Turkey is our NATO ally with borders on critical nations. The third largest standing army in NATO. Turkey has since the COUP paid for and master minded by MBS King of Saudi to undermine Iran, then blamed the USA, continually gets away with murder. Because Endgame (as we call the Turkey DICTATOR today as democracy was crushed post-COUP) as EMDGA<E and his team at the TOP knew MBS was behind it all. Endgame put cameras into the Saudi Embassy. Films of Hitler grade SLAUGHTER of our Washington Post press reporter – was PAY BACK and still is to MBS mid-east style.


Everyone places pussy foot with MBS as his over 5 trillion in loss in Saudi is rising as is Saudi debt, as 100% of MBS policy since 2014 has failed from OIL WARS against USA to pulling out the peace plan from Trump last month – to flipping TRUMP the FINGER raising oil prices criminally to the world. The International Petroleum institution came out today stating OIL OVER SUPPLY due to America was permanent and OPEC would need to cut back enormous sums to keep prices up. OVER SUPPLY is real and OIL will past price manipulation. Speculating gamblers keeping oil up with enormous side bets LONG ON Oil will lose too many billions to count when OIL goes back to 49 bucks which you’ll see soon. Right again. You’ll see.


Trump should DUMP given the IPE stated Oil was headed for its multi-billion dollars fall and confirmed our blog RIGHT AGAIN the world is drowning in oil. Price is only up because criminal gamblers are side betting it up as a hidden tax for greed and profit – offsetting normal market supply and demand pricing. The lies are too may but the truth is:


  1. Oil is naturally replenishing and is not scare at all.
  2. It costs on global average 10.57 cents to lift oil barrels to market.
  3. A 300% Mark up is high 400% more than enough for drilling and today’s market up of 70) % is a crime against humanity.
  4. The world is drowning in oil with America leading the FLOOD.
  5. Trump should trump for a month 1 million a day from 500 million barrels in our storage stock piles we no longer need because we are pumping more than enough.


Trump DUMP flips the finger back at MBS.


This month MBS moved Boeing made in America orders to the EU and their state subsidized airline flipping the bird to tens upon tens of billions in real orders moved out of the USA. MBS is an enemy of human rights and a psychotic sociopathic King temporarily. The cost to SAUDI Royal’s is fantastic within 1001 Arabian Knights (I read the book) – King crazy Brain MBS will Saudi style go on a very long vacation. Meanwhile the world shows respect to the long-term ruling families in real control the SAUD Families and tribes – while universally withdrawing capital investment and partnership with MBS while King. FIVE TRILLION of drying up economics for Saudi and the drop-in oil prices ends MBS as a final failed policy – MBS DESTROYED OPEC and is now its dictator.

Today the OIL industry was told cut backs can’t keep prices higher. Price is criminal cartel monopoly controlled as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY who needs lower cost oil. Especially economy collapsing failed state (economically) TURKEY. Russia plans to break up Nato. Read BRAD THOR’s BOOK (well researched) SPY MASTER in book stores everywhere and you’ll start to see the Russia game plan and the why. Getting TURKEY OUT OF NATO close to its own borders is the Russia WHY. Buffer against NATO.


NATO on to the game plan is massively uniting consolidating and building up advanced weapons including NUKES to offset any and every RUSSIA possible threat to its own members countering a GAME PLAN that resolves if Trump makes a deal with Putin for prosperity and peace.


The NEW GAME plan when deals finally get done is to have USA EU RUSSIA AND CHINA set up no nation left behind global policy in mutual prosperity and peace. If we can rise up COOPERATION AND REAL INTEGRITY we get there Iran included. Trust but verify and we get there.




Turkey Economics are failing. Turkey can’t pay its bills. Turkey before Italy could shock world markets by SOVERIGN NATOIN DEBT DEFAULTING. The only solution is SUPER BONDS we wish to bring to ENDGAME. For system core stability before an unwanted SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT CASCADE that triggers system liquidity evaporation in time frames unknown PRE-AI ECONOMICS we are inside of today and which states and central banks are slow to realize is NEW.


Turkey has roaring inflation. To stop its currency dropping 80% in value and going lower by the hour – impossible to work out of without a SUPER BOND in the short term in our expert opinion – just fired its FED CHAIRMAN. Why? Interest at 29% to break the inflation (Jimmy carter had prime rates reach 21% do not laugh as it worked). ENDGAME Wants lower interest and is putting his own man in. World markets are even more now withdrawing capital flows into Turkey and to protect real RISK massively moving capital out of TURKEY. Russia in near recession and facing OIL GLUT forever as DEMAND CRASHES will break with OPEC. Russia will pump and get contracts to protect market share. It is economically better to protect loss of market share (MBS OPEC FAILED PLAN) than to pump less at higher prices and lose 30 years of customers who moved say to AMERICA. In record, new money for the USA hence the US dollar now also supported by OIL WEALTH unlimited OIL WEALTH under TRUMPs plan for economics driving both environment and lower cost energy for 8 billion humans. RUSSIA will DUMP OPEC and supply TURKEY with oil now not flowing as much from Iran down from 2,000,000 daily barrels to only 500,000 post sanctions and that is falling. IRAN is going broke without A US Deal – a few items of paper that are easy – and prosperity flows into IRAN as never in modern history. Iran will make a deal because their fear is misplaced. They can on their agenda trust but verify in reverse. In the deal terms. Everyone gets easy fix here and all the talk is not productive truly. Fake news almost all from MBS keeps labeling IRAN the bully boy when MBS with weapons money and Saudi man power invented TERROR led by its own peeps like Bin Laden’s son not an IRANIAN among them.


Iran has been dying to kill the radical MBS terrorist and winning. We should help them do it.


We should in winning policy make a deal with Hezbollah to trust and verify both sides like we are trying to do with Taliban no difference. Sanctioning Lebanon is not our best strategy but no one asks me and I’ve done business in those nations for 50 years. Today. Our policy is in error from actual ignorance much of it from MBS fake news.


TURKEY is engaged in war in SYRIA and Turkey should make a deal with the KURDS trust and verify. A Super Bond and that deal stop the cost which TURKEY can no longer afford at all.




Soon Turkey leaning into Putin’s game plan on NATO loses dollar reserves to pay all trade bills. IT is getting close.


Trump seeing TURKEY accept RUSSIA Protection and weapons has consequences Endgame is assured Trump will not sanction Turkey in distress but Endgame called TRUMPS FULL HOUSE and consequence may include:


  1. Turkey out of NATO as painful as that is
  2. Sanctions on Turkey as painful as that is
  3. Americans are going to dry up investment watch as Endgame flipped the finger to the USA this week
  4. Our pulling out of Turkey will help say PAKISTAN and give them billions and Turkey dies economically aa a failed state
  5. Turkey’s people appreciate in overwhelming numbers just outing ENDGAMES second election for his own buy Mayor of the capital Istanbul – outing him massively by vote – where economic failure is clear for every single TURKISH VOTER today.


TURKEY is failing as an economy. When the economy super crashes and its very close now before TRUMP unfolds the CONSEQUENCE of flipping the finger to the USA this week with Russia weapons arriving killing NATO DEFENSE IN NATION all of which must withdraw and that is economic.JOBS buying in nation untold dollar support all evaporating as if ENDGAME can flip that finger and think the is too big to fail. Oh, the IS FAILING in economics.


World markets and Turkish DEBTORS trusted the Chairman of the Turkish Central bank fired on Fourth of July slow news day weekend which was front page everywhere and on our BLOG the very Day it occurred.  Why?


Because the following economic pressures unfold.



The consequence of ENDGAME miscalculations is:


  1. Economic crushing consequence at the worst time to Turkey from the USA. Russia in recession cannot save them as Putin is fighting for cash himself. Hence his Deal urgency with TRUMP all going well which includes TURKEY POLICY too.
  2. NATO will bond even more closely IF Turkey is kicked out of NATO. If that happens untold billions leave the sinking nation. Turkey is no longer a NATO ALLY in fact. Turkey is a Russian Ally shown clearly this week. Our NATO defense secrets must also be defended as we defend against RUSSIA. For our allies in NATO as ONE. Article 5.
  3. Debtors to Turkey were fearing loss and default from the DICTATOR as Turkey is no longer not really a core democracy its people are losing it. They know it too. Now World DEBTORS in all global markets are TURKEY TERRIFIED. Where Italy has time for a SUEPR BOND WORK OUT Turkey does not. Terrified the lender pressures to protect themselves will become death nails to the sinking rapidly Turkey TITANIC that hit an ice berg this week folks.
  4. Seeing nothing but political riots and unrest in Turkey as the nation fails economically pain will reach instability. Every investor knows THAT and now Turkey will receive polite nods with NO DEALS. Capital flows from AI will now evaporate.
  5. Worse CLICK RUNS ON BANKS will fold banks as Turkey depositor’s CLICK RUN on banks moving to global international banks and Turkish banks will close and collapse like dominoes ENDGAME never even saw coming. THOSE CLICK RUNS are taking place now. Turkey smarts are moving from failed TURKISH CURRENCY in droves to Dollars and EU’s.


Stimulus to Turkey includes a new strategy. ENDGAME needs to FLY to the USA and make a deal. First. I’d send the Russian weapons back as economic 101. Endgame needs a SUPER BOND the can set up while in DC – and our support easy. That reestablishes economic core assets – TRUST and CONFIDENCE. As this step is doubtful internal stimulation without these steps creates TURKEY FAILED STATE ECONOMICS and is a risk to world stability itself. Sovereign Nation debt defaulting affects us all. Endgame has not seen the bigger picture here.


Endgame thinks what can outsiders including AMERICA really do? Well everything really. Is what.


This week all eyes on Turkey Why?




Endgame this week went from not a friend of the USA to an enemy of the NATO ALLIANCE and all its nations who will boycott Turkey coming up. Endgame evoked economic Article 5. If NATO does not act on this as one – NATO suffers with PUTIN is hoping for. Divide NATO and unwind NATO. Trump has improved NATO budgets and strategy and weapons and ENDGAME made a national strategic economic and security error. If Endgame believes being a RUSSIAN center of influence will save him…. watch. Wrong sonny.


You put down two threes’ in the card game of this world.


President Donald Trump holds a FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH and never wanted to win anyway.


What does a USA enemy look like? Oh, we see it in:


  1. Nato breach of trust
  2. Economic breach of trust to the world firing the Central Bank Chairperson for politics versus economics always a failing hand.
  3. Debtor shattering of confidence and trust in all world AI markets today
  4. Flipping the finger to the USA too many ways to count deal breaking it this week
  5. Syria – violating cease fire – arming the terror groups and fighting with them against USA killing our folks too.


What will the USA ‘DO” in the greatest state leader miscalculation of recent times?


THAT will unfold soon. We so do not wish to be RIGHT AGAIN as we do business in Turkey and have Turkey members of CEO SPACE who are all so wonderful.  One of our Romanian members teaches tennis to the children of the SUPER WEALTH OF TURKEY and that honor of sharing those young leaders developing into an adult hood lacking HOPE AND PROMISE because ENDGAME created his own economic outcome by failed economic strategy. Strategy failures that brought about an 80% drop in Turkey currency value and plunging now just going to near zero while interest is at 29%. GROW INSIDE THAT ENVIROMENT.


Far worse Turkish lenders stand to lose a trillion dollars at every possible level of investing and soon. Turkey will run low on cash to pay its military and the military will not be amused. Enough will be enough.


If ENDGAME ends badly Turkish style – the did that to himself – and has no one else now to blame.




Without an emergency TRIP TO WAHSINGTON DC to make a fresh deal restart – economically – we just do not see the time ITALY has for TURKEY. END GAME.


To our Turkish brothers and sisters this weekend – we are at CEO SPACE in 150 nations praying for you all and we are so very sorry – so sorry. HOPE AND PROMISE is now winking out for you because of your leader errors that his team failed to see in the first place. When politics drives economics, you have VENEZUELA. NO SOCIALIST STATE far from COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the right hybred like NORWAY you have Venezuela a failed state that kills hope and promise for the people of the nation. THE FEW ELITES AGAINST THE MANY never ever works in long term economics where the MANY FOR THE MANY always does. We are so sorry for Venezuela all 8 billion of us – for Saudi and its wonderful people and rulers – and for Turkey as we pray for you continuously. FOR YOU THE PEOPLE OF TURKEY WE JUST LOVE YOU ALL.