This month I retire as Chairman of CEO SPACE. After two careers – one operating one of the fastest growing investment banking firms, global, publicly traded, I can not thank my mentors and my Wallstreet Community even unto this day From London and Singapore and Hong Kong and San Francisco always – the birth of INVEST AMERICA merged into major institutions a lot of decades ago and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL serving 150 nations day under legacy boards and managers without me since 2014. I’m so proud of the legacy. I’m so proud of the legacy exploding with growth and moving into the future past the era of the founder. The moment in historic lives –  legacy moves into LEGEND !

Moving forward I serve as Chairman of IPC in Africa the partners believe will contribute massively to humanity in the African developing AU. With five decades on the DIRT in the most exciting developing theater on earth today, we have half a decade target focusing economic growth Agenda’s for the community. We are also working on SOUTH AMERICA economic growth we will report on soon. Through SUPER BONDS we are working on resetting sovereign nation debt and infrastructure via invention of a new bond class known as SUPER BONDS. We have published our SUPER BOND product line on our web site – scroll to print page or share – as have invited our readers to bring this ECONOMIC OPTION to their heads of state decision makers. With our thanks for your joining my life passion.

2020 I will be President Founder and sole owner of CEO SPACE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. This Florida LLC will be my final institution. We are involved in a merger acquisition of a larger woman and mens leadership training firm, which may not finally close as we hope but it may. We’ll see. Years in process now and September we will know more thumbs up or thumbs down. CSLI is engaged in the following projects some consulting some internal:

  • http://www.superwaterhyox.com the most healthy healing water we have found and the technology for revolutions in agriculture growing, soil and water remediation, red tide removal, ocean replenishments, and lowest cost power from non polluting hydrogen a cost technology breakthrough with zero pollution – power from water – endless.
  • Revolutions in fuel pipeline transmission – zero degradation or corrosion – self healing leak technology – and the most advance transmission line security systems in real time in the world today. Game Changing.
  • Nano Technology for changing coal economically to zero pollution low cost endless energy production. Patented.
  • LeasePal – a revolution in insurance based removal of exploding rentals in commercial and residential to remove first and last month and security deposit with INSURANCE. New economic.
  • Sportoco – the dominant global platform for 5G that will cross to all industry in 60 months to retain customers via engagement and make PR a profit versus expense – repeat buy existing clients – and refer new clients in only possible with this 5 G platform. A break through in data as the first TRILLION DOLLAR unicorn designed for the 5G new revolutionary industries this technology platform is out front of and for.
  • Books movies and television shows that will inform entertain and elevate consciousness to billions over 60 months. Screen plays and books are completed waiting only for 5G and new expressions of these arts and as you see below we are not on schedule to bring this slate to market with our partners which requires increasingly calls on my time as Author and Executive Producer.
  • Transformation Park – whenever Tony Robbins is ready to execute our master plan vision for that future
  • Working with Heads of state on culture reforms from competition and corruption into cooperation and integrity.
  • Consulting to hyper growth industries and nations on the economic what comes next as 5G changes everything
  • EXPLORING: REVERSE MORTGAGE better options to qualified retiree’s who need a better way forward thank you Aaron Young of Laughlin USA for your partnership- we founded the industry in my investment banking days so ahead of the industry we founded with GUARD in the 1970’s – always first in industry – as my contribution inventing economic product solutions for the world ( my prior life and now as consultant when asked on demand ) .
  • Super Bonds a sovereign nation new bond class to reset sovereign nation debt and to infuse forward infrastructure into a new global back bone bond class – SOVEREIGN NATION 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – that inset time to reset DEBT LOADING for nations from Asia the EU from Africa to South America, and CEO SPACE is working with numerous nations in advance stations and one of the worlds leading SOVEREIGN BOND global law firms to execute the NEW SUPER BONDS to the market. A no nation left behind IP resetting debt loading for very stressed nations across the world.
  • Inside two new ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO LAUNCH programs that will fully next generation advantage 5G potentials never possible in old modeling of production – as a many credit film producer – supporting films to change the world from the 1960’s to today with WISH MAN in Box Offices everywhere this year. Theatrical films will elevate human consciousness two billion a release product like my dear BUDDY CEO SPACE Faculty producer Barnett Bains Robbin Williams Academy Award FILM – WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. Lets do more of THAT for the world versus gratuitous sex and violence families can not see together. I’m going next door to CEO SPACE to see LION KING go uncle Walt GO.
  • Bringing http://www.superteaching.org to education as the 5 G end delivery system for media conditioned NEW BRAINS ( see the article on NEW BRAINS on the site ) – with higher retention and elevated outcomes for public private and institutional military and government education. SUPER TEACHING is the # 1 break through for class room future design for all class rooms who seek elevated learner outcomes. Tony ROBBINS cut the RIBBONS as you can see on the site for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA which had a six month waiting list for that class room so popular on campos. My work seeks to license the source code to education world wide – patents issued globally. All three screen computers and phones fall under our ST PATENTS world wide – as we where first to own CPU manipulated images on multiple screens for education in any form or outcome.  As my father trained the founder of SAMSUNG after the Korean war we will provide unlike Apple such a low cost license to promote the migration with 5G to more screen real estate as the brains more favorite way to manage information. Why?  Click my site. My last of life having changed the world of Diamonds, traded globally, Investments with early structured asset inventions, from film financing to cable and cell phones – with CEO SPACE decades of helping more small business to succeed than any one alive – my future is to assist NATIONS to prosper with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND. Education leadership in 5 G ( ready why below ) is the WHY.
  • In a 5 g world where content is the core asset, I’m working to associate a University partner with CEO SPACE to prepare the 2000 90 minute 50 million dollar asset content library known as the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM LIBRARY. Modules not present instructed in public or private education are all covered inside the library from some of the most advanced educators in their topic areas in the world. Many with publications reaching over a billion readers in name recognition with full rights of ownership retained by the ECL and CEO SPACE. The objective is to take each module into ten/fifteen minute 5G shorts illustrating the material to the highest standard with editing resetting for 5G visual capacity, releasing a supplement regime to all existing global education in entrepreneur studies and as a resource asset to the 1.7 billion small business owners world wide in all languages. The University partner would 5G the library content for subscription revenue with 75% of subscription to the University and 25% to CEO SPACE. 50 Million Dollars for one dollar license with contract. Who do you know? We are in multi year discussions with institutions in 2019 seeking a contract as 5G is impatient as you will see below.

My wife September Dohrmann is a global lady leader who has spoken to the General Assembly of the United Nations. She is frequent guest on popular TELEVISION AND RADIO and in high demand for Keynote Speeches world wide. September spent five years as CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER for CEO SPACE. She transferred this title to Ellen Morgan in 2014 as she took over as OWNER – PRESIDENT and CEO of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL a Florida C corporation. September as a amazing LADY CEO LEADER now assume CHAIRWOMAN OF THE BOARD as I step down to attend to the rising agenda list set forth here in a stand alone LLC expressing my final life contributions. September serves customers in 150 nations and completely retooled CEO SPACE to its press award winning stature. I resigned as Chairman in 2017 but September asked that I serve as “acting Chairman” through July 2019 as she completed structural upgrading she has now finished. The final responsibilities as BOARD CHAIRWOMAN will groom September for cross board service on public firms she is being invited to serve upon at this time. Super Bonds advance 5 G to nations that might otherwise not enjoy the prosperity of this economic revolution in a timely manner. SUPER BOND THEORY is presented on this blog site scroll for it. So as I having resigned in 2014 from all CEO SPACE day to day operations – now release entirely all roles of the era of the founder now fully turned so successfully to the new generation advancing the brand globally my work is free at last to manage the list set forth for my readers to appreciate. My opinion on economic unfolding trends that effect small business planning and execution is my WHY for this BLOG as our community is global and enormous. However today the industry reading this BLOG predictive site is huge.

CEO SPACE under September is preparing for a Private Equity partnership  infusion into CEO SPACE to globalize the brand and business plan into an IPO institution leading in our fourth decade of service, in serving nations in strategy to underwrite economics through rapid entrepreneur internal consumptions in nation which is back bone to sustaining core economics in nations.  Who do you know?

When Tim CEO of  BLACK ROCK reports over 50 of the largest institutions on this earth are moving SUPPLY Lines OUT of China forever – our blog postings to encourage CHINA on the long term cost of  this very long term outcome from miscalculations on trade war issues has become a RIGHT AGAIN. We had so wished the abacus reporting would see – making a trade deal is economic and secures CHINA PROSPERITY. Now the trade deal will consume 25 years to recover economically upon why? China has lost consumer buyers confidence  who no longer wish to buy MADE IN CHINA in 2020 world wide.  We reported this PHANTOM but largest COST TO CHINA that no one was seeing in 2017. China has lower quality with quality declining across the board in the economic pressure cooker today-and for business making a choice the outcome is now  too much red tape – and too much local corruption and China does still  steal its partners IP. This failure to have fun move at 5G speeds in business and to have integrity and quality – has developed a profit culture factor from trade war in which trillions are running out of China. All of which we reported here first and consistently.  Jobs are running out forever as SUPPLY LINES SHIP Forever. as Black Rock reported this weekend which was a report on the billions in FLIGHT. China debt and credit rating picture are declining rapidly. Why? Failure to make a 5G speed TRADE DEAL – time is the new asset in economics no one is appreciating sufficiently.  In new AI economics TIME conseqwuences up or down are  more rapid in economics of prior non AI economic ages.

Capital is running out by trillions never to return in same measure as before in China. Neighbor nations from India to Vietnam are SOARING as the opposite to the CHINESE BUSINESS MODEL. As reported here first these neighbor nations are made whole from China pain in economics all from failure to see the REAL COST OF TRADE WAR.  The Chinese Camps lock up all who would criticise the CHINESE leadership as the rule of law culture in China is support policy or you lock up in camps for re-education. The camp folks who escape have massive stories of Nazi like rape whipping abuse with no due process no crime of any kind – you and me saying TRUMP STINKS and we are in a CAMP with 1,000,000 of US – or BIDEN STINKS as both sides are PARTY ONE PARTY folks. It is not Muslim and terror as those who escape explain many are just those who spoke out against China policy – now in camps. The world of money is socially moving back because CHINA failed to cooperate with rule of law customers the aligned cooperating nations all now  agree to – they don’t hack one another – they don’t rip each other off – they don’t drop quality and raise prices – they don’t lock up a million people in camps as crimes against humanity – China says it is  the effective way to fight terror – lock up one million? No one outside China buys into that – there are in nations that monitor every thought – the China thought police with 5G – better ways than lock up a million in camps. THE WORLD IS BACKING UP FROM CHINA unless there is change in China which if superficial will SUPER CRASH CHINA ECONOMICS. In the end it is the new cooperating world order moving away from the old competing. My father mentor to Chairman of the Revolution in China and to its leading companies a great honor to China my father would be also honored if I can assist President XI over time with some restoration of the core economic options.

A world order a revolution in culture thought law and human consciousness CEO SPACE launched 31 years ago in cooperation between nations has become stoppable in my own life time as a thought leader.

So ten trillions of dollars in commerce  is now  moving out of China and its not slow and the people of China are in for some pain that is only reversible with the URGENCY OF A TRUMP TRADE DEAL IN THE NICK OF TIME and for China the Debt BOMB and hard economic landing is closer than anyone thinks. RIGHT AGAIN you have no idea on the economics. and stress loads from debt and credit on the ground in China . SUPER BONDS defined on this site is the SOLUTION FOR CHINA in the immediate term.

For China time to engage on SUPER BOND is shrinking as to its window of maximum preclusion of a China SUPER CRASH which is what BLACK ROCK rang the bell about this weekend. 5 G will help but not solve the core issue.

What saves CHINA is US. TRUMP TRADE DEAL ( which will not do it in 25 years ) and a SUPER BOND which returns prosperity in 2022 and SUPER BONDS is the ONLY ECONOMIC invention to do that prosperity reset – NOW versus over 25 years of time given the conditions on the ground economically in China. In our considerable opinion.

And the bond inventor and leading sovereign nation law firm, knows and is friends with President XI. SO we will try to help if we can in time. In business the sea change in China and 5G changes economics for the entire world folks. Be prepared as we report more on this – my WHY is so you know the truth first. From our global teams reporting the data to the leading SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION INSTITUTION IN THE WORLD – the next generation of CEO SPACE 2020 – so much more advanced than my own first generation. SUPER CHANGE makes everything better or obsolete. Watch for my SLAM BEST SELLING NEW BOOK – SUPER CHANGE NOV 2nd – get ten for your best clients for the Holidays they will thank you for years for this stocking stuffer……my best work personally ( outside CEO SPACE to do it thank you all so much ) since REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in 2010.

My work at CEO SPACE itself is today in July 2019 finally and fully  completed. I teach a free bonus intensive CEO skill transfer class to our members, three days before each BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE begins – Saturday to Monday – pre class – as an option to our membership as volunteer faculty – TEACHING IS MY FAVORITE MENTOR UNDERTAKING ALWAYS. This program is co hosted with leading SEC attorneys keeping members current on compliance and new laws related to various capital exemptions. This class remains a valuable reference for leaders from Fortune institutions unicorns and start ups related to: CAPITAL MASTERY the name of the advanced one of its kind OVER COMPLIANCE educational curriculum  programs of education for business owners and leaders and entrepreneurs seeking capital current skills for their planning. The BAC or Tuesday to SATURDAY five CEO SPACE events are now fully instructed and Moderated by great talent in education – freeing me up to work on my own agenda, supporting my wife who is producing each award winning Conference taking the legacy that I founded so many decades ago – as GLOBAL truly LEGACY Corporate global –  brand – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – past the era of the founder. A moment of satisfaction and gratification at age 71.

My consulting clients are my joy helping hyper growth firms strategically step ahead faster into planning and development sequence steps that they each require and desire my input upon. We have so much fun as we use our best efforts together to  grow their  profits. I love seeing my clients win.

So thats me.

NOW 5 G 


5G is coming on line world wide this December and into 2020. This technology is the largest sea change for humanity – a PURE REVOLUTION versus an evolution in outcomes for all 8 billion of us. More prosperity more wealth more options will now unfold than in the entire history of humanity. The Longevity you think is impossible will unfold from 5G. The environment you think impossible will turn back in time due to 5G.

You and I will meet with tools you could not imagine – you will not know I”m not in your living room – not zoom – not anything you imagine – as the trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth inventions patented already could not be delivered until 5 G was installed. There are Three Waves to 5G:

  1. The backbone – the highest share price growth is coming from the first wave of backbone providers world wide. The Chip that allows access to 5G is the number one technology company in 2019 on earth today. Why? In the first wave of 24 month over 1 billion smart phones will upgrade and billions more in games pads everything connected to everything all having this one patented 5G super chip only available to the world since May and June. The REVOLUTION IS NOW.
  2. The second wave is games and applications for the internet of things from talking speakers to everything else. Wait for it you have say 90 days. This Holiday a trillion will pour into FIVE G second wave.
  3. Applications like SPORTOCO that revolution engagement data and everything else across ALL INDUSTRY – as never before with the first PLATFORM for 5G of its industry – retaining customers repeat buying customers and referral marking customers with superior data NOT POSSIBLE ON ANTIQUE 4 G. Those out front are trillion dollar unicorns in my opinion – an AMAZON trillion dollar value in 60 months. JEFF should invest in Sportoco. Call me.

The wave. NOT IN MY LIFE since mentoring Steve Jobs or young Gates ( who won’t remember ) or George Lucas who may actually in his first walk through of his framed in home in San Anselmo remember those days GEORGE – have I seen something ahead of APPLE OR STAR WARS OR MICROSOFT. The silicon valley wave of investment create a nation of technology larger than many nations in one valley and I started there. I had patents, awards and broke molds on code and modeling from hand held talking devices ( first in the world ) to http://www.superteaching.org patented in China and world wide still leading the world in educational technology for class room design – created with 5G in mind to the code.



This weekend all over the internet from YALE NEWSLETTER INFORMERCIALS you can click – to growing waves of data the SUPER WAVE IS HERE. More 100’s of BILLIONS are being invested in 5G bets right now – through 2020 than any super wave of capital moving on earth.

My NEW BOOK NOV 2nd release solid date – defines the 5G SUPER WAVE.

There is a wave of opportunity to invest in technology – in health care – in foods – energy – in communication – in games – in environment and more. These opportunities all have variable investment WAVE HEIGHTS:

  • Some are four foot great waves of investment opportunity
  • Some are ten foot waves
  • Some are twenty to forty foot wave opportunities
  • 5 G IS A 5000 FOOT NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE TSUNAMI WAVE SUCKING IN MORE CAPITAL IN 2019 and 2020 than any waves I have known across the 50 years of my expertise in the game of technology or any investment from my investment banking decades. NOTHING COMES CLOSE.

The window for making profit in the 5000 foot wave is 24 months.

As the wave moves inland it will drop in 2022 – 2023 to 1000 foot opportunities.

Than 500.

Thank to 250.

By 2030 the wave will be the top waves of today in all leading bleeding best options at 40 foot to 50 foot wave.

More wealth will be made in my opinion in the coming 24 months by right bets into 5 G than all prior wealth in the world combined together as one.

The majority of the world has no clue – none at all – on this SEA CHANGE TSUNAMI OPPORTUNITY.

5G is not a higher band width.

5G changes everything – forever. All of us will be as one. We will all celebrate diversity versus punish diversity.

Culture and nations will transform.

Medicine will transform in 24 months.

Nations will transform.

Commerce will transform and evolve forever next.

SUPER CHANGE – you just have not even begun to appreciate the sheer ACCELERATION OF SUPER CHANGE.

5G changes management in all C suites.

Those strategic to 5G win.

Those institutions like Kodak failing to adapt to SUPER CHANGE or TOYS R US OR CIRCUIT CITY OR SEARS will have stresses they self inflict but failure to become relevant into the SUPER CHANGE created by 5G and the platforms that make everything else obsolete. A FACEBOOK 5G replaces FACEBOOK if they fail to bleed into 5G with core platform redesign. Self Driving flying everything is enabled from 5G. Everything you know commerce with transforms. HOW WE RELATE changes more than:

  • Telephone no dial and party line
  • Telephone dial and private line
  • Digital telephone
  • Analog cell phone
  • FAX ME
  • Prop Fly
  • Jet Fly
  • SUPER SONIC FLY – 5G coming next
  • Internet of things
  • SIRI
  • Smart phones smart pads
  • 5G goes past them all together as one 

THE WAVE OF 5G is 90 days away.

I sold on Apple and bought GE at 10.00. I expect to double it. Apple every single Holiday launch is panned by experts and goes down in price. Next DIP I buy back. Why? 5G smart phones will upgrade 100’s of millions for Apple. SAMSUNG AND APPLE have the largest PHONE PAD COMPUTER UPGRADING WITH 5G ENABLED DEVICES IN THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. In my opinion. Look why RAYMOND JAMES SAID – OVERSIZE BUY APPLE its not me folks.

My life is divided. My blog is my pet contribution to enormous loyal regular readers who share this site – now one of the fastest growing labeled by many nations as a NEWS RESOURCE SITE – proudly read as a check – by:

  • Leading hedge funds
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There are 100,000’s of book mark subscribers.

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MY ASK is readers comment. This closed community interacts if you GO INTERACTIVE. Critique me or PLUS ME. I answer all comments. Its hard work with research teams and you can SEE from this POST I HAVE A VERY FULL SLATE at this last part of my life time – trying to contribute and give back maximally.

The size and weight of the readership effects many agenda’s world wide today. Often a news first here is front page globally in hours.

My readers so appreciate the WORK efforts.

My joy is helping business owners and leaders plan with superior information on what you see and then what it means REALLY ECONOMICALLY when you tie it all together at the top past the OWNERSHIP of MEDIA spins today. As news is not longer news and the PURE TRUTH is hard to find – we are far from perfect and we never mean to offend but we may – our mission is to tell the truth faster and first.

My ask – COMMENT FOR ME. I can’t tell you the difference. The comment box appears as you cursor at the bottom of ANY NEW STORY. COMMENT takes 90 seconds – or if you want more information and detail or a debate or discussion I LOVE THAT. You are not a chore you are MY PURE JOY. For all in CEO SPACE who read all the time please comment for old Daddy OH. You all know and trust who I am at core to the bone.

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That and this is the GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR WEEKEND –