What is the core cause of Recession.

Successful or failed economy policy.

Whose causes Recessions?

The majority? Failed policy of the criminal bankers bank THE FED – read the news data on FED on this site. Criminals can not make policy for the people when conflicted to their own profit and greed using absolute without check and balance power over monetary policy. Power without check and system balances is unbridled and corrupts absolutely. When the Fed is seen as THE GODFATHERS BANK and mob bosses all guilty of trillions upon trillions in criminal greed, all pled guilty more than once and paid fines to stay out of jail in a conspiracy with the Justice department you see with new reading glasses the fraud the criminal bankers do not wish you educated sufficiently to know the truth of system core corruption. You feel is all wrong but you do not know why. Our story on FED educates you on WHY and on HOW.

At American’s lowest point of suffering in the GREATEST RECESSION created by FED banker greed in SUB PRIME and criminal profit making tax payers spent 11 trillion dollars to give to criminal banks to pay off their bad debt transferred another crime as Bernanke a master criminal took the bad boy criminal loss and transferred it to US tax payers and unborn tax payers to bail out the criminal banks who hired him in the first place. I an others thought this was kicking a nuke economically down the road for explosion later in time with no blame to the current criminals or the criminal Bernanke Who goes down in history he wrote for himself as the man who saved the financial system when in fact he made things so much worse. As time will tell us all. Watch. Duck.

So a terrific super bubble criminal banks made trillions on expanded until like all economic bubbles it exploded. Why? Digital economics and short profit making in speculations that did not correct the market economically but crashed the market as criminal gamblers, empowered by unanimous act of Congress – voted in the last three hours of the Clinton last per Holiday break closing session as the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT. This one law tore up 800 Depression safety valves to economic core stability.. DEC 1999. We are ECONOMIC HISTORIANS the custodians of the truth outside the criminal fake news fraud mind control you all are raised with world wide by central banks. Central banks are the greatest criminal mob control as crooks pure and simple, over everything. CROOKS OVER RIDING MONEY OF NATIONS. Thats the game plan. Let me ask you a third grade mass question for your advanced economic examination so I can clear all this up for you as Gallagher the Comedian would say while smashing a gouge with a large wooden mallet over his plastique sheet wearing audience screaming as he smashes that gouge on the CHOPPING BLOCK screaming to the audience world wide…folks it is just:


So the founding fathers in the American Constitution charged by law that only the US Treasury can print US currency. The US Treasury is under administration of THE ADMINISTRATION but its budget is controlled and oversight is provided as well by the US CONGRESS who review who the SECRETARY OF TREASURY IS and that MONEY GOD can be fired by both the President and the Congress through rule of law due process.

So in early 1900 we rush a 80 page act to ILLEGALLY UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION law, give a third party private stock firm owned by wealthy criminal bankers the control of our money supply as exclusive now agency to print money not part of the USA at all. No check and balance built in. Why. Independence of politics? Did we have bubble crashes money melt down world wars before the FED. No. We let the GODFATHER CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANK BE CALLED AS PURE FRAUD the FEDERAL ( which it is not federal anything ) RESERVE ( it has no reserves ) BANK. IT is not a bank it is a contractor to steal by overriding every dollar in you pocket.

US Treasury notes backed by gold and silver were replaced by FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES The printing of money under the new Congress 80 page law permitted the FED to be paid by charging interest for every dollar printed. The US never had to pay debt to print money. It printed money responsibility exchanged for gold and silver reserves as it said on TREASURY GUARANTEED NOTES.

By the 1970s given the wars the FED had caused – as economic historians the depression of 1907 few years after the First fed super money printing bubbles – resulted in SUPER CRASH and American DEPRESSION – and WORLD WAR I which inflated economics again and we rose out of economic depression like unknown in US history. Bit later much larger money super bubble and in 1929 we see a far larger GLOBAL SUPER CRASH AND ECONOMIC DEPRESSION. The entire system stopped. Banks and investment banks were bankrupted and closed nation wide. The Fed opted for massive Government spending on public works by debts never before known by the USA – debts we never paid off and still have on our books ( did you know THAT )?  World War II a huge profit for the criminal bankers re-inflated the money supply only through WAR as the public massive work infrastructure was not enough. Not by itself.

Congress failing to pass a US budget and failing to emergency pass infrastructure as stimulus versus criminal banks lowering interest ( we’ll tell you why ) is criminal of congress in economics and prepares for the GREATEST DEPRESSION of them all followed by new world wars criminal bankers make wealth consolidate so they get what they are after. ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE ONE WORLD CURRENCY AND THE MOB BOSS CONTROLS THE MONEY AND THEREFORE THE GLOBAL RIGHT TO STEAL FROM ALL 8 billion cattle sheep equally in their plan to CARE for the world with elites on top. All economic. All printed written documented and on line but takes work to put it all together.

Now the questions children:




If you print money from the check and balance constitutional treasury for the people by the people and of the people….and there is no interest cost to print money or create monetary policy and for 100’s of years its working better than any place really and the dollar and pound are the lead currencies on earth….

WHY would you turn money printing over to profit driven bankers, and then pay interest on every dollar you printed creating a soaring national debt ( to the criminal bankers ) you gave that money contract to…why would anyone DO THAT?

If you could merge the US currency back into US treasury, and stop paying interest on every dollar being printed on the criminal banker printing presses via a bad law 80 page act of US Congress – why would you in a digital AI age – not pass an emergency act of Congress and stop legal theft of the nations real wealth to criminal bankers?

If the criminal bankers calling themselves FED when they are nothing but plea convicted criminal mob bosses worst criminals in history, all central bankers, as one, use INDEPENDENCE as their GREAT FRAUD when they are private stock firms in law owned in secret by the very criminal banks the criminal FED controlling board nominated as criminal servants to their criminal bank nomination mob bosses – are when the FRAUD CURTAIN is drawn back – are just garden variety money criminals – why do you not look at money in your wallet – see FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE as a legal theft of your wealth and the nations future and not just HATE THEM and want to take their lie – independence and replace it with CRIMINAL MOB BOSS and get the criminal FED merged back into US congress as the ONE ELECTION ISSUE OF 2020 for all our votes.

NOTHING COST MORE TO OUR UNBORN THAN EVERY SECOND THE CLOCK TICKS AND THE CRIMINAL FED IS MARCHING THE WORLD INTO WAR FOR ONE WORLD CENTRAL BANK CONTROLLED WORLD GOVERNMENT NO MATTER IF THEY HAVE TO KILL 2 Billion of Eight Billion to rebalance their ONE WORLD GOV never ending banker march to control 100% of money world wide – overriding it all- and profit massively on their way to do it.

READ AMAZON BEST SELLER – THE KILLING OF AMERICA for the world plan you think is not well documented but it is completely documented.

With this in mind; if the FED lowers interest rates – already a 70 year low decade level rate at bottom – we return to PHONY PRICES for all asset classes – soaring speculation and gambling using FREE MONEY – which will end in the expansion of SUPER BUBBLES in all asset classes – to effect desired outcomes. A SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR.

The Fed has failed in policy after ten years and over 20 trillion of central bank printing presses from Japan to EU to stem the deflation. Attempting to start a long term inflationary cycle to stimulate core economic growth against they have deflation. Collapsing oil to soy bean prices across all matrix. Bad bets by free money lenders are creating say, record farm bankruptcies. FED Criminal bankers stormed in with free money profit making in American’s farm belt with the largest % increase in Farm Loans seeking to replace sagging pre crash MORTGAGE BUSINESS with rewriting all FARM LOANS and all Farm financing in general.

Today the Criminal Bankers as they did in SUB PRIME are turning off the spigot. As interest soared and farm loans rolled over into 300% higher interest in the short time spans, these loans when reviewed did not pencil at risk levels CITI CORP and Chase could manage or CITI BANK. The easy farm money stopped on a time in 2019. Farm repossessions and bankruptcies in legal theft of all farm assets skyrocketed double 2018 levels and soaring now. Farmers making our food are by the hundreds unable to get replacement financing, roll over loans, and with falling TRADE WAR demand and customers and lower prices – as they can’t find markets to replace EU and Asia buyers easily – are waiting tables and holding down two jobs both man and wife having lost their firms. RECORD FARM LOSS is taking place now as the criminal bankers sucked them in – made profits – and now repossess assets and profit all over again selling smaller family farms to combines their larger customers in yet another undesired WEALTH CONSOLIDATION.

No agency of nation is protecting small business or farmers from these banker strategies designed to forever consolidate wealth under their auspices. We used to have base on banking. Today a half dozen control the huge % of all wealth circulations. As these TOO BIG TO JAIL OR FAIL CRIMINAL BANKS now have proven track history – crime pays big time and government you just bride with small fines to grow the next crime. PROFIT CRIMINALLY UNTIL YOUR CAUGHT spend years developing your smallest fine to a nation you have bought and paid for and go on to the next crime. All the while the largest CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY the largest ECONOMIC CRIME – THE LARGEST POLITICAL CRIME is the incestuous stealing of the wealth of nations by FRAUD – by criminal central bankers owned by the bankers that control everything.

UNLESS the CENTRAL BANKS ARE MERGED BACK INTO STATE TREASURY FREE OF CRIMINAL LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND BIG BANKS ALL OF THEM ARE UNBUNDLED AND BROKEN UP BY THE TREASURY OVER SIGHT RESTORED – the system today proceeds into criminal outcome of one world currency and government because good men and women stood by and watched pure evil and did nothing to stop pure evil.

All the lies to the contrary the economic truth is spelled out IN THE RESEARCHED DATA in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM on Amazon :

Readers who wish to KNOW who really controls their money supply and nation buy and read the data as COMMON DAMN SENSE.

So answer – Children:


….if printing money without paying interest and with full check and balance audits and accountability better than printing money by criminals who charge interest and who are accountable to now one? Your answer?


Merge the Fed criminal central banks of all the criminal bankers into the US TREASURY to secure the process we use today without the cimes and cost or keep the criminals in power with immunity from their crimes by act of congress 80 pages 1904 before the telegraph was everywhere and the pony express delivered US Mail?

ITS ON THE TEST KIDS bone up. Replace bad law with good law? Protect AMERICA or sell America down the river to criminal bankers? Come on READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and know the economics to answer this pop quiz kids.


Against your test score children, comes recessions.

Recessions are contractions in GNP and economic growth when two back to back quarters – 180 days – show contraction with now growth and a decline in growth – you are in a contraction period of economics failing to grow or expand and the economic outcome is shrinking versus growing. Unemployment rises and the environment for business has challenged confidence or shattered confidence.

Recessions occur ECONOMICALLY when:

  1. Consumers pull back spending.
  2. Governments pull back spending and cut back budget growth.
  3. Both pull back spending.
  4. AI controlling 440 Trillion pulls back investing for growth
  5. 10,000 Super money pools larger than nations pull back investing – imploding to less than 5000 Super Money pools

Risk to economics:

  1. Policy failures that shatter confidence when any combination of 1-5 above occur
  2. External events ( wars and trade wars and outside events ) shatter confidence and contracted spending occurs
  3. A combination of 1 and 2
  4. Unbridled Market AI speculation where side bets are 1000 to 1 real economic investing in casino capitalism
  5. First Generation AI economics moving to unknown untested unregulated second third to 20th and above AI
  6. Debt Super Bubble cascading where the DEBT BOMB removes market liquidity as economic NUKE to system
  7. AI ECONOMICS Super Change accelerations with no experience or global regulations on 1 to 7 as RISK today

Super Change the TITLE of my OCTOBER global best seller presents a new premise. We now reside in a forward AGE we can’t not escape the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. We thought things were going to slow down so we could up to a new normal. Things are NOT SLOWING DOWN things are VASTLY SPEEDING UP. What we have to DO IS CALM DOWN and get far more in our brain than our heads and gain new perspective and be more objective on future implications effecting us individually and collectively. The tools and tactics to stay current and relevant inside the unrelenting Ai march of Super Change is critical. Today SUPER CHANGE has out paced our human being capacity to ADAPT into the very accelerated change of this age WE OURSELVES CREATED. New tools new strategies are required.

No where is this seen more clearly than the economics of the world by passing all 5000 years of human understanding as in 2014 the majority of 440 trillion in circulations was controlled for the first time by AI and no longer by human beings. A few years later it is over 90% AI controlled A NEW ECONOMICS HAS RISEN UP but no regulatory agency believes everything is new. They apply 1930’s regulations to a 2020 AI new economic. The AI has by passed world regulatory frame works and controls unsustainable debt spirals – super bubbles in all asset classes – and risks a recession and worse as core liquidity evaporates out of the system as RISK. No one sees the risk of core liquidity but Christine leaving IMF and a few informed leaders.

The only fix we have seen in ten years is SUPER BOND THEORY you can scroll and read here. Nations are in a race to engage TIME and SUPER BONDS to defuse their lit DEBT BOMBS from exploding in DEBT SUPER BUBBLE crashes.

Is a recession occurring now?

Yes in Japan as GNP contracts since 2018 in the worst China down bubble for manufacturing autos everything in 30 years. In Germany contracting the same in manufacturing exports and automobiles. Germany as the largest economy in the EU looks to be bleeding without bandaids right now in trade wars not even started YET.

The USA is fine. If the Fed held interest rates we would be safe. If the FED lowers interest rate related to confidence factor ( see above lists of cause of recessions ):

  1. Confidence shatters as the FED now bows to politics running economics
  2. Confidence shatters because the FED is out of CONTROL and displayed panic
  3. Confidence is shattered as the market confirms POLICY ERROR in raising interest far too much too soon
  4. Confidence Shatters following a free money boom in a fools rally to be adjusted in value to follow in the crash
  5. The Fed runs out of bullets and ammo to do anything to moderate the SUPER CRASH AND DEPRESSION it created by design profting all the up and all the way down

Crimes pays.

Recession makes profits. If you are a criminal banker and you own the nations central bank what kind of big melon are you smoking?

The One stabilizing issue in the 2020 election in all nations is a rising awake voter who demands of candidates – WILL YOU MERGE THE CENTRAL CRIMINAL BANK BACK INTO OVERSIGHT INTO STATE TREASURY. Elect those who firewall the the criminals by merging central banks back into their treasury. Every voter issue is distraction politics. The real economic core issue is ONE ISSUE – merging criminal out of control theft of national wealth back into their respective state treasuries. DO THIS and you reclaim ownership of your nation.

Fail to do this and you will have and know SUPER VOLATILITY in markets and prices – boom bust cycles to system failure – global depression like never before – world war – and banker owned global BANKER SLAVES who in politics opt for ONE WORLD CURRENCY WITH ONE CENTRAL BANKER OWNED BY CRIMINALS AND ALL CRIMINAL BANKERS OWN SHARES AND the billions left are cradle to grave wage slaves who appear free but who are nothing free what so ever.

Recession is the road to one world government created by CENTRAL BANK plan and manipulation. As long as central banks control the nation money supply countries are run by their MOB BOSS BANKERS. As many law makers are elected by BANKER MOB BOSS MONEY they control laws that would merge them.

A drain the SWAMP melon leader can ORDER THE MERGER OF THE FED INTO US TREASURY and if done fast enough well enough – two things may occur. VOTER OVERWHELMING BACKLASH may shift the % of bought and law makers into congressional action to emergency legislate the FED MERGER the PRESIDENT ORDERED done deal. No one kills anyone.

Would the criminal bankers take out this threat to their largest crime on earth?

Sure look at history. Read my FED story and learn earn and return.

Recession is not normal economics. Australia has no had one in 30 years. How many have we had?

Economies grow until criminal bankers engineer declines to CONSOLIDATE WEALTH until 1% own more wealth than 99%.

Children do you want an economy that has 1% own more wealth than 99% of all wealth?

Is this desirable in economics?

Is this stable economics”

Does unbridled wealth consolidation ( where the USA is today ) effect liquidity and create system failures?

Can we fix it? ( Sure Merge the Fed INTO US Treasury ) .

Is a wealth economy of circulation in 2007 with 1.5 million super money pools controlling circulation now consolidated to less than 10,000 SUPER DUPER MONEY POOLS controlling almost 100% of all capital circulations in all asset classes desirable?

If the wealth of the world resides in less than 10,000 super money pools and they fix and rig prices in everything is that desired all occurring outside any regulatory frame work today?

If New AI economics now circulates on borrowed margin leverage 1000 to 1 dollar side bets on which way future prices will go betting both up and down with formulas – where 1 dollar is real investing in a stock or a bond or economics and 999 dollars flows to casino side bets with borrowed money- like 1929 only 10,000 times worse – is the outcome likely for a system failure as the bad bets outweigh the good bets at trillions and trillions of dollars where no nation has the capacity to now pay off the bad side bets when the loans on those bad bets are called in by criminal bankers?  Is this how you wish to run your state economics?

The regulatory world regulates 1930s paper trading transactions.

All regulations are local to the blue sky of UK or America or China.

All trades are AI ECONOMICS in the CLOUD – outside all blue sky – a virtual geography without rules of law or borders.


DO you think this systemic duplication of what caused the GREAT DEPRESSION is desirable only its far far worse as its DIGITAL AND AI today beyond leverage of physical paper trades. In click world it is Ai controlled and maximized to profit with maximized risk taking without regulatory risk avoidance.

Over stressed banking just like 1929 is now relaxing reserves – keep less in the bank and loan out in side bets 11 to one or higher without reserves to protect core deposits. No one has money IN THE BANK. Your money is all gambling in the casino. Not one dollar or one pound or one dollar. No. One Dollar is gambling at 50 to 1 leverage in the casino betting.

When the musical chairs ( price and liquidity ) crash what happens.

Oh children you all know what happens.

All that it requires for evil to triumph….is for we good men and women to know the truth of evil and then to….just do nothing.

Our work on the FED tells you WHAT TO DO. Takes minutes.

But who WILL DO IT really?

Ah that is the evil in us is it not our apathy.


As the FOOLS rally of over inflated multiples never seen since 1929 just before the Depression crash – we break 27,000 DOW. The Powell Chairman said:

  • The relationship between Labor and Inflation is an employment no longer chart. Why? First the FED well knows we don’t count 35 million long term unemployed. The unemployed in the USA ( see any homeless city streets in major cities 77,000 tonight in LA say on the streets ) means we have plenty of labor to fill demand and prices are not rising. Also in NEW AI economics and robotics by AI humans are replaced from SELF DRIVING cars to real living new beings you call robots but they are AI a new species. The new economics is one chart at a time dawning on the FED hey its all new.
  • But the Fed gave relevance to two charts. LOW CAP STOCKS and INVERTED BOND YEILD CURVE 100% of the time predict contractions to follow. Will Powell 2019 interest rate reverse versus our suggestion he just holds as stopping rises and holding moderates his too high rate curve. Plus we keep China in Check versus helping them with lower free money interest when China borrows 300% more than it makes and Italy is another item coming up as is Turkey as two failing tipping point economies.
  • Powell Signaled nothing and the FOOLS RALLY SOARED on what the Fed has left. AIR. Talk. Zero economics.
  • Meanwhile 77% of reporting firms are down with missed earnings and we have a record fools rally. You think this will end well kids? Economics is out the window for speculator gamblers betting. Billions are betting wrong. We’ll see if we are right. Again.
  • Turkey is failing – China is down bubble in worst GNP report and contraction in over 30 years – Italy is debt unsustainable – Greece is now with new government deviating from what was working – how can all this explode markets with violence from Syria hitting a brick wall with terror winning holding – even with Russia help – Turkey draining its red into Syria border wars it can not afford and Russian gear it can not pay for – Somalia – EBOLA out of all control worst outbreak ever 12 months red line in August – demand for oil is softening and oil goes up on a three day gulf storm ( really ? ) as nothing changes in supply demand but gamblers bidding the price up inside casino capitalism – as AI now controls the bets winning for a time up and down until its all down and not up then AI learns some new lessons from Humans who already know the lessons – how does this end well Kids? Read my summary note at the bottom.

On Super Storms – double Bomb Cyclone – new weather in climate CHANGE never seen before causes now TRILLIONS in damages this decade – where the Bank of England state CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAVING DEVASTATING CHANGES INTO FINANCIAL RISK OF NATIONS – Powell asked did his process – he said – ah ah I have to go back on look. He also said the RISK ACCELERATING OF CLIMATE CHANGE has not developed NEW MATRIX’s impact on GNP of increasing severity and frequency of weather impacting GNP as it has now in the last THREE WINTERS by over a 1% point. They have NO NEW PROCESS to accommodate CLIMATE CHANGE.

Powell confirmed in FED SPEAK what you heard here so often screaming if you scroll all last year and 2017. The FED is consistent with policy since 1930’s in raising interest rate way too fast – way to frequently – way to much. Seeking a mystical new phrase POWELL INVENTED which is NOT ECONOMICS in AI controlled new economics. His cute phrase the world dumps catch all into as old MATRIX AND CHARTS are falling one after the other in two days before congress within ADMISSIONS oh those old charts don’t apply anymore. ( Implied and we don’t know why ).  The Fed phrase is NUTRAL INTEREST RATE a formula Powell invented with is not economics. There is NO NUTRAL INTEREST RATE. Today we have negative inflation but the Fed fails to remove the cost of everything OIL from all calculations and its ripple stripped out as a PHONY CRIMINAL MOB PRICE FIXING MODEL being shattered today by AMERICAN OIL production but slowly as OPEC is dying as we told you first and why in fact. WIth oil out the adjusted DOWN again in June inflation of 1.5 is actually NEGATIVE INFLATION. DEFLATION and no one asked questions on stagflation and entrenched Japanese 30 year DEFLATION they can’t break printing untold trillions to re-inflate all failing. In the past 100 years only WAR re-inflates deflation economics. The FED took vital liquidity out of a recovery crawling on its knees by selling hundreds of billions into bond markets taking liquidity away and chopping the knees off China EU and USA growth. They raised interest rates at the wrong time and frequency ( FAILED 100% always FED POLICY never once have they got it right as an economic historian never once ) . Yet the MONEY HIGH PREIST appears before Congress in American economic ignorance and no one asks POWELL – so High Priest and oracle with 100% failed track record ( noting even those who know do not want economic panic and CLICK RUNS OUT OF BANKS like is taking place massively now in failing Deutsch Bank and maybe WELLS FARGO where if it keeps CLICK RUNNING the bank will lack LIQUIDITY the problem we keep stating is core here – the FED TOOK OUT LIQUIDITY at the very worst possible time using old charts that now high priest MONEY GODS say – oh those charts no longer work any more RIGHT AGAIN but they have no new charts as they do not understand the new AI economics which include CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS WORLD WIDE and Bank of London calls for a NEW PROCESS and Powell notes – uh duh – we use our old process and we feel CLIMATE CHANGE is not a significant factor which is denial by ignorance tied to old economics all of which are dead now . The Fed has no clue.

NO ONE IN CONGRESS ASKED are we in a NEW AI ECONOMY and have central banks lost all control because you regulate under USA Blue Sky legally but capital flows are all in the unregulated CLOUD outside your BLUE SKY old antique modeling and you no longer have a process to regulate AI ECONOMICS controlling 90% not you any more of money capital flows? Is NEW CLOUD CURRENCY a threat to the entire system? What if US TREASURY merged FED and used BIT DOLLARS and paper money was gone and the dollar of the world was BLOCK CHAIN from the US Treasury could we move AI to controL AI with NEW LAWS WE DESPERATELY NEED?

Why pay interest to print money? Why not merge your process back into US TREASURY no one asked the RIGHT QUESTION . Why? Denial ignorance is the WHY. Lack of data our reports set out clear as a brick to your fore head. So the FED chopped the knees off recovery – held the crawling recovery down on the floor with its interest foot for member bank shareholder of the FED GREED – using old antique obsolete charts they now ADMIT don’t work but rail to state we are in a new economy all together. It is our opinion the NEW MONEY GODS are inside US TREASURY with our greatest Secretary of Treasury EVER in history and the right questions should be asked of them next. In our opinion. What I heard as an investment banker economist is:

  1. The Fed made critical errors in policy.
  2. The Fed is trying to adjust but doesn’t know what is “RIGHT’ in the new environment.

We suggest a) a super bubble from gamblers is driving market prices to insane value levels and b) interest is at historic 100 year lows now. HOLD steady and DO NOTHING. If they go backwards toward free money in deflation the problems mushroom and the crash of the frothy white cap economic storm waves on these high unsustainable valuations must adjust in core economics and that pain is less holding than adding new froth.

The FED relies on one asset. CONFIDENCE. Everyone is seeing the FED has no clothes and is naked with 100% failed policy – and confidence in the FED itself I suggest is now a new RISK without merging the FAILED FED into the US TREASURY which has the AI the check and balance and the better BRAINS without conflict to bank ownership the FED conflicts into always – tearing the molars out of CRIMINAL BANK CONTROL OF ECONOMIC POLICY and returning it to where the CONSTITUTION demands it all resides in the US TREASURY in 2020. THAT is the FIX. Confidence the foundation of economics in the USA is shattered two days. DO you BELIEVE our team are the only economist brains who see all this clearly? You see it. Are you kidding me?

So utterly shattered is real FED CONFIDENCE especially if they lower interest and add fuel to market gambling inside casino AI capitalism yet unregulated that FED PANIC SHOWED ITS FACE TODAY. Powell noting all G 7 Central bankers would meet on BLOCK CHAIN and FACE BOOK. You can’t stop without new laws block chain. You can’t stop it anyway as you can house it inside protected by law jurisdictions. WHY PANIC? Because trillions will move out of EU and DOLLAR and especially YUAN. Hong Kong is rapidly exporting a DEMOCRACY REVOLUTION into failing communist economics ( without A URGENT TRADE DEAL AT ALL COST IN TIMING AND SUPER BONDS TO STIMULATE CHINA Economics and STABILITY more impactful to economic US monetary policy than CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS ). Trillions move from currency to new world block chain trust and confidence FACE BOOK REPLACES CENTRAL BANKS in FACT in the new AI economics and MARK’s team is way way ahead of the DEAD FED on this item. IT IS UNSTOPPABLE in fact. If two billion rising to 4 billion use LYBRA versus any currency of central banks we the PEOPLE opt in to a new world economic order without the THEFT of the criminals. What occurs if FACEBOOK the NEW WORLD CENTRAL BANK give us all Lybra lower cost credit cards lower cost home and auto loans and no one goes back to the BANKS who price melon us all? What is PANIC AT THE FED AND G 7 CENTRAL BANKS LOOK LIKE. My two blogs the FED before this one and today tell you what PANIC AT THE FED LOOKED LIKE TODAY. See POWELLS FACE AND TONE OF VOICE. We all saw it like a clear bell – ask not for whom this bell tolls for it is RINGING FOR US ALL 8 BILLION OF US in a new click economy that left the failed FED POLICY 100% FAILURE every single time – where the HIGH PRIEST has no clothes left as the CONFIDENCE is shattered into the wind by world smart folks. They see the NEW ECONOMY which we reported first in 2015 continuously since with hard real data. RIGHT AGAIN.

Deutsche Bank is utterly failing as depositors CLICK RUN OUT OF THE BANK before they lose their money. The contraction of investment banking and 20,000 bank employees ( to only start ) now with a brain drain leaving the bank before the next ax falls and its coming as CLICK DEPOSITS is the first CLICK RUN to fail a bank. WIth that Germany Central bankers like Powell have zero plan for the banks utter failure but they better get one now. THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE just opened a new investigation of MORE crimes the criminal bankers created in Malaysia keeping in mind no criminal goes to jail they just pay fines. BUT the new CRIMINAL INQUIRY NOW creates DEUTSCHE BANK RAW CLICK RUN PANIC. Advice – if you bank with them consider moving to a bank that has zero criminal history – google – and click move your money to protect yourself. Those who never read this blog are last in and may have some real pain coming up as no one knows what GERMANY’s plan is – we think they under estimate the CLICK RUN and the criminal bankers lie of course and don’t report it. THE QUESTION IS REAL TIME REPORTING ON EVAPORATION OF CORE DEPOSITS . Institutions protect yourself.  We told you hear Deutsche Bank was lying about its health and that the bank faced failure for its crimes and why. RIGHT AGAIN.





  1. Oil is down 19% even with prices up a bit from a three day storm?
  2. Soybeans down around 8% and falling
  3. Silver industry and all down around 11%
  4. Cheese ( hello Wisconsin ) Down around 8%
  5. Steel down 5% in a trade war chilling DEFLATION economics
  6. Hogs down 17% with millions being slaughtered in China from 100% fatal African SWINE FLU July again in China
  7. Aluminium ( hello coke cans and more ) down 16%

We can go on. Take OIL PHONY PRICE TODAY BY SAUDI OUR ENEMY ( just moved tens of billions from our Boeing in firm orders to EU slapping TRUMP once again ) out – project oil to 50 dollars and DEFLATION ECONOMICS is the crises. Why? 30 Years printing money like drunken printers in Japan deflation in Japan has not once been over come from their ASIS crises in the 1980’s. NOT ONCE. No inflation.

American policy failed to consider the MASSIVE GAIN in productivity brought on by Jeff Bezo and Elron Musk in advanced AI – robotic AI and the new world of massive gains in productivity keeping prices DOWN DOWN DOWN the DEFLATION RABBIT HOLE. WE have been RIGHT AGAIN 100% right since 1988. Inflation has one weapon and only one. The Fed is out of all control and marginalized by the new AI ECONOMY as are all central banks. They have no powder left or bullets they are dry dry dry and they fail on policy 100% why do we see them as credible at all? Are you KIDDING ME. What does CONFIDENCE shattering look like. HEY YOU JUST SAW IT LIVE world wide. In fact. Congress gets it but does not wish to create PANIC the FED has lost all control. Lacks vision tools and frankly smarts the US TREASURY Money GODS have in all their powers. CONFIDENCE needs to SHIFT from central bankers back to their state TREASURIES for trust accountability ( Central banks have ZERO ) and run this railroad into the future prosperity of the world.

Oh Russias meeting with Trumps team today worked to resolve UKRAINE progress like no other and assuring IRAN they are a clean set of pages of paper into massive prosperity if the chest pounding stops as Russia has. TRUMP wants to deal to help IRAN if a deal dynamic unfolds it is so easy to ramp up IRAN and change GULF everything together. IT IS.


  1. They emergency pass budget and debt ceiling limit our credit rating Trump can then get BACK.
  2. Infrastructure Japan failed to do sufficiently lacking a SUPER BOND we wish to bring them.

PROSPERITY secured. If Congress moves politically to SHUT DOWN THE USA GOV – trash our economics – fail to pass our budget – fail to pass infrastructure as economic national emergency’s – impeach Trump ( zero chance of winning election or impeachment ) that failed idea politically – DERAILS markets world wide and creates enormous instability from China to so many nations and trashes American hopes for repair of FED ADMITTED FAILED POLICY this week.

THAT folks is what IS going on out there really….and you know first ….plan accordingly ….which is our WHY you need to bless your circle and social by placing this blog URL on your walls blogs and boards with our appreciation for this free public service to the world.


The TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE – Required reading for those loving their country and cultures as I so do mine.


Note: Powells congress talk has 100% bet on interest lowering to free money for global gambling into a worst ever super bubble. The markets hit record highs all time ever in history 27,000 DOW. Today a fools rally like before 2007 and 2000. But far worse from admitted failed FED POLICY ON CORE ECONOMICS. RIGHT AGAIN. Today. The Fed knows if it expands the current never seen in history before SUPER BUBBLE ( lowering interest rates ) the Super Crash correction will be more advanced. If the FED holds and does nothing a mild correction can restore multiples rising from todays 17x to 20x non economic multiples on earnings. Non economic valuations in all markets in DEFLATION. As almost 80% of reporting firms report DISAPPOINTING BELOW MARKET EXPECTATION ON EARNINGS for the past quarter – in those disappointing earnings reports why again given the yield curve and other charts like SMALL CAP CHARTS LANQUIDING always 100% predicting recession contraction in 12 to 18 months does the casino market SOAR ON BAD NEWS. Is that economics children? We say sell HIGH ( today is record high again ) and invest in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with licensed professionals fixed income in annuity principle guaranteed – growth investing in high return INDEX ( principle guaranteed ) diversity – savings and liquid assets in PERMANENT INSURANCE one day access to double bank return cash – principle guarantees better in our opinion that the FRAUD of FDIC insurance. Urgent for your retirement plan. MOVE TO SAFE HARBOR OR STAY WITH THE ROLLER COASTER AND LOSE PRINCIPLE A LOT OF NEST EGG MONEY AND RETIREMENT MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE YOU DID NOTHING. Best safe harbor – attend CEO SPACE July 22nd Dallas and by FRIDAY DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING PROTECTING YOUR TIME WHICH IS YOUR MONEY AND NEST EGG. No matter how large or small. CHECK IT OUT as it costs nothing to explore with LICENSED PROFESSIONALS. Many attending CEO SPACE by the way. IF you have investments savings and retirement funds at risk to a market down turn coming next – you may wish to act to protect yourself the benefit of knowing first whats up. If you take action and just EXPLORE IT you’ll be amazed at the safer way to invest. INSURANCE MONEY MANAGEMENT IS THE BEST ON EARTH FALLING OUTSIDE THE CRIMINAL BANKS AND INVESTMENT BANKS PHONY MARKETS making the HIGHEST LEGAL RETURNS ( always ) where your core investment is guaranteed against all loss. Everything else is higher RISK Taking do you really want that?  Time to protect your nest egg is running low – do not bank on right policy moving forward…is our safe harbor suggestion. Today. Insurance managed investing exits outside CASINO CAPITALISM as the GOLD STANDARD the 1% super wealthy all rely on and should YOU today. Explore the option and you’ll thank us soon enough.

Finally puppy law maker wet behind all her ears sensationalist publicity grabber is an economic idiot in our opinion with her remarks today in support of the FED pushing for Ocasio Cortez idiotic interest rate reductions to fan her donor base. In the casino she draws her bucks from. Follow her as an entertainment versus any truth whatsoever. She fighting Trump at ever turn landed on TRUMPS SAME PAGE today. Now I believe in real miracles all over again. IDIOCY..

Good News to offset the puppy idiot law maker as a sit com personality. No President has in two years saved more plants and more jobs in the USA in manufacturing ( or kept PHARM prices from soaring ) at dollars so high you can’t count them to our credit – with news just in – LOCKHEED MARTIN will keep its PENNSYLVANIA PLANT OPEN with all those jobs now safe because of why? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP STEPPING IN FRONT OF THE KEEP AMERICA FIRST ECONOMIC TRAIN….that is they WHY Powell did accurately confirm the USA remains strong vibrant economically and is by far the STRONGEST ECONOMIC ENGINE ON EARTH. Keeping in Mind declining China at peak was only the size of GNP for one state CALIFORNIA and RUSSIA is GNP declining now once the size last year of the state of NEW YORK. There are zero equals. THE USA doing well remains the HOPE AND PROMISE OF ALL ECONOMIES ON EARTH THIS WEEKEND keep that in your Pride if you as a reader are a proud AMERICAN after this FOURTH OF JULY. Just talked with proud Daddy in Columbia of DELTA TEAM SNIPER LEADER who died from his war related injuries from Wisconsin and my son who four surgeries later as a an IRAQ two tour sniper team leader when we labored to give the people of IRAQ back their self determination ( and have ) where my boy lived and his died – we both cried on the phone call. In our pure pride…I hope THAT comes through to you this weekend in JULY America and the world. As Dad.


PS: Having grown up with Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Bucky Fuller, Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King Walt Disney saying grace at our table with my famous father mentoring and more Fortune CEO’s than I care to name i use “children” because I”m old and in no way meaning any disrespect to my readers as you also know that. I apologize if any reader took offense and if you ever do comment below each blog as comments contribute and create ranking for others on global search engines with my deep appreciation. I personally answer all comments. July 22nd is our CEO SPACE gathering of leaders and business owners who desire a more accelerated safer growth path for the next 18 months. We install customized tools with myself and almost mentors ( plus you ) if you show up and register at the welcome desk or on line before for your information on a better plan team and resource download for the best possible 2019 outcomes. To me your all my children and I care for your best possible futures as any Dad might and would.