The 2007 Economic crises was made possible by a SUPER BUBBLE the FED and its owners – criminal bankers who all pled guilty to the worst financial crimes in history ( Like EU bank just paid 300,000 million more in fines for what to Belguim – for MONEY LAUNDERING ). As Central Banks are turn of century constructions – legal private corporations operating independently of nations controlled by criminals working against their own nations – working to maximize their secret private controlling shareholders – the banks they are in charged to regulate but never ever do – and all made possible by planned ECONOMIC IGNORANCE so voters think the crook are money high priest. The Central bankers are the cause of all world crashes and depressions and war. Its easy to google and get smart ( well not easy ) but you can scroll and get re-educated right here. IF VOTERS chose CANDIDATES that stood for merging CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKS back into their AI real time – audited and reporting STATE TREASURIES getting rid of independance which means . we criminal banks answer to now one – it just seems like we do by appearance – but no one – and we mean No ONE can over ride criminal banker decisions. Trump is engaged in a AMERICA GOES BANKRUPT or AMERICA BANKRUPTS CHINA TRADE WAR. Why? Well voter ignorance again. If you read THE SECRET WEAPON ( which is economic digital AI attacks on our market place ) you would see WORLD WAR III that I alerted readers in 200 nations from China to North Korea to understand and to SHARE to go viral full on. You would see more. Trump had to act and act fast because the FED was working against America and with China to weaken AMERICA. Why? So the central banks can preside over one world governent their money mafi will control – by contract – to print that money for profit.READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which is global not about AMERICA and tells you the well oiled money wars taking place to create a one world government where socialism wins and you are controlled from coffee to bed time as a consumer cradle to grave in their money mafia plan. The Central bankers bet a fortune you will not read the documentation in this work. If you all did one thing – you elect candidates who tell you they stand to merge the CENTRAL BANKS of their nation back into FULL REPORTING ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY AND INDEPENDENCE IS A CRIMINAL BANKER FRAUD CONSTRUCTION meaning absolutely zero accountability. POWELL in his 1/4 point lowerin gof interest betrayed America during a war time. Its all laid out for you in this blog and your central bank and ours all all one system. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AND THE SECRET WEAPON and facts, all double documented never lie….except when really good men and women stand by and do nothing at all. Like right now. ECONOMIC IGNORANCE is the instability that you can’t see hear taste or know until you DO.



China is a nation GNP once the size of the state of only say california. Now declining under that level. China is free falling from trade war. Its growth has stopped entirely. China growth is now declining in a crash. Not a slow fall. China is moving into a recession. China has not had a recession or decline to its spending in five decades of growth once 25% now 5% and declining. Keep in mind CHINA LIES. China has lied about:

  1. its economics and its numbers which are not transparent or reporting like the mature western nations by any means.
  2. Its intentions are not colonial. China has four men to one woman and average age over 65.
  3. China is debt enslaving nations to export men to women and repopulate its worker force with immigration.
  4. China is in a demographic race as it lacks worker force to keep growing and it borrows 300% more than it earns.
  5. China debt saddle can not survive trade war. Period. As China Super Crashes which is coming and we told you China will debt default as the world has never seen before. Why? Its economics are communist unsustainable.
  6. China lied about its currency it totally manipulates its currency in a state everything is central planned.
  7. China lied about the CHINA SEA having no military ambition as it super builds its navy from hacked US plans and it fortifies its many many islands with full on advanced weapon systems and missiles having said in the press we will not build these islands into fortresses – China simply lies.

China lies to its own people. Sound Bites from China pile up to show disrespect to America and from America to China. The Chinese people have no idea – no clue – China negotiated a 150 page agreement they initialed every line of as final and moving to close the trade deal – setting Trump up – secure Trump moving into election season could not in fact do what Trump did – not care if he is a one term President – and acted immediately when CHINA TOTALLY DISRESPECTED THE USA. Their weekend cable to Treasury – no courtesy whatsoever to Trump – a total XI PUTIN Judo play – canceling all 150 pages and starting over from scratch – was like an ape throwing their shit directly into Donald Trumps face – laughing and laughing at XI”s 66 Birthday party with PUTIN serving the cake and caviar from RUSSIA to his buddy XI.

Trump wiped himself off and immediately evoked tariff responses XI bet Trump would not do. Next XI the liar asked Trump ( from Putin ‘s game book ) to give him more time to reach a trade deal and promised large agriculture purchases if Trump would in good faith pause the tariff impositions. Trump went public for the LIAR and again XI threw Chinese Panda shit all over Trump’s face. NO PURCHASES. When the team – our team flew into Beijing for working discussions – they had a dinner and a half day of nothing and were sent home with protracted no hope moving forward SHIT ALL OVER OUT TEAM ( again ). China needs TIME to assure they get their holiday Christmas buying this month and next.

Then China drops its currency 7% this year the largest drop ever – and kept it dropping into free fall. We told you the YUA is now worthless in trade war. Why? Scroll we will tell economically why. The Yuan is now an item the world market will with AI RUN OUT OF. The Chinese are running out of the YUAN. Why? Because the YUAN is going – as we told you – first this summer passing the 7 yuan to one dollar range than rapid free fall – which still will not save China – into 15 yuan per dollar. You heard that first here. Remember we told you that in August 2019.



God Bless the Free Press in the West. The Chinese have to get information under ground. Everything is monitored in China. The chinese only see and hear what the COMMUNIST PRESS allows them to see and to hear. In five G world the Chinese will lose control finally of information. Musk is setting up staleites as are others blanketing the world with 5G low cost anyone can access it information. China has limited time to BRAIN WASH 1.4 billion people – over 600 million 65 and aging fast. The cost to care for non productive aging population in China is not sustainable.

The cost of maintaining ten years of borrowing at 300% more than you earn is not sustainable economics at core.

The cost of maintaining the military ramp up state police state a million person plus standing army is not sustainable.

The cost of super bubble investing in commodities sinking in value like a rock from oil to cooper to steel – China being the commodity horder of the world – now presents China with loses from those bubbles that are not sustainable.

The debtor nations from Congo to South America that will be unable to repay China state debtor slavery policy for nations is not sustainable and ripples into China fully bankrupt save for phony accounting balance sheets.. All economic abuse must one day rebalance.

The Super Real Estate Bubble in China is not sustainable. The China SUPER CRASH will begin with currency and real estate and spread to banks like the wind.

Last time China distracted the world from its SUPER CRASH with Putin’s planned DIGITAL AI ATTACK on our financial markets. Today the USA can counter attack in nano seconds to their markets. All of them. All at once. Further the USA does not have a SUPER BUBBLE to attack. The State of the US ECONOMY the largest BY SO FAR ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO SHARE WHAT # 2 ( lower than California GNP ) is to our WHOLE – IS SUPER STRONG compared to 2007. Russia and China are in declining economics. Why? No good faith trade deal. Why? WEALTH TRANSFER FROM AMERICA weakening America as POLICY. ECONOMIC WAR POLICY laid out in THE SECRET WEAPON from China military planners and THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM.

WE ARE INSIDE WORLD WAR III which is DIGITAL – AI – AND STARTED IN 2007. The war is now fully engaged in CHINA.




Why is sharing the TRUTH so important?

Because consumers in this war NEED TO SHOP DIFFERENTLY.

Look at tags. Buy shoes from Italy and made in America.

See a tag that says MADE IN CHINA. Don’t buy it.

Don’t buy an IPHONE.

Look at tags. MADE IN CHINA. Find another supplier that helps the EU or America and our people.


Consumers STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA THIS HOLIDAY. Help win the trade war for fair trade not ECONOMIC WAR POLICY TO BANKRUPT THE WEST – the EU and America. DO NOT BE FOOLED If you have not read the books set forth with PROOF of how bad this war against YOU is truly.



So the Fed LIES worse than China. Criminal bankers always lie.

HOW IMPORTANT is this Blog? Well the FED pulled out 100% of its living Chairman – Greenspan who brought us criminal banker super bubble in Real State and the 2007 AI digital war attack on our markets – and Bernanke who solved nothing made it worse and shoved 20 trillion dollars in NEW USA DEBT more than 400 prior years – onto the back of the debt sweaty nation for banker control forever. UNLESS WE MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY.


  1. We work for the economy and not the interest of the USA. Thats true. You work for criminal bankers who own your controlling shares and you report only to them and you work as THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
  2. We have all the check and balance needed by Congress. WRONG. Congress by 80 page act can do nothing to the fed and Alan Greenspan on 60 Minutes defined – no fed decision can be over ruled by any agency of nation a Fed decision is absolute and final -no checks no balances none. Appearance before congress – is a show event with no power over the FED at all The fed declines to answer at all. Bernanke was asked – by congress – so you are not going to tell this over sight panel where 11 trillion dollars went into your member banks is that what I a hearing Chairman Bernanke. “THAT IS CORRECT SIR”. ( We will not tell you where 11 trillion of your money went at all )
  3. Law Makers read this blog. The Fed knows and reads our call to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. INdependence means secret stock ownership and control – secret economics – no audit – no review – no reporting – no outside verification – pay interest to print money to profit criminal bankers – all bad economic policy in 1900 and today a ECONOMIC SIN. Until CENTRAL CRIMINAL BANKS working to lose the economic war with our great nation are merged back into US TREASURY we have risk of a world depression – super crash closure of all institutions and world war. Which is the game plan of the FED.
  4. When all Fed chairman march out at once to lobby for INDEPENDENCE so the criminals are the only ones who can even talk about monetary policy – in secret and spring it on us – displays RAW FED PANIC. Congress Trump and the American people are learning enough not to see the fraud on themselves. MERGING THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY one candidate chosen at a time – is the ONE ISSUE TO MAKE NATIONS GREAT AGAIN all nations. The theft of your national wealth is a FED STRATEGIC PLAN consolidating wealth until 1% of the Fed insider elites own more wealth of the nation than 99^ of all the people own. We are there now. THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE and always ends catrropshically for us all and with greater wealth for the FED circles. MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY.
  5. We win the trade war if consumers and industry cease buying from CHINA – and yesterday is already too late to begin – the GREAT SHIFT – no more buying made in China anything. CONSUMERS BUY DIFFERENT. Engage into the trade war and help your nation. BUY CHINESE and you betray your own national wealth and unborn. STOP CEASE DO NOT BUY CHINESE – corporate to grandma. STOP NOW. Right as holiday orders are flooding to us. Nothing labeled made in China. LEAVE ALL THAT CRAP IN THE STORES.

I pledge to win the trade war by boycotting made in china purchases from now to the Holiday season in 2020 and beyond util fair integrity based agreements are made treaty and not until then

I also vote for candidates who agree the criminal bankers and Fed must be merged back into US TREASURY and i vote for candidates who stand on this FIRST ISSUE – merge the FED back into US treasury.

Post this on your walls boards and instagrams. Join a movement of adding the weight of WE THE PEOPLE into a trade war we win with all of us together facing our enemy the ammunition more powerful than bullets residing in your wallets.

Delay any purchase made in China and buy an alternative. CUT OFF MADE IN CHINA NOW.

The FED panic was seen as all paraded out saying – hey we have enough oversight of congress – pure fraud – no over sight at all – congress has zero powers over the FED save to 80 page emergency act to keep all their functions and merge them BACK INTO ACCOUNTABILITY AND OUT OF NO ACCOUNTABILITY WITH PHONY INDEPENDENCE.

Why in DIGITAL AI WAR TIME would we empower a criminal banker cabal to print our money supply and make monetary policy against the best interest of their nation. The FED has never worked for the economy. The CRIMINAL FED is owned by banks – it’l all come out in the merger – and when audited you’ll be horrified where the money all goes really. ONE ACT OF CONGRESS AND US TREASURY TAKES OVER MONETARY POLICY IN FULL REPORTING REAL ACCOUNTABILITY TO CONGRESS VERSUS SHAm fraud show by the criminals at the Fed – all banks pleading guilty to the crimes of the century – no one goes to jail though because they are all Fed good good boys in the real band of thieves.

The criminal Fed Board folks all out loud yesterday – saying keep us independent are working in lock step with Putin and China to destroy America. They are hurting our war effort. They refuse to help our leadership to win the war. Inside CURRENCY wars the FED is working against the US in war time. MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY. Elect candidates who make this the # 1 ECONOMIC ISSUE. Vote them in office. Write Trump to merge the Fed into US treasury. Stop the theft of our national wealth stop the criminal bankers once and forever.


Ignorant voters false belief the FED are money high preiset cast votes for the enemy of the United Stats by failure to understand their full power. If you read THE SECRET WEAPON AND THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you will wish to vote in only candidates who say – I will work to merge the FED back into USA TREASURY.

The FED PANIC – you missed it? They had all the old failed foggies out – no one asking the questions how they are the cause of all the pain or how they work against America in trade war. Who owns controlling shares of the FED. Never asked. Who controls the Fed, which criminal bankers? No one asks. How can we get an audit of the FED ( never been one never will be one unless we merge into the Treasury. ) How arne lied to America saying over sight by congress was enough – congress can chat with FED but Congress can not do anything to offset fed choices.


There is only one economic issue for world prosperity on the table and voters do not understand it:

cadindiate will you merge the criminal central bankers back into full oversight under our state treasury of nation

Vote them in.
Vote all others out.

Bam you have your country back.



Pakistan stated today 100% of military strength would be applied to oppose INDIA take over of Kashmir. This would mean nukes pointed at each nation could be fired anytime – any moment. Mistakes in war zones happen. Marshall law applies iN Pakistan kashmir. Groups of more than four are prevented from Organizing. A 60 minute ambulance ride to hospital is now over two hours due to check points and stop and search ambulances with patiences now taking over two hours. Muslim harassment is rising in Kashmir and Pakistan will not allow an INDIA TAKE OVER. If Saudi raises up terror in India will India sell nukes to Iran or will North Korea make that sale. MBS and Iran are on nuke buying spre – both have missiles and wish to out the other first. This is real war. Pakistan and India can go this week.And go nukes. Iran and Saudi. Israel and Iran. The world is devolving under the PUTIN MASTER PLAN.



Weaken the west on multiple fronts all at once. Sudan, Ukraine, China, NATO, Turkey, Syria, the GULF, IRAN, all at once more and more fronts – costing trillions hemorrhaging out of America .

Divide and conquer. Over 20 years break NATO TRUST with one another and especially trust with USA main funder. Divide NATO till NATO splinters and falls apart.

Divide the USA. Ramp up socialism in factions and then unite under DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM to divide the landscape. Keep Americans fighting among themselves. Add in violence and anarchy to reduce freedom remove weapons and control populations maximally for security. Pit faith race and politic in hate groups. Us on line AI and digital to advance crazy brains to act out violently keeping voters away from the real issues of uniting in any possible way. KEEP AMERICA maximally divided into the 2020 election year.

Wealth Transfer maximum wealth OUT OF AMERICA and into our own allies. Use that wealth for military counter powers. Hack everything Snowden helped hack all DOD war plans and technology we now have and we have him to sift through the millions and millions of secured data to tell us what are the diamonds for our weapons and most advanced catch up to AMERICA. From 20 minute cruise weapons with nukes all made possible by traitor SNOWDEN living the high life executing AMERICA from his safe PUTIN status symbol – we win you lose America. Game on. Putin is the master planner. XI is the master plan executor. Until one thing went wrong.

President Donald Trump.



From Stormy Daniels saying in the press – I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP – to other FAKE NEWS – China and Russia tag team spending untold 100’s of millions to label tar and feather Donald Trump into their socialist rising majority in America. Their goal is that GOVERNMENT IS “NOT THE PROBLEM” BUT THAT GOVERNMENT IS THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION. All controlled by criminal banks.

As an investment banker economist I suggest you have not seen anything yet in this economic WORLD WAR III now fully engaged by Putin and China this week. All China reports are lies to secure hatred for America to unite its people behind its failed economy crash. Soon super crashing.

We expect a head jerk recovery. AI is making moves to normalize averages to its resetting ranges.

AI is now anticipating:

  1. Surplus commodities all way over priced by China hoarding – not sustainable and about to plunge off cliffs. Gold too.
  2. Oil will try and manipulate dollars up but even in flight to the dollar the TREASURY will sink the dollar over priced today by speculators. 10% too high right today.
  3. The EU in trade war is bidding up the dollar to make the EU trade cheaper for the world. We say buy EU with Dollars and take the deal – stop buying made in China. Buy from our peeps not those waging war against us – communist leaders not the Chinese people who have no information that is accurate.
  4. Digital Attacks on Financial Markets by Putin and Allies to prove a point in trade war. This will go badly. The market will be hit more than once into September. SUPER VOLATILITY AI has never experienced is likely to occur. We will counter attack in nano seconds via automation.
  5. AI massive algorithms in a new market may act in ways no one can predict or forecast. I’d bed on that outcome. Runs on banks like Deutsche bank are click runs may topple the bank over into bankruptcy which starts a DEFAULTING DEBT CASCADE with Italy and China most vulnerable in the war zone which is all AI economics at this point in time.

CONSUMERS STOPPING ALL MADE IN CHINA is the victory in trade war. As china won’t buy our stuff fairly by any means it is time to pay back the treachery in economic policy.

THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin Freeman and THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM document without mercy the truth. You will see CHINA IS NOT OUR FRIEND. China is our enemy. The trade economic war works like this:

  1. Destabilize the world economy. Using Putins master plan.
  2. Challenge Trump on multiple fake flag threats and fronts all across the world – no let up no pause
  3. Blame everything on Trump where China is a good faith victim of a terrible capitalist.
  4. Advance American socialism to win the election take out the last threat to socialism – TRUMP – and the planned fatal wealth transfer between China and USA and EU continues until we break their economic back bones.
  5. Enslave critical supply nations using DEBT that for generations allows China the winning hand in those debtor slave nations to Communism central planners. With American fully socialist under our leader BIden, in 2020, move South America and Africa into socialist modeling killing capitalism by winning in politics to take over nations by plan.

THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAME shows you the Putin GAME PLAN being executed. This blogs define WORLD WAR III and sharing them in the EU where Putin is fanning flames of nationalism in the BALKANS true and proven division of populations versus unity of populations. The Game Plan is division.

Iran said today the MOTHER OF ALL WARS would take place in Iran if the West wished for war.



  1. Pakistan and India – hair trigger on nukes this week – real shooting war possible any moment
  2. China red sea miscalculation with USA – trade war becomes shooting war – hair triggers now
  3. Hong Kong where China army moves in an enormous numbers shift off to camps waiting for brain resetting
  4. Saudi Bat Shit Crazy King MBS is shopping for NUKES for his missile fields all set to launch at Iran.
  5. Yemen won the war and is daily bombing Saudi airports plant and infrastructure nation wide. Now the war is entrenched on Saudi Soils dailly..



China has no tools to stablize the run out of its Juan. This week into next month TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS will run out of the Yuan. The currency is worthless. The debts of China make China bankrupt. A trillion dollars in commodities horded now all crashing in value is one part. Super Money pools running out of Yuan trades is another by trillions upon trillions this week. The China hong kong window can not the value. CHINA IS A CURRENCY MANIPULATOR and no just its own. China keeping the dollar high in trade war has China with too many dollars – now they have to dump dollars at loses and the dollar goes down whether China holds and loses or folds and loses. China loses.

The Fed has to join the TRADE WAR Or Trumps team who read this news are going to call to MERGE THE FED CRIMINALS INTO REAL OVER SIGHT WITH CONGRESS and THIS CONGRESS MAY ACT FOR AMERICA. First. United. Putin fears his division planning is unwinding. The notion crazy brains that shot gay bars in Orlando – Holiday parties in Southern California – too many schools to count under PRESIDENT OBAMA was PRESIDENT OBAMA”s fault is the worst of America. Putin web sites work up the shooters in the dark web. On plan on time. CRAZY BRAIN SHOOTERS are the only responsible party to crazy brain.

In a modern society guns should be locked up like Australia and the lock up monitored in real time. Today with AI we can monitor all guns and their locations. WE SHOULD. The days of the wild wild west are bygone era’s. More guns than population is not sport unless the sport is us. Today registered carry permits and gun controls are civilized and now will rise up. Violent video games should be banned until age 25 for more mature brains. Allowing for warnings required in games – these games are addicting fictions and must never be seen as legal outside a fantasy game never translate game theory to real life or you are a crazy brain get help. Common damn sense.

Bad brains act out in 18 hours a day on line gaming violence never understanding why they are being put to death instead of going to level 15. When they die in the games they get rewarded. In real life its GAME OVER and crazy brains never see GAME OVER as they are insane.

Putins plan. Drug up AMERICA from the CHINA NORTH KOREA FACTORY. North Korea has stolen 2 billion in crypto currency and bank hacking to fund its hydrogen bomb and missile programs. Sanctions cost Kim a dollar he steals 1000. They made trillions in the 2007 digital war fare attack and their ability to attack our markets is not greater than back then. What stops them is the SPEED WE ATTACK BACK and they know now our weapons are bleeding edge beyond their own.


The real danger. NEW WEAPONS AND FIRST STRIKE. The world is in nuke weapons dependant on communications. Communications to spot fire and test. The USA has EMP weapons that are not detectable and deliverable world wide in ten minutes flat. These weapons remove in successive bursts overlapping for hours all communications. No transportation – water – communication – weapon firings – the electronics to fire are gone – you push the button but no ignition – the ignition in the rockets are fried. Lower frequency to sub is equally defeated by under water neutron bombs that kill some fish but leave the oceans without radiation and the subs communications is gone. Now if all this now that an enemy is blinded – and they want to do this to us as well – but our firing trigger is way too fast in response for that – blinded the entire enemy is vaporized – first strike resets the world.

This unthinkable is now THUNK by PUTIN as he puts our Snowden hacked weapons to work. Snowden caught RUSSIA up fifty years having no clue what he was doing. He was not correcting the USA by sharing top secret everything. He was defeating the USA like all traitors from within. 1000’s of deaths of our intel folks have taken place with horrific tortures while Snowden has a warm meals , does skype calls, does Russia propogranda, has Russia Women loving on him – like that is real – and thinks himself secure.

Putin to make a trade deal to save Russia Prosperity will have to BETRAY CHINA ( no problem ) and turn over SNOWDEN as a Christmas Present to Trump ( No problem ) and secure a trade deal for Russia inclusion in all forward power dealings. Than and only when RUSSIA is secure and prosperity growth assured by the USA treaty – will Putin Fix Iran China and North Korea. Domino effect.

No deal with Putin?

New fronts. Putin will move in the Balkans and the SOVIET UNION REBUILDING will occur. Putin will test NATO really and Putin will fight Nato really and PUTIN will win. At least a cease fire. Showing NATO is weak. Nations will seek Putin protection. Putin will reset the world with America or without America.

WE ARE IN WORLD WAR III – PUTINS WAR – and the weapons are economic and digital.

The press is reactive and reporting incidents. MINI BATTLES. The real War Game Board is being manipulated finally by US TREASURY AND THE US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE IN COORDINATION – and without the TRAITOR CRIMINAL BANK FED working against AMERICA and working for PUTIN’s plan of on world socialist government under their criminal cabal banker control. THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM FOLKS lays it all out – press verified – the SECRET WEAPON lays out the war plan – unfolding precisely as Kevin and I laid it all out from 2007 to today – every prediction ture to the date line.

IGNORANCE In journalism, ignorance in economics, backward vision economics into old dead and buried theory that no longer exists in economics – lack of economic prescription glasses to see into the future of rapidly SUPER CHANGING super accelerating AI ECONOMICS where AI is writing new AI programs to manage 440 trillion in circulations and humans have lost control and humans are out of any control in global economics. Central banks are unics today and must be merged back into their treasuries to save their nation economically.

If voters believe central banks are agencies of nation – versus stock firms owned by criminal bankers – that false belief and voter inability to elect candidates who WILL MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO STATE TREASURY In 2019 – through voter inaction while there was still time to fix this – will usher in the greatest global economic depression and world war of all human history. The Putin plan – we can win.

Wrong minded by hey it is his plan.

Leaders are readers – when you read – form voter groups across your nation – become wildly active – fund those groups and unite together across all parties and politics – disgard division for unity – on one single ITEM –

merge criminal central banks back into state treasury for world peace and prosperity
defeat Putin’s war game by this one step – elect candidates who will merge central banks back into treasury¬†

Do nothing and we all lose. You’ll see.

Do this – really share this blog and become active and we all win…you’ll see.

All issues in all nations are distractions. THERE IS ONLY ONE ISSUE IN ALL NATIONS – central banks working into one world governance they alone control us all. If you read you will know that is gospel.

They can not win if we unite against their plan. Will you educate enough of us to win the economic world war III. We win as fast as the FEDERAL RESERVE FRANCHISE IS REVOKED BY CONGRESS AND IN ONE EMERGENCY WEEK merged back into US treasury. Now congress wins and so do we all. All nations follow the example.

VOTES it has always been up to you. Remain brain washed and emotionally assobed as they wish you fully divided in politics of hatred and disrespect ( not our american values the values put into our heads by real election planners from Putin ) and its working is it not. CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY NEVER PUNISH IT – COOPERATE AS ONE TO MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY and the CAUSE THE SOURCE is defeated. America will remain great if this step is completed and it will not ….as looking back voters will come to learn – how they burned America to the economic ground.



The Fed worked to help China and Putin.
Trump risking his election worked to KEEP AMERICA GREAT and defeated the DEAD FED by POLICY in FULL ON WORLD WAR III.

As it is all economic and the public is economically ignorant one understands the press socialist controlled since the 1980’s has risen up FAKE NEWS to rally hatred for Trump. Hate Trump for Trade war with nice sweet China. Hate Trump for the crazy brain killings Trump like Obama had zero responsibility for. Crimes Hating GAYS in Orlando. Crimes hating Christians in Southern California Under Obama. Crimes hating hispanics under TRUMP – all policy of PUTIN HATRED AND DIVISION – working as planned. His sites. His folks. Working up the crazy brains on line. HATRED IS NOT US. 300 Million are HISPANIC THIS WEEK. I’m hispanic. We are all hispanic. We will protect you and we will take out those who will threeten gays – arabs, muslims – hispanics – AMERICANS. We will CELEBRATE OUR TAPESTRY IN THE USA NEVER PUNISH IT AND WE WILL SHRINK REAL ESTATE FOR CRAZY BRAINS AND WE WILL KILL YOU. Delete you. YOU WILL NOT DIVIDE AMERICA as per the PUTIN PLAN…you will not. Socialist press dividing AMERICA shame on you all. WE ARE ALL HISPANIC and that is our America not isolated crazy brains acting out. All over the world not just here and in Russia too where thousands upon thousands were arrested and locked up for what. PEACE FULL ASSEMBLY TO ADVOCATE FOR FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS. Those folks are in jail and many are being tortured right now others are being killed. Putins plan.

IN WORLD WAR III PUTIN is having zero distraction on his end while creating massive distraction on our end.

CHINA – fully engaged now – will massively work to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE AND GET THEIR SOCIALIST BIDEN INTO OFFICE where the WEALTH TRANSFER can all go back to NORMAL as the public brain washing makes evil look good and real good look evil. The Communist 101 Play book ever read it? I have.

IF you stand back 1000 feet up and look at the:

  1. Press who in this generation belief their core truth – socialism is good – free capitalism is bad – and wish government to solve all problems without regard to freedoms or economics of any kind. Social enslavement is not something they understand as puppets until they try and cut their own strings when it is way way too late. They simply do not understand the war – the threat – or that WORLD WAR III is asymmetrical – united in scope by Putin – decades in planning and now in FULL WAR MODE. The USA lost all early battles. We are not losing battles any more. WE are starting to turn the course of the WAR. The war planners now want TRUMP and his DOD team out and Biden and his socialist team in. Massive voter issue distraction is the asymmetrical warfare tool to win. This is not about Biden or Trump. This is about SOCIALISM or AMERICA in 2020. ONE ISSUE.
  2. We win if we merge the money control of socialism ( read the books ) the FED back into USA treasury. Here is the winning war plan if enough voters world wide form action groups and fund packs on this one issue:
  • Merge the Central Banks back into State Treasury with AI real time oversight – the FED FIRST.
  • Keep all functions and systems give them a pay raise but put in Treasury personnel economist not criminal bankers.
  • Pay off all Fed Debt in 2021 with one SUPER BOND – 100 Year Bond – USA is debt free with tons of found money for defense and entitlements and health cares as hemmorage to criminal banks stops.
  • Future money is printed as it was for 100’s of years with no interest paid to criminal bankers.
  • Criminal bankers are regulated and all market manipulation and speculations stop by law. Bankers go to jail.
  • The SEC upgrades into AI regulating AI markets with the largest real time face lift since the 1930’s stopping super bubbles in the combination of bank manipulation from casino capitalism out and Treasury AI oversight of it all.
  • Commodity trading fully AI and under US treasury as well with oversight to stop unbridled speculations
  • Short selling is criminalized and moved out of markets.
  • Reporting companies report every 180 days stopping unwanted wild speculations.
  • Stock Buy Backs when earnings are falling are precluded as stock manipulations and all stock buy backs must be approved by STOCK BUY BACK SEC NON MANIPULATION BOARDS. Capital is forced into real economic investing not casino side betting.

SOCIALISM will win IF CENTRAL BANKS Remain unmerged. Their secret economic destructions to assure one world government is the GAME PLAN. The Voters are kept ignorant until THE SECRET WEAPON AND THE KILLNG OF UNCLE SAM DOCUMENTATION were published. Now will voters read these works to start the voter fix as we the people have all the power.

The one fear they have – YOU UNITE HAVING LEARNED THE TRUTH. You merge them back into Treasury.

CONGRESS – you have one job as Americans in time of war. Read the books and pass an 80 page merger of the FED in one week back into US TREASURY knowing President TRUMP will sign that. YOU RETURN CONTROL TO CONGRESS. Your power. Your nation. Our future. Or stay bought and paid for socialist – who all sat down by majority in the STATE OF THE UNION hating Trump to camera – when he asked you all to rise as majority stating this NATION WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY.

Voters elect a republican congress – vote only candidate majority to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY no other candidate wins – if you do that – you all win. If you want socialist and control like CHINA has with AI vote in BIDEN. You’ll get just what you voted for. Its not political for this blog. Its ECONOMIC.

ECONOMICS is in charge. Politics is bought and paid for. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Question what you think is real.

What if your reality and every aspect of what you believe about it is software fed to your brain by war planners over years? Care to read two books to prove it all to yourself? Remain programed or re-program.

IS there time?

Putin thinks no.

China thinks no. They got this.

Trump thinks – HOPE AND PROMISE and fights the war full on – one term or no. True to what his team knows about China and Putin really. They know being set up and they know the shit CHINA threw all over his team and the President and the USA.

It stinks.

China thinks they are winning.



The crash in RUSSIA and China is going to be a SUPER CRASH and create social unrest and riots. Why.


China makes a DEAL or CHINA may Super Crash so hard they break into civil wars and break up as a united China. Think that can’t happen? IT ALWAYS HAPPENS IN CHINA it is CHINA HISTORY FOLKS. Mismanaged economics and social revolutions. HARDLINERS IN RUSSIA AND CHINA get F grade in economics. Trump and his team get A PLUS grades in economics.

The Trump team is wiping the SHIT STORM CHINA just threw into their face to win the election for BIDEN.

Trumps team wished to spare the CHINESE PEOPLE the hard landing the SUPER CRASH and all the pain for failed communist economics now devolving into non sustainable systemic failure. The AI Super Crash in China will be so fast so massive so sudden so complete that the world will look to the bible and think – it was not NEW YORK it was CHINA in which the smoke was rising and all her merchant ships off shore wept at her destruction as babylon fully Godless.

ECONOMICS 101 – COMMUNIST ECONOMICS ALWAYS FAILS UTTERLY. No one learns and the pain is awful all along the journey.

A failed model for economics. Communism. 100% track record of failure.

As we told you.



The USA has unlimited trillions in wealth military and power.

China has declining resources, power and shrinking wealth.


China is bluffing with two two’s having their final dealer hit.

Trump blowing smoke rings fresh from the shower washing the CHINA SHIT STORM off his face and clothes – is enjoying his cigar today.

Trump will soon CALL and SHOW THE CARDS.

As all the cards TRUMP HOLDS are fully seen – the scope of XI reliance on FAKE NEWS ECONOMICS turns his foundation into quick sand. By the time XI see’s how wrong and in error is advisers are – ( what is the worst that they can do really – old economics versus new AI economics ) – XI is up to his chest in QUICK SAND AND HIS ARMS CAN”T MOVE TO THROW MORE SHIT STORMS IN THE USA. Trump along can keep XI’s economic head up if XI finally orders a deal. No deal XI sinks under economic quick sand.

if EU and American consumers support their nations and leaders and STOP BUYING RIGHT NOW MADE IN CHINA the war is won faster. WE ALL ARE AT WAR. STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA it is wealth transfer to weaken your nation and rise up communist russia and china united. BUY EU GOODS BUY AMERICAN GOODS AND STOP BUYING CHINA ANYTHING IN TRADE WAR FULLY ENGAGED.

Now decide – will you share this blog? When? How far?

Will you who get it keep sharing it?

Will you subscribe and comment we are at WAR. Unite as one. CELEBRATE OUR DIFFERENCES STOP PUNISHING THEM – thats the PUTIN PLAN.

Will you social promote this blog? Will you all viral in war the solution.

Send this BLOG TO YOUR LAW MAKERS ( its all on line now ).

This is war. Your war. My war.

Circulate into CHINA they have no clue what is going on out here – none. It’s all brain software communist leaders filter. Even our press is owned by socialists. Murduck spits in that wind buying USA TODAY. Truth is out there. But over decades truth is seen as bad or lies and lies is seen as good and truth. It’s all in the bible.

If we react fast enough we may prevent world depression and world war III for real.

Folks – we predict a head shake rally and the other shoe dropping in September October. Then depending on China and the war we may see a record year end or something far more war ominous.¬† This is REAL WAR. This IS WORLD WAR III now multiple front shooting wars – all proxy wars – SAUDI AND IRAN . from Syria to Yemen – and SAUDI IS LOSING AND IRAN IS WINNING – and WORLD WAR III IS DIGITAL – DIGITAL WEAPONS IN MARKETS – and currency’s are now at full war EU- CHINA – RUSSIA – AMERICA – GLOBAL. The CURRENCY WARS ARE CENTRAL BANK CONTROLLED AGAINST NATION AGENDA UNTIL YOU MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO TREASURY.

All central banks for the FED – all Chairman argued yesterday in press – we have to keep our independence so we can work to lose the war for America – that is what the FED SAID if you had the translator as an economist. IN REAL TIME AI REPORTING the FED IS CRIMINAL BANKER OWNED AS A STOCK FIRM READ THE CHARTER – NO AUDIT EVER – MERGE THE NO CHECK AND BALANCE CAUSE OF ALL SUPER CRASHES AND ALL BUBBLES AND ALL WARS INTO US TREASURY AND STOP ALL THIS – as the founding fathers set forth in our constitution.

LAW MAKERS WIN THE WAR. YOU ARE AMERICANS FIRST – read and gain financial education. Then act faster.

WE ARE AT WAR. There is only one issue – the economy and the FED is our enemy and working for PUTIN.