Irans Supreme Leader is trying to accomodate FIRST RESPECT FROM TRUMP to blink back. Trump and the SUPREME leader wish to make a real and lasting prosperity deal. This deal set is historic for IRAN and for the Gulf nations. The deal allows America over years of time to fully withdraw out of the MIDDLE EAST – the goal. Protecting oil supply is no longer required as American oil passes 20 million barrels a day by 2025. All along the way UP America wealth prosperity and US DOLLAR secure the world with economics not bullets. THE STRATEGY is unfolding.

This BLOG provided one BLUE PRINT as a way forward.

The Supreme leader in tit for tat as the two military are really playing with TOYS only and it is really playing for those two war game players. its just war game playing no war is possible as both sides have ORDERS ON THAT from the two BOSSES.

The Supreme Leader playing these games:

We shot your drone

You shot our drone ( today )

UK took an IRANIAN OIL TANKER ( which will be released soon as the game goes on )

Iran took a small oil ship no one cares a whoot about – and they will release it as the game goes on….games.

The Supreme Leader and all the RED GUARD well know – 100% of their combat gear missile sites ordinance say a 5 BILLION DOLLAR over 25 year gear up and build up – is targeted – and any real THREAT beyond the boys playing some games out there – results in 72 hours and 5 BILLION GONE – not possible to recover from in military terms. Next would be just Iran losing and it would be terrible and it only occurs if Iran tries to be THREAT outside the game play – to say a carrier or battle group at which time all AMERICA FULL UNMATCHED POWER IS DISPLAYED into the night of the Iran sky.

Every asset targeted. 72 hours gone into the smoke.

China is the economic size of California and their military is not nothing but it is no threat to the USA.

Russia is the size of NEW YORK and it is a threat with its nuke targeting ( China has us targeted too ) but really nukes? Their silly Russia home press this year stating –  we will kill you next year in 20 minutes – will be more like 2025 in fact. Space FORCE USA can take out Russia in fifteen MINUTES all of RUSSIA all of CHINA and both nations well know that. No nation kills itself forever – for 50,000 years – to make a POINT. So mutually assured destruction works in Russia and China. Also Putin said over and over we will never use NUKES as offensive weapons. Why? Well 15 minutes no more Russia is their WHY. Russia? Their latest greatest most advanced super secret sub – caught fire and killed the crew and almost sank altogether. Don’t think Russia having stolen technology the USA has tested and deployed today will rise in any rush to quality to threaten the USA. Russia is 24/7 toast from the USA for world security and Russia knows it fully well. The issue is RUSSIAN PROSPERITY AND PARTNERSHIP IN GLOBAL POLICY. Respect.

The time of mid reptilian lowest human brain stem threat and competitive thought forms – insane thinking process – is being swept away increasingly by higher brain functions. Trust and verify and we all win and it is now the historic shift of real human potential CEO SPACE has labored to virus remove for world leaders over 30 years now. Removing the virus bad habit is slow but Humanity is with AI and 5 G coming together to CELEBRATE DIVERSITY VERSUS PUNISH IT. Insanity is dying. Wait for it…….

Iran is the size economically of say RHODE ISLAND. While Providence is one of my favorite peoples and city centers it is not a THREAT to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA even is it spent all its cash on a million person army really to secure its borders from SAUDI ARABIA the real THREAT to IRAN not the USA.

The USA wants:

  1. Nothing from Iran – no political change – it would appreciate Iran shift on policy to stop the public policy we plan and we will destroy Israel. The USA Protects Israel a nuke power who easily can take out IRAN itself without US. Both would appreciate a shift. BIBI in political full on Israel crises who may lose his leadership still – uses IRAN to unite his base which Iran would appreciate a SHIFT IN. Trump needs to BLINK FIRST as our blog reported. And why.
  2. The USA will give a long list of check points IRAN WANTS FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD and their prosperity can be by year end. So fast blinking doesn’t convey the UP BUBBLE on what. A 100 pages of paper on trust but verify – our side a policy on missiles we assure Iran defense in region – and no NUKES ever – thats all. Iran gives up the most tiny lines of type and they get an OCEAN OF FORWARD PROSPERITY.
  3. I believe if the Supreme Leader proceeds to do the deal with the EU AND AMERICA that congress and EU and IRAN legislature all approve – fast tracking it – we end the year with 2020 FRESH START IRAN who becomes with Saudi and Opec in decline now the LEADING ECONOMY IN THE GULF WORLD.

If policy to shift how the two nations in FRESH START forgive the two sides UNFORGIVABLE PAST ITEMS – which inspired leadership like TRUMP AND THE SUPREME LEADER have capacity to in GREAT LEADERSHIP effect – their people over time will follow and rejoice in the PEACE AND PROSPERITY for all GULF NATIONS.

EU economies all soar as does IRAN and the USA.

Everyone wins.

No one loses.

War games today are well – boys have toys – and they are playing their games in the double lines the leaders set out.

IF Trump does two things:

  1. TRUMP DUMPS ending OPEC and securing world prosperity world wide this month ( see my blog on that process )
  2. Trump BLINKS ( see my blog on the BLINK ) the world and Iran and the EU and the USA and Israel all win big.

Nothing in modern history jacks up the IRAN FRESH START 2020 OPPORTUNITY IF TWO INSPIRED LEADERS find that path of possibility for all peoples effected best outcomes.

The one WILD CARD is MBS. Will Saudi fake flag or act with its desire for two agendas to its survival in economics:

  1. Higher price oil over 100 dollars a barrel – screw 8 billion souls – we royals need our higher oil from failed policy.
  2. War with Iran – which elevates Saudi back influence otherwise OPEC is not a survivor.

PUTIN is the control deck on the WILD CARD having been not well treated in fact by failed MBS policy.

Putin gets his own prosperity deal. The deal terms are:

  1. Putin and Iran and Putin buddies publically in July ( their blink ) opt to terminate association with Oil.
  2. Putin tells Trump to dump and stabilize price at 55.00 a barrel so Putin can make Russia stabilize.
  3. Saudi loses capacity to act out and PUTIN monitors fake flag and with Trump together they box Saudi in
  4. Iran blinks back
  5. The deal of the century in history is done

Trump lowers Iran sanctions during good faith dealings at Camp David ( see my blog ) and both sides remove bad manner players from their talks – both show only greatest respect as box top rules. Our troops come home ( not all but extra’s ) for CHRISTMAS TIME.

Merry Christmas.

As the war games and toys go on….

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE FOLKS – but watch your wild card because no one has yet blinked in fact.


Note: Rhode Island don’t under play the entire powers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as THAT will  always BE  ending badly. The USA MILITARY is peaking in strength to new ABSOLUTE POWER 2019 – 2020 -2030 thank YOU CONGRESS …keep it up. Budget Debt Ceiling before August Break ( markets soar ) and I say and our credit rating restores which makes INFRASTRUCTURE 7 to 10 over time. SECURE TOMORROW CONGRESS. Because you can. Secure America 2019 and do your election 2020. THATS THE TICKET. Now who blinks. First.