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Before asking our readers worldwide to viral, share, repost and circulate the template of a MIDDLE EAST PEACE PLAN we invested ten years of time in parenting for the people of the community we have resided inside of, we again ask bog news site readers to circulate the PEACE PLAN below this post. Thank you.


In the news while we paused a bit to allow the PEACE PLAN URL maximum circulation – posted twice – a lot has happened. All bad. We are going to be wrong but we do not think right now is when.


We have advised our readers to use the FOOLS RALLY and sell out at peak price in bond and stocks. Bonds may soar for a bit before they too crash in messy defaulting cascading, we said GET OUT NOW. We said move over to diversified insurance investing.  Those who lose so much of their wealth will remember they had a better option and but they lacked on drop of courage greater than their fear to construct SAFE HARBOR for their entire tribe. We are so sorry for those who read, never saw, heard, never listened, and considered, never acted. Sorry folks.


77% of the reporting firms in the S&P top tier group of Fortune institutions are reporting for July 15th BRUTAL DECLINES IN EARNINGS. All reported the earnings will come in FAR BELOW WALL STREETS ESTIMATES. Why? We’ll folks confidence in consumer spending – always ahead of market reality –is crashing. Finally.


Manufacturing in the USA is declining in the second quarter after declining in the first quarter. We now declare a two quarter MANUFACTURING RECESSION. In China manufacturing has CRASHED and is crashing far worse than their planners suggested. We reported President XI is making choice on bad data from his experts which is simply flawed economics.


The EU is sinking and very fast. Germany had a little rebound from the worst down bubble but is still sinking. France grew but that does not seem sustainable and the growth was far less than experts expected.


The Wealth Gap in the USA has grown substantially. Over 39 million in America are now on FOOD STAMPS and that is up 40% since 2008 – a decade ago. The homeless are up 50%. Housing cost are soaring. Billionaire Row on central park set yet another record with a quarter of a trillion dollar CONDO sale this year to another billionaire. The Billionaire class as grown.


American only billionaires in 2008 as the crash peaked up – 267. The number of billionaires in 2019 ten years later 607 – 100% ramp in a decade. The Wealthy in America control a total of by some counts as low as 88% of all wealth and by other counts and our own 99% of all wealth. As we have reported this consolidation of WEALTH BASE in either system of socialism or capitalism impacts economics at the level of healthy circulations.


Circulation is liquidity to the core system.


China is Super Crashing. Economically. Their reserve account in US dollars is being lost in support of its economy down from almost 4 trillion in US dollars in 2006 now to under 1 trillion – 3 trillion lost in a decade. The 1% owning more wealth in China than 99% impacts China circulation. China seeking to stimulate at the Communist Central Government level has reduced the critical reserves banks hold in their accounts for a crises, eight times since 2018 alone. Another “ loan loan loan” at any credit value as reserves are cut for a 9th time is expected this summer.


China says it is supporting a rational level for its YUAN worthless currency. The YUAN is crashing> The Yuan has gone down enough to offset all sanction and tariff as offsets economically. The Dollar and Yen safe haven currencies – BitCoin the new gold – and GOLD and metals are all soaring. Why?


Everyone see’s the world economic condition is cooling off. Why? Trade wars that needed to be settled faster in time to avoid a correction or worse a SUPER CRASH. We now predict the decline showing up in reported earnings this summer will create a market correction. If trade deals linger as they appear they will, the impact on global slow down along with other economic factors ( Debt Massive Defaulting ) the trigger to 2007 Super Crash may move the world into recession globally and a more sharp correction.


A CORRECTION IS COMING just as we told you it was.


Meanwhile just as we told you EBOLA not in the news – no press EBOLA CLOCK we called for in August 2018 at the start of what is now – the worst outbreak of Ebola for many stat points – in recorded human history. We now predict EBOLA will jump nations in Africa and continents by September. The news story will rise to become THE STORY as the press discovers its own shame in presenting this story as a regional under control outbreak when it is anything but. The death toll due to press black out on this story – as owners – say 50 who control media – are trying to make hay while the sunshine’s ( expansion continues ).  The OWNER SUPER MONEY POOLS do not want panic to shut down their train of gold and leverage.


Circulation and liquidity will begin to surface in the correction as core systemic problems we have been setting up our business owners to appreciate as a canary in the mind shaft – a SUPER CRASH warning. We’ll see on that. Our danger high risk period is September after labor day moving into October.




Leaders are coming together July 22nd in Dallas at the Denton Embassy Suite. Leaders are upgrading their options. Leaders are upgrading skill and plans to year end. Leaders are growing their new skill tool and tactic upgrading to steer into the developing economic instability.


The core risk to system core stability is rising. Instability risk from unsustainable wealth consolidations, core system liquidity sumps now appearing like economic whirl pools in the financial oceans and seas of this world, and Super Duper Debt Super Bubbles worldwide which one day must burst.


In a race to the bottom nations are saying – hey keep no safe reserves banks because we have to stimulate growth by FREE MONEY LOANS. Central banks struggling to normalize interest rates are now in a RUSH TO THE BOTTOM via political pressure to lower interest rate and return to free money.

Central Bankers like the Federal Reserve Board have acquired 5 trillion dollars from bank shareholders that own the Fed in secret, via the  80 page act of congress in 1900 – a time when the pony express delivered the US mail in some locations still. The Fed can’t unwind its crap bonds and the bond market liquidity is a 2007 problem coming up. The Central Bankers worldwide unless merged back into their respective state treasuries, will cause the system failure and a new world war they alone profit from. Hence our desire to advocate merger of this failed policy making criminal banker group, such that accountability is restored to world currency markets.


Super Change and new currencies like FaceBook Lybria may replace old IT models.


Currency price is manipulated by Central banks versus the real markets on value.


Oil price is manipulated double the price of open free markets for oil. Oil is artificially held off markets by criminal cartels, to effect desperate manipulations of price at the highest levels to 8 billion of us – the world’s largest hidden tax as trillions upon trillions in wealth flow to the criminal oil barons, the FEW AGAINST THE MANY.


System risk to core stability are maximized by Fed error in policy to sap up liquidity inside the worst performing – economically a mono recovery – anemic – globally – when liquidity is the key to everything. Wrong again Fed.


System risk is maximized by liquidity being sapped out of the core system by oil criminals, less than 100 ripping off the entire world. The lies and fraud of their press, is all about OIL GREED. I suggested TRUMP DUMP our 500 million barrels matching OPEC Price cuts stabilizing market real pricing at 49.00 dollars a barrel and open a NASA AGENCY to hunt for new oil with breakthrough new technologies paying off national debt with the nations OIL agency and to invent ways to burn oil energy clean and clean up CO2 massively from this one new agency. Whose invention drops oil forever. Demand is falling off a cliff and Saudi who now controls OPEC like its own house toy – has destroyed OPEC in fact but for name only. No one agrees to lose market share like MBS wrong policy on oil envisions. SHUT OUT BUYERS forever while we manipulate oil we do sell higher and higher and higher as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and a BOOM KILLER.


The longest boom in recorded history – since 1854. Yet the numbers are not booming and far far from it. Worst recovery on record. 2009 -2019 GNP grew only 25%. Limping. 3.2 % Growth n terrible climate change winter fell to 1.5% second quarter (non adjusted ) with only 1.8 average GNP growth in USA till now. The Fed Rate cut is a panic to the market and says emergency. We vote against it and just continue stabilizing the GREAT PAUSE. Trillions of loans rolling over from almost zero interest five year loans, nations, commercial loans, all rise up by 300% more interest and a huge % can’t pay it. The rush back to the bottom is to give ten years to the debt SUPER BUBBLE of free money – to work its way out – but they can’t. They truly can’t pay 30)% more and soon 500% more in interest – they just fail – they default – nations and commercial bubbles burst and the core system risk explodes with the loan default cascade. And we have Ebola as we have told you out of all control 2019.


Leaders come together in the summer SUPER CHANGE at CEO SPACE.


Leaders come together to gather superior information and data, and to revise second half game plans, success plans, to hire when others fire. Prosperity is a learned behavior. Constructing a SAFE HARBOR for the owner of a business or a practice is no longer critical skill you can delay unless you pay. The cost of risk will now bury those who fail to act.


CEO SPACE is the world’s SAFE HARBOR for small business. We have your back out there – BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE ( BAC ) . Grow faster. Grow smarter. Grow with better data. Grow with collective mentorship leader to leader Tuesday to Saturday. Construct a far better model to profit into for July to December and 2020 as a nasty election year.

If what you know is not enough we have on going surprises. Impeachment. Politics of Hatred and Disrespect – congress governing by INVESTIGATION POLITICAL PROCESS to win 2020. Political theater and Fake News. Trade Wars are not resolved far from it. New Trade wars are coming up big ones. Red lines are being drawn. Nukes are spreading at point blank range in EU and Gulf. Ebola is out of all control. The GNP of Asia EU and USA is slowing like hitting a wall. Oil criminals raise prices which sinks demand for oil faster than any other failed policy, and at the same time demand off sets oil phony price plans by MBS Sociopathic slaughter KING of Saudi Arabia – that’s right – Saudi gets less income because demand is falling off a cliff and no one will pay MBS phony price. The real price of oil is what customers WILL PAY and MBS can no longer jaw bone manipulate and control REAL PRICE as OPEC is DESTROYED BY MBS failed policy, as Iran told us all this weekend quite correctly.


SUPER CHANGE is unfolding before your vary eyes.


To get ahead of SUPER CHANGE and assure your income is secure and growing, CEO SPACE has a MID YEAR PROGRAM more critical ( in our considerable expertise and experience ) for our readers than any LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM since the summer of 2007.


In 2007 we told our members to get out of markets at peak – as we ourselves are doing right this minute – we lead by example.


WE told you a SUPER CRASH WAS COMING and the core system stability was at risk.


We noted that DIGITAL WEAPONS FROM SOVEREIGN STATES can now for the first time be used against our markets globally for profit – where WORLD WAR III is digital. That DIGITAL WAR commenced in September 2007 ( read THE SECRET WEAPON BY KEVIN FREEMAN – CEO SPACE FACULTY ).



Folks those weapons are AI now and so much smarter than a face book post from any nation.



Leaders need to upgrade their mid year plan for the second half of 2019 and into the economic impacting nasty election of 2020. What is your new GAME PLAN?


The cost of getting a NEW BETTER 2019 GAME PLAN is registration into CEO SPACE. Your tax repurposing of a little investment ( which returns enormous real profits from CEO SPACE just study our model on line ) – creates growth impossible to match outside CEO SPACE. What is the leader advantage of growing better plans teams and resources at mid year to those who fail to invest in themselves first?


Since 2008 in America the middle class has evaporated. While inflation cost are low we are told, the cost of education has double, cars and health care and housing have risen over inflation and are in fact what 99% of we who are not super wealthy – pay ever day. Those who require food stamps are up 40% since 2008 – as during the longest boom in history more American’s were forced into subsidy from the government just for food soon to pass 40 millions Americans on FOOD STAMPS.


While this drain on nation core back bone systemic wealth  is SOARING upwards unchecked, the billionaires have doubled. The poor have doubled. The prison population has doubled. These costs are not sustainable. Something must change. Entitlements go bankrupt if congress fails to discharge constitutional duties like passing a US BUDGET protecting the US credit rating on interest costs and raising the debt ceiling on sums already authorized. In failing to fix our budget or entitlements Congress is spending 100’s of millions on investigations to Politcal Theater at costs never known before – obstructing the business of the people.


During the time of FOOD STAMP applications doubling 2008 to 2019 – 140,000 to 160,000 are arriving at our boarders a MONTH. A new city of 1,000,000 invader’s is required to house feed bath hygiene medicine 1,000,000 ILLEGAL INVADERS to our Boarders. Why?

Because Congress 2007 to today has REFUSED TO CHANGE IMMIRGATION LAW which is broken. The border is an invasion emergency for ISIS and Taliban. The Border is an economic emergency. Building the wall is an emergency of rule of law. CONGRESS OPEN BORDERS WILL BANKRUPT AMERICA FOR EVERYONE. BANKS WILL FAIL as core economics can not add a new city of 10 millions illegal invaders each decade.


Open borders is no longer sustainable economics. The cost of ILLEGAL INVASION WILL ECONOMICALLY BANKRUPT AMERICA IF UNCHECKED – simple economics of a city of ten million every ten years rising if unchecked to 20 million. Can not be paid for in fact. NO FREAKIN WAY. Weaponizing the NATIONAL SECURITY PRIORITY OF SECURING OUR BORDERS IS A CONGRESSIONAL FAILURE THAT IS IN FACT ILLEGAL. TREASON BY CONGRESS.

Congress failing to pass a US budget and weaponizing – politicizing – the US BUDGET ENGINE  – a constitutional crime criminal law makers are committing – RISKS THE SUPER CRASH MELT DOWN OF THE WORLD ORDER GLOBALLY as other factors put failed policy for economics at critical defcon 5 warning. The DOD needs to alert CONGRESS failure to pass a US BUDGET IS NOW A MATTER OF ECONOMIC NATIONAL SECURITY.




We lose our economy because of CONGRESS failing to conduct required rule of law – constitutional law – business executions – defines – impeachment exposure to the entire CONGRESS BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – in the mother of all Federal TORTS.







HYPOGRITS smoking POT legal in the DISTRICT and illegal nation wide. Inhale Congress.



During the period of 2008 to 2019 we have seen the worst most slow anemic recovery ever, the consolidation of the wealth class to own ever larger % of wealth, the decline of the middle class losing their wealth opportunity faster and more % decline in middle class by many tens of millions as markets for small business. The SMALL BUSINESS MARKETS are compressing collapsing and SUPER CHANGING. Leaders need to upgrade the software in the super computer the real quantum computer being maintained above your NECK. Failure to upgrade this computer NOW at this critical mid year time of SUPER CHANGE can be a fatal choice. The choice not to better protect your life style and your income stability in very rapidly changing conditions as the LONGEST BOOM EVER comes to a close now in slow downs July 15th will stun the world with when the reporting begins. WE so encourage you to register now to July 20th and attend with your entire family. You will thank us with profit, with seriously upgraded leader development core skills, with invisible options now visible to you, with far better smarter plans into 2020 and with better circles and mentors. PRICELESS to your personal economy.




In the SUPER CHANGE unfolding leaders need a mid year upgrade on plans, skills, tools, tactics and community building with ONE ANOTHER to protect their agenda, behind a virtual SEA WALL within a CEO SPACE SAFE HARBOR we build July 22nd. If you can arrive early July 20th we will teach the world of leaders FREE for three days – CAPITAL MASTERY for options in capital infusions – new law options every leader needs to know to just learn to earn and return into as CAPITAL may in the future be that master skill that stabilizes your vessel in the financial stormy seas coming up.


The good times?

The Longest Boom since 1859? You have gone through the GOOD TIMES.

Good Times slowing – like hitting a wall……….


Numbers in July 15th reporting following an utter FOOLS RALLY in Stocks Bonds Currency and All asset classes and oil. As 77% of companies tell the market – expect BRUTAL NUMBERS FAR UNDER WHAT ANAYLST RESTIMATE. If the 158,000 new job numbers up from only 75,000 last month shocking experts – is under what those experts suspect – you see a job bomb enter the markets. Will it?


Are you prepared for the SUPER CHANGE taking place today effecting your market space?


Do you know WHAT TO DO to offset the SUPER CHANGE inside your market specifically?


Would you wish to upgrade your ability to have smarter better plans, teams and community support leader to leader – new customers markets and momentum?


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The time is so critical I invite my readers to at the minimum join our leader to leader community building, July 22nd Tuesday to Saturday PM – entire family’s are attending and the # 1 Teen Program is also being hosted. Younger Children? Google NEVA RECLA and see a 9 year old CEO SPACE leader on line – trust us with your babies this July and we will send you home THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. Award winning for families …30 years and counting.


GIVE YOURSELF a better safe war forward.


CEO SPACE – July 22nd ( 20th for three bonus days of networking leader to leader and Capital Mastery skills trainings where you leave with that skill for life the master skill for owners ).





PS: The Peace Plan presented for the Holy Land Region is a HOPE AND PROMISE we hope our readers will share on walls and boards ( book mark the URL before this blog on ISREAL AND PALESTINE ) …and circulate to gulf community you KNOW and you have RELATIONSHIP so the plan circulates across the world….noting gives us stability like PEACE in the GULF finally. Thank you for subscribing …thank you for circulating the PEACE PLAN…thank you for commenting below any blow ( I reply myself ) and thank you for SHARING MY BLOG TO NEW FOLKS you care for…as another view on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON …OUT THERE.