Bond markets have piled up massive never seen before global debt in all asset classes world wide. The Debt SUPER BUBBLE in Bond markets is increasingly structured asset driven and includes today bond pools, super bond pools, and super duper bond pools, all “Structured” to appear to be riskless risk. How did that work out for you in 2007 when CEO SPACE was screaming – get out of every position and run – and get into diversified insurance investing – scroll and see our BLUE PRINT for safe harbor – or remain in the casino capital musical chair dance – until the the day that the music dies.


Data and charts, define, that when the yield curve is inverted as it has been now, we have a recession in 18 months or less world wide. We have seen consumer confidence fall off a cliff. Bad indicator. We have seen housing with interest dropping cease growth and begin to decline. Bad indicator. in our last Blog we painted the more comprehensive risk factors becoming head wind to all markets. World wide. The WHY. When the charts show an inverted yield curve with a sharp acceleration downward, the recession is closer and far worse than when such charts are more moderate 100% of history shows the recession is faster ( less than 12 to 18 months ) and for sure – safe money – runs for the hills when this condition just in occurs. As it never fails and is 100% positive indicator we are IN SERIOUS STORM WATERS coming up – and we want our business owner community in 150 nations to know these charts do not lie to protect yourself.  We have and already reported soaring record defaulting in the core debt super bubble space of:

  • Auto loans by the trillions globally – soaring defaulting on SUB PRIME auto loans
  • Soaring home defaulting ( as we warned Powell about early on ). and rising just like 2007.
  • Soaring Defaulting globally and over 1 trillion in auto loan structure pools as loan defaults just soar.
  • Soaring commercial loan defaulting over 1 trillion.
  • Sovereign nation defaulting from Puerto Rico to Italy.
  • Consumer credit record and now soaring defaulting and late paying in super pools in trillions.
  • Student loan record defaulting Berny Sanders wants to have Wall Street eat that debt like that is legal?
  • Bank CLICK runs by AI adjusting risk to the defaulting tsunami?
  • Record oil defaulting on lower pricing for nations and rig firms now in receiver ship and soaring.
  • Sub prime defaulting rising like 2007.


As we presented for years – Janet Yellen is the worst FED CHAIRMAN in 100 years. Her legacy of raising interest rates

FAR TO RAPIDLY ( 15 years too rapidly )




Is the final WHY we cry to MERGE THE FAILED FED as a 100% historic failed policy body that creates SUPER CRASHES system depressions and world wars due to greed. The Fed is a greed machine owned and run by criminal banks – central banks are criminal banks – and to regulate the criminal bankers destroying the world economic systemic stability – one must have checks and balances MISSING ENTIRELY in Central Bank – say USA 80 page legislation. INDEPENDENCE MEANS no power on earth can reverse a FED CHOICE on our economics – a CRIME AGAINST THE US CONSTITUTION.

Central banks make sure that population and voters buy into fraud – that CENTRAL BANKS are last court of safety and rest on independence. Independence means zero over sight – zero check and balance – legal theft of national wealth – and a fully obsolete system to manage national currency dynamics. THE TREASURY OF EACH NATION populated with great economists can as CENTRAL BANK PRIVATE CHARTERS terminate – ( say a week for one emergency act of the US congress – 80 pages no more – merge the FED and keep all is processed back into US TREASURY and we no longer pay interest to print money – how silly is that cost to the GREED Of criminal bankers ). My last blog shows a film to viral but education on this matter does not reach 50 million voters until this news blog site virals because my readers make sure it virals. Then we may get law making traction. The Central BANKS hide their fraud in secret moving as a cabal the world into one world socialism and shattering FREE ENTERPRISE AND FREE CAPITALISM where they fail to steel the sums they can legally rip off nations for in socialism.



The Pressure of the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD pathology of errors – bailing out its criminal banks from side bad betting in the trillions of dollars – better to let them fail – as the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of a decade of FREE MONEY has created an impossible system debt super bubble risk, that will take decades to work out of in core economics.

As POLITICS have weaponized economics – where a US budget is not passed annually any longer, debt ceilings are weaponized political and cost trillions in borrowing cost as the USA CREDIT RATING self destructs by Congress criminal breach of DOING THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE REQUIRED BY LAW ( read my news item on this fix entitled THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS and share with big law you know world wide ) – as in the end a criminal congress protecting a criminal banking system are destroying the economic system of the world – assuring they will not be to blame in fact.

One looks back with some nostalgica as to how the FRENCH REVOLUTION resolved the elites owning as 1% more wealth than 99% and refusing to RECIRCULATE economics for the people. The people held many of the damaged brains responsible under revolution law, where heads actually rolled. Stopped the unsustainable economic  crimes for a time.

GREED and secrets.

Cooperative Capitalism as outlines in the blue print work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – a real non violent revolution we call can participate in – one reader leader at a time – at Amazon – ( leave a review for me ) – is a world game changer. The criminal unsustainable abusive economics of COMPETITIVE CASINO CAPITALISM we have today leading corrupt an criminal socialism greed today – replaces with a system model that is quick and easy with 12 laws to install such that the COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM SYSTEM:

  • Precludes unwanted wealth accumulations assuring systemic vibrant liquidity – evaporating today as we fail now
  • Precludes rampant unbridled unregulated speculation in the economic system creating super bubbles which burst
  • is self correcting in integrity
  • is real time reporting
  • Is real time transparent
  • Has no secrets
  • Is fully accountable to national authorities in any system
  • Precludes politics running economics where economics finally run politics – prosperity for all
  • No nation left behind

How does the lack of these principles today as we fly a BOEING 737 INTO THE OCEAN with 8 billion on board ? I’m a pilot I would prefer to pull up the nose?

Criminal law makers bought and paid for by criminal bankers perpetuate a system that utterly collapses. ALL EYES ON BOND TRIGGER TO THE LIQUIDITY SYSTEM KILLER – its coming in the bond market as we reported now for five years. You know why. TIME IS  GOAL AND TEN YARDS. The FED SCORE BOARD – the market can not win this time.


The risk of a global melt down has never been greater. While we have time we urgently not in self commercial for readers who see with their eyes and who hear hear with their ears and in CLICK SCAN DELETE brains – learn nothing – for readers who LISTEN WITH THEIR EMOTIONS and become truly involved in my last three reports – YOU will explore at least registering in four weeks to the mid year LEADERS COME TOGETHER WITH THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES to solutions you alone will possess. Your future will reside in a SAFE HARBOR within


Which as a book mark

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True or true?

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We leave it up to you. THE BOND MARKET NOW SIGNALS A SHARP CORRECTION RUN FOR THE HILLS AND ENORMOUS CLICK RUN INTO SAFE HAVEN INVESTING. We’ll see. It is now our opinion the world is contracting into a recession following the largest highest up bubble in history. We feel the DEBT STRESS across the globe can not end well within a downward contraction due to the level of bad debt in the system. The digital weapons being used to manipulate markets can as such weapons did in 2007 develop a shaper SUPER CRASH than otherwise might occur – as our enemies using new AI digital market manipulation weapons are more sophisticated and the enemies under sanctions profit from such weapons – which more than offset sanction and in fact cost the WEST doing the sanctions a premium that states in digital WORLD WAR III – old conventional modeling fails to appreciate the RISK A NEW AI ECONOMY PRESENTS – which we seem to idiot fail to appreciate is even real. THE WHITE WALKERS FROM GAME OF THRONES are real and they are idiot Harvard and Yale economists who apply obsolete model T Ford economics to an AI ENTERPRISE DIGITAL NEW AI ECONOMY the WHITE WALKERS leading the walking dead of economists continue to advise nations do not even exist. In the real game of thrones every day folks ( you ) my readers stand to appreciate substantial loss if you fail to take action. The Clock into the recession trigger to this next likely outcome – DIGITAL ATTACKS as our markets move into weakness and to which we have zero defense in a new AI economy.

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World Liquidity will be the real discussion in the G 20 coming up. The IMF and WORLD Bank will be rising up issues. Liquidity is the actual system killer. Information defines confidence and liquidity in the core system. Failed Central Bank policy is the cause of the Depression in 1007 and 1929 and 2007. Market Crash and collapse takes place by obsolete failed central bank policy over time. Central banks are never held accountable. The public is clueless that central banks are not agency’s of their nation. Central banks are private stock firms whose shares of stock are owned and controlled by contracts with nations in SECRET by the banks the central banks are supposed to regulate. During the pony express period and telegraph developing Central banking – contracting to pay interest to criminal bankers was an economic mistake. Merging Central Banks back into their state treasuries in an AI real time controlled transparent economic frame work between nations, is the ideal fix. Distraction from economic panic taking place in fact, is what we will now clear up. Key in this issue is Middle East Peace, which centers around two urgent agenda’s. First the failed Trump Peace Plan all Arab nations have come out against, with Lebanon voting thumbs down today. Palestine is united in decline for its people. The 50 billion “buy you off” agenda – with a sum less than fixing up a storm damage to New Orleans ( one city not a nation over 30 years of build up required ) is an economic and political cartoon – failing utterly to appreciate and understand the nation. Our BLOG before this publication – ten years in development – outlines a STARTING POINT for the two parties without US involved politically – to discuss ( probably after the era of BIBI in Israel ) – a permanent critical peace solution to commence – even just truly start – impacts the world liquidity crises – THE EVENT – creating real panic of central bankers over the system globally today – the IMF and World Bank panic – as the Trump Plan is dead on arrival in fact. The post we made yesterday is now circulating all over the GULF THEATER and in ISRAEL and to all intelligence agencies the PRESS and the Super Money pools of the world.  This blog following an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD to Gulf Peace is presented in the blof before this item for world law makers and is being fully circulated in theater. The second agena at the G 20 to resolve global liquidity fears as WORLD WAR III is engaged since 2007 with digital AI weapons never seen before – is Iran itself. A just solution that includes respect for Iran and balance to the lies of King MBS and Saudi who continues to work much more closely with President Putin than President Trump. Trump seeks to preclude Russia weapon systems to IRAN favoring his long relationship with the truly adult SAUD FAMILY that will eventually move MBS and his father on a very long vacation a final factor to global liquidity stability. The G 20 June SUMMIT OF WORLD LEADERS is historic to resolution of the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER of market collapse due to declines in world liquidity within new AI economics.


The Swiss Government is a back bone of Global Liquidity. This stock market is a global plate of stability in market overall liquidity driven by centuries of Swiss neutrality. Swiss voters in the 1990’s decisively voted to NOT JOIN the Debt burdened failed EU system model, knowing as the backbone economist leading nation on earth – that – the EU could not sustain itself over time. The Brittexit is a DEBT firewall for the British people – and a culture fire wall. France fought two centuries of Crusades to firewall Muslim nations from taking over Europe. Today 54% of French Voters moving forward are Muslim. A Muslim Mayor and Trump Hater is voted in charge in London. EU open migration has changed the demographics from Germany ( now in full recession as the EU’s leading economy ). The EU is a Super Crash and liquidity system failure for the entire world. The Swiss have an economic TRUCE with EU BRUSSELS now coming to an end. Half of the Swiss massive stock market liquidity is daily from the EU. The EU has temporarily ( for a decade ) executed agreements that – the SWISS STOCK MARKET IS EQUAL to the EU MARKET ) meaning the Swiss can trade with EU financial institutions, as if they were in fact EU members. This agreement is not being extended in terrible failed Brussel for no reason set time lines. The RED LINE for BRITTEXIT is not economic as TIME is the new cornerstone ASSET in AI economics old brain planners fail to accommodate. As with WHITE WALKERS OF ECONOMICS in Game of Thrones the EU BRUSSEL old brains do not believe economic WHITE WALKERS and their KING ( liquidity ) even exists as a problem. FAILED POLICY FAILS TO ASSUME LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION TO THE CORE SYSTEM. Next month Brussels red line is Swiss Stock market may no longer have trades with all EU financial institutions. This risk to system liquidity is a RISK TO GLOBAL SYSTEM FAILURE as politics is now running ( always fatal ) economics. The public and law makers – attorneys not economists – have zero clue to the scale of the immediate risk in Trade and digital AI world war III.



Is China led by a gang of criminal communist whose wealthy elite own as 1% more wealth than 99% of 1.4 billion people? A global American news service just reporting on Chinese elite leaders brain washing school. Zero disent of state crafted software of the mind is permitted. A TOILET REVOLUTION for 100’s of millions lacking running water toilets, educated tomorrow’s leaders just how appropriate waterless “SQUAT” Toilets where for people who have no toilets at all. The students gasp when they see nearby fancy hotels for tourist with bathrooms larger than their entire homes. China Communist state – we do not data base and manage data as a state nor do we hack. Law suites in US Federal Court presented evidence this week, of five years of data theft from American and EU institutions, government, and private advanced AI weapons communication and data base our peoples hacks by China. China Huawie with all data in Communist controlled in nation data centers lies, when such data is said not be be USED by the Chinese thought police. All China movements, transactions and social “discussions” are AI monitored in China and citizens are rated for their social conformity to Chinese leadership GAME PLANS for social behavior. Failure to conform results in thought police correction at home and office and if conformation is not immediate movement of entire family circles – all family tree members for the one breaching conformity – relocate to RE – EDUCATION CAMPS now rising up to 2 million in camps and if the Re-Education brain washing over two years fails, the individuals move to work hard labor camps where they in fact die.

That nations has broken down trade talks and risks entire system melt down to avoid systems replacing trust to verify in the future two things. The Criminal Gang ( 1% with all the wealth in China ) will no longer steal and hack its global trading partners, nor will the long established criminal nation force partnerships in opening its market where Chinese control the IP and steal the IP in nation, making China too costly to conduct business within when measured in economics for any institution world wide. The USA says today we are 90% done with a trade deal – to assure market LIQUIDITY does not pass a panic trigger event to LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION – which all nations central banks and world bank and IMF are now terriified. 8 billion have zero understanding how close we are now to the brink nor how 100% central bank policy failure has created the brink in fact as in 1907 – 1929 – and 2007. We worse than all those brinks right now.


From Larry Fink at Blackrock managing 7 trillion in market liquidity to a cab driver in San Francisco sanctuary city of a world record Nancy homeless population, the G 20 will be about distraction. The real discussion of the leaders will be about MARKET CORE LIQUIDITY – SUPER DEBT BUBBLES BURSTING – AND EXCHANGE RATE TRIGGER EVENTS.

In trade war – cost of the war – is offset by nations by manipulating their currency in world markets. Various tools for doing this are being applied as if we were inside a pre 2007 market and economic model. Today we are inside a NEW economic model the world has never known before. Central Banks and Larry Fink ( falsely believe old modeling applies ) when global AI arms races now are in control of a new AI ECONOMY the world has never known before. Laws are local. Trades are AI cloud based outside laws as the Cloud is a new nation by itself outside laws and regulations of state blue sky borders where laws stop. AI has created two depression system melt down economic unwanted armageddon risk events. The RISK super cycle resides on a tripod of three economic system killers. First is system wealth consolidation where in the majority of nations 1% own and control more wealth circulation as base is now evaporated for core liquidity in markets for all asset classes due to 99% having less wealth to circulate than 1% Super MONEY POOLS and ELITES in class warfare against the many. Without system reforms to the NEW AI ECONOMICS the TRIPOD is fatal to the future of the world as we now know it. The second leg is rampant out of control speculation. Worse than the past three events of 1907 and 1929 and 2007. Why? Because in the past market DISTORTION in economics was limited to physical trading paper trading and clearing even in casino speculations where and when – MARKET ECONOMIC DISTORTION – leverages via margin and borrowed investment into WHICH WAY A PRICE FOR “ANYTHING” MAY GO IN AN HOUR DAY OR MONTH is many many times greater than buying the actual item as an economic asset. WHEN side betting speculation now artificially bids up market prices in everything a SUPER BUBBLE in everything and in Debt can never end badly. In the past this CASINO CAPITALISM ended with economic banks and investment houses failing as liquidity evaporated creating the BURST OF ALL BUBBLES AND SUPER DEBT DEFAULTING which bankrupted the world and led to world wars. Always economic failed policy to which the public and law makers have no clue is occuring in fact. The third leg of the tripod is SUPER DEBT – expressed in 2020 as DIGITAL DEBT with AI now in control and humans no longer in control. The three legs of economic armageddon. UNSUSTAINABLE WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS – UNREGULATED OUT OF CONTROL MARKET CASINO CAPITALISM SPECULATIONS – SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLES BROUHT ON BY FREE MONEY FROM CENTRAL BANK NUKE TO ECONOMICS LONG TERM FAILED POLICY. For a decade we have written about the solution without gaining traction from world leaders intoxicated by the greed taking place blinding sound economic outcomes for short term economic profit. The spiral reaches a breaking point as all economic abuse to core systems must one day rebalance and attorney law maket ignorance is not firewall to the final outcome as time runs out. The G 20 will privately in panic talk about MARKET LIQUIDITY EVAPORATING.

Exchange rates allow nations to depreciate their currency value to assure their goods are bought first, with state subsidies via exchange rate manipulation. Things are so bad today that in NEW AI economics in a 7 trillion dollar DAILY currency exchange clearing market place – FLASH AI TRADES beyond any central bank or nation to control – 440 trillion of circulation side bets – has CRASHED CURRENCY LIQUIDITY IN MARKETS MULTIPLE TIMES THIS YEAR. The currency back bone system market IS BECOMING UNSTABLE. The first canary in the mine shaft on core liquidity the system killer in all global depressions and world wars. THE IMF stands alone in ringing the bell and no one seems to have ears to listen to the warning as EXCHANGE RATE WARS FROM TRADE WARS are system destabilization events and in AI economics fatal.



Christine head of the IMF is our hero trying to without creating more panic – define a fix. I request all IMF solution minded leaders buy and read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – to advent the solution blue print that work presents. We also ask you review the PEACE PLAN we present in the blog posted last as the G 20 begins as the TRUMP plan is inflaming issues versus resolving issues. We presented the PEACE PLAN to calm the leaderships down with new options – as invisible economic solutions – made visible reset panic and give the world NEW TIME LINES to resolve the abuse in the system before time is fatally run dry ( liquidity to core system ).

We wrote that RUNS ON BANK will never again be lines around the block at a branch. For the fist time in history CLICK RUNS on banks are the liquidity drain. Half the world leading banks have pled guilty to economic crimes of this century – and no CRIMINAL BANKER many with one crime pled guilty to after another – go to JAIL any longer. Wells Fargo was barely saved by Warren Buffet investing and losing a fortune for liquidity to that bank. We posted a CLICK RUN on banks like Wells Fargo and Deutsche criminal bank of Germany were on going and billions were being pulled out of those banks as they shrink. The Investment bank of CRIMINAL DEUTSCHE bank is now proposing to set up a new institution which is really a BAD BANK to hold its tens of billions of NON PERFORMING CRAP ASSETS shown on criminal bank balance sheets like most banks – New York to London to China to Japan and Hong Kong banks – all bankrupt today – if their bad crap side bets were posted as sanity requires – BAD ASSETS wiping off values to their financial statements versus by law being able to HOLD CRAP assets at values that are FRAUD pure and simple. Allowed state crimes. Still all economics must rebalance. As liquidity dries up for these criminal banks no one will buy them, no one will merge with them, their stocik prices crashes and crashes and central criminal bankers ( owned by the bank criminals they regulate ) resort at the end of LIQUIDITY to Shell Games. The bad debt is shuffled to entities as GOOD ASSETS and no one declares the side betting failed and the institutions are bankrupt. In fact. That canary is under economic siege as the WHITE WALKERS from Game of Thrones are real – the army of walking dead bad debt – is coming to the economic WALL FOLKS. ( See the series ).  ECONOMIC CANARIES DYING SCREAMING OF RISK TO THE WORLD ORDER;

  1. Deutsche Bank – The click RUN out of Criminal largest bank in Germany – Germany crashing into recession this quarter – Germany unable to stop the BLOOD BATH as its largest bank is so horrific in bankruptcy really – and they lie – no merger is possible all fell apart and confidence is now a run against time. Depositors small and larger are protecting against RISK – AI is burying the stock – CLICK RUNS are taking billions out of the bank – and a move of tens of billions of crap assets into a new BAD BANK – off loading the crap – and the NEW BAD BANK will in fraud rank those assets trying to over years – sell those assets – and the price for the crap will be bankrupt fire sales – but the criminal German bank just like Wells Fargo is experiencing core LIQUIDITY as click runs take more money out of these failed banks than the banks have liquidity to accommodate. Hence the G 20 PANIC as the CLICK RUNS ARE SPREADING. Years back the CEO OF criminal Deutsche Bank said – the bank is solid as a rock. He presented criminal fraud, failed to report to shareholders who have lost a trillion dollars almost – the truth – and resigned to avoid prison. NO ONE IN TOO BIG TO JAIL goes to prison shattering core confidence of integrity by Nations who have no clue what to do – but LIE too.
  2. CHINA – China banks are failing like dominoes now with CLICK runs on internal banks by Chinese. Shadow banks are failing at a faster rate. Communist central banks pick them up and protect depositors by printing unlimited money. This is creating a CURRENCY CRASH on Chinese Yuan we told you ( first ) would break 7 yaun to 1 dollar  and sink to 15 yuan per dollar. Dollar worth 1500 more times than a worthless Yuan dollar – and inflation as in Venezuela unfolds economically – as China once with almost 4 trillion of dollar reserves has LOST over 3 trillion dollars and is now running out of Dollars falling under 1 trillion as 90% of its foriergn exchange currency is disappearing to pay its bill. CHINA borrowing 300% more than its GNP for a decade is running out of fuel in its tank. China and economy the size of California IS SUPER CRASHING. Liquidity is the issue in AI global economics. Only a trade deal gives CHINA more TIME. As politics is running economics and advisers are clueless on new AI economics the unfolding bad advice in EU and Asia is a risk to the core liquidity of the system in the future.
  3. London – Large Hedge Funds like WOODWARD are now seeing redemption CLICK RUNS too great to manage. The 4 billion dollar FUND in London was taken over and assets frozen. To many clients wanted their money back and now can’t get it at all – as the money to pay them is gone. Woodward learned no 2007 lessons ( none of the funds have ) and too large a weight was bet on high return ILLIQUID assets as a fraud to public trust and another canary note that REGULATORY FRAME WORK IS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN today and requires a full G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to re-regulate the TRIPOD market distortion set forth here as RISK TERMINATION TO GLOBAL CORE LIQUIDITY ( system failure ). So the GOVERNMENT which can’t vote on how to exit from the Debt SUPER BOMB of the EU – now has to unwind these WOODWARD CRAP assets and pay back investors and LOSS will be HUGE. The market has a fraud expectation everyone will be ok. From London to New York from Hong Kong to Beijing from Japan to Singapore – what CEO SPACE is asking as the one appropriate question to economic canaries falling like flies – who is next?
  4. The IMF said without a middle East Peace Plan ( the Trump plan was rejected today by majority of nations in the Middle East and door slam rejected by the Palestinian people – whose leadership with G 20 leader – are now examining our PEACE PLAN as the ten year and possible start to an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD in fact. If economics leads the politics and the security of the PALESTINIAN unborn generation are respected politically. Israel is in political internal civil war as the era of BIBI comes to final long end at this critical time – Isreal instability when stability is needed at the moment.
  5. HONG KONG – the China fraud to deport massive numbers of Hong Kong into its RE-EDUCATION CAMPS taking camp population in CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY – in a BIG BROTHER AI POLICE STATE – the FEW AGANST THE MANY = rising up 3 million into concentration re-education camps – has created a massive CLICK RUN out of Hong Kong. The BIG MONEY and the small money is leaving – by millions of people and a trillion dollars of economics. Banks and investment houses are seeing redemptions and liquidity stress now only just starting. Unless the G 100 as todays HONG KONG PROTEST SEEKS – advance unity to China to SCRAP THE DEPORTATION LAW under their fraud pledge HONG KONG would be firewall protected with its own rule of law under China protection is kept as a promise – HONG KONG can TIP CHINA Itself into a world SUPER CRASH as it is so close now in China evaporating Liquidity.



Fraud break down of nations integrity and fake news are consuming the world and represent risk to economic system stability as lies and fraud raise risk of world war. The CRISES IS COMPETITIVE THOUGHT AS A VIRUS OF INSANITY ON HUMAN BRAINS – defined by science in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The Crises of competition is a break down of integrity. World Leaders either pull back and reframe into COOPERATION & INTEGRITY OR EXTINCT US ALL IN PROCEEDING IN INSANE COMPETITION INSIDE DISTRUST AND DISHONORABLE NEGOTIATIONS. The following SHELL GAME OF DIGITAL WEAPONS IS TAKING PLACE:

  1. Saudi attacks itself to raise oil prices artificially because CLICK runs out of Saudi now pass 5 trillion in trashed economics due to the insane MBS KING. The UN declared today that Saudi’s King investigating HIMSELF failed to establish independent CHAIN OF COMMAND where all 18 murderers were heard fully in protected world court. Saudi is a rogue nation with a mentally ill King and until that King changes Saudi has a massive economic Super Crash coming as oil falls ( as it will but not yet ) to 50 dollars a barrel and we’ll RIGHT AGAIN the day it occurs.
  2. Saudi insane King attacked himself and digitally blamed IRAN who is not turning any other cheek to the insane King.
  3. Iran wants Peace and A Deal. America acts as Saudi extension and disrespects Iran and lies to the world and the world knows IRAN did not attack in the Gulf at all. Saudi did it. THE UAE told the truth today when they opposed Saudi and said we must wait for real science on the truth as it is not what it seems. Same for UN. Saudi says the world is anti Saudi.
  4. Saudi lied to Trump and supports all Arab nations in Dead on Arrival to Trump Peace Plan with fake news like they are not KILLING IT but they are. Saudi is the source of TERROR THE BANKER FOR TERROR not Iran.
  5. Iran shot our drone which entered their air space. Russia confirmed with EVIDENCE from its military and space – that – THE US DRONE ( just like we said some 20 year old errored ) – well entered IRAN SOVEREIGN SPACE and Iran sent a message to all Gulf leaders – correctly – protect your own sovereignty or you lose yours. Iran told the USA the cost of crossing that red line is 150 million which is only RIGHT. Today we sanction disproportionate tens of billions in disrespect failing to appreciate culture.
  6. North Korea cuts back on its agenda and we don’t relax one sanction. We don’t relax one sanction on Iran to show respect first. Iran wants a prosperity good deal for its people. North Korea wants a good deal for its people. Korea is doing ok. Iran oil exports are up not down and oil price is a SAUDI criminal manipulation. TRUMP SHOW DUMP to punish Saudi – relax sanctions on North Korea and Iran to show incremental respect to deal completion and world peace. The Present policy impacts system liquidity to a red line that can in AI ECONOMICS in 72 hours be system fatal to core liquidity – the real topic of the G 20. SYSTEM CORE LIQUIDITY.
  7. Who does it? Argentina power grid brought down by CYBER WARFARE. Denmark power grid and communication systems crash. Say currency markets are hit or stock and bond markets like power grids – being CYBER WARFARE taken out to show the team IN DC – you can’t stop us in WORLD WAR DIGITAL WINNING TECHNOLOGY we stole ad upgraded from you. You can’t stop us. We can destroy us all and if you do not change course hey we will. THE DIGITAL WARFARE ATTACKS STARTED IN 2007 now include massive digital theft over seven years all from CHINA alone not counting the others. WE ARE LOSING DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and a new INTEGRITY between cooperating nations is required.

There are not that many investment banker economists who have headed up for decades publicly traded global investment banking institutions from Wall Street to London as our team has. There are not many who have both done that and then 31 years run the largest most vibrant press ranked # 1 Business Trading Community on earth CEO SPACE serving 150 nations. You can imagine the input we get from CEO’s at the top of industry and business globally as their leadership development base camp in a SUPER CHANGE environment we all face today.

Nations faced with complex systemic challenges to core economic systems, witnessing crises liquidity events at more frequent and serious velocities globally, move into PANIC. As the central bankers created the problems and they fail to know that they did – and they fail to know why therefore – and they fail to correct because they fail to understand the economic fabric is AI today and entirely new from what they once knew and understood.

Central banks can not save us because central banks are core to the problem on correcting policy error.

UNLESS Law makers pass emergency legislation to merge CENTRAL BANKS Back into Treasury – removing conflicts of bankers on policy – restoring monetary confidence by REGULATING CRIMINAL BANKERS back into CORE SYSTEMIC INTEGRITY only State Treasury and IMF can achieve together – time is running out to correct at all. The AI control of 440 trillion dollars in global circulation is the glowing BLUE EYES of the ECONOMIC WHITE WALKERS ( Game of Throne fans know what this means ) and the world of nations fail to appreciate the dragon glass – Obsidian spears and daggers – to kill the risk off – is here all along – the DRAGON GLASS – is one act of law to offset an 80 page 1900 law and merge central banks into US TREASURY with all nations following suit.

BREAK THE CHAIN OF FATAL POLICY ERROR from the criminal bankers who brought you two world wars and as the evil IRON BANK ( see GAME OF THRONES ) profit from war – as the IRON BANKS does – and they will and are bringing us WORLD WAR III. Because they are truly not properly upgraded in mental software to set policy for AI economics.


  1. Merge Central banks back into treasury of nations globally this summer – won’t occur but wow if it could.
  2. Stop accomodation – no drying up liquidity by selling 5 trillion of FED and trillions more of other central bank crap assets forced back into markets. LIQUIDITY needs time to contraction by failed central bank policy.
  3. GREAT PAUSE INTEREST RATES to 2022 – and then raise random and slow and /14 over a ten year normalization not ten months. Schedule 20 years ot sell the CRAP ASSETS TO markets at peak.
  4. Trade Deals fast driven by liquidity.


Hold NATO and reduce versus expand weapons in theater with TRADE AND PEACE DEALS with China and Russia and hackers in the AXIS of EVIl. Russia is massively ramping up ARMS WARS stealing our secrets and improving them for new class of STEALTH FULLY NUKE MISSILES being placed like drops of rain all over the EU. HIGH SPEED NUKE torpedo’s are now aimed at 100% of our and EU ports. Next year 1000 US and EU cities are strategically targeted by 20 minute SUPER NUKES so that Russia can extinct the world and itself in 20 minutes. As this is not deterant and is insane policy – the sanity to walk back from the insane – is desired.

Markets risk SUPER CRASH from SUPER DEBT BUBBLES bursting with any economic decline as seen in EU and in China. The USA comes out best but we move to extinction as the economics today CLICK DEATH in time frames to rapid for states to adapt into resolution for. Game over. AI over.




G 20? More insanity ?

Rising sanity?

We will know them by their works and not by their words.

Stay tuned the G 20 behind the scenes – reads this blog – is in full on economic panic today – and without a sea change from insanity and competition into trust integrity and cooperation – time itself will define the ENORMOUS DEFLATION AND DELEVERAGING – THE GRAND RISK TO FOLLOW.  And now this final reminder of cause:


Please share this news site with influencers in your circle.

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PS: Please scroll and read a PEACE PLAN that is an INSPIRED WAR FORWARD as the IMF reported today without a middle east peace plan sustained investment is not possible and risk in the world just rises ….just out ….from Christine.



The Peace Plan for Israel. Our INSPIRED WAY FORWARD for the great PALESTINIAN NATION AND ITS PEOPLE AND ISRAEL AND ITS GREAT HOPE AND PROMISE in humility we now lay out in general terms below a fresh PLAN FOR PEACE IN REGION. The Bible – prophecy – and writings modern and ancient wisdoms all  suggest Armageddon at Megido will be the MOTHER OF ALL WARS between humans, ground Zero being Israel and I’ve walked that valley. Its energy is too wonderful – filled with wonder – to move forward into insane outcome if there is a better way forward.  With 50 years of in nation contribution and to the Gulf states and peoples and community we have been master students of the Region and its enormous asset which remains  its truly amazing vibrant people. The Trump plan for peace was dead on arrival. A business deal is not possible in this war zone for 8,000 years of history. An INSPIRED WAY FORWARD is not a business plan nor can it be head plan, or a plan that fails to include the heart. The plan must be economic to secure the politics of all and the economic outcome must be a frame work that resolves the political impossible with what is in fact possible. As always one new idea and you do not go bankrupt. One new idea you do not get divorced. One new idea and your child recovers from drug addiction. One new idea and nations under Nelson Mandela forgive an prosper in ways only moments before deemed impossible at all levels. We have been part of those historic ideas. One set of new ideas and PEACE is possible versus impossible. WE NOW PRESENT an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD as one idea.

If you wish to study AIA and design of monuments of the world go to Israel. If you wish to study history at core of humanity – go to Israel. If you wish to study faith and religion GO TO ISRAEL. If you wish to Kiss the Dome of the Rock, walk the Golan Heights or Masada, or place your hand on the WALL go to Israel. If you wish to study politics go to Israel. If you seek the most advanced technology upon the earth go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study museums go to Israel. If you wish to feel the HOLOCAUST inside your very bones go to ISRAEL. If you wish to see the most advanced environmental break throughs of tomorrow today go to Israel.  If you wish to study Arab culture working across all faiths and tribes GO TO ISRAEL. if you wish to see beauty in nature, from sea to desert, from mountains to lakes to shops and art of the world go to Israel. If you wish the foods of the world go to Israel. If you seek the most beautiful men and woman of the worlds melting pots go to ISRAEL.   If you wish to experience camps and abject poverty Go To Palestine. If you wish to see a lack of hope and promise go to GAZA. If you wish to know terrorism at a blood cell level go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study the most advanced weapons of war go to Israel. If you wish to study the smallest nation with one of the largest nuclear arsenals on earth go to Israel. If you wish to study in human history that which is truly impossible go to Israel. It will take decades to understand all that I have written in one paragraph here and there is too much more to write.If you wish to know the human heart in all its possible expressions yes go to Israel. If you wish to know if God is real or the soul is forever go to and walk in Israel.




CEO SPACE has developed with our best teams, a plan for peace for Israel & PALESTINE we all the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD.. We have attempted for five years now to bring this plan to BIBI in Israel over a lunch or dinner, with our own investment to fly in and provide no fee consulting as a contribution to the people of Palestine. We have been unable within as you have seen the ever increasing mean spirited politics in Israeli factions over this period, to fix a time to have on meal on this plan. We watched the TRUMP PLAN come together with predictable outcomes. We attempted to be expert included in that plan but failed to rise to the level of inclusion of that inside circle of interests. We have no interest but for the people of both nations.

Our decades with offices in Israel doing a business in Antiquity sales across the entire Region of Gulf States and investment Diamonds ( 50 million US dollars a month 1960s to 1980’s ) we learned the heart and soul of the peoples. With CEO SPACE representing the worlds largest small business voice and community, including lobby work  on small business legislation presented our teams with political expertise and experience in resolution on complex public policy, unique over so many countries and decades of tireless public service. Personally I have been in Israel in both past wars which is post graduate experience in and of itself as to my own lesson books and courses in region. I have had meals in Rachel and Moshe Dayan’s homes, while days later dinning with Jordon and Gulf leader village chief’s  in their  homes, learning the landscape of views and entrenched postures over generations. Our appreciation for the magnitude of the problems grew massively from decades of the back and forth cultural learning, from the most poor to the highest in wealth across these communities,  as such a unique expertise from such lessons  in this part of the world. Many of my most important teachers both Israeli Politicians and Rabbinical scholars as well as community leaders across the Gulf from prior Kings of Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran to Muslim Mullahs instructing me on the Faith in Torah and Koran are dead today and I thank them always on the other side…I thank them in all ways – as I try and honor them in all ways on this sacred day of consecration to your reading now.

This peace plan published for the first time on line is designed to circulate as an inspired solution- a new idea – and a INSPIRED WAY FORWARD –  that we believe could unfold between all parties to work. We apologize for our failure to date to bring the master plan to the sponsorship of champions the great KING OF JORDON for Palestine and BIBI as his historic moment in Israel. Now we publish and let in nation parties circulate as they now will with our request upon leadership to pause, in an energy to come together on PLUS and IMPROVEMENT to the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD suspending competition as s thought form impulse form the mid reptilian brain and to over come such lower brain function with the high leadership possibilities of cooperation and embrace. If competitie thought form is the master virus on human collective consciousness – a form of core inanity in human thought itself – embrace cooperation as the higher function thought form in which all human success is in fact achieved in the history of our own greatness whenever cooperation is fully applied. If humanity can step upon the moon then humanity in 2020 can step forward in world peace together.




  1. A Palestinian State is border  map created to the present map ( with some new solutions wait for them ) as established and recognized by the parties and the world. Permanent two state respectful solution for all .
  2. Constitutional government in Palestine is under authority of the Palestinian people.
  3. Occupied territories except for Golan Heights are governed by a joint Israel Palestinian/ISREAL AGENCY known as COOPERATION AGENCY CA – PANAL OF SEVEN  – three panel members each leading non political economics from Pastestine – three economist non political panel members from Israel –  and a tie braking economist from NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND where free majority vote places rule of law in each now occupied geographic zone under Palestinian Law or Israel  RULE of Law as its own people in each Zone Defined by majority of popular vote in each zone – all legal disputes of law as  final rule of law is governed by majority vote of a SEVEN ON THE COOPERATIVE AGENCY ( CA )  PANEL Supreme Governing Board the COOPERATION AUTHORITY.
  4. Treaties and Trade between the parties are approved by the COOPERATION PANAL in occupied territories permanently ruled by popular rule of law ( as to which rule of law system majority vote for ) in  one time vote of their populations – and ratified by state governing bodies as final form of treaty for occupied zones and final treaty between nations by legislative final majority vote establishing  a FOREVER Peace for all peoples under rule of law.
  5. The USA leads a G 100 nation defined contribution of 1 trillion dollars for Palestinian economic development, no part of which may indirectly or directly go into military. The 2020 MARSHALL PLAN for Palestine assures economic prosperity elevating the people into assured self determination with economic security and prosperity assured for centuries inside the peace prosperity unfolded by the G nations of the world as their cost of peace dividend. All funds would be grants assuring a debt free Palestine with all Palestinian debt paid off upon treaty execution within 30 days of signing.
  6. Administration of spending will be invested in infrastructure – venture development – education – 5G – tourism – transportation – warehousing – high speed public transportation – green power –  via the COOPERATION AUTHORITY where control work is completed and corruption is moderated via rule of law. Master plans for fiscal budgets and use of proceeds from the Swiss Escrow of fund administration, would be defined by the Palestinian leadership and their chosen big eight accounting firm defining use of proceeds for the 1 trillion capital investing.
  7. Defense of Israel would be assured by treaty via the United States as it is today.
  8. Defense of Palestine would be assured by the choice of Palestine to Russia or the Gulf Nation of its choice including Iran as protector. Palestinian state profits can be invested in defense of nation as with any nation for its own defense industry, where both Isreal and Palestine treaty to never wage war with one another as rule of law. Isreal and Palestine will act as one in regional defense of their respective economic zone partnership if ever required.
  9. All Gulf States would ratify the peace plan as set forth to final form by the two states and with authority in occupied states as proposed by the COOPERATION  Authority to final treaty and form.
  10. Appointment of the COOPERATION AUTHORITY would by founding charter reside on integrity with appointees embracing cooperation as expression of human sanity and competition as expression of human insanity. Cooperation Authority Panel members would be non political economists and would assure economics ran politics and policy and would report to no other agency acting as a SUPREME OOURT for the Region and its two state system. Appeals for political issues unresolved by the two states may appeal for final SUPREME COURT decision on dispute issues  between the two nations to the FINAL JOINT COURT for absolute outcome always economic. Panal appointment would be for ten years and economist must be age 50 to be appointed with base line expertise an experience and without political bias as to character and background by the head of state duly elected for each of the two sovereign states. A dual congressional panel review of FIRST AND ALL SUCCESSOR PANAL to follow ( from death or retirement ) of ten palestinian leading member of legislature and ten from Israel would review new panel appointees and vote by majority to approve each for economic expertise and lack of political bias with character and integrity to represent solely the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE of both states. Free and open travel between nations would occur within each nations normal pass port controls and restriction of travel between nations would be precluded by treaty and war between the nations would be precluded by treaty upon its ratification.

The details of the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD TO PEACE TREATY FINAL FORM  would flow from the published master  plan framel work set forth as a wire frame to begin, as will be by appointed economic non political committees for each nation as set forth to final form of treaty between the parties over a three year TREATY CONFERENCE FOR A TWO STATE MASSIVELY SECURE PROSPEROUS OUTCOME PEACE DIVIDEND COMPLETION AND  SOLUTION. Israel would place occupied territory exempting Gaza into the settlement outcome expressed herein The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR G 100 Swiss escrow and administrated PALESTINIAN MASHALL PLAN, expressing itself to include new  COOPERATION AUTHORITY zones governed by rule of law the people in each zone voted for as a true rule of law  “people consideration” terms’  that would issue instant duel pass ports to Israel’s now under Palestinian law by vote of that zone or Israeli and Palestinian pass porrts for those voting to apply Isreal rule of law by its people in zone ). Each vote would be respect and executed to accommodate inclusion of both peoples with outcome favoring INCLUSION and OPPORTUNITY for the people who will not change daily function or opportunity now with peace and new ease of travel. Super Rush documentation without delay where no citizen is caught in bureaucratic “traps” would be mandated to rule of law freedoms for the people in all permitting and travel documents with cooperation absent competitive harassment in any form between states.

Given the horror of the holiday attacks on Israel Syria agrees to permanent loss of Gaza in exchange for a treaty with Syria to foster Palestinian and Isreal peace and commerce with the King of Syria brokered by the KING OF JORDON to rebuild war torn Syria while assuring Isreal in spoils of war secures its permanent borders with GAZA high ground precluding surprise attacks ever again upon its people as a geographic cooperation to the prosperity concession between the three States. The United States as a peace concession opens embassy’s with the King of Syria and itself opens reconstruction prosperity in Syria given the USA investment and lives to secure an ISIS free terror Free Syria for the world. A FRESH START on all borders is inclusive to the INSPIRED MASTER PLAN FOR REGIONAL PEACE.

The King of Jordon joins the UAE as principle PEACE BROKERS to the GULF NATIONS supporting without condition the process without influence by agreement to the TWO STATES working in the THREE YEAR TREATY and G 100 Full funding not pledging of the Swiss MARSHALL PLAN FOR PLESTINE ACCOUNT.

Abe from Japan Putin From Russia and the UA and King of Jordon would together secure a IRAN USA embrace for the master plan a deal on Iran forward security and prosperity without nuclear weapons opening Iran investment and support for Palestine with TRADE with ISRAEL and a collapse of all competition between nations in the NEW INSPIRED PATHOLOGY FOR PEACE as ONE PLAN including all the parties.

The treaty in final form would mandate a culture of CELEBRATION for all State Populations in diversity, celebration of race and faith and lifestyle and freedom for all peoples. Punishment of diversity in any form including political diversity would be a crime in society where hate is outlawed as a form of insanity. Punishment versus CELEBRATION OF HUMANITIES DIVERSITY OF EXPRESSION would be cultural, instructed in all ages of education where cooperation and celebration of diversity is INTERESTING and never again punished by a virus of the mind – insanity.  Competition would be under rule of law seen as insane where any form of human expression in diversity is punished with hatred and disrespect is an insane discouraged by law culture expression. All diversity that is not hateful is a tapestry of human richness to be only CELEBRATED between various belief’s and views as wonderful and rich versus any form of insane master race master faith or division of humans by punishment of diverse expression – our core richness to be only celebrated and respected by all in inclusion. THE NEW EXAMPLE OF THE WORLD both states presently in fact display at core in their people. Cooperation and celebration of diversity would be a culture of the community and its prosperity where the principles of cooperation are instructed in private and public schools and no education would instruct punishment of human diversity in any form versus celebration would be instructed for all human diversity as desired culture outcome to good citizen behavior. A reconciliation court could following Nelson Mandela’s model improve this fresh cooperative  NEW 2020 BEGINNING  model, fresh start the future, and forgie the pains of the past and all abuse and human error in thinking. Terrorism would be a capital state offense against all peoples of the community.


The final form model ratified by majority of both SOVEREIGN STATES  in popular vote or modified until ratified by popular vote become a GLOW TO GO TEMPLATE OF IMPOSSIBLE “IS” POSSIBLE – model for the entire world into  the hope and promise of  our best human potential. Negotiations would be cooperative without competitie undue influence. The COOPERATION AUTHORITY would lead the negotiations to final form the board chosen for its cooperative leadership and its absence of competitive mind sets as set forth herein. The BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION RESOLUTION would be used as guidance for a new INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS frame work for systemic modeling on form of finding common grounds within a new peach pathology frame work engineered as new invention or PEACE IP presented for the leaders in the TWO STATES to just explore as a STARTING GATE to a three year design process that works.

The structure for a SOLUTION OF HOPE PEACE AND PROMISE for the entire Region is set forth in the Peace Plan  suggested here for our readers world wide to CIRCULATE in nations effectd – and that we rose to minister level in Isreal – and in Jordon and we had hand carried to KING MBS years ago before we understood his pre-conditons,  and attempts to bring the plan to the KING OF JORDEN which fell to the war in Syria on agenda timing.

We simply failed to gain the leaders attention to INVISIBLE OPTIONS we as experienced professionals in the two nations sought to make visible to the leaders. We believe NOTHING TRULY WONDERFUL WILL MANIFEST IN FACT INTO THE WORLD UNTIL INSPIRED LEADERS MAKE A DECISION.

Having talked to leading business largely funding both sides in the two nation dispute we find a unique common ground inside this frame work via our half decade evolution of the: INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS. The new frame work engineering outlined in this PUBLIC SERVICE FRAME WORK – puts JERUSALEM as forever Capitol for both STATES with rule of law by the city vote for that zone into rule of law of its people – by vote and then the COOPERATION  AGENCY CA – as a fully NON POLITICAL BOARD supervising the community as a solution that has potential promise into an impossibly zone where now a possible template forward exists always with the people themselves chosing occupation zone rule of law under CA dispute settlement for leaders on the ground over time. Far from ideal for both sides politically, but not impossible for both sides politically. A possible INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS..on the most challenging issue of them all. 

In cooperation an imperfect new solution may become over a three year regulatory frame work made far more perfect. One must begin to move the Peace Cart one wheel revolution at a time. Given the rejection and failure of the TRUMP plan frame work lacking a TWO STATE resolution for the new partners versus enemies – it may be new leadership in Israel can advance a new agenda in fact. The hard lines from all opponents to peace are far minority to the soft line of the vast majority of populations we know so well who wish a FRAME WORK….that CAN AND WILL IN FACT WORK.


Now I ask friends of both communities to circulate a NEW MASTER PLAN FOR 2020 PEACE IN THE REGION to their respective leadership. Our teams remain available to consult to both sides upon desire for further input. As the entire plan is too complex to present on line outside the interest of the internal parties and the special needs of both the critical new wire frame IP is presented here to begin an early explotory process to simply explore a new mind set and frame work at core. Both are required to achieve peace for our mutual unborn world wide.

THE FRAME WORK PRESENTED IN THIS REPORT assures Palestinian economic power and removal of poverty in the community coupled to a MARSHAL PLAN for the Palestinian people which tide lifts up a century of prosperity to Israel and to all  Gulf states inclusive of every state – as well. Considering just America invested a trillion dollars in TARP 1 the proposed G 100 Investment is the low cost for peace and free to the sponsor nations given the cost of war which is on going in region. The model of cooperation set forth inside this new frame work once digested sets up a  new MIND SET inside a ENTIRELY NEW FRAME FOR IP IN A INSPIRED NEW PEACE PROCESS In all areas of dispute by frame work modeling systemically. As an investment banker economist who has over time contributed billions into the welfare of Gulf Nations I call upon those in nations effected to delete competitive emotional reactionary response to the 85% of hard wired brain function to anything fresh or new – even when electric light is superior to whale oil lamp light – which is brain hard wiring reaction to WHY WE CAN’T mind sets. I ask you to as leaders over power such mid brain and lower brain function to not see NEW as THREAT and to switch – to SHIFT your brain function to the 15% that creates all outcomes you treasure – SWITCHING FROM WHY WE CAN NOT into …the highest brain state of co creation as to….HOW WE “WILL” . Just stay in HOW WE WILL as you read and explore for a time.

ALLOW THE BABY TO DROP. Finally I invite full partnership for women. it is our opinion from experience the left brain problems male thinking has created are not longer possible to resolve without intuitive RIGHT BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVING – involving female higher brain function. As in the old movie GHOST BUSTERS the portal to the futures our unborn desire and most require must now include BLENDING OUR MALE AND FEMALE THOUGHT STREAMS. I invite leaders to have woman involved in the process of HOW WE WILL asking for female input on this reading to frame work of:INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS.

The urgent need to benefit the millions of suffering Palestinians suggests that YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE TO EMBRACE A FORWARD FRESH AND NEW  INSPIRED WAY FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE OF SUPER CHANGE THE NEW AGE IN WHICH WE ALL RESIDE TODAY. Palestinians will enjoy a future like post war impoverish Germany and Japan from those MARSHAL PLANS AND MIRACLES OF GLOBAL MERCY AND COMPASSION – starting from a higher space of MIND. The  future security of both states via IT and new technology from camera’s and AI assure the future is peaceful for both states within a prosperity that lifts up Lebanon Iran Jordon and all peoples of the GULF in all nations into  a new cooperation where the idea of competition is suspended for positive outcome without the drama of the past or its entrenched emotional capital that:  economists leading the debate versus politicians tend to preclude in deliberations.

The three year COOPERATION AUTHORITY PERIOD –  to develop the final treaty form assures that the COOPERATION AGENCY ( CA )  PANAEL is equal – Palestinian and Israeli and the tie breaking vote is always SWISS. Swiss trusted and neutral. The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR PALESTINIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  FUND is escrowed an administered to payments into Palestine, for real progress work performed in Palestine ( where every dollar works like five outside corruption wasting of the peoples resources )  by its invoicing agencies payable  by SWISS BANKERS appointed by the COOPERATION AUTHORITY. All “issues” too hot for political resolution by either state are delegated by charter to resolution of the CA the missing mechanism as the final missing agency or Supreme Economic COURT assuring outcomes are economic not political over time – always landing on the best interest of the people of Palestine and Regional TWO STATE cooperation collaboration and respect. Hated and Disrespect would be culturally banishing as unwanted and a form of insanity in reality.

The tie breaking vote being SWISS within assured neutrality where outcomes remain maximally benefiting and  ECONOMIC benefiting the always maximally the PALESTINIAN  people, now assures INTEGRITY versus a lack of integrity  in all forward  CA voting outcomes. Swiss banker administration of the new PALESTINIAN MARSHAL PLAN help assure reduction of corruption and every dollar works like five via bidding process in in all master plan executions developed budgeted and designed by Palestinian authorities and BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING firms they chose on plan budget development and execution. . Donor nations now have an economic process they all can trust. Political compromise resolves finally with the new PEACE PLAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FRAME WORK expressed here – that finally NOTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND while in fact EVERYTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND to the welfare dignity and outcomes the Palestinian people and the Israel People  so richly deserve.

After a ten year administered period all border WALLS would in celebration be torn down within a CELEBRATION FESTIVAL WEEK OF COOPERATION between now fully partnering two states into massive forward mutual prosperity and rule of law in respect for all.


The present TRUMP plan in our teams opinion was dead on arrival for many complex reasons before Saudi Arabia betrayed the Trump team ( once again and so predictably ) and pulled the Arab rug out from under the plan authors. The Trump plan further divides the Region. Trump has invested over one year on their peace plan. Our team has invested over ten years on our peace proposal as a FRESH NEW STARTING POINT TO BEGIN FROM.  Our team humbly proposes a discussion frame work we label in final form here:


As 50% of our readers in the 100’s of thousands globally  with 40% of all our  reading subscribers, split between NORTH AMERICAN readers and readers world wide globally and in both states in the Gulf who read this blog and  many in the effected nations all now asked to: circulate this on line plan link to the leaders of your nations. To reach out and touch the world.

We ask leader communities in Palestine and in israel having advised leaders in your communities since the 1970’s to see the frame work as a fresh starting point not the end game. We invite your all sides including faith to:

  1. Celebrate with respect diversity new thinking in all forms without punishment of diversity of ideas
  2. To forge and economic outcome that leads the politics where politics leading economics always fails
  3. To approach issue challenges in RESPECT & HONOR toward COOPERATIVE COMPROMISE
  4. To interrupt and control the old model of politics that is founded on HATRED AND DISRESPECT H & D letting it go !
  5. To see I win you lose as insane and WE BOTH WIN cooperative outcomes as sane

To avoid as new pathology rules in economic forward discussion teams the phrase –  YOU  in any correction process and to say rather: that  I would see your issue more completely if I heard the same thinking in this form which is my language could you reframe your important contribution such that I might hear it more impactfully? DId you take my input as a PLUS ( meaning not as a critique ) as a new cooperative negotiation language  modeling form? If the party took the input as a critique versus a plus – they say without emotion knowing you are working in such good faith and vulnerability to better fully understand and both sides are working to remove the competitive brain virus of actual inanity from discussions: now and finally replacing insanity ( the master virus of mind  blocking human elevated next evolution as scientifically outlined in the book REDEMPTION and in SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS ) …the party in discussion ( not negotiation ) asks to  REFRAME their request for “how “I”” would hear that more impactfully – by reframing the core request itself until the parties fail to ever escalate as new discussion box top rules sets, reset  LANGUAGE that inflames into historic  emotions that engage blame and judgement which are now removed where economists tend to depreciate such historic postures anyway. ECONOMISTS frame outcome for structure and outcomes: where in moving forward only positive  emotional capital is by design flowing into the new exploration discussion frame work modeling effecting far  reduced  outcomes that expres unwanted political division. The old process commencing in hatred and disrespect and proceeding into distrust and competitive combative negotiation is replaced by a new blue print of discussion frame work into a higher function box top rule set of COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND MUTUAL CELEBRATION.


Our 32 year mature CEO SPACE leadership  teams lead NEW FRAME WORKS for cooperative culture reform in leadership for Fortune institutions of the world as well as with heads of state and their teams in a growing community of nations we confidentially serve. We install new frame works for solutions as well as new frame works for the systemic modeling of inspired new fresh inventive discussion box top rules ( frame work modeling ) for how the parties will RESPECT AND HONOR AND CELEBRATE DIVERSITY TO COMPROMISE FINAL FORM COMPLETIONS AS DESIRED HUMAN OUTCOMES. Cooperation reaches higher quality outcomes in fractions of pre SUPER CHANGE  time frames. Quality outcomes in reduced time frames is our day job. Press ranked as # 1 for the past ten years globally.

Competition always takes longer and leads to flawed and lower quality outcomes as process.

THE GREATEST inventions for mankind in systems The Magna Carta – in technology – the wheel the fork the can opener are SIMPLE.

Simple outcomes like the Wheel change all humanity forever.

Circulation of this MASTER “INSPIRE PLAN FOR PEACE” present a fresh new frame work model building on decades of all past work over time into entirely new  solutions to challenging forward outcomes that have road blocked desired peace in time, Over  decades residing in community with its diverse people faiths politics and views that we all who author this solution so deeply respect we turn over a high rise steel frame work to the appointed leadership of the two states. The exterior and interior design and finishing we leave to the professionals and state leadership.

We make no claim of perfect outcomes. We introduce a new steel  FRAME WORK to begin a three year process the parties approve as a new can work:  INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS to more perfectly do the work to complete the frame work of high rise steel into its more perfect final form that simply requires WORK, as a desired end product for humanity. We introduce a new PROCESS for how to negotiate a INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS and we welcome any invitation to moderate consult or add value to process,  in any way that process may now state unfold,  as the parties may desire and require of our further IP guidance to both. Our objective is to begin in January of 2020 with 2019 second half being a process to OPEN EXPLORATION to the rules and terms of a two state engagement into a brand new – simple – transformational solutions sets – for a completion of a 2020 HOPE AND PROMISE adventure into an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS.

We throw a meteor or NEW HOPE AND PROMISE for countless lives and the world into the timeless mediterranean sea with our hope a PEACE TSUNAMI made possible at this time as  one failed peace plan immediately is replaced  into a superior model in our opinion that may wash over all hearts and minds as one HOLY SPIRIT of us all shedding the insanity for the sanity as only we humans can when the light bulb dispels the darkness of the very long night.

In honor of my in nations teachers and revered mentors may we present to you for circulation a NEW INSPIRED WAY FORWARD INTO PEACE. I dedicate this work in asking YOU to circulate this INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS – to the 8 billion human souls who regard as one the land the peoples of two states call home and reside upon – as truly for all of us in our spirit is and will always be HOLY. May we make this land heaven on earth versus anything less by coming together in our minds. If heaven in all faiths IS THE ABSENT OF COMPETITION why not resolve the hell we all have known since ROME into HOLY LAND HEAVEN AS AN EXAMPLE 8 billion of us can lift up in every regard with celebration?

I leave it to circulation and leadership as I click today.

Berny Dohrmann
Chairman CEO SPACE

June 25th – mid year 2020 in hope and promise for 8 billion who regard HOLY LAND as sacred to us all…..





Russia. Led by TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR. Putin one of the worlds longest ruling leaders. Putin one of the wealthiest men on earth in fact. Putin operating a recession nation – a petro nation economically without broad diversified economics which Russia needs desperately – a nation economically the size of say NEW YORK STATE. Nothing close to the USA. Not an equal power by any means. its military cost is out weighted to its economy which keeps its people just over broke versus a RUSSIA PROSPERITY Putin wishes for and longs for.

Still with a budget only the size of NEW YORK STATE – Russia keeps America politically in check – and secures failed communism as an economic model of failed outcomes always – in play for 25% of the world. Though socialism and communism are rapidly unwinding into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM a FREE CAPITALISM with the best of social policy like say NORWAY with the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund on the planet – soaring in size with MBS manipulated oil prices soaring for zero reason in economics as supply of oil exceeds demand – and only price manipulation can assure prices rise in a commodity over supplied and earth renewable everywhere. THE EARTH SHITS AND FARTS OIL and we are all drowning in oil supply and oil toxic pollutions from plastic everything to burning oil for any reason.

RUSSIA leads the world in polluting its own soils waters and air and wins the gold for earth toxic pollution to its own people. Putin. Wins again.


Russia economics less than 1% own more wealth than 99%. This is not a sustainable model in market liquidity.


History is a great teacher but no one learns from history re-written by liars.

Reagan ushered in a new Era of Detente and Gorbachev won a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE as he should.

The UNION OF SOVIET STATES was allowed to chose – stay with Mother Russia or be independent. The New Russia shrunk and Russia allowed independence with some issues here and there.


The USA kept its agreement and Detente lasted between the GREAT THAW OF THE COLD WAR. Putin a former KGB officer whose heart loved the larger economics of THE SOVIET UNION and would historically not mind RESTORING Historically Russia to its former GLORY re-uniting states into the NEW SOVIET UNION – and who saw Russia needing a new game plan. His heart grieved over the loss of the SOVIET ABSOLUTE RULE OF SO MANY STATES now independent but economically co dependent entirely on RUSSIA economics and politics. Romania was an example of a communist loss but an economic partner of both USA and Russia. Still there is NATO.

GW Bush moves Nato East after CLINTON moved NATO EAST into trading spheres agreed upon NATO would not gobble up. AGREEMENT BREACHED.

Russia and Putin warned the USA and drew on the second breach and strike HARD LINES IN UKRAINE very hard lines. Using election manipulation tools the USA also was and IS using too – Putin won the UKRAINE election. A leader won big who would not JOIN THE EU – Ukraine being the main energy pipe line for EU FUEL from RUSSIA its main fuel source period. UKRAINE ECONOMICS depended on transit over rides. A RUSSIAN LEADER was now in power and would no longer permit NATO CREEP into RUSSIA agreed upon territory.

Obama’s team worked on a CHANGE OF DULY ELECTED LEADERSHIP. To overthrow the leader. The USA funded a firth column using PUTINS own play book – supplied billions in weapons to Ukraine and was prepared to use NATO to assure Putin did not do anything. Riots and civil war broke out. The duly elected PRO RUSSIAN LEADER fled to Russia in fear of his life and his family life as PRESIDENT DULY ELECTED OF THE NATION OF UKRAINE. Pro Russian majority of the nation who had won the election fought hard to oppose the USA and its criminals from taking over their nation.

STRIKE THREE – NATO CREEP EAST into RUSSIA AGREED UPON SPHERE OF EXCLUSIVE ECONOMICS set up hard as stone with Reagan. Putin did nothing on STRIKE ONE as we broke faith. Putin did nothing on Strike II when we broke faith. Putin on STRIKE THREE massively acted.

First Putin could not lose the PORT IN UKRAINE as access for military to the SEA was strategic to PUTIN for Gulf trade and SYRIA protection with Syria having terror rise up with USA SUPPORT to Topple that KING. Putin would stand up to USA criminally breaking agreements with – RUSSIA AND WITH PUTIN NOW.

So Obama policy toppled the RUSSIAN DULY ELECTED LEADERSHIP.

Russia took over the North and their border province 70% Russian speakers and Russian over 50%. They acquire a trillion dollars of PORT ASSETS and a strong red line – NO MORE CREEP OF NATO EAST. Under OBAMA the plan next moved to take over SYRIA and oust their King a generational ruler. Imported Syria rebels from America failed IRAQ policy, moved the elite professional military from IRAQ into Syria as TALIBAN AND ISIS united to take over the rightful ruler of Syria its KING and its system. The King was not amused nor was PUTIN. PUTIN worked ultimately with Iran and Syria and USA to finally defeat real crazy brains of Taliban and ISiS most radical muslim extremist.  At the start we attacked the King. We switched to the winning side but we still will not deal with the KING who was in fact defending his nation against us.

Putin became the tipping point against US creep into his trading sphere. As the USA will NOT HONOR OUR AGREEMENTS and we are seen in the world as THE GREAT DEAL BREAKERS THE DEAL FRAUD KINGS – earning respect and trust must be given our leaders turn over so fast – developed by future actions that are worthy of trust – as our track record is not one to be proud of.

Our FAKE NEWS makes Russia evil and bad when the USA does every single thing we accuse Russia of. We kidnap we torture we commit crimes against humanity ( and we should not ) we manipulate elections we work against those in power we befriend sociopathic murders and sell Hilters ( MBS for one ) weapon systems and Putin is what? Putin kept his word we broke our word.

THAT IS THE TRUTH and all world leaders know this. Americans only know BOUGHT AND PAID FOR NEWS fed to them by less than 50 news OWNERS. You believe in America and all nations today what the OWNERS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE. The on line ability to find out the truth – well your getting the truth right here right now.

Trump and Putin. A new trust may rise up and if Trump can make deals that last ( which with Nancy needing PUTIN HATRED TO RISE UP TO TRUMP HATRED SO HATRED WINS THE ELECTION AS POLICY ) who knows if anything real can happen – unless brain washed Americans give TRUMP four more years and a congress that works. It is unlikely enough Americans will know the TRUTH to vote more fully informed as the OWNERS are assuring the politics of HATRED & DISRESPECT manipulate vote outcomes the OWNERS desire for greed protection of self. The owners are manipulating US elections using PUTIN AS DISTRACTION so the public does not rise up as one and VOTE AGAINST THE OWNERS which is in fact a REFORM VOTE FOR TRUMP we call POLITICAL BACK LASH meaning the truth and reform won and the OWNERS lost first time in 100 years. Could happen but hard to see 500 days forward yet.

So PUTIN has red lined any move EAST by the USA into its economic exclusion zone.

PUTIN wants a NEW DEAL with Trump.

Trumps wants a new deal with Putin.

Putin wants understanding of the facts presented here.

TRUMP wants to defeat NANCY political back lash to a deal by symbols.

Trump wants Ukraine given back to UKRAINE.

With a RUSSIA TREATY TO PORT ACCESS that can’t be broken Putin with prosperity incentives and USA military preclusion from Ukraine on bases or utility – in RUSSIAS EXCLUSION ZONEs a deal can be made.


They may make a deal traitors on all sides will have no place to hide in this world which stops them in fact.

Putin pressure? OIL.

TRUMP DUMPS and Japan has a new flavor. Missed opportunity FAILING TO TRUMP DUMP as policy in all this.


Putin seeing that AMERICA committed three strikes to completely break trust detente and agreements to NOT MOVE INTO RUSSIA EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONES in modeling to steal political culture, good will, and money real economics, from mother RUSSIA Putin must defend, as a world leader, acted in a NEW DIGITAL WORLD WAR III. The DIGITAL WORLD WAR III RUSSIA HAS WON TO DATE AND WE HAVE LOST which include the following actions of winning strategy to punish AMERICA for breaking agreements and good faith with RUSSIA. Good Faith Russia honored and worked with thinking things would open up versus close up. After having AMERICA BEND RUSSIA over and spanking RUSSIA for trust America Putin acted:

  1. Putin drew a red line in EASTERN CREEP by the USA for deposing the Russia leaning leader of Ukraine. Bam.
  2. Putin hacked everything in the USA with military grade IT weapons way ahead of USA digital weapons at that time.
  3. Putin then used a first DIGITAL MILITARY WEAPON with China and North Korea and Iran to make trillions on 2007 market crash punishing the WEST ECONOMICALLY and always closing all financial institutions. Win for Russia.
  4. Putin next massively hardened IRAN military and IT against criminal Saudi and assured IRAN stability period.
  5. Putin next joined in SYRIA and completely derailed the KING OVER THROW PLAN of the USA in Syria.
  7. Putin took hacked plans and created super sonic nukes to 1000 USA cities on line 2020 – 20 minutes to end of USA
  8. Putin created digital weapons and strategy opposing. USA is dependent on digital integrated battle field.
  9. Russia has leading ( weapons ) that block stop and take all our integrated communications down in seconds.
  10. Russia is prepared to oppose the US with absolute MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION blocking US really

The two super powers are no longer equal today.

Russia has stepped in front hacking and stealing all ( 100% ) our advanced weapon IT.

One of my mentors installed the cyber warfare command center for the DOD in the USA. Now that hacking is blocked and stopped but the damage is done. Pay back from PUTIN view. PUTIN WON the first entire battle landscape of DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and the public has no clue world wide. Today RUSSIA can defend in EU and its back yard – in the Gulf in any location and offset USA powers. Russia can detect and take down steal bombers and respond with super sonic and EMP weapons in kind in instants. Both nations are moving to SPACE FORCE with hardened DOOMSDAY WEAPONS to extinct the other side in minutes – as insane competition from an insane brain virus code ( competition is absolute expression of human insanity impulse – competitive thought impulse is an expression of real human insanity ). Until competition is universally instructed in schools K-12 up as both INSANE ( no wants to BE INSANE )  and culturally preclusive ( no wants to be banned from their tribe of humanity being insane ) the virus clouds sane brain solution streaming. Cooperation is integrity based higher brain function while competition perpetuated in education ( we teach our young to be culturally insane ) as competition is reptilian lowest hippocampus brain stem function. Until we load superior virus FREE SOFTWARE on our brains humanity is moving toward self extinction. As you all see.

If you want a virus free brain circle buy back ordered hard copies of my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and have your circle read the book – as your own virus removal tool. Putin gets TIME OF THE YEAR and Nobel Prizes go out for less – a NOBEL PRIZE FOR REDEMPTION would change human consciousness.  The Nobel Committee only needs to attend CEO SPACE to see education reform for youth and grown ups that removes forever the virus of competition from brains in four days. But I digress.

Competition makes distrust and negotiation with suspicion integrity can not exist inside competition at all anyway, such that the future is hostage to insanity.

Putin wants prosperity and to be with China and USA making world policy with no nation left behind. Trump wants to reset the world and stop the economic waste creating a NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER that stops DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and without a shooting war stops all shooting wars with CHINA RUSSIA AND USA making forward policy together. Rules based economics rising so no nation is left behind.

Iran North Korea China and Russia want HATRED AND DISRESPECT FAKE NEWS to stop, for America at least in private to take responsibility for its own integrity breaches and start FRESH start OVER and show respect. America dealing in respect which TRUMP DOES ( Trump is nothing like Fake news and his public celebrity super star TV actor media persona is like ). All nations play to THEIR CORE BASE IN PUBLIC.

Outside the USA the leaders ARE THE OWNERS and control the news.

Inside the USA the OWNERS ( less than 50 social democrats ) control the news and REFORMERS know only fake news designed to elevate politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT.

The GW BUSH AXIS OF EVIL ( which they are not – we do evil like they do evil -all if it needs to stop ) – know that TRUMPS base are reform the system into a new world order. THEY LIKE THIS AND THEY WANT THIS because the deep state seeks to take over the world for the OWNERS.

Not likely to happen as their jig of competition versus cooperation is up – has run its course and REAL BASE TO REFORM FINALLY is no longer fooled by OWNER news manipulations. At least to the extent that it was at once time. The named nations have hope with TRUMP REFORMS for a new world order Inclusive of them.

Peace prosperity reform.

Now then in America those effected by the OWNERS labeling President Trump as immoral, unethical, wife cheating ( which is a lie ) illegal, without integrity raising up politicas of absolute HATRED AND DISRESPECT have a minority not a majority. The social democrats are dividing resources and money in a Waffle House ( Americans get this ) SCATTERED SHATTERED SMOTHERED AND DUNKED field of dozens of candidates pounding each other, dividing splitting and fully failing to unite the party as droves of voters have had the lies and owner fake news. THEY ARE VOTING THEIR WALLET seeing congress fail to work at all now. WATCH FOR BACK LASH may not happen but its dicey right now.

Biden splits the party.

Nancy is the most hated politician by polls in AMERICAN HISTORY. A failed leader for her own district and our nation.

On her way to jail and out of her addiction to power. You’ll see on both.


Putin and China see all this and are swinging to BET TRUMP WINS. IN JAPAN. But wait….as Putin is not trusting anything USA.


Putin is the most respected leader in the Muslim world.

Today Americans know history 50 miles around a burger King.

The could not find Bosnia on a map.

They have no clue about history or Serbia.

They do not know that World WAR I and WORLD WAR II and now WORLD WAR III shooting wars all start there in the Balkan States.

They do not know the fragile peace and keep in mind Yugoslavia Romania and others were SOVIET UNION STATES historically since WORLD WAR II as Russia WON against the NAZI paying the highest price of all – 100 million dead RUSSIANS and no RUSSIAN IS EVER FORGETTING GERMANY. Putin’s new piple line into Germany secures energy for the EU for 100 years and creates economic CO DEPENCY for Germany to RUSSIA to never again economically threaten mother russia or PUTIN successors turn off the wealth – unlimited renewing non polluting earth friendly natural gas.

TRUMP DUMP now on oil is the last energy card TRUMP can play to make a deal with IRAN RUSSIA and change the cards in the GULF. That window is closing economically for the USA if we fail to use our JOKER WILD CARD. Now.

A child in Romania understands this ( CEO SPACE has Chapters all over the EU and in Moscow members ) . They know.


Peace in Balkins was assured by the SOVIET UNION.

Who understands the issues there outside all the old power brokers loyal to MOTHER RUSSIA?

What are the issues?

Ah. History few Americans 1 out of ever 100,000 understand due to failure of our education system.

So the crusades remember them? Muslims almost took over all of the EU. It stopped in the BALKIN LINES from the Papal Crusading armies eventually reaching the Holy Land.

Today we see 25 million Muslims in the EU who will not allow genocide II of their tribes in BALKS as the west allowed. So under President Obama faced with internal economic melt downs inherited from GW BUSH and 9/11 – internally focused, genocide of Muslims in Baltic States occurred. 100,0009’s of thousands using modern weapons were slaughtered and injured in 90 days – entire cities were rounded up and killed and put in camps. FULL BALTIC STATES threatened a WORLD WAR III. Really. HOME OF ALL WORLD …WARS. Balkins.

So NATO with Obama acted massively and stopped the war and war criminal trials went forth. The head of the muslim genocide died before the trail completed. No closure there. The wounds have NOT HEALED.  A fragile democracy rose to include all faiths now celebrated.

Recently nationalism and conservative populism ( REFORMERS ) are sweeping across the world. The issue is economic socialism or free capitalism. The war is economic disguised under fake news and political agenda. THE OWNERS do not want war. The muslims are not standing by to see their own slaughtered again in genocide. THE CRUSADERS who hate muslims are rising in BALTIC STATES. Russia wants RED LINES to stop the west and anti socialism ( its system ) from being over run and Russia will RED LINE BALTICS protecting its muslim and Russia base from the WESTERN REFORMERS.

America is backing anti muslim factions a failed policy. Why? Our peeps do not understand the real estate is why. We back wrong sides all the time. Why? Because we are naive to history and on the ground culture and politics. The USA is not evil. THE USA wants to DO THE RIGHT THING BY PEOPLE all people including muslims. The USA has over 30 million muslim Americans we protect respect and welcome and celebrate. American celebrates faith and race as no other nation on earth with its core goodness of the melting pot of all nations and all faiths as one in America. Far from perfect yet but we are WORKING ON THAT PERFECTION ALL THE FREAKING TIME. We are in that work never ending the HOPE AND THE PROMISE.

But we make mistakes.

Russian phobia almost hysteria is OWNER created to forge a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT the owners wish to rule over. To do that the OWNERS MUST REDUCE US POWER AND INFLUENCE AND DESTROY RUSSIAS. Reformers work against the owners. The owners work against the reformers. The outcome depends on IF VOTERS UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH GOING ON OUT THERE which is truth the OWNERS manipulate to control voter hatred for reforms at all.

‘We’ll see – as on line levels the OWNERS to be naked in their lies and fake news.

Stormy Daniels stated with her new attorney I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP. Right again. Fake news by the owners to surround TRUMP with public character destruction. Pay back for TRUMP doing exactly the same to OBAMA suggesting into the 2016 elections OBAMA was an unlawful President who was NOT A US CITIZEN. This NASTY FAKE NEWS FROM TRUMP was a counter attack from Obama’s side and Hillary to TRUMPS BRAND. Trump had gone low though years before on this item. Democrats understandably are in full on PAY BACK MODE. Plus SOCIAL DEMOCRAT AGENDA opposses AMERICAN DEEP STATE DRAIN THE SWAMP REFORMERS. That battle is playing out just like in other nations just as nasty as my readers outside the USA know so well.

The truth. ZERO FAKE NEWS.

So who wins.

REFORMERS or DEEP STATE SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Seeking socialism in America versus FREE CAPITALISM the nation was founded to protect?

No one knows.

Voters lack truth because the OWNERS CONTROL what the voters see and hear.

Are AMERICAN VOTERS seeking reforms or older models of deep state. We’ll see a year form NOVEMBER.

NO EXPERT can predict 500 days away – what will take place in fact on ELECTION DAY. That is the truth not the owners now the reformers not the DEEP STATE and swamp itself. The beat goes on


The game board is laying out for shooting WORLD WAR III in Baltic States. A PUTIN TRUMP DEAL would unwind that risk. Without that deal and soon the danger is enormous. This time 25 million muslims would unite with a billion muslims and the EU already devolving  in economic failure as an economic game plan – is – in fact – not able to this time win the war. in fact with PUTIN new GAME PLANS we are setting out for you here – the risk to world economic well being is absolutely terrifying. Lets proceed as always with data. Hard to the summer time data in Balkin STATES and we love the people as part of their community since the 1960’s – on the ground and knowing unlike your typical American – we have your back folks – read on and share this blog with BALKIN leaders business OWNERS and circles please:

  1. Russia takes asymmetrical warfare to decades ahead of others. Russia used their new warfare model with devastating effects in Chechnya, Georgia and then Ukraine. Russia engages advanced multidimensional nonlinear comprehensive TOTAL STRATEGIC ENGAGEMENT: that includes fully exploited social engineering, raising up moral outrage ethnic divisiveness in targeted nations, political extreme postures, within timing to outcome and desired actions of the war planners. Local civilians are massively armed, trained, as paramilitary units to DEFEND THEMSELVES against the enemy Russia has created. In final stages of asymmetrical warfare advanced SPETSNAZ the best of RUSSIA, ( SEAL TEAM AND DELTA GRADE OPERATIVES ) flood in as TRAINERS – all posing and dressed as civilians in nation to the chosen group leadership lifted up by Russia war planners.
  2. Perfecting FAKE NEWS Russia raises up ethnic UNITY against defined perceived enemies who seek to keep ethnic populations DIVIDED. This unity elevates Russian war success as the success of public manipulation flows around politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT socialism invented to fight the West where RESPECT AND RULE OF LAW defeat hatred as a public policy.
  3. False Flag events are mapped out and executed. This further DIVIDES POPULATIONS raising up tighter ethnic unity against the FALSE FLAG FAKE NEWS events Russia leadership planned and executed in fact. The plan is to keep emotional hatreds high and disrupt social order and united as we see from Russia manipulations in America.
  4. Sophisticated next generation electronic weapons are inserted into the host nation to defeat counter attacking against the Rising Russian Backed ethic now armed take over agencies in nation under attack. During this phase TERRORISM MASSIVE CRIME AND EXTORTIONS ( ransome ware attacks and more ) are used to disrupt social trust and respect for hosting governments now under brutal attack digitally and on the streets.
  5. Russia now engages its timeless from the start strategy: with next generation digital weapons accelerating years of time into only months: Exploit class conflicts – exploit ethnic divisions – massive political fake news – fifth column action in nations being softened to fall – political full subversion of the existing power bases – and massive covert support of rising armed insurgency until revolution takes over the nation for RUSSIA.

America has engaged in the INTERNET BATTLE OF THINGS now entirely dependant on magnetic spectrum to unfiy all elements of its supply and real time battle field information command.

Russia has engaged in what works. Every war America has lost in fact – Korea – Vietnam- Somalia – Iraq – Afghanistan – Syria where the King still rules with Russia support against the America take over – was won by technology inferior on the ground fighters. The Trillion dollars of smart bombs bombers and electronics fell to a single uneducated under trained on the ground solider with a $ 200 rifle defeating a SUPER POWER even in 20 year wars …one can see our winning model.

Russia is now decades ahead of the WARFARE INTERNET OF THINGS. Our strategy took a different approach than the Americans in Russia. Russia took the advanced idea of winning not in catching up and beating AMERICAN leading IT. Using superior RUSSIAN AI we engage ADVANCED ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEMS AEWS.

AEWS using AI locates all American electro magnetic sources:

  1. Satellites in Space
  2. Planes in the air and on ground
  3. Ships
  4. Ground command
  5. Troop communications individually
  6. Theater communication electronics all spectrums
  7. Incoming outgoing ELECTRIC signals in all spectrums of one or two way communication including subs

This new AI AEWS different strategy to war – takes SECONDS not MINUTES to achieve. We can with AI instantly provide false information to troops leading them into our traps. We can instantly make the entire system go dark and the entire war plan of America stops and we win. They can not re-engage. They can not know anything about us. We know everything about them. We win.

AEWS defeats America by moving their high technology superiority so that an airship can t tager electronically or even fly. We turn AI AEWS SWITCH without EMP which we also control and America stops. SHIPS STOPS PLANES FALL FROM THE SKY and troos move to our traps fed last information from us they think came from their leaders. WE INVENTED A GAME PLAN decades ahead technically of the USA now co dependant on the INTERNET OF WAR THINGS to their great defeat in real wars.

We have practiced and perfected our strategy.

Russia smaller than the USA is undefeatable in war and we are the opposition to USA POLICY.

Russia does not want war. RUSSIA WANTS INCLUSION and a stop to fake news about RUSSIA. They are telling the OWNERS your plan for diminishing both America and RUSSIA has failed because – we won’t allow you owners ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under a failed model you once held …you lose. Owners you lose. Compromise owners.

Include RUSSIA.

Thats the game plan. You don’t read in the news.

The proof of concept is all being raised up in the volatile former Soviet UNION states  – the BALKINS birth zone of all world wars – right now this summer. Everything written here is applying. Georgia is a distraction to the BALKIN plan Putin is engaging in right now.

To make a TRUMP DEAL.

Trump is engaging in distraction himself which I can’t tel you about – a big surprise to PUTIN if it comes off as planned. We will see.

So big stakes poker.

RUSSIA INCLUSION or we pay a price beyond imaging. In all outcomes we can see RUSSIA WINS.

The USA making a deal is the way forward given these realities.


America and Russia can extinct humanity in a POWER HOUR and we are when its all drifted globally PLUTONIUM gone. Look ma zero humans as the insects inherit the earth – climate change reverses and mother earth lifts up another species smart enough to protect HERSELF and populate her species to the stars for we are THE SEEDS OF THE EARTH.

Competitive thought is human insanity.

Will humans learn to defeat insane competitie thinking into COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY sane brain function?

If yes we enjoy longevity prosperity and endless discovery and adventure.

Insane thinking extincts humans.

Sane thinking immortalizes humanity.

Odd we chose insanity.

The waste these opposing systems defined here rise up – pitting all Muslims against all EU others – is insane. We need to celebrate OUR HUMAN DIVERSITY never punish our diversity. Sanity or insanity?

Learn earn and return ( readers ).


Note: If you scrolled to read Japan CHINA IRAN and now RUSSIA you see the complexity of what is really going on in these summits way outside the FAKE NEWS your reading from kiddies paid by the owners next to nothing to tell you “stuff” to manipulate your vote to owner will. We produce new reading glasses for all news …so you know…more. First always. Russia inclusion is a deal with UKRAINE AND SNOWDEN easy do’s for prosperity if Trump can systemize no deal creep into the future presidents. THAT is the issue….the only issue…of world peace or world war……




Oil is priced by a giant casino driven by speculators.

The house is OPEC gamblers. And BIG OIL friends. Worse than LIBOR criminal price fixing on money itself is criminal oil price manipulators – BIG OIL AND OPEC for greed – the FEW against 8 billion of us. The worst crime on the planet OIL PRICE FIXING.

OPEC speculates in oil future markets making more money on the BETS as to which way oil may go than on oil itself. THE CASINO in oil is a rigged market.

All the major BIG OIL firms illegally coordinated and safe bet making enormous phony profits for their shareholders by rigging the oil industry.

Oil on average cost 10.57 to lift to market. At 70 dollars a barrel oil is a 700% price abuse to 8 billion humans where energy and oil represent food security 90% lack shelter and health security 90% lack while elites in OIL say less than 1000 control the oil profit. Polluting the world into a global extinction event.

An unholy alliance has existed with BIG OIL controlling the market supply and price ruthlessly in an economic UNHOLY alliance of GREED – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY with all nations upon the earth. The notion if oil is priced at fair market the investment to drill for new oil will not exist is a FRAUD. A PR stunt.

Tax benefits require OIL to drill because the money spent to drill is TAX FAVORED by nations all bought and paid for where oil profits are shielded from paying taxes from drilling. OIL must drill to keep from paying taxes. It is economics. Plus drilling is spread over so many independent drillers today that only the deep oil under oceans is monopolized by BIG OIL..

So everyone is making enormous profits in OIL this summer with no change in OVER SUPPLY OF OIL. Demand is falling off a cliff. Oil supply is rushing up world wide ahead of demand. OVER SUPPLY brings down price. Unless.

Criminal MBS successfully blames IRAN for action Saudi Arabia took in attacking Ships to create illusion – FEAR – of an IRAN USA CONFLICT. Our defense secretary is meeting with Saudi to protect the 8 billion dollars of military equipment to Saudi’s military. We are good with that step.

Why let France and Germany and Russia get the 8 billion? We can’t see sense in that economically. Also when the long vacation for the King does occur – we will be allies with the Saud family rulers as we have been for 70 years now. Our moral issue is a sociopath rules the nation today while we work with the military leaders who operate outside the KING and who have morals we can work with in fact. The sickho Puppy King is our enemy. He has waged OIL wars to crush our own oil industry – he lost – he waged war with Qatar which he lost – he waged war with Yemen which he lost – he lost our weapons in Yemen violating our treaty and supply contracts and agreements, he is trying to suck the USA into a war with Iran, Saudi is the source of 9/11 and terror against the USA and he just lied to Trump for a year that Saudi would support the Middle East Peace Plan ( we told you was a pure lie ) and then he pulled the plug on that support two weeks ago to Kushner in person. RIGHT AGAIN.

Today sanction cost to IRAN all go away as oil price soars from MBS success in the “FRAME” and cover up of what he just did over 30 days in twice attacking himself and mini oil bang bang in the GULF. The truth will come out eventually and you will read another RIGHT AGAIN. Oil is soaring not from any change in over supply, only in perception and fear, none of which is real. Why? IRAN IS GOING TO MAKE A DEAL WITH THE USA. RIGHT AGAIN. Pay back in all this from Trump is going to be interesting to watch as Trump is not amused by MBS nor is TRUMP unaware.

Seeing our Secretary of Defense in the SAND CASTLE PALACE laughing with MBS who fails to understand the joke is on him, is part of his own madness. My readers will come to see the truth of POLITICS. In POLITICS nothing – but nothing  – IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE IN FACT. Take that to the bank.

Economically the EU is crashing. Germany the leading economy is contracting in the second quarter. The confidence index fell to its lowest level in 40 years as that fact becomes clear. The engine of the EU is in red ink now. Oil tips the EU into crises.

ECONOMIC RECOVERY is more impacted negatively by OIL AS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE – producing everything packaging everything and moving everything else – economically. OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING. Changing fast but it will take 25 years to unwind 150 years.


Tension is not a reason to jump price this much this fast outside a GREED FEST by manipulators in the casino capitalism.

So what is POLICY? Brilliant policy? What is the mission?


  1. MBS needs to experience consequence for bad behavior to the rest of us.
  2. Iran sanctions mean zero with oil prices up from MBS – IRAN needs a final tipping point.
  3. The FED interest rate decline means nothing to real economics and is harmful to recovery in fact.
  4. Oil tips the world into recession fast as the cost of everything else.
  5. Trump DUMPS strategic oil reserves, rebalances policy to IRAN and to SAUDI, and assures prosperity globally.

Trump should DUMP OIL from our strategic oil reserves. OPEC has removed 1,000,000 barrels from the oil supply pipe knowing that America has already made that up. But still that is 1,000,000 barrels a day that would be in the market keeping prices lower that manipulate prices criminally higher. This is not oil rebalancing on supply and demand. This is not fair market value. This is Saudi spending more than it makes and without a 70 dollar oil price Saudi has to cut back on its budget which can mean revolution and civil war inside Saudi – and all the toys MBS is buying stop on a time including his shopping for a NUKE.


So what happens if Trump from our 500,000,000 ( FIVE HUNDRED MILLIONS BARRELS OF STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES ) exceeding our storage capacity – an all time record full up storage of oil – IF – the USA stops adding and buying oil for the reserves and begins to DUMP OIL?

What happens is this:

  1. Oil drops to 50.00 at the pump or average oil prices under 2.00 dollars at the pump.
  2. Prosperity globally is insured to grow beyond any tax cut of central bank stimulation – economics 101
  3. Money circulations from consumers saving roars into the economics uplifting everything – consumer spending
  4. Iran is tipped to MAKE A DEAL with more economic effect than all sanctions combined into one
  5. Saudi and MBS are fully punished for bad behavior worse than any other criminal leader alive today

Nancy Pelosi should stop her DOSEY DOE as we are in war today economic and real fighting war and PASS A USA BUDGET AND FAST AND A DEBT CEILING RAISE FOR SUMS CONGRESS ALREADY APPROVED – assuring our CREDIT RATING is restored versus lowered – saving us fortunes on borrowing. NANCY SHOULD at least jaw bone sheis considering a WINDFALL TAX INVESTIGATION TO BIG OIL MANIPULATING OIL PRICES WITH AUDITS OF THEIR SPECULATIONS IN OIL MARKETS – which itself would lower oil price as it did when Reagan did just that. Bought and paid for QUEEN NANCY is likely to bow to oil and all oiled up take it from behind before she represents a non SOCIALIST outcome. So we are stuck in congress as we told you last vote. GRID LOCK IMPEACHMENT AND SLIDE INTO RECESSION as SOCIAL DEMOCRATS end the prosperity and return extreme pain and risk to core economics for the world. RIGHT AGAIN. ( Your watching the economics and why we are right from our non political prediction when we suggested AMERICA VOTE YOUR WALLET – but they did not. They voted HATRED AND DISRESPECT FOR TRUMP the policy platform Nancy and SOCIAL DEMOCRATS STAND UPON ). H&D POLITICS. Game still on.

TRUMP SHOULD DUMP to win politically to win economically and to teach a lesson or two to the folks who could use a lesson right about now.

Russia. Russia sanctions mean nothing. Putin is speculating like a MO FO helping in coordinating illegal PRICE FIXING on OIL the cost of everything with Saudi – winning in casino capitalism. Nothing has changed to bring oil down save perception Saudi and Russia created with Iran all falsely blamed.

TRUMP DUMPS and Japan has a different feeling. China has time because oil helps them from avoiding a Debt Bubble implosion and XI would be grateful to Trump. OIL IS KILLING CHINA ECONOMICS.

Putin has more reason to meet Trump as speculation bets become enormous economic LOSS as oil plunges instantly when TRUMP DUMPS as a political CHECK MATE to the criminal manipulators of the cost of everything else.

I believe if TRUMP HAD DUMPED in the election we might have won the election – but thats my political brain.

Today TRUMP DUMPING has only one down side. OIL ELITES may back BIDEN but the OIL elites are already backing BIDEN. Plus in 2020 OIL ELITES in the new oil economy will wish to assure TRUMP wins because the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS will move the world off oil too fast in economics creating a SUPER CRASH TIPPING POINT as SOCIALISM always fails in when politics run economics – because law makers are attorneys who simply do not understand econoomics in fact ( economics is complicated and specialized ) and their advisers are educated in an old economic that no longer exists today and the new AI ECONOMICS have zero advisers – unless they call our team- who lead in new data and the NEW AI ECONOMICS – after all I wrote the first book on it – and the second SUPER CHANGE coming out this fall which frankly – is the GPS to the new age we reside within and can not get away from SUPER CHANGE ITSELF. All my readers know that and share this blog because it remains a single source NEWS SITE journalist use as a DEEP RESOURCE because in fact the truth of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE appears here – is accurate – and stands alone in being first. Since 1988 serving the world to 2020. Unique. Quality. Information accuracy.

Iran today said the USA failed to damage our systems with IT attack. Well that is true and not true. The DOD sent a message to IRAN. We brought their systems down then we removed our own weapon so they could not reverse engineer it by design. They had a level I weapon attack – in and out and self disappearing. IF we gave them a level II or level III attack no recovery at all. Message sent.

Now Iran is moving as is North Korea ( they all got the IT message in cyber warfare ) and PUTIN got the message too as the weapon systems are RUSSIAN. Russia got the message and we did not leave tracks for RUSSIA engineers – they have zip. Its like a GAME OF THRONES SLAP TO NOSE BLEED and the bleeding Iran face says in the press – never ever hit me with all that blood flowing over their lips as they said it.

IRAN did not attack GULF SHIPS – MBS set IRAN up to raise oil price and did just that as he slapped TRUMP to nose bleed on the PEACE PLAN. Knowing his spending 8 billion in weapons is paid for by all of us at the pump we are paying for the weapons ourselves and MBS is laughing at us because MBS HATES US AND HATES ISRAEL BIBI is dealing with the devil.

IRAN did shoot our drone but the drone steered by a kid with a joy stick DID CROSS INTO IRAN AIRSPACE and frankly we wanted to test just in case war happened the IRAN CAPABILITY – they should have never shown our military our cards. Now we have their coordinated Russia radar and sites FULLY TARGETED. Iran military understand now their idiots should never have fired but the big boys were too slow to act on it.

THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON and TRUMP SHOULD DUMP…because OIL is tipping the world into recession and the central banks and FED can do nothing to stop all that.

Putin is laughing all the way to the bank…why? Sanction cost just got off set by HIGHER OIL PRICES and he will sell now more oil until price is effected making HAY WHILE THE RUSSIAN SUN IS SHINING thank you MBS.


Note: TRUMP DUMP OIL POLICY is a winning political policy and assures prosperity into 2020