Dailo the famous founder of Bridgewater the global Hedge fund came out today as an American traitor. Ray obviously has not read THE SECRET WEAPON or THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM as fully documented truth on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Ray ( wrongly ) suggests all the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS that with AI control now 440 trillion in global circulations in pure class warfare consolidating wealth and power in terms never known before by humans, should bet into and invest into China ( our enemy in trade war ). Why?

PROFIT of course.

Ray opines ( and I oppose Ray and I have READ RAYS BOOK on his immigrant parents and his heart touching ramp up to the top in America for America and about America ) – that – if there are two competing sides as a global institution not loyal to any nation ( i guess your book lacks values you wrote in the book Ray ) – you bet on BOTH SIDES. You bet as he terms it on the industrial Revolution. You bet on both sides.

I oppose RAY DALIO today.

China is at war with the USA and seeks to diminish our influence power and economics. China planners are engaged in full on asymmetrical warfare all well defined in Kevin Freemans two books GAME PLAN and THE SECRET WEAPON. From China leaders themselves all current to what is going on today if you want to KNOW yourself trash Dalio’s book and read DOD contractor who is an American Patriot and is not divided in profit loyalty as the SUPER MONEY IS.

We have stood this week for the USA winning the TRADE WAR.

We ask investors to BACK OUT OF FUNDS that invest in China. To cease all economics with China. To look at labels and tags and to STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA anything. Buy made in EU or Made in USA. We are WAR. This is WORLD WAR III and the war is economic.

If I follow Ray’s logic for profit we do this:

  1. We invest in the USA and we invest in Adolf Hitler
  2. We invest in the USA and we invest equally in Mussolini in case he wins.
  3. We invest in the USA and we invest in Japan in case they win world war II.
  4. We invest in the USA and we invest in CHINA seeking to destroy us so we maximize profits.
  5. We invest without loyalty to our own nation for greed and profit we bet only for profit alone.

It is war RAY.

Real war.

Bone up pal. Read and get smarter ( than you are ) today.

Or be a traitor. Economic Traitors killed more American’s in World War II – betting on both sides – than any other factor which would have shortened the war.


Today and every day the internal rate of the Chinese Yuan is set not by free world markets but by Chinese communist who every PM set the Yuan rate to the US Dollar. Today under 7 dollars in China at 6.99 its lowest currency internal peg rate in ten years. The trend is YUAN DOWN.

The World markets then set the REAL RATE IN WORLD RATES generally following what they feel is government support inside China. This link – is being broken. Why? China is in a SUPER CRASH in slow motion. its wrong sided economic betting and super debt bubble loading will now rebalance in economics. This slow motion SUPER CRASH will pick up speed. Why?

China has no intention of making a trade deal with the USA. China has played TRUMP for a sucker and has a Chess Plan to get Trump out of office once and for all. They will do this with multiple fronts. These fronts include:

  1. Full on backing financially from their entire world partnerships which are massive of Biden and a socialist democrat victory. If they can win THAT in 2020 they feel it is final and the USA moves into the deep swamp of socialist government forever. Ultimately our people will be socially monitored for conformity to social standards from cradle to grave using Chinese advanced technology and AI stolen from the USA and used to control 1.5 billion souls successfully. In this war China and Putin the master game planner are winning – make no mistake about that. Why? The people of the USA have no clue is taking place.
  2. Full on political challenge to Trump at so many fronts at so many waves all planned and flowing to shore one after the other March 2020 go peak this time next year as we go to polls near October. The plan is set in stone. Wait for it.
  3. China never planned to stop the 1 trillion every 24 months soaring to 1 trillion every year if unchecked of USA spending more than China buys – going broke slowly and steadily bankrupt – while the WEALTH TRANSFER INTO TO CHINA makes them the most powerful influence on the world to follow the USA planned decline in this war.
  4. China will massively steal our IP and the worlds IP to win this war using digital weapons they lead in using at every level of warfare. Iran used Chinese war tools to strike back at UK travel today – interrupting millions upon millions. North Korea the UN reports stole with Chinese software 2.0 billion dollars from banks and crypto currency sites ( all of them ) funding its nation and military and profiting not being hurt by sanctions. CRIME PAYS if China backs you. Weaken the west. Steal. Bleed. Wealth Transfer. Influence political agenda to socialism. Work the war plan.
  5. China will return to THEFT AS USUAL as soon as they can get their socialist leadership BIDEN into office. The war is on. SWAMP or NO SWAMP a once off American revolution in full on asymmetrical war – WORLD WAR III.


Dalio as in Nazi Germany decries – why XI and China are not Nazi Germany !

Yes they are. Precisely Nazi Germany.

Today we have over 24 months 1.5 million Chinese in camps. They are tortured in these camps. No due process. If they do not conform to the total full on brain washing way beyond NAZI Germany they are worked camped as slave till they die or just shot. Just Like Nazi Germany. Only these camps will grow rapidly to 5 million than 10 million. The world looks on just like Nazi Germany like its a profit game show – DEAL OR NO DEAL. China like Nazi Germany steals all the wealth it can before it goes into shooting wars. It steals the MILITARY PLANS for ships weapons from space to the ground missiles and nukes. China is the single largest NUKE THREAT not RUSSIA. Why? Putin. Putin is Hitler. XI is Putin’s Mussolini . Xi is in awe of Putin. XI celebrated is 66 birthday with PUTIN his MENTOR OF MENTORS. Mentor on what? Destruction of US economic military and global power and economic dominance. GAME PLAN. Asymmetrical warfare planned and executed over 30 years now fully and completely engaged. RAY DALIO INVESTS IN THAT HORSE making our enemy stronger in war time and wealth transfering even MORE WEALTH INTO CHINA. I say that is economic traitor. I ask investors to move out of funds betting into China for two reasons. IT IS A LOSING ECONOMIC BET. Second you are betting against AMERICA in war. Economic traitors. PULL OUT YOUR MONEY and chose PATRIOTIC FUNDS. Where our nation comes before greed and profit.

We are engaged in full on economic WORLD WAR III. Dalio comes out to the world and says it is just smart greed and profit making to bet on both horse. BET ON AMERICA and BET ON UK but BET ON NAZI GERMANY AND INVEST INTO ADOLF HITLER.

Ah Ray history Ray boy. Bone up. Read up.

Do not bet against your own nation in war. That is an act of traitors – economic traitors at the top.



Our team would do so MUCH BETTER if Ray and the tribe controlling all world wealth super consolidating into AI managed placements and betting – no human’s involved – would help America versus in amoral economic traitor betting help our enemy and harm our own people and nation.

I say to you – YES CHINA:

  1. Lies about military ambition in the entire pacific. Now weaponizing SAMOA next. HUGE SHIFT OF POWER. Lying all the way. We won’t build up military and China is only building up strategic weaken and remove USA influence from the entire region forever. CHESS versus checkers. ONLY TRUMP is standing in 70 years in their way today.
  2. Lies about Hacking and digital theft. They have hacked the DOD, the war plans in South Korea, the military technology of every single aerospace firm of the west – they can today take out our power water communications with digital weapons and they attacked us with the first digital weaponized economic attack in 2007 and almost destroyed the world order entirely – their plan – as Putin and they would fill that vacuum. They earned trillions to our loss of 20 trillion. THAT IS YOUR ENEMY and it IS NAZI GERMANY in the world and if you think otherwise – well everyone was Nice to Hitler too. Denial loses wars.
  3. Lies about trade dealing. 150 pages all agreed to and initialed to buy time to effect their GET SWAMP DRAINING TRUMP who see’s CHINA AS IT TRULY IS OUT – and get their social democracy in once and for all and forever 2020 being their all in no holes barred. Lies. Send a cable to US TREASURY no heads up – oh that year long work and agreement thats all off now we don’t agree to any of it. Trump you look stupid and weak to voters. Soon we’ll show you strong and powerful our BOY BIDEN. Back to the future folks China wins.
  4. Lies about currency manipulation. Communist control China phoney paper money worthless entirely due to debt loading. China is in an economic race. If it mis fires it DEBT IMPLODES and the nation SUPER CRASHES Trump has compassion for the 1.5 billion Chinese who have no clue about the 12% communist registered party leadership real GAME PLAN ( in Kevin Freemans book all laid out for you and fully documented ). WHAT IF TWO BOOKS “THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN ” BY KEVIN FREEMAN could have saved 6 million jews, 100 million Russians tens of millions on our side – and stopped NAZI GERMANY – and no one read or shared the books to do just that? Denial loses wars and millions die. CHINA IS MANIPULATING ITS CURRENCY TO WIN THE TRADE WAR WITH THE USA AND DEFEAT TRUMP IN THE 2020 ELECTION.
  5. Lies to its own people. They only know what COMMUNIST PUBLISH.  1.5 million do not KNOW China broke the trade deal. They know the USA HATES THE CHINESE AND OFFERS NO GOOD WILL TO CHINA. Thats this week. THEY DO NOT KNOW about free elections in HONG KONG or Russia riots and marches. THEY HAVE NO CLUE. They are being set up for WAR WITH THE USA over TAIWAN to assure China is super focused on THREAT and united against the USA in case a SUPER CRASH takes place in economics ( made more unlikely with Traitor Dailo and SUPER MONEY POOLS INVESTING IN HITLER WHILE WE FIGHT THIS WAR THEY ALL FIGHT ECONOMICALLY AGAINST THE USA ) – for they know not what they do – or do they? READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you SEE WHY. You see the one world one currency GAME PLAN for socialism and world order from the elites of the world. Born into those elites I know a thing or two about their GAME PLAN. I OPPOSE IT. In REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – I call for a global revolution against them all which is easy if you read MY BOOK ( back ordered since 2010 – order hard copy they fill em fast ) five stars on Amazon. WHAT IS THE WAY OUT OF THIS NAZIS 2020 SOUP MESS – READ REDEMPTION AND OUR FREE SOUL SOARS.

Competition Ray is the expression of HUMAN mid brain reptilian INSANITY. Competitive thought is insane. Fully expressed form the most ancient brain stem, the hippocampus. No higher brain function can think competitively. Competitive thought see’s all patterns of all awareness in THREAT ASSESSMENT – a human insane thinking pathology. Human beings are insane because we institutionalize educational insanity teaching competition or mid reptilian brain control. Awareness is learning to suppress reptilian brain insanity impulse ( competitive thought in all expressions as insane ). Competition as an attribute. It lacks integrity for survival a feature of insane thinking.


Higher brain states of Cortex and frontal lobes when educated easily suppress insanity for sanity. The virus is removed and under control of higher brain sanity state of thought. Cooperation is the higher brain function of sanity versus insanity. Cooperation DNA is integrity. To remain IN – integrity you have to educate human brains how to think – how to suppress ancient mid brain insanity impulse to compete – and to embrace honor and integrity as cultural.

Globally we teach our young to be insane.

This translates to miserable lives, steeped in unsuccessful competitive home space relationship and parenting – very toxic wasteful human organizational competitive insanity in work spaces and nation spaces – and insane toxic integrity free zone relationships between countries of wonderful humans squandering their raw human potential. Learning – unlearning and -relearning in SUPER CHANGE is now impossible outside virus free switched on turned on cooperative thinkers in integrity – sane thinkers are rising. AWARENESS OF THE VIRUS IS RISING.

Ray Dalio economic traitor to America today – you can’t remove your own virus of mind if you fail to know you have the virus of mind in the first place. You first must become aware or at least suspicious something is wrong with YOU not the world not your circle but with YOUR BRAIN SOFTWARE.  Once you are aware you can read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the virus removal software reboot for the brain. The insanity is gone and the sanity remains for life. REBOOT. Minds. Eventually COOPERATION THEORY will be instructed culturally in all education to create our highest sanity in human potential – cooperation and collaboration in trust and integrity with one another.

Lets express it all regliously in all faith’s.

HEAVEN is the complete absence of insane competitive thought impulse in any form. The environment or state of unconditional love and integrity between souls.

Hell is the complete absence of cooperation. The environment of hatred and distrust and competition between souls without sanity. Insane competitive thought form is the environment – screw unto others before thou are screwed unto. A Ray Dalio economic traitor mantra today in the press.

Folks – which one are we educating our young to adopt? Competition right? Competition is good. Competition is from God. Ah that is the one GREAT LIE.

Competition is the one buggy software flaw upon our brain stem from our reptilian ancient DNA. Competition is insane brain software. Human insanity is expressed as competitive thought process and outcome. Its absence is sanity. Competition lacks integrity at core software code for survival. Competition free brains express integrity as sane out come to virus free mental software with our higher brain state in full control.

THINKING IS A LEARNED BEHAVIOR but we do not teach thinking. We teach insanity. You have been mis -educated. Catching up to sanity and real education is one book away REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The one book the insane will never read at all. Why? You have to become AWARE in human real first state awareness – that – you are insane and you have the virus. Once you suspect that you can take action in a week to reboot your own brain and every brain around you.

CEO SPACE is a community of business owners and professionals 100’s of thousands growing rapidly world wide that influence now millions and nations – who are committed to SANE COMMUNITY. The outcome is amazing. Like heaven on earth. It’s all a state of mine. It is all a state of mind. It all can be a state of yours.

Ultimately your short life is the span of a IPHONE flash bulb for a selfie. BAM. Your gone.

You came here to CHOSE.


You chose endlessly only one choice really.



It is core state of being.

Now you know. Deny and join RAY DALIO.

Act and your mind REBOOTS.



As that is my life work and mission – the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. You know something else. CEO SPACE is the 2010 -20120 # 1 Ranked Business Conference in the world by third party press – because the community expresses sanity and integrity in conducting business outcomes for the world.

But also know this:


High achieving business owners and professionals who wish to accelerate growth impossible outside the CEO SPACE global community – with awareness – become members for life – knowing CEO SPACE is the firewall to the competitive virus for you and your entire circle that never ends. Legacy is 31 years and counting.

So I oppose competitive Chinese insanity and I seek American cooperative values noting how far we have to go to develop our own integrity and drain our own swamps of our own minds as a people. But we lead in that work – we lead it.


Ray Dalio the top of the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL ELITES says – bet on both China and on the USA – always going for the profit agenda. Today I declare such bets into China during trade war is ECONOMIC TRAITOR ISM. Pure and simple. Same as betting in HITLER no difference. I OPPOSE BETTING ON INSANITY OVER SANITY. Ray I oppose your economic entirely today. Call me.

Berny Dohrmann is going for the AMERICAN AGENDA and CEO SPACE the largest small business institution comes out formally AGAINST RAY DALIO ECONOMICS TODAY. We OPPOSE YOU RAY. Today. 10,000 Super Money pools are either FOR AMERICA or betting against America as money economic traitors. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to learn which side your investment into money pools is in fact supporting – HITLER or THE USA. Its a choice folks.

YOU WERE BORN TO CHOSE. Become more aware today of the economics no one wants you to read up on or know at all. Just like in WORLD WAR II. DENIAL is the most costly humanity tragedy of them all. Like Ebola out of all control. Over 50% of cases undetected as an economy killer rising up reported here. Philippine similar epidemic out of all control declared a pandemic in PHILIPPINES TODAY. Malaria the largest killer of humans more than all wars combined is now mutated with no tools to stop it in Asia moving into Africa – we have the CURE AT CEO SPACE but GATES and others we have written send form letters back while millions die. VIRUS OF THE MIND FOLKS is the real enemy. WAKING UP is our future. Or our extinction. We can cure the ill and feed the 1.5 billion dying of starvation this year. We channel the money to fix it all into weapons that extinction us all. We just had – we never saw it till last minute – IMPACT TO EARTH EVENT last week between moon and earth – because while we insane as we are invest our resources to kill one another the 100% for sure IMPACT EVENT WILL KILL US ALL. We have the first HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION TO DETECT AND PROTECT THE PLANET AND TO HEAL THE PLANET but for economics we are extincting ourselves  for insane profit and greed within endless waste of potential and resources to save ourselves and our planet – because – well – we are all insane and education assures we remain insane. How many have to remove the competitive virus and become sane to massively resolve our insanity to sanity.

AH THAN RAY that is our work. Why not invest 250 million with us and we’ll IPO sanity. Game on? Probably not. The insane do not invest in the sane. They see sanity as weak. Odd but true. As they march into their own extinction with warm meals at the Hamptons. My tribe is so mentally insane.

Economic traitors are the new normal. No loyalty to the nation that grew their wealth what so ever. Their loyalty is to PROFITS and Nazi Germany is fine to profit from even if six million jews are sacrificed to make a buck. THAT IS NOT MY WORLD PAL. Sanity is my world.

When I marched on that  bridge with Martin Luther King my famous father instructed a young teen ager, son you become a MAN and a man your father will always be proud of – when you display character. Character is a display of a man of honor. If you are a man of honor son no one can give you honor not your father not anyone for honor is inside you or it honor is not inside you. If you ARE a man of honor my son …then no one can take that honor from you. Not if you go to jail for this march or are in the press from this march. For Character is displayed when it COST YOU SOMETHING TO STAND BY ANOTHER ( your uncle Martin ) because standing by Uncle Martin is the RIGHT THING FOR A MAN OF HONOR TO DO IN LIFE. i’m so proud of you my first born son – for today you display your honor and you become a man of character that makes your father so proud……HONOR RAY.

That was a lot of years ago and I remember it all like it was just yesterday.



Super Money pools need to help the USA win the war.

If you help China win the war you lack HONOR RAY. Your own book in my book – means nothing Ray. You know honor by its works Ray not by words.

Ray character is when it cost you something- to do the right thing ( by your country Ray ).

Today you shamed yourself and you for shamed AMERICANS fighting a real war they know not what it even is. it IS economic Ray …and Ray you do KNOW.

Your betting on HITLER and profiting against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


I oppose you Ray and your phony economics for greed and profit.

Enough said. Go make a buck Ray as you tell the world bet on both horses.

I’m betting on AMERICA RAY and it cost me something to place the bet…..I stand by my call.