World markets are devolging. Into something New. Into something never experienced before. As Artificial Intelligence now for the first time controls 94% of 440 Trillion leverage circulation dollars in a global new economy the world has no theory for. The Super Change with AI is now controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS versus a wider base in 2006 of 1.5 million Super Money Pools – pre AI – now call consolidated into wealth concentrations the world has no play book for. Regulations are local. Trades are in the AI cloud where there is zero regulation.

The rapidly super changing devolving global AI casino capitalism seeks price controls to engage risk less risk. This accomodation in theory presents itself through side betting on every asset class to influence and to manipulate future price ranges – in a new AI theory never tested over any time line. The AI is now teaching AI. The AI is now self learning from AI choices all other 9,9999 AI trades do. 7 Trillion in annual R & D is being invested globally annually in self driving flying transportation. The larger sums are being invested in AI WARS over circulations of all wealth by the OWNERS of the 10,0OOO Money pools which include 200 nations and their own sovereign wealth funds or surrogates. THE AI wars are defining markets today.

This new reality has no predictable outcome.

We have told our readers to anticipate volatility that is not chartable to past occurrences or histories. All media to day reports on old economic theory that no longer in fact exists. Those embracing what they know and what is true for them fail to be aware that the old paradigm collapsed in economics in 2007 and an entirely new paradigm is being written without any nation or agency of law being aware the new paradigm of AI ECONOMICS is the reality and what they see as reality and report in news is now FAKE NEWS and economic smoke and mirrors to what is real.

Today the world is engaged in a casino capitalism unlike the great depression years and in many auspices worse.

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