We have told you for years since the admission by DEUTSCHE BANK that CLICK RUNS entirely new in banking core deposit flight would sink the largest most prestigious bank in the EU and Germany. Germany is having a FREE FALL of manufacturing and contraction as the largest EU economy pre trade discussions. If Germany takes time to negotiate a US trade deal the sinking will become potentially EU catastrophic. The EU is in a policy nightmare mess with entirely new management stepping in. We will see. Italy got a life preserver on sales tax raises we’ll see there as the debt bomb in italy is fuse lit ( as we reported ) and another EU nightmare.

Economics is unforgiving for error.

Seeing those thousands of DEUTSCHE BANK employees laid off and out of jobs this Monday was sad sad sad. The innocent are paying now for the crimes of those on mega yachts this summer having no pains what so ever. Sad Bad.

We asked you as Deutsche BANK is not OK in this first huge contraction to a fraction of its authority prestige and outreach. Now shed of its investment banking it is a shadow of the bank it was in 2015. The cost of criminals running a bank.

We told you. Their multiple CEO’s said we were wrong and the bank was just fine. With the ten billion downsizing first of many to come does this look like OK BANKING TO YOU? Right again.

The stock in the bank is well something south of GE investing.

The markets are crashing the FOOLS RALLY on interest raise rising which is not FED HAPPENING. Right again. The criminal over pricing by speculators is catching many FOOLISH investors in the value adjustment trap.

Apple and Deutsche Bank led todays first wave of value adjustment. The volatility may up and down but the course is down down down the rabbit hole until the items we reported to our readers this weekend normalize in economics. Our Spring forecasting is flowing in one direction – RIGHT AGAIN. For those who acted you are safe. I sold Apple today at peak before it hit AM opening.

Market CORE LIQUIDITY still haunts our charts. Today.

Bond Markets have deflated crashing sovereign nation borrowing cost – itself not a bad thing temporarily.

Bond profiting is also well soft.

Safe Harbor ? We told you all about yours.

Advice – stay tuned and think with your BRAIN versus your head or your gut. Plan on momentum into year end. Your best pay raise option – opportunity – is Press ranked CEO SPACE up to you to check out July 22nd in Dallas. I would.

Best way forward for leaders business owners and professionals out there – the best. Up to you of course.

Options are wealth. five minute film by me to you for a peak. Share it.

Book mark it.

Good JOB.

Manufacturing in EU and Asia down. Japan taking monopoly control ( 90% global monopoly ) on Chap making vital resources blocked SOUTH KOREA from those supply’s watch SAMSUNG and others.

Consumer confidence index ranked higher on INFLATION today another block in NO INTEREST RATES FROM FED. Good news though for the USA today. Again.

USA is booming. Everything is picking up despite second quarter still winter effected April May economics ( off in reporting coming up ). 77% of next ten reporting firms report earnings DOWN in second quarter. Market over valuation from the FOOLS RALLY will adjust value to the right corrected market level. There will be coming up in the global all new CASINO AI ECONOMIC MARKET PLACE some losers ( mostly ) and winners ( some ) as always.

Our readers know early and first what is coming next and always what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Nancy has been quiet as deals are being made. Deal – don’t prosecute Crimes for Nancy and team and impeachment wonders away as a political benefit to Trump versus any other way around it. Also it is dawning on Congress we are engaged in a real global digital world war III and we need A BUDGET DEBT CEILING RISING CREDIT RATING AND INFRASTRUCTURE TO DECISIVELY WIN THIS WAR. Congress is reframing into AMERICANS FIRST.

However in Politics we never assume the parties will act in their own best interest. Never rely on THAT.

In any country.

So will PUTIN and China reframe with the EU the new world order really and truly. They might. They might not. SUPER CHANGE from Greece to EU headquarters from UK to Japan no one can know yet. We have to wait and see.

As always we will keep you posted.

For those that know devastated NO NEW JOBS OUT OF WORK 20,000 from criminal DEUTSCHE BANK as click runs out of the bank are simply MASSIVE RUNS today and this week we suggest: have those you know explore CEO SPACE for self employment and we’ll truly help them as we have done for down sized world wide for 30 years. OPTIONS matter. Check it out.

We ask the EU and Germany what is their plan if DEUTSCHE CRIMINAL BANKERS FAIL and the bank must be taken over by the state far more rapidly than any planner see’s today?

WE ASK THAT because getting AHEAD of it is the best policy now.

Never assume they will though.

As politicians.

Economists fail to understand CLICK RUNS at WELLS FARGO or Deutsche criminal banking . No lines around banks. Just billions leaving the effected bank by the CLICK today.


No model for it.

Happening now.


So we’ll see. As time unfolds next.


To: 20,000 wonderful employees and their ripple into non paying off debt and defaulting we tell you all we are so sorry and we are all praying for you. Hire them as you can world wide…..