( thanks all readers for sharing this URL with those in your community who wish to accelerate goal attainment. CEO SPACE SERVES HIGH ACHIEVING BUSINESS OWNERS – 50% solo entrepreneurs wishing to grow more rapidly and the other 50% larger scaling business who also wish to more rapidly. Make a BOOK MARK. This one page (to share with your circles DUE DILIGENCE PROOF – defines day to day activity inside our NEXT CEO SPACE. You know before you go with JUST ONE PAGE AND TWO SHORT VIDEOS” as PROOF – that – you will get the highest return on time and money of your year. Thank you for taking time to see a better way into a more thriving future without delays ). And now THIS:



Short film on July CEO SPACE as proofs – of what follows below a longer PROOF is below for CEO EXPLORERS:

( short film from world famous Fortune Mentor Bob Proctor below gives current Proof visually as to WHY CEO SPACE is not a seminar or a workshop experience which helps leaders to profit from our relationship immediately – sharing this URL with your social and community CEO to CEO – professional to professional- LEADER TO LEADER is very much appreciated ). If this helps YOU leave us a comment: ) five minutes you have hard proofs as you just explore….



We have weeks  to the best week of your year to accelerate “everything. To remove challenges with mentors at the top of the tools and tactics you need covering everything inside the worlds largest super store for the boss. Once you KNOW before you GO that you will make a huge return on the investments (seminars are an expense) – CEO SPACE IS A HIGH RETURN INVESTMENT. Around 67% of our clients make profits in their first program in using their LIFETIME business ASSET. 87% are home free in two and around 97% are home FREE with HIGH RETURN PROFITS in three. ( averages do vary a bit BAC to BAC depending on CEO dynamic mixes and as always past performance can never guarantee future outcomes – as results are CEO s doing the work as you know.  ) CEO SPACE is process that will grow your outcome to any level you desire in less time and far less cost. You do not have to wait to grow faster. Press confirmed 2010 – 2020 trust the PRESS # 1 decade of ranking CEO SPACE on all claims and proofs. Outside CEO SPACE growth takes longer and costs more….what CEO does not cherish a better way if they know before they GO …they will get their investment BAC !!!! BUSINESS ACCELERATION CUSTOMIZATIONS FOR YOUR SPECIFICALLY is our unique model. Below is HOW we are NOT in any way a seminar or workshop experience….BAC is better and WHY …is below click scan.
Plan our next Wheels up Tuesday to Saturday – explore at http://www.ceospace.net or better yet do SAT TO SAT for bonus days of training and added CEO to CEO NETWORKING FREE just register at the welcome desk Saturday before 11 AM. AS A CEO the Sat to Sat is your best value hands down.
Register on line or at the door for your family and party to the BIG ONE of OUR YEAR where YOU simply get MORE:
The best way to inform you as it would take a three day workshop to load in the 85% you never can know before you go (and if you knew you would register already period) but the 15% is enough before you go as to WHAT IS DIFFERENT no film will ever show you. So let me as founder and Chairman 32 years serving 150 countries today share what actually Happens in a quick scan for value to your investment asset lifetime acquisition of support:



* CHECK IN AND NAME BADGE AT REGISTRATION: . Everyone on site comes to you and says WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND HOW MAY I SERVE YOU. In 90 minutes you have some of the most important SEE ME CARD (our cards) contacts ever and you say the Forum prayer as all anxiety departs. You say MY GOD MY GOD IF I HAD MISSED THIS. That’s 90 minutes on site. You KNOW what is different is the CEO to CEO networking in a cooperation integrity culture without competition at all. Faster results. Its all BUSINESS OWNERS and Professionals. And there are billionaires walking around with millionaires at the tippy top of mentorship and our faculty serving you. You are greeted like great ladies and gentlemen you are as CEO leaders.
* BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE (BAC) OPENS: I personally instruct all OWNERS on our first networking game – all CEO’s stand and networking –  and you NETWORK. You meet all our famous faculty and begin setting up one on one private time to match your CHALLENGE LIST REMOVAL to their expertise. Then you deep drive and get $200,000 of consulting included for FREE in the week. You get some of the most important contacts in our opening that transform growth customers and alliances and we just started. This alone makes you always come BACK which is our name BAC – business acceleration conference you always come back too profitable not to. You know when we say HELLO.
* DEAL MEALS: hosted by our famous faculty drive small meal tables of OWNERS helping OWNERS with unconditional support. Every owner will HELP YOU if they can by becoming a customer or by referring you to ideal customers (while your on site). You have cards for DEEP DIVES from each meal. Our films verify this process for you ask any Club President for your proofs from us.
* SEAL THE DEALS: In your room or lobby with iPad or the huge Flat Screen in your office in your low cost discounted larger all new EMBASSY SUITE SMART HOTEL present to five to seven opt in from DEAL meals CEO’s who show up to DEEP DIVE. They become new business. They remove challenges too. You start after dinner and your last new CONTACT SEE ME CARDS opting in at 9.30 or so.
* TURN OVER: PM RESULTS: 10.30 – You kick out your first GROUP in lobby or in room and a SECOND GROUP comes and DEEP DIVES. NINE HOURS OF GETTING NEW BUSINESS you could never pay raise at home. Two turns a night. Some slots you black out as you agreed (which is helping your business as to your WHY) deep dive in another CEO’s meeting. You are not in a seminar clicking your ruby Slippers Dorothy !
* 9 HOURS GROWING YOUR OUTCOMES DAILY:  You do this Tuesday Night Weds Night Thursday Night Friday Night and Saturday night. NINE HOURS A DAY networking and getting new clients. But wait there is MORE to our process. CEO to CEO unconditional cross support. Seminars do not do that step or know how.
*  NETWORKING GAMES: There is also 18 hours of NETWORKING that assures every CEO including grad members returning for the FREE FORUM WEEKENDS Thursday to Tuesday stay overs and deal making which is ferocious for those who don’t leave Sunday – know your game. This creates 40 to 100 critical contacts you can not process them all on site. You follow up for TWO MONTHS on new business from your FIRST “BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE” and you book October and December because you can’t conveyor belt in new markets like this. A lot of members arrive for Forum networking. We network your business to 100% of them some of our most successful CEO’s with their connections and they just can not wait to come home and help YOU. Soon you’ll be one of them. When you can’t make all the DEAL MEALS our engine for profits you’ll join the FREE FORUM WEEKENDS (FOR LIFE) as your asset and right – no seminar does that.
* SUPERIOR LEADERSHIP CEO GRADE SKILL TRANSFER WORKSHOPS:  are instructed as the highest LEADERSHIP GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT with hard tools and tactics on just subjects you wish answers too. Your WEB improvement. Social. Pay to Click advertising. Branding. Marketing messaging. Administration. Systems. Accounting. Everything imaginable form SKILL TRANSFER EXPERTS who work with THE BOSS ONLY the best we can vet and prove deliver. No match in the world which is the WHY the PRESS ten years ranked us the # 1 conference in the world for business owners. The press states ….if you own a business you can NOT afford to MISS CEO SPACE. You lose too much profit. Once you know that before you go you invest a tax buck to make ten back as you’re WHY.
* FACULTY GAMES: We have networking with all the faculty so everyone gets more than enough TIME with the experts they desire and require – no one does it and its all CEO GRADE LEVEL. Our inventions. To honor your small investment and your more precious than Diamonds Time. Your not in a big room with lectures like seminars. Training is optional for CEO’s as deal completion is our business model. Your time and trust are just too precious. When you see our films there is a big room and there are a lot of CEO’s inside it. BUT you are networking the few times your inside it. You are making results happen only that – as far away from a seminar as VW RABBIT is from the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE to the CEO once they understand the model. Plus because its CEO results all the time it is all SO MUCH FUN. CEO’s HELPING EACH OTHER ENDLESSLY.
CEO SPACE PACING: You are in a BREAK every hour. You can opt to run your business from your personal office. Manage the empire from your high bandwidth private VIRTUAL OFFICE outside your bed room in your suite. In the all new SMART HOTEL FOR OWNERS by design. Meetings do by zoom. Do your calls emails and work you miss nothing – in your POWER HOURS and you get the entire BAC or Business ACCELERATION CONFERENCE growing your profits and outcomes so much faster than you can outside this support model. CEO PACING engineers CEO’s miss nothing and profit by receiving EVERYTHING they both require and desire in our BAC program serving you. You can do it all easily be design. CEO created improved and endlessly upgrading BY CEO’s FOR CEO’s AND FROM CEO’s over 30 years world wide. You are next to profit as you explore. ( See the short film below ):
RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL: You leave a seminar and you really have no plan what to do next. You leave CEO SPACE with improved plans, mentors set up, time lines and milestones to December and into 2020. You have new priceless relationships a seminar never creates because you HAD TIME to make them. The BAC is the Number ONE Relationship mixer CEO TO CEO by design. Survey on exit rank all our products higher than 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 but on relationships every survey of CEO’s wrote in PRICELESS we have no scale value. PRICELESS and without delay as your NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH. CEO SPACE expands a ten year new community network of priceless relationships in four days into your business moving forward and that is game changing. Relationship Capital is priceless. One will be for sure your miracle moving into better futures.
WRAPPING UP: We save our best networking IMPLOSION for last – the best of all contacts now that everyone knows everyone comes from the Implosion Game. We ask 100% attendance as many CEO’s have MORE THAN ENOUGH by Implosion. THEY WILL BE MIRACLES FOR ANOTHER CEO and surprise to YOU – Implosion loads in even more MIRACLES on the way home. Plus we have workshops with our BEST MENTORS on HOW TO TAKE THE FORUM HOME on time lines and no missed options opportunities or profits.
FORUM WEEKENDS: Sunday to Tuesday are optional stay longer to network. Half the CEO’s and almost all our member grads know the power of this no class interruptions to SEAL DEALS. Most of our investment capital flows on the extended FORUM WEEKEND and the best deals wrap up if you extend. If you have to go home you will follow up on touch down for 60 days. About the time you have harvested it all the next conveyor belt of new customers and alliances is before you as a LIFETIME MEMBER. The lobby is rocking deals into Tuesday.
FUN FUN FUN:  The First 90 minutes is so much fun all anxiety leaves. The entire process is FUN at a CEO LEVEL. CEO’s group into walk a block to laser tag – really fun – bowling – theater parties – pool parties and cigar parties as you have a BOSS RECHARGE. If you bring families it is even more fun. We are the only Conference including families (as your tax holiday) because your family sacrifice in support of the CEO”s time and we cement family fun into family support. OUR AWARD WINNING TEEN PROGRAM brings teens from aunts uncles family and faith circles CEO’s sponsor into our 30 year slogan…..trust us with your babies and we WILL send you home the leaders of tomorrow. CEO’s weep for the benefit with spouses and children family wide. Plus we are like the LOVE BOAT FOR THE WALLET and CEO SPACE renews relationship are such a profound contribution as well. It is not a seminar that does all that.
IF YOU ONLY KNEW: CEO’s network with you to the plane shuttles and Ubers. It never stops. Networking often goes on board the plane with your new family of CEO’s. Fun Factor is off all charts why? SUCCESS IS THE MOST FUN OF ALL. Trust the Press. They tear us lose to rank us # 1 in the world on all lists for ten years are. You kidding me. We have to show 22 improvements to get our 2019 RANKING YET AGAIN. Ahead of SOUTH BY SOUTH WEST AND HUB SPOT and all the giant Fortune institutions. If you knew you would place CEO SPACE ahead of at home busy work. What $2000 to $10,000 a week? Those making $100,000 a week KNEW and put us as their next priority. Closing competency gaps in YOU is the next priority. Loading in new profit is the next priority. No business says – I’ll put off higher pay for lower pay. When you KNOW this is PROFIT MAKING and is NOT ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE AND IS NOT A SEMINAR AT ALL – and will GROW YOU MASSIVELY and make you MONEY – your in. Its that simple.
BONUS THREE DAY OPTION:  Speaking of BONUS our FREE CAPITAL THREE DAY before we start OPTION anytime loads in all your capital options. If you are not thinking of capital into your venture today having the MASTER CEO SKILL capital changes you as a mentor forever to value to other leaders you network with. YOUR WORTH AND VALUE SOARS within a $15,000 option if just show up for the START OF NEW LAW CAPITAL MASTERY on Friday night starts late for out of USA customers at 11.00 AM. Register Saturday AM at our welcome desk. 100% of our graduate CEO’s state NEW LAW CAPITAL I INSTRUCT MYSELF the only training from the founder personally is valued by the CEO’s at $15,000 minimum. That’s a BIG BONUS to grow options and skills you benefit from forever and its FUN. NO one gives three full days of CEO leadership with all the new law options with core skill transfer to the leader – for FREE FREE FREE no one in the world.
I so hope this is enough data as nothing PROFITABLE HAPPENS unless a LEADER ( you ) makes a far better DECISION to transform your own future.
If you need more ask our Club President’s to set a MENTOR CALL with me personally to help you know before you go and address your specific customized to industry questions. WE HAVE YOUR “BAC” trust me. Our business is simple. WE TRANSFORM FUTURES and we make the highest return on investment you can never match. Once you KNOW BEFORE YOU GO the remains issue is which price plan is best for your enterprise from Platinum to our lower cost plans. You elect the price plan best for you and you can always upgrade as we grow your ease to do so. Or phone for support to 256 850 4715 and we will help addresses your further EXPLORATION. It cost nothing to explore a massive pay raise. lets explore together. Members you have such an opportunity for an improved second half of 2019 if you use your membership benefits in July our best for you in half a decade. Improving your benefits is the WHY we are ten years # 1 in the world. If you only knew….from 1988 to today….we want you BAC and we have YOUR BAC for sure. Acceleration of your outcomes is our only business …….best in the market place and you can trust our promise….we will not quit until YOU win….three decades and consistent…if you just ask for MORE.
The recharge and replenishment you need as well but do not share ( CEO’s keep it all INSIDE ) and  your own stress load is off the charts. As a bonus. YOU MASSIVELY RECHARGE AS OPTIONS BETTER OPTIONS ARE WEALTH IN FACT. Come get your options and your recharge is not leadership massive development not smart at the MID YEAR ?
Conveyed with the greatest respect to CEO SPACE EXPLORERS as to the WHY CEO SPACE IS NOT A SEMINAR OR WORK SHOP FORMAT – we were engineered to accelerate your business results as  # 1 in your growth 2010 -2020.
Berny Dohrmann
Founder/ Chairman of the Board
PS: Our Club Presidents want to help you just explore or to actually  join us soon and we welcome you already as a new member of our 150 nation enormous and growing CEO business family. Thank you I so appreciate your time. Finally 85% of what we do is still invisible to you – if you knew – you would never not ever delay your higher pay you just would too. 100% of our CEO’s say …why did you not MAKE ME COME SOONER. We smile as its always your divine right timing. We serve all industries from FORTUNE CEO”s to development space unicorns rising up today and every venture space space and category – CEO SPACE HAS GOT YOUR BAC – GRADS KEEP COMING BAC IT WORKS ..BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE. THE HOST HOTEL IS SOLD OUT WITH OUR PICK UP BUT WE CAN GET YOU IN Phone 256 850 4715 for protected rates guaranteed $ 140 dollars full office suites all NEW SMART EMBASSY SUITE register on our web site or call to protect rooms in our BLOCK reserved – we are SELLING OUT THE HOST HOTEL and have THREE OVER FLOW PROPERTIES BOOKED for CEO’s ALL THE WAY TO THE DOOR WHEELS UP TUESDAY. Profit is the NEXT priority for our very smart CEO leaders world wide………serving you is our honor and our privilege.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPSVwKLGS5M&app=desktop click or paste into browser –
more details from BOB PROCTOR world famous Fortune Mentor …click hyper link – CLICK THIS ONE RECENT FILM FROM THE SUPER STAR with 1.5 BILLION SETTING ALL RECORDS FOR HIS OUT Reach Even Tony Robbins has not matched ( yet ). Smile.
We hope these proofs help you and your circle community on social and emails to KNOW before you GO on the profit on investing with CEO SPACE. Thank you for exploring….a better way forward. Thanks for sharing this URL ….