We have told our readers the summer market will be super volatile. Wait for it………


The Fools Rally has investors hoodwinked by a landslide and new AI as well. Why?


  1. The majority of reporting firms for the second quarter have warned of sharply lower than anticipated earnings. Only a FOOLS RALLY goes wildly up on such BAD NEWS.
  2. Oil is having a falloff in demand that is staggering. As demand for oil falls for the coming 30 years – every year – oil goes up? Counter to economics.
  3. America the EU and Asia are slowing down economically and the markets goes up on FED fool’s RALLY on rate increases. Markets plunge on loss of side bets into false flag Fed rate increases. CEO SPACE wrote Powell – hold the GREAT PAUSE IS ENOUGH.
  4. Valuation on averages has risen from 14 times earnings to 17 times earning – record highs since 1929. Not sustainable valuation leverages in core economics.
  5. The market is a speculation against zero inflation – lower profit margins – declining sales from autos to manufacturing contracting and inverted bond yields and the market goes UP as a recession looms?



Fools Rally’s never end well.


SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. The pull back in casino capitalism is needed and will wipe out a lot of gamblers in the market by a trillion or so. RIGHT AGAIN and we told you and told you.






The greatest run on a bank since 1929 has taken place in Germany. Right again. We told you.



Deutsche Bank IS experiencing the largest CLICK RUN by depositor’s out of the bank. Depositors’ worldwide are CLICK RUNNING deposits out of CRIMINAL DEUTSCHE BANK. While Germany in endless investigations has no one from the TOO BIG TO JAIL criminal bank, having one criminal theft manipulating markets for greed and profit after another – crime after crime – the deposit base institutional, corporate, and mom and pops are RUNNING core depots out of the bank. The head of the losing investment banking division, where so many bad bets have lost so much wealth from failing Deutsche Bank once Germany’s largest and most influential institution, now failing utterly. Some years and a number of CEO’s ago the President of the bank stated publically how strong the bank was and how its crashing stock was a passing event. We said the CEO was a liar and the bank was failing completely. From crimes. Multiple crimes. Another criminal bank like Wells Fargo.

Deposits are socially investing and self-preserving. In the musical chairs of CLICK RUNS (a new economic of AI economics) Click RUNS sink banks. Deutsche bank is now conducting a series of new crimes. These crimes are economic and include:


  1. Setting up a new bank to hold the crap loser side bets in long term derivatives the fully bankrupt fraud leadership seeks to shell game the market into. On announcement of SHELL GAME ECONOMICS Deutsche Bank failing its merger as buyers see the lies in the balance sheet simple RUNNNNNN. Deutsche Bank Stock is now cap rate valued at only 14 billion dollars today. BlackRock and Carlyle manage 13 trillion as two hedge funds by comparison. Deutsche Bank’s criminal boards now want to value spin off assets at 50 billion when the entire bank is valued at only 14 billion down say 90% from 2015.
  2. Deutsche bank criminal boards want to set up a new BAD BANK to shell game remove Deutsche bank soaring bad loan none performing debt held as rock solid reporting assets on its fraud balance sheet – so that it can SET ITS OWN VALUE to a portfolio of pure loss.


The problem is DEUTSCHE BANK may fail as a blow out in Germany where the state has to take over and pay out on the bad bets in trillions Deutsche Bank criminals lost – they lost all the depositor money at core deposits and only phony criminal accounting keeps the bank afloat.


Deutsche bank is having with other EU banks a run by depositor’s out of the EU they feel may implode in fact – into dollar based accounts in non-criminal banks they chose for social value based integrity reasons. The Criminal banks are getting killed by CLICK RUNS.


CLICK runs are new and AI adds fuel to massive flows out of criminal banks. Stock crashes in these banks are real and accelerating. BANK FAILURES dominoes in economic core systems due to counter party agreements triggering balance sheet adjustments where crap assets way way over valued on bank balance sheets are seen as crap. AS BANK CRAP IS RESET ON BALANCE SHEETS AS CRAP SYSTEM CORE LIQUIDITY DRIES UP.

What we know. Deutsche Bank helped caused the systemic risk to the entire system, as Germany’s and the EU’s lead bank. They now have admitted to multiple crimes of the most massive scale like Wells Fargo Bank but the bank does not get closed down for their crimes – their assets seized by nations and moved over to NON CRIMINAL BANKS. No one has a scheme for TOO BIG TO JAIL no one in todays AI economy.

Deutsche Bank has from CLICK RUNS by its own depositors punishing the bank for its CRIMES just like WELLS FARGO DEPOSITORS click running. Warren Buffett with what he thought was the STEAL OF THE CENTURY dealt in to Wells Fargo with billions to provide liquidity for WELLS FARGO SURVIVAL as the stock soared DOWNWARD. The CLICK RUNS continue for both banks as billions and billions leave criminal banks in unstoppable social consequence for high crimes by criminal bankers. Deutsche bank is now a fraction of its size about 25% down from peak. Mergers fell apart as the partner stated the RISK WAS JUST TOO HIGH ( meaning Deutsche bank is unsavable and bankrupt ).

Now this Holiday slow news weekend the yet another NEW CEO states – we will slash in our first reorganization next – round – found 5 reorganizing – over 20,000 of our employees of 25% of our entire operation – and close out our losing investment banking division writing off untold billions ( which we may not survive ). This weekend Deutsche bank in banker speak said – will the last depositor CLICK RUNNING OUT OF OUR BANK TURN OFF THE LIGHTS ON THE WAY OUT OF OUR NOW EMPTY IN RECEIVERSHIP HOME OFFICE IN GERMANY AS WE ARE GONE TO THE WIND. Germany as a nation is plunging down into recession. Criminal brands like VW that own Audi and other brands are in super crash mode as consumers will not BANK or DO BUSINESS with fully CRIMINAL BRAND MANAGERS. If your big brand is run by crooks and you GET CAUGHT IN YOUR CRIMES COLD – your brand is CLICK RUN by the public who punish you when nations won’t. This SUPER CHANGE UNFOLDING CONSEQUENCE TO REAL CRIMES GOES BEYOND ANYTHING HISTORIC.

The TOO BIG TO JAIL sweep it under the rug – let time go by and the public forgets say MBS and Khashoggi coming up or worse – is no longer TRUE. The market institutionally and the pubic at large now punish criminals and the economics of survival for criminal brans like VW and Deutsche Bank now effect their host nations? Why? The Germany nation failed to place their criminal enterprise in state receiveror ship and broker out those assets to protect its INTEGRITY AS A NATION and their industry in economics. Not seeing the CLICK RUNS the downward spiral is now beyond STATE PLANNERS to manage. The largest economy in the EU is in full crash why? First criminal trade policy with the USA coming to a post world war II closse. The Nation that rebuilt and restored GERMANY has had enough of subsidy and wealth transfer 70 years later come on. Germany lacking a IMMEDIATE TRADE DEAL in a death spiral will have a very hard financial landing coming up. Deutsche Banks first round of cut backs of over 20,000 employees will SMACK GERMANY on its ass economically and hit LONDON AND NEW YORK and global outreach as well. Why? UNRESOLVE CRIMES THAT MAKE THE NATION APPEAR CRIMINAL BY CONSPIRACY. The leaders do not get this principle.

the period of lower mid brain hipocampos false flag assessemnt of threat transmute responding human thought impulse into zero integrity insanity known as competitive thought form – this thought form is being replaced by higher brain awareness and increasingly education built on integrity and cooperation where sanity of cooperation and collaboration as higher brain function is moderating prior generations infected with the ONE VIRUS OF THE HUMAN MIND AND COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS – mid repitlian brain competitive thought impulse – an expression of human capacity for insanity – where COOPERATION HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION is know identified as sane and virus free mental software…..leader brains are shedding lack of intergrity as culture and competition as expressed human insanity from lower repitilan brain stems – soon this principle of thought first scientifically documented in new SUPER CHANGE data humanity now knows appeared in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLULTION back ordered and five stars on Amazon since 2010……

Germany remains engaged in competitive insanity with the nation that restored Germany from its last consequence for competitive insanity ( master race ) – a competitive expression of insane reptilian brain stem. With cocaine trigger. Cooperation DNA is integrity. First expression of COOPERATION ( HUMAN SANITY ) IS: all diversity of human expression – race – creed – color – culture – sex lifestyle – food – music – history – sport – dress – fashion – is CELEBRATED inside insane virus free brains – versus – punished inside competitive insane brains.

Deutsche Bank following a 25% five year contraction its leaders lied about stating the bank was both strong and growing – a pure historic lie -now downsizes another 25% with no end in sight – a 50% total contraction in less than ten years – lying all the way – without state consequence for its crimes – where Germany now world wide once relied upon for quality is seen as a criminal nation at the top sheltering its own criminals. Not much different in the USA either – see WELLS FARGO and most New York criminal pled banks at the top. Policy of criminals – SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG LET TIME PASS AND THE PUBLIC FORGETS AND THINKS THE CRIMES ARE FIXED WHEN THE CRIMES PAY WITH SMALL FINES TO GET OUT OF JAIL KEEPING THE POTS OF GOLD. The public is NOT STUPID. Increasingly awake COOPERATIVE SOCIAL institutional investors free of the Competitive Virus CLICK RUN out of Crooks as does the public as criminal brans now have economic consequence. The only constant with DEUTSCHE banks in our long report of the truth predicting this pain for 20,000 innocents who had no clue about the crimes they are now punished for -while those who did those crimes have mega yachts on the med – having warm meals with servants – and thinking now at all about those 20,000 out of work every day folks. NOT THE TOO BIG TO JAILS in the Hamptons and Tahoe Lake Houses. No sir reee bobbie as we say in America. Now back to RIGHT AGAIN and Criminal DEUTSCHE BANK with its ripple across the world in AI economics as RISK huge RISK to the system itself no one is talking about at all but us right here for you.

Deutsche Bank trying to use fraud to cover up the truth and stop the click run by restoring confidence in the largest crash reversal of any bank in the EU the largest bank in the EU is now becoming behind closed doors the real panic in the systemic modeling. Right again. What if Deutsche Bank with its criminal lulling frauds on the state of the bank fail, anyone thought of that as its unfolding so it well might fail in fact. I would not bet on that risk.






Casino capitalism has bid the market up in massive FOOLS RALLY (pure speculation bets in the casino versus real value betting in economics) that:


  1. Trump could influence the FED politically versus economically
  2. That the market could influence the FED politically versus economically
  3. The Fed is in an experiment of a save the system free money decade going forward where no economy has gone before.


Unfortunately, the FED does not appreciate we are not in the old rule book economy it knows. No. We are inside a new AI economy the Fed has no influence of control over at all. AI is not all that smart yet and fails to appreciate what humans alone appreciate – implication of data.


Today the AI market has created a FOOLS RALLY bidding up price against a bet that interest would soar downward back to free money. Free money breeds unsustainable debt weighting into core economics for nations (Scroll and read SUPER BOND BLOG BELOW THIS ONE) for institutions and commercial lending and for individual and consumer lending bidding up all asset classes through price manipulation from stock buy backs (free money) a trillion a year in USA manipulating prices, to unsustainable credit gambling in the system.


Lacking a new G 100 regulatory frame work we have suggested in our work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REVOLUTION – the risk to system failure from liquidity evaporations remains unmatched in human history.


The Fed signals they may have made as serious policy mistake in raising interest to fast if they lower interest as the AI speculators wish to fuel even worse phony market pricing. The economy of the world is slowing after the longest global expansion ever recorded since the 1850’s.


The Fed undermines confidence (in all central banking) if they show PANIC.

Re-inflating economics is required. INTEREST RATE POLICY fails to provide this required relief. 30 years of Japan easing failed to re-inflate Japan. Taking deflation on requires the only known economic to re-inflate.


First let’s get real. Under President Obama two economic frauds took place:


  1. We changed long term unemployed for our higher middle class 35 million out of work and stopped counting them at all. We are at 12% unemployment and the USA has plenty of workers who do not wish to work for 10.00 dollars an hour having made far more over a lifetime to support their floor needs to survive.
  2. We failed to pass a US budget and lost our credit rating in America creating higher borrowing interest cost of a trillion or so.


The only way to RE-INFLATE American and global economics is INFRASTRUCTURE. A 10 trillion dollar not 5 trillion-dollar NATIONAL INFASTRUCURE. Without congress acting a risk for the GREATEST DEPRESSION EVER and WORLD WAR is rising higher and higher. The FED has zero bullets left and lacks gun powder for bullets. THE FED IS MARGINALIZED LIKE OPEC today. Their appearance of confidence is precious and assisted by the GREAT PAUSE.


The Fed needs to announce this July that easing and bond selling is on HOLD. That is the stimulus required for a bond market stretched in core liquidity the BIGGEST RISK OF THEM ALL against soaring loan costs in flip overs by the trillion going on today.


AI would then and next will  correct the FOOLS RALLY and a blood bath will take place for wrong sided bets in the casino – healthy in fact for the system. Short sellers in Tesla had a blood bath last week. Right again. THE FOOLS RALLY IS COMING TO A HEALTHY CLOSE NEXT. We think the FOOLS RALLY should reset and those lower valuations are healthy for growth if we get trade deals. The FED WE ADVISE SHOULD know when to hold them – and imply that the GREAT PAUSE may well hold as STIMULUS both to putting equity and bond market STABILITY AND CORE LIQUIDITY STRENGTH before artificial stimulations that should be reserved for crises not healthy economics we have now moving into trade deals for future solid foundational economic outcomes. That message is just the credibility CENTRAL BANKERS need and the FED well leads with such a powerful strategy message to speculators. Rampant speculation effecting liquidity simmers down over time inside the GREAT PAUSE removing election year uncertainty interest may go up or go down. GREAT PAUSE IS IDEAL ECONOMIC POLICY as a stabilizer in new AI Super Change world. I think the leading AI with Amazon should be with IBM quantum computing be a partnership with massive FED INVESTING to engage AI to forward manage liquidity data and AI economics using AI to regulate new AI markets. Naked without such tools the FED is moving at warp speeds on the bridge of the global enterprise star ship with an eye patch over one eye. Not ideal.








Opec is a group of shrinking % of oil producers. Russia the non-OPEC producer is the largest loser giving up Market share to America and non-OPEC producers’. OPEC recently shattered itself completely when SAUDI made unilateral deals with Russia and announced OPEC WOULD EXTEND PRODUCITON CUT LEVELS. This took place without OPEC. Saudi the OPEC DICTATOR has destroyed OPEC. Today OPEC members furious of SAUDI unilateral dictatorship over OPEC agree to whatever SAUDI says.


OPEC members know that SAUDI data on oil has been a fraud for years. Their supply demand reporting is fraud and untrue.

Today the largest super crash in demand for any commodity is oil. The forward in time projections just months back on market oil growth in demand are fraud. No one legally holds Saudi responsive for the crimes it commits.


The truth? Oil demand growth has hit a wall. Like at 90 miles an hour. Why? Complex disintermediation of global markets moving out of toxic oil and into renewable nontoxic energy far faster than MBS ever conceived of since his failed oil policy. MBS is spending money at an unsustainable rate. MBS banked on oil at a floor price of 75 dollars a barrel to sustain Saudi break even just at red ink – to sustain Saudi bankruptcy budgets. THE SPENDING AGAINST DECLINING REVENUE IS NOT SUSTAINABLE AS DEBT LOADS TO SAUDI TO SUSTAIN THE SPENDING SOAR.


Oil is going to plunge after the FOOLS RALLY IN OIL driven by wild speculation by oil industry bets to try and CRIMINALLY MANIPULATE PRICES UP. WE told you and told you go LONG ON OIL into a blood bath like you have never known before. The fall off of demand for oil is simply accelerating beyond any chart markers predicative models.  Oil wills stabilize at 50.00 dollars a barrel cycling 45. At lows to 55 at highs the new trading range for oil in remission; on demand.


America is profitable at 50 dollars. Russia is profitable at 50.00 dollars.


So, you’re a customer of OPEC DICTATOR MBS running out of cash the only asset that makes other nations smile when criminal sociopathic loser leader MBS is in the room. They all want MBS to take a long long vacation. OPEC was destroyed by the crises of integrity. The criminal organization is now a label in which those part of it are themselves organized crime artificially hijacking price for the cost of everything else – energy transportation and packaging – as the immoral cost to 8 billion starving across the globe without a care of them in the world.


OPEC has no data to stabilize anything. So, OPEC removes one million barrels a day of oil to market. Including Iran cut backs from sanctions now rising IRAN output climbing again.

Non-OPEC PRODUCERS add two million barrels of oil while demand is crashing. The SUPPLY OF OIL without OPEC will soon be greater than demand globally.




If you buy from SAUDI you only BUY if they match price from others in the 50’s. No one is paying Saudi MORE FOR OIL or RUSSIA MORE FOR OIL. NO. Contracts to keep market share must be at new floor price for a commodity demand has the rug pulled from out of the suppliers control. NOW SUPPLY (OVER SUPPLY DROWNING IN OIL) AGAINST PLUNGING LIKE A BOULDER OFF A CLIFF IN PRICE FOR DEMAND LIKE THE WORLD AND NO MARKET HAS EVER SEEN SINCE KODAK FILM WAS REPLACED BY DIGITAL IN 60 MONTHS.




MBS now moving Saudi into bankruptcy as his projects and drunker sailor criminal spending in NON-ECONOMIC LOSER BETS AND PROJECTS must come to a close. Some on in nation has to turn off he spending to get Saudi into saving itself. OPEC folks is gone. The husk shell remaining is a talking stick with no teeth. OPEC dentures have been removed. OPEC is a fraud and only through outright lies does OPEC GUM CHUCK its phony price schemes now that no one and we mean no one pays any attention to. MBS is a joke the entire world now ridicules as the KING OF SAUDI parades around in public naked of integrity truth or confidence from anyone. 100% failed policy has cost Saudi over 5 trillion dollars. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE FOLKS its economics now not political. Saudi Sand Castle is in full on civil war on WHO will be the next King. No investment or future bets on Saudi will occur till that is resolved.


To save himself MBS is rushing his ARMACO OIL OVER VALUED LOSER BET TO MARKET. Those who invest in Aramco will see the largest failed public offering in 60 months where ARAMCO assets are devalued by 60% from IPO fraud values. Underwriter’s SHAME ON YOU. Institutional investors do not be fooled on worst bet in 70 years. Plus, MBS will use the proceeds in bad economic use of proceeds where the fraud oil valuation will be collapsing (auditors shame on you remember ARTHUR ANDERSON and WORLD COM?  PLUS, OTHERS?) – and failing economic projects of MBS will be legacy to fraud theft and delusion as AI economics punish the failed policy and game plans forever.  Saudi’s future without an MBS reversal – bankruptcy and civil war. Why? Failure to read the real economics.

MBS used FAKE FLAG strategy to frame IRAN for recent oil silly incidents in fact having zero effect on MBS or world markets but to FOOLS RALLY OIL. As Trump seeks to make a deal some GREAT PAUSE ON SANCTIONS and returning their ship illegally seized is a good faith step of respect vs disrespect as IRAN is unfairly PR to be the center of terror in the Gulf. Nothing is farther from the facts and truth. IRAN is fighting terror. Saudi is funding Terror. Bin Laden Jr. is the financial and strategic leader of the taliban slaughtering while they sue for peace. Taliban is devolving as members are joining ISIS migrated from loss in the CALIPH wars. .All intel agencies working as one need to take out BIN LADEN JR and the head of the failed CALIPH by year end. Turkey remains next to Saudi the main haven in terror as Endgame envisions he will be the CALIPH. With SUPER BONDS resetting Turkey prosperity he may focus inward again in itegetriy without hidden agendas the world well knows today. What is secret will always be made known. We’ll show you in n Data on Turkey coming up as its important as Turkey is now failing economically. An IRAN PEACE DEAL repairs stability in the GULF and prosperity to all in the GULF. Finally there is an opportunity if it does not de-rail from politics versus economics.


OIL is overpriced as a FOOLS RALLY and the burst of that rally has only two words we know of for you who lost – RIGHT AGAIN! Wait for it…….







Hopefully IMF and Christine read the SUPER BOND article on this site. We welcome their reach out to better coordinate executions. Also, we caution on applications of Friedman economics as failed policy for 50 years. Read NAIMO KLIENS SHOCK DOCTRINE to understand why a change to successful policy is now desired and required.  Italy is the next EU flash point. SHOCK DOCTRIN Italy and they leave the EU and the EU shatters.

CLICK RUNS are massively occurring as EU citizens are smart and they read this blog and share this blog virally on walls boards twitter and more. They KNOW the EU value is crashing. They can feel it as the EU slows and bank after bank is showing gambling loses. Meaning deposit money is lost.


Just as in 1929. But worse. The leverage ratio is worse. The multiples from FOOLS rallies are worse.  Leverage in side betting in global casino capitalism is ratio worse to 1929 by 100 times today and getting worse every week.


Bad debt in the system Christine has labored to bring fiscal maturity to is soaring.


ONE DOMINO starts the GREAT UNWINDING DELEVERAGING MASSIVE DEFLATION no nation or central bank has bullets or powder to offset. ONLY SUPER BOND THEORY is executed rapidly enough can reset the entire system from crashing.



Either a bank like Deutsche Bank CLICK RUNS reaching a point the bank core liquidity fails and the once most prestigious bank in the EU topples into a cascade of massive debt defaulting super crashing markets and derivatives into core liquidity evaporation at new AI speeds never seen before a new economic environment entirely. Right again. Derivatives fraud created in part 2007 but is far worse economic fraud all unregulated today.


Or nations versus banks or both default on debt. DEBT DEFAULTING IS THE TRIGGER TO THE DESTRUCTION OF LIQUIDITY AND THE POST WORLD WAR SYSTEM. The risk moving forward revolves around high risk of:


  1. Competition as insane human thought form – vs sanity and cooperation in integrity in all nation dealings
  2. Deflation economics shifting back to inflation the hardest challenge for nations
  3. Only infrastructure investing by nations re-inflates defalton economies.
  4. Legislatures engaging political weaponizing economics
  5. Debt Defaulting cascades from wild unbridled unregulated market speculations destabilizing the system backbone


CENTRAL BANKS AND LEADERS need new strategy to revolve the current RISK of systemic failure. If the systems falls my readers will remain the most informed and God willing we will guide you into safe harbor for your circle. Share this blog.


China central bank warned of their national horror. CHINA is running out of liquidity. The head of China central bank spoke out to globalize the Chinese currency. This means end two market pricing one much higher in China and a cashing yuan in world markets. What is the problem the head of China Central bank was so panicked about this weekend? Expressed in central bank speak ..which we as investment banker economist speak fluently. 


Two uncontrollable events outside Chinese planner’s influence or control. Which are again reported here for China and the entire world in new AI economics:


  1. AI and global CLICK RUNS out of China and the YUAN by the trillions leaving China core liquidity.
  2. World Reserve Currency LIQUIDITY. The head of the central bank told the truth in central bank speak. LIQUIDITY TO PAY CHINA BILLS IN USA DOLLARS IS NOW Collapsing. Right AGAIN.
  3. Speculators manipulating China liquidity and yuan valuation to the world. China has lost control now.


China without an emergency SUPER BOND strategy (we so wish to help them with new fresh IP solutions reside in a fatal economic death trap). China runs out of liquidity and nations selling minerals oil and hard goods to China floor to China core stability in economics cease accepting YUAN ( taking place now as YUAN IS SUPER CRASHING SOON WAIT FOR IT ) and China having zero liquidity in US dollars having lost TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in wrong betting, now will not be able to pay for stuff without US dollars which it will buy not at 7 yuan to the US dollar but at 15 yuan than 25 yuan than 35, than 100 than 1,000,000 with VENEZUELA failed economics why? LIES ABOUT THE ECONOMIC REALITY ARE SEEN AS LIES NOW AND THE MARKT IS RISK PROTECTING ITSELF. WAIT FOR IT. Those betting ion China will bloodbath without:


  1. China Trade deal and yesterday IS already too late for China economics.
  2. SUPER BONDS to reset debt and infrastructure stimulus as time for that solution is running out in the race to reset sovereign nation debt traps globally China being our own first priority. Getting a dinner invitation to fresh IP solutions to our Chinese brothers is daunting but we are working to get that invitation. Ready to receiver a first-class ticket and invitation to just explore the FIX the SOLUTION the only solution.
  3. Super Bond Policy itself stops the click run and restores investment to Saudi to Russia to China as priority.


So, nations can’t alone fix the CLICK RUNS the AI ECONOMICS or the debt super bubble bursting without debt reset as policy.


Nations and central banks need to throw their weight say in the EU to reclaim Italy debt economics and other nations to follow reestablishing the EU. The only way forward or the EU even with Christine super crashes.


SYSTEM DESTRUCTIVE RISK FROM EXCESSIVE DECADES OF DEBT ABUSE BY NATIONS AND INDUSTRY IS COMING TO A 1929 CLOSE in economic abuse. All accounts must one day rebalance. CASINO ECONOMICS driven by wild without any central bank or nation regulatory control in entirely never experienced before all new AI ECONOMICS (right again) will implode the system worse than 1929. Why?


Wealthy elites falsely believe wo false truths of economic fraud:


  1. They believe the AI economics they are spending trillions upon in the new global economic AI wars is creating RISK LESS RISK a self-delusion for which no medications exist as cure for mental illness in economics. See 1929 same deal only less leverage.
  2. They also wrongly bought into globalization of economics founded on new AI ECONOMICS they engineered outside all nation and central bank control is in fact stabilizing to economics when it is in fact rising the risk of instability.
  3. To go forward post-crash, it will be every nation for itself – a one world currency develops with a G 100 regulatory new frame work we have called for this entire decade. Right again. Without a pre-crash G 100 new regulatory frame work for AI economics, the system is a casino speculation market worse by 100z’s due to globalization than 1929.
  4. Trade deals between nations are stabilizing and give us time. Mistakes in those trade discussions where politics versus economics rule, are system fatality events as a new risk.
  5. Failure of Central bank policy (Freidman failed Shock doctrine still embraced) are fully system fatal in the EU and in the global market. The patient global casino capitalism is dying of system pneumonia (fluid from evaporating liquidity is causing the core system to fail to breathe).


The trillions held by individuals and institutions are seeing the RISK from the FRAUD ever more clearly.


Now compound the issue with CLICK RUNS to new BIT CURRENCY outside all nation and central bank controls. Does Facebook with a kingdom of two billion rising to four billion, replace the US DOLLAR EU AND YUAN AND YEN entirely for stability outside the failing system. How fast does CLICK RUNS OUT OF PAPER WORTHLESS MONEY to minerals Diamonds first – investment diamonds where all your wealth is safe inside a table leg – gold silver and others – as SMART MONEY protects itself from risk.




CLICK RUNS INTO THE US DOLLAR he survivor and world exchange currency to last the economic resetting maybe.

The Dollar risk is rising. Why? As the essential stabilizer as that risk is core.



Congress failing to pass a US budget.

Congress failing to raise the US Debt ceiling.


Congress weaponizing politically US fiscal policy making fatal error in doing so.


Congress failing to pass INFRASTRUCTURE as he cores stability STIMULATION (no interest lowering) required to assure system stability as emergency work and priorities.

If Congress places America stability and world stability as emergency which it truly is and prioritizes fixing stability we have a good chane forward. If they don’t we won’t world wide. I forgive them because they to a person know not what it is they do in new AI ECONOMICS they have no clue to see clearly. THAT IS A RISK is it not?


Raising system risk worldwide by impeaching President Trump and undermining the US dollar and forward confidence in world markets as an election gimmick. Political error NOW can destabilize the entire system by itself as time itself is the asset critical asset we run out of in our economic tank to repair the issues facing us all here disclosed. There are others.


Does the core system have TIME to wade through all this and get to some other side?




TIME is the asset we are now squandering.


You CAN help. Circulate this in print and mail to your central banks and economists in nation.


If small numbers of you read and then act you can change and stabilize the world.


The problem is INTEGRITY.


The economic system is a giant casino driven by wild out of control speculation all unregulated globally. Nations and central banks have lost all control since only 2014 of the new AI ECONOMY rapidly SUPER CHANGING. No time to catch a breath. Central banks and nations lack strategy and tools to re-engage stability is our fear now.


SUPER MONEY POOLS profit from the casino…until they go bankrupt. Blaming others for what they created in greed.


This is 1929 only much more worse. This is 2007 only much much worse. You have no idea how much worse due to leverage in the system – a histories largest global debt super bubble. It can not end well for the world unless we fix it.


The SUPER MONEY POOLS are the biggest lobby money pools.

Leaders and law makers have INCOMPLETE AND FRAUD INFORMATION as data making choice and decisions are in fact and in truth –  standing on quicksand  and rapidly sinking. THEY FAIL TO SEE THE PROBLEMS SET FORTH HERE AS TRUE AND FAIL to SEE “TIME” AS URGENT TO RE-STABLIZE THE SYSEM AT CORE. The solution remains in our opinion:


  1. SUPER BONDS TO RESET SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT Global policy of nations and central banks as one.
  3. Stabilizing global real liquidity risks which are higher than 1929 and 2007. Danger stranger economics.


Time is running out for 1 and for 2 and for 3. .You aww rhia A YOU READ right ?


THAT IS THE UNKNOWN and we so do not wish to be right again.


Because of the core system core liquidity in danger in economics –  we advised readers who know the truth to move into diversified insurance investing as safe harbor. Your risk of loss is high today at all time market record highs world wide. We see correction coming next.


If you show up at EMBASSY SUITE DENTON ( near Dallas airports by Uber )  TEXAS JULY 22nd and register at the door as a BLOG READER (SPECIAL PRICES) INTO TOP RANKED BY PRESS CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL we will accelerate critical momentum in growth of income for you, licensed insurance professionals on site from New York to London on site will help you safe harbor your nest egg investment assets from fatal loss potentials in far safer bets moving forward. IF you miss the option to safe harbor your future risk elevates…for you.


Or not. Read and fail to act but remember you knew.


You knew the TRUTH of it all.




Special Note: Keep in mind AI and 10,000 contracting super money pools control 440 trillion in leverage capital circulations globally. AI buys down the rope and up the rope in all long and short positions with AI betting algorithms on stabilizing price floor ranages up and down profiting in SUEPR VOLATILITY it creates and maintains. As almost 80% of reporting firms for second quarter come forth over the coming ten days with FAR WORSE DOWNWARD EARNINGS THAN EXPERTS PREDICTED all of them at once – what do you think AI will do? What liquidity do you think may dry up and where first? Then think if Iran seizes a BRITISH SHIP which they should really – I mean taking their ship is a UK act of WAR – in international waters – think of any spark to PANIC in markets so over priced we have not seen leverage margin trading and over pricing with side bets on which way a thing goes – a trillion a year in stock buy back casino price manipulation of stock price and value ( once a crime but now crimes are ok in market manipulation from oil to stocks )   what do you think will happen? When do you think the GREAT RE-BALANCING MUST OCCUR. In the end blame Congress and US agencies for failure to re-regulate in USA and globally in all nations – the new AI CASINO CAPITALISM. Without re-regulation by the G 100 nations we are all at risk to system melt down and far worse than 1929 melt down. Now it is only the TRIGGER to follow state negligence to the underlying risk as politicians push the can down the road and no one acts at all. Why? The lobby money is just to great… the why… with new reading glasses and follow the freaking money IS waking up.