We told you the earth was drowning in low cost plentiful renewing oil which is extincting us. We told demand for oil was cashing off a cliff. From consumers buying electric cars, to consumers going off oil plastic made bags ( SEE JEFF BEZOS and WHOLE FOODS no plastic bags. The slow down takes our millions of barrels of oil demand a day. Why was oil over 70 dollars a barrel then?

King MBS a sociopathic murdered who locks up his own royals by the 1000’s to kill them or rip them off for over 100 billion on pain of death no due process of any kind – kills Khashoggi bringing bone saws to a wedding permit – and raises oil because the KID in this early 30’s is no economist. He has lost the war in Yemen a proxy war with IRAN and now those beating the dash board of the kid, costing his red ink ( thats right Saudi is losing money ) the winners in Yehman are bombing the out of the King who boomed schools hospitals places of worship and malls with our planes and weapons. He lost anyway with our planes and weapons. And now they are bombing Saudi weekly – their airports military bases and oil. Puppy King MBS is spending so much money Saudi needs 70 dollar oil to break even. So the few ( OPEC now dead ) raised the price the last time they could and now they can’t. Thave have lost 100’s of millions of barrels of buyers who don’t want their oil at the highest world price and never will the buyers come back. Eventually OPEC will grock the kid has cost us over 5 trillion dollars rising.

The experts said the SAUDI hits on oil ( it was never IRAN it was MBS just like we told you ) – failed to keep oil up for more than 72 hours. The Kid does not know what to do. Why? Because now they will assure he and his Dad take a very long vacation. We told you oil would move to the 50 dollar range when the press said brace for 100.00. This week its 53 bucks with the largest drop in oil prices in FOUR YEARS. Right again.


We told you the market was over frothy. We told you how to build a safe harbor. We told you would continue to experience super volatility in a market over valued. We told you old charts models and what you see on news will not help you predict. For those who follow this blog and took the action we stated you lost zero yesterday in the market drop. Zero. Right gain.


We told you nations and central banks plan on historic economic theory and data forged from Adam Smith forward by the industrial revolution. We told you all theory is now in the trash. Economic theories being used and advice given to leaders like XI in China are all wrong. As relevant as eight track tape players or vhs tape, in a 8K world. As reliable as a first modem or fax in a 5G world. All economic theories are fake news and worthless. Today we reside in a new AI Economy the world has never seen before about to accelerate Super Change into 5G with AI over money the world has no clue about. Less than 10,000 super money pools control 440, trillion of circulations, manipulate all prices and are at full AI wars with one another. As the G 100 nations have not made any priority at all to regulating the NEW AI economy we see what we see in defense. SUPER CHANGE IS OCCURRING MORE RAPIDLY IN ITS ACCELERATIONS than the human beings their institutions and organizations hold capacity to adapt into. A new economic theory model will evolve eventually perhaps by AI itself and no longer by us. We’ll see. Right again.


The Fed is dead and Chairman Powell is a US TRAITOR protecting his banker owners ( the Fed is not a gov anything it is a private greed corporation operating under an 80 page act the bankers worte and rushed in at turn of century to control USA money supply for profit ). That is the only independance readers need to know is fact. Read my past three Fed blogs and you see one film there are many on line with economists documentation. All true. All as we told you here. We are in Currency Wars. Nations are pushing the dollar high with their AI to assure their trade goods sell into the USA. They sell more in than they buy out with tax firewalls keeping our higher dollar priced goods and taxes at 100% and more added in out. So we wealth transfer our buying more than we sell and go broke. Trump is stopping the AMERICAN WEALTH TRANSFER the first sine Eisenhower and World War II to do so. WHY? WE CAN”T AFFORD THE WEALTH TRANSFER and prosper ourselves. Powell played a Greenspan 1990’s card as a policy. It worked in 1990 pre AI economics. Today we see how it working. The dollar soften because TRUMP had to act because the FED gave our enemies RAW MEAT and the dollar went UP after his silly 1/4 drop. Read my blog that was hand carried to Powell. Powell is a socialist working to harm America for his banker game plans. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you’ll see what the bankers are doing economically. Now then – the 1990’s chip Powell played from economic theories that comfort him are as useful and as current as writing my new SUPER CHANGE best seller on a yellow pad with that huge yellow pencil from Catholic school. NOT current. I’m typing this on a current mac book pro POWELL. Your 1990 economic models and all your expert advice no longer allow your chaps to predict and control anything. The mid year 2019 is when the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD became with all central banks – out of control – out of influence – out of touch with AI economics. MARGINALIZED. Right again. The news will catch up as weill law makers and MERGE the harmful toxic Fed working against national interest for bank interest – and MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY for the upgrading modernizing we all deserve.


China working with Putin and the Democratic party wants to rule the world via socialism a failed economic theory. They pretend to back Trump to get voters to massively back their socialist favorite BIDEN. Follow the money. China is dealing in BAD FAITH. Reel in we are dealing and then no deal what so ever. Make Trump look ineffective and foolish. Ramp in stages into the election. Than Slam Dump him. But China can’t box this leader. They think in election year he won’t tariff the rest.  Trumps team in good faith flew half way around the world. Had a nice meal and half day meeting and flew home to tell Trump they will give us not one line of the 150 pages we had before not one single line. Trump seeing FED Powell in CURRENCY TRADE WARS that Powell truy is an AMERICA FULL ON TRAITOR – took IMMEDIATE ACTION no delay. He noted the Tariff’s will start and if no 90 day progress to negotiate rolls around we’ll raise you from 10% to 25% to 100%. We will stage it till you are a third world all over again. THE WEALTH TRANSFER IS OVER. China is now having a riot of runs out of the nation. The AI runs out by this weekend shrink another trillion in capital flight XI never saw coming at all. Why? They operate with old economics from Harvard and Yale when we are in a new AI ECONOMICS those ivy league obsolete economic lesson plans still turn out like rain – valid as a scrub board versus a washing machine from Magrag for Christmas – AI ECONOMICS IS NOT TAUGHT ANYWHERE ( YET ). China now? IS TOAST watch how this bad faith dealing unfolds as CHINA IMPLODES Into a hard SUPER CRASH LANDING. As we told you all along. China does not legally own the CHINA SEA because they drew a red line that is declared illegal by the WORLD COURTS OF LAW. China said we will use islands developed in our new sphere only for peace and they all weaponized. CHINA has a plan and it is a plan for the USA good. TRUMP is derailing the funding of that plan – already mission accomplished and XI never saw it all coming down around him – because those advising him like Powell are looking at backward steam engine economics inside a forward bullet train hyper loop economics at 1000 miles a second. RIGHT AGAIN


This week was primarily – right again and my readers know what the truth looks like. For business in America its good times. For the EU and Asia not so much. Unless things change the EU Debt Loading is going to drag the economics. Right again. In Asia its much worse. Right again. You are all about to see debt become the news story of nations. RIght again.


Rwanda closed its borders but then opened them with long lines for health inspections on 45,000 crossing over from CONGO a day. That use borders. Those infected are in boats and planes and on foot. You can’t seal a border like Congo given the size and scale of its commerce. EBOLA is the worst epidemic in human history in 2019 just like we told you it would be in 2018. It is now spreading out of control. First you have one. Then ten. Then 100’s Then 1000’s. Then tens of thousands. Than 100s of thousands than millions. The time frames between these numbers compress rapidly. We are now at thousands going to tens of thousands next. Just like WE TOLD YOU. We also told you soon Ebola will top all stories and stop trade between nations. The RISK OF A GREAT WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION IN AI WORLD IS EBOLA versus human war say. We told you. To the one year month this month AUGUST how it would all play out. Your hearing it on your news are you. Your hearing on our news. SAFE HARBOR PLANNING if you fail to act at the peak of the boom is going to wipe you out because you did nothing when you could. RIGHT AGAIN. Financial life or death – your own – is knowing what to do first – and doing it. If you did and you are in safe harbor RIGHT AGAIN good for you.




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