Turkey Endgame having almost been slaughtered with his wife children and entire family by MBS and Whabbi sect Muslim’s seeking to wipe as they call it the majority Muslim Shite SCUM. Now this has been going on for 2000 years. Then MBS insulted Turkey via their sociopathic war crimes psycho KING MBS hugging buddies with the world. Note MBS has been globe hopping over to TURKEY anytime soon. Endgame keeps releasing more of the Khashoggi Slaughter and no one asks the RIGHT QUESTIONS. ( Hey I sold my Apple stock why might mean you’ve read my blog for a time and actually understood all along what is being data reported ).

The Right Question to old EDGAME ( oh I know how to spell his name alrighty ).




As the audio and video tapes of the brutal bone saw dismemberment of Khashoggi going to get his wedding permit last October only – in Saudi’s safe by law embassy to do so – were released MBS was torn naked. The world knows him as a liar, a sociopath, a psychotic, unworthy to be King or urinal cleaner in prison. MBS needs a very long vacation from the SAUD family. The longer they delay the vacation the great the risk of a SAUDI civil war.

Meanwhile the one big question for ENDGAME:

Why join NATO ALLIANCE and then move away from EU and USA and chose RUSSIA as your protector? Endgame strategy to play one against the other – the USA and Russia as economic cards has FAILED MISERABLY. Now Turkey is sinking into a failed state economically.

Interest is 29% on a base line loan.

The economy is super crashing.

The currency is super inflating.

Everyone is click running to EU’s and Dollars.

End Game fired his head of the CENtRAL BANK which now is just an ENDGAME CURRENCY PRINTER and the panic in Turkey is rising economically. But lets us step back a bit before we discuss Nato members second largest standing ARMY on Russias border shall we and on Syria’s border.



Of the billion Muslims and growing in this world many see Turkey as the hope of the Muslim world, and President Endgame as the very father of this Umma, the first real Iman. The notion every Mosque is in fact a barracks is leading the race into the new Ottoman Empire – a one rule of the Muslim world goal. Endgame see’s himself as the new Caliph. Restoration and education on the majesty of the EU defeated OTTOMAN EMPIRE is rising in Turkey. The Presidential Palace guard engages the Ottoman symbols post coup. State maps are creeping borders to show the Ottoman empire. Turkey State Aide is spreading through the Gulf muslim world and into North Africa as our weapons from Turkey.

Russia saw the SOVIET UNION crash as the Berlin Wall came down. States voted to be independent. Putin than a KGB nothing agent out posting in nother jobs was deeply offended as were many Russians in letting go of the economics and the back bone in the EU of its state provinces. The downsized Russia was in 2020 a Petro nation with zero future. As Ruler of Russia Putin failed to diversify the economy over thirty years of time. The now decaying sanctioned riddled shrining economics in Russia making lop sided military pay outs stretch without war. Russia is the size of the state of NEW YORK in GNP and as OIL demand falls off a cliff going down say 50% in 25 years – oil prices will crash. Buyers will buy less market share from OPEC aligned entities like RUSSIA already seeing quality dive as contamination in its product OIL cost Russia billions in 2019 when they could least afford those billions.

Russia seeks as policy to weaken AMERICA over time and to DESTROY NATO. As Nato unwinds under RUSSIA policy if successful, Russia can reclaim its spheres of trade influence back to the full glory economically of the more diversified ( economically ) now rising again SOVIET UNION. At least that is Putin’s dream if he does not get ill and die or get killed.

In the new DIGITAL WORLD WAR III that began with Russia Axis of Evil coordinated digital attacks on western markets commenced their strategy which includes TURKEY coming out of NATO goes into full gear. The strategy outlined in Kevin Freeman’s works THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN define a new warfare invented by XI and PUTIN. This winning to date war plan is known as asymmetrical warfare. It works well.

The host places idiot puddy of radical political beliefs in cells to support the master plan never really knowing they are doing just that. Digital traps are placed in nation from all critical infrastructure – digital mines digital IED’s to power systems, the internet back bone, credit institutions and economic institutions down to core records, sewer water and related critical treatments, defense communication systems, all communication systems, and critical industry. Everything is hacked first including the nations war plans. North Korea hackers are now the worlds best and contract to Russia and China for enormous fee’s. North Korea hacked the war plans against itself from both the USA and South Korea data bases in the past 72 months and reported here.

The trojans all planted await activiations.

Massive fake news campagnes by warfare harden digital weapons, bots and robots, and AI insert never ending political instability. Real hacks take emails and text from Jeff Bezo to his sweetheart and send that to his wife and the media. The resulting divorce settlement last week of 34 billion is a punishment by MBS in Saudi for Jeff who owns the Washington POST labeling MBS a mentally ill unstable sociopathic ruler ( which he truly is and mental illness progresses ) . Jeff Bezo paid half his wealth and untold billions and prestige in the world to MBS doing a hissy fit attack on his computer and cell phone. WE HAVE BEEN LOSING ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE SINCE 2007.

Russia has been winning as the AIA of the new battle plans.

As NATO broke its word with Mother RUSSIA and moved ever east, into Soviet Union trading spheres of influence Baltic states Lithuania Latvia Estonia, Polan, and many others, Russia said STOP and gave WARNINGS LONG BEFORE UKRAINE. When Ukraines elected President sought RUSSIAN alliance not EU alliance, the west used asymmetric warfare with massive on the ground cells military outfitting, we over threw the elected Russia leaning President who fled for his life as the legal ruler of the nation – and we installed our own west leaning now comedian in charge – Russia was not AMUSED.

Russia drew its own Red Line on NATO Eastern Creep in Turkey and in Ukraine. Russia seized half the nation in Crimea and the most valuable port with billions in infrastructure for its national interest and naval access essential to its influence in the Mediterranean and the GULF nations and the world.

Turkey drew in with Nato tens of billions in foreign aide, bases, and economic employment engagement. More investing has been done with NATO TURKEY than many of our Nato Allies. Russia now running out of ENERGY ECONOMIC TIME is attempting in a rising debtor nation, with falling credit ratings, failing economic back bones systemically, rising unemployment, failing currency, raise oil prices for as much time as they possibly can. While they artificially work to prop up oil price they need pipelines to the EU through Germany as one deal, and into Turkey as another as NATO derails with Turkey. The other economics is weapon system sales.

Russia seeks to reduce even shatter our influence in Turkey via energy and weapon systems shifting from NATO to Russia from USA to RUSSIA. Let Mother RUSSIA help you dominate the Ottoman Empire with Russia by your side. Two utterly failing economies. RUSSIA needs the trade with Turkey by tearing out the roots of USA and NATO.

Asymmetrical warfare going on for a decade in Turkey has massive Digital tools at work to assure the population are anti nato and pro russia. This “brain washing” takes place over time and is possible from digital weapons. Russia is expanding spheres of influence in a real race for survival. The race is against 50 dollar oll price ( which it still makes profit from but not enough to run its out sized military in a GNP the size only of one American State say NEW YORK ).

Russia is not equal to the USA.

Although the danger remains RUSSIA MIND SETS. Lets look at that against the success plan to evict TURKEY FROM NATO and move billions in trade to RUSSIA alone:

  1. Danger: Russia right sided military leaders are arriving at a FIRST STRIKE STRATEGY they now feel they might win against the USA and EU taking over “THE” WORLD all at once. If the forward crash of oil demand – sends a one economic PETRO DOLLARS RUSSIA into the third world status of economics – Russia faces core survival against a clock. Time is not on their side.
  2. Danger: Russia has hacked with its AXIS OF EVIL sharing – all our secrets. We must assume they have particle beam weapons – emp weapons – neutron bombs – and now our own hypersonic 20 minute steal cruise missels to deliver such weapons to anyone of our 1000 cities in 20 minutes no defense – time line 2020.
  3. Danger a tipping point – where Russia see’s it could first strike and wipe out with Neutron bombs all American 300 million and EU 500 million and not one building would be trashed – the entire grids and infrastructure would all be there to walk into post strike ( following week ).
  4. Danger before the strike Russia can wipe out all communication – records and data bases – power water transport and sewer and as the nation bemoans OH HOW OH HOW COULD THIS ALL HAVE HAPPENED.
  5. Bam – gone all the peeps. 20 minutes.

The one thing that keeps all this from occurring is self preservation. The WORD IS REDUNDANCY. Only America has sufficient capacity to assure in such event, taking out all leadership, that Military leadership REDUNDANT and unstoppable will communicate Ultra Low Frequency with unstoppable orders to the four letter word that keeps RUSSIA in total check. SUBS. These Subs will launch. 60 Seconds from Russias 20 minutes there is NO RUSSIA and there are zero survivors in nation – as in zero completely zero. RUSSIA is a 10,000 year insects shall inherit their earth. Russia leaders know this to be hard fact with weapons so terrible Russia has no clue just how terrible or redundant those strikes will be arriving over hour after hour and purely unstoppable.

Putin knowing this seeks to create a NEW WORLD ORDER with the WEST. This new strategy is economic not political. The new DETENTE if Putin and Trump – ( two men who know the truth about each others nations ) – are trying to set into space a new WORLD ORDER. If China and Russia and the EU and America can write a new WORLD ORDER with no nation left behind – the future for Russia can be magic If Russia resets DEBT WITH SUPER BONDS ( scroll to see how on this site ) and receives a trillion US dollars to diversify its economics – Russia can order a new long term prosperity through a less risky strategy.

Today lacking that strategy Russia is winning in its EU pipe line by passing UKRAINE now flowing to economically dependant GERMANY for that energy and transport revenue. EU is dependent on low cost energy from RUSSIA through Pipelines in Germany and Ukraine by policy. Turkey is next. As Russia succeeds in getting its defense systems not compatible with NATO into Turkey – Turkey must lose US aide – bases – and economics – all of which RUSSIA offsets and . steps right into by agreements already made between PUTIN and ENDGAME in Moscow.

Endgame sees the USA as first plotting the COUP then if not plotting NOT HELPING all the time protecting and ass kissing crazy brain MBS and Saudi for the money. The USA must remain allies to the SAUD FAMILY which is not MBS by any means – knowing historically MBS will take a very long vacation or having a sorry hunting accident while Falcon Hunting. Just like SNOWDEN feels so safe and secure until Putin returns him as the ultimate cigar gift to TRUMP of good faith. The ACE in reserve card politically. SEE IT ALL MORE CLEARLY NOW.

Meanwhile playing one against the other – dangerous game – ENDGAME just massively loss his home city mayor. Not getting his own boy in he called for illegal snap elections in istanbul and then lost by even more than before. MORE THAN BEFORE. Political capital for ENDGAME is now sinking in all polls. Why? Past all the Russian brain washing to help ENDGAME and pollute support for NATO AND USA – the economy is now in a death spiral. Turkey is at risk of becoming a failed state.

Turkey can not afford to pay its military the largest standing army in theater next to China.  The crashing economics in Turkey raise the risk of sovereign nation debt defaulting so often warned by the IMF. Christine left the IMF in two steps. First she is out of powers to stop the sovereign nation system killing debt default risk rising she has warned about for the entire term of her half decade of shouting – WARNING WARNING WARNING an no nation has resolved its core economic issues. Why? Politics runs economics versus economics running politics. Outcomes are always predictable. Christine will find she jumped from the frying pan into the BOMB FIRE at EU central bank with a truly dying currency over time. Why? DEBT. Sovereign nation unsustainable running nations by borrowing more than their GNP. A recipe for failed states and massive sovereign nation debt defaulting.

Turkey is caught between rising military hard cost, regional ambition, soaring state security cost, invasion of Muslim radicals creating violent instability in nation, and declining public support for clearly failed economic outcomes. Turkey breeds absolute nationalism with a soaring state secret police cost to monitor and incarcerate with zero due process or rule of law disent to the leadership at will. Central Banks seeking to break the inflation backbone – would not lower interest rates from almost 30% on a prime rate loan like Jimmy Carter in the inflation spiral the USA went through. Reagan economics was possible because Jimmy Carter held firm in supporting the FED on that strategy of economics. ENDGAME FIRED his Central Bank head – trashing his Central bank authority and prestige to the world. Now his failing currency will free fall as SUPER MONEY POOLS make fortunes this week SHORTING TURKISH CURRENCY and Endgame has no clue what he has in fact done here. Which is why we asked POWELL as CEO SPACE not to lower interest rates. MARKET SPECULATORS ( Gamblers ) are trying to on weight of currency manipulation threat – factor in a wealth premium for themselves – TRUMP knows Interest rates raised to fast but he doesn’t yet appreciate it is to late to put that cow in the barn – as confidence is more important than political capital from wildly distorted phony manipulated market prices by speculators in AI casino capitalism – well documented on this site – such that global dollar ( soaring ) confidence is ideal not its lack by Fed panic and caving sending all the wrong signals out to the world. As the FED HOLDS IN THE GREAT PAUSE AS BEST STRATEGY FOR USA AND THE WORLD the gamers who bet on the Fed rate cut lose out on billions and billions on the wrong side of their bet and market prices more normalize. Which is the why I sold Apple today buy low and Sell HIGH. I practice what I preach as Tim is not doing well on his bets either as we have reported on Apple quality sinking and innovations declining.

Turkey firing their CENTRAL BANKER THIS WEEKEND is again important to us all because the FED’s will review this as more fuel to the fire to follow the proven economic modeling strategy – when in doubt DO NOTHING – gather more data first.


Also this weekend China lied again. It reported its foreign current accounts were over 3 trillion dollars again. While this is not a lie it is a lie in currency speak. You have to know your China data. China had almost four trillion US dollars in their dollar reserve account – now having lost 3 trillion like smoke POOF supporting their phony currency at 7 to one dollar – which soon will sling shot to 15 to one dollar ( you heard that first here ). The FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT report is a shell game in China Fed Talk. The pea is under one shell the real dollar account under 1 trillion and falling to zero. They have to Pay everything at all ports in US DOLLARS not phony yuan no one desires. There are two yuan markets. One inside China their peeps have to pay in exchange but they don’t as they all use shadow banking and go around state control. Outside China the Yuan trades against world currency at a far different rate than inside China. Finally the Foreign currency account includes one trillion ( they say over 1 trillion in their in nation rate of conversion to yuan and the market says under one trillion in world real markets –  and includes yen and EU’s and other nation currencies for the rest. ) The reporting in China in bonds, in stocks in currency in economics in GNP is not accurate is opaque and manipulated by central Chinese planners who now have to face world account adjustments as China fuels stability with worst nation sovereign debt loading of them all – over 300% borrowing over GNP which China does not wish to accent IMF 17 warnings in ten years into 2019 – last – that state: China is a DEBTOR NATION – AND THE DEBT TO RUN PHONY ECONOMIC MATH IS NOT SUSTAINABLE AND IS THE HIGHEST RISK IN THE WORLD TO SYSTEMIC FAILURE GLOBALLY.

Turkey is replacing the strong USA with failed state communist nation economics in China and Russia on its borders?

Turkey with almost 30% prime interest loan will now with ENDGAME taking over his central bank as his personal piggy bank will slash interest rates and massively print money which will create German inflation in nation with 1,000,000 Turkish currency bucks for a loaf of bread. To contain the massive unrest Endgame needs CHINESE and Russia people control with Digital monitoring of everything and China CAMPS to RE-TRAIN BRAINS to support the state. AI nations as police state or free nations big difference dividing up next. Economic survival makes dictators act out predictably as POWER is the one commodity where PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH. A human insanity.

Meanwhile MBS has been a true enemy of the USA in the most horrific way:


  1. Alliance with Putin against the USA from day one 2014.
  2. Daddy and Crazy Sonny go to Moscow for the group hug.
  3. The WAR on AMERICAN SHALE OIL FOLLOWS crashing to 34 dollars a barrel from MBS 140.00 dollars.
  4. Shale Won and Saudi lost market share never to recover and price – USA is now worlds largest energy producer.
  5. War in Yemen losing USA top secret weapons to Russia and losing the YEMEN war now bombing Saudi weekly.
  6. COUP in Turkey to help Putin Undermine the USA blaming the coup on the USA.
  7. Attacking himself to raise oil in desperation false flagging IRAN and framing Iran to disguise its own pope of terror.
  8. Butchering Khashoggi on film and audio tape caught red handed as a maniac and liar.
  9. Locking up 1000 royals loyal to the USA and shaking them down illegally for over 100 billion dollars.
  10. Locking up USA folks and all who speak out against MBS who just disappear daily at 3 AM in and out of palace.
  11. Telling Trump he would support his son in laws peace plan than pulling the rug out and with Russia killing it.
  12. This weekend he canceled orders for BOEING planes at tens of billions and shifted that sum to the EU. Slam to USA and our interests.

Congress is no longer amused.

Trump gets it all but has to USA survive the puppy King with his much deeper longer relationships with Saudi SAUD family who post MBS TAKING A VACATION coming up next – Trump wishes to assure survive to the new lasting real powers.

While flipping the finger to MBS next – poking his middle finger into MBS eye and brain – and derailing Putin but making a DEAL ( setting up the new world order with Putin U turning on crazy MBS – takes on to know one ) as TRUMP MAKES THE GREAT IRAN PEACE DEAL – which leads to GULF PEACE and all nation prosperity for 300 years. ONE DEAL WITH IRAN which becomes historic. Iran has systems replace Trust. America has systems replace trust. Reagan Politics rule – TRUST BUT VARIFY ALWAYS.

New lower nuke threat treaties will secure the world moving forward and China Russia and USA together can assure no nation is left behind and economic SUPER BOND and related solutions respark world stability and prosperity. There are risks. But this direction is moving forward.

Turkey is trying to deal up the USA economically or Russia flipping on the highest bidder. Now that they are staring to work as one the outcomes is likely failed economics and a new leader to join the community versus pit one against the other. Turkey places Russia central defense in nation and NATO will depart with that crash to economics Russia as a debtor nation the size of GNP of New York State but shrinking to the size of bankrupt Illinois – having just lost billions on its top secret sub with such shoddy work now that it caught fire and killed half the crew – due to contractor shoddy work. Russia can steal USA state secrets but we invent new ones and the magnificence of our work product MADE IN THE USA is simply not matched anywhere.

Apple is suffering because of shoddy work in China and that work is getting worse. The billions in returns and warranty work from sinking CHINESE quality and rising CHINESE prices make CHINA a once first choice and now a last choice only if you must. The largest brands go in and can’t make profits but for a very very few and even those are now finding the profit and rip off policy bad climates for trade as opposed to favorable.  WILL CHINA as a CRIMINAL NATION OF THIEVES in asymmetrical warfare now no longer winning – CHANGE BEHAVIOR? WILL TURKEY ?

Never rely on political choice to act in the nations best own interest…why? POWER CORRUPTS.

The crises is in integrity.

Competition is insane and leads to failed economies and world wars. INSANITY from mid reptilian brain. We fail to teach in education sanity thinking and insanity avoidance using higher brain function ( sane ) over lower brain function ( insane ) . We teach our young insanity and the out comes we see on news world wide.

COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION FORGED ON EHTICS INTEGRITY AND CELEBRATION OF ALL DIVERSITY as higher brain states of thinking – resolve the crises of integrity brought forth by competitive thought form being a culture direction for education and nations. WE TEACH INSANITY and we end up paying the cost of errors in thinking.

My work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION gives you all the science you require.


Who decides.

Oh thats easy. It is not THEM. it is never them.

It is you.

Elect leaders who are not competitive.

Un-elect leaders who are.

What you see today is insane candidates with a few who are sane. ELECT THE SANE.

Be sane yourself.

Drop out of mind manipulation and state brain washing via media. ITS ALL FAKE NEWS.

We just have horrific failure in education on values and integrity and we pay the price of media run by those damaged competitive brains who believe the insanity is sanity and real when it is false in fact. Assess integrity in Turkey.

The Crises is in integrity. WE THE PEOPLE GET THAT.

See the election in Istanbul.

Now watch the failure of economics as ENDGAME pushes Turkey into state sovereign state default.

What does ENDGAME NEED TO DO TO WIN: in our opinion as investment banker economists:


  1. Make a USA deal and fast.
  2. Send me a first class plane ticket to fast track SUPER BONDS.
  3. The economic reset of SUPER BONDS with USA and EU NATO SUPPORT recapitalizes the nation.
  4. Work projects provide the massive employment stimulation required.
  5. Endgame rules over prosperity versus bankruptcy


So the world markets now punish Turkey currency – watch – and now CLICK RUNS out of Turkey for investment capital protecting ITSELF from Risk – will occur in all Super Money Pools – as the 100 foot ebb tide rip tide out to sea dries up all Turkey Ports to dry land ( economically ) and the DEBT TSUNAMI of 3000 foot killer wave crashes in the future ( TRUMP WINS SAY 2020 ) a near future – to Turkeys peoples great horror and surprise.

Will Turkey act in its own best interest?

Will the USA stop pussy footing around with MBS an insane brain ruler and PURE ENEMY OF USA POLICY just whacking tens of billions from Boeings far better plane to EU to again say to Trump – FUCK THE USA SUCKER.

When is enough enough with Saudi?

With Turkey?

Is it now before the nasty 2020 election?

What keeps me up at night? What “IF” Russia and Putin and Endgame and ENEMY OF USA MBS have all made a secret deal to checkmate the USA and Iran is in all this – if PUTIN makes a TRUMP Deal – Turkey is Putin’s ace in the deck for economics for Russia -and Endgame is ok whoever wins as money to him roars on in – if Trump and Congress firewall Putin out of any dealing – say Putin has Endgame surround USA bases with his enormous military – block all in and out as siege – permitting USA citizens to leave their bases and EU support staff in 72 airlift out – leaving a trillion in base infrastructure and nukes and advanced weapons behind – and Russia takes over as Endgame protector and together with Chinese spyware they SLAUGHTER every radical muslim in nation and USA NOCS with Russian Snowden Intel already marking them all – and we are OUT strategically and Russia goes CHECK MATE winning Deal with Trump and NO DEAL.

Too far out there?

I say – think like PUTIN versus beltway think tank guru’s. I married a Russian wife ( though she is Nashville Tennessee raised as a southern girl but I got her RUSSIA DNA from grandma plus the fabulous recipes before Grammy graduated. The 1960s to 1980s I was ( next to oil ) the largest Diamond exporter of Fine Russian Diamonds from Moscow and Brussels in the world some 50 million in 1970’s dollars a MONTH in trade to mother Russia. I know a thing or two as a student of Russia soul and spirit and history. Unlike most American’s trapped in expertise and experience fifty mile circles around a MCdonald’s – BIG MAC double Cheese and vanilla Shake go large PLEASE as Russia knowledge in house.  Putin has declining popularity from his massive over 80% support but still support remains overwhelming for Putin the Strong man in theater. His game plan is what Trump is playing into and PUTIN wins if Trump leans forward in judo or leans back in judo which Putin is a master at taking his opponents all of them to the mat. Those opposing Putin may wish to reconsider their plays against this grand master In my opinion of Russia as a student. Putin has won since 9/11 taking full advantage of 9/11. Putin has been winning and USA has been losing. In Digital WORLD WAR III all economic. Our digital pearl harbor was the super crash a full on digital frontal AI first ever attack on global markets. Putin made all his sanction money ( trillions ) back in the resulting SUPER CRASH as he caused it and was on the right side of the bet.

Then the DOD formed the 34 billion and now beyond calculation CYBER WARFAR COMMAND CENTER. The USA after is DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR disaster catches up quick. Every leader in CYBER WARFARE has read DOD contractor Kevin Freeman ( legacy faculty CEO SPACE and we communicate daily with advance winning strategy for the USA – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION ) we presently lack as coordinated winning game hand. For half a decade Kevin and I lobby for MARS to DOD higher command and politician funders and the White House across administrations.

aToday we are again on the offensive. WE take each hit from Russia today and HIT BACK AND HARD. These wars are taking place under water in the air and on the found as full out DIGITAL WARFARE. Trump now has the offensive again. In this full on WORLD WAR THREE what keeps me up at night is the possibly we lose. Why? How? Well our own congress. In WAR full out DIGITAL WAR congress does not yet appreciate or understand – they are failing to pass our budget – credit ceiling assuring FULL MILITARY FUNDING IN WAR TIME – ASYMMETRICAL NEW AI WAR TIME – fully engaged globally assuring the USA and its military win, and protecting the USA ECONOMIC SYSTEM AS A WAR PLAN TO WIN – PROTECTING OUR CREDIT RATING AS A WAR PLAN TO WIN – AND EMPOWER WHOEVER IS COMMANDER AND CHEIF WITH ESSENTIALS TO WIN- BUDGET – STRONG ECONOMY AS FULL ON NATIONAL SECURITY IN WAR TIME – AUTHORITY TO COMMANDER AND CHEIF WITHIN BI PARTISIAN SUPPORT IN WAR TIME. Vietnam taught us one lesson – we lose as a nation if politicians run a war. The US MILITARY WILL NEVER NOT EVER ALLOW THAT TO OCCUR AGAIN. WAR PLANNERS IN AI WARS PRO ACT AND REACTION IS AI WHERE YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE – Politicians need to do their part – protect this nation so we win. What keeps me up at night is while our military are engaged in multi fronts and full on DIGITAL AI FIRST EVER WORLD WAR III ( and all my readers know this in all nations and need more proof.

If my readers world wide DO NEED MORE PROOF buy the NEW YORK TIMES this July global best seller by BRAD THOR ( who coordinates with Kevin Freeman and our research data ) and read SPY MASTER available in every book store world wide. And Amazon. Why? Well World War I started from failed congress and Fed economic policy but unfolded politically in the deeply divided Christian Muslim rip tide since the Crusades in the BALKIN FIREWALL to the EU. World WAR II started due to Fed horrific policy error building casino capitalism per AI in 1929. But the political start again was a kid engaged by who ( Hitler ? ) to Kill Arch Duke Ferdinand. Where? BALKANS the home of World War I World WAR II AND ALMOST WORLD WAR IIII in full on genocide when NATO so late stepped in after slaughter of 100’s of thousands NATO did nothing over all woman and children. Plus the men on top. Genocide as the MASTER RACE roared on in. Say Hitler is a virus ( competition in MASTER RACE OR MASTER FAITH ) sociopathic leader just like MBS today. EVIL WINS WHEN THE MAJORITY OF INTEGRITY GOOD HEATS AND MINDS ON EARTH SIMPLY DO NOTHING. Evil can’t win if we all know and act. DOING NOTHING wins. SO SPY MASTER is current data to today and the BALKINS. How would PUTIN check mate NATO and firewall USA power influence and economic decline? Ah read SPY MASTER. What keeps me up at night is USA CONGRESS AND STAFF all need to read the BOOK and turn support in DIGITAL AI WORLD WAR III inward to support our PRESIDENT whoever that is – unconditionally so we WIN THE WAR. To win we require economic prosperity not new global depression where PUTIN wins and the USA loses. ECONOMIC PROSPERITY IS NATIONAL WAR TIME POLICY that wins only congress remains ignorant and in denial just like with Hitler on the winning strategy. Today we with BUDGET AND INFRASTRUCTURE as emergency WAR GAME WINNING CONGRESSIONAL SUPPORT for our military. To the extend the US INTEL and AGENCIES OF DOD can hammer this WAR TIME POLICY so we in fact win and BUDGET AND INFRASTRUCTURE ALL PASS THIS YEAR – Congress kicked PUTIN in the balls. STOP leaning back to fall on the Putin Judo mat with pure distraction. FACEBOOK AND DIGITAL ELECTION STUFF is handled by our NSA CIA FBI AND DIGITAL WAR FARE COMMAND CENTER. They are all ove rthat distraction. But to win the real war we require AMERICAN PROSPERITY AND A RISE IN OUR CREDIT RATING which all occurs only and if – Congress acts in war time finally understanding the real threat. READ SPY MASTER CONGRESS AND STAFF READ SPY MASTER AND THIS WEEK. Get crack ah lacking USA and vote to support our leader as the oppossing issues are silly putty we are at fully engaged WAR and we may still lose battles ( READ SPY MASTER TO UNDERSTAND ) .

God Bless America.

God Bless BRAD THOR. Keep the Truth coming and Brad watch your six.

It will might be time has run out for ENGAME economically. Or not. Depending on what KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT with the data on this war fare. As my readers all know why as with Hitler do they appease and fail in policy in war time? Lack of action by Congress is all that evil requires to win the coming next battles.KEEP AMERICA DIVIDED thats their plan. Trump and our Military ( democrats and republicans ) are at WAR and they will win if they have a support from an awake and more fully informed congress. Hollywood MAKE A MOVIE – SPY MASTER and RUSH THAT FILM TO MARKET by 2020 election you bake billions and you help us to win the war. If you want socialism and communism to win do nothing. EVIL triumphs when the good do nothing at all. You have been hoodwinked. HOW? Read SPY MASTER and apply the BALKINS to the USA and then the LIGHT HOUSE ROARS ILLUMINATION TO THE FUTURE OF OUR WINNING.

Now that all is my own pucker factor. To my BALKIN READERS unite – cooperate – massively celebrate diversity and forgive the unforgivable past as SOUTH AFRICA showed us all HOW TO DO and turn the page into your own prosperity. NATO is at WAR and losing battles intends with budgets far greater than economic running out of time Putin will win but at what cost where if we deal with PUTIN and we lean into a new world order or Russia prosperity – TRUST BUT VARIFY the entire world wins and PUTIN would in fact prefer that but is not going down when Oil crashes is all. Who can blame him for his battles for his own people RUSSIA FIRST strategy. I do not. I want us all to WIN in the new cooperation.

My readers well know our position on the hard real data. You are SO FAR MORE INFORMED than the manipulation war time media as our my journalist who stay out front by reading here. Happy to do sound bites for those who get it. The truth is so important in WAR. DIGITAL AI ASYMMETRICAL WAR in Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN as reads on the truth and data you can not over come. Kevin watch YOUR SIX as you matter buddy you matter so much more than you and Brad Thor realize. HOLLYWOOD MAKE THE MOVIE help us to WIN this war.

Perhaps really good spirits will now DO WHAT THEY CAN DO and that is enough for us to win. We’ll all see. History does not repeat but as Mark Twain who worked for my famous grandfather ABC DOHRMANN look HIM up on line as I’m named after him- stated – history does not repeat but it sure rhymes. Awareness of the truth is HOW we all win together all of us with no nation left behind. I encourage China – SUPER BOND and reset internal economics. Scroll on this web site for HOW. The opportunity to preclude WORLD WAR III itself is in this blog today.

To Help Endgame and derail MBS ten time work to raise oil when Trump asked him ten times to lower oil – now with Saudi the OPEC DICTATOR making the rules without member votes – shattering the OPEC governance at core – POWER CORRUPTS – Trump needs to DUMP. Dump oil from our way to high reserves and bring oil to 45 bucks and level at fifty when you stop the dump.

This bankrupts MBS and downsizes SAUDI who can’t finance terror any longer.

The time for a long MBS vacation changes everything.

Make the Deal with IRAN for the IRANIAN people stabilize the GULF FOREVER. Systems replace Trust.

Do both.

MBS sanity pays back insanity and the result is insanity is deleted.


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