Oil is priced by a giant casino driven by speculators.

The house is OPEC gamblers. And BIG OIL friends. Worse than LIBOR criminal price fixing on money itself is criminal oil price manipulators – BIG OIL AND OPEC for greed – the FEW against 8 billion of us. The worst crime on the planet OIL PRICE FIXING.

OPEC speculates in oil future markets making more money on the BETS as to which way oil may go than on oil itself. THE CASINO in oil is a rigged market.

All the major BIG OIL firms illegally coordinated and safe bet making enormous phony profits for their shareholders by rigging the oil industry.

Oil on average cost 10.57 to lift to market. At 70 dollars a barrel oil is a 700% price abuse to 8 billion humans where energy and oil represent food security 90% lack shelter and health security 90% lack while elites in OIL say less than 1000 control the oil profit. Polluting the world into a global extinction event.

An unholy alliance has existed with BIG OIL controlling the market supply and price ruthlessly in an economic UNHOLY alliance of GREED – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY with all nations upon the earth. The notion if oil is priced at fair market the investment to drill for new oil will not exist is a FRAUD. A PR stunt.

Tax benefits require OIL to drill because the money spent to drill is TAX FAVORED by nations all bought and paid for where oil profits are shielded from paying taxes from drilling. OIL must drill to keep from paying taxes. It is economics. Plus drilling is spread over so many independent drillers today that only the deep oil under oceans is monopolized by BIG OIL..

So everyone is making enormous profits in OIL this summer with no change in OVER SUPPLY OF OIL. Demand is falling off a cliff. Oil supply is rushing up world wide ahead of demand. OVER SUPPLY brings down price. Unless.

Criminal MBS successfully blames IRAN for action Saudi Arabia took in attacking Ships to create illusion – FEAR – of an IRAN USA CONFLICT. Our defense secretary is meeting with Saudi to protect the 8 billion dollars of military equipment to Saudi’s military. We are good with that step.

Why let France and Germany and Russia get the 8 billion? We can’t see sense in that economically. Also when the long vacation for the King does occur – we will be allies with the Saud family rulers as we have been for 70 years now. Our moral issue is a sociopath rules the nation today while we work with the military leaders who operate outside the KING and who have morals we can work with in fact. The sickho Puppy King is our enemy. He has waged OIL wars to crush our own oil industry – he lost – he waged war with Qatar which he lost – he waged war with Yemen which he lost – he lost our weapons in Yemen violating our treaty and supply contracts and agreements, he is trying to suck the USA into a war with Iran, Saudi is the source of 9/11 and terror against the USA and he just lied to Trump for a year that Saudi would support the Middle East Peace Plan ( we told you was a pure lie ) and then he pulled the plug on that support two weeks ago to Kushner in person. RIGHT AGAIN.

Today sanction cost to IRAN all go away as oil price soars from MBS success in the “FRAME” and cover up of what he just did over 30 days in twice attacking himself and mini oil bang bang in the GULF. The truth will come out eventually and you will read another RIGHT AGAIN. Oil is soaring not from any change in over supply, only in perception and fear, none of which is real. Why? IRAN IS GOING TO MAKE A DEAL WITH THE USA. RIGHT AGAIN. Pay back in all this from Trump is going to be interesting to watch as Trump is not amused by MBS nor is TRUMP unaware.

Seeing our Secretary of Defense in the SAND CASTLE PALACE laughing with MBS who fails to understand the joke is on him, is part of his own madness. My readers will come to see the truth of POLITICS. In POLITICS nothing – but nothing  – IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE IN FACT. Take that to the bank.

Economically the EU is crashing. Germany the leading economy is contracting in the second quarter. The confidence index fell to its lowest level in 40 years as that fact becomes clear. The engine of the EU is in red ink now. Oil tips the EU into crises.

ECONOMIC RECOVERY is more impacted negatively by OIL AS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE – producing everything packaging everything and moving everything else – economically. OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING. Changing fast but it will take 25 years to unwind 150 years.


Tension is not a reason to jump price this much this fast outside a GREED FEST by manipulators in the casino capitalism.

So what is POLICY? Brilliant policy? What is the mission?


  1. MBS needs to experience consequence for bad behavior to the rest of us.
  2. Iran sanctions mean zero with oil prices up from MBS – IRAN needs a final tipping point.
  3. The FED interest rate decline means nothing to real economics and is harmful to recovery in fact.
  4. Oil tips the world into recession fast as the cost of everything else.
  5. Trump DUMPS strategic oil reserves, rebalances policy to IRAN and to SAUDI, and assures prosperity globally.

Trump should DUMP OIL from our strategic oil reserves. OPEC has removed 1,000,000 barrels from the oil supply pipe knowing that America has already made that up. But still that is 1,000,000 barrels a day that would be in the market keeping prices lower that manipulate prices criminally higher. This is not oil rebalancing on supply and demand. This is not fair market value. This is Saudi spending more than it makes and without a 70 dollar oil price Saudi has to cut back on its budget which can mean revolution and civil war inside Saudi – and all the toys MBS is buying stop on a time including his shopping for a NUKE.


So what happens if Trump from our 500,000,000 ( FIVE HUNDRED MILLIONS BARRELS OF STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES ) exceeding our storage capacity – an all time record full up storage of oil – IF – the USA stops adding and buying oil for the reserves and begins to DUMP OIL?

What happens is this:

  1. Oil drops to 50.00 at the pump or average oil prices under 2.00 dollars at the pump.
  2. Prosperity globally is insured to grow beyond any tax cut of central bank stimulation – economics 101
  3. Money circulations from consumers saving roars into the economics uplifting everything – consumer spending
  4. Iran is tipped to MAKE A DEAL with more economic effect than all sanctions combined into one
  5. Saudi and MBS are fully punished for bad behavior worse than any other criminal leader alive today

Nancy Pelosi should stop her DOSEY DOE as we are in war today economic and real fighting war and PASS A USA BUDGET AND FAST AND A DEBT CEILING RAISE FOR SUMS CONGRESS ALREADY APPROVED – assuring our CREDIT RATING is restored versus lowered – saving us fortunes on borrowing. NANCY SHOULD at least jaw bone sheis considering a WINDFALL TAX INVESTIGATION TO BIG OIL MANIPULATING OIL PRICES WITH AUDITS OF THEIR SPECULATIONS IN OIL MARKETS – which itself would lower oil price as it did when Reagan did just that. Bought and paid for QUEEN NANCY is likely to bow to oil and all oiled up take it from behind before she represents a non SOCIALIST outcome. So we are stuck in congress as we told you last vote. GRID LOCK IMPEACHMENT AND SLIDE INTO RECESSION as SOCIAL DEMOCRATS end the prosperity and return extreme pain and risk to core economics for the world. RIGHT AGAIN. ( Your watching the economics and why we are right from our non political prediction when we suggested AMERICA VOTE YOUR WALLET – but they did not. They voted HATRED AND DISRESPECT FOR TRUMP the policy platform Nancy and SOCIAL DEMOCRATS STAND UPON ). H&D POLITICS. Game still on.

TRUMP SHOULD DUMP to win politically to win economically and to teach a lesson or two to the folks who could use a lesson right about now.

Russia. Russia sanctions mean nothing. Putin is speculating like a MO FO helping in coordinating illegal PRICE FIXING on OIL the cost of everything with Saudi – winning in casino capitalism. Nothing has changed to bring oil down save perception Saudi and Russia created with Iran all falsely blamed.

TRUMP DUMPS and Japan has a different feeling. China has time because oil helps them from avoiding a Debt Bubble implosion and XI would be grateful to Trump. OIL IS KILLING CHINA ECONOMICS.

Putin has more reason to meet Trump as speculation bets become enormous economic LOSS as oil plunges instantly when TRUMP DUMPS as a political CHECK MATE to the criminal manipulators of the cost of everything else.

I believe if TRUMP HAD DUMPED in the election we might have won the election – but thats my political brain.

Today TRUMP DUMPING has only one down side. OIL ELITES may back BIDEN but the OIL elites are already backing BIDEN. Plus in 2020 OIL ELITES in the new oil economy will wish to assure TRUMP wins because the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS will move the world off oil too fast in economics creating a SUPER CRASH TIPPING POINT as SOCIALISM always fails in when politics run economics – because law makers are attorneys who simply do not understand econoomics in fact ( economics is complicated and specialized ) and their advisers are educated in an old economic that no longer exists today and the new AI ECONOMICS have zero advisers – unless they call our team- who lead in new data and the NEW AI ECONOMICS – after all I wrote the first book on it – and the second SUPER CHANGE coming out this fall which frankly – is the GPS to the new age we reside within and can not get away from SUPER CHANGE ITSELF. All my readers know that and share this blog because it remains a single source NEWS SITE journalist use as a DEEP RESOURCE because in fact the truth of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE appears here – is accurate – and stands alone in being first. Since 1988 serving the world to 2020. Unique. Quality. Information accuracy.

Iran today said the USA failed to damage our systems with IT attack. Well that is true and not true. The DOD sent a message to IRAN. We brought their systems down then we removed our own weapon so they could not reverse engineer it by design. They had a level I weapon attack – in and out and self disappearing. IF we gave them a level II or level III attack no recovery at all. Message sent.

Now Iran is moving as is North Korea ( they all got the IT message in cyber warfare ) and PUTIN got the message too as the weapon systems are RUSSIAN. Russia got the message and we did not leave tracks for RUSSIA engineers – they have zip. Its like a GAME OF THRONES SLAP TO NOSE BLEED and the bleeding Iran face says in the press – never ever hit me with all that blood flowing over their lips as they said it.

IRAN did not attack GULF SHIPS – MBS set IRAN up to raise oil price and did just that as he slapped TRUMP to nose bleed on the PEACE PLAN. Knowing his spending 8 billion in weapons is paid for by all of us at the pump we are paying for the weapons ourselves and MBS is laughing at us because MBS HATES US AND HATES ISRAEL BIBI is dealing with the devil.

IRAN did shoot our drone but the drone steered by a kid with a joy stick DID CROSS INTO IRAN AIRSPACE and frankly we wanted to test just in case war happened the IRAN CAPABILITY – they should have never shown our military our cards. Now we have their coordinated Russia radar and sites FULLY TARGETED. Iran military understand now their idiots should never have fired but the big boys were too slow to act on it.

THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON and TRUMP SHOULD DUMP…because OIL is tipping the world into recession and the central banks and FED can do nothing to stop all that.

Putin is laughing all the way to the bank…why? Sanction cost just got off set by HIGHER OIL PRICES and he will sell now more oil until price is effected making HAY WHILE THE RUSSIAN SUN IS SHINING thank you MBS.


Note: TRUMP DUMP OIL POLICY is a winning political policy and assures prosperity into 2020