World Liquidity will be the real discussion in the G 20 coming up. The IMF and WORLD Bank will be rising up issues. Liquidity is the actual system killer. Information defines confidence and liquidity in the core system. Failed Central Bank policy is the cause of the Depression in 1007 and 1929 and 2007. Market Crash and collapse takes place by obsolete failed central bank policy over time. Central banks are never held accountable. The public is clueless that central banks are not agency’s of their nation. Central banks are private stock firms whose shares of stock are owned and controlled by contracts with nations in SECRET by the banks the central banks are supposed to regulate. During the pony express period and telegraph developing Central banking – contracting to pay interest to criminal bankers was an economic mistake. Merging Central Banks back into their state treasuries in an AI real time controlled transparent economic frame work between nations, is the ideal fix. Distraction from economic panic taking place in fact, is what we will now clear up. Key in this issue is Middle East Peace, which centers around two urgent agenda’s. First the failed Trump Peace Plan all Arab nations have come out against, with Lebanon voting thumbs down today. Palestine is united in decline for its people. The 50 billion “buy you off” agenda – with a sum less than fixing up a storm damage to New Orleans ( one city not a nation over 30 years of build up required ) is an economic and political cartoon – failing utterly to appreciate and understand the nation. Our BLOG before this publication – ten years in development – outlines a STARTING POINT for the two parties without US involved politically – to discuss ( probably after the era of BIBI in Israel ) – a permanent critical peace solution to commence – even just truly start – impacts the world liquidity crises – THE EVENT – creating real panic of central bankers over the system globally today – the IMF and World Bank panic – as the Trump Plan is dead on arrival in fact. The post we made yesterday is now circulating all over the GULF THEATER and in ISRAEL and to all intelligence agencies the PRESS and the Super Money pools of the world.  This blog following an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD to Gulf Peace is presented in the blof before this item for world law makers and is being fully circulated in theater. The second agena at the G 20 to resolve global liquidity fears as WORLD WAR III is engaged since 2007 with digital AI weapons never seen before – is Iran itself. A just solution that includes respect for Iran and balance to the lies of King MBS and Saudi who continues to work much more closely with President Putin than President Trump. Trump seeks to preclude Russia weapon systems to IRAN favoring his long relationship with the truly adult SAUD FAMILY that will eventually move MBS and his father on a very long vacation a final factor to global liquidity stability. The G 20 June SUMMIT OF WORLD LEADERS is historic to resolution of the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER of market collapse due to declines in world liquidity within new AI economics.


The Swiss Government is a back bone of Global Liquidity. This stock market is a global plate of stability in market overall liquidity driven by centuries of Swiss neutrality. Swiss voters in the 1990’s decisively voted to NOT JOIN the Debt burdened failed EU system model, knowing as the backbone economist leading nation on earth – that – the EU could not sustain itself over time. The Brittexit is a DEBT firewall for the British people – and a culture fire wall. France fought two centuries of Crusades to firewall Muslim nations from taking over Europe. Today 54% of French Voters moving forward are Muslim. A Muslim Mayor and Trump Hater is voted in charge in London. EU open migration has changed the demographics from Germany ( now in full recession as the EU’s leading economy ). The EU is a Super Crash and liquidity system failure for the entire world. The Swiss have an economic TRUCE with EU BRUSSELS now coming to an end. Half of the Swiss massive stock market liquidity is daily from the EU. The EU has temporarily ( for a decade ) executed agreements that – the SWISS STOCK MARKET IS EQUAL to the EU MARKET ) meaning the Swiss can trade with EU financial institutions, as if they were in fact EU members. This agreement is not being extended in terrible failed Brussel for no reason set time lines. The RED LINE for BRITTEXIT is not economic as TIME is the new cornerstone ASSET in AI economics old brain planners fail to accommodate. As with WHITE WALKERS OF ECONOMICS in Game of Thrones the EU BRUSSEL old brains do not believe economic WHITE WALKERS and their KING ( liquidity ) even exists as a problem. FAILED POLICY FAILS TO ASSUME LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION TO THE CORE SYSTEM. Next month Brussels red line is Swiss Stock market may no longer have trades with all EU financial institutions. This risk to system liquidity is a RISK TO GLOBAL SYSTEM FAILURE as politics is now running ( always fatal ) economics. The public and law makers – attorneys not economists – have zero clue to the scale of the immediate risk in Trade and digital AI world war III.



Is China led by a gang of criminal communist whose wealthy elite own as 1% more wealth than 99% of 1.4 billion people? A global American news service just reporting on Chinese elite leaders brain washing school. Zero disent of state crafted software of the mind is permitted. A TOILET REVOLUTION for 100’s of millions lacking running water toilets, educated tomorrow’s leaders just how appropriate waterless “SQUAT” Toilets where for people who have no toilets at all. The students gasp when they see nearby fancy hotels for tourist with bathrooms larger than their entire homes. China Communist state – we do not data base and manage data as a state nor do we hack. Law suites in US Federal Court presented evidence this week, of five years of data theft from American and EU institutions, government, and private advanced AI weapons communication and data base our peoples hacks by China. China Huawie with all data in Communist controlled in nation data centers lies, when such data is said not be be USED by the Chinese thought police. All China movements, transactions and social “discussions” are AI monitored in China and citizens are rated for their social conformity to Chinese leadership GAME PLANS for social behavior. Failure to conform results in thought police correction at home and office and if conformation is not immediate movement of entire family circles – all family tree members for the one breaching conformity – relocate to RE – EDUCATION CAMPS now rising up to 2 million in camps and if the Re-Education brain washing over two years fails, the individuals move to work hard labor camps where they in fact die.

That nations has broken down trade talks and risks entire system melt down to avoid systems replacing trust to verify in the future two things. The Criminal Gang ( 1% with all the wealth in China ) will no longer steal and hack its global trading partners, nor will the long established criminal nation force partnerships in opening its market where Chinese control the IP and steal the IP in nation, making China too costly to conduct business within when measured in economics for any institution world wide. The USA says today we are 90% done with a trade deal – to assure market LIQUIDITY does not pass a panic trigger event to LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION – which all nations central banks and world bank and IMF are now terriified. 8 billion have zero understanding how close we are now to the brink nor how 100% central bank policy failure has created the brink in fact as in 1907 – 1929 – and 2007. We worse than all those brinks right now.


From Larry Fink at Blackrock managing 7 trillion in market liquidity to a cab driver in San Francisco sanctuary city of a world record Nancy homeless population, the G 20 will be about distraction. The real discussion of the leaders will be about MARKET CORE LIQUIDITY – SUPER DEBT BUBBLES BURSTING – AND EXCHANGE RATE TRIGGER EVENTS.

In trade war – cost of the war – is offset by nations by manipulating their currency in world markets. Various tools for doing this are being applied as if we were inside a pre 2007 market and economic model. Today we are inside a NEW economic model the world has never known before. Central Banks and Larry Fink ( falsely believe old modeling applies ) when global AI arms races now are in control of a new AI ECONOMY the world has never known before. Laws are local. Trades are AI cloud based outside laws as the Cloud is a new nation by itself outside laws and regulations of state blue sky borders where laws stop. AI has created two depression system melt down economic unwanted armageddon risk events. The RISK super cycle resides on a tripod of three economic system killers. First is system wealth consolidation where in the majority of nations 1% own and control more wealth circulation as base is now evaporated for core liquidity in markets for all asset classes due to 99% having less wealth to circulate than 1% Super MONEY POOLS and ELITES in class warfare against the many. Without system reforms to the NEW AI ECONOMICS the TRIPOD is fatal to the future of the world as we now know it. The second leg is rampant out of control speculation. Worse than the past three events of 1907 and 1929 and 2007. Why? Because in the past market DISTORTION in economics was limited to physical trading paper trading and clearing even in casino speculations where and when – MARKET ECONOMIC DISTORTION – leverages via margin and borrowed investment into WHICH WAY A PRICE FOR “ANYTHING” MAY GO IN AN HOUR DAY OR MONTH is many many times greater than buying the actual item as an economic asset. WHEN side betting speculation now artificially bids up market prices in everything a SUPER BUBBLE in everything and in Debt can never end badly. In the past this CASINO CAPITALISM ended with economic banks and investment houses failing as liquidity evaporated creating the BURST OF ALL BUBBLES AND SUPER DEBT DEFAULTING which bankrupted the world and led to world wars. Always economic failed policy to which the public and law makers have no clue is occuring in fact. The third leg of the tripod is SUPER DEBT – expressed in 2020 as DIGITAL DEBT with AI now in control and humans no longer in control. The three legs of economic armageddon. UNSUSTAINABLE WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS – UNREGULATED OUT OF CONTROL MARKET CASINO CAPITALISM SPECULATIONS – SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLES BROUHT ON BY FREE MONEY FROM CENTRAL BANK NUKE TO ECONOMICS LONG TERM FAILED POLICY. For a decade we have written about the solution without gaining traction from world leaders intoxicated by the greed taking place blinding sound economic outcomes for short term economic profit. The spiral reaches a breaking point as all economic abuse to core systems must one day rebalance and attorney law maket ignorance is not firewall to the final outcome as time runs out. The G 20 will privately in panic talk about MARKET LIQUIDITY EVAPORATING.

Exchange rates allow nations to depreciate their currency value to assure their goods are bought first, with state subsidies via exchange rate manipulation. Things are so bad today that in NEW AI economics in a 7 trillion dollar DAILY currency exchange clearing market place – FLASH AI TRADES beyond any central bank or nation to control – 440 trillion of circulation side bets – has CRASHED CURRENCY LIQUIDITY IN MARKETS MULTIPLE TIMES THIS YEAR. The currency back bone system market IS BECOMING UNSTABLE. The first canary in the mine shaft on core liquidity the system killer in all global depressions and world wars. THE IMF stands alone in ringing the bell and no one seems to have ears to listen to the warning as EXCHANGE RATE WARS FROM TRADE WARS are system destabilization events and in AI economics fatal.



Christine head of the IMF is our hero trying to without creating more panic – define a fix. I request all IMF solution minded leaders buy and read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – to advent the solution blue print that work presents. We also ask you review the PEACE PLAN we present in the blog posted last as the G 20 begins as the TRUMP plan is inflaming issues versus resolving issues. We presented the PEACE PLAN to calm the leaderships down with new options – as invisible economic solutions – made visible reset panic and give the world NEW TIME LINES to resolve the abuse in the system before time is fatally run dry ( liquidity to core system ).

We wrote that RUNS ON BANK will never again be lines around the block at a branch. For the fist time in history CLICK RUNS on banks are the liquidity drain. Half the world leading banks have pled guilty to economic crimes of this century – and no CRIMINAL BANKER many with one crime pled guilty to after another – go to JAIL any longer. Wells Fargo was barely saved by Warren Buffet investing and losing a fortune for liquidity to that bank. We posted a CLICK RUN on banks like Wells Fargo and Deutsche criminal bank of Germany were on going and billions were being pulled out of those banks as they shrink. The Investment bank of CRIMINAL DEUTSCHE bank is now proposing to set up a new institution which is really a BAD BANK to hold its tens of billions of NON PERFORMING CRAP ASSETS shown on criminal bank balance sheets like most banks – New York to London to China to Japan and Hong Kong banks – all bankrupt today – if their bad crap side bets were posted as sanity requires – BAD ASSETS wiping off values to their financial statements versus by law being able to HOLD CRAP assets at values that are FRAUD pure and simple. Allowed state crimes. Still all economics must rebalance. As liquidity dries up for these criminal banks no one will buy them, no one will merge with them, their stocik prices crashes and crashes and central criminal bankers ( owned by the bank criminals they regulate ) resort at the end of LIQUIDITY to Shell Games. The bad debt is shuffled to entities as GOOD ASSETS and no one declares the side betting failed and the institutions are bankrupt. In fact. That canary is under economic siege as the WHITE WALKERS from Game of Thrones are real – the army of walking dead bad debt – is coming to the economic WALL FOLKS. ( See the series ).  ECONOMIC CANARIES DYING SCREAMING OF RISK TO THE WORLD ORDER;

  1. Deutsche Bank – The click RUN out of Criminal largest bank in Germany – Germany crashing into recession this quarter – Germany unable to stop the BLOOD BATH as its largest bank is so horrific in bankruptcy really – and they lie – no merger is possible all fell apart and confidence is now a run against time. Depositors small and larger are protecting against RISK – AI is burying the stock – CLICK RUNS are taking billions out of the bank – and a move of tens of billions of crap assets into a new BAD BANK – off loading the crap – and the NEW BAD BANK will in fraud rank those assets trying to over years – sell those assets – and the price for the crap will be bankrupt fire sales – but the criminal German bank just like Wells Fargo is experiencing core LIQUIDITY as click runs take more money out of these failed banks than the banks have liquidity to accommodate. Hence the G 20 PANIC as the CLICK RUNS ARE SPREADING. Years back the CEO OF criminal Deutsche Bank said – the bank is solid as a rock. He presented criminal fraud, failed to report to shareholders who have lost a trillion dollars almost – the truth – and resigned to avoid prison. NO ONE IN TOO BIG TO JAIL goes to prison shattering core confidence of integrity by Nations who have no clue what to do – but LIE too.
  2. CHINA – China banks are failing like dominoes now with CLICK runs on internal banks by Chinese. Shadow banks are failing at a faster rate. Communist central banks pick them up and protect depositors by printing unlimited money. This is creating a CURRENCY CRASH on Chinese Yuan we told you ( first ) would break 7 yaun to 1 dollar  and sink to 15 yuan per dollar. Dollar worth 1500 more times than a worthless Yuan dollar – and inflation as in Venezuela unfolds economically – as China once with almost 4 trillion of dollar reserves has LOST over 3 trillion dollars and is now running out of Dollars falling under 1 trillion as 90% of its foriergn exchange currency is disappearing to pay its bill. CHINA borrowing 300% more than its GNP for a decade is running out of fuel in its tank. China and economy the size of California IS SUPER CRASHING. Liquidity is the issue in AI global economics. Only a trade deal gives CHINA more TIME. As politics is running economics and advisers are clueless on new AI economics the unfolding bad advice in EU and Asia is a risk to the core liquidity of the system in the future.
  3. London – Large Hedge Funds like WOODWARD are now seeing redemption CLICK RUNS too great to manage. The 4 billion dollar FUND in London was taken over and assets frozen. To many clients wanted their money back and now can’t get it at all – as the money to pay them is gone. Woodward learned no 2007 lessons ( none of the funds have ) and too large a weight was bet on high return ILLIQUID assets as a fraud to public trust and another canary note that REGULATORY FRAME WORK IS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN today and requires a full G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to re-regulate the TRIPOD market distortion set forth here as RISK TERMINATION TO GLOBAL CORE LIQUIDITY ( system failure ). So the GOVERNMENT which can’t vote on how to exit from the Debt SUPER BOMB of the EU – now has to unwind these WOODWARD CRAP assets and pay back investors and LOSS will be HUGE. The market has a fraud expectation everyone will be ok. From London to New York from Hong Kong to Beijing from Japan to Singapore – what CEO SPACE is asking as the one appropriate question to economic canaries falling like flies – who is next?
  4. The IMF said without a middle East Peace Plan ( the Trump plan was rejected today by majority of nations in the Middle East and door slam rejected by the Palestinian people – whose leadership with G 20 leader – are now examining our PEACE PLAN as the ten year and possible start to an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD in fact. If economics leads the politics and the security of the PALESTINIAN unborn generation are respected politically. Israel is in political internal civil war as the era of BIBI comes to final long end at this critical time – Isreal instability when stability is needed at the moment.
  5. HONG KONG – the China fraud to deport massive numbers of Hong Kong into its RE-EDUCATION CAMPS taking camp population in CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY – in a BIG BROTHER AI POLICE STATE – the FEW AGANST THE MANY = rising up 3 million into concentration re-education camps – has created a massive CLICK RUN out of Hong Kong. The BIG MONEY and the small money is leaving – by millions of people and a trillion dollars of economics. Banks and investment houses are seeing redemptions and liquidity stress now only just starting. Unless the G 100 as todays HONG KONG PROTEST SEEKS – advance unity to China to SCRAP THE DEPORTATION LAW under their fraud pledge HONG KONG would be firewall protected with its own rule of law under China protection is kept as a promise – HONG KONG can TIP CHINA Itself into a world SUPER CRASH as it is so close now in China evaporating Liquidity.



Fraud break down of nations integrity and fake news are consuming the world and represent risk to economic system stability as lies and fraud raise risk of world war. The CRISES IS COMPETITIVE THOUGHT AS A VIRUS OF INSANITY ON HUMAN BRAINS – defined by science in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The Crises of competition is a break down of integrity. World Leaders either pull back and reframe into COOPERATION & INTEGRITY OR EXTINCT US ALL IN PROCEEDING IN INSANE COMPETITION INSIDE DISTRUST AND DISHONORABLE NEGOTIATIONS. The following SHELL GAME OF DIGITAL WEAPONS IS TAKING PLACE:

  1. Saudi attacks itself to raise oil prices artificially because CLICK runs out of Saudi now pass 5 trillion in trashed economics due to the insane MBS KING. The UN declared today that Saudi’s King investigating HIMSELF failed to establish independent CHAIN OF COMMAND where all 18 murderers were heard fully in protected world court. Saudi is a rogue nation with a mentally ill King and until that King changes Saudi has a massive economic Super Crash coming as oil falls ( as it will but not yet ) to 50 dollars a barrel and we’ll RIGHT AGAIN the day it occurs.
  2. Saudi insane King attacked himself and digitally blamed IRAN who is not turning any other cheek to the insane King.
  3. Iran wants Peace and A Deal. America acts as Saudi extension and disrespects Iran and lies to the world and the world knows IRAN did not attack in the Gulf at all. Saudi did it. THE UAE told the truth today when they opposed Saudi and said we must wait for real science on the truth as it is not what it seems. Same for UN. Saudi says the world is anti Saudi.
  4. Saudi lied to Trump and supports all Arab nations in Dead on Arrival to Trump Peace Plan with fake news like they are not KILLING IT but they are. Saudi is the source of TERROR THE BANKER FOR TERROR not Iran.
  5. Iran shot our drone which entered their air space. Russia confirmed with EVIDENCE from its military and space – that – THE US DRONE ( just like we said some 20 year old errored ) – well entered IRAN SOVEREIGN SPACE and Iran sent a message to all Gulf leaders – correctly – protect your own sovereignty or you lose yours. Iran told the USA the cost of crossing that red line is 150 million which is only RIGHT. Today we sanction disproportionate tens of billions in disrespect failing to appreciate culture.
  6. North Korea cuts back on its agenda and we don’t relax one sanction. We don’t relax one sanction on Iran to show respect first. Iran wants a prosperity good deal for its people. North Korea wants a good deal for its people. Korea is doing ok. Iran oil exports are up not down and oil price is a SAUDI criminal manipulation. TRUMP SHOW DUMP to punish Saudi – relax sanctions on North Korea and Iran to show incremental respect to deal completion and world peace. The Present policy impacts system liquidity to a red line that can in AI ECONOMICS in 72 hours be system fatal to core liquidity – the real topic of the G 20. SYSTEM CORE LIQUIDITY.
  7. Who does it? Argentina power grid brought down by CYBER WARFARE. Denmark power grid and communication systems crash. Say currency markets are hit or stock and bond markets like power grids – being CYBER WARFARE taken out to show the team IN DC – you can’t stop us in WORLD WAR DIGITAL WINNING TECHNOLOGY we stole ad upgraded from you. You can’t stop us. We can destroy us all and if you do not change course hey we will. THE DIGITAL WARFARE ATTACKS STARTED IN 2007 now include massive digital theft over seven years all from CHINA alone not counting the others. WE ARE LOSING DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and a new INTEGRITY between cooperating nations is required.

There are not that many investment banker economists who have headed up for decades publicly traded global investment banking institutions from Wall Street to London as our team has. There are not many who have both done that and then 31 years run the largest most vibrant press ranked # 1 Business Trading Community on earth CEO SPACE serving 150 nations. You can imagine the input we get from CEO’s at the top of industry and business globally as their leadership development base camp in a SUPER CHANGE environment we all face today.

Nations faced with complex systemic challenges to core economic systems, witnessing crises liquidity events at more frequent and serious velocities globally, move into PANIC. As the central bankers created the problems and they fail to know that they did – and they fail to know why therefore – and they fail to correct because they fail to understand the economic fabric is AI today and entirely new from what they once knew and understood.

Central banks can not save us because central banks are core to the problem on correcting policy error.

UNLESS Law makers pass emergency legislation to merge CENTRAL BANKS Back into Treasury – removing conflicts of bankers on policy – restoring monetary confidence by REGULATING CRIMINAL BANKERS back into CORE SYSTEMIC INTEGRITY only State Treasury and IMF can achieve together – time is running out to correct at all. The AI control of 440 trillion dollars in global circulation is the glowing BLUE EYES of the ECONOMIC WHITE WALKERS ( Game of Throne fans know what this means ) and the world of nations fail to appreciate the dragon glass – Obsidian spears and daggers – to kill the risk off – is here all along – the DRAGON GLASS – is one act of law to offset an 80 page 1900 law and merge central banks into US TREASURY with all nations following suit.

BREAK THE CHAIN OF FATAL POLICY ERROR from the criminal bankers who brought you two world wars and as the evil IRON BANK ( see GAME OF THRONES ) profit from war – as the IRON BANKS does – and they will and are bringing us WORLD WAR III. Because they are truly not properly upgraded in mental software to set policy for AI economics.


  1. Merge Central banks back into treasury of nations globally this summer – won’t occur but wow if it could.
  2. Stop accomodation – no drying up liquidity by selling 5 trillion of FED and trillions more of other central bank crap assets forced back into markets. LIQUIDITY needs time to contraction by failed central bank policy.
  3. GREAT PAUSE INTEREST RATES to 2022 – and then raise random and slow and /14 over a ten year normalization not ten months. Schedule 20 years ot sell the CRAP ASSETS TO markets at peak.
  4. Trade Deals fast driven by liquidity.


Hold NATO and reduce versus expand weapons in theater with TRADE AND PEACE DEALS with China and Russia and hackers in the AXIS of EVIl. Russia is massively ramping up ARMS WARS stealing our secrets and improving them for new class of STEALTH FULLY NUKE MISSILES being placed like drops of rain all over the EU. HIGH SPEED NUKE torpedo’s are now aimed at 100% of our and EU ports. Next year 1000 US and EU cities are strategically targeted by 20 minute SUPER NUKES so that Russia can extinct the world and itself in 20 minutes. As this is not deterant and is insane policy – the sanity to walk back from the insane – is desired.

Markets risk SUPER CRASH from SUPER DEBT BUBBLES bursting with any economic decline as seen in EU and in China. The USA comes out best but we move to extinction as the economics today CLICK DEATH in time frames to rapid for states to adapt into resolution for. Game over. AI over.




G 20? More insanity ?

Rising sanity?

We will know them by their works and not by their words.

Stay tuned the G 20 behind the scenes – reads this blog – is in full on economic panic today – and without a sea change from insanity and competition into trust integrity and cooperation – time itself will define the ENORMOUS DEFLATION AND DELEVERAGING – THE GRAND RISK TO FOLLOW.  And now this final reminder of cause:


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PS: Please scroll and read a PEACE PLAN that is an INSPIRED WAR FORWARD as the IMF reported today without a middle east peace plan sustained investment is not possible and risk in the world just rises ….just out ….from Christine.