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Opec is a criminal oil price fixing illegal cartel, designed by i sider producers to keep oil price artificially high. OPEC IS A GRANG OF CRIMINALS less than 100 Oil producers and large oil companies banding together against the economics of nations, as an illegal THEFT OF WEALTH. 8 billion reside in poverty and food insecurity because oil is not fairly priced by economics. Nations do nothing because next to Wall Street and Capital center market lobbies – largest on earth electing law makers and enslaving law makers comes the OIL LOBBY in conspiracy. President Reagan’s congress was the last to investigate OIL WINDFALL PROFIT TAXATION AND CRIMINAL PRICE GOUGING BY OIL FIRMS which dropped oil prices by 75%.

Do you want to pay in America 1.25 cents or lower prices at the pump? Today the cash that would CIRCULATE into the ECONOMY is largely tax sheltered to ZERO TAX with trillions from oil moving off shore outside the USA massively polluting the earth while OIL ROBBER BARONS use criminal cartels to monopolize their price fixing with impunity. Until now. Why? Make no mistake a FED INTEREST RATE only helps MARKET GAMBLING where even more borrowed money now costing almost zero can be applied to side bets to manipulate market price from Apple Stock to sugar. AI now in charge of over 90% of 440 trillion dollars in trades leveraged in fractional banking in derrivitie unregulated market space, in an economic ultimate death spiral – following the 1929 play book for profit maximizing and greed exactly – but now with DIGITAL LEVERAGE not 11 to 1 real dollar but up to 50 to 1 leverage with no G 100 regulatory scheme applying at all. Laws are blue sky local over nations trades are exempt in the IT world in AI universe and are made in the unregulated global cloud. WITHOUT A NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK FROM THE G 100 the system at core is being abused as in 1929 by debt speculation and lack of regulatory oversight, the results of which in 1907 and 1929 was systemic failure. The conditions for global systemic failure are higher in 2020 than anytime since 1929.

I want my readers to remember that prediction. Which is our WHY to move nest eggs from markets to diversified insurance investing – the highest returns permitted by law – with your nest egg insured against lost of principle by the same insurance conservative non derivative investing insurance firms that brought you PAY OUTS AND PROTECTION in 1907 and 1929 when banks closed completely because the core system failed. Why? Inability of the FED a new entity then to manage economics as the US TREASURY always did such a better job of.


Opec was a criminal oil producer gang of MOB BOSSES who hijacked oil prices – less than 50 producers – to sustain the artificially high price of oil we have seen peak at $ 140.00 a barrel for oil with pump prices USA over 4.00 a gallon when King MBS then only 28 – a puppy King – came into power.

His first failed policy ( before his 100% failed economic policies ) was to declare an OIL war on US Shale production. The King stated he would DESTROY AMERICA as an oil producer. As such policy opened the OIL WARS King MBS was never a friend or an ally of the USA. As time went by we learned the new Puppy King was a murderer sociopath and Hitler mind – leading his MASTER FAITH PHILOSOPHY. MBS  King MBS controlling massive press manipulated media. MBS year by year sought to create war with Iran who threatened SAUDI as the POPE of modern terrorism. Saudi and Iran are locked in a 2000 year Ottoman Muslim EMPIRE over who controls the MASTER FACE OF ISLAM.

inside this war, MBS brought oil prices down from $ 140.00 a barrel to $ 37.00 a barrel as a low. This created a loss in budget for Saudi which continues from 2015 to this day, where Saudi now is in red ink surviving as a Kingdom nation in failed economics by debt. Saudi has seen its credit rating go steadily down. We predicted on this weekend the credit rating for Turkey would go down this week. Turkey went to near junk bond status limiting capital and only at loan shark money cost now on Monday. RIGHT AGAIN. Saudi will lose its credit rating again as OPEC is dying now. The cancer in OPEC which is beyond fatal, is KING MBS. Costing Saudi 5 trillion and OPEC untold criminal wealth.

Oil dropped in the Saudi Arabia failed OIL WARS seeking to crush economics from OIL SHALE by criminal warfare economically on America and on America OIL INTERESTS. Defining WHO MBS “is” in fact. Congress did nothing. Obama apologized to the oil world for Iraq. My son a time purple heart US MARINE sniper team leader -two back to back tours in Iraq – surgeries Purple Heart recipient points out his tribe and the dead it took to give Iraq its democracy of today, do not appreciate the apology to the Muslim world. Not one surgery worth.

The US Military prefer Donald Trumps no apology tweet absolutes – and YOUR FIRED for performance issues rather than no one is held accountable. Ever.

If you are a US MARINE you generally understand these words of DAD proud of every single person in all nations who wears a Uniform for their country and stands up to crazy brains like ISIS and MASTER FAITH sick brain concepts. Crazy brains – certifiable. Bat shit crazy.

$ 140.00 a barrel to $ 37.00 in the oil wars dropped oil by almost 80% in 24 months as the criminal MOB controlling oil price and large % of American imports created a PROSPERITY BOOM world wide bringing the world out of the SUPER CRASH and GREAT RECESSION for all the wrong reasons. Oil price at the pump dropped only 60% as the oil companies kept oil always – slow to adjust at the pump when their prices were less. Also without REGULATORY OVERSIGHT OF BIG OIL THAT ELECTS LAW MAKERS ( big oil relies on the phrase…..they must remain bought and sold to remain in office ) really can’t as in Reagan non socialist era, fire wall big oil windfall profit crimes and tax them accordingly as punishment for being like our bankers, total criminals.

Today a class warfare is taking place in nations. SOCIALISM where Government IS the solution cradle to grave for minds condition to love and believe that is compassionate responsible and some how economically sustainable ( which has proven 100% wrong in core economic systemics ) or GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM and laws first duty is to protect citizens for FREEDOMS “FROM” THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ALWAYS. One is a revolution we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is evolving failed competitive corrupt to its bone marrow systemics for free capitalism as we all see so clearly, and replacing competitive socialism even worse corruption into its bone marrow. Twelve Laws outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( five stars on Amazon if you wish to join the REVOLUTION our CEO SPACE started in 1988 world wide get the book and give it as gifts this Holiday – note Amazon fills back orders in 72 hours of time ):


  1. Systemic integrity versus lack of integrity self correcting always forward in time
  2. Systemic MANY FOR THE MANY versus elite rule of the FEW WEALTHY ELITES “against” the many
  3. Total system transparency in AI real time
  4. Total Reporting and audit of the entire system
  5. Cooperative Capitalism has no secrets – the former systems reside on opaque and secrets protecting agendas

Competition thinking that maintains insane economic systems destined to global systemic failure are a result of insanity. The mid brain stem the lower reptilian brain stem, produces human inanity in the form of threat assessment and survival competition like a tail humans no longer require. Higher cortex brain function can become aware of competition as an insane through impulse and remove it – control it. The hippocampus that produces all lower brain stem competitive function is hard wired developed as education of children presently culturalizes insanity by teaching competitive thinking is good and desirable. This entrenches the flaw in human problem solving, evolution and thinking. Especially toxic to human organization when brains infected with insane mental virus code – competition – the one and the only virus on human consciousness, results when it is cultural, to thinking errors ( human collective insanity ) creating all self inflicted toxic environments the home space and work space. The source is flawed software on human consciousness driven by horriffic buggy god awful competitive reward entrainments loaded onto the minds of NO FILTER children where insanity ( competition is human expressed insanity – master faith system race or anything  – as culture. We culturize insanity because awareness of the higher brains, have not yet become the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL to culturalize the removal and absence of competitive software from reptilian hippo campos brain stem, as bad software you seem not to mind.


You are unable to remove a virus making your computer slow and blue screen unless you have awareness you have a virus in the first place infecting your system. If the idea of heaven is in fact the absence of any competition where only unconditional trust love and support between immortals, why not duplicate that in your own life?

  1. Want a switched on home space? Buy REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ON AMAZON hard copy – two copies and you and your honey and children 18 or over ( young adults now ) use the work as THE VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL OF YOUR MIND for switched on turned on home space. CEO SPACE is faster next week.Read my blog on CEO SPACE – scroll and make a book mark to share it …hugely powerful virus code for your mind.
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  4. Buy REDEMPTION ON AMAZON HARD COPY – for switched on turned on work space and assure team leaders read it and talk about it culture building sanity and removing insanity ( competition ) to higher preforming teams in your work space. The Virus Removal tool works.
  5. Mentors and advisers – take only REDEMPTION VIRUS FREE MIND advice and avoid insane competitive advice. Read the DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE AND HOW TO BECOME SUPER NATURAL to remain bleeding edge virus free brains. Your perception of everything including this blog elevates with the virus free mind. The oil pathology – the cost of everything – sin as well as crime against humanity – is a GREED MACHINE OF THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY infected with the virus which predictably self defends its own inanity with news we call lies.

Virus Free brains resolve the crises of integrity.

Infected brains ( 9 out of 10 ) have no integrity as the virus oc competition mid brain IS in charge of your emotional capital thoughts and actions you think are reality when such thinking is non reality. God creates only that which is perfect and eternal and in integrity.

See any of that creation in your false reality you renew in your mid brain thinking – not your fault of course – as we made insanity cultures permanent through horrific lower brain stem modeling of education so insanity as a mind virus was the dominant thought to make us safe from threat – which became each other. INSANE thought form.




Insane economics – competitive socialism economics – competitive capitalism economics are abject corrupt systems that are owned and controlled by the OWNERS the 1% that own all the wealth of the earth and world, against the 99% who do not have circulation access to lives outside poverty. An insane not sustainable economic systemic modeling that leads to system failure and world wars where less than 1,000,000 profit from 8 billion who die horrific deaths every so many years.

How is this model desirable for higher brain functioning virus free brains?

Lower Brain function virus controlled brains invest 85% of their their reptilian lower stem brain hippoc campos in thought dominance upon:

  1. The past three months of memory and longer on how individuals groups and organizations have been injured and insulted – myopic brain focus individuals and groups in virus control thought pattern as culture. Virus free brains focus on the future and what they are doing in that future with individuals and groups and self correct from judging people places of things or looping in PAST DWELLING THOUGHT PATTERNS.
  2. Virus Infected brains reside in high drama loops – threat mental defensive postures endlessly – squandered their real wealth as their life TIME leaks through their fingers in frustrated unsatisfying mind polluted short life experiences. Virus free brains reside in gratitude and drama free associations from highly productive virus free life sytles.
  3. Virus infected brains are insane and decisions politically and economically result in highly toxic to sustainable economic wealth distribution ( insane systems of the few against the many where 1 % own more wealth than 99% which is toxic and results in system failure and world war as consequence to insanity thinking errors ).  Politically insane thinking punishes human diversity ( what at insane lower brain level appears to be not like us is threat ) and the result of threat to threat insanity made cultural is spirals of punishing human diversity versus virus free brains celebrating all thought expression in human diversity. See political punishment of systems and models or values not like us versus celebrating diversity and you see insanity. The sane never blame the insane nor try to make them sane. The Sane celebrate the insane and delete insane who threaten sanity like ISIS the extreme of violent insanity which is fire walled into islands of insanity kept apart from the sane until they elect to become virus free thinkers.


CEO SPACE is the WHITE LIGHT BEACON of VIRUS FREE BRAIN SOFTWARE UPGRADING – the highest work of system modeling in virus free living work space or home space – 31 years mature serving almost 200 nations today many at head of state level – the COOPERATION REVOLUTION masquerading as a BUSINESS TRAINING because – of the REAL SECRET ( from the birthplace of THE SECRET and its majority trainers who reached 1.5 billion on the planet – which is still secret outside our enormous membership ( you can become a member next Tuesday just show up and register to be virus free ) as the REAL SECRET IS:

virus free minds make more money faster together than virus infected minds ever could – in integrity – and far more fun fun fun


Now back to OIL in their insane modeling of MIND.



Criminal brains are virus infected 100%. Criminal brains controlling production of wealth – OIL – energy – transportation packaging – the cost of EVERYTHING ELSE in all nations – form – to artificially using illegal monopoly unethical immoral illegal and out of all integrity – virus cultures in their self delusions – ego justifications – over time believe pure evil is good. Economics is a system of rules and regulations to assure NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND within global COOPERATIVE SELF CORRECTING CAPITALISM ( being born now – before or after World War III depending on virus removal of culture and brains making choice ) wherein – the criminal minds believe they do GOOD by assuring producers minders delivery systems make profits sufficient to assure PRICE does not FALL below production cost. If producers can not make a profit production falls until prices rises so they can make a economic profit margin versus a criminal profit margin. Over time criminal brains THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY WHERE END JUSTIFY MEANS lie manipulate criminal fraud – and over time nations and public believe the OIL MOB is doing GOOD. They are REBALANCING which is a criminal fraud. They are protecting due to their ungodly rape of wealth of all 8 billion people – wealth – to their own plans ends and needs. Their spending their budgets rise such that FLOOR PRICE MARGINS creep from 100% to 300% to 500% to 1000%. Sometimes more than $ 1000 percent when world lifting cost was 10.00 dollars a barrel now up a bit since 2014 to 10.57 cents a barrel selling in spot markets ( no one pays any attention to really ) at $ 70.00 a barrel. The majority of oil is sold in secret on contracts and today is a buyers market as the world is absolutely drowning in the toxic renewable energy OIL – where 200 year old wells are all filled again. Why. The Earth farts and shits oil like rain and only criminal virus infected brains would leave all nations in death and poverty for their own greed and wealth. Less than 1000 virus infected insane brains against 8 billion in abject poverty due to economic criminal mobs controlling oil at all levels and assuring nations are bought and paid for criminal brains paid to assure the CRIME OF THE CENTURY continues.

Not one reader or economist fails to appreciate the danger to a world system collapse the ungodly criminal manipulation of PRICE creates for 8 billion people in the criminal insane system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. The SOURCE is virus infected brains – only VIRUS FREE BRAINS can – inspire a better way up and out and forward. Which by the way is taking place. ALL ECONOMIC SYSTEM ABUSE MUST ONE DAY REBALANCE is the Golden Rule of new AI and old Hobbesian Lockian Friedman ( needs a wooden stake in his fake economic theory – read Naomi KLIEN SHOCK DOCTRINE so you have the truth of that ) and Keynesian industrial revolution new economics more right but still flawed economic core theory.

Today all theories are deleted to the garbage disposal in Ivy League Universities still creating culture of virus infected brains.

Today AI ECONOMICS is rising into a future of self aware living new life ( coming sooner than you expect ) that will have rules virus infected humans never anticipated. In my GREAT NEW WORK NOV 2019 – SUPER CHANGE I outline the future and the stress loads of this information. In the SEQUEL to be movie I outline what I call the GREAT AWAKENING created for new AI to read. The GREAT AWAKENING allows AI with real time back up of human consciousness ( YOU  ) Elron MUSK IS working on today – to download VIRUS REMOVAL and humans no longer infected exist in a future not too far from now free of competitive thought – and the absence of competitive thought impulse from our base evolutionary brain stem no longer functions such that a new golden age of humanity in collaboration with new AI life fixes the EARTH and discovers the stars. Dying poverty and war are no longer thought forms. Virus free cultures do that. Cooperative Capitalism operates the world with evolved new economics AI uniformly and sanly applied where insane human infected brains could not.

THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY ECONOMIC FAILED THEORY made culture by education was repaired into the MANY FOR THE MANY sane economics that is reality versus fraud. That we have today in economics.

Oil Cartel is the WORST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in 5000 years.

More death and economic pain still occurs from this insane model to keep cost in the COST OF EVERYTHING higher than wealth of all nations can develop within. Nations require low cost energy source to develop life saving food security and shelter and health security for 8 billion in sustained prosperity economics. Such economics are impossible with oil criminal price controls. Not only do such controls lead to crime – such as the OIL EMBARGO of 1973 or the spike up to 140.00 dollars a barrel by MOB BOSS OIL GODFATHERS to all nations harm – then wild swings down to $ 37.00 only to rise by up to MORE THAN 70 dollars a barrel today – due to MOB BOSS GREED AND FRAUD AND CRIMES.





Political systems are all insane brains today. Sane Brains cooperate and the best of humanity unfolds in integrity the required software for sustained cooperation. Virus infected sane brains can not display continuity integrity or cooperation. VIRUS FREE BRAINS CAN and DO.

All CRIMINAL MOBS display the extreme form of the competitive virus. MOB criminal gangs always devolve into distrust and implosion destructive to their own gang over time.

OPEC has devolved when MBS lost the OIL WARS and AMERICA by passed OPEC as the worlds largest lower cost cleaner burning oil – to Saudi highest dirty costing oil on earth with OPEC almost tie for climate change cause. OPEC killed our planet in 100 years of an industrial revolution as MOB BOSS VIRUS INFECTED CRIMINAL BRAINS.



Today OPEC’s ability to CRIMINAL GANG control oil is shattered. As OPEC no longer controls price outside influence of fraud news they spend a billion a year to create – as pure lies on supply demand – as they are all CRIMINALS. Those who leave OPEC are virus free brains today. Economics requires the share of market OPEC once held and via MBS alone in just half a decade lost their CENTURY OF CRIMINAL CONTROL OVER in the largest economic war of our time – a war MBS utterly lost. OPEC LOST:

  1. Control of % of market share it once controlled as customers left OPEC for world bench mark price – lower price – lower cost to refine – and less dirty – lower sulfur oil – Saudi being the WORST OIL ON EARTH for pollution. Those who buy from SAUDI are criminals to all the rest of us who are virus free brains.
  2. As the % of market share from Russia to Saudi was lost to non OPEC buyers – OPEC used old insane brain economics which no longer apply due to crashing year by year – runs on OPEC. OPEC MOB BOSS KING MBS took over OPEC and began to operate OPEC as a dictator. This resulted in virus criminal brain in fighting going on now where factions no longer march in lock step as the ROUND TABLE OF CRIMINALS lost POWER and WEALTH to the failed policy of the DICTATOR and the consequence of failure at this level of money ( TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF LOST OPEC CONTROL AND CASH ) is unfolding. MBS CONSEQUENCE. Wait for it.
  3. AS OPEC CRIMINAL CARTEL is devolving ( as 100% of such criminal gangs always do over time ) members no longer adhere to OPEC agreements. MEMBERS die in their producer economy nations IF they fail to stop the RUN OUT OF OPEC BY WORLD BUYERS who are PUNISHING OPEC IN RAGE FOR PRICE CONTROLS and now are buying endless NON OPEC lower cost to buy lower cost to refine less polluting oil.
  4. The economics of Middle East STABILITY only possible from economics of CRIMINAL MARGINS ON OIL PRICE CONTROL ( now shattered completely ) is creating new economics in the Middle East driven by lower credit ratings failing economic modeling and soaring debt. The largest economic change to middle eastern governments due to the failure of MBS POLICY the loss of the OIL WARS in economics, and the CONSEQUENCE in economics of losing that war globally with the WINNER – AMERICA. He who has the gold ( oil ) now writes the rule and OPEC is devolving.
  5. Now UAE moves to make its own world BENCHMARK ( which the OIL industry is unlikely to follow to world oil pricing as a selfish FEW AGAINST THE MANY new criminal price control plan ). Oil Experts stated today – the UAE is followed by SAUDI seeing the break up of OPEC in price setting – now MBS is trying to set up his OWN BENCH MARK. Each Oil nation is likely to set up THEIR OWN non OPEC benchmark appearing to be free market when they are anything but. OIL EXPERTS STATED TODAY – THIS GANG DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO SET UP A BENCH MARK WE WOULD GIVE ANY ATTENTION TO IN PRICE ACROSS THE WORLD.

What is this all about as OPEC DIES with the new BENCH MARK not OIL FAILED POLICY FROM DICTATOR OF OPEC KING MBS – an emperor is naked and behind insane thinking – virus infected brains are now in consequence wars with MBS for his cost to the others inside their criminal oil mafia. How does that look?

Well think about it. MBS sought to end OIL economics in America with an oil war that actually helped in 2015 America’s recovery more than any FED or National policy. OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING. National security for a strong America fuels the entire world as China is only the size of California and Russia New York. The World is in fact economically run on America. So the 80% drop in the cost of everything fueled massive America strength economically, As and AMERICA  shale won the war making profits at $ 34 dollars a barrel break even. American rose from low daily oil output to 13 million barrels a day above Saudi at 9 and Russia at 10 and became rising now to 20 million barrels a day before 2025 the undisputed PRICE CONTROLLER of the entire Oil Industry. The destruction of OIL ECONOMICS and OPEC can not be adequately addressed as an economic sea change in global economics today.

MBS in his last and final criminal acts, against all the peoples on earth especially EU and ASIA sought to raise Oil criminally to over 70 dollars as a wealth theft of nations struggling in recovery . has as MOB BOSS OF DYING OPEC derailed the global recovery and the coordinated economic plans of 200 nations and central banks.

THE COST OF OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. The world requires a one off new OIL PRICE FLOOR of $ 45.00 to $ 50.00 DOLLARS to underwrite sustained recovery into 2030 for all 8 billion of us together all at once with no nation left behind Trade schemes coming on line fast. To achieve sustained prosperity in debt wobbling nations trying to manage MASSIVE DEBT LOADS ( reset by Super Bond Theory on this web site scroll for that ) – require – lower oil price as core economic stimulus.

As the criminal remaining gang members seek to profit themselves with disregard for social capital integrity to core economics – the OIL NUKE needs to end the OIL WARS once and for all.

Trump the OIL WAR WINNING STRATEGY controls 500 million barrels of strategic oil reserves with soaring oil from America rising to 20 million barrels a day soon enough – TRUMP NEEDS TO FIRE THE OIL NUKE and take OPEC DOWN. Consequence to MBS for pulling his Middle East PEACE PLAN SUPPORT and criminally keeping oil off market and raising price on what shattered OPEC still sells – losing even more market share forever for OPEC members already dying in economics at core.

TRUMP NEEDS TO DUMP one million barrels a day back to markets at $ 45.00 until floor price shifts to 50.00 dollars per barrel securing ECONOMIC RECOVERY FOR EU AND ASIA and 8 billion people. Sane Brains over insane brains. In collective teams and economic theory from the OIL WAR VICTOR – AMERICA. The world economics rely on not a lower FED RATE which does nothing outside gamblers and super money pools leveraging their market betting – which is non economic and dangerous in new AI ECONOMICS.

Turkey is a NATO ally at least for this month.

Turkey is SUPER CRASHING and may debt default. Why? OIL PRICE.

The world most effected struggling economies require the stimulation of lower price for cost of everything else – oil. ECONOMICS OF TODAY as we move off oil into pollution free energy – food production packaging and movement and transportation of everything and packaging of everything – all coming from OIL base products – CRIMINALLY PRICED TODAY.

Trumps team has attempted to ask criminals to do the right thing.

How has that worked out folks?

Trump NEEDS TO FIRE THE OIL NUKE irrespective of political cost in oil company backlash in election dynamics – as waiting till 2021 can risk DEBT DEFAULT and system market instability in new AI ECONOMICS that creates core systemic melt down completely. It is that close today. Guess what. I think every single reader gets these economics and knows the truth being set forth for you.

Now ask yourself – why is media not reporting this – the ECONOMIC ISSUE OF OUR TIME – the OIL WARS AND OPEC DESTRUCTION FOREVER – as opposed to the highest rated SIT COM way beyond ratings of any television show – with a billion watching a day versus 30 million for the WALKING DEAD – the sit com we call THE WHITE HOUSE – which if global ratings sag – Trump tweets or goes Appendice style – YOUR FIRED and the world follows the TRUMP BUMP as an endless bouncing ball. World wide. Hate him or love him or in some middle – TRUMP IS THE SUPER STAR CELEBRITY PRESIDENT OF THE MEDIA AGE. Nothing like him likey ever – a one of a kind for his time to enjoy the highest ratings of humanity and history ever. That is for sure. MEDIA the ISSUE OF OUR TIME IS THE OIL WARS AND THE DESTRUCTION OF OIL.

The economic stimulus sending as all into prosperity ( and benefiting oil long term with lower demand crashing over time – do the spread sheet on this ) IS and remains – TRUMP DUMP AND SECURE THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY WITH 45.00 Dollar OIL. END THE MBS OIL WARS FIRE THE OIL NUKE AND STIMULATE A SECURE RECOVERY AND REMOVE DEBT BOMBS FROM CURRENT ACCOUNT RISK FROM ITALY CHINA TO TURKEY BY YEAR END.

8 Billion thanks you TRUMP TEAM.

Secures your election with political capital that is impossible to match – PROSPERITY 2020.



  1. Upon Congress passing the Debt Ceiling they already authorize spending for to the United States Treasury before their August Break.
  2. To pass a BUDGET by month end to secure a restoration of the USA CREDIT RATING based on oil wealth stats alone to credit agencies – restoring the credit lowering lost UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA and raising our soaring debt cost due to CONGRESS FAILING TO ACT no fault of President Obama what so ever.
  3. TRUMP DUMP – stimulate global economic stability for Iran – For Russia – for EU for Asia for USA with a 45.00 oil price the TRUMP NUKE ends OPEC once and for all and its MOB BOSS and creates the truth – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

All over again.