This month I retire as Chairman of CEO SPACE. After two careers – one operating one of the fastest growing investment banking firms, global, publicly traded, I can not thank my mentors and my Wallstreet Community even unto this day From London and Singapore and Hong Kong and San Francisco always – the birth of INVEST AMERICA merged into major institutions a lot of decades ago and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL serving 150 nations day under legacy boards and managers without me since 2014. I’m so proud of the legacy. I’m so proud of the legacy exploding with growth and moving into the future past the era of the founder. The moment in historic lives –  legacy moves into LEGEND !

Moving forward I serve as Chairman of IPC in Africa the partners believe will contribute massively to humanity in the African developing AU. With five decades on the DIRT in the most exciting developing theater on earth today, we have half a decade target focusing economic growth Agenda’s for the community. We are also working on SOUTH AMERICA economic growth we will report on soon. Through SUPER BONDS we are working on resetting sovereign nation debt and infrastructure via invention of a new bond class known as SUPER BONDS. We have published our SUPER BOND product line on our web site – scroll to print page or share – as have invited our readers to bring this ECONOMIC OPTION to their heads of state decision makers. With our thanks for your joining my life passion.

2020 I will be President Founder and sole owner of CEO SPACE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. This Florida LLC will be my final institution. We are involved in a merger acquisition of a larger woman and mens leadership training firm, which may not finally close as we hope but it may. We’ll see. Years in process now and September we will know more thumbs up or thumbs down. CSLI is engaged in the following projects some consulting some internal:

  • http://www.superwaterhyox.com the most healthy healing water we have found and the technology for revolutions in agriculture growing, soil and water remediation, red tide removal, ocean replenishments, and lowest cost power from non polluting hydrogen a cost technology breakthrough with zero pollution – power from water – endless.
  • Revolutions in fuel pipeline transmission – zero degradation or corrosion – self healing leak technology – and the most advance transmission line security systems in real time in the world today. Game Changing.
  • Nano Technology for changing coal economically to zero pollution low cost endless energy production. Patented.
  • LeasePal – a revolution in insurance based removal of exploding rentals in commercial and residential to remove first and last month and security deposit with INSURANCE. New economic.
  • Sportoco – the dominant global platform for 5G that will cross to all industry in 60 months to retain customers via engagement and make PR a profit versus expense – repeat buy existing clients – and refer new clients in only possible with this 5 G platform. A break through in data as the first TRILLION DOLLAR unicorn designed for the 5G new revolutionary industries this technology platform is out front of and for.
  • Books movies and television shows that will inform entertain and elevate consciousness to billions over 60 months. Screen plays and books are completed waiting only for 5G and new expressions of these arts and as you see below we are not on schedule to bring this slate to market with our partners which requires increasingly calls on my time as Author and Executive Producer.
  • Transformation Park – whenever Tony Robbins is ready to execute our master plan vision for that future
  • Working with Heads of state on culture reforms from competition and corruption into cooperation and integrity.
  • Consulting to hyper growth industries and nations on the economic what comes next as 5G changes everything
  • EXPLORING: REVERSE MORTGAGE better options to qualified retiree’s who need a better way forward thank you Aaron Young of Laughlin USA for your partnership- we founded the industry in my investment banking days so ahead of the industry we founded with GUARD in the 1970’s – always first in industry – as my contribution inventing economic product solutions for the world ( my prior life and now as consultant when asked on demand ) .
  • Super Bonds a sovereign nation new bond class to reset sovereign nation debt and to infuse forward infrastructure into a new global back bone bond class – SOVEREIGN NATION 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – that inset time to reset DEBT LOADING for nations from Asia the EU from Africa to South America, and CEO SPACE is working with numerous nations in advance stations and one of the worlds leading SOVEREIGN BOND global law firms to execute the NEW SUPER BONDS to the market. A no nation left behind IP resetting debt loading for very stressed nations across the world.
  • Inside two new ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO LAUNCH programs that will fully next generation advantage 5G potentials never possible in old modeling of production – as a many credit film producer – supporting films to change the world from the 1960’s to today with WISH MAN in Box Offices everywhere this year. Theatrical films will elevate human consciousness two billion a release product like my dear BUDDY CEO SPACE Faculty producer Barnett Bains Robbin Williams Academy Award FILM – WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. Lets do more of THAT for the world versus gratuitous sex and violence families can not see together. I’m going next door to CEO SPACE to see LION KING go uncle Walt GO.
  • Bringing http://www.superteaching.org to education as the 5 G end delivery system for media conditioned NEW BRAINS ( see the article on NEW BRAINS on the site ) – with higher retention and elevated outcomes for public private and institutional military and government education. SUPER TEACHING is the # 1 break through for class room future design for all class rooms who seek elevated learner outcomes. Tony ROBBINS cut the RIBBONS as you can see on the site for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA which had a six month waiting list for that class room so popular on campos. My work seeks to license the source code to education world wide – patents issued globally. All three screen computers and phones fall under our ST PATENTS world wide – as we where first to own CPU manipulated images on multiple screens for education in any form or outcome.  As my father trained the founder of SAMSUNG after the Korean war we will provide unlike Apple such a low cost license to promote the migration with 5G to more screen real estate as the brains more favorite way to manage information. Why?  Click my site. My last of life having changed the world of Diamonds, traded globally, Investments with early structured asset inventions, from film financing to cable and cell phones – with CEO SPACE decades of helping more small business to succeed than any one alive – my future is to assist NATIONS to prosper with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND. Education leadership in 5 G ( ready why below ) is the WHY.
  • In a 5 g world where content is the core asset, I’m working to associate a University partner with CEO SPACE to prepare the 2000 90 minute 50 million dollar asset content library known as the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM LIBRARY. Modules not present instructed in public or private education are all covered inside the library from some of the most advanced educators in their topic areas in the world. Many with publications reaching over a billion readers in name recognition with full rights of ownership retained by the ECL and CEO SPACE. The objective is to take each module into ten/fifteen minute 5G shorts illustrating the material to the highest standard with editing resetting for 5G visual capacity, releasing a supplement regime to all existing global education in entrepreneur studies and as a resource asset to the 1.7 billion small business owners world wide in all languages. The University partner would 5G the library content for subscription revenue with 75% of subscription to the University and 25% to CEO SPACE. 50 Million Dollars for one dollar license with contract. Who do you know? We are in multi year discussions with institutions in 2019 seeking a contract as 5G is impatient as you will see below.

My wife September Dohrmann is a global lady leader who has spoken to the General Assembly of the United Nations. She is frequent guest on popular TELEVISION AND RADIO and in high demand for Keynote Speeches world wide. September spent five years as CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER for CEO SPACE. She transferred this title to Ellen Morgan in 2014 as she took over as OWNER – PRESIDENT and CEO of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL a Florida C corporation. September as a amazing LADY CEO LEADER now assume CHAIRWOMAN OF THE BOARD as I step down to attend to the rising agenda list set forth here in a stand alone LLC expressing my final life contributions. September serves customers in 150 nations and completely retooled CEO SPACE to its press award winning stature. I resigned as Chairman in 2017 but September asked that I serve as “acting Chairman” through July 2019 as she completed structural upgrading she has now finished. The final responsibilities as BOARD CHAIRWOMAN will groom September for cross board service on public firms she is being invited to serve upon at this time. Super Bonds advance 5 G to nations that might otherwise not enjoy the prosperity of this economic revolution in a timely manner. SUPER BOND THEORY is presented on this blog site scroll for it. So as I having resigned in 2014 from all CEO SPACE day to day operations – now release entirely all roles of the era of the founder now fully turned so successfully to the new generation advancing the brand globally my work is free at last to manage the list set forth for my readers to appreciate. My opinion on economic unfolding trends that effect small business planning and execution is my WHY for this BLOG as our community is global and enormous. However today the industry reading this BLOG predictive site is huge.

CEO SPACE under September is preparing for a Private Equity partnership  infusion into CEO SPACE to globalize the brand and business plan into an IPO institution leading in our fourth decade of service, in serving nations in strategy to underwrite economics through rapid entrepreneur internal consumptions in nation which is back bone to sustaining core economics in nations.  Who do you know?

When Tim CEO of  BLACK ROCK reports over 50 of the largest institutions on this earth are moving SUPPLY Lines OUT of China forever – our blog postings to encourage CHINA on the long term cost of  this very long term outcome from miscalculations on trade war issues has become a RIGHT AGAIN. We had so wished the abacus reporting would see – making a trade deal is economic and secures CHINA PROSPERITY. Now the trade deal will consume 25 years to recover economically upon why? China has lost consumer buyers confidence  who no longer wish to buy MADE IN CHINA in 2020 world wide.  We reported this PHANTOM but largest COST TO CHINA that no one was seeing in 2017. China has lower quality with quality declining across the board in the economic pressure cooker today-and for business making a choice the outcome is now  too much red tape – and too much local corruption and China does still  steal its partners IP. This failure to have fun move at 5G speeds in business and to have integrity and quality – has developed a profit culture factor from trade war in which trillions are running out of China. All of which we reported here first and consistently.  Jobs are running out forever as SUPPLY LINES SHIP Forever. as Black Rock reported this weekend which was a report on the billions in FLIGHT. China debt and credit rating picture are declining rapidly. Why? Failure to make a 5G speed TRADE DEAL – time is the new asset in economics no one is appreciating sufficiently.  In new AI economics TIME conseqwuences up or down are  more rapid in economics of prior non AI economic ages.

Capital is running out by trillions never to return in same measure as before in China. Neighbor nations from India to Vietnam are SOARING as the opposite to the CHINESE BUSINESS MODEL. As reported here first these neighbor nations are made whole from China pain in economics all from failure to see the REAL COST OF TRADE WAR.  The Chinese Camps lock up all who would criticise the CHINESE leadership as the rule of law culture in China is support policy or you lock up in camps for re-education. The camp folks who escape have massive stories of Nazi like rape whipping abuse with no due process no crime of any kind – you and me saying TRUMP STINKS and we are in a CAMP with 1,000,000 of US – or BIDEN STINKS as both sides are PARTY ONE PARTY folks. It is not Muslim and terror as those who escape explain many are just those who spoke out against China policy – now in camps. The world of money is socially moving back because CHINA failed to cooperate with rule of law customers the aligned cooperating nations all now  agree to – they don’t hack one another – they don’t rip each other off – they don’t drop quality and raise prices – they don’t lock up a million people in camps as crimes against humanity – China says it is  the effective way to fight terror – lock up one million? No one outside China buys into that – there are in nations that monitor every thought – the China thought police with 5G – better ways than lock up a million in camps. THE WORLD IS BACKING UP FROM CHINA unless there is change in China which if superficial will SUPER CRASH CHINA ECONOMICS. In the end it is the new cooperating world order moving away from the old competing. My father mentor to Chairman of the Revolution in China and to its leading companies a great honor to China my father would be also honored if I can assist President XI over time with some restoration of the core economic options.

A world order a revolution in culture thought law and human consciousness CEO SPACE launched 31 years ago in cooperation between nations has become stoppable in my own life time as a thought leader.

So ten trillions of dollars in commerce  is now  moving out of China and its not slow and the people of China are in for some pain that is only reversible with the URGENCY OF A TRUMP TRADE DEAL IN THE NICK OF TIME and for China the Debt BOMB and hard economic landing is closer than anyone thinks. RIGHT AGAIN you have no idea on the economics. and stress loads from debt and credit on the ground in China . SUPER BONDS defined on this site is the SOLUTION FOR CHINA in the immediate term.

For China time to engage on SUPER BOND is shrinking as to its window of maximum preclusion of a China SUPER CRASH which is what BLACK ROCK rang the bell about this weekend. 5 G will help but not solve the core issue.

What saves CHINA is US. TRUMP TRADE DEAL ( which will not do it in 25 years ) and a SUPER BOND which returns prosperity in 2022 and SUPER BONDS is the ONLY ECONOMIC invention to do that prosperity reset – NOW versus over 25 years of time given the conditions on the ground economically in China. In our considerable opinion.

And the bond inventor and leading sovereign nation law firm, knows and is friends with President XI. SO we will try to help if we can in time. In business the sea change in China and 5G changes economics for the entire world folks. Be prepared as we report more on this – my WHY is so you know the truth first. From our global teams reporting the data to the leading SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION INSTITUTION IN THE WORLD – the next generation of CEO SPACE 2020 – so much more advanced than my own first generation. SUPER CHANGE makes everything better or obsolete. Watch for my SLAM BEST SELLING NEW BOOK – SUPER CHANGE NOV 2nd – get ten for your best clients for the Holidays they will thank you for years for this stocking stuffer……my best work personally ( outside CEO SPACE to do it thank you all so much ) since REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in 2010.

My work at CEO SPACE itself is today in July 2019 finally and fully  completed. I teach a free bonus intensive CEO skill transfer class to our members, three days before each BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE begins – Saturday to Monday – pre class – as an option to our membership as volunteer faculty – TEACHING IS MY FAVORITE MENTOR UNDERTAKING ALWAYS. This program is co hosted with leading SEC attorneys keeping members current on compliance and new laws related to various capital exemptions. This class remains a valuable reference for leaders from Fortune institutions unicorns and start ups related to: CAPITAL MASTERY the name of the advanced one of its kind OVER COMPLIANCE educational curriculum  programs of education for business owners and leaders and entrepreneurs seeking capital current skills for their planning. The BAC or Tuesday to SATURDAY five CEO SPACE events are now fully instructed and Moderated by great talent in education – freeing me up to work on my own agenda, supporting my wife who is producing each award winning Conference taking the legacy that I founded so many decades ago – as GLOBAL truly LEGACY Corporate global –  brand – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – past the era of the founder. A moment of satisfaction and gratification at age 71.

My consulting clients are my joy helping hyper growth firms strategically step ahead faster into planning and development sequence steps that they each require and desire my input upon. We have so much fun as we use our best efforts together to  grow their  profits. I love seeing my clients win.

So thats me.

NOW 5 G 


5G is coming on line world wide this December and into 2020. This technology is the largest sea change for humanity – a PURE REVOLUTION versus an evolution in outcomes for all 8 billion of us. More prosperity more wealth more options will now unfold than in the entire history of humanity. The Longevity you think is impossible will unfold from 5G. The environment you think impossible will turn back in time due to 5G.

You and I will meet with tools you could not imagine – you will not know I”m not in your living room – not zoom – not anything you imagine – as the trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth inventions patented already could not be delivered until 5 G was installed. There are Three Waves to 5G:

  1. The backbone – the highest share price growth is coming from the first wave of backbone providers world wide. The Chip that allows access to 5G is the number one technology company in 2019 on earth today. Why? In the first wave of 24 month over 1 billion smart phones will upgrade and billions more in games pads everything connected to everything all having this one patented 5G super chip only available to the world since May and June. The REVOLUTION IS NOW.
  2. The second wave is games and applications for the internet of things from talking speakers to everything else. Wait for it you have say 90 days. This Holiday a trillion will pour into FIVE G second wave.
  3. Applications like SPORTOCO that revolution engagement data and everything else across ALL INDUSTRY – as never before with the first PLATFORM for 5G of its industry – retaining customers repeat buying customers and referral marking customers with superior data NOT POSSIBLE ON ANTIQUE 4 G. Those out front are trillion dollar unicorns in my opinion – an AMAZON trillion dollar value in 60 months. JEFF should invest in Sportoco. Call me.

The wave. NOT IN MY LIFE since mentoring Steve Jobs or young Gates ( who won’t remember ) or George Lucas who may actually in his first walk through of his framed in home in San Anselmo remember those days GEORGE – have I seen something ahead of APPLE OR STAR WARS OR MICROSOFT. The silicon valley wave of investment create a nation of technology larger than many nations in one valley and I started there. I had patents, awards and broke molds on code and modeling from hand held talking devices ( first in the world ) to http://www.superteaching.org patented in China and world wide still leading the world in educational technology for class room design – created with 5G in mind to the code.



This weekend all over the internet from YALE NEWSLETTER INFORMERCIALS you can click – to growing waves of data the SUPER WAVE IS HERE. More 100’s of BILLIONS are being invested in 5G bets right now – through 2020 than any super wave of capital moving on earth.

My NEW BOOK NOV 2nd release solid date – defines the 5G SUPER WAVE.

There is a wave of opportunity to invest in technology – in health care – in foods – energy – in communication – in games – in environment and more. These opportunities all have variable investment WAVE HEIGHTS:

  • Some are four foot great waves of investment opportunity
  • Some are ten foot waves
  • Some are twenty to forty foot wave opportunities
  • 5 G IS A 5000 FOOT NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE TSUNAMI WAVE SUCKING IN MORE CAPITAL IN 2019 and 2020 than any waves I have known across the 50 years of my expertise in the game of technology or any investment from my investment banking decades. NOTHING COMES CLOSE.

The window for making profit in the 5000 foot wave is 24 months.

As the wave moves inland it will drop in 2022 – 2023 to 1000 foot opportunities.

Than 500.

Thank to 250.

By 2030 the wave will be the top waves of today in all leading bleeding best options at 40 foot to 50 foot wave.

More wealth will be made in my opinion in the coming 24 months by right bets into 5 G than all prior wealth in the world combined together as one.

The majority of the world has no clue – none at all – on this SEA CHANGE TSUNAMI OPPORTUNITY.

5G is not a higher band width.

5G changes everything – forever. All of us will be as one. We will all celebrate diversity versus punish diversity.

Culture and nations will transform.

Medicine will transform in 24 months.

Nations will transform.

Commerce will transform and evolve forever next.

SUPER CHANGE – you just have not even begun to appreciate the sheer ACCELERATION OF SUPER CHANGE.

5G changes management in all C suites.

Those strategic to 5G win.

Those institutions like Kodak failing to adapt to SUPER CHANGE or TOYS R US OR CIRCUIT CITY OR SEARS will have stresses they self inflict but failure to become relevant into the SUPER CHANGE created by 5G and the platforms that make everything else obsolete. A FACEBOOK 5G replaces FACEBOOK if they fail to bleed into 5G with core platform redesign. Self Driving flying everything is enabled from 5G. Everything you know commerce with transforms. HOW WE RELATE changes more than:

  • Telephone no dial and party line
  • Telephone dial and private line
  • Digital telephone
  • Analog cell phone
  • FAX ME
  • Prop Fly
  • Jet Fly
  • SUPER SONIC FLY – 5G coming next
  • Internet of things
  • SIRI
  • Smart phones smart pads
  • 5G goes past them all together as one 

THE WAVE OF 5G is 90 days away.

I sold on Apple and bought GE at 10.00. I expect to double it. Apple every single Holiday launch is panned by experts and goes down in price. Next DIP I buy back. Why? 5G smart phones will upgrade 100’s of millions for Apple. SAMSUNG AND APPLE have the largest PHONE PAD COMPUTER UPGRADING WITH 5G ENABLED DEVICES IN THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. In my opinion. Look why RAYMOND JAMES SAID – OVERSIZE BUY APPLE its not me folks.

My life is divided. My blog is my pet contribution to enormous loyal regular readers who share this site – now one of the fastest growing labeled by many nations as a NEWS RESOURCE SITE – proudly read as a check – by:

  • Leading hedge funds
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There are some 40,000 rising rapidly BLOG FREE SUBSCRIBERS with full confidentiality protected always.

There are 100,000’s of book mark subscribers.

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MY ASK is readers comment. This closed community interacts if you GO INTERACTIVE. Critique me or PLUS ME. I answer all comments. Its hard work with research teams and you can SEE from this POST I HAVE A VERY FULL SLATE at this last part of my life time – trying to contribute and give back maximally.

The size and weight of the readership effects many agenda’s world wide today. Often a news first here is front page globally in hours.

My readers so appreciate the WORK efforts.

My joy is helping business owners and leaders plan with superior information on what you see and then what it means REALLY ECONOMICALLY when you tie it all together at the top past the OWNERSHIP of MEDIA spins today. As news is not longer news and the PURE TRUTH is hard to find – we are far from perfect and we never mean to offend but we may – our mission is to tell the truth faster and first.

My ask – COMMENT FOR ME. I can’t tell you the difference. The comment box appears as you cursor at the bottom of ANY NEW STORY. COMMENT takes 90 seconds – or if you want more information and detail or a debate or discussion I LOVE THAT. You are not a chore you are MY PURE JOY. For all in CEO SPACE who read all the time please comment for old Daddy OH. You all know and trust who I am at core to the bone.

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Hope to see so many of you live and in person.


That and this is the GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR WEEKEND –






Irans Supreme Leader is trying to accomodate FIRST RESPECT FROM TRUMP to blink back. Trump and the SUPREME leader wish to make a real and lasting prosperity deal. This deal set is historic for IRAN and for the Gulf nations. The deal allows America over years of time to fully withdraw out of the MIDDLE EAST – the goal. Protecting oil supply is no longer required as American oil passes 20 million barrels a day by 2025. All along the way UP America wealth prosperity and US DOLLAR secure the world with economics not bullets. THE STRATEGY is unfolding.

This BLOG provided one BLUE PRINT as a way forward.

The Supreme leader in tit for tat as the two military are really playing with TOYS only and it is really playing for those two war game players. its just war game playing no war is possible as both sides have ORDERS ON THAT from the two BOSSES.

The Supreme Leader playing these games:

We shot your drone

You shot our drone ( today )

UK took an IRANIAN OIL TANKER ( which will be released soon as the game goes on )

Iran took a small oil ship no one cares a whoot about – and they will release it as the game goes on….games.

The Supreme Leader and all the RED GUARD well know – 100% of their combat gear missile sites ordinance say a 5 BILLION DOLLAR over 25 year gear up and build up – is targeted – and any real THREAT beyond the boys playing some games out there – results in 72 hours and 5 BILLION GONE – not possible to recover from in military terms. Next would be just Iran losing and it would be terrible and it only occurs if Iran tries to be THREAT outside the game play – to say a carrier or battle group at which time all AMERICA FULL UNMATCHED POWER IS DISPLAYED into the night of the Iran sky.

Every asset targeted. 72 hours gone into the smoke.

China is the economic size of California and their military is not nothing but it is no threat to the USA.

Russia is the size of NEW YORK and it is a threat with its nuke targeting ( China has us targeted too ) but really nukes? Their silly Russia home press this year stating –  we will kill you next year in 20 minutes – will be more like 2025 in fact. Space FORCE USA can take out Russia in fifteen MINUTES all of RUSSIA all of CHINA and both nations well know that. No nation kills itself forever – for 50,000 years – to make a POINT. So mutually assured destruction works in Russia and China. Also Putin said over and over we will never use NUKES as offensive weapons. Why? Well 15 minutes no more Russia is their WHY. Russia? Their latest greatest most advanced super secret sub – caught fire and killed the crew and almost sank altogether. Don’t think Russia having stolen technology the USA has tested and deployed today will rise in any rush to quality to threaten the USA. Russia is 24/7 toast from the USA for world security and Russia knows it fully well. The issue is RUSSIAN PROSPERITY AND PARTNERSHIP IN GLOBAL POLICY. Respect.

The time of mid reptilian lowest human brain stem threat and competitive thought forms – insane thinking process – is being swept away increasingly by higher brain functions. Trust and verify and we all win and it is now the historic shift of real human potential CEO SPACE has labored to virus remove for world leaders over 30 years now. Removing the virus bad habit is slow but Humanity is with AI and 5 G coming together to CELEBRATE DIVERSITY VERSUS PUNISH IT. Insanity is dying. Wait for it…….

Iran is the size economically of say RHODE ISLAND. While Providence is one of my favorite peoples and city centers it is not a THREAT to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA even is it spent all its cash on a million person army really to secure its borders from SAUDI ARABIA the real THREAT to IRAN not the USA.

The USA wants:

  1. Nothing from Iran – no political change – it would appreciate Iran shift on policy to stop the public policy we plan and we will destroy Israel. The USA Protects Israel a nuke power who easily can take out IRAN itself without US. Both would appreciate a shift. BIBI in political full on Israel crises who may lose his leadership still – uses IRAN to unite his base which Iran would appreciate a SHIFT IN. Trump needs to BLINK FIRST as our blog reported. And why.
  2. The USA will give a long list of check points IRAN WANTS FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD and their prosperity can be by year end. So fast blinking doesn’t convey the UP BUBBLE on what. A 100 pages of paper on trust but verify – our side a policy on missiles we assure Iran defense in region – and no NUKES ever – thats all. Iran gives up the most tiny lines of type and they get an OCEAN OF FORWARD PROSPERITY.
  3. I believe if the Supreme Leader proceeds to do the deal with the EU AND AMERICA that congress and EU and IRAN legislature all approve – fast tracking it – we end the year with 2020 FRESH START IRAN who becomes with Saudi and Opec in decline now the LEADING ECONOMY IN THE GULF WORLD.

If policy to shift how the two nations in FRESH START forgive the two sides UNFORGIVABLE PAST ITEMS – which inspired leadership like TRUMP AND THE SUPREME LEADER have capacity to in GREAT LEADERSHIP effect – their people over time will follow and rejoice in the PEACE AND PROSPERITY for all GULF NATIONS.

EU economies all soar as does IRAN and the USA.

Everyone wins.

No one loses.

War games today are well – boys have toys – and they are playing their games in the double lines the leaders set out.

IF Trump does two things:

  1. TRUMP DUMPS ending OPEC and securing world prosperity world wide this month ( see my blog on that process )
  2. Trump BLINKS ( see my blog on the BLINK ) the world and Iran and the EU and the USA and Israel all win big.

Nothing in modern history jacks up the IRAN FRESH START 2020 OPPORTUNITY IF TWO INSPIRED LEADERS find that path of possibility for all peoples effected best outcomes.

The one WILD CARD is MBS. Will Saudi fake flag or act with its desire for two agendas to its survival in economics:

  1. Higher price oil over 100 dollars a barrel – screw 8 billion souls – we royals need our higher oil from failed policy.
  2. War with Iran – which elevates Saudi back influence otherwise OPEC is not a survivor.

PUTIN is the control deck on the WILD CARD having been not well treated in fact by failed MBS policy.

Putin gets his own prosperity deal. The deal terms are:

  1. Putin and Iran and Putin buddies publically in July ( their blink ) opt to terminate association with Oil.
  2. Putin tells Trump to dump and stabilize price at 55.00 a barrel so Putin can make Russia stabilize.
  3. Saudi loses capacity to act out and PUTIN monitors fake flag and with Trump together they box Saudi in
  4. Iran blinks back
  5. The deal of the century in history is done

Trump lowers Iran sanctions during good faith dealings at Camp David ( see my blog ) and both sides remove bad manner players from their talks – both show only greatest respect as box top rules. Our troops come home ( not all but extra’s ) for CHRISTMAS TIME.

Merry Christmas.

As the war games and toys go on….

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE FOLKS – but watch your wild card because no one has yet blinked in fact.


Note: Rhode Island don’t under play the entire powers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as THAT will  always BE  ending badly. The USA MILITARY is peaking in strength to new ABSOLUTE POWER 2019 – 2020 -2030 thank YOU CONGRESS …keep it up. Budget Debt Ceiling before August Break ( markets soar ) and I say and our credit rating restores which makes INFRASTRUCTURE 7 to 10 over time. SECURE TOMORROW CONGRESS. Because you can. Secure America 2019 and do your election 2020. THATS THE TICKET. Now who blinks. First.




President Donald Trump in January in the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS on the American Economy reported the economy under his team remains strong. While that may be true today as economist we like to dig under the hood and see why.

Also a class warfare was clear to the entire world in the State of the Union Address. An American real war of minds made clear as the LIBERTY BELL ringing. I have never seen anything like it since my first state of the UNION address, keeping warm on a cold winter day in San Francisco, while sitting on a tube RCA radio set counsel as television was no in homes yet and not everyone had a telephone ( which had no dial on the set ) or radio. We were lucky. I can remember how warm the top of the big rectangular radio felt through my flannel pajama’s. I was five years old. In my Dads office. Listening to President Dwight D Eisenhower who won WORLD WAR II.

In Jan 2019 I was watching live on my OLED 4K Flat screen with my family as my children watched President Donald Trump before they went into their flat screen rooms to join other children in their own nightly video games yelling HEY DUDE not hearing with noise canceling head sets fixed to graphic worlds we could not have imagined in science fiction of Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy in the 1950s.

The US President seeking a moment of unity, a moment to unite American Congressionally elected officials, asked the question, can we as a nation show the American one moment of purpose one moment of unity between us all and have the Congress of the United States stand and demonstrate that this FREE GREAT NATION will never not today not tomorrow not in the future of our unborn not ever – become a SOCIALIST NATION AND COUNTRY ! The Presidents hands were lifting up the Congress more like a PREACHER than a PRESIDENT IN THAT MOMENT.

it was then we saw 100% of the United State Congress that was Republican stand up and clap and cheer for the longest applause of the ENTIRE STATE OF THE UNION Report. The nation saw 100% of the Democratic MAJORITY of Congress sit. They saw NANCY PELOSI in utter hatred throwing hate daggers at the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. We saw the entire DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS being encouraged by US REPUBLICANS with their hand gestures facial encouragement to their buddies their colleagues – stand with us on this one issue stand with us – not one democrat stood for FREE ENTERPRISE – SELF RELIANCE – RULE OF LAW – AMERICAN CULTURE – AMERICAN IDEALS – 100% of the Democrats were UNITED to sit for BEING AND AMERICAN COMMUNIST SOCIALIST NATION.

The Class ware fare could not be more clear. The election is not about tweets. The election is not racial. President Donald Trump attacked as no President ever, is frustrated. The Southern Border is seeing 100% increase in illegal invasion of other nations. A city of 160,000 is arriving at the US BORDER each month. A city of over 1 million is arriving each year. This is only one board we have four borders. The USA can no longer pay for and afford a ten year city as large as NEW YORK CITY OR LAS ANGELS it must pay, housing, schooling, food, medicine health care for, transportation, power, sewer, clothes, language education, there is no money from congress for to fund a NEW NATION EVERY TEN YEARS as this is more population than many of 200 NATIONS. This invasion is rising and soaring. The illegals that get into the boarder as Congress won’t save money illegal invasion costs the nation by allocating resources for the lower cost wall than the cost of unchecked borders. The drugs the weapons the terrorist that get in the gangs that get in and the crime cost they create is all BORDER SECURITY. Our Boarders are national security.

Donald Trump with daily ICE REPORTS on how the WORST BORDER INVASION IN US HISTORY is unfolding has stated, how proud he is of under funded, under paid, under daily threat of life, the ICE border patrol at full war with ILLEGAL not LEGAL IMMIGRATION is today. Donald Trump has asked pled and begged the US CONGRESS to change the antique immigration laws for the times in which we reside. Nancy Pelosi uses the obvious human suffering illegal immigrants go through when they arrive at the US BORDER breaking the law in doing so. They make Donald Trump a wicked evil man for enforcing the laws they refuse to change. They take the national security real issue all experts declare an absolute US EMERGENCY a chip to win a socialist open border invasion issue in the minds of voters who fail to understand.


Nancy has one agenda. DESTROY DONALD TRUMP and win a socialist President into office with a majority socialist congress and move the needle for the USA toward a communist cradle to grave dependency by Americans on the Government socialist police state solving all problems cradle to grave, which we feel will indeed bankrupt America, destroy America leadership and permit a one world socialist government. NANCY PELOSI”s agenda is presented by two Tampa Bay Journalist in the data and research of this SECRET GAME PLAN for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ever shameful congress person who SAT during the STATE OF THE UNION, where voters could see the issue. THE ISSUE IS NOT NANCY PELOSI POLITICAL BRAIN WASHING. No. The issues is Donald Trump frustrated to his bone marrow at a US CONGRESS that is:

  1. Removing IN GOD WE TRUST from everything.
  2. PRAYER from everything as our tradition.
  4. Removing the Pledge of allegiance from schools like I grew up loving
  5. Removing civics and history and rule of law education like I grew up loving and more much more

THE TRADITION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AMERICAN IS TO BE THE THING WE FEARED MOST ABOUT THE COMMUNIST AND KGB STATES. I just ask all Americans in the socialist agenda – where your constitution unlike any other document has only ONE PURPOSE:

…..to limit the power of the central government and to elevate the power of one sovereign citizen where that single document stands between you and socialism where the government controls you versus you control your own government…..

If that ideal is hanging by a thread in this election we see the warfare more clearly. Americans who vote their wallet and the rule of law for their nation will win their country back. Americans who fail to understand via brain washing and values instilled in them by socialism may well remove for unborn generations the protections of the diluting weakened US CONSTITUTION by the unchecked power of a socialist majority ( CONGRESS ) you elected who sat and told you – we stand for socialism as the democratic party and our communist ruler is NANCY PELOSI communist in chief from San Francisco California the first sanctuary city.  The city with record crime and street population. The city where only elite wealth can live and the city no longer available to a middle class at all. The city where it is easy to get high on meth cocaine and ecstasy on any street corner but it is illegal to be free to smoke an E cigarette in town. You can smoke Pot though and law enforcement does. The city works against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to protect illegal criminal aliens who do crime in this nation and came in breaking laws and still break laws. SAN FRANCISCO the first Pelosi city to vote not to work with you. San Fransisco houses the HIGH TECHNOLOGY that takes all your private records and sells them for profit to any higher buyer without any thought of your privacy and spends untold money to elect Nancy and her fellow socialists hating Donald Trump….all the while the socialists that HIGH TEK elected are working to fine, tax, break up, and regulate HIGH TEK as no nation ever has before to assure that socialism can monitor you from wake up to beddie buy and they might yet.

Meanwhile FRUSTRATED DONALD TRUMP says – to the most extreme socialist – doing unfair BRAIN WASHING using media to present unfair totally one sided views and visuals on the WORK THE ICE TEAMS ARE DOING TO ENFORCE LAWS SOCIALIST CONGRESS REFUSES TO CHANGE AT ALL – REQUIRED OF ADMINISTRATIONS – TO STOP ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING BECAUSE OF RULE OF LAW AND INABILITY TO PAY FOR AN INVASION THIS LARGE – IT BANKRUPTS THE USA . Trump says to the EXTREME COMMUNISTS – and their ( they sat down they said we are socialist America you can see it yourself  ) …if your so unhappy with AMERICA LAWS start in your dysfunctional home nations and go back and show me you have any expertise to fix those nations.

That becomes a RACE ISSUE? Really? That is NANCY PELOSI bankrupt in her party, losing in 2020 to overwhelm on one issue. THE DEMOCRATS in congress will SUPER CRASH THE ECONOMY – you know how right we are on the economics since 1988 even new readers can scroll and see the RIGHT AGAINS – and forever make the USA a socialist nation. If you feel the DEEP SWAMP IS NOT REAL if you can answer this question you know how to vote in my opinion in any nation today:

….are you more or are you less AFRAID of your own government today than you were in the 1980’s……?

More afraid vote your wallet vote your constitution vote prosperity vote in the USA republican across the board. Vote Nancy out of power.

Less Afraid and love socialism vote Nancy in more power and vote democrat and vote socialism in because you want government to solve all your problems. America as an ideal dies and Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe at the UN like a Gavel with spit flying out of his COMMUNIST MOUTH said…..WE SHALL BURY YOU AND CONSUME YOU WITHOUT EVEN FIRING A SINGLE SHOT……….

Game over. Just a note on the silly tweet brain washing wars that consume you all across the world while the real news is never in your mind what so ever.  CEO SPACE members know better. So this election is not about TRUMP at all. This election is about ideals. THE US CONSTITUTION protecting citizens from the government or government having zero check and balance at all. The 2020 vote may define what AMERICA “IS” and even high tek is being sold down the river by ideals they believe in but which is not real at all. Can you discover what you all truly know. You just won’t read the hard proof and data.

..there is a secret agenda from elite super wealth…

If you read one book this year as important as I believe in my last blog ……REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION is for you to read – give up my book for this one book everywhere in the world if you wish to have data researched to bone marrow – and easy read – that should be in every library on earth as a global book documenting the SECRET TRUTH world wide ….we at the top of super money pools all know so well…having been inside those secret meetings since I was in my teen years…read this:


BEFORE YOU VOTE IN ANY NATION – as my readers – READ AND SHARE THIS DATA – you can not fail to be a far more informed voter. Assume your brain is filled with LIES. Assume media is controlled by 50 owners all documented in this work. Assume your brain software – your belief’s your values – your emotional capital on politics is all manipulated – assume what you know about leaders from BORIS to TRUMP to PUTIN is all wrong – assume a virus free brain IS possible because the SECRET SUPER WEALTH as yet can not block a work like the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to define how ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS BEING ENGINEERED and you are all cattle to DO THE ENGINEERING AS YOU VOTE. The Pelosi socialism DOSEY DOE becomes so clear to you with hard data so the SECRET is made visible that which is hidden from you is documented. THIS WORK IS REQUIRED READING FOR ANY ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO SIMPLY LOVES TRUE FREEDOM AND THEIR NATION AT THEIR BONE MARROW. Voters can roll back FREEDOM if you have the secret knowledge to unite and do so. I ask you to READ THIS ONE BOOK and comment on line ….you will thank me for what I’ve known since age 7…I had all the data …but now not coming from an elite insider family so will you. Trump has it Nancy has it. They are just on opposing sides.



THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM IS A SOFTWARE TROJAN ADWARE BRAIN VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. When you read it you become something new all over again – you become YOURSELF BACK IN FULL CONTROL again. WHAT IF I AM:

RIGHT AGAIN? Would you read the brain software upgrade program known as THE TRUTH?

Congress voted over 320 something to 90 something to SCRAP IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD TRUMP? Why? Landslide voter backlash for Trump and they can’t win and their backers don’t want the economic crash from all the waste.


We told you weeks ago when WHO said EBOLA was just a regional outbreak that WHO SHAMED US ALL. WE SAID SHAME ON “WHO” !!! THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. We screamed last August and we screamed every month since:

  1. This Ebola strain is a 90% kill ratio.
  2. We said no vaccine will stop it.
  3. We said it is cities and out of all controls.
  4. We said this time extreme radical muslims with 40 attacks on WHO workers killing them is out of all control.
  5. We said EBOLA will be the largest killer ever yet.
  6. We said EBOLA will race across Africa borders in year two starting in AUGUST.
  7. We said EBOLA will reach the USA the EU ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA.
  8. WE said EBOLA will kill the economies of the entire world why?
  10. WE said marshall law keeping people in homes will replace economics with human core survival

Last EBOLA threat to the world which did all these things – we lobbied for two years and got President OBAMA to declare his own G 20 emergency putting billions of dollars and resources of US MILITARY to control WHO SAFE oversight to stop all 1 from 10 exploding further as a huge economic cost occurred with market downturns and real panic – when – 2016. Not long ago. Now 2019 a far worse outbreak FAR WORSE HAS TAKEN PLACE.

Three weeks after our SHAME ON WHO SHAME ON YOU for NOT DECLARING EBOLA a global international emergency EBOLA has been this week declared as we wrote you all every month:




Now we say SHAME ON YOU PRESS OF THE WORLD. SHAME ON YOU. The greatest modern threat to life and to economics in fact, and you post it as a side story to a silly tweet storm. SHAME ON YOU EDITORS. The Threat to humanity is clear. Radical Muslim terrorists now use low cost fire to cost infidels trillions killing so many of us as a growing strategy. A japanese movie studio killing 23 as the gas carrying believer screamed die die die. Imagine 12 like apostle lap top suite and tie radical Muslim ISIS terrorist infected with EBOLA and hitting buffet lines in the EU America and Asia. We are talking over the time of their maximum infection millions upon millions dying. They can even at their end time tear off health care worker gloves and face masks and bite them screaming ALLAH AKBAR. Much better plan that burn california or blow themselves up by a coffee shop.

PRESS SHAME ON YOU. We have reported a year on how huge this story is. Why is TRUMP not following the OBAMA MODEL? Why? YOUR WHY. You SHAME ON YOU PRESS reporting silly tweet storms on all networks 24/7 do not have an EBOLA CLOCK – the start of the epidemic days in counting down by hours and minutes/death toll counting up in real time. That EBOLA CLOCK world wide needs to be ON FOX NEWS ON BBC NEWS ON CNN NEWS come on. Millions could die. Your reporting like the thousands dead are CONGO PEOPLE who cares. TRUMP is not racist. YOU PRESS ARE. They are dying like flies the most horrific death – totally out of all control as we have written the USA STATE DEPARTMENT FOR A YEAR ( who does zero ). SHAME ON US STATE. SHAME ON YOU PRESS OF THE WORLD. WHO IS OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX AFTER THREE WEEKS SHAME ON THEM.


RIGHT AGAIN. You hear real news on what is GOING ON OUT THERE first here and you know first and you always know the TRUTH. Sharing this blog is the TRUTH OF THE WORLD reaching those who devour truth like life itself. Thank you for sharing the truth.




As an investment banker economist having run a GLOBAL PUBLIC investment banking institution for a part of my life in NEW YORK San Francisco London and world wide our tribe simply knows a thing or two about it how it all really works. We reported to you something new has taken place. AI or artificial intelligence developed with trillions invested by the largest institutions works how and why? Lets look at history of modern economics:

CAPITALISM HISTORY 101 – 1929 – 2019 

  1. The depression of 1929 closed banks and financial institutions who bankrupted the world making profit by turning the world market place into a giant casino. In those days bank deposits where used by financial institutions that owned the banks, so that using fractional banking, grandma’s deposits could invest at 11 to 1 ratio. If your grandmother had 1 dollar deposited 11 dollars could by loans into asset margins, buy not an asset like a stock or a bond but a gambling bet – a side bet – on which way the asset price would go at some future debt. Short you bet stock you never owned a ton of copper would go down a pound of sugar would go up. If the Sugar went up your side bet to buy sugar at protected casino buy in prices was a LONG BET ON SUGAR and you made a spread on what you locked price to in you your casino future bet to the real market bet you “timed” to your future contract obligation. If you bet the market for soybeans would go down or steel would you never owned that commodity but you side bet on contracts to own and sell it at a future BET PRICE. If you bet right you made a lot of money. Because you are 11 to 1 margin betting if you lost you lost MORE THAN EVERYTHING.
  2. This side betting was done in what is called BUCKET SHOPS. They looked like casino parlors in every city. By 1929 the side betting in bucket shops consumed the nation for profit and greed. The real asset market say was one dollar a day and the bucket shop side betting market was 1000 dollars a day. CASINO CAPITALISM was born world wide. Profits and greed where so large that the casino side bet market was many times the real economy at ratios that were both fantastic and unregulated and first time in economic history and the death spiral sucking all capital into the phony casino market killed the system why?
  3. The SUPER CRASH of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE ( margin trading in everything ) bubble burst. The majority of trades were sell, and there were no longer buyers in the casino. Everyone sold. All at once. Panic. The result was sensing the problem everyone lined up to the bank to be first to pull out their money. The banks had no money as deposits were lost in the casino at fantastic ratio. There as a CRASH FOR MARKET LIQUIDITY. Everyone sold out of every asset in panic all at once at bubble prices bursting – and being no buyers the CASINO BETTERS ( everyone – individuals corporations institutions really not appreciating the risk and what was an economic death spiral anyway ) ended that version of global capitalism.
  4. Congress took years to pass new laws. The new laws did the following. It was now FEDERAL LAW BUCKET SHOPS could not ever again distort capital markets – selling long and short in side bets. It was FEDERAL LAW Banks could never be owned or controlled by investment banks. The USA became the most powerful economy on earth. To get our of the GREAT DEPRESSION required massive government debt and spending never seen before. First President Roosevelt enormous PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT building American infrastructure to the envy of the world. That did not work. Second was WORLD WAR II which was the thing that worked like the 1907 Depression that required WORLD WAR I to repair the economics of casino capitalism and socialism too.
  5. In the last three hours of the Christmas go home session of the US congress a unanimous vote for the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT ( having nothing to do with commodities ). This act tore up all the 1930’s protections for casino capitalism. Alan Greenspan lobbied for it. As a FRIEDMAN economist he wrongly concluded the markets have and will self correct. The markets are greed blinded and need regulations to avoid greed stampedes. Greenspan killed the world with wrong minded error policy in core economics. Read economist NAIMO Klein Shock Doctrine to appreciate how wrong Greenspan is still. That one act of congress did two most horrific ever economic nukes to world systemic modeling. First the depression law red line of speculative casino owners not having access to highly regulated bank deposit money was removed. Now casino investment bankers could leverage and bet grandmothers deposits into the market at fantastic profit and leverage. In 2000 bucket shops were also in the new law – superseding depression laws – under the 1999 last three out unanimous congress act – states were PROHIBITED from sovereign rights by federal law TO ENFORCE BUCKET SHOP LAW RESTRICTIONS. Why? Because now investment banks could own all the large bank deposits for their casino capitalism side bet profit planning. State law precluded such bank deposit side betting in speculative markets and with a hammer CONGRESS made state law enforcement to block the investment banks in their states, impossible. Congress KNEW exactly what they were doing. DO NOT FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNEW and were bought and solid. Clinton left the White House with millions assured to his foundation, merry christmas, and took the G and W off all keyboards as GW BUSH came into the White House – jokes on you BUSH.
  6. In year 2000 one year after Congress allowed the casino capitalism to return we have a SUPER CRASH known as the dot.bomb crash. Side bets in technology stock super bid up prices into a SUPER TECHNOLOGY BUBBLE that then crashed. Enormous losses occurred. World wide.
  7. Over forward years trillions were invested in new never seen before casino capitalistic products known as structured assets. The theory was advanced there could be floor risk les risk in capital markets. The theory of RISKLESS risk was bubble wrapped next around real estate globally. My greed stampede herd rushed into the new theory model. Structured assets took pools of core assets ( mortgages say in New York State  ) and via syndicates of banks with unlimited money, acquired mortgage contracts from bankers who issued the mortgage at a discount. The Discount made profits for the bank today and returned money advanced on the mortgage contract so that bank could issue with cash now a new mortgage. This created a greed stampede to write mortgages in greater volume for banker profit and in the turn over now more rapid than any time in history, pressure mounted to accept lower and lower credit risk in making mortgages until a dead dirt clod could get five mortgages on properties. The syndicate pool owning New York Mortgage made profit by selling New York Mortgages to National mortgage pool managers at a discount – Super Pools – making profits and having cash back to pay for new NEW YORK individual mortgages in new pools – as POOL PACKAGERS – and the turn over made bank profits. The national pools began to sell into INTERNATIONAL MORTGAGE POOLS – residential and commercial pools of mortgage paper. SUPER DUPER GLOBAL POOLS finally responsible to make profit over time administrating all those actual mortgage contracts through service firms ( not banks ) contracted to collect the money. These structured new asset classes of assets where all rated by credit agencies paid by the pool packagers AAA qualified as riskless risk for sovereign nation and pension funds. By 2006 and 2007 the SUPER DUPER JUMBO POOLS had become scrambled eggs by criminal bankers who placed crap into their omelett ( sub prime impossible to repay VARIABLE RATE zero interest to start loans that flew interest up over time to fixed low income unqualified credit borrowers by the tens of millions ). As the casino capitalism mortgage fraud shell game unfolded, the theory put forth by the criminals in their fraud tables at the time – projected worst case real estate could level and not rise in inflationary price upward but real estate could actually never go down. Criminal bankers had zero tables in their fraud on riskless risk that real estate could ( as all assets go up and go down in value always ) but real estate a floor asset could never go down. Then the wealth of the world sucked in to riskless risk being sold as foundational – and the real estate defaults and repossessions as Variable Rate SUB PRIME MORTGAGE properties flooded back into the SUPER DUPER POOLS and their math model went upside down. Short sellers seeing the problem from this blog made a trillion by gambling in now computer and global bucket shops – bucket shop gambling trades in casino capitalism with CLICK TRADES depression speculators never could know or profit from. This created liquidity drains to the system. All trades were leveraged. MARGIN CALLS were triggered. People lost MORE THAN EVERYTHING in real estate and Nations lost trillions. Criminal bankers who continue this system of POOLS SUPER POOLS AND SUPER DUPER POOLS in mortgage banking with higher risk ratios than 2007 SUPER CRASH are exempt from new laws and advanced the game in ways we will tell you about. The criminal bankers made 1000 dollars in legal theft profits bankrupting economic systems of the world via unregulated now casino capitalism with its greed stampedes. The bankers paid a penny fine and looked punished had warm meals and did this. Keeping in mind the criminals are no longer investment bank gamblers and bank deposit managers for they today thank you law makers world wide – today in 2020 they are all one crime mob boss money syndicate empowered by the central bankers ( not merged back into their treasuries ) that they own and control. As long as criminal investment bankers own the wealth deposits of the world – your money is not in any bank – your money is gambling and you have no control over the profit and loss at all. IF 1% of depositors want their cash the system fails on core liquidity so fragile is the balance as deposits unlike the depression casino – are not gambling at 11 side bets to 1 dollar no – its now 50 dollars to 1 dollar and rising in super digital leverage the system never has known before.
  8. In the past decade trillions – the largest wealth in history is being invested in economic artificial intelligence. Over 7 trillion annually in just self driving cars. Think how much more on managing 440 trillion in leveraged wealth circulation less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and global criminal greedy bankers control? But my tribe is not evil. My tribe – investment bankers who control 99% of all wealth – are stupid. They believe in their soul they are doing good for humanity by creating – yes again – the economic oxymoron ( there is no such thing ) as RISKLESS RISK. How? AI. Today leveraging AI side bets on which way an asset may or may not go. The AI also buys assets. 94% of all of 440 trillion in global capital circulation ( THE ENTIRE MARKET PLACE ) is AI today not human. First time ever. Today a new economy appeared never seen before the new AI ECONOMY in 2014. The new economy shoves wealth into PRICE RANGES for everything from coffee to post it notes. The idea is that in those ranges where all buy and sell ranges are capital pool bets, flows can never exceed the RANGE OF THE BET. RISK LESS RISK in all asset classes.
  9. Stock prices are further manipulated. Say you have a China Sea of stock in shares floating around the world. Then you buy back and remove water from the China sea and the water goes down at the beach. Does the price of sand go up or down? Price is manipulated. Did capital flow into plants, innovation, goods, construction, real asset creation in economics? No way. in just America we in American stocks not world stocks now broke records in 2017 2018 2019 at over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS – greater than total economic budgets of so many nations – invest in casino stock manipulation – a crime before the 1999 unanimous act of congress – legal the Christmas Holiday after. Depression planners never saw global CLICK digital trading in on line virtual bucket shops – digital margna leveraged and new structured POOLS OF ASSET BETS – side bets on which way asset goes – thats right go into pools are sold into SUPER POOLS and then SUPER DUPER POOLS of truly risk of scrambled eggs at leverage and debt SUPER BUBBLES that created 1929 . 2000 Dot.Bomb – 2007 Sub Prime – and now every asset class like 1929 but in AI CLICK WORLD at the speed of gambling AI not human. Worse risk of all history. The entire world system with no nation left to shine as the light goes out from liquidity evaporation day LED DAY. Why? My tribe of 10,000 super money pool geniuses and their geek squad believe in their soul they have created RISK LESS RISK where what goes up only actually goes manipulated up even more. Deflation entrenched where asset classes are deleveraging and going down does not seem to be a canary in their own mind shaft today. Nations with free money borrowing ( hey central bank fraudsters – all private stock non government criminals controlling money supplies – owned by the criminal bankers fined and never in jail running the show ) lets LOWER ALMOST ZERO INTEREST NOW back down to FREE MONEY so we can lend to the new SUB PRIME – sovereign nations enslaving those nations with DEBT where we who hold the loans control those nations and their futures. Think of it as a final death spiral of SUB PRIME NATIONS into pools of structured assets – super pools and super duper pools all rated by credit agency criminals paid and controlled by their criminal bankers as AAA credit pools. When in fact from CONGO to Communist China the DEBT QUALITY IS PURE CRAP and when the sovereign nation defaulting occurs the casino came is up – your dice came up pure crap and wipe out. NO LIQUIDITY. Like 1929 all daily trades are SELL SELL SELL in utter panic like never before but runs on banks are no longer lines. No. Now runs on banks are CLICK RUNS and as the CLICK RUNS HIT like they are in runs our of WELLS FARGO criminal bank Deutsche criminal bank the banks are – well in Germany contracting by tens of billions and laying off 20,000 first wave innocents as the banks does not have your money. 100% of  all your money is  in the casino side betting. Depression side bets rose to 50 dollars to 1 dollar of real economic ownership of assets in bucket physical casino shops. Your money is 1 dollar to 1000 dollars of side bet riskless risk greed stampede which in AI first time ever economics can not end well. WHAT IS THE CRISES PROBLEM? SUPER DEBT BOMBS. WHY? Lack of G 100 regulatory frame work outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AS THE SOLUTION AND THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AS THE ECONOMIC SOURCE PROBLEM as to the how what why when.
  10. As the time to sovereign nation debt defaulting is getting closer now – as CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL works to via SUPER BOND THEORY set up on this web site for nations – who wish to win – giving TIME back to debt burdened nations with no way out of DEBT SLAVERY to criminal bankers except – SUPER BONDS which saves the bankers ( my tribe ) from themselves. There is still hope. Super Bonds is the economic tire plug to the economic air leaking out of all four tires world wide today. Easy read. On this site scroll print and book mark SUPER BONDS in any nation. Time is your asset. We have suggested as in 1929 our readers move retirement and nest egg assets out of the casino. We suggested the model that worked when banks closed and investment banks closed and only diversified insurance investing paid out money during those years. If you explore insurance options you will discover the HIGHEST RETURNS ( which will surprise you really ) permitted by law with the most safe guarantee of your principle we know of today. The only riskless risk we can see is DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with top tier depression proven insurance leaders who protect loss period and produce higher returns than any other option we know of unless you risk MORE THAN EVERYTHING IN CASINO SIDE BETS which will not end well. Money is time. If you lose five or ten years how do YOU EVER GET THAT TIME BACK IN YOUR LIFE “TIME”. For my readers who act you are protecting your wealth which is your LIFE TIME. Trust me and explore just call and explore a better bet than a casino greed stampede while there is still time.

The death of casino capitalism occurs when greed stampede from AI velocity momentum and accelerations exceeds liquidity dynamics by phony price manipulations via side betting at fantastic once illegal leverage and debt – a market driven by free money and debt to side bet and gamble and a trillion a year taken out of economics to criminally manipulate stocks ( a crime these stock buy backs 1933 -2019 Bill Clinton last act of Congress go Bill ) – now legal and AI click leveraged – at casino risk spirals the world has never seen before in risk side betting and price manipulation world wide. This casino capitalism form without new regulatory frame work of the G 100 over AI economics may great the GREATEST DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR III economically. Think of economic scales. The casino is in five years in America alone spending over 5 trillion dollars to manipulate stock prices – where those manipulating the stock upward by casino betting and rigging markets with phony stock buy backs to do so – are paid untold wealth in stocks they assured protected their own bonus – outside any regulatory control what so ever. Now think Congress is trying to pass a 5 trillion dollar package to improve our USA infrastructure sinking to third world status and a REQUIRED ECONOMIC INVESTMENT To re-inflate the world to prosperity – the sum criminals invest to manipulate their own stock from Apple to Google. Buy at your own greatest loss risk at the end of casino AI first generation capitalism

Risk less risk – a fool and his money are soon parted.



Criminal OPEC has done everything it knows how to do – legal and totally illegal – to artificially make the price of your power your transportation 100% higher than fair market price. We have reported to you the economics we review again now:

  1. The world is drowning in oil.
  2. The earth shits and farts oil as the EARTH OIL FACTORY with far more being made than humans can ever use
  3. Oil can provide clean non polluting energy but we never invest in cleaning up the 1800’s technology.
  4. Demand for polluting climate changing toxic oil products from plastic bags and bottles to gasoline is crashing
  5. Supply is soaring and SURPLUS STORAGE OF OIL has exceeded all storage – 500 million barrels in USA. Alone.

OIL SUMMER DRIVING use is showing DEMAND PLUNGING OFF A CLIFF NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Why? Natural gas much lower cost non polluting shift for trucks – bus and ships. Massive move started by smart Tesla into electric cars now the biggest shift away from phony price gouging criminal oil providers killing the planet dead. WE THE PEOPLE are shifting. Massive move from electricity away from toxic polluting oil. Massive move this month from Gulf OIL SUPER OIL RE-FUELLING HUB IN UAE maximum IMO precluded Jan 1st HIGH SULPHUR POLLUTING ship fuel to Singapore. Today 1000% insurance cost to ship oil lowers if you just as a shipper load – keep hours in Gulf down and miles in gulf lower – and get out of WAR RISK ZONE you save tons. So SHIPPERS now in SUPER CHANGE no one ever saw coming – moving from UAE SUPER PORT and higher priced RE-FUELLING – and precluded highest cost and highest pollution GULF SULFUR MAX OIL PRODUCT FOR SHIP FUEL – IS REPLACED IN SUPER CHANGE EVENT THIS JULY FROM UAE SUPER PORT – TO ECONOMIC ALTERNATIVE NEVER TO RETURN. This leaves UAE in DEBT STESS FOR THE SUPER PORT and the Super Change was too fast to adjust into – which is our WHY FOR SUPER BOND FAST TRACK TO THE UAE !


For all national readers – book mark SUPER BONDS and fast track this solution into your nation for prosperity 2020. Share with leaders in nation and state and resolve the issue DEBT. For the friends of the UAE and Gulf Nations from King of Jordon to Iran this is the economic solution – the one and the only – awaiting your zoom call and exploration. Just explore.

OIL TODAY went down again. OPEC has failed to stop the reality. Supplies of GASOLINE OIL AND ALL RELATED PRODUCTS ARE BACKING UP IN THE LARGEST BUYER THE USA and everywhere. Demand for oil in global slow downs from unresolved trade war AGREEMENTS costing China more. China loses from:

  1. The largest slow down in over 30 years.
  2. Massive economic pain rising in China overwhelming state planners as all their economics to President XI were wrong.
  3. XI had no clue the extent of the China Loss in trade war – but Trump new all along the way precisely and accurately.
  4. XI loses in growth prosperity and income as economics in China are crashing faster and picking up crash speed.
  5. Ripples can effect a China DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE only SUPER BOND remedies.
  6. XI loses as trade deals cost zero and produce massive growth and prosperity.
  7. The time for the first phase of China prosperity my Famous father helped engineer in China is mature enough for te second phase of reforms which stimulate massive centuries of prosperity in China.

The unforeseen cost of DEFICIT CRASH COST of Super Change – crashing growth and losing prosperity dividends – is the largest cost to China in 2000 years of time. China bet wrong on bad data. RIGHT AGAIN we told you why. The economists giving XI 100% wrong economic information – failing to appreciate a NEW AI ECONOMY globally now runs trillions out of nations – CICK RUNS and we told you CHINA IS IN A TSUNAMI OF TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF CAPITAL CLICK RUNNING OUT OF THE NATION.

We told you the shattering of China from bad faith trade dealing cost was incalculable. Why?

Chinas middle class wants income appropriate for status. Rising.

China customers want highest quality goods at lowest market price levels.

Cost of China production now requires decline in quality to keep pay up. Cost is soaring and product quality is buggy awful and declining across the board. Apple is reporting the largest product quality degrading on phones to lap tops in Apple history as across all brands CHINA QUALITY RETURNS TO CRAP FOR DOLLARS. An economic vice that stops the China miracle cold.

China failure to fast track in 90 days a trade deal – moving as if a GNP the size of California can negotiate as equals was fully delusional economically. I don’t know about politics. So today China customers are RUNNING into easier far more profitable and fun and far more reliable producer nations – offering instant access – highest quality lower prices than now are possible in failing China – where best old customers and largest % of new customers are by trillions OUT OF CHINA. China is sinking as market share is being lost FOREVER by miscalculated economics in trade war dealings. Trump knows this and would prefer CHINA ROSE BACK UP but is smoking a cigar as the game board resets with CHINA’s great decline.

THE CLICK RUNS OF CAPITAL ARE SO ENORMOUS EXPRESSED IN TRILLIONS WITHDRAWING – CHINESE GETTING OUT OF THEIR CURRENCY – INVESTMENT ON HOLD ( FOREVER ) EMPLOYERS MOVING OUT – MAJOR BRANDS MOVING OUT – % OF MADE IN CHINA DROPPING LIKE NEW YORK BALL ON NEW YEARS FOREVER – AND DEBT RATINGS FALLING AS A CHINA ECONOMIC IMPLOSION AND SOVEREIGN DEBT DEFAULT WITHOUT A FAST TRACK SUPER BOND STRATEGY WITH XI BUDDY OUR ATTORNEY ON THAT GAME – EXECUTING – IS SUPER HIGH RISK. The China market super crash in all markets and asset classes will impact all world markets and rsult in two outcomes. Without A USA TRADE DEAL AND 2019 China may never recover and grow to its potential and risk of 2020 implosion and super crash risks sovereign nation debt defaulting – debt cascade defaulting from real estate to commodity bad side bets on price – where China unemployment creates massive riots and unrest and revolution potential as economic after math and China will be unable to pay its military forward in time and contract creating its own military back lash and instability.


  1. Fly with teams to Camp David and don’t leave till the Trump deal is done – get both law making bodies to approve it all by year end for the HOLIDAY 2020 prosperity – setting a PROCESS to reset world trade. China should be then included in all other TRADE DEALS starting with RUSSIA then RUSSIA is included.
  2. SUPER BOND CHINA DEBT starting now for execution 2020 as its a great deal of work. Again the solution to the world debt is invented and secure for nations by CEO SPACE GLOBAL.

China demand for Gulf oil is imploding. Asia is declining oil use. American drivers are crashing old models as use demand falls off a cliff July 2019. Just in news. RIGHT AGAIN. The world is going off oil at SUPER CHANGE we told you was real and all experts and OPEC lies told you was false. OPEC is no longer dying.

Opec BET:

  1. We will sell far less oil but we make the same as price goes up and we sell less for more.
  2. Customers had to buy OPEC oil when their more costly far more polluting oil was over 60% of all oil supply.
  3. Today OPEC customers can buy cheaper oil from non OPEC producers as OPEC supply declines to nominal.
  4. American split priced world oil markets as the largest oil producer on earth with cheaper oil lower polluting oil cheaper to refine oil. OPEC supplies customers who pay MOST and WHY?
  5. OPEC lost the BET. Now they sell less far less – then the cut back as buyers are moving forever like out of China out of OPEC forever – paying less and making more as oil use and demand SUPER CRASH. Right again.

Now OPEC members have lost more in bad betting with SAUDI DICTATOR OF OPEC losing all bets on error in core oil economics. The result is trillions lost on side bet loan bets as OIL GOES DOWN DOWN DOWN THE ALICE IN WONDERFUL RABBIT HOLE.

OPEC cash is drying up.

OPEC members are losing credit ratings and cost to borrow is soaring.

OIL income to OPEC will crash down for 25 more years.


  2. Call us — book mark SUPER BONDS the only solution for debt stressed nation planners period.



OPEC WITHOUT SUPER BONDS will experience massive social unrest as the out of cash nations in GULF will be forced to CUT BACK MASSIVELY on SPENDING as their pump itself is running completely on economic fumes.

WHY? Thought it impossible.

Had some false idea on the Gulf Economics?

Failed to TRUST our Five years of telling you the truth from all the lies?

Do you see the FAKE SOFTWARE ON YOUR MIND being replaced from software fraud lies and buggy software mal functoning code – to THE TRUTH – the mental software of seeing accurately what is really going on out there?

HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT for your career path?

Your investment and saving plan?


Your State Nation or Institutions globally?

Your being current relevant and leading in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ITSELF?

Of endless better reporting for journalist than TWEET PEEPS as political distraction.

The biggest political distractions we will tell you what IS REALLY going on but we can’t today because although we signed no state secrecy acts we hate SNOWDEN as a coward and traitor and we love our nation. PUTIN will turn SNOWDEN over to TRUMP and a new ear of cooperation begins. WAIT FOR IT.

The big one? The day you know we’ll tell you WHY and what it means.

TODAY YOU HAVE THE ECONOMICS now action is always up to you.

I’m off to CEO SPACE DALLAS tomorrow teaching CAPITAL MASTERY the essential growth skill for leaders – Saturday to Monday the only education with SEC ATTORNEYS I still teach myself to full rooms of networking OWNER LEADERS from across the entire world. Wish you were inside that upgrade for your personal booming economy.

Bookmark this for me readers across the world.


For business owners in any nation – professionals in practice in any nation – heads of not for profits that wish to triple thir income and double their time off – share this item – on step by step detail as to something new – not a seminar in any way – a proven many decade 150 nation BUSINESS GROWTH ENGINE that puts leaders in hyper growth and keeps leaders in hyper growth with regular use. No other option on earth matches the quality and speed of outcomes. Check out the TRUTH.


THE LACK OF MONEY “IS” THE ROOT OF ALL …EVILS……MARK TWAIN ( wrote for grand fathers News Paper until his death )






Oil is the cost of “everything else” . Oil pricing is first inflation. Oil up inflation up. Oil down no inflation today at all world wide. Going up we see core inflation in DEFLATION rise to 2%. Plus as when MBS criminally for his own upside down Saudi budget brought oil up, in a time of pure glut, from 50’s to 70’s a barrel. MBS can’t maintain his criminal price bubble. MBS final nail in OPEC was to announce OIL POLICY as OPEC DICTATOR without vote or even a snap chat with other OPEC MEMBERS. As billions in 1000 % oil profit margin are at stake versus 300% more normalized profit margin – the greedy oil community all supports their highest possible profit against 8 billion humans. If oil is food production via equipment to farm world wide, transportation of food stocks, cooling processing with oil energy, packaging, movement to market and the containers and counters you get food off of – all oil based products, packaging etc, one can see why 1.5 billion die of starvation at today’s oil prices this year to keep less than 1000 at 1000% profit margin. Is that MOB OIL GANG OF 1000 polluting the planet and all humans to climate change extinction or greed a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  The first criminal to leave was my mentor David Rockefeller who before he died at age 103 sold his family fortune out of his Grand pappy’s oil firm, EXXON and left the industry for social reasons of conscious moving his foundation as Ford has done to SOCIAL HUMANITARIAN CONSCIOUS INVESTING. If industry founders are running for the hills whose left. MBS OPEC DICTATOR has destroyed OPEC and the Iran Minister of Petroleum predicting OPEC’s burial and even the short wake is over now, was right. RIGHT AGAIN since 1988 to 2019. Keeping score?

We told you all the why right here. MBS still struts around in his flowing contour sheets having killed more people in his short rule before age 35 than any ruler in history but HITLER ( same brain ) but you can not see THAT yet. Saud family members see it though which IS the hope and promise of the SAUDI people and their own nation – about to pay the cost of MBS ECONOMICS – a failed debtor bankruptcy of Saudi which is almost impossible unless your a kid and you just spend way too much way too fast on non economic dreams calling on the worst advisers and then lose your entire confidence and investor base – 5 trillion dollars – out and more rolling out by year end – because in October it is one year since the world saw you loud and clear – slaughtering Khashoggi with a bone saw team to a wedding permit in Turkey.

My team is bringing into the SAUD FAMILY real power behind the throne a SUPER BOND way out for the people of Saudi. That step we can do with KING MBS for the people. But will he open his ears? We think unlikely. The outcome is now economic 101 for consequence to failed oil policies. All so preventable since 2014. Competition insane brain choice is the cause versus sane cooperative brain decisions. KNOW THE CAUSE as it is insanity or sanity at cause level. Truly it is.

The oil markets are in tug of war. The Oil MOB wants 100 dollar oil for greed. The demand for oil is crashing not falling. We have presented the hard data here since 2015 and OPEC has lied and lied and their data has proven to be fraud and our data has proven to be spot on the money. Summarized:

  1. Oil new supplies are vastly increasing oil world wide capacity to add supply to world market places
  2. Oil cost to produce from shale and other technology advances from satellite to uplifting and transport are crashing
  3. The average world lifting of oil most costly least costly is 10.57 cents a barrel to ports. Margin is 700% right now.
  4. Price is a feature outside market supply and demand fair cost via criminal illegal oil cartel price setting OPEC.
  5. Demand for toxic polluting oil products from plastic bags and containers to electricity or fuel oil is SUPER CRASHING and faster than any criminal oil chart tells you – the largest commodity demand change in history ever

If the PUPPY KING’S OIL POLICY – a failed OIL WAR with the USA which in winning this real global war – MBS sought to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION by lowering price for oil from a peak of 140.00 a barrel to 34 -37 dollar a barrel at the low and AMERICAN SHALE STILL MADE A BUCK AND GREW OUTPUT until AMERICA became the largest oil producer passing 13 million barrels a day. Lower cost lower polluting ( less sulfur ) AMERICAN oil –  has been as the OIL WAR WINNER taking oil from OPEC by the billions a MONTH. Tens of billions are now lost in customer base from the MBS oil war loss in only months of shifting 18 months or so. OPEC loses customers FOREVER. Russia loses Customers forever. OPEC says we are reducing supply and still surplus is growing world wide as DEMAND IS FALLING FALLING FALLING MONTHLY DOWN ALICE AND WONDERLAND ECONOMIC GREAT PRICE REBALANCING RABBIT HOLE AS A COST TO MBS AND SAUDI FOR TOTAL ABSOLUTE LOSS OF THE OIL WAR. Putin bet on the wrong side of the market as a ONE OFF NATION – A PETRO NATION – and now Putin’s recession in Russia failing to diversify and rising up way too much debt, exists in a communist debt trap. Income is falling. Customers are leaving RUSSIA FOREVER. OPEC FOREVER. Because they sell dirty oil more costly to process at higher prices and are trying against their own customer interest to charge their customers EVER HIGHER PRICES when their customers are moving off of oil long term ( long term contracts ) to secure energy from non polluting sources – transportation is leaving oil FOREVER for non polluting natural gas and hydrogen. OIL as a market is in the largest DISINTERMEDIATION IN COMMODITY HISTORY.



So you still have education children and here it comes. Keep in mind nothing in our blog world is political despite your take on our truth reporting. Everything is economic. As Founder of the largest BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the world CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – the # 1 Ranked Leadership development conferences for Business leaders in the world by third party press – serving 150 nations today – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – and in my younger days founder of a global public investment banking brokerage firm, we report on data and economic trends and what we feel is going to impact markets next. OIL MARKETS THE COST OF EVERYTHING and when you hear inflation if you strip oil out we have DEFLATION properly adjusted and we reported numbers to you on DEFLATION over the past WEEK alone. Proofs. The central banks are against our sound advice to system stability first, likely to now lower interest rates. Why?

The central bankers are terrified of system core risk of sovereign nation large corporate defaulting cascade to system debt. Lowering interest lowers debt roll over coast and reduces risk of systemic DEBT BOMBS going over in the weak spot of DEFLATION ( which Japan stimulus has failed to re-inflate economics over 30 years now since the JAPANESE ASIA economic super crash and melt down ). Said another way 10 years from 2007 economic rebalancing for system abuse in mortgage financing – we have DEFLATION just like Japan. As we error in lowering interest how can the world market not see what we told you already:

…central banks admit they have LOST control of AI economics and they made policy mistakes in raising interest …..

It is our opinion lowering interest rates versus holding will be the largest signal of economic PANIC since the great depression of 1929 by the Federal Reserve Board. Why? Another proof central banks have lost economic control and AI now controls markets and economics. Without a G 100 RE- REGULATION ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL NEW FRAME WORK outlined step by step on HOW to put that step in – the economics in this world are in first generation moving in SUPER CHANGE to second generation AI in AI arms races over economics that consume more trillions now than defense from institutions and nations. AI must be used to REGULATE AI. Unbridled speculation is the largest systemic risk next to SUPER DEBT BOMB BUBBLES in sovereign nation and institutional debt now out of all control of nations and central banks world wide. Which is MY WHY interest should PAUSE not lower. Confidence and economics. Its low enough. Without a new G 100 regulatory model with no nation left behind box top new rules 2020 forward for trade tax and AI capital flows danger to system core liquidity rises. 1% can not own more wealth than 99% without predictable system collapse as pure economics. WE CAN FIX THIS. THERE IS TIME. But we have to COOPERATE. Competition extincts us. ALL. Crazy no? 8 billion of US want integrity cooperation between our countries. The vast majority of us love each other treasure our culture diversity and wish to CELEBRATE ALL DIVERSITY IN ALL FORMS NOT PUNISH IT. If the vast majority are sane why is policy made by competitive insane brains? At a voter level we must elect COOPERATIVE CANDIDATES and put out of office COMPETITIVE candidates. WE GET WHAT WE VOTE FOR.   We will see if the market proves me correct is the largest OIL ECONOMIC SHIFT OF MODERN HISTORY. We feel FED GREAT PAUSE and cease of BOND SELLING next meeting – defines – CONFIDENCE far far more important than a fractional interest rate signal – hey casino gamblers game on – spend and spend to speculate on asset class price through AI manipulation of all asset class prices – creating the GREATEST DEBT BOMB SUPER BUBBLE OF ALL TIME AND THE LARGEST ASSET PRICE BUBBLE OF ALL HISTORY – GO FOR THE GOLD. Which of course can never end well.

If they lower interest markets and AI will reward what the gamblers want with enormous bets driving up price multiples. IS THAT SOUND ECONOMICS? Price multiples the PRICE ALL ASSET SUPER BUBBLE in phony manipulated non economic pricing – is higher than the 1929 period just before the GREAT DEPRESSION. Any one listening out there? Drive it insanely higher? Now you see my WHY ringing the alarm bell – move to diversified insurance investing. If I”m totally wrong you win big. If I’m totally right you saved your ass. Now thats pretty solid with absolute principle protection. You delay exploring with licensed professionals WHY? Institutions and grandma I suggest you explore – see my blogs on point for data and details. Scroll this weekend and bone up. On core economics effecting you in 2020 and beyond. This item is such a SEA CHANGE read on – as I wonder inclusively around so MY READERS know the CAUSE not the symptoms. The economic foundational causes. FIRST always right here on what iS REALLY GOING ON at the SUPER UAE OIL HUB read on – its just HUGE.

Kick that can down the hallway folks it is after all an election year. TRUMP WINS FED LOSES and that helps economics HOW? AGAIN? In hindsight the FED lowering interest rate may be seen as a disaster in timing. If they FED HOLDS as CEO SPACE wrote Chairman POWELL to consider – good on them all. Best choice by far but stop the bond sales and liquidity drain far more important to stability. That is our opinion.



There there its all ok. We did. We follow the COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE OIL.  So you know before you bet on investing anything forward in time.

Here are the real stats to follow:

  1. Shipping everything to us and especially oil itself is 25% of all oil use – and 35% of all oil pollution.
  2. The dirtiest most polluting sulphur oil FROM OPEC GULF states is used to drive polluting ships.
  3. The IMO as we reported in our blog this week has a hard stop for use of that OPEC oil Jan 1st.
  4. Meanwhile MBS framing IRAN for economic sanctions failed to stop oil price crashing he can’t get it up to 80.00
  5. So he bombs the GULF and blames IRAN – this truth will all come out and we’ll be RIGHT AGAIN.
  6. That has unintended economics as all failed MBS crimes do. Now oil shipping insurance has risen 1000% per load.
  7. To avoid the GULF COST TO SHIP – ships are now pre Jan 1 – moving to lower sulphur BUNKER OIL

This means what?  You just can’t not grasp the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS NOW that OPEC MEMBERS ARE LOSING IN OIL CONTRACTS AND BUYERS FOREVER. You just can’t know the panic crises and defections already taking place. OPEC is now MBS HIMSELF and his fraud lies and deceit. Its like a SIT COM where we all know Tony Soprano’s is a good man and we are never surprised when he is shot.  Shorty from Columbia gets sentenced for life today. Justice is served for drug deaths to many to count.

The UAE such a great nation with such a fantastic leader has failed to TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP FROM OPEC. We so encourage him to check with John Thorpe on our quality of mentorship advice and we want to bring their winner team a SUPER BOND resetting UAE as the CAPITOL of the MIDDLE EAST economically. We have some mentorship on that.

But UAE forming its own oil index ( we reported on last blog ) as we’ll see – thrives in market share – stepping out of OPEC as does IRAN and Russia. All three should go mid year and now for the core economics of the move.

Today staying in OPEC LOOKS LIKE THIS and the cost folks in 25% of fuel use and profit is shipping I just can not tell you the economic shifting taking place as WAR LOSERS PAY THE MBS PRICE TODAY. So OPEC OIL WARS. MBS criminally raises prices. Markets split in two. OPEC PRICING no one pays any more not even buying from OPEC just a phony price line – a sit com joke in oil buyer circles. MBS is a joke. Everyone just makes cruel jokes. SAUDI has lost its reptilian as a nation. The emperor struts around waving his contour sheet and talks through his puppy ass and we try and try and tell him – that turd oil war – that stinking shit under your puppy King tail – stinks son – you lost 5 trillion large – you lost Yemen you Lost Qatar you are a LOSER – no one believes you sonny and your nation is trashed on your rule – your credit rating is going down down down and your Aramco IPO will be last gasp and investors will lose their freakin shirt in economics – hey lets bet on the biggest pool of most toxic in the world sulphur most costly most polluting oil on earth – SAUDI OIL while demand falls off a cliff and better cheaper oil comes from non SAUDI sources as OPEC falls apart. AH YES LETS BET ON ONE THE MOST SOLID LOSS BET OF ALL TIME. I see MBS ….wow that works for my hedge fund. Why again?

So MBS the loser – bombs himself and the gulf and blames IRAN to keep oil price up. MBS wants a shooting war with IRAN because IRAN is a threat to his political Kingdom. SHITE MUSLIMS are a potential for a SAUDI SPRING a fear for the ruling elites. Saudi is a police state with more crimes against humanity than any Gulf nation. Saudi makes IRAN look like a safe UE NATO MEMBER better than Turkey that is for sure. Everything you know about IRAN is an MBS Lie. Everything you know about OIL is a MBS lie. The truth is right here in one blog on the oil economics.

Bunker Ports are like HUB AIRLINE AIRPORTS – DALLAS – CHICAGO – ATLANTA – NEW YORK – LA – LONDON – AMSTERDAM –  BEIJING. All airlines from all cities dock and re-fuel in the HUB SPOTS. Well same for Shipping. HUB SPOTS ARE WHERE SHIPS REFUEL. The GULF HUB SPOT is the UAE. The center of economics. The safe zone. The SWITZERLAND OF GULF TRADE between everyplace to everyplace GULF. The Deal Place. The IP place. The new idea place. The Policy place. the CAPITOL OF THE GULF is the success of the UAE in its entire policy and genius leadership. Next step – join a unity of members terminating membership in OPEC – Iran – UAE – JORDAN – I want name my favorites as it gets political but JULY MID YEAR IS THE TIME to protect market share economics.

So UAE IS THE LARGEST SHIPPING HUB FOR THE 25% OF OIL moving into fuel shipping for world wide EU and related shipping and all gulf shipping. SO WHAT HAPPENS. Lets look at pure economics shall we and cost of losing side betting:

  1. MBS declares OPEC oil wars on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2014. 2019 the war loss is fantastic.
  2. MBS tours the WHITE HOUSE like there was no war and gets TRUMP with Israel ( wow Saudi kissed forward ass? ) to tear up the IRAN AGREEMENT – failing to honor a US PRESIDENT? Thats new. To raise oil prices for MBS?
  3. MBS Failure on that oil went down as we told you here. Next MBS BOMBS HIMSELF frames IRAN. That fails.
  4. Now shipping insurance in the GULF rises to levels impossible to pay for GULF shipping which is per day costing.
  5. Now ships reduce their time in the gulf as insurance rates drop by the mile. They no longer just in FUEL IN UAE.

No they fuel now in off GULF HIGH POLLUTING CAN NOT USE IT ANY WAY IN JAN 1st ( we told you why last blog did you miss that economic huge shift in oil markets the cost of everything ) where – SHIP OWNERS OF ALL SHIPS are now moving out of the HUB UAE FUEL HUB – due to MBS AND OPEC MEMBERSHIP Costing the UAE more wealth than any other single factor ever. WHO COST UAE THESE TENS OF BILLIONS ? Oh OPEC MEMBERSHIP AND MBS.

1001 Arabian Nights will end in ARABIAN justice in the end. Their way not our way. And MBS well – folks the long long vacation we have reported here is game on. As SOON AS MBS Is OUT we will work with the SAUD family to position A SUPER BOND into solve SAUDI crises of fiscal economics and complete their transition from oil economics to entrepreneur economics – resolving the enormous youth unemployment issues in Saudi drawing on the largest entrepreneur agency for nations in the world today – CEO SPACE GLOBAL – IN CONCERT WITH CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL as founders of both – we offer some resource solution matrixing. MBS has been hoodwinked by idiot consultants and the billions lost are legend in Saudi today.

Now the innocent victim the people of the UAE are being OPEC damaged by MBS. Make no mistake this cost is MBS and MBS alone. The economic triggers are:

  1. Failing to raise oil above Saudi new debt budget massive spending break even – 72 dollars a barrel – MBS went illegal and got Trump to tear up the IRAN agreement promising his help on Israel Peace he betrayed Trump and his son on like it was his mafia oil mob boss crackers falling into his Campbell split pea soup.
  2. Next MBS framed IRAN with bombing oil in the Gulf which Iran did not do and really everyone knows that now. False flag flying – hey puppy king the grown ups invented all that.

So now shipping prices soar to a level never seen in history. That price as oil can’t be raised as America and non Opec production for lower cost – lower cost to refine – lower cost to ship oil – is taking massive market share – customers – away from OPEC worth 2020 -2025 TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS – never to return. The fix is terminate membership in OPEC. For the lucky ones getting ahead of all this.

A DEAL WITH IRAN kills MBS and is in the interest of all. What happens with an IRAN DEAL:

  1. Oil price drops to 45.00 and 50.00 and stays there as IRAN production goes to 3 million barrels a day with USA and EU investment and support.
  2. Saudi oil buyers as war losers fall to 7 billion – Saudi is a failed state – it loses oil customers for its dirty oil and it loses price on the lower volume sold. Saudi can not recover economically.
  3. MBS wants world war – his only play – get IRAN in war and have US and RUSSIA fight it out and wow oil is up. For a short time.
  4. Putin and Trump are adults way ahead of Puppy King. Their laughter on his plan is roaring falling out of chairs.
  5. MBS does not see whats coming. Digital game playing – MBS keeps getting decapitated and never gets to level 15. LOSER. Game over.

The real loser are the SAUDI PEOPLE. The way forward for SAUDI and wait for it – we’ll present the economic path forward but why? MBS has to go before the Saudi planners know. One Arabian night at a time folks. Patience.


OPEC is a mob gang of oil criminals creating a fake price for oil for their own greed as the few ( so few ) against 8 billion humans paying that fake tax on the cost of everything to the super wealthy elites of the world. This crime against humanity is clear and all nations know it.

The worst economic sea anchor to NO NATION LEFT BEHIND for food shelter and health security is OPEC CRIMINALS.

OPEC inspired leaders who ARE WAKING UP will terminate membership in OPEC now an MBS dictatorship anyway – with not one honest or integrity driven or success policy in oil since 2014. Stay with the loser and be branded forever as OIL MOB BOSS CRIMINALS IN THE OIL MAFIA – OPEC. That is why the EU and Americans and ASIANS pay 100% more than they should for fuel every single week and more than they should for light bulb hours at night. THE MAFIA IS GETTING YOUR MONEY which would prosper your economics if the crime stopped.



One of the worlds largest OIL HUB markets is the UAE SHIPPING PORT. Ships line up to fuel at the UAE HUB with high pollution sulphur oil – that UN and IMO rules preclude burning – from Jan 1st 2020 forward anyway. GULF fuel for OIL SHIPPING is evaporating Jan 1 2020.

Shippers ( 25% of all polluting oil use ) are moving to natural gas, lower sulphur oil from outside OPEC, and hydrogen taking over in the end. OIL 25% is moving massively to SINGAPORE TO REFUEL. Why?

  1. Lower sulphur oil
  2. Lower cost shipping oil
  3. Lower miles and time – lowering massive new INSURANCE COST per mile and day in GULF.
  4. No one is hanging round UAE shipping ports.
  5. Reducing war risk to ships – is job # 1 – as unintended consequence to MBS failed policy number 69 – as oil is going down – ( RIGHT AGAIN ) – and MBS failed yet again – and the cost to the people of the UAE is staggering who did nothing what so ever.

MBS hurts all the good men and women of IRAN. Why? Brain buggy software in thinking.

MBS has killed and war crimes more folks in Yemen than any war criminal of our modern history. Fact. All rising up in evidence. Wait for it.

MBS has state secret police locked up women, gays, adversaries, dissenters, journalist, opposing royals, no due process just 3 AM police calls, more incarcerations and torture and war crimes in SAUDI than any ruler in 100 years. MBS backed the COUP to Sunni take over TURKEY. Long story there. We kept supporting MBS until Khashoggi was slaughtered and even after believing MBS fraud – ( we are cozy with Israel against Iran all of a sudden ) – then pulling the peace plan right out from the Presidents tireless working  son in law who never saw that betrayal ( RIGHT AGAIN ) we told you was THE SUCKER PUNCH in the 1001 Arabian nights in the summer of 2019. BETRAYAL.  The rising awareness of two economic realities with MBS and Saudi under his rule is becoming universal in our observations. MBS has cost SAUDI too many trillions now to keep track of as the sum total is soaring out of SAUDI. A RUN OUT OF SAUDI of capital.  Keep in your mind and your thinking CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL has 30 years of “influence leaders” in the GULF as our own LIFETIME members. We get a lot of feed back and input on economics from these leaders on what is really going on ..upon the real ground and dirt. In the real minds of the heart and spirit of the PEOPLE.  My own fifty year investment in all Gulf nations as a student, mentee of the parents of this planet, culturally, have unique perspectives on culture, faith, politics, economics, foods, dress, sport, family, dress and more in this adults of our planet community, I ask them all to forgive Americans as we are the children of the planet and we often make mistakes children lack wisdom for undertaking without meaning the outcomes children create for the parents. KEEP THAT THOUGHT IN YOUR HEARTS…. and while I do insult a sociopathic murder ruler for his hurt to the REGION and 1 billion muslims I treasure – and especially hurt  in Saudi – please note my disrespect for failure to address MBS globally – is not translated to the SAUD FAMILY my mentors with two past Kings or to the people of Saudi Arabia I love and deeply respect all of YOU all of YOU today and every day. I want better for YOU and  far better. The economics are MBS and only MBS and are failures in fact as history clearly shows in July 2019. 100% 2014 – 2019 failure not one success. THAT IS ECONOMICS.  There is a bankruptcy in this mentally ill man in policy making. Therapy and a long vacation upgrade SAUDI hope and PROMISE. When is the item of the economics. Time is running out for SAUDI and this tells you another WHY.  Israel errors in boxing IRAN as a HITLER in the world today in the press is virus brain work as leadership in Israel has inside political massive change going on. Nothing to do with IRAN who gets the DISTRACTION politics when inside the crazy brain politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT we see globally are brain infected predictions as to outcomes we all see today.  Iran is not Hitler. We believe inclusion and respect can shift things. SHIFT HAPPENS. We knew ARAFAT another mentor. Israel murdered him with poison like MBS murdered Khashoggi. The USA has done worse and Russia too. A fresh start with virus free leadership saves us all. Forgives the past crazy brain acts as we now know the WHY do we not. Insanity versus sanity. Today Arafats party runs the nation. Hezbollah has transformed into political authority. Still all brains need to rise into COOPERATION INTEGRITY and who blinks first to show RESPECT. I believe they should be placed off the terror list with agreements on Israel with trust and verify blue prints for a new model. Why not? Why not NOW? This week was crazy brain back and forth and is simply as thought leaders who know the cause – sad. Because a better way is available to us all. A far better way today.

IF I could advise Putin and MBS I would suggest a change in thinking. I would suggest a healing in Ukraine to cooperative outcomes. Everyone gets their check list. Putin apologizes to the UKRAINE PEOPLE in a healing to the execution of a positive economic political solution all win. Ukraine leaders apologize to PUTIN and Russia for over throwing the duly elected leadership who is welcome back home in cooperation check listing trust and verify agreements.  MBS APOLOGIZES to America for his OIL WAR and says he has made a mistake and the world will see a BETTER WAY FORWARD. There is only two states of mind. You know them know. NOW. It is important you KNOW BOTH THE WHY AND THE CAUSE ITSELF.

But – Do not bet Competitive insane virus infected brains ( Israel has zero tolerance six million lives lost to risk anything repeating of course  ) to insane brains doing what is in their own best interest.INSANE MID BRAIN THINKING IS ALWAYS SELF DESTRUCTIVE TO ITSELF AND TO OTHERS ALWAYS. Britt Exit? The virus is in control is WHY and CAUSE.

Which Israel  is understandable given Iran has consistently put forth they will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. If Iran can see our PEACE PLAN on line and consider a sane brain way forward both sides trust but verify the outcomes can be sane and peaceful and prosperous for all peoples. Iran blinks eventually when they say that IRAN does not stand to wipe Israel off the map. Just that. There is only one real rule remaining to extinction or prosperity and a new LIGHT for all 8 billion of us…which is….






We must shed our mid brain competitive hippo campos thinking errors and rise to higher brain function. Competition is the cause. Competitive thinking which is not our evolutionary fault is:


  1. Competitive thinking is expression of human insanity
  2. Cooperation is higher brain function of frontal lobes and cortex thinking expressing our sanity
  3. Competition is combat against fake news to the brain threat and error in processing accurate facts
  4. Cooperation is integrity the DNA of cooperation
  5. Competition lacks integrity
  6. Competition is always destructive
  7. Cooperation is always constructive
  8. Competition has absolute ceilings on human elevated productivity
  9. Cooperation displays unlimited human capacity to elevate productivity invention and creation
  10. Competitive organizing systems are failed economics and the GREAT LIE the few against the many
  11. Cooperative produces better quality better prices and faster speeds to human outcomes than competition – TRUTH- the best that human collective virus free consciousness produces – SPACE STATIONS – WHO – etc
  12. Cooperation is the future of our evolution – competition is the seed potential of human absolute extinction
  13. All issues between relationships are cooperative ( heaven ) or dysfunctional combat ( competition mid brain ) and hell ( all wars ) are insane. Brains acting out. Sane brains must delete those extreme virus codes.
  14. All parenting issues are COMPETITION vs. COOPERATION – mid brain or higher brain function in home space in your home space at cause. 
  15. All inefficiencies in the work space or the community nation or state space are competition vs. cooperation systemics – higher brain outcome or lower reptilian pattern loops of thinking errors. Unlimited solutions to say AMAZON miracle invention or MUSK come from imagination in cooperative community yet far from perfect as we re-tool thinking itself. Facebook is cooperative. Insane regulatory competitive all around them unions of crazy brains seek to fake news them as evil when they are everything good. Self correcting mistakes they fully take responsibility for – as sane brains in integrity. Respect them in moderating box top rules in new industries spanning the globe and protect leadership winning in invention for us all.

You see the landscape. Begin to step out of crazy brain media exiting to sell mindless consumer crap truly perpetuating mid brain emotions to think crazy – to be competitive. To institutionalize from education in K -12 to higher education competitive thinking pathology is good wholesome and be the top white shark in the competitive crazy market place. Gates dropped out Mark too. Jeff Bezo and Musk built cooperative industry that is changing core economics for the good of all humanity. Atlas Shrugged by ANNE defined the future of John Galt ( MUSK ) dropping out of CRAZY BRAIN SPACE.

SANE BRAINS are constructing COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that in one generation are passing all inherited multi generational wealth because COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM WORKS and is the FUTURE OF PROSPERITY versus extinction. The great war is now in the mind field not the mine field. Our thinking defines our success of failure by leaders we elect. ELECT COOPERATIVE CANDIDATES. You will KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS for real. Did they read Redemption? Did they quote from it like past US PRESIDENTS HAVE? Its a start. A new yard stick for voters world wide.










Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the book that reads you even as you read the book. The virus removal tool for your home and work space. REDEMPTION back ordered ( fills in 72 hours ) from release date and I SO APPRECIATE YOUR ADDING COMMENTS TO OUR FIVE STAR BOOK RANKING. FIVE STARS ON AMAZON AS THE BLUE PRINT SYSTEM MODELING TOOL FOR:



  • Switched on turned on work space and family blue prints to remove competitive thinking from your home space
  • Switched on turned on work space to reform cultures from competitive work space cultures to higher performance switched on turned on work spaces, with IP we charged millions in Fortune consulting for – step by step blue prints and time time lines and milestone checks and self correction – CULTURE SHIFT – for Fortune CEO’s to a Dentist.
  • Community – institution ( education not for profit ) – state and nation to nation culture reform from DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION and the POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISTRUST ( THREAT FROM REPTILIAN LOWER MID BRAIN STEM  ) – all insane competitive false threat thinking impulse  -all  from toxic depleting competition thinking  without integrity – into integrity based RESPECT in disagreement – into switched on turned on public service displaying sanity versus insanity we all can  see today in politics. Source of our own extinction unless reformed.


REDEMPTION IS on the shelf of US Presidents, Fortune CEO’s and world leaders and law maker offices world. The TOOLS AND TACTICS defined in this work will win a NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE FOR COOPERATION 300 years after I’m dead – so advanced if we don’t extinct ourselves first is your own heaven on earth if you put the mentoring to WORK. Should REDEMPTION be on your shelf ? Your circles. Those you associate with. You can read it and not do the work. You can read it and become virus free? It is a decision.

I bring this up because now we have what?


THE UAE and its wonderful people in SHOCK ECONOMICS as the shift of OIL SUPER  HUB PORT ECONOMICS for all GULF SHIPPING RE-FUELING –  is a SUPER CHANGE CORE ECONOMIC EVENT too fast to adapt and adjust into. Their enormous revenue is moving to SINGAPORE and out of GULF. SINGAPORE buying now NON  OPEC lower sulphur easier to refine oil, is, helping 25% of all polluting oil  ( SHIPPING FUEL IS 25% OF ALL OIL ECONOMICS GLOBALLY ) to comply over coming 90 days anyway with IMO pressures hard date – JAN 1 – you can’t  fuel your ship and burn OPEC OIL HIGH POLLUTION SULPHUR OIL Jan 1st.

A UAE SUPER BOND defined on this site and inside REDEMPTION solves the problem for the UAE. Zoom call? Step by Step SUPER BOND EXECUTION for UAE IRAN CHINA RUSSIA and the world ( Italy yesterday ) appears on line. My readers need to share it in their nations. Print and mail is all.

UAE SUPER OIL HUB PORT SHIFT IN ECONOMICS: Massive loss of revenue with debt loading pressures next.

25% of the world oil use can’t  fuel ships shipping anything  or burn OPEC OIL in 100% of the SHIPS of the earth. This is economic core shifting folks.

MBS has lost the oil war and now the oil race to the new bottom ….wait for it.  THE JAN 1 OIL DEADLINE and the fall of demand globally. The entire world needs right now a TRUMP DUMP to effect 50.00 floor oil price and fair margin – where the USA STABILIZES FAIR MARKET PRICE AND OIL UNFAIR CRIMINAL OIL PRICE IS ERASED FOREVER. The prosperity and recovery of the EU Asia and USA depends on this economic principle in fact. CAUSE VERSUS SYMPTOM.

So now we see  2019 OIL SHIPPING REFUELING  ECONOMICS. The largest shift out of OIL in the GULF in 100 YEARS from:

  1. World demand stopping and going down actually first time ever. No more rise in demand at all. OPEC lied in 2019.
  2. Demand is falling. MBS LIED in 2018 and 2019.
  3. Oil SUPER UAE PORT is losing the largest market share of business crashing ability to pay loans on those port improvements. This will effect everything in the UAE which is why if they check with John Thorpe or buddy TONY ROBBINS they will discover – SUPER BONDS is the way up and it is yesterday now with the change in UAE Port oil economics – the ships in UAE PORTS are falling off market share like a stone.
  4. Oil nations in the GULF if they cut back supply do not raise prices. THEY LOSE MARKET SHARE FOREVER.
  5. Oil nations cut back – oil prices still drops as others make up that difference and soon nations off line return on line and the market floods to the FAIR MARKET PRICE and the criminal OIL MAFIA OPEC GANG fly apart like a SUPER NOVA – and MBS will be seen forever as the LOSER OF THE OIL WARS THE OPEC DESTROYER AND THE MOST COSTLY RULER IN THE GULF IN 1000 YEARS OF TIME. The longer it takes for all nations to isolate MBS into a very long vacation the better. Iran sanctions? Saudi should be sanctioned. Turkey should to cut the loss and make the example. Cooperation – TRUMP DUMP ON OIL – 50.00 dollar oil next week – Saudi done – Turkey helped, Iran pressure to make the deal but we ease sanctions to help them  ( see IRAN blog on this web site for the cooperative solution ending the insanity of competition ) – and if Turkey leans Russia. In 72 hours – steal our planes back and pay them – or negotiate our planes back – or blow them up and don’t pay them – and leave – Turkey out of NATO and sanctioned and isolated and a failed economic state – dying economically because of insanity ruling in competition versus cooperation and the PEOPLE OF TURKEY want to celebrate differences not punish differences.

My IRAN publication this week suggests to President DONALD TRUMP teams given the instability this new economic  creates – a stability GULF policy that breeds an easy IRAN agreement by blinking first in virus free thought to show IRAN RESPECT. IRAN USA DEAL is prosperity and peace forever in the GULF truly it is. It can be. IT should be. TWO LEADERS HAVE THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD IN HISTORY AND THEIR OWN GRASP. WHO BLINKS FIRST. I suggested a great nation USA blink first. I suggest a ZERO DIPLOMACY BY TWEET DEAL FUTURE UNFOLDING WITH ALL NATIONS AS NATIONAL BETTER MORE SANE POLICY.  Internal politics by tweet by external by diplomatic professional process and no tweet ever. It is just my grandfather’s  suggestion.

Competition mid brain insanity see’s all human interactions as THREAT and is insane and Paranoid. Global politics of COOPERATION IN TRUST AND COMPROMISE IS SANE. GLOBAL POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT DiSTRUST AND POLITICAL WARFARE – IS INTERNAL INSANITY TO ANY OUTCOME. The cause is lack of awareness all competitive emotional capital between divine immortal beings is insanity. The crises is not in leadership. The Crises in most competitive brains – ISIS – MBS is integrity. Insanity lacks integrity and is always self delusional – fully psychotic and self justifying its own self deceit. Competition never takes responsibility for its own outcomes as competition always blame games in endless loops false enemies to hate. We present this intrusion into economics because all competitive capital systems and social competitive systems are at core insane.

In the end political insane systemics of competitive political systems and box top rules distort economics until political warfare can no longer hide the corrections to economics which always rebalance from abuse to core modeling. Cooperative CAPITALISM as outlined in REDEMPTION either replaces insane failed modeling for world distribution economics and outcomes – the NEW ECONOMIC THEORY OF OUR FUTURE – the REDEMPTION – or we self extinct.


  1. Humans that easily remove competitive virus code from thinking – higher brain rules their minds always.
  2. Humans who are teachable and who desire to stop insane thought form and re-program their minds.
  3. Virus infected humans who resist or deny the reality and deluded by the virus embrace competition is sane. The humans who are unteachable.

Switching from insane thought process ( lower reptilian brain ) is one book away. For you my reader. Now you know more WHY it might be important for your circle not just for YOU. THE MIND SWITCH all not addicted to insanity and the virus of mid brain competition ( and many are ) – find the solution to forever move into heaven versus hell on earth which is a state of mine and of mind. I wish it to you. As REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION IS BACKORDERED AND 5 STAR ( readers leave a comment on Amazon for me I appreciate that few minute click ) order the hard copy as the WORK is filled quickly by Amazon – usually 72 hours out. The leaders are reading REDEMPTION world wide.

This Holiday REDEMPTION MAY BE YOUR STOCKING STUFFER or gift in all faiths to what all source code of human to human celebrations or punishments are really and truly – as in are really  cause source – its all one software virus of mind we now know enough about we CAN OVER COME THE SOFTWARE BUG IN OUR MINDS – sanity or insanity.


Today on  UAE economics – we see my why in this long item not really wondering out of the box. Why is now more clear  if you read it all?


  1. The UAE where buddy Tony Robbins mentors the leaders with such love: ( who is fake news on recent tabloid journalism- read my blog on Tony on the first BUZZ FUCK fake news one of seven in a row now headline celebrity bashing tripe against Tony’s transformation contribution to a billion on the earth today  – to  make a buck on Tony Robbins fame fake news is all  – and I’m here to confirm my  Tony is a pure champion for WOMAN FULL PARTNERSHIP – how do I know fake news lies from reality. READ MY BLOG ON THE TRUTH real facts real data and hey you know ME and I am a Tony insider who really knows for his fans reading see my blog on it ) – to John Thorpe health servant with UAE leadership ( he is my reference to UAE rulers who gave my buddy JOHN so much in skill and mentorship – and  who built HIS BRAND from CEO SPACE -as ref on me up close and personal to UAE leaders who read this – and  to so many mentored by me UAE leading  Trainers who host in the UAE and know the UAE Leaders so well too many to count as my credentials in the UAE are easy to check out for the leadership as  my hero state in theater – that this great leader and his people is  now suffering economic consequence from outside his control with MBS and Jan 1 ( a finger snap away in time now  ).  SUPER HUB PORT REFUELING FOR SHIPPING HARD DEADLINE AND NOT GULF INSURANCE COST PER DAY AND MILE CORE SHIFTED BILLIONS RIGHT NOW OUT OF UAE – shifting from the largest OIL BUNKER PORT in the GULF the UAE OIL PORT to Singapore and other SUPER PORTS in OIL WEALTH SHIFTING July 2019  – a shift in OIL ECONOMICS that is massive and for the wonderful people of the UAE requiring some huge immediate planning to over come the debt loading of the nation to income crashing. I suggest UAE PLANNERS read my SUPER BOND ARTICLE on this BLOG SITE for a solution we can zoom call upon. Solves the transition problem.
  2. The UAE is caught between competitive insane waring brain buggy  defective mental software code in other nations – SAUDI and IRAN – and oil outcomes outside their control. Join Iran and others and TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP IN OPEC and protect your market share. The old OPEC MODEL is terminated economics. If you cut back supply and lose market share and still see oil  PRICE CRASH AND fall and you know oil is going to crash – you cash in with customer protection contracts NOW before oil crashes. IF TRUMP DUMPS he check mates OPEC RUSSIA IRAN and makes deals over all the world as economics run the final decisions into sound economics  always. I would not bet TRUMP WILL NOT DUMP for if TRUMP DUMPS America sets oil prices absolutely no more duel pricing and OPEC Is nailed with welder torches in a coffin that never ever can exhume again for criminal cartel price control  in our lifetimes given the oil economics. FIRST OUT OUR LOVED BY ALL THE WORLD plus the economics work -TERMINATE OPEC or remain in to great risk and peril in core economics. THE UAE OIL shift is WHY NOW.

THIS SUMMER while Super Money pool leaders THE OWNERS we call them controlling with new AI ECONOMICS 440 trillion dollars in capital flows across the world, less now than 10,000 of those pools still rapidly consolidating – down from 1.5 million pools per crash 2006 – are having long cigars and wonderful sunsets on their MED MEGA YACHTS in slow summer trading days – are seeing the largest ECONOMIC SHIFTING IN OIL DYNAMICS OF MODERN TIMES.

AI economics is without mercy and new and unregulated as yet. The NEW AI ECONOMIC knows what is reported here and is getting smarter hourly. AI question? HOW MUCH CAPITAL RUN OUT OF UAE will now take place? Will UAE see credit rating and borrowing cost rise? NOT WITH A SUPER BOND. Solutions exist. How fast can we fast track them in. My blog purpose today is for UAE TO WIN. Only that. WIth both my love and respect as investment banker economist consultant via CEO SPACE GLOBAL. Help is on the way. King of Jordon your next please.

AI lacks human capacity yet for IMPLICATION that we suggest is the actual wave moving markets. NOW WATCH. As AI unfolds the implication of this blog economics on UAE we shudder to think of the consequence in economics.

A huge RIGHT AGAIN IS COMING IN OIL and in mental shifting as the world despite how it looks – with RUSSIA hats off and a bow meeting the USA this week on new LETS REALLY LIMIT NUKES ( sane agreements ) as a new AGE OF COOPERATION FROM CHINA TO KOREA TO RUSSIA IS RISING UP IN THE WORLD TODAY. We are defeating our virus code – our one buggy blue screening rebooting virus code – competitive thought is both bad brain code and evil itself our capacity for evil we can remove – only us – and as a final note. My mentor Mr. Morita founder of SONY God Bless his mentorship to me and to the entire world – would request – as I know HE WOULD – FIND A COOPERATIVE RESPECTFUL WAY FORWARD WITH KOREA and move the buggy software code ( our very bad historic habit ) out of the lower reptilian brain and find a WAY RESPECTFULLY FORWARD. Happy to Volunteer to help send a plane ticket boys and girls.

THE WAY FORWARD – SUPER BONDS – CEO SPACE – COOPERATION – REDEMPTION. This is a big item but you the personal reader – just pause and see what is not working in your own life. It is at SOURCE the buggy competition code you can remove today with a book purchase.

You know what?

This summer – I would read the most important brain upgrading work of your entire lifetime.

Or not.



Note: We believe the last and final card with TRUMP DUMP the ace in the deck from USA 500 million oil stored reserves we simply as the largest oil producer on earth no longer require – where – OPEC FINAL PRICE RAISE 2018-2019 ends next and in 2020 OPEC is in fact terminated. Long over due. You know why today. Your personal economy – each one of us – personal and up close is at the PUMP and at the store and light switch. OPEC is stealing prosperity from all nations of the world in criminal mob boss economics – and 8 billion of us today and our unborn. Are you kidding me?







As North Korea proceeds to actually make a deal. As Putin and Russia Proceed to make a Deal. As China proceeds to make a deal. As the EU proceeds to make a deal. A New World Order of no nation left behind is developing. What are the facts related to Iran:

  1. Iran negotiated – hard negotiations but in good faith – a trust but verifiable NO NUKE Deal – starting they never wanted a nuke.
  2. israel released papers their MASSAD obtained from Iran showing they lied and were very advanced in making a Nuke.
  3. Trump saw the deal as a time line. A few years no NUKE than nukes. Where the WEST GAVE UP THE GOLD and Iran was not really locked and blocked. Plus the never ending missile program to defend itself is growing to missiles that can hit the USA.
  4. Trump wants Iran prosperity and wants OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.
  5. The Middle East wants the US out of the Middle East.
  6. Iran DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  7. Trump DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  8. Trump wants a permanent no NUKE DEAL to assure Iran massive prosperity and welcome in respect to the world stage forgiving all past which is not little.
  9. Iran wants RESPECT and STANDING and PROSPERITY and REGIME ASSURANCE which is easy to get and retain with trust and verify systems that replace trust. We trust but verify. Iran forgives the USA which is not little either.
  10. Iran missile program can advance with technology but global missiles to strike the USA is not about to occur with PROSPERITY DEAL and Iran doesn’t really want to advance in military missiles it wants SPACE and should have SPACE permitted.

2020 can be a FRESH START with RESPECT. What has IRAN SO UPSET:


  1. America never stops disrespecting Iran.
  2. Israel requires an IRAN FRESH START.
  3. The deal can include Iran agenda for permanent status with Israel respecting USA protection of Israel right to exist.
  4. Nuke Powered ISRAEL is not going anywhere and Iran and Israel make fortunes by trading versus fighting.
  5. Many Iranians live in Israel and Palestine and would welcome an IRAN AGENDA 2020 to include ISRAEL.
  6. Iran can write its own AGENDA FOR REGIME SECURITY ( trust and verify ) and FRESH START the agenda.
  7. Iran can get 100% of what it wants and rise into RESPECT ignoring Israel’s distrust for now in USA dealing.
  8. American respect is what is required.
  9. In smoky rooms IRAN needs to hear TRUMP state he knows SAUDI has framed IRAN for so much wrong.
  10. IRAN is not the scourge of the Middle East and todays has far more respect than SAUDI in the nations.

Iran’s economy is failing. The sanctions are taking the nation and its debts to contractions that are terrible for the Iranian people not so much for elite rulers. Iran pushed too far into economic THREAT as economic siege is WAR will and probably must trigger real war. The outcome is Iran loses and the world loses. Iran is off the map as threat – and the USA finally is out of the middle east. But that is insane.

Because Iran complied with the NO NUKE DEAL FAITHFULLY and the treaty SIGNERS breached the agreement – never took off the sanctions – never advanced IRAN PROSPERITY – Iran got worse than before they started – and why trust the USA. Iran bent over backwards to MAKE SURE IN TRUST AND GOOD FAITH THEY HAD CLOSED DOWN NUKE PROGRAM. Israel stating they were trying to make a NUKE…of course they were. Iran isn’t stupid. They see the money and respect poor in to North Korea with a Hydrogen Bomb. Iran could buy nukes from other nations they don’t have to make them they already have the missiles. IRAN DOES NOT WANT TO BECOME A NUKE TARGET – smart very smart.

IRAN wants stability – government stability – prosperity – and RESPECT it has never once been shown. When signing the agreement RESPECT was so the MISSING PROTOCOL and IRAN DESERVED THAT RESPECT.

Iran is the subject of endless fake news from SAUDI. Why? Iran is the center of the PERSIAN EMPIRE HISTORICALLY the Ottoman Empire the ruling capitol of the Arab universe. Saudi wants to hold that crown with its radical Islam and the real backer of all terror. Shite IRAN is fighting radical ISLAM which HATES Iran Shite Believers and LOVES SAUDI WHABBI Believers. I believe studying the KORAN for 40 years that Mohammed is rolling over in his grave on all this. As far as my studies which are not light suggest – the Muslim Faith is like all great faiths with the TRUTH. A religion of inclusion and love. All faiths and Jews were respected as PEOPLE OF THE BOOK under all Muslim rulers historically until recent times. Mohammed I am concerned as a believer is wishing all his children to CELEBRATE WHAT IS THE SAME ABOUT THEIR FAITH and to RESPECT THE DIFFERENCES. A fresh Start in the LEADERSHIP the MAJORITY would isolate radicals who teach hate not love and who instruct in PUNISHING DIFFERENCES IN THE MUSLIM FAITH versus CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES as is Allah’s HOLY WILL. The one God loves us all and forgives us.

Competition is a reptilian lower brain function isolated and hard wired to advance on threat. Once relevent for RAPTORS but really without saber tooth tigers we should HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION OUT competitive thought forms to solve problems between us. Cooperation and Integrity are HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTIONS.

Iran does not need to trust the USA.

The USA does not need to trust iran.

We can forgive one another for hour terrible we both have been.

The USA with weapons of mass destruction hysteria over IRAQ lost RESPECT and trust in community for all the right reasons. WE WERE DEAD WRONG. We errored. Obama’s apology to the MIDDLE EAST from America was RIGHT and was in INTEGRITY and was COOPERATIVE NOT COMPETITIVE. Higher brain function.

Trust and verify a FRESH START AGREEMENT.

Red lines need to be not drawn at all.

Who blinks first.

On respect?

Trump might lead as the leader of a GREAT NATION first. An agenda of RESPECT. The steps might be:

  1. I extend a RESPECT TO FRESH START 2020 with Iran.
  2. I invite their leader to the WHITE HOUSE as my GUEST. For talks at Camp David between he and me.
  3. I wish to go to IRAN and APOLOGIZE For our history and ask for forgiveness of the entire world and especially the IRANIAN people. I only ask you allow us to regain TRUST over time as we both trust and verify.
  4. I want to visit your great nation in peace and prosperity.
  5. To show GOOD FAITH AND RESPECT – I am relaxing Sanctions to March 2020 to display AMERICAN RESPECT for the Nation of Iran and for its great people.
  6. I am ordering military to 2018 LEVELS and bringing our men and women home for CHRISTMAS and sending Iran a Holiday Respect for their HIGH HOLIDAYS.
  7. I am asking this Holiday the leader of IRAN visit the WHITE HOUSE and set a 2020 FRESH START from a Camp David Accord we will forge in COOPERATION IN INTEGRITY AND AS A FRESH START 2020 to Iran full partnership in the Middle East. It is my HOPE that as we develop new agreements that I am highly confident we both desire and require – we can finally move AMERICA out of the MIDDLE East on time lines we will forge together.

Raising the COMPLEX ISSUES – on the table in public comes off the agenda for China to Iran. The final terms are worked out in private where both sides are secure safe and fully respected. RESPECT is the missing leadership diplomacy and the USA might blink first in this matter in DISPLAY OF WHAT IS TRULY GREAT ABOUT OUR NATION IN THE WORLD.


Iran is not now or later going to become a NUKE NATION unless we force them to gain respect by the one and only tool that seems to WORK when we deny all other highways to get that RESPECT. Iran has issues with SAUDI and we need to remain OUT of that 2000 year history other than to advocate for COOPERATION AND CELEBRATION OF DIFFERENCES VERSUS PUNISHING THOSE DIFFERENCES. We respect the community by staying out side the issues between the nations in the region unless the USA is directly threatened as we were in 9/11 no question about that. Did we execute the best plan in response? I don’t think we did in fact. Lets forgive ourselves for doing the best we knew how and believe tomorrow we can and we will and we must really do better. I believe the great thing about my nation the USA is that not only can we do better…I believe we WILL.

Having spend decades in Iran and having Iranians as my personal mentors I just treasure the wisdom they have implanted in me, some of which I hope shows up here , I believe IRAN deserves a FRESH START 2020.

Iran is in the modified PEACE PLAN we produced on this blog and which is under discussion in the Middle East. CEO SPACE would assist to execute the evolution of a final form of a draft for a GREAT WAY FORWARD including Iran for all parties to prosper into the peace.

The issues on the ground are complex and require GOOD WILL to resolve between nations showing respect.


Iran was betrayed by everyone who signed that agreement in disrespect to Iran’s benefit for signing at all. Can we all admit that? Can we admit that Saudi and Israel have endless FAKE NEWS on IRAN with hatreds too historic to go into here. CAN WE EXECUTE A GREAT RECONCILIATION OVER TIME. After all we are the HUMAN BEINGS OF THE PLANET EARTH and we all reside on one space ship earth and we can not get off the ship. Our capacity to stop insanity – mid brain reptilian COMPETITION in distrust and disrespect and THREAT and remove THREAT from the USA and from IRAN. No more threat. If South Africa can reconcile the black and white historic UNFORGIVABLES humans lock into and FORGIVE THAT WHICH IS NOT FORGIVABLE AND START ANEW can we all – not learn from my great friend and mentor NELSON MANDELA and his mentor and mine the late HARRY OPPENHEIMER who supported Nelson’s Presidency.

To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters I suggest in humility – does ALLAH not wish us all to forgive the unforgivable we do in our ignorance upon the earth. My GUY – Jesus – with nails in his hands and feet – a spear thrust in his side with vinegar not water painfully going down those open wounds and sores from lead weighted ROMAN whippings, thrones pounding upon his head coming out of his forehead – said – gazing on the Romans – FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW “NOT” WHAT IS THAT THEY DO…….

Can we all not see the Koran as Moses saw the tribes naked dunk dancing in front of a Golden Calf in the fire light doing all sorts of beastly things. DId he not grab his brother ARRON by his long hair and drag him to the mount and shout down to the JEWS – FATHER GOD FORGIVE THEM ALL YOU MUST FORGIVE THEM ALL….and it was done. One man.

Can not TWO MEN start FRESH IN 2020 and forge a RESPECT that begins WITH AMERICA to BLINK FIRST?

I send this item out for the PEOPLE OF IRAN and their greatest leader to return the BLINK if you receive it.


PS: If Iran wants a fresh perspective I volunteer myself to help including flying over to provide a FRESH START because my lifetime in nation has me love the people of Iran as my teachers on history culture invention language civilization and so much upon which the world is now resting upon is historic to IRAN and its spirits.