Oil loser bets are coming to test all over Gulf Nations. Oil demand charts are all OPEC wrong. The OPEC demand charts are so wrong they are like FRAUD to banks and investment banks that invested billions in ports and infrastructure based on demand and higher than 70 dollar oil prices. Oil is down. Down Down Down the rabbit hole. OIL DEBTS still must be paid.

Gulf nations led by OPEC DICTATOR Sociopathic King MBS – raised oil over 70 dollars by manipulating price and artificially withholding oil for the sole purpose of jacking up the price of the COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE risking derailing the global recovery and taxing 8 billion poor folks for food and energy. Bad man.

MBS has spent so much SAUDI MONEY he now is raiding the SAUDI SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND is any watching this bad kid? He stole 100 billion from 1000 royals. And nothing is relaxing in Saudi. Royal degree does not change culture. Men still are approving woman everything. Also MBS has locked up 1000 woman activist and press who critique him. No due process.

OIL has dropped since MBS bombed himself since APRIL -a RABBIT HOLE FALL OF 22% and is still falling down the rabbit hole. DEMAND is plunging off a cliff and will never return. GET THIS DATA POINT. Demand for OIL is not growing. DEMAND IS FALLING. Soon demand for oil moves into negative numbers and continues to nose dive for 30 more years. THE WORLD IS MOVING OFF OIL. All the while the world is drowning in oil. The earth shits and farts oil and gas fully renewable and low cost. Only criminals make oil priced where it is.

Now the IMO Jan 1 has 25% of all oil use in shipping – move off heavy GULF SULPHER OIL. Then what Gulf suppliers. Already the massive UAE REFUELING SUPER PORT is emptying out. Lloyds insurance due to Iran has raised insurance rates 1000% for time and miles in the IRAN WAR ZONE. So ships are moving to low sulphur oil in SINGAPORE at their massive refueling stations – and the UAE is losing money in two ways. First oil prices are plunging. Second ships are not refueling and they still have to pay the DEBT. MBS screwed the UAE in market share loss as an OPEC member. Iran and UAE need to break with OPEC. OPEC is a criminal gang. The good guys need to leave MBS as DICTATOR OF HIMSELF.

All alone again.

Brent Crude has dropped almost 10% in the LAST WEEK ALONG. This is stunning OPEC is over price plunging. This lower and lower price down to 50.00 right were we told you all year it oil would be ( right again ) is bankrupt time for MBS and SAUDI. They have to massively go in debt to keep funding the bills MBS is spending. The cost to SAUDI for this one sociopathic leader is beyond calculation. Not in 70 years has SAUDI lost so much respect market share and cash.

No end in sight. The run out of SAUDI is massive and some one must be counting over there. Until a new set up develops Saudi is not well financially. Nor can it become well. All MBS failures. Meanwhile Saudi is being bombed daily as MBS lost the war in Yemen and IRAN beat them solidly. MBS just gave SUDAN 200 million to sure up SUNNI MUSLIM against SHITE Muslim In Africa. Now MBS doesn’t have 200 million at these oil prices to give to Sudan. But there he goes again. Is anyone over their counting? 60 Billion to Pakistan. A week later 100 billion to Modi in India. WHO SOLD HIM A NUKE?

Ask the right questions.

West Texas Crude is only 53.00 dollars down 1.06 today alone – and frankly everyone is buying only at the lowest price. WHO PAYS HIGHER PRICES when they can pay lower prices – like a brent future price of ten bucks more – really. Contract buyers are paying 50 bucks and its not going up from that contract buy rate. The market fraud price no one is paying. No one.

Who pays SAUDI PRICES? When they have choices.

Saudi is being fully and totally marginalized. Putin I”m sure see’s the handwriting on this wall. Stay with the Kid and lose more market share and billions upon billions in oil revenue for Russia – or say the happy birth song but never go to the party or send presents. Pump oil and sell oil at PROTECT YOUR OWN RUSSIAN MARKET SHARE at every possible contract option as OPEC is a shell – an illusion. OPEC no longer controls oil supply or price.


MBS went to OIL WAR to destroy America oil industry in 2014. MBS lost that war and now AMERICA is by far the largest producer of oil on earth and that output is soaring – and Canada is soaring and North America and South America do not need GULF OIL at all as demand falls. Demand is no longer growing globally. DEMAND IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF. The largest move away from oil by 100’s of billions of barrels ( FOREVER ) is taking place – in materials – transportation and industry. No commodity is being abandoned like OIL. Polluting. Climate changing. OIL EXTINCT’s us. Humans are roaring out of toxic oil and the 100 year industrial revolution that is killing the entire planet. China is roaring off oil. China has unlimited coal and CEO SPACE can burn that coal CLEAN WITH ZERO POLLUTION. Not so with oil.

CLEAN COAL is endless energy and cheap. All coming.

Oil is out. Every non polluting energy is in.

The GULF economics are layered in debt moving under an ocean of debt without oil revenue to pay for it. MBS has lost market share forever – and the price is beyond MBS to ever fix. OIL economics are in the most serious revision in history. As we told you.


With the cost of everything in decline there IS NO INFLATION.

Don’t be fooled by China. We are in a currency war and China is not in control. The Market will sell yuan like worthless paper soon and hyper inflation in China is coming. WAIT FOR IT. Why? Mismanaged economics – and failure to make a prosperous Deal with the nations LARGEST CUSTOMER. China is now loosing market share of a trillion every two years in surplus as the BEST CUSTOMER FOR CHINA was treated horribly and now that customer is moving into other markets where folks treat the USA as a desired account versus a customer you steal our wallet and our pin numbers.

China – you made the largest mistake of your life. CONSUMERS will learn to STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA.

A movement – sweeping the entire world. Try and stop that from the rude bad manners to your very best customer who built your entire economy. WOW. it boggles the mind to think how you can treat your best customer this badly and see a way into a safe landing.

ENJOY YOUR SUPER CRASH – you deserve every single bit of THAT.

Wait for it…and AI is all over running OUT OF CHINA….the AI reads this blog.


PS: MBS has no clue what the new oil economics – from his delusion and lies – is going to do to the GULF.  IF I WAS IRAN I would deal with TRUMP to teach MBS what power is all about – as you return in full to oil markets without delay. CHECK MATE SAUDI.