AI hears news reports and AI understands all languages. The MOST ADVANCED AI reads Tweets and devours financial economic news as never before in history. AI does all this in fractions of a second and trades trillions into markets at speeds not possible in 2015. The Velocity Momentum Acceleration VAM of AI acceleration is beyond human understanding as AI is now evolving AI in case you did not know or understand THAT. There are no controls in this on going economic arms race. There are no rules. The DIGITAL ECONOMIC WARS ARE WORLD WAR III. The nation that wins the BEST AI will control the world. There is no as in zero assurance that will be the EU or the USA. The war is full game on.

In this market the kids reporting news about what is happening in THE MARKETS are so out of touch with SUPER CHANGE in core economics that it is like a cartoon show. That does not mean AI does not hang on ever word CRAMMER SAYS.

We are now entering the GREAT VACUUM. After 60 S&P Firms report on earnings next week we have nothing but Trade War nothing but BRIT EXIT we have a long summer SUPER HOT SPELL of AI having 90% less information where every tweet will leverage influence markets world wide. In this climate unknowns occur. A serious correction inside the slower summer trading volumes could materialize as we warned you.

Adjusted earnings were weaker across the FAANG drivers especially with Apple. That FAANG Roared in the hot summer markets seem to us frothy forth. Over valuations. We sold out of FAANG and bought into GE, we feel better than IBM now down from RED HAT acquisition at 34 billion. We’ll see on that as Amazon leads the Cloud and IBM once a market share leader has declined into a second class citizen. SUPER CHANGE. Once dominate industry leaders are vulnerable to SUPER CHANGE.

I can imagine a FACEBOOK competitor that has better AI for consumers, easier controls for consumer setting ad opt out tracking opt out assured privacy and Facebook declines. If the new player is built for 5G visuals and leads in the 5G revolution not evolution about to explode SUPER CHANGE beyond any pace of change human beings have ever known, Facebook could be gone. Failure to lead in SUPER CHANGE is now the new capital for success.

Super Change brains and thinking will outpace University degrees. See Elron Musk as a reference to say Warren Buffett whose stock plunged while had Ice Cream asking Bill Murray the comedian ” So what brought YOU to Omah” to which Murray said ” Alaska Airlines”. Which made the sage of Omaha now obsolete in Super Change Economics chuckle.

Old brains.

New Brains.

The field in economics is sorting itself out.

I bet on Jamie Diamond over Warren Buffet or Delio. Stay with the SUPER CHANGE BRAINS at any age. Murdock is out but his Children are completely in and the old man knows THAT – job well done.

5 G will impact Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung ( who leads and is ahead of them all today ) , and China. Russia. 5G will be the largest human SUPER CHANGE AGENCY and is not 3G then 4G and now it is 5 billion G but you think its just another number. You are missing the SUPER CHANGE.

CEO SPACE is a leadership process to keep brains ahead of Super Change every 60 days given the pace of change. No other agency for leadership software of the mind matches the CEO SPACE # 1 ranking as the leading business conference in the world, serving 150 nations with our members and over 200 nations reading these words right this second.

September 28th we brace leaders to impact the SUPER HOLIDAY CYCLE which punches 72% of all spending or 2019 in 90 days. This Super Cycle will be effected by AI markets. The triple witching hours in October are especially worrying for we who predict on unknowns and unpredictables.

So King Sociopath MBS comes up on his anniversary for slaughtering Khashoggi with his Kingly hit teams bringing bone saws to a wedding permit application. We’ll see how the press play that out.

How far will EBOLA spread by the Holiday as we think exponential spreading is going on today as EBOLA is out of control and the worst of all prior expedidemics. The later the G 100 delays controlling this the more likely the impact on global AI economics which were not in control in 2016 but AI is in full control in 2019 – 94% of all circulations in the world create a new AI economic that has nothing to do with the economy the leaders are running – leaders have lost control to SUPER CHANGE. As everyone will come to discover how right this data is upon your own outcomes.

Those who acted before a 500 point drop in the market predicted right here and moved to safe harbor as our gudiene suggested for our readers lost nothing and will lose nothing. Those who failed to take action could yet lose more than they suspect. We’ll see. We have a ways to go and new highs in this market are still very possible through year end and into 2020 depending on so many variables.

Will China finally get it will be crushed into SUPER CRASH and a revolution without a trade deal – all internal? That prosperity is instant to the trade deal. It cost China zero and its makes China’s future. But will the leaders see the SUPER CHANGE is only that and there is no threat. Their threat is internal and fake news economics. If they believe their own fake news experience will teach them the truth. So painful to watch.

King MBS goes to oil war to wipe American production off the map in 2014. In 2019 America won the oil War and King Stupid More Stupid Boy – KING MBS – MORE STUPID BOY – has cost Saudi over five trillion in Market share, spent so much war too rapidly that Saudi needs 75.00 oil to break even or it has to crash back – and oil is 53.00 and unlikely to rise back EVER. King Stupid has lost the war in Yemen and in Qatar. He has killed OPEC turning OPEC into an OIL joke and everyone is laughing as their market share falls into the sea.

QATAR isolated by King Stupid is hosting USA TALIBAN peace talks and the 8th rounds are expected to get a solid peace deal and pave ways for the USA to get out of a 9/11 war. Who won? Well the taliban who attacked us sure didn’t. Nor has ISIS. The people of Afghanistan won. As these folks invented math the equation – kill 3,000,000 of us in the USA and we kill and wound millions and millions of you in return is not lost on those who can count still. Do the math. So it is unlikely this generation will see any zero sum game – lets attack the USA.

As long as Trumps President that thought process is more remote than ever.

Meanwhile watch Venezuela because there is a point where one bus driver is going to make a very wrong turn. Try and keep in your mind we told you THAT item. First.

Second watch Britt Exit. The EU bad faith dealings to set a record cost in billions paid to the EU to exit its shit crap agreement within a failing economic where the EU has lost almost 50% of its value – the dollar has soared is still soaring as no one wants crashing CHINESE CURRENCY seeing the SUPER CRASH COMING and the EU dripping in unsustainable debt from Greece to Italy and no way forward economics if you count up the debt. A failed experiment. As far as I can see the EU did what the crusades won – by shifting populations so France is French at maximum voter age over 55 while 54% of young voters are MUSLIM in 2020 and it rises to 60% by 2030. How will FRENCH MUSLIM France be in the future?

The British are not paying the EU fee – which is what they will not renegotiate the billions. However if GREAT BRITAIN just crashes out – no agreement at all – it makes nation by nation agreements. It is a trade war inside the EU. The winners as Britain buys fare more from the EU than it sells – is the USA. We will replace all EU items they may trade war black mail GREAT BRITAIN over – and trade shifts out of EU into USA GREAT BRITAIN. How stupid is the EU economically not to renegotiate. GREAT BRITAIN holds all the economics cards. The British people are stepping FREE of the yoke of never ending EU BRUSSEL laws, costly laws rising all the time, out of sept with SUPER CHANGE completely, and defense cost and paying debt loading cost and a future of bowing to BRUSSELS who have zero clue the EU is failing utterly and will fail. Holding EU’s is a way to lose more than everything. But there is time yet. You’ll see how right we are on this item.

So yahoo BRITISH go for NO DEAL and don’t pay Brussel a shilling. Thats my vote way to GO BORIS. Brussels should beg to negotiate. ECONOMIC ARROGANCE IN SUPER CHANGE IS A SUPER CRASH WAITING TO OCCUR. The dollar is so strong in part because in the EU folks are RUNNING OUT OF EU”s and into US DOLLARS. Why? You all know why.

So now the GREAT VACUUM after the final reportings next week.

What will AI do ?

We suggest one tweet at a time is what AI will do and one guidance or sound bite from leaders at a time. Starving for data and not getting any for the longest period of the year I say the plan is:

  1. Markets rebounds and sell out and move growth assets to index insurance investment , sell bonds and buy annuities, and cash into permanent life – diversified insurance investing with principle guaranteed far better than the FED in my opinion. THE RUN INTO INSURANCE SAFE HARBOR is for those with wealth the BIGGEST NEW RUN IN – of modern history in economics. Their AI is superior.
  2. Take a vacation from your problems. Enjoy the summer.
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If you consider and fail to act you lose.

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