THE “FED” 2020

The Federal Reserve Board is 105 years old.

Congress rushed the 80 page act that created the FED into law at the turn of the century.

Printing Money reserved by the constitution to the US TREASURY for hundreds of years, was now by contract under the short 80 page, act of congress, drafted entirely in a secret meeting by top bankers who profit from the act, was a conspiracy. Wall Street then and now controlled by largest bank wealth consolidations ( unwanted in economics ) lobbied and gained the required vote. The President signing the act stated – he has sold America down the river.

Once signed a private company, owned and controlled by the banks who wrote the law, all in secret with the in secret banker shareholder controlling  OWNERS “the share holders” controlling the private central bank they own a CORPORATION not an agency of nation  – a NON GOVERNMENT PRIVATE CORPORATION a 1904 NG0 came into being. Share holders controlling the FED were and are secret. Who owns the Fed. No one can ever know that. Has the ed been audited like every agency of nation. NO. NEVER. It can not be audited. The head of the Fed reports to know one. The President can twitter all he wishes. The President has zero POWER over the FED GODS. NONE What so ever. All crafted by bankers in secret ( see the film below for proof ) to assure thier absolute power over the nation money supply precisely prohibited by the US CONSTITUTION. Criminals created the FED and the FED GODS are all the worst criminals ever making TONY SOPRANO AND AL CAPONE In real life or a movie like children. The FED has slaughtered 100s of millions in wars to make a buck. Merciless. Without remorse.  Deluded to believe EVIL IS GOOD just like all the works of faith tell us. EVIL IS GOOD AND GOOD IS NOW EVIL. Good people do nothing while pure evil economic evil is right before you out in plain sight. Your ignorance makes ECONOMIC NAZIS IN SUITS appear GOOD when they are demonic possessed thieves obsessed with power and the theft of national wealth for their own greed. The NAZIS said they were protecting the Jews. Just like the FED only we are all JEWS to these NAZIS. Worse many of the NAZIS doing this ARE JEWS. See the film below.

The FED had in the 80 page SECRET LAW law bums rushed through congress – 80 freakin sell American out pages – ripping AUTHORITY FOR MONEY PRINTING FROM US TREASURY TO PRIVATE FULLY CRIMINAL BANKERS – with only supervisional no real accountability reported LIMITED REPORTING FOR THE FRAUD TO LOOK LIKE THERE IS CONGRESS OVER SIGHT WHEN IT IS JUST POLITICAL FRAUD THEATER –  some reporting without oversight or checks and balances that gave appearance the Fed Frauds could be MAINTAINED. NO ONE CAN OVER RULE A FINAL FED DECISION NO ONE. The Fed does not report to anyone but APPEARS before Congress the one body that can merge the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY AND PLACE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE WHERE IT BELONGS ( MONEY PRINTING AND MONETARY POLICY ). In an AI real time second to second transparent global market the FED is an economic crime an economic joke but its not funny – stealing wealth of nations by the real MOB BOSS in charge of all mob boss ( all money ) is the FED which should have been merged back into US TREASURY BY NIXON but he left office why? HE WAS GOING TO DO IT. THATS THE REAL WHY not Water Gate. How do real criminals act? Read on.

FED FRAUDS: ( The model for all state central banking world wide ) – Where bankers over ride money for profits stealing the wealth of nations:

  1. The FED is not an agency of the United States and is a private owned and controlled by banks as a regular stock firm. Who owns and controls the Fed. No one knows or can know. Why? Congress joined the crooks for the money. Thats why. Those who seek to merge the FED back into US TREASURY say Nixon Jack and Bobbi how’d that work out for THEM folks? Who has the power? The most powerful criminal banker mob in world history? Who can rise against those criminals? Makes all other criminals look like craft shops in a strip mall.
  2. The FED appointment process is rigged and the bankers control the FED boards and Directorship by nominations
  3. There is NO as in zero oversight of the Fed. Chatting with Congress is a courtesy. No one can override FED decisions – no one in government. THERE IS NO CHECK AND BALANCE. No one has audited the Fed criminal banker books in 105 years. You ever think why wait a minute thats not right. No one can. No one knows who FED controlling shareholders are in fact. No audits are possible. No one can fire a FED. No one. No one can do anything to this private corporation by banker crafted FED 80 page law 105 years ago. THE WORST LAW IN USA HISTORY.
  4. The largest cost to America in 2019 is interest on the Federal Debt as  the FED in secret makes profit for its secret secret shareholders on at the risk of trashing core economics in the USA.  And the entire world. How much profit. We don’t know. Can we audit. NO. Can a new act reverse the old act? Ah this week. Should it? Yes. Why can’t it happen? Why? Why you ask? Well:  Bought and paid for law makers are not voting against the money they are paid to protect. DUH? Crime pays if your a banker. The largest  all new CLICK run on a bank  in history is now taking place at DEUTSCHE BANK we told you CLICK RUNS will cause Deutsche Bank then Italian banks to fail and that DEBT CASCADE will liquidity destroy the entire system. Why? FED BANKER CRIMES. Pure criminal master minding you allow. YOU. Your a voter or should be. CLICK RUNS ARE BEYOND THE FED TO CONTROL IN THE NEW AI ECONOMY. New consequence for crime are rising now. AI holds FEDS respeonsible when the AI creators are criminal bankes. Said another way CRIMINAL BANKERS HAVE LOST ALL CONTROL. We the people will soon be in BIT DOLLARS and stop using FED currency at all. They can’t control BLOCK CHAIN. AI economics has ripped real control and influence now waning from the FED. For the reason of FED Criminal error triggering system collapse – it has become an emergency to merge all CENTRAL BANKS back into their STATE TREASURIES. All State Dept should be paid off in 2020 by SUPER BONDS repaid in 100 years. TIME HEALS ALL FED CRIMINAL WOUNDS. The system resets. Nations all prosper for centuries. Treasuries use AI to manage AI economics. For the first time in a new economic world post CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKERS WHO ARE NOT CENTRAL BANKERS THEY ARE CRIMINALS STEALING THE WEALTH OF NATIONS FOR PROFIT AND GREED IN FACT. They do not serve the public they sever their controlling secret shareholder banks. Who would have all power without checks of any kind to regulate banks flow to a private company owned by the banks. Hire bears to guard the honey? Money? That is why the President signing the 80 page act said to the press I SOLD AMERICAN DOWN THE RIVER.
  5. The Fed prints our money under a contract  via an 80 PAGE FED ACT OF CONGRESS YOU CAN READ EVERY LINE ON VIA GOOGLE ( see the film on this blog do not fail to see it ) and  your FED makes ungodly  profits for doing so  ( every dollar printed makes Fed profits – and manipulates prices in the casino capitalism the Fed created to profits its shareholders maximally week after week in time lines only they know. Laws that stopped bankers from wild speculation where all removed by FED LOBBY work in 1999 by unanimous act of congress.  All prices are manipulated by central bankers in all asset categories for profit making  today world wide ( did you know all prices are rigged and fixed stocks bonds commodities everything ) in the conspiracy that undermines economic stability for massive criminal  profit making.  The FED can not be audited there is no accounting of the FED nor can there be by the 80 page act of Congress there is no as in zero accountability The real MOB CRIMINAL BOSSES reside on FED ISLAND immune from any accountability for their economic crimes.  The Fed is the cause of Depression in 1907 the cause of the wild speculation run up to the depression in 1929 the cause of the wild run up and profiteering of its controlling criminal shareholder banks in SUB PRIME and the SUPER CRASH AND GREATEST RECESSION in only 2007 to 2014. Fed too big to jail banker shareholders have all pled guilty to multiple worse crimes ever and no one goes to prison for those worse crimes ever. Those CRIMINALS VOTE AND CONTROL THE FED who report to the criminals because the work for the MONEY MOB BOSS THE FED GODS.The FED has run up a worse SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BOMB and market speculation since 2007, printed more money than anytime in 105 years, and saddled future Americans with debt for printing that money owed to the FED ITSELF. The FED and its bankers are all at the top multiple times have to 2019  pled guilt as the worst financial criminals in history since Rome, one and all to this date of FED CONTROLLING SHAREHOLDERS as shareholder  and FED control persons of the FED itself a fraud as a  fully top criminal mob syndicate WE ALLOWED TO CONTROL OUR MONEY and no one goes to jail. Seem odd to you? Trumps folks went to jail for tax that was not criminal but they are in jail as small fish to small to not jail. Bad 105 years on our generation of voters – but they keep us all ignorant. ( SEE THE FILM FROM ECONOMISTS WHO KNOW THE TRUTH AND DATA DOCUMENT SO YOU NOW KNOW TRULY ). But we are finally WAKING THE FUCK UP TO THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY. We are all mad as hell. And WE are NOT going to TAKE IT ANY MORE .  No agency can reverse a FED CHOICE no one can FIRE Fed Folks and the FED created with 80 pages of a worst act of CONGRESS EVER –  under a pony express era MISTAKE ACT OF CONGRESS – the WORST SINGLE ACT OF CONGRESS IN HISTORY exists outside American check and balance  the founders NEVER SAW COMING, as a  rule of law, where the FED IS THE CAUSE of all world wars and all depressions and  economic destructions. The Fed can’t even be studied because via education they keep us never knowing the truth in our education. WE JUST DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH.  Until the FED GETS A PRESIDENTIL ORDER ON A  MERGER BACK INTO TREASURY WITH FOLLOWING AUDITS FINALLY – SET UP IN A CONGRESS EMERGENCY NEW 80 PAGE ACT – THE SCOPE OF THE MARKET DISTORTED PROFIT GREED DRIVEN SPECULATION AND CRIMINAL MANIPULATION OF PRICE REMAINS SIMPLY UNKNOWN. NO ONE CAN STUDY THE FED the fraud is too pervasive. The FED is setting up a new worse ever global depression and world war III they massively profit from. Stopping that is what is going on out there really……


The Fed manipulates information about itself from K – 12 education to on line information. For example the truth developed by leading economists who care about America stability and economics presented in the FILM you just must share on social and bookmark is hard to find. ( the Fed cares about itself and its existence security to steal wealth of nations ) – finding this film is hard. If you google FED FRAUD the Fed has pages of their own FRAUDS and MONEY SCAMS by organized crime which are kids really – the FED ARE THE GROWN UPS IN ORGANIZED CRIME. If your good at google you can find film after film to support this one on the hard data of what a fraud this all is. THE INTERNET IS THE DEMISE OF THE FED CRIMINAL MOB AND ITS CRIMINAL MOB BOSSES. The Mob that when Jack Kennedy who pitched my first little league game and was mentored by my famous father Alan G Dohrmann – was going to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY – and after him his Brother Bobbi whom I also knew WAS GOING TO FINISH “IT” FOR HIS BROTHER – one asks HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR “THEM”  as the MOB has no sense of humor. On its own survival. Anyway it is not easy to find a click every fifth grader should see as required reading in school:


The FED are not GODS. Central BANKS are not CENTRAL BANKS OF NATIONS. Central Banks are criminals in organized Crime. The criminals got a contract from each nation to OWN THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO PRINT MONEY IN NATION FOR PROFIT. The notion a dozen leaders of the largest CRIMINAL MOB in human history are MONEY GODS is extraordinarily ignorant and naive.

The MONEY GODS  the real folks hand tied and who KNOW the truth are all working today inside your state department of Treasury who must react to MONEY MOB BOSS POLICY. Central banks are operating to steal as much wealth from nations as they can over long time lines, while appearing to in each speculation bubble crash ( the MONEY GODS AT THE FED ALLOWED PLANNED AND CREATED ) due to APPEARANCE they in economic ignorance of law makers and the public – all manipulated in media the FED controls via debt – assure never blames THE FED AND THEIR MONEY GODS AS TO BLAME.

The Fed 12 board members do not have special knowledge. They are not the grade of INVESTMENT BANKERS like Jamie DImond in expertise. They are in fact unware ( themselves uninformed and ignorant ) that economics has morphed in 2014 to a entirely new global reality of AI CONTROLLED CAPITAL FLOWS. The NEW AI ECONOMY does not respond to old tools charts and books. THE FED are Model T Ford Economists in a star ship AI real time transparent AI ECONOMY that marginalizes FED reason. THE FED HAS LOST CONTROL. The FED IS NOW OUT OF CONTROL and only has sound bites to influence markets but AI is in full control. For this reason alone the merger of the FED back into the US TREASURY secures the world and assures AI MONEY GODS at Treasury get and have the real AI tools to reset control protecting the US DOLLAR for centuries and the entire world who rely on stability of the US dollar.

The Fed steal until the system crashes then they massively print money to save the system they ruined and then they profit from the new money debt precisely as they planned these thefts and the outcome is economic wealth transfer from the nation to the bankers in secret. The voters never not ever see the shell game going on. if they can not make ENOUGH they create WAR that always makes them enough. They re-inflate the DEFLATION They caused ( free of all blame by lies fraud and manipulation to the FED as the 100% cause ) using war to re-inflate their own profit accounts. ECONOMICS never lie …..

THE FED IS THE FINAL WORD. No one but no one can audit hold FED MONEY GODS accountable or blame them for the pain and suffering they create in the world for profit. Frauds include:

  1. The FED is not an agency of nation.
  2. The FED is a fraud name so the public believes the MOB boss’s are legitimate.
  3. The Fed uses propaganda more powerful than any nation has to refute to assure INDEPENDENCE meaning no one in government has powers to REVERSE A FED MOB BOSS DECISION – the MONEY GODS REPORT TO THEIR SHAREHOLDERS IN SECRET. FED SPEAK is designed to manipulate price and markets all in secret for its own profit making. The conflict to represent the USA does not really exist. THE FED NEVER REPRESENTED AMERICA. The FED IS A FRAUD on INDEPENDENCE which the nation does not wish or require anyway.
  4. The FED controls the money printing and supply the nation does not – as in zero by 80 page contract of theft.
  5. The FED was a terrible idea in 1904 and in 2020 with modern weapons and 20 minute delivery time the FED is the most dangerous institution MOB BOSS CONTROLLED by criminals who have zero special knowledge to run economics.

I ran a global, publicly traded, international New York and San Francisco based INVESTMENT BANKER BROKER DEALER INSTITUTION from the 1960s into the 1980’s. Our Tribe of OWNERS – investment banker economist – is small. Jamie Diamond and my tribe know more about ECONOMICS than any FED MONEY GOD could ever understand. They have zero clue the market MORPHED since 2014 into an all new economy the world has never experienced before  in human history. We have no past to guide us. We have no regulations to moderate enormous system crushing risk in wild casino capital speculations. All taking place creating the largest new SUPER BUBBLES the world has ever known in the NEW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONTROLLED AND SUPER CHANGE EVOLVING – WILD WILD INTO BRAND SPANKING NEW ECONOMICS. I learned the truth very early from Mentor David Rockefeller who died recently and I miss him as Chairman of Chase. I think like the Farmers advertising David knew a thing or two. Before he died he sold out of his daddy’s oil interest as he believed polluting the world could have stopped earlier with moral leadership.

The Fed Money Gods risk complete system destruction because the MOB MONEY GODS are just criminals and they lack what is required to save us. This time more than any past time.

TAKE THE HIGH PRIEST STATUS OFF FED BANKERS. They are criminals representing shareholder criminal banks that have all pled guilty to the worst financial crimes i human history and so rigged by the BANKERS is the SYSTEM ( and guess what you all know this you all know it is true ) never not ever GO TO JAIL for their largest CRIMES against NATIONS and their people ever recorded. When you see FED’s SPEAK know it is all fake news to manipulate confidence in THEM alone. The Money Gods…who are not Money Gods at all. SEE THEM NOW AS CRIMINALS world wide. You win when you do that step.



You can fix the FED MAFIA for the welfare of the nation. For the protection of the entire GLOBAL SYSTEM . But  How?

Well it isn’t hard it just takes ONE  drop of courage greater than your fear.

You can’t as a leader telegraph your going to do it. As Jack Kennedy and Bobbi Kennedy did as mentored by my own father on point. I was a pup learning all this back then.

Congress can FIX the core economic highest priority in national defense – the system foundationally – with a simple emergency 80 page act to keep all the FED PROCESSES – while merging the FED name and 100% of its core  systems all back into US TREASURY and ACCOUNTABLE INTEGRITY –  and under congressional oversight and audit and the new 80 page act has money printed without the interest loop the MOB BOSS’S INVENTED in 1904 to steal wealth of nations – interest on national debt. Fractional banking. Lack of fair market accounting for bad loans held as good assets. 80 Pages no more. Sarcastic to the MOB MONEY BOSSES using the same 80 pages they used to form to unwind them. Can be done by a Presidential order this month.

The USA Pays off 100% off ( in full in 2020 ) the now terminated growing NATIONAL DEBT with a 100 year SUPER BOND. See my report on SUPER BONDS by scrolling. Thats right. Our debt is paid in full. We make only interest payments no principle to year 2030. WE have oceans of new money for infrastructure social security and the fix we need to the USA as the LEGAL THEFT STOPS. Cold. Stops. Why do we now do that step and rush it?

The USA is now in 2020 DEBT FREE up to 100 years – and repays that debt with the full credit assets and industry and population in 3020 – which uses a penny to pay off a dollar. Now after the 80 page ORDER of the President as NATIONAL SECURITY FOR REAL THE ECONOMY STUPIDS – is followed with an 80 page permanent emergency act of Congress  the US TREASURY REAL MONEY GODS control money and report to Congress the FED working under Treasury ( now no longer MONEY MOB BOSSES )  who in 2020 with these steps  they  TREASURY MONEY GODS FOR REAL serve only  the PEOPLES ACCOUNTABLE  TREASURY as US constitutional law called for. Whats the problem then if this saves America? And the world?

Well FED will put our fear of market instability. AI ECONOMICS IS NEW. The markets will flutter than soar to new records. Why? Because economics work again. THE FED IS KILLING THE BOOM. Not because they are smart. Because they are greedy criminals trying to rake in the cash for the criminal bankers. Do you think bankers making phony accounts and cheating us all in control the FED do not criminally enrich themselves at any cost to the USA? Think again on this folks. GET IT RIGHT AS VOTERS.

Well Congress is bought and paid for by the FED MONEY GOD BANKERS. The largest lobby is WALLSTREET.  So will congress do it?

Now then comes the REAL FIX. WILL THEY AS AMERICANS FIX US OR WILL THEY BOW TO THE CRIMINAL BANKERS? As they are right now? Are they criminals for failing to pass our budget ? I think yes they are as well.


World WAR ! and WORLD WAR II developed from ECONOMIC SUPER BUBBLES the Fed Greed profited from created and the DEPRESSION ECONOMICS that created the environment for world wars in nation death economic spirals into deflation over time – where the only way to re-inflate the economy and assure FED DEBT was paid in full – was to profit massively from war and its loans – all re-inflating the economy never seeing all that death was planned out by the FED MONEY GODS. The MONEY BANKERS profit from war and see war as solid for their balance sheets. Exactly like the IRON BANK IN THE GAME OF THRONES. Why all the death in the GAME OF THRONES. If you are wise you see the cause IS the IRON BANK itself. WORLD WAR III is the one war that destroys FED ASSETS so that war can never really happen but close to it will happen which the FED PROFITS FROM. Real Wars the Fed Profits from as we all die massively. THE FED IS THE IRON BANK IN THE GAME OF THRONES.


  1. Donald Trump issues an 80 page ( I think symbols are important ) as a PRESIDENTIAL DIRECT ORDER and finding to- MERGE THE FED BACK INTO USA TREASURY following the model here.
  2. The 80 PAGE ACT declares the FED ACT UNCONSTITUTIONAL which it truly is under rule of law, and no court will find differently.
  3. The 80 page act calls for an 80 page ratification by congress unanimously of the MERGER OF THE FED back into USA TREASURY.
  4. The 80 page PRESIDENTIAL ORDER includes the frauds and lack of oversight and THREAT TO THE ENTIRE SYSTEM because the FED is not a Federal agency and is beyond audit or oversight and is a criminal fraud.
  5. America and the press will go insane as the truth leaks out over supportive weeks of WHITE HOUSE PRESS to support the 80 page act. Which is instant. The White House in COURT seeks expedited summary judgement with judges economists senators and more supporting the CROOKS BE THROWN OUT OF POWER. Criminals OUT America back in. Way too late but war preventing depression preventing. FED SECRETS set down here and in the FILM you now have bookmarked and will copy to your face book and social today I hope and share by email – comes forth. THE TRUTH dispels all lies.

As the new 80 page order contains the DEBT PAY OFF PLAN and SUPER BOND authority for Treasury – America has new money for infrastructure and social security and medicare ( more than enough )  as the cost of national debt repaying is moved to 100 years and all current account debts to long term bonds are paid in full – paid off – by the SUPER BOND tranches in 2020. Look Ma all that money being stolen can now be used by the NATION for ITS PEOPLE versus its criminal bankers. We get the theft the FED is taking every day for the PEOPLE Can you not see it now?

Does Donald Trump have on drop of courage greater than his fear to DO IT.

Keep in mind the FED IS THE PROBLEM THE CAUSE AND THE CANCER ON OUR NATIONAL SECURITY WHICH IS IN THE END ECONOMIC. This week is all lies and what is really going on out there in IRON BANK world is the FED is protecting profit for its shareholders in conflict to the GOOD OF THE USA and its 300 million tax payers. In massive debt today. If banks pay you 2% of less or nothing to park your money they lend out 11 to one for profit – fractional banking – why is it legal for these same banks to charge you 18% to 27% interest on consumer credit and loans on credit cards and student loans and more loan sharking from the IRON BANKERS? Really? There should be laws on price guaging. Or we all move to digital dollars and depart from the FED BANKERS entirely – as millions ARE NOW DOING in AI NEW ECONOMICS the FED GODS have no clue about. Other than to STOP IT.

Until you as a voter know the truth and vote for candidates who land on the SINGLE ONE ISSUE OF OUR TIME healing all other wounds – MERGE THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY – the ONE AND ONLY ISSUE – as you are a wage slave just over broke working for life getting no where paying the FED CRIMINALS from your cradle to your grace awash in debt from your car and consumer loans and credit cards to your business debts and home debts if you can even own a home today or qualify for a FED LOAN. You are a FED HOSTAGE and you have no clue your are in ECONOMIC PRISON and the FED has the one and only key. Law makers are in an unholy conspiracy of ignorance brought about by taking FED BANKER CASH for their selfish interest over the US NATIONAL INTEREST. AS CANDIDATES what is their stand on merging the FED back into US TREASURY and you’ll find who are criminals and who are GOOD MEN AND WOMEN by their ANSWERS. Noting you now know more than they know. All other issues don’t matter when the system fails as it will. WE have told you the why in other postings.

Until you vote into office  leaders on the ONE ISSUE you remain in FED DEBTOR JAIL and they never GO TO JAIL not ever for their crimes. Now you know. You are a wage slave just over broke cradle to grave paying for a 250,000 home 500,000 in FED CRIMINAL INTEREST. The largest buildings in every city are owned by the CRIMINAL BANKERS or financed by them. Knowledge is power. How many in your circle should get this URL today in an email. How viral can we take this. Can we get 10 million subscribing to this BLOG NEWS SITE? As that alone would change the world.


Why are you not Killed by the FED MOB Berny?

Oh I will be if you circulate this enough and fast enough 10 million  to read this news site versus say 500,000 read it 60% outside the USA. Although readers include FOLKS OF INFLUENCE – press – congress – super money pools – media -and Fortune CEO’s. and others. There is always that. I am too old to matter they’ll wait for me to die. The IRON BANK plays the long game. Also my influence is fringe and they don’t care about fringe they discredit fringe.

I’m too small to waste influence upon. Long before my “accident” would come my being a crook. Discredit me. Again.  Or like last time decades back they may put me in Federal Prison for what – ( criminal contempt of court ) – did you ever hear of that one. Me either. They watch. They read. They don’t see the influence as anything but fringe but if that changes you’ll see others writing this blog. I’m good the other side which  has all my buddies over there. David Rockefeller will hold a party.  Plus really will they kill an older great grandfather fringe guy –  given they may risk just creating a martyr far more influential if they take that step far more than just ignore us all? As my teams keep writing the truth to YOU all.

What if you all wrote in ten days or less – DEAR DONALD TRUMP PLEASE TAKE TWO ACTIONS:

  1. Merge the Criminal FED a private stock firm owned by criminal bankers back into US TREASURY by Presidential order.
  2. DUMP OIL from strategic reserves to stabilize price at 45.00 to 50 dollars a barrel extending the economic prosperity.

Signed by YOU with your title background on letter head. Takes five minutes click and paste it. Mail it.

It would take not many of my readers to tip that scale. WILL YOU WRITE IT UP? Put a stamp on it. Send it in. Ten days or less. WILL YOU. Do it in every nation than back candidates you ask – WILL YOU SUPPORT THE MERGER OF THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY?

Will you BOOK MARK THIS URL and share it?

Will you book mark the film and post it on walls and social with the URL for this blog report. What if you all did just THAT today?

Takes less than five minutes? Do you have five minutes to DO THE RIGHT THING?

….all that it takes for pure EVIL to TRIUMPH over us all …is for good men and woman to do nothing at all……while the evil storm clouds surround the globe …as we watched and pointed to the sky in our ignorance and our refusal to ACT……

Will it be YOU that does …NOTHING AT ALL?

See six million jews or Tutsi’s or the Balkins when good folks failed to act. See 100 million RUSSIAN DEATHS in WORLD WAR II.


Today the FED GODS cloaked in the FRAUD AND LIE OF INDEPENDENCE as MONEY HIGH PRIESTS Speak to bought and fully paid for law makers in a POLITICAL THEATER designed as FRAUD to make voters believe the lie:

  1. The FED is not an agency of the US Government far far from it. SEE THE FILM ABOVE AND BOOK MARK IT.
  2. The Fed is not accountable to CONGRESS FAR FROM IT – viral on walls the FILM ABOVE. Copy it.
  3. The Fed is considering their shareholder profit request to lower interest rates – a killer economic choice – to give their criminal mob boss banker controlling shareholders more FREE MONEY to profit in market casino bets until loss from bad bets is so huge the bankers need tax payers to pay off their bad debts like SUB PRIME 2007.
  4. Congress has no power over the FED none zero – this is a device to create a FRAUD to voters that there is oversight when there is no oversight and this is all sham and fraud this week.
  5. THE AI MARKETS not in control are acting DIFFERENTLY than once MOB BOSS BANKER CONTROLLED outcomes and truly the FED is near panic today because they are in new AI economics losing influence as the truth gets out. MOB BOSS SPOKESPERSONS APPEARED BEFORE CONGRESS Is the headline media should use but how when they are debt controlled as media OWNERS by the MOB MONEY BOSSES. Themselves.

So listen to the FRAUD today. Have new ears to hear and new eyes to really see.

As you wake up if you act up we could save the world economically.

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE – pure fraud by criminals who control the money supply of your nation by a terrible 80 page act of the US CONGRESS.

SHAME ON YOU for failing to correct your own SHIT STORMS.

You have caused all wars and pain by failing to act which means – you too must be evil. Reverse your 80 page act and secure our future for AMERICA for 500 years.


NOTE: If the Fed lowers interest rates soon the SUPER BUBBLE today will soar into a SUPER DUPER BUBBLE worse than 1929 and end in America’s economic destruction – WORST CRASH EVER and global worse depression ever – and for sure re-electing TRUMP against socialists so the Criminal Bankers are never state owned. SHIFTING MONEY MOB BOSS TO NEW MONEY MOB BOSS NO CHANGE. Only congress can redraft laws to massively upgrade bank regulation and investment bank regulation with the largest ever budget increase in authority and funding for the SEC to insure economic national security with mandates for the most advanced AI to regulate global AI in markets for the first time since 1933 SEC acts were formed. THE LARGEST GLOBAL REGULATORY RE-THINK IS THE SYSTEM SAVER. FREE MONEY IS THE SYSTEM NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOLKS as one states…it is all economics …all of it. If can follow the money then you know….if you can’t you shan’t and your wipe out is almost always complete. In your data ignorance. But as you all know. ( same in all nations and you KNOW NOW from EU to AMERICA )..ignorance is bliss….takes courage to read this BLOG and get the TRUTH doesn’t it. You are my heros.