old models. AI ECONOMICS IS HERE. Right again
  4. Central Banks are 1900 obsolete in AI economics. CENTRAL BANKS are working ( READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM WHICH IS ABOUT THE PUTIN MASTER PLAN TO CONTROL “THE” WORLD WHICH HE IS winning on and the world is losing on. The data shows you the insider plan to win the war. All castles fall when those inside show the secret entrance to the enemy. SEE GAME OF THRONES its timeless. From SNOWDEN to insiders we are loser the war while those working to assure the USA loses are operating on brain software code loaded onto their brains that is fake – planned – planted – by war planners working outside and inside all nations to win. They are winning. Because the world denies we are WAR in the first place. The virus creating this war is mid brain reptilian mother board in humans that presents all interaction as threat and see’s the world only in competition. This virus code of mind COMPETITIVE THOUGHT denies higher frontal lobe and cortex HIGHER BRAIN STATE FUNCTION for lowest ancient mid brain state thinking error – insanity. Humans educate culturally for society to be insane worshiping bad brain software code COMPETITIVE THOUGHT ITSELF. The one virus of causation. CEO SPACE is the virus removal tool for readers on this site. If you can’t attend one week to reset your brain software ( forever ) to higher brain culture and function – delivering switched on turned on work spaces and or switched on turned on home spaces buy the backordered 5 star best selling VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL – my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( leave a positive comment for me CEO SPACE ) – at Amazon and your brain will be virus free in one week with a book virus removal tool for your entire circle. Backordered from day of release for ten years no let up. We are cleansing brains all over the world with the TRUTH. The AXIS OF EVIL is winning the war while we are in denial there is a war. China we said in May would not make a trade deal and would work to get social democrats in power in 2020 in full stop all out election manipulations with a coordinated plan – an AI PLAN – now unfolding faster than we can on all the fronts at once manage in fact. The goal is GET TRUMP OUT. The war plan works as follows. Develop of 20 years maximum American division. Blame all that on Trump. Develop growing faction violence to further divide voters uniting behind the socialist solution agenda to the pain the socialists created blaming all that on Trump and his team. Rise up over March to October unrelenting multi front political instability events scandals impeachment and more to tax TRUMP like ribbons around a may pole until the POLE pops out of the ground.  All war plans are on the table. Including a permanent solution from the war planners if Trump appears to defeat the MAY POLE multi front political agenda to get social democrats in and Trump out. Democrats are not all socialist but the party is war plan led to socialism outcome regardless of more moderate voters. The war choice is TRUMP against the AXIS OF EVIL and American strength and prosperity economics – or American socialism and decline forever decided in 2020. The Public has no clue this is a 2020 WAR PLAN in full engagement. CHINA is presently the point of the spear to win the war for Biden and dethrone TRUMP forever. The WORLD WAR III is unfolding and we are not winning yet. We are finally holding. RIGHT AGAIN. ( read the books if you want the truth from all the lies in hard hard data you can’t unlearn once you know the truth from all the lies ). War is hell. AI information war is new hell never known before. Read with new reading glasses. Our site helps you stay ahead.
  5. We told you the FED was harming the war in economics and was linked to socialism for world domination economically – one world bank and one world currency as all Central Banks ( owned by the banks in secret not Government agencies like they lie to you about – the FED is a pure Fraud. Scroll we document all that. Google its on line ). We told you the FED is the insider seeking to assure we lose the war. MERGING THE FED back into USA Treasury . keep all its functions but one function. NO MORE INTEREST PAID TO PRINT US DOLLARS and we repay our debt and retire FED DEBT with one 100 year SUPER BOND via Hughs Hubbard and Reid in DC ). All Fed processes serve with audits – reporting – accountability – missing as FED criminal bankers are immune by law from over sight. They all paraded out with FRAUD AND LIES Monday – that congressional oversight is enough. There is none. Greenspan is on 60 minutes stating – there is no body in nation to counter FED FINAL DECISIONS. The money supply by the USA FOUNDERS was to be under Treasury in control of President check and balance by Congress. All that shattered in 1900 when the 80 page FRAUD ACT creating the Federal Reserve Bank which is a license to use that name for the MAFIA CRIMINAL BANKERS WHO ALL PLED GUILTY TO THE CRIMES creating OUR DESTRUCTION in 2007 – and unlimited crimes since – never one banker going to jail ever. Folks MERGE THE CENTRAL BANK CRIMINALS INTO YOUR STATE TREASURY and in economics you win WORLD WAR III. Today the FED is working for PUTINS MAsTER PLAN – one bank one currency – his. You just can’t get your arms around it can you. THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM lays it all out for you in their very own words. Keeping voters brain washed with buggy trojan brain software – war software of your mind – now possible massively with AI knowing how you think and planting seeds to assure you think as war planners desire your vote -war politics is politics of hatred and division versus respect and unity. THE FED is working to lose the economic war from within while the AXIS of evil is working from both within and without. We have identified the FED working against the economic war effort weakening America starting with the SUB PRIME Super Bubble – the criminal bankers created in world instabiility into 2007 – criminally profited from – as CONTROLLING STOCK SHAREHOLDERS OF THE PRIVATE CORPORATION the banks control and own – and you think the FED is a government agency in your nation. You are simply so wrong and your brain software of your fake news belief – is bad software loaded by the war planners. If you read the books and scroll on the FED for the TRUTH on this web site – you will join the movement to MERGE THE FED and al central banks to WIN THE ECONOMIC WAR for your nation – back into State Treasury – the only way to win in new AI economics. The Fed are criminals – liars – and working against America in war time. The Fed actions help PUTIN not the USA. Trump is right but he fails to go far enough – because the last Presidents that tried to MERGE THE FED Into USA TREASURY where my mentors the Kennedy’s. How did that war move work out for them when the USA was winning and ahead? This is the WAR GAME – major league and the USA is losing primarily because the UNITED STATES and its UNITED PEOPLE FACING A WAR TOGETHER have been divided by the WAR PLANNERS. Their head war agency is the FED. Read the books and you’ll have proof – all the proof you need to delete buggy software ( lies and not truth ) as you united into the WAR and we win together. We compete and we perish -we wake up and cooperate and we thrive and prosper. THE WAR IS FULLY ENGAGED and the FED is the enemy of the AMERICAN PEOPLE in this war – where economic ignorance and lies from the FED you think are true – keep you economically enslaved versus free. The FED is 100% error policy hurting the USA from the SUB PRIME WAR PLAN to the instability planning today into 2020. The Fed wants TRUMP OUT and Social Democracy in forever as they win the war once and for all in 2020. THE FULL ON WAR – THE AI VOTER MANIPULATION WARS – ARE WAR PLANS AND IN FULL PUTIN swing. We are losing in our ignorance. The FED war plan is at risk because the FED has lost control to AI ECONOMICS. Their war plan is now systemic risk to the AXIS OF EVIL as well as the enemies to the AXIS OF EVIL. Putin is unsure but will not change his 2020 war plan. The Fed is hurting the USA in each policy move – all documented here. We documented the FED caused the first world wide depression in years of founding- and world war I which is profited and consolidated wealth engineering – caused the super bubbles and 1929 Great Depression and WORLD WAR II enslaving America and industry forever to its debtor war plan consolidating wealth – created the 1987 bubble and SUPER CRASH – then the 2000 super bubble in technology where we were world leaders once – and the dot.bomb crash to derail our tek leadership – and then the 2007 almost system fatal SUPER BUBBLE IN REAL ESTATE AND ITS SUPER CRASH we have yet to resolve as the FED brings us to shooting WORLD WAR III and one world government and currency under the PUTIN war plan which is Fed engineering and winning. The FED IS TOXIC FOR THE USA ECONOMY IN AI ECONOMICS AND NEEDS TO BE MERGED Back into USA TREASURY and constitutional safe guards to win the war. We told you all summer – and we drew a red line- so you can see the FED WAR PLAN. We hand delivered to Powell the RED LINE LETTER you read here. The standard form reply was ( Chairman Powell gets lots of letters and is too busy to read them but thanks ). That spurn was from the largest small business community in America – and POWELL IS YOUR MORTAL ECONOMIC ENEMY. But you don’t believe the truth you read here. All our predictions on HOW The FED would hurt the economic core stability inside NEW AI ECONOMICS – from May forward have come true. RIGHT AGAIN ..totally right and first. Denial is not going to keep you safe. CEO SPACE SEPTEMBER 28th is.
  6. We told you oil would crash and we told you why. Today OPEC is talking about large cut backs. Why? Oil supply is adding surplus world wide. Iran is selling 70% of its oil to China who spurn USA sanctions under the war plan. Putin gave nukes to North Korea and will or is already presenting NUKES to Iran ( without his fingers on that war plan ). MBS has shopped for nukes 60 billion to Pakistan and 100 Billion to Modi in India and MBS is going bankrupt. His IPO is a phony sick value to oil – he wants two trillion to this 30 million nation economic. The market wants 1.5 trillion. When the right number in oil crashing in demand forever and in price is 700 billion – as the lake numbers are wrong and the oil is more costly to refine and maximally polluting oil. OPEC members are asked to cut back market share and give customer base ( forever ) to non oil producers to sell less but charge the world more – which when supply is greater than demand SUPER CRASHING – as the oil is going off oil forever. The tipping point is reached. OIL DECLINES WILL SINK PRICE and a 50.00 range reached TODAY THIS WEEK – is the largest SUPER CRASH In oil in years at this time frame and speed level in the summer markets. MBS did everything he could to frame IRAN and stop Iran oil reaching markets to raise his own phony oil price because he is spending more than Saudi earns ( SAUDI CREDIT rating and borrowing cost has moved to near junk status with multiple downgrades and Saudi needs to be JUNK this month . ) THE SAUDI IPO will end up being the largest losing IPO in the history of world IPO markets – if we win the economic wars – and that is rolling dice. We told you oil would super crash. We told you demand was super crashing. Iran is pumping 30% to Syria and 70% to China and selling as much oil is it sold pre sanctions. TRUMP with Putin circled wagons in war planning around him – can not force economics for Iran to stop a rapid Nuke ( wait till they fire one ) or stop Iran economics. A deal with Iran is impossible nor is a deal with China without first a DEAL WITH PUTIN the master war planner. if Trump fails to inflict enough PAIN on Putin a deal into 2020 and the once in a lifetime war victory of presenting forever social democracy into America – war won – 2020 won- is simply game full on. OIL PRICE IS A WAR STRATEGY. As our 500 billion barrel oil reserves which just keep rising are never needed in crashing demand – we suggested TRUMP DUMP and set price for OIL to destabilize Iran and RUSSIA an oil nation. A deal can then be war winning. Today oil price is a war tug of war in the economic WORLD WAR III. We predicted when experts in May all said 100 dollar a barrel oil – we said 50 dollar a barrel oil and they were all wrong. Now as Summer demand tanks world wide – oil will be over supplied even with another 1 million a day cut back in OPEC. In MBS OPEC DICTATOR AND PUTIN PUPPET IN THE WAR AGAINST THE USA ( MBS IS THE ENEMY OF THE USA IN THE WAR ) – OPEC is losing market share by trillions of dollars selling ever less oil at ever lower prices. TRUMP IS WINNING THE OIL  WARS ECONOMICALLY. Right again.
  7. Trump Staffing. In World War III old brains with PRE AI software are unable to lead in SUPER CHANGE. Trump is moving old brain war planners out and new brain war planners in. SUPER CHANGE BRAINS. Brains that show they can learn faster – unlearn faster than THAT – and relearn faster than all of IT. Those brains can win the AI global wars. Russia and Putin said we have to have a new ambassador to make a Deal. Huntsman the billionaire family from Utah ( Gary and the family are dear friends and members of CEO SPACE ) is moving to run for Utah Gov a shoe in – helping TRUMP – and Trump strategy is right now winning the oil aspects – the cost of everything else – wars while insuring OIL WEALTH war economics. The public deny’s we are at war as war planners work in straggy to assure Americans are divided and fractional to any united war unity to win the war against their war plan for American socialism. Trump stands in their way – which is economic and AI – which is a war plan ( easy to read up on ) and is only possible to awake to – if your war planned software is deleted as a planted virus of the publics mind – communist play book 101 – replaces with war plan software that is the truth. Three books re-unite America but no one is re ading those three books unless you share this blog in any numbers. This blog works against the PUTIN WAR PLAN because we have always seen the economic facts of the war itself. Trump Staffing is a war plan moving out those who would work against America and fast.  You think it is something else. it is not something else. The team inside TRUMP world is democrats and republicans at war and is uniting to win the war. The war planners are removing all whose acts work for the AXIS OF EVIL in war time. Right again. The war planners use the turn over to deflect attention from them into weakness in their war to get TRUMP OUT and social democracy in forever – Game Over we lose the war in the 2020 vote – or we don’t. If you react how wrong this is – my RIGHT AGAIN for you will come way way too late. The 666 mark of the beast is an AI chip Putin designed and China will soon have injected into 1.5 billion hum beings. Crime will cease from this CHIP. The Camps of 1.5 million or 1% of the population is a test of the CHIP. Your next. RIGHT AGAIN. WE ARE AT WAR FOLKS. Remain ignorant of that fact and we all lose. As per the war plan.
  8. We told you the markets would devolve. That stability would devolve. That instability would be the new normal by end of Summer this May. RIGHT AGAIN. We told you why. We told you how to protect yourself.
  9. We told you entrepreneur business ownership was required to navigate forward into war prosperity. If you own a business or a practice you need to insure your own economics – your own stability – your lifestyle – by registering into CEO SPACE September 28th- explore and profit from the PRESS RANKED 2010 – 2020 # 1 process to grow your income faster and make your income safer. Forbes published you simply can not afford to miss it. Moving into the 74% of all spending Year end SUPER CYCLE – you all need – each other. To win your own war. To prosper in any forward market condition. If you pay taxes use the tax dollar for a lifetime asset with CEO SPACE. Take one week to make the SUPER CYCLE all it can be for you in 2020. If you don’t your risk pucker factor will Soar. RIGHT AGAIN. If you wish to start entrepreneur multiple income technology while in a JOB – our low cost lifetime membership will start a life that THRILLS YOU.  All our members ARE RETURNING to Dallas September 28th Sat to Sat and we have WINNING WAR PLANS for your personal economic prosperity ready to go. # 1. Right again. Timing right again. It never costs a penny to own a CEO SPACE membership it costs a fortune to lose it…….
  10. We told you markets would roll around like drunken sailors. We told you the market pain in the summer would get worse before it got better. We told you October was a risk for super crash. If we get through that without one ( war plan rolling dice on each battle won or lost globally ) – record all time wealth will occur in stocks and in bonds. We told you sell at peak – peak out – and move over to diversified safe harbor insurance investing – we told you what to ask licensed professionals as you explore – your safe harbor economic war plan – into the highest returns permitted by law with the superior money guarantee on principle never being lost. This guarantee when banks and investment banks were closed in 1929 DEPRESSION YEARS – protected 100% of their customers ( the wealth of the world does this back bone step ) and paid out when banks were closed – the only pay outs – the only relief – if YOU DID IT. Right again. Safe Harbor – those that already did it – you are just so grateful. Those that saw RIGHT AGAIN have another chance pre WAR SUPER CRASH being engineered by your FED for final socialism wealth consolidation – so you act before you can’t act. RIGHT AGAIN. All fronts of the real war you deny exists at all. Bad buggy software. September 28th is your whole brain software upgrade for FREEDOM in a SWITCHED ON TURNED ON COOPERATIVE – COMPETITIVE FREE VIRUS OF MIND – COLAB COMMUNITY WORLD WIDE. Invest in that next priority as better software elevates performance outcomes for your devices and for your mind always first next priority. RIGHT AGAIN if you act.

Since May we have predicted market trends, price, oil, USA, nation, world markets, China and Trade war pathology, Iran and North Korea, and Putin war planning. We have been simply right and on time and first. Our readers come to rely on first – why that just can’t be real or correct – to see later the 107 forecasts we have made to protect and help keep our global business OWNER CEO community safe in all sea changes economic – are right and have been right by massive percentage to other market nay sayers.

For many inside CEO SPACE this blog is a bible. You share this BLOG all the time and thank you as new free subscribers join a family of superior data and information.

We invite you to become more fully engaged in the WORLD WAR III Events taking place that effect your nation and your future. Become more involved. It is all economic. The war plan is all about the wealth of the world which when controlled is the power of the world.

I just did a pod caste with Dr. Donny Epstien the ENERGETIC THOUGHT LEADER for myself for Tony Robbins ( 40 years now both ) and for planet shifting global leaders world wide. If you want your own maximum spirit leadership development we send 1000 a year – our leaders – to Donny Epstien advance inside leadership work for those who are ready for after Landmark PSI WORLD and CEO SPACE what is next. I attend Donny for my own next.

The Pod Caste defined the new age of BOUND ENERGY – spirits hoodwinked into competing as immortal beings for finite decaying material STUFF for approval acceptance self image and happiness – none of which are attained by ENERGY BOND TIGHTLY in competitive contest to win possessions. Donny explains the world of souls is rapidly waking up to UNBOUNDED ENERGY where living is sharing UNBOUNDED SPIRITUAL ENERGY versus protecting bound energy fields. The contests we see in the world today are Rip tides of SPIRITUAL CHANGE from BOUND ENERGY to UNBOUNDED ENERGY where you life and my life are re-focused into unconditional giving and contribution to immortals while such reciprocity empowers the law of attraction and creates new worlds of integrity collaboration between unbounded energetic souls and spirits who enjoy without attachment to “stuff” effortless abundance unbound and self renewing in all aspects of life. Donny does this work for leaders individually transforming their field from bound to unbound. Donny reported CEO SPACE does this work for leaders in business community – the last bound energy transformation space – unbinding corporate energy and organization theory from competitive work space engineering – FULLY BOUND ENERGY – into COOPERATIVE SYSTEMICS and UNBOUNDED ENERGY DYNAMICS effecting faster goal attainment to prosperity – as it is energetic law.

Donny asked us to work more closely into the future as this teacher of the masters stated – our work is the highest field work taking place into human transformation at world levels – now effecting ( both ) nations – in fact. We’ll send you a link right here when it publishes.

Today I repeat what we told you in my new book releasing next month – HOW TO PROSPER IN “SUPER CHANGE” the title of the book is SUPER CHANGE. How to remain relevant and current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. We suggested you give this book to your best clients gift wrapped for YEAR END repeat buying and referral you can’t top by this one low cost acknowledgement gifting to your best clients. THE BOOK WILL BE GLOBAL NEW YORK TIME AND ALL LIST BEST SELLER – followed by DIGITAL MANNERS. Essential reads to the unfolding new box top rules we all see unfolding at accelerated pace change levels.

IN the book I stated ..what we all have to to DO is calm way down and become more objective in making our core choices in SUPER CHANGE the new age you can never again get out of. Things will not slow down so you can catch up. Things are moving to 5 G as the pace of 24 month change will pass 2500 years for you – another SEPT 28th reason to join CEO SPACE and before the year end SUPER CYCLE as a profit choice….safe choice.

Calm down. The markets will be wild. Events will shock and awe AS NEW AI moves in ways no one has ever seen before. Up and down. Profiting. All the way on both sides of all ropes.

Anticipate stability events into year end with record wealth effects as AI adjusts portfolios into massive year end profit making. China imports where way down. China exports were way up. China is missing growth – completely gone and its numbers given it is the largest debtor nation need to adjust. Things are not good in China. But China has time. This holiday sinks China as consumers stop buying MADE IN CHINA – that is beyond war planner vision. WATCH. The largest decline of year end Holiday buying – over 70% of CHINA SALES – will evaporate and those investing in Chine we say – will experience a CHINESE BLOOD BATH. We will keep you well posted on that call. America will secure year end growth and prosperity to ramp into 2020 where you can sell out at peak ( again last chance ) and diversify into safe harbor insurance investing. How do you explore. Your nest egg and full retirement plan out of AI investing and brokers?

  1. Google top ten American insurance institutions.
  2. Pick yours.
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Expect war planners to effect – enormous war instability on multiple fronts from March forward as 2020 elections are war plans in long term execution. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THOSE MANIPULATIONS in real war.

The bounce back in markets is a speed bump on the way to the new bottoms by October. Then the over sold market will recover. The Bond markets are beyond prediction as 20 trillion now moves globally to NEGATIVE INTEREST rate thresholds which can not remain sustainable to core economic stability.

The TRADE WAR as we reported in May is now a full on global CURRENCY WAR. Currency is being manipulated by AI and the market and is out of nation and central bank control. Their old tools are toxic into the new AI markets as you are all seeing. Wild rides are new normals and no one knows as Alice Said with her hand on her head – which way – which way?

The UK Central banks came out today declaring ( now that they have lost all control ) that ETF ( AI MARKET TRADING CONTROLLING 94% of daily trades at 440 trillion dollars in daily circulations ) is NOT A THREAT TO CORE SYSTEM STABILITY. Translation. Central banks have lost control. Central banks are terrified as they fail to understand anything about the new economy and they in panic as their safety nets are no longer valid at all Their only weapon is TALK. DO NOT PANIC its all safe and stable out there. The economic world order is devolving rapidly into something new no one can predict. Core system stability is a LIQUIDITY SUPER RISK due to lack of G 100 new regulatory frame works – all laid out for leaders in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as to how to rise up from the failed models of competitive capitalism and competitive socialism the replacement superior system model of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. This improved model springs forth with the REDEMPTION PLAN no Super Crash or World War – or after SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

Who will win the world war is economic and the dice are rolling and AI is on control not human beings.

Venezuela is a failed state. Inflation spiked again to 35% a month. Food can be found but is scare and too costly to buy. The average Venezuelan income is 3.00 per month. There is no money for food shelter and survival. The State will implode and really a mercy would be to make the nation a US protectorate. The people are suffering so. No one is helping. Communist economics always fails and not once has succeeded in any sustainable long term economic prosperity. Elites as with corrupted capitalism own 99% of all wealth at the 1% level. Said another way in the EU in America in China in Russia 1% own more wealth as elites – in systems designed for the FEW AGAINST THE MANY in class warfare economics that can never result in anything but collapse and war to redistribute the immoral wealth consolidations of failed system models. Cooperative Capitalism recycles wealth and recirculates wealth distribution. A perfected economic system laid out in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The New Regulatory frame work. the Upgrade into zero corruption fully reporting fully transparent real time no secrets financial system of the MANY FOR THE MANY versus all broken older system models of THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

Warren Buffet has lost 5 billion in Berkshire Hathaway in 2019. Right Again. We told you from IBM to other bad betting from Wells Fargo – well just look at the wrong bets – even into criminal banking – that have cost the investors following a SAFE TEAM unable to adjust to SUPER CHANGE and new AI economics – where hold rule books no longer work – and the price is 5 BILLION AND a run out of Berkshire Hathaway is next. Watch for it. The old days are over and the new days are just starting.

The bottom of this market is not here yet.

The SUPER VOLATILITY is on going.

How much economic RISK to core melt down and SUPER CRASH can XI stand to move to make a deal?

Will China agree not to steal their way forward?

Will a culture of thieves and criminals become angels and saints? Is that your bet?


China has cheated, hacked, robbed, and attacked USA Markets for decades and that criminal gang is in charge. You think the criminals are not criminals? You think PUTIN does not have war plan? You think that this is not WORLD WAR III and fully AI and digital?

The USA just launched its final SATELLITE for Military – EMP PULSE PROTECTED – DEEPER IN SPACE – harder to take out – hardened – hacker proof – secure for 5 G – now a network of war communication on our side stepped over the top of PUTIN and CHINA AI. That took place today as we are winning battles now and we are turning back the war.

Putin seeks to maximally divide America into faction and hatred in 2020 election years. We’ll see if we can UNITE and see his war plan – if you read the books set forth here – you will unite and the manipulation to division – a war plan – fails. The data the information the proof sets us free ECONOMICALLY – assures our PROSPERITY and secures our USA world power and influence into 2050.

If we cooperate and unite we prosper and we win the war.

If we compete and divide we decline in economics lose the war.

2020 is the year we will know by November who won.

Which ever – there will be NO TURNING BACK.


Take that prediction all the way home world wide – in all nations. We are all at war today.

Read the books.

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