Last August the worst possible most aggressive strain of EBOLA broke out in Congress. We have said SHAME ON THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION for their utter failure to manage this HIGHEST KILLING DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN KIND and the most contagious. Read the BOOK PULITZER PRICE WINNING READ – HOT ZONE to SEE WHY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS ARE TERRIFIED OF EBOLA.

We said without a rapid G 100 response the only thing that worked last time, delay would raise the pay cost. A year later no leader has done anything like Obama did. None. We wrote Obama and he acted. Not doing so well globally and its worse.


Rebels and radical Islam in Congo. Gangs have over run and attacked fifty times WHO HEALTH CARE camps. They spread the patients infected to themselves ( they want to spread it ) and to the wind. They kill WHO workers and rape them and wound them. They destroy computer records to track the spread. They destroy or take the medicines. The attacks go on because the G 100 will not act as they did last time with President Obama leading in only 2016. This OUTBREAK as borders are not closing to Congo in Africa – against WHO suggesting boarders remain open – as WHO declares this is officially the WORST EBOLA OUTBREAK EVER – almost 3000 infected but the count is soaring astronomically too fast to track or keep up – and EBOLA IS OUT OF ALL CONTROL AND SPREADING GLOBALLY? Why ? WHO FAILED US. Like last time.


The largest risk is radical Muslims with travel docs infect themselves and move into worship malls and buffet lines and spread the contagion globally. LAP TOP TRAVELING ISIS. Takes them what two weeks to incubate four weeks to spread and 12 effect too many millions to even count. What happens if just normal folks get it but don’t know it – think they have the flu – then move into the world in normal travel. It goes something like this:

  1. FIrst AFRICA closes down trade and nations like 2016 go full quarantine. As they did last time.
  2. Then it goes to EU and Asia. Borders stop incoming – and all passengers are EBOLA tested. People stop travel.
  3. Then it hits the world and North America and states stop travel as it wells up.
  4. It could take global marshal law to contain it if the G 100 fails to act by Christmas.
  5. If President Trump fails to understand and lead this global economy killer.

This EBOLA will tip the world into recession. The USA CHINA TRADE WAR has crashed EU manufacturing to its worst in seven years. China is seeing the most rapid contraction with SUPER CRASHING auto sales, as China consumers are creating a recession. The more drawn out the trade war is the more the world moves to global recession with the USA staying inito growth by itself due to Trump Team policy and congress. If Congress passes INFRASTRUCTURE as we reported here the USA can prosper into 2050. If not. It won’t. Ebola is a wild card Congress has to consider as passing infrastructure may be EMERGENCY INSURANCE TO OUR ECONOMICS or its death if Congress fails to see and act on this threat. THE CONTAGION IS COMING. Right again.




There is no cure for Ebola. The new vaccines are only marginal help. The Kill rate of almost 90% and the outcomes to vaccinated health care workers is still unchanged. if it gets into you your chance of death in weeks is high and the death is too awful to explain here.

Ebola is super highly contagious. Patients cough sneeze through up and with blood – and particles get into air, window sills, door knobs, all surfaces and they live for a long long long time. If anyone touches them and gets infected in any context which IS ALL THAT IS HAPPENING WITH HUMANS as you can not see that virus, you can not smell that virus, and many in Africa infected today think they have a cold a flu and do not believe EBOLA is real. They believe the WEST made it all up to control them and inject them with STUFF.

In African families take care of the SICK and ill. Families contract the EBOLA and they spread it to their circles. This fans out EXPONENTIAL GROWTH IN INFECTIONS both to geography and to road warriors who don’t know they have it. They infect the world very quickly. EBOLA just keeps on spreading until every single infected is under quarantine


So Ebola is one year old August to August as we reported to you August to August read all our cries to MEDIA TO ON ALL 24 HOUR NEWS SHOWS HAVE AN EBOLA CLOCK WITH DAYS AND DEATHS AND INFECTION COUNTS IN REAL TIME. That media is focused on their tweet feet – and the ECONOMIC DEPRESSION MAKER OF OUR AGE – is out of all control is a SHAME ON ALL MEDIA AND ALL OWNERS OF MEDIA. Someone has to lead here folks.

50 plus attacks on WHO WORKERS IN CONGO. Barely a blurb – hey its CONGO everyone not attached to us? Oh really?

Now n two major cities.

Spreading to Africa nations faster than WHO can track or count or keep up. For every case WHO discovers 100’s of others spreading next to 10,000 and by next year 100,0000’s and if unchecked to millions and millions. Who die in fact. Economics die. Why? Because media is not following the ONE STORY our blogs reported to them – no EBOLA CLOCK on 24/7 news – not LEAD STORY PERIOD – till the G 100 acts as last time – WITHOUT THE PRESS ON TOP OF THIS – soon no other story will exist but death stories and YOU PRESS failed as did the WHO to fire wall this in time.

EBOLA one year later is the WORST EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HISTORY will pass all earlier deaths – will slow than crush Africa economics, will reach the World by Christmas, and finally the TWEET FEET OBSESSION will turn into the EBOLA ECONOMIC CRUSHING OUTCOMES.



The world is in trade wars that could be resolved in cooperation in two weeks with competition maybe never.

AI now controls 440 trillion in capital flows.

AI may take liquidity out of all markets as the RISK IN ECONOMICS EXCEEDS AI PROGRAMING CORE PARAMETERS and that risks LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY or LED Day. Day after day all sell orders 90% sell day after day and no buyers as the price deflates the world. DEFLATION LIKE 1929. Why?

The worst DEBT SUPER BUBBLE with Sovereign Nations and Industry is spiralling with FED failed policy yesterday into a SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE. As EBOLA shuts down nation to nation travel and nations are in quarantine until last EBOLA cases are lifted – months and months – the DEFAULT ON DEBT CASCADES – worst than CONTAGION.  The combination of OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA UPON ECONOMICS AND DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES may shut down the entire world order – banks fail and investment banks lack tools for the massive deflated values to margin structured asset leverage and the LED DAY is due to LIQUIDITY no one seems yet to in new AI ECONOMICS understand is the SUPER RISK TO THE SYSTEM – its lubrication at core. EBOLA drys up all the LUBRICATION and a DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE UNFOLDS ACROSS THE EARTH.

That is the rising economic storm cloud – and so fast – such a SUPER CHANGE – it passes our human capacity to anticipate – get ahead – and fire wall the risk danger. SUPER CHANGE is now surpassing human capacity to adapt to the change acceleration we ourselves created.


The Central Banks are private stock firms independent of their nations owned by the banks they are supposed to regulate. This is the largest FRAUD on man kind made possible by ECONOMIC IGNORANCE. Bankers now take deposits just as in the Great Depression and side bet them on huge risk for enormous greed and profit. This is criminal speculation of our core deposits. Put a dollar into a bank and they lend 11 to 50 to 1 in leverage ratio never before possible until AI economics and digital leverage was created and invented for the greed machine. Once criminal now legal. See Congress.

Moving forward the market today is manipulated by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLs ( THE OWNERS ) who control 440 trillion dollars ( via Treasury of Secretary data ) – in circulation – creating ranges of prices for everything. They now have matrix worse than all 1929 ratio’s. Debt. Super Debt. Price Earnings ratios. Control with AI of price for every commodity from US dollars to corn syrup.Its all manipulated in a casino. Apple has IPHONE SALES CRASH and real earnings flat for three years and the stock soars – why. Bonus me Tim trashing the Apple Brand now stuck in China and behind in 5G – is in the biggest crash of Apples life – but with 200 billion in no tax cash in Ireland you never spend on plant jobs and growth in the USA – you just buy billions of your own stock knowing you force the price up and makes billions more in the casio. Your the DEALER TIM one of the OWNERS of the SUPER DUPER MONEY POOLS THE OWNERS. Of the casino. We all lose who hold paper dollars but not you guys.

EBOLA removes the casino options. Nations crash borders to closed. Faster than any of you can possibly believe – 2020 in the election year. TRUMP the issue that defines the winner is 2019 EBOLA POLICY as you will soon see. THAT ISSUE WILL TAKE OVER ALL PLATFORMS ON ALL SIDES.

I’m done warning as we have been RIGHT to the date Rwanda closed its borders today. TO THE MONTH. RIGHT AGAIN a year ago. Thank you very much.

We advise our readers. Sell out of stocks and bonds at your 2019 high. Move over to growth assets in guaranteed insurance managed index accounts – bonds to annuities – cash to permanent life paying 300% more than banks. The insurance guarantees are the best protection of your nest egg and serious assets – everything else may become very risky for you. If you fail to check out SAFE HARBOR with a top ten licensed insurance professional – you are going to one day have regrets as to your absolute loss. Why/

EBOLA ECONOMICS IS ABOUT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AGENDA….wait for it noting how many times we have told you and the US STATE DEPARTMENT for 12 sorry no action or policy months by anyone in the world.

SHAME ON YOU – Congress and the PRESS – get ahead of this SUPER CHANGE ISSUE as this is the system killer if it is not controlled and faster than yesterday. The death’s are soaring now.