Today President XI in China fired two more weapons into WORLD WAR III which began in 2007. World War III is first digital and economic war all AI known to mankind. Known by its AIA and creator PUTIN of RUSSIA the master war planner – brilliant really –  as Symmetrical warfare. The wars are driven today by rapidly accelerating digital warfare tools in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Putin stated in 2018 that THE NATION WHO CONTROLLED AI “WILL” CONTROL THE WORLD. Now consider all our AI and advanced code has been successfully hacked. Most of it.


  1. The Yuan said China less than 70 months ago from XI in China who lied as he  told currency markets that CHINA  WOULD NOT FLOAT below 7 Yuan per USA DOLLAR but that was a war lie and has in fact take place and has been allowed Monday to float lower. We told you the Yuan would float lower, much much lower,  we told you China would lose control of the Yuan as their economy Super Crashes on bad fake news XI is getting about his internal economics. We stated the YUAN would break 7 this summer ( RIGHT AGAIN ) and would not stop till it passed 15 yuan and hyper infatlation as with Venezuela will unfold in failed communist economics. We told you there is a RUN OUT OF THE YUAN and as the buying power of the YUAN in over ten years – sharpest single drop day and – you have not seen anything yet.
  2. China ordered a stop to 100% of America agriculture buying. This states that China never intended to engage in a trade deal. Not once. Not ever. Their 150 page phony agreement they stuffed up our collective USA back side – was to buy time. Why? China XI promised Trump ( war lie for time ) create a TARIFF CEASE FIRE and we will buy immediate agriculture responsibility reducing the trillion dollars you lose trading with us ever 24 months. Lie. They never bought any agriculture nor did they intend to. NOW CHINA as the secret is out – THERE NEVER WAS GOING TO BE A DEAL just stall into the election year so we can get our enemy out of office our socialist in to office and WIN THIS WAR ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME. Thats the plan.
  3. TRUMP is the wild card. Trump knows the plan. His team know the plan. TRUMP is going to wake XI up to the bad terrible economic data he has. CHINA IS GOING TO NEXT SEE THE FULL SUPER POWERS OF THE WORLDS LARGEST BUYER – China the size of California but shrinking now where INDIA goes ahead Japan goes ahead Indonesia goes ahead – and A RUN OF 7 TRILLION GOING TO 15 TRILLION NEXT IS RUNNING OUT OF CHINA AT CLICK SPEEDS CHINA XI WAR PLANNERS FAILED TO SEE COMING.
  5. If Trump merges the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY CHINA Has no way to win the war. Not with united strategic economic WAR response.

THE WAR IS ESCALATING. Below we tell you what IS coming.

If you fail to inform yourself – look at your nest egg. How much did you lose? Why?

You read what is coming precisely and to the time line.

You had options to protect every dollar from loss.

YOU FAILED TO ACT ON WHAT YOU READ. Scroll and see and review how right.


We have tried to protect our readers. IF YOU ACTED YOUR comments below any article are appreciated. CEO SPACE MEMBERS always leave comments it helps our search engine rankings and we open chats together. You and I. I reply to all comments. Leave yours.

FOLKS – DO WHAT WE SUGGEST and protect  yourself. THIS IS WORLD WAR III AND YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET. China today with Putin said:

  1. Time has run out
  2. No more time



Will enough of you share this news to your world. WIll you viral this blog. READ SUPER CHANGE NEXT MONTH as your bible on next. WILL YOU SHARE WHAT TO READ TO BE VIRUS FREE BRAINS?

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LEARN EARN AND RETURN is how informed voters win the wars which are economic and nothing what so ever what your reading in the news matters at all. Now you know HOW to remove virus fake news from your own brain. VIRUS CONTROLLED readers can’t do it. Those waking up or awake can do it.


HEADS OF STATE – now have the way to chose their side in WORLD WAR III.


The USA is in a digital economic WORLD WAR III and Chairman Powell well knows this fact. The central banks wish to keep you all – every reader and your circle – ignorant of the true war economics. What “I” read I would never wish on any of you as it is  in investment banking economic formulas proofs and jargon. Data is our super power. So we re-present data in forms more digestible. THE BOOKS WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR READERS TO CONSUME BY YEAR END are easy reads and present data documentation on WORLD WAR III that replaces awful virus software on your brain blinding you to the real war. You see with new vision. You know. You understand. Every other read is less important. TO INFORMED VOTERS WORLD WIDE UNITING versus DIVIDING.

I have encouraged my readers to self educate which takes ten days, as follows:

  1. Read the plan for central bank consolidation of all nations into one socialism government, with elites in control under a system of THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY we all know so well without exception. Why do 1% own more wealth than 99%? You don’t know why? Then you must read the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which is not about THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to diminish America economic power as war strategy to one world AI controlled government. All freedom is gone. THE FEW CONTROL THE MANY FOREVER. . It is documation by two award winning Journalist in Tampa Bay California, about WORLD WAR III, the economics of ONE WORLD CURRENCY and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT world wide effecting all nations most of the book is in the EU where the war started. You’ll be more educated in the core economics of the news  that you are reading – world wide. Their solutions are not my solutions in the KILLING OF AMERICA so you also know that at the end of the book. My solutions for all of us appear in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – order the hard copy backordered since 2010 – five star best seller by me. Those solutions can work for all of us starting with MERGING CENTRAL BANKS ( the largest crime against humanity in all of history central banking ). So so simple if voters only elected candidates on this one platform. But ECONOMIC IGNORANCE by design keeps voters from being INFORMED VOTERS.
  2. Read THE SECRET WEAPON. We reported in September 2007 and forward that this was NOT A MARKET CORRECTION, first as always. 2007 was weaponized AI digital warfare first of a next generation SUPER CHANGING fully NEW all AI  war fare arena never known before by humans.  Our teams wrote some prophetic news blogs back then that we were under the first DIGITAL ECONOMIC AI WEAPON ATTACK IN THE HISTORY OF GLOBAL MARKETS. We worked behind the screens through our contacts then at SEC, and others in the Congress, and administration to define the nature of the 2007 attack and defeat it before our institutions went bankrupt. It was close. So very close.  It was not easy. It took too LONG because the SUPER CHANGE OF WAR ITSELF was too rapid for our planners to adapt into. Thats right. My book SUPER CHANGE out next MONTH will meet you all with hope you will send  SUPER CHANGE ( it is so hugely important ) to ten best customers and watch how well that will work for YOU as they circulate to thank ten and thank ten. Creating a culture of thanking YOUR CLIENTS with gift wrapped SUPER CHANGE. Human beings have passed the CORE CAPACITY TO ADAPT to the accelerating PACE OF CHANGE ITSELF we invented in the first place. NO ONE KNOWS WE ARE HOSTAGE INSIDE OF A NEW AGE OF “SUPER CHANGE” and decisions are made on old rule books when SUPER CHANGE AI presents ever faster accelerating changing rule books . My new smash best selling  book defines what you already know so well. It took way way too long for the FED to sign on to CRIMINALIZE and G 100 enforce a ban on AI SHORT SELLING in 2007. The Fed created the Real Estate Global Super Bubble. Then executed war strategy to diminish the USA with 20 trillion in new massive debt loading. Working with PUTIN not the USA.  That was the one blow that stopped the world system from failure – our team got the G 100 to criiminalize and ban short selling in all markets defeating PUTIN”s digital weapon fired at us. . We played a small role. The Fed and our enemies made fantastic new wealth out of this battle wining our ECONOMIC PEARL HARBOR WITH AI – where we failed at NSA DOD AND ALL AGENCIES to protect ourselves from the new FORM OF WAR – AI WARS GOING ON TODAY. Unless you read the books I present to you- you have no clue on the truth of this war. None .
  3. Read GAME PLAN both books by KEVIN FREEMAN ( DOD contractor NSA contractor and adviser on digital warfare ). Why. He tells you China and Putins master GAME PLAN and he outlines your game plan to win – because as yet no nation has a WINNING AI WAR PLAN – none. GET YOUR GAME PLAN YOUR NATION HAS NO GAME PLAN TO WIN THE WAR ( YET ) .

Kevin draws on my research and his documentation we draw on as follows below. Noting our being first in the world to report the AI DIGITAL WAR way before Kevins research and books we helped launch to market – ( FIRST AND RIGHT AGAIN 2007 to 2020 as no other site on line – hold us accountable and see yourself scroll ) – but Kevin feeds BRAD THOR who reaches 100’s of millions with his books – and who  who God Bless one author – and the Tom Clancy Folks – for taking real data and making books and films that begin some education but folks think its all fiction. Their recent books track the AI WARS and present what we are IN FACT DOING with research that is REAL WAR expressed in novel form so you can learn earn and return. READ THESE FOLKS and learn.

These BOOKS educate you and let you appreciate what we tell you next which repeats our story since 2007 on WORLD WAR III into 2020 with an election that will define FREEDOM and the FUTURE OF THE WORLD. Socialism and government AI control cradle to grave by ELITES or FREEDOM where wealth recycles and 1% no longer own 99% of all wealth.

In 2019 we are engaged in WORLD WAR III THE FIRST AI DIGITAL AI WARS IN FULL ON CLASS WARFARE BETWEEN THE ELITES – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY – AND FREEDOM – THE MANY FOR THE MANY. As the wars are fully economic and filled with FAKE NEWS software seeking to brain wash voters it only takes the books set forth here to virus remove buggy awful planted by others software on your brain.

IF hate is comfortable for you and you wish to stay in hatred and disrespect – chose your side and play for your team. ONE SIDE IS GOING TO WIN THE AI WAR of our CENTURY. No one knows who today. No one.




This Summer: We are engaged NOW  in full on CURRENCY WARS. Nations are placing their currency to the USA DOLLAR so they make our goods way to costly to buy and their goods way too low cost NOT TO BUY. How this work with China? Well let us look at China. China consumes an American wealth transfer soaring out of all control in a death SPIRAL OF ECONOMICS FOR AMERICA. We are spending every two years ONE TRILLION US DOLLARS more than we sell into China. In ten years that is FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS if the sum were not rising. It may be 7 Trillion. The sum is soaring as CHINA is at ECONOMIC FULL ON WAR WITH THE USA WITH ITS ALLIES FULLY ENGAGED AS WELL. NOTHING YOU READ IS TRUE. ITS ALL WARFARE CONTROLLED BY WAR PLANNERS.

By 20 years it is not out of line to think it will be 20 TRILLION DOLLARS OF USA WEALTH TRANSFER now add in 200 other nations. If we don’t KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AMERICA LOSES THE WARS UTTERLY.

This buying more than you sell BANKRUPTS NATIONS like it will your own family.

That unfair trade occurs because of a WAR FARE PUTIN CREATED MASTER WAR  GAME PLAN called Asymmetrical warfare. Putin set up GAME PLAN with China North Korea Iran and other allies from Cuba ( sonic scrambling brains of our embassy staff trying to help them ) to is full circle – of ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE – a way to one socialist world government controlled by the central bank organized crime group and nation elites. The PUTIN GLOBAL WAR MASTER AI  PLAN works in concert so that no one can see on the MULTIPLE ATTACK FRONTS JUST WHERE TO PIN BLAME ON EACH BATTLE WON WHICH INCLUDES:

  1. Setting up socialism voter blocks coast to coast in the democratic party. Today the democratic party is more like the republican party of 1955 only socialist and the republican party is more like the democratic party of the 1960’s as the biggest voter division and shifting sands IS UNFOLDING just as Putin socialism plan calls for. Divide the voters in emotionally bitter wars with each other.
  2. Set up hard cells to sow violence nation wide, distract attention to the FAKE NEWS AMERICAN  society is unraveling and needs a new socialism to restore order. Exploding now EU and America distracting all our attention like this weekend coast to coast when CHINA hit us hard on Monday. Its war folks. WE ARE IN THE FIGHT OF OUR LIFE. If we unite America we win. If we remain divided we lose according to PLAN BY PUTIN. Your call.
  3. Elevate WEALTH TRANSFER from the USA to the AXIS OF EVIL working to slit the under belly of USA economics softening up America for the real multi front wars to follow which will finally bankrupt America internally, with economic depression, with 40% or higher unemployment – with riots and perhaps states withdrawing from the UNION such that America becomes a fraction of what it once was. Transfer TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF AMERICAN WEALTH into our enemies – and in war extend time for WEALTH TRANSFER to weaken the EU and America and weight them both down with debt loading piling into an economic death spiral unless the economic war reverses. WE ARE AT FULL ON WORLD WAR III – read the books and you so well know THAT IS FACT. You all know anyway come on you know. NOW GET SMART and lets win this puppy.
  4. ATTACK in 2007 the western capital markets – making trillions in this first AI FULLY WEAPONIZED SUSTAINED DIGITAL ATTACK ON ALL MARKETS OF THE WORLD ALL AT ONCE 24/7. The consequence of this first economic AI digital war was full and complete VICTORY. The world shifted. the EU is weakened economically. The USA has experienced the worst recovery in recorded history as the PUTIN ALLY the FED SOCIALIST work to further diminish the USA ( READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM ITS ALL DOCUMENTED FULLY ) – so that one currency ( not the USA dollar ) and one world government ( not led of influenced by a now diminished divided USA ) into a world government by the elite planners. Trump IS finally turning the war fully back to THEM digitally – with our SUPERIOR AI they can not match – with new tools they can not match – and they WANT TRUMP OUT AND THEIR OWN PLAYER IN AT ANY COST. ANY COST. TRUMP winning to END THEIR ECONOMICS TO SUPER CRASH THEM INTO DUST – creates real trade deals. THEY MUST BE FORCED LIKE DIGITAL WHITE FLAGS IN THE FULL ON WAR – without which it is war fully engaged – escalating as never before – by CHINA MONDAY. As we told you all. RIGHT AGAIN>
  5. Multiple Front Attacks on USA Economics since. First the FED working against the USA ( merge that war economic enemy BACK into the US TREASURY so we win the war ). Endless attacks on America FAANG and institutions attempting to weaken the USA in trade wars. No one saw Trump winning. The socialist backed Hillary who had the larger war chest and appeared to back trump into Russia “SET UP” war FAKE NEWS. Why? To see their socialist leaders win congress ( they have ) and now thy work to win the White House. This is not politics This is CLASS WAR FARE war WORLD WAR III IS IN PLAY. Asymmetrical WARFARE strategy and the USA is not winning nor is the EU. Now then, consider – attacks and hacks on every DOD contractor, the NSA, the CIA, the White House all banks all AI all technology all financial records all state sponsored terrorism. My buddy sets up the 34 BILLION CYBER WARFARE command center given our ECONOMIC PEARL HARBOR IN THE DIGITAL WAR In 2007 way too late. Today we are catching up and we are fighting back. We are stopping more hacks and attacks as we win and they lose. We counter attack them and its winning.  We are digitally at WAR. Trojans are being planted in all power water communication and data base systems.  No one wishes to panic the public on all sides. Everyone wants to manipulate the public. Putin’s AXIS OF EVIL is stalling for time. The stall is to reach the point for THE EVENT. This is the 20 minute window Putin concludes he can WIN A FIRST STRIKE. This is moving farther if ever in time due to SPACE FORCE. Now the USA can assure all of the Axis of Evil are 1 million years insects only with a full on extinction event. Twenty minutes tops.

So what happens next? Putin is still fighting for time. They get stronger the longer the wealth transfer continues. So what is working in our favor? Riots in PUTIN LAND show his own people moving from 82% approval of the dictator ( what democracy ) locking up thousands upon thousands in his CAMPS just like China. Folks the voters are getting the TRUTH and these BOOKS FROM ON LINE SHARING. Share this blog with Russians – with Chinese – with Iranians – with North Koreans – Share the TRUTH OF WORLD WAR III. Viral sharing the TRUTH helps WE THE PEOPLE WIN THE WAR versus the elites. If you fail to replace software or your mind ( fake news realities ) wit the truth – bug free mental software – the books set forth here – then you are insane. Its ok. Your software is loaded by folks you do not know nor can you remember and folks – your false belief – is not your fault. Your heart believes the fake news is true just as the war planners conceived all that so long ago. SOFTWARE FREE BRAINS win the war or lose the war. Its a choice.




The West NATO and the USA are engaged in the first DIGITAL AI WORLD WAR III before a real shooting war. The outbreak of nuke war with Pakistan and India is the danger greater than EBOLA going on right this second. India just changed the board game box top rules. In disputed Kashmir both claim as their exclusive sovereign state – Modi stronger from a landslide voter win ( which is not what it seems either if you really understand India factions and politics ) – placed versus self rule going on now much like KASHMIR is an Indian Pakistani HONG KONG. Today Modi said NO MORE. Today MODI said India constitutional law governs PAKISTAN. Today INDIA just took it over and drew a war red line in sand for Pakistan. Yesterday the new PRIME MINISTER who just met in the White House with Trump asked TRUMP’s team to mediate between the two nations. Modi replied with a digital warfare nuke. WHAT WILL PAKISTAN DO who said this weekend could all spiral out of any control. 20 minutes to NUKE. Just what Putin wishes so the shooting wars are not on them and further cost and distract AMERICA. The last thing PUTIN wants is Trump making a TALIBAN peace agreement – withdrawing from the GULF – and making a deal with IRAN. That is a game changer to the war plan. Trump is trying to WIN A WAR.


  1. Knowing we are fully engaged in an economic war the FED is working with socialism to diminish the USA into one world government by destroyed the USA dollar. It’s not what you think or read. You have to READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM WORLD WIDE or you remain ignorant of the real war. Your DUTY is to spread this blog to as many as you can so that millions free subscribe and we become an informed VOTER MOVEMENT IN ALL NATIONS. Freedom or your under control of thought police. There are only two future outcomes in this new war of SUPER CHANGE. Powell worked with PUTIN on socialist economic policy all economists in the war zone read loud and clear. Now we know. POWELL IS NOT WORKING OR IS THE FED WORKING FOR THE USA WINNING. If we fail to merge the FED back into USA TREASURY we can lose the PUTIN DIGITAL AI ECONOMIC WAR ENTIRELY. Trump knows THAT.
  2. The Fed was called upon by us – hand carried to Powell to – act in AMERICA BEST INTEREST. To not act in socialism best interest with 1/4 point interest lowering. IT WAS AN ACT OF WAR WEAKENING THE USA AND HELPING CHINA. As it has. Monday. That was full on PUTIN influenced POWELL CHOICE  outcome for socialism against the USA WAR VICTORY. Now we know. THE FED IS OUR ENEMY.  So we have what? The dollar soars versus plunged as it would if the FED had done a one off 1% drop as WE WROTE THEM WAS WINNING WAR STRATEGY. Now America knows but they do not know. So all the news on economics is socialism controlled to divide voters and to weaken the USA financially. Slow as it goes. Socialism is backing Democratic candidates. Socialism will fake news on TRUMP to sway voters to get TRUMP out of office at any cost. Saving years on their war effort and perhaps losing the war in fact if Trump wins.
  4. Trump was forced to act his advisers all but Bolton who gets the economic war play book – as politicians – as with Hitler seek to appease and hope China will change from a saber tooth tiger into a little stuffed teddy bear we can old hold and love. Trump KNOWS China is dealing for WEALTH TRANSFER TIME and in world war economic war and WORLD WAR III IS AI – IS SUPER CHANGE WARFARE BY THE MONTH – IS DIGITAL – IS ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL ON MULTI FRONTS TO WEAKEN US ECONOMICALLY UNTIL THE US DOLLAR IS DIMINISHED  It is the one and only path Putin’s AXIS OF EVIL can take. Its his play book. Its working. Trump stands in the way of one WORLD GOVERNMENT. Trump acted and China took two WARFARE NUKE STEPS on currency – right again. the 7 dollar going to 15 Yuan war is now fully engaged. WHAT WILL TRUMP AND TREASURY DO with the FED WORKING FOR PUTIN? Thats true folks take my prophecy to the bank. THE FED IS WORKING FOR AMERICA LOOSING as they win world government if they do that step. Read the book. See how hypnotized they have you today? NEW GLASSES see the reading chart in economics. TRUMP will have to on multiple fronts – social is – united blame of Trump from racism to violence – all your problems are Trump –  state sponsoring of socialist candidates – will ramp to a 4 billion dollar SUPER GETTYSBURG ALL OVER AGAIN AMERICAN CIVIL WAR which is in fact Putins asymmetrical warfare to win this election for full on socialism with Biden or surrogate. Its not about politics at all. It’s not what it seems at all. Its is WORLD WAR III and THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. If not in 2020 Trump winning could WIN THE WAR for 300 forward years – so its all out. Fire terrorism world wide to destroy trillions in core assets. Plant fires to depreciate supply in chemicals and petroleum essential create shortages. Political division maximized have Americans bitterly fighting INTERNALLY they never see the EXTERNAL THREAT. Lock them down on FAKE FLAG ISSUES to hate. USE POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT UNDERMINING CORE AMERICAN PRINCIPLES – make politics of maximum division, hatred, and disrespect cultural. Blame it all on TRUMP to get your war opponent out of office. You simply can’t buy or influence him from Stormy Daniels to his tax returns. Tar and Feather the commander and chief who truly knows how to win the war – get that opponent off the game board at any cost. Power outrages in American cities ( all cyber going on world wide as they test weapons of digital mass destruction – just warfare testing folks. Keep reading. Data breaches on scales never seen before – social security. Yours and mine. Health. FOR AI monitoring of us all like is PERSON OF INTEREST ( watch on netflix to see a 1990’s idea of this war ). Its way way worse in 2020. So with the FED Merged back into USA treasury – we are fighting internal and external.  The enemy bets a and they HAVE BET WRONG that Trump will act to win the election and give them more AI time. Time to arrange – all power – out -never comes back – all communication out – never comes back – all transportation ( digital like boeing as they now hack airplanes ) – economic war – no water no transportation ( no toilet paper LA or food ) – America banks and investment banks all close as no one knows who owns what no one has digital records of credit cards and no ATM’s work and money is not worth anything – diamonds are the money – or silver and gold but not much as they just steal that from you. This all takes in AI DIGITAL WORLD WAR III when enough time and tests are in – say – ten minutes. No one knows who did it so who do we bomb? Trump will bomb all of them and all at once. They’ll bomb back. Thats the shooting war Putin does not see winning YET. Trump as President is fighting WORLD WAR III in political AI staged and phased attacks into next year to GET HIM OUT OF THEIR WAY. Compress time. Trump is turning the war back to AMERICA winning. Is WHY. the only why. Trump is under foreign trade war attack and SET UP BY PUTIN, military on multiple fronts GULF AFRICA ISRAEL SOUTH CHINA SEA JAPAN DEFENSE AND MORE RISING BY THE GAME WAR PLAN. Weaken the USA over too many front costs and attention to manage. Where to focus? Internal – economic scandals bank after investment bank institution after institution, maximum political hatred and division and you have not seen now 2020 election year will rise this up on their war agenda – anarchy sponsored groups in America now rising up violence individual collective and internal rising terrorism – all society unraveling because of TRUMP put our war winning guy in – our socialist in – and we win the war – all the wars and its over. Now its just time until we diminish America.  ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is impossible for central bankers while the strongest currency required by WORLD WAR II LAW globally – the WORLD EXCHANGE CURRENCY all nations must HOLD ENOUGH OF ( until they won’t or don’t ) – IS AND REMAINS THE US DOLLAR. Weakening that IS the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which is not if you LOVE AMERICA – optional reading. If you hate AMERICA and wish to destroy her join the other side. The world is WAKING UP AND DIVIDING.
  5. Winning War Plans: First Trump is stopping ILLEGAL CRIMINAL WEALTH TRANSFER. The AXIS of EVIL lies. Their propaganda is to in nations were human beings only see read and only KNOW that which is ALLOWED by the state – war far information to assure the people are untied against America having belief or truth or integrity. SOCIALISTIC PRESS IN AMERICA is the 90% media via 30 years of ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE WINNING WEAPONS – digital and media first. The division cells to destabilize society.  Control information attacks. The bible says it right. Truth will be seen as lies. Lies will be seen as truth. You get confused because you won’t read the books I set forth to assure voters are informed. How can EU and Americans help and those aligned to them to WIN THE WAR FOR THE USA AND THE EU. Here is the manifesto. WHAT TO DO? KILLING OF UNCLE SAM are journalist so they write up solutions that CAN NEVER BE DONE IN TIME. Let me give YOU a war winning play book.



Voters are not informed.

Share this blog and subscribe as a part of the movement to a cooperation celebrating all our diversity for cooperative capitalism ( an integrity system yet to be born outlined in REDEMPTION ) and vote to win the war by informing voters of the truth. Read the books set forth her as if your life and your future depended upon KNOWLEDGE. Because it does.


  1. Elect candidates who are informed, have read the books, and who state in all nations – they stand for merging central banks ( private firms owned by the banks you falsely believe they are regulating ) back into their STATE TREASURY. We AI the CENTRAL BANK cost is the largest cost ( DEBT TO THE CENTRAL BANKS ) of all nations. STOP THE LEGAL THEFT FIRST. STOP their work against your prosperity – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Stop that first.
  2. Elect Candidates who stand for zero tariff and reciprocity tariff’s for all nations who war with YOUR NATION. Trust the market will assure prosperity if box top rules are equal and cooperative and in integrity.
  3. STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA – today. From now to the HOLIDAYS we can all shift to goods made in countries that are COOPERATIVE AND ALIGNED outside politics of hatred and disrespect like China has shown Trump as Chump time after time – Trump is done with all that. STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA from now to the Holidays so WE WIN WORLD WAR III all of us – the MANY FOR THE MANY versus the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. We have CHOICES buy America and EU and NATIO against those who would war against us. Cancel and delay projects with the AXIS OF EVIL. Dry up all investing to the AXIS OF EVIL. SUPER CHANGE IT FOR OUR SIDE.
  4. Dump all Asia currency all at once. BUY not USA Dollars – sell them and buy EU’s. Make the EU rise so our goods are real cheap for NATO and their goods are real good for us – and China with lowering dollar – see’s a hard landing.
  5. Top Buying cars that are using gasoline. States and Nations move to clean burning Coal ( see Jim Wilkenson no pollution on coal patented world wide ) – get OFF OIL FOR POWER OIL FOR CARS AND OIL FOR TRUCKS GET OFF – go natural gas – for ships and trucks and 2020 Hydrogen ( ) call em for lowest electricity no pollution hydrogen power ( ALL CEO SPACE Trillion dollar unicorns rising up ) – google CHUCK VOLLMER of Jobanomics fame ( A CEO SPACE INITIATIVE ) for Hydrogen. States and nations move out of OIL in your blue sky with laws to take down Russia one state petro currency at war with us. PUTIN FAILED TO DIVERSIFY and the Russian recession is so bad 1000’s get arrested for what. MARCHING PEACEFULLY FOR FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS. Putin Russia was the economic size of the state of New York – not bad for nations. But now plunging as PUTIN KING MBS OF SAUDI PLAN TO DESTROY THE USA IN THIS WAR – was for oil to finally pinch it all off at 100.00 oil.  Move OFF OIL. Trump can NUKE PUTIN with STRATEGIC OIL RELEASE to assure OIL stays at 50.00 – which is not enough money for PUTIN TO PAY FOR THE WAR. Putin Urkraine staregic blunder on timing – created a FIVE TRILLION DOLLAR down bubble for Russia all landing in 2020 if you just buy electric cars faster world wide and all blue sky leaders assure their move out of oil is ferocious. The largest FALL IN DEMAND FOR ANY COMMODITY IN 100 YEARS – is the chart for oil. One economist this weekend looking at old economic charts no longer relevant in NEW SUPER CHANGE AI ECONOMICS not even one line – predicted demand rising and a crunsh in supply – both of which are not reality at all – and that oil would rise to a safe secure 80 plus level per barrel – THE PUTIN OPEC MBS PLAN to weaken AMERICA MASSIVELY. Your move off plastic bags off plastic for glass -away from OIL BASED EVERYTHING – STOP BUYING FROM CHINA stop buying OIL – reduce oil – massively – and RUSSIA LOSES AND SUPER CRASHED ECONOMICALLy which frankly PUTIN never saw coming nor did his planners allow for. Why? MBS thought he had data to control oil from OPEC and in his OIL WAR In 2014 against the USA thought he could not fail at age 28 to deverstate once and for all America oil production. Obama had Putin winning on oil price working with Putin and apologized to Muslims for America post 9/11. That was a first Putin saw the play book just unfolding perfectly. Trump TURNED IT ALL AROUND – took off OBAMA restrictions and created the largest single rise of oil output creating a world where AMERICA IS NOW THE LARGEST MOST WEALTHY MINERAL NATION AND IS THE # 1 OIL PRODUCER underwriting the USA DOLLAR for centuries. The one chap said how American production would taper off next year in 2020. TRUMP NEEDS TO PROPOSE IN WORLD WAR III TAX CREDIT INCENTIVES AS ECONOMIC NUKE TO PUTIN”S PLAN:
  • Tax credits for airline engines and GE to work on hydrogen fuel or natural gas and go off oil – no pollution.
  • Tax credits for trucks and ships to go off oil and retrofit – 10% to 15% to 20% to rush the decline use of oil.
  • Tax credits for power moving to non oil – natural gas or hydrogen or renewables
  • 25% TAX CREDITS FOR AI BREEDER REACTORS unlimited low cost non polluting power we lead in today
  • Tax credits for all transportation non oil – into 2050.
  • Tax credits for super sonic no pollution transportation.
  • Tax Credits for AI in America and EU – assuring AI is leading and AI is securing future AI hacks in the AI wars

Trump has NUKE with OIL STRATEGIC DUMP STRATEGY TO SET OIL AT PRICES PUTIN FAILS IN ECONOMIC WAR FARE INTO – and we are there now. We told you when all the experts stated oil would rise to 80 dollars – no no no – oil would MBS spike for 72 hours then go back to 50.00 range and stay at the 50 range. RIGHT AGAIN.

We said the YUAN despite what CHINA LIED TO THE WORLD IN ECONOMIC WAR – LIES ARE USED TO WIN WARS – we told you that CHINA would TRADE WAR THE YUAN DOWN. China told the world the YUAN would not break 7 dollar to a US dollar.

Today the Yuan is free falling in world markets. There are two yuan markets. The IN CHINA MARKET where 1.4 billion pay pay premium’s for the YUAN but do not know THAT. The world market where the yuan is not exchanged at INTERNAL YUAN CHINESE rates but in adjusted market rates which are now the: LOWEST YUAN VALUE TO THE DOLLAR IN TEN LONG YEARS. Now China goes NUKE ON CURRENCY AGAINST TRUMP WHAT DOES ALL MEAN REALLY?




THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin freeman outlines China and Putin strategy with documentation. The KILLING OF UNCLE SAM provides 100% of the documentation. GAME PLAN tells you currently to make your OWN GAME PLAN because your nations – divided by WORLD WAR III STRATEGY to keep you divided a trillion bucks and 30 years to layer in the POLITICS OF HATRED DISRESPECT AND DIVISION as culture – a war strategy to soften up the enemy – then the economics from 2007 forward unrelenting on multiple new fronts a new one opening by the week.. WE ARE ALL INSIDE WORLD WAR III WHICH IS AI AND DIGITAL Whats coming next?


  1. Ebola will Putin use Ebola with radical Muslims to use the current worst outbreak in world history inside a global election year. EBOLA CLOCK for news channels we have called for – for year now – charts the time of the outbreak and the deaths and infected with a slash. The Clock works like this. 90 days to infect ten. 90 days to infect 100. 90 Days to kill 2000 infect almost 10,000. 18 months from last August to infect 100,000,000. 180 days more – second year to infect 1,000,000. 90 days 10 million. 90 Honey to infect 100 million. it is all exponential. This weekend the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION confirmed new cases cross border in major cities. This weekend The WHO Confirmed Ebola is fully out of all or any control without PUTIN war strategy on this ( which he can not control and which effects his own people ). This weekend the WHO confirmed what we told you less than 50% of all cases are reported known or tracked. The WHO CONFIRMED THIS WEEKEND IF NOTHING CHANGES THIS EPIDEMIC THE WORST EBOLA EVER – WILL CONSUME THREE YEARS FROM TODAY TO IN ANY WAY CONTAIN. Three years? Look at my math and what a depression would occur from this math as all nations stop trade and go marshal law and quarantine. We stated one year again this year EBOLA IS THE LARGEST FINANCIAL RISK IN THE MARKET TODAY world wide. An OBAMA G 20 response is required yesterday. NO ONE IS ADDING IN THE ECONOMIC RISK OF EBOLA TO THE WORLD DIGITAL “AI” FIRST WAR OF ITS KIND ON LINE IN HUMAN HISTORY. Right again.
  3. CURRENCY WARS – China has now raised its flag on Monday to the top of the poll. They have ZERO INTENTION IN ELECTION YEAR OF MAKING A TRADE DEAL – they bet it all now – on TRUMP being impeached and distracted by that political failed strategy – Trump will KEEP AMERICA GREAT AND LABOR TO WIN THE WAR AT ALL COSTS WITH CHINA AS HIS TEAM KNOWS – THEY READ THE BOOKS – IS WHY. Trump will now with USA TREASURY as TRAITOR POWELL WORKS THE FED FOR THE ENEMY SOCIALISM IN THE WAR TO DIMINISH USA DOMINANCE – UNITED CHINA IRAN RUSSIA NORTH KOREA AS ONE – MULTIPLE ECONOMIC FRONTS WITH BATTLES BEING FAUGHT ON LINE DAILY – DIGITALLY – TRILLIONS ARE AT STAKE – now CHINA is all in on the war ( no deal never was a deal they just wanted time to advance digital AI. ) Trump cut them off at the bank account by sinking Huawei 50% in less than one year – the lead thief of our digital AI. Trump fire walls the forward theft and we are once again jumping ahead – way ahead. I’m afraid the AMAZON AI is urgent to stay ahead in the DIGITAL WAR as socialist law makers derail the leading winning strategy digitally with our one industry leader. OF COURSE THOSE AT WAR WITH US WANT TO DIVIDE US AND STOP THAT WAR CONTRACTOR. WINNING.
  4. It”s all about WORLD WAR III – read news differently. See division as war strategy winning. Divide us on our core values. Take God out of it all. Keep us fighting maximally internally while the war is being won potically and economically. Democrats 100% sat and stared with pure hatred at President TRUMP when he called for a union of congress a show of rare cooperation that we stood as ONE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WOULD NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. Now I favor socialism policies that are economic and what work And I favor capitalism with policies that are in integrity and which economically work. Best of both. That IS NEW AI COOPERATIVE SELF CORRECTING COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the future without competition.
  5. The problem is no one’s fault. All believe they are right. Because we load only god awful mid reptilian – from our ancient brain stem from before we were humans – controller to what is posted in your cortex belief systems – educating you to see all diversity of humanity as THREAT and to react in competition from your mid brain. This is expression of pure human insanity. BAD BUGGY BRAIN SOFTWARE loaded and rewarded to harden brain wiring  Cooperation Higher Brain function celebrates all diversity of human beings and deals between culture race faith and economics in the highest integrity – the DNA of COOPERATION SOCIETIES IS INTEGRITY. Competitive virus infected brains can not express integrity because virus infected brains ( it is not their fault from ISIS to Putin but virus infected brains like all virus impacted computers which the brain is a quantum computer – do not know they have a virus and are only convicted their buggy software conclusions are sane when they are insane. In a Cooperation G 300 Earth Planetary FEDERAL where all sovereignty and culture is celebrated fully – our human tapestry –  there are no nukes or nation disputes – the UNITED PLANETARY DEFENSE of all G 300 Nations isolates crazy brains – culturaizes thinking and higher brain cooperative cultures in children adults and nations – and we all elevate virus free brains without competitive thought impulse as we fire wall our mid reptilian brain lower function to its room. In the future the WORLD WAR III is won in the room of THOUGHT ITSELF. We are in the first AI SUPER CHANGE WAR progressing at speeds of accelerated change no prior war planners ever had to face before. Brains who learn faster – unlearn faster than that – and relearn even faster than that will WIN THE SUPER CHANGE AI WARS. Who will that be? We see the virus failing forever.




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if the virus insane win the DIGITAL AI WORLD WAR III a global socialism run by elite few against the many will control humanity – thought – and freedom and free thinking will be lost.

if the virus free voters elect sane leadership and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in REDEMPTION sweeps the world FREEDOM soars as we move productivity into food security – no nation left behind for shelter security – we cease insane competition with the planet and RESTORE OUR MOTHER EARTH FULLY IN COOPERATION – we end disease and death – we discover we know know nothing it is all quantum illusions and we begin in sanity to project our own reality in celebration and cooperation versus competition and nuke war.

it is one or the other is it not…if you go to bottom line today?


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September 28th is HOW WHY AND WHAT.

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China. Today China did two steps that declare full DIGITAL WAR. What to expect China will stay ahead of POWELL helping their socialist agenda against the USA ( unless Trump and Congress Merge the TRAITOR FED BACK INTO US TREASURY in time of war as national security -the fed traitor working with China is now economic terrorism and the public has zero clue ) – CHINA TODAY said no agreement, we never intended any agreement Putin is our mentor and we are engaged in winning economic WORLD WAR III:

  1. We will as reported here WIN IN THE CURRENCY WAR – we will drop the YUAN to 15 Yuan to one dollar to assure our goods are sold TARIFF FREE. If Trump merges the Fed into treasury this won’t work as the dollar would fall in war strategy to win – versus POWELL assuring China stays ahead in a socialist agenda for all central banks laid bare by the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM ) .
  2. We will dump goods now all over the world. Watch.
  3. We will no longer buy agriculture at all from the USA betraying our agreement we would immediately elevate balance of trade agriculture purchases. Sending voters to BIDEN to get TRUMP OUT now you know who China and Russia want in – democrats – but they did not want voters to SEE THEIR SOCIALIST AGENDA until they locked in the hatred in factions in fighting in American. Communist 101 manifesto. We used to teach this all but the socialist removed CIVICS from American education 30 years ago. You all missed THAT? No you pay for THAT.
  4. They will now hack us as they never hacked before watch for it.
  5. Expect digital war fare tests now on multiple fronts. 5G rolls back the clock as it takes 90% of today’s hacks out. They must act in unity before we upgrade. Expect the unthinkable. Massive fires as strategy now FEMA largest outlays. Expect more critical supply plant fires world wide in chems and oil all war sabotage soften up the economics. ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE OUTLINED And DOCUMENTED IN ALL BOOKS WE asked you READ BY YEAR END as an informed voter far more informed voter into 2020 – – THE HISTORY OF WORLD WAR III IS UNFOLDING IN SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATION ! Expect satellite digital attacks next ranging from military – to civilian at all levels – watch for take down rolling into power water communications – entire nations are going dark form digital war fare AI software. OUR DOD is all over it. NSA is all over it. But keep in mind the public has no clue this is a world wide totally united multi decade execution to bring down the west economically. Expect sensational digital attacks. THE EU has been loaded with Chinese and PUTIN ally debt bombs. Russia digital attacks on EU markets will trigger debt implosions. ITS WAR. SUPER BONDS ( scroll and book mark super bonds if you have access to your head of state as a way to win that part of the debt wars ) – so watch DIGITAL ATTACKS into the EU market place and remember its all global, multiple fronts – external and internal to AMERICA keeping our leaders fully distracted and draining attention and resources from the larger plan. If you fail to READ THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN your conditioned by Putin media and your brain software lacks upgraded virus free to unite the EU and unite America as one against the REAL ENEMY which is NOT EACH OTHER.

If the EU unites into TRADE COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY AGREEMENTS PROSPERITY LIFTS FOR US and THE AXI OF EVIL LOSES the economic agenda – IF WE MASSIVELY UPGRADE NATO – we win again as we UNITE and seeing the brain washing all war propaganda planned decades out for 2020 election window – which requires what? Informed voters. The books I ask you to read are documentation. PROOF POSITIVE. No wiggle room. YOU FINALLY SEE THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH UNITES US.

So what IS important. Today.

China took trade deals off the table and fully engaged its war to DEFEAT TRUMP and get their socialist in control of America. The 8 Ball sites are all war sites by our enemy to upgrade violence and civil break down. This is war from BALKANS ( unite or they win if you compete. ) Unite we win the war. Compete we lose. Freedom or AI control the few elites against the many.

WHAT CAN “YOU” DO? Share this blog on your social wall. informed voters win the war. Become active. Read here week to week as your truth bible. BETTER BRAIN SOFTWARE.

JOIN CEO SPACE and become a LEADER OF THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. It is all so important. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – oder hard copy back ordered – and assure those in your cycle you spend time with are virus free reader leaders. Divest your time with competitive blame judgement gossip narcissistic leaders who are virus infected brains. Redemption provides tools to know which brain is which for life.

Up to you of course. Read all this and do nothing.  If the majority do this AI will control you as it does 1.4 billion in China who only know what the few tell them – they know nothing about HONG KONG – nor will they – and they know nothing about the SUPER CRASH Trump is about to serve into China.

We told you in this war to expect:

  2. China war strategic criminal bad faith dealing with the USA ( A Putin set up pure and simply ) now creates today the highest uncertainty economic index EVER RECORDED IN HISTORY. Today.
  3. Right again. We predicted the markets to the month and we told you early what to do to protect yourself. As you read and did nothing now look at the cost.
  4. Now read and DO SOMETHING. Read the books. Join CEO SPACE. Protect your life style for the future with insurance in cooperative community. THAT IS YOUR BEST CARD TO PLAY and its profitable cost nothing.
  5. Viral the blog – because voters need to assume deep seated belief’s are not their own. They are trojans put on their brain by elites. If you read the books the trojan software clouding voter minds ( the worst possible fear of war planners that divided voters see the TRUTH and then UNITE IN WAR AGAINST THEM instead of staying divided according to war plan ). Winning this war takes all of us who are sane against all of them who are software virus infected and insane. THE WAR IS RIGHT NOW and nothing you read is more important that today.



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