As North Korea proceeds to actually make a deal. As Putin and Russia Proceed to make a Deal. As China proceeds to make a deal. As the EU proceeds to make a deal. A New World Order of no nation left behind is developing. What are the facts related to Iran:

  1. Iran negotiated – hard negotiations but in good faith – a trust but verifiable NO NUKE Deal – starting they never wanted a nuke.
  2. israel released papers their MASSAD obtained from Iran showing they lied and were very advanced in making a Nuke.
  3. Trump saw the deal as a time line. A few years no NUKE than nukes. Where the WEST GAVE UP THE GOLD and Iran was not really locked and blocked. Plus the never ending missile program to defend itself is growing to missiles that can hit the USA.
  4. Trump wants Iran prosperity and wants OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.
  5. The Middle East wants the US out of the Middle East.
  6. Iran DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  7. Trump DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  8. Trump wants a permanent no NUKE DEAL to assure Iran massive prosperity and welcome in respect to the world stage forgiving all past which is not little.
  9. Iran wants RESPECT and STANDING and PROSPERITY and REGIME ASSURANCE which is easy to get and retain with trust and verify systems that replace trust. We trust but verify. Iran forgives the USA which is not little either.
  10. Iran missile program can advance with technology but global missiles to strike the USA is not about to occur with PROSPERITY DEAL and Iran doesn’t really want to advance in military missiles it wants SPACE and should have SPACE permitted.

2020 can be a FRESH START with RESPECT. What has IRAN SO UPSET:


  1. America never stops disrespecting Iran.
  2. Israel requires an IRAN FRESH START.
  3. The deal can include Iran agenda for permanent status with Israel respecting USA protection of Israel right to exist.
  4. Nuke Powered ISRAEL is not going anywhere and Iran and Israel make fortunes by trading versus fighting.
  5. Many Iranians live in Israel and Palestine and would welcome an IRAN AGENDA 2020 to include ISRAEL.
  6. Iran can write its own AGENDA FOR REGIME SECURITY ( trust and verify ) and FRESH START the agenda.
  7. Iran can get 100% of what it wants and rise into RESPECT ignoring Israel’s distrust for now in USA dealing.
  8. American respect is what is required.
  9. In smoky rooms IRAN needs to hear TRUMP state he knows SAUDI has framed IRAN for so much wrong.
  10. IRAN is not the scourge of the Middle East and todays has far more respect than SAUDI in the nations.

Iran’s economy is failing. The sanctions are taking the nation and its debts to contractions that are terrible for the Iranian people not so much for elite rulers. Iran pushed too far into economic THREAT as economic siege is WAR will and probably must trigger real war. The outcome is Iran loses and the world loses. Iran is off the map as threat – and the USA finally is out of the middle east. But that is insane.

Because Iran complied with the NO NUKE DEAL FAITHFULLY and the treaty SIGNERS breached the agreement – never took off the sanctions – never advanced IRAN PROSPERITY – Iran got worse than before they started – and why trust the USA. Iran bent over backwards to MAKE SURE IN TRUST AND GOOD FAITH THEY HAD CLOSED DOWN NUKE PROGRAM. Israel stating they were trying to make a NUKE…of course they were. Iran isn’t stupid. They see the money and respect poor in to North Korea with a Hydrogen Bomb. Iran could buy nukes from other nations they don’t have to make them they already have the missiles. IRAN DOES NOT WANT TO BECOME A NUKE TARGET – smart very smart.

IRAN wants stability – government stability – prosperity – and RESPECT it has never once been shown. When signing the agreement RESPECT was so the MISSING PROTOCOL and IRAN DESERVED THAT RESPECT.

Iran is the subject of endless fake news from SAUDI. Why? Iran is the center of the PERSIAN EMPIRE HISTORICALLY the Ottoman Empire the ruling capitol of the Arab universe. Saudi wants to hold that crown with its radical Islam and the real backer of all terror. Shite IRAN is fighting radical ISLAM which HATES Iran Shite Believers and LOVES SAUDI WHABBI Believers. I believe studying the KORAN for 40 years that Mohammed is rolling over in his grave on all this. As far as my studies which are not light suggest – the Muslim Faith is like all great faiths with the TRUTH. A religion of inclusion and love. All faiths and Jews were respected as PEOPLE OF THE BOOK under all Muslim rulers historically until recent times. Mohammed I am concerned as a believer is wishing all his children to CELEBRATE WHAT IS THE SAME ABOUT THEIR FAITH and to RESPECT THE DIFFERENCES. A fresh Start in the LEADERSHIP the MAJORITY would isolate radicals who teach hate not love and who instruct in PUNISHING DIFFERENCES IN THE MUSLIM FAITH versus CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES as is Allah’s HOLY WILL. The one God loves us all and forgives us.

Competition is a reptilian lower brain function isolated and hard wired to advance on threat. Once relevent for RAPTORS but really without saber tooth tigers we should HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION OUT competitive thought forms to solve problems between us. Cooperation and Integrity are HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTIONS.

Iran does not need to trust the USA.

The USA does not need to trust iran.

We can forgive one another for hour terrible we both have been.

The USA with weapons of mass destruction hysteria over IRAQ lost RESPECT and trust in community for all the right reasons. WE WERE DEAD WRONG. We errored. Obama’s apology to the MIDDLE EAST from America was RIGHT and was in INTEGRITY and was COOPERATIVE NOT COMPETITIVE. Higher brain function.

Trust and verify a FRESH START AGREEMENT.

Red lines need to be not drawn at all.

Who blinks first.

On respect?

Trump might lead as the leader of a GREAT NATION first. An agenda of RESPECT. The steps might be:

  1. I extend a RESPECT TO FRESH START 2020 with Iran.
  2. I invite their leader to the WHITE HOUSE as my GUEST. For talks at Camp David between he and me.
  3. I wish to go to IRAN and APOLOGIZE For our history and ask for forgiveness of the entire world and especially the IRANIAN people. I only ask you allow us to regain TRUST over time as we both trust and verify.
  4. I want to visit your great nation in peace and prosperity.
  5. To show GOOD FAITH AND RESPECT – I am relaxing Sanctions to March 2020 to display AMERICAN RESPECT for the Nation of Iran and for its great people.
  6. I am ordering military to 2018 LEVELS and bringing our men and women home for CHRISTMAS and sending Iran a Holiday Respect for their HIGH HOLIDAYS.
  7. I am asking this Holiday the leader of IRAN visit the WHITE HOUSE and set a 2020 FRESH START from a Camp David Accord we will forge in COOPERATION IN INTEGRITY AND AS A FRESH START 2020 to Iran full partnership in the Middle East. It is my HOPE that as we develop new agreements that I am highly confident we both desire and require – we can finally move AMERICA out of the MIDDLE East on time lines we will forge together.

Raising the COMPLEX ISSUES – on the table in public comes off the agenda for China to Iran. The final terms are worked out in private where both sides are secure safe and fully respected. RESPECT is the missing leadership diplomacy and the USA might blink first in this matter in DISPLAY OF WHAT IS TRULY GREAT ABOUT OUR NATION IN THE WORLD.


Iran is not now or later going to become a NUKE NATION unless we force them to gain respect by the one and only tool that seems to WORK when we deny all other highways to get that RESPECT. Iran has issues with SAUDI and we need to remain OUT of that 2000 year history other than to advocate for COOPERATION AND CELEBRATION OF DIFFERENCES VERSUS PUNISHING THOSE DIFFERENCES. We respect the community by staying out side the issues between the nations in the region unless the USA is directly threatened as we were in 9/11 no question about that. Did we execute the best plan in response? I don’t think we did in fact. Lets forgive ourselves for doing the best we knew how and believe tomorrow we can and we will and we must really do better. I believe the great thing about my nation the USA is that not only can we do better…I believe we WILL.

Having spend decades in Iran and having Iranians as my personal mentors I just treasure the wisdom they have implanted in me, some of which I hope shows up here , I believe IRAN deserves a FRESH START 2020.

Iran is in the modified PEACE PLAN we produced on this blog and which is under discussion in the Middle East. CEO SPACE would assist to execute the evolution of a final form of a draft for a GREAT WAY FORWARD including Iran for all parties to prosper into the peace.

The issues on the ground are complex and require GOOD WILL to resolve between nations showing respect.


Iran was betrayed by everyone who signed that agreement in disrespect to Iran’s benefit for signing at all. Can we all admit that? Can we admit that Saudi and Israel have endless FAKE NEWS on IRAN with hatreds too historic to go into here. CAN WE EXECUTE A GREAT RECONCILIATION OVER TIME. After all we are the HUMAN BEINGS OF THE PLANET EARTH and we all reside on one space ship earth and we can not get off the ship. Our capacity to stop insanity – mid brain reptilian COMPETITION in distrust and disrespect and THREAT and remove THREAT from the USA and from IRAN. No more threat. If South Africa can reconcile the black and white historic UNFORGIVABLES humans lock into and FORGIVE THAT WHICH IS NOT FORGIVABLE AND START ANEW can we all – not learn from my great friend and mentor NELSON MANDELA and his mentor and mine the late HARRY OPPENHEIMER who supported Nelson’s Presidency.

To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters I suggest in humility – does ALLAH not wish us all to forgive the unforgivable we do in our ignorance upon the earth. My GUY – Jesus – with nails in his hands and feet – a spear thrust in his side with vinegar not water painfully going down those open wounds and sores from lead weighted ROMAN whippings, thrones pounding upon his head coming out of his forehead – said – gazing on the Romans – FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW “NOT” WHAT IS THAT THEY DO…….

Can we all not see the Koran as Moses saw the tribes naked dunk dancing in front of a Golden Calf in the fire light doing all sorts of beastly things. DId he not grab his brother ARRON by his long hair and drag him to the mount and shout down to the JEWS – FATHER GOD FORGIVE THEM ALL YOU MUST FORGIVE THEM ALL….and it was done. One man.

Can not TWO MEN start FRESH IN 2020 and forge a RESPECT that begins WITH AMERICA to BLINK FIRST?

I send this item out for the PEOPLE OF IRAN and their greatest leader to return the BLINK if you receive it.


PS: If Iran wants a fresh perspective I volunteer myself to help including flying over to provide a FRESH START because my lifetime in nation has me love the people of Iran as my teachers on history culture invention language civilization and so much upon which the world is now resting upon is historic to IRAN and its spirits.