Russia. Led by TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR. Putin one of the worlds longest ruling leaders. Putin one of the wealthiest men on earth in fact. Putin operating a recession nation – a petro nation economically without broad diversified economics which Russia needs desperately – a nation economically the size of say NEW YORK STATE. Nothing close to the USA. Not an equal power by any means. its military cost is out weighted to its economy which keeps its people just over broke versus a RUSSIA PROSPERITY Putin wishes for and longs for.

Still with a budget only the size of NEW YORK STATE – Russia keeps America politically in check – and secures failed communism as an economic model of failed outcomes always – in play for 25% of the world. Though socialism and communism are rapidly unwinding into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM a FREE CAPITALISM with the best of social policy like say NORWAY with the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund on the planet – soaring in size with MBS manipulated oil prices soaring for zero reason in economics as supply of oil exceeds demand – and only price manipulation can assure prices rise in a commodity over supplied and earth renewable everywhere. THE EARTH SHITS AND FARTS OIL and we are all drowning in oil supply and oil toxic pollutions from plastic everything to burning oil for any reason.

RUSSIA leads the world in polluting its own soils waters and air and wins the gold for earth toxic pollution to its own people. Putin. Wins again.


Russia economics less than 1% own more wealth than 99%. This is not a sustainable model in market liquidity.


History is a great teacher but no one learns from history re-written by liars.

Reagan ushered in a new Era of Detente and Gorbachev won a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE as he should.

The UNION OF SOVIET STATES was allowed to chose – stay with Mother Russia or be independent. The New Russia shrunk and Russia allowed independence with some issues here and there.


The USA kept its agreement and Detente lasted between the GREAT THAW OF THE COLD WAR. Putin a former KGB officer whose heart loved the larger economics of THE SOVIET UNION and would historically not mind RESTORING Historically Russia to its former GLORY re-uniting states into the NEW SOVIET UNION – and who saw Russia needing a new game plan. His heart grieved over the loss of the SOVIET ABSOLUTE RULE OF SO MANY STATES now independent but economically co dependent entirely on RUSSIA economics and politics. Romania was an example of a communist loss but an economic partner of both USA and Russia. Still there is NATO.

GW Bush moves Nato East after CLINTON moved NATO EAST into trading spheres agreed upon NATO would not gobble up. AGREEMENT BREACHED.

Russia and Putin warned the USA and drew on the second breach and strike HARD LINES IN UKRAINE very hard lines. Using election manipulation tools the USA also was and IS using too – Putin won the UKRAINE election. A leader won big who would not JOIN THE EU – Ukraine being the main energy pipe line for EU FUEL from RUSSIA its main fuel source period. UKRAINE ECONOMICS depended on transit over rides. A RUSSIAN LEADER was now in power and would no longer permit NATO CREEP into RUSSIA agreed upon territory.

Obama’s team worked on a CHANGE OF DULY ELECTED LEADERSHIP. To overthrow the leader. The USA funded a firth column using PUTINS own play book – supplied billions in weapons to Ukraine and was prepared to use NATO to assure Putin did not do anything. Riots and civil war broke out. The duly elected PRO RUSSIAN LEADER fled to Russia in fear of his life and his family life as PRESIDENT DULY ELECTED OF THE NATION OF UKRAINE. Pro Russian majority of the nation who had won the election fought hard to oppose the USA and its criminals from taking over their nation.

STRIKE THREE – NATO CREEP EAST into RUSSIA AGREED UPON SPHERE OF EXCLUSIVE ECONOMICS set up hard as stone with Reagan. Putin did nothing on STRIKE ONE as we broke faith. Putin did nothing on Strike II when we broke faith. Putin on STRIKE THREE massively acted.

First Putin could not lose the PORT IN UKRAINE as access for military to the SEA was strategic to PUTIN for Gulf trade and SYRIA protection with Syria having terror rise up with USA SUPPORT to Topple that KING. Putin would stand up to USA criminally breaking agreements with – RUSSIA AND WITH PUTIN NOW.

So Obama policy toppled the RUSSIAN DULY ELECTED LEADERSHIP.

Russia took over the North and their border province 70% Russian speakers and Russian over 50%. They acquire a trillion dollars of PORT ASSETS and a strong red line – NO MORE CREEP OF NATO EAST. Under OBAMA the plan next moved to take over SYRIA and oust their King a generational ruler. Imported Syria rebels from America failed IRAQ policy, moved the elite professional military from IRAQ into Syria as TALIBAN AND ISIS united to take over the rightful ruler of Syria its KING and its system. The King was not amused nor was PUTIN. PUTIN worked ultimately with Iran and Syria and USA to finally defeat real crazy brains of Taliban and ISiS most radical muslim extremist.  At the start we attacked the King. We switched to the winning side but we still will not deal with the KING who was in fact defending his nation against us.

Putin became the tipping point against US creep into his trading sphere. As the USA will NOT HONOR OUR AGREEMENTS and we are seen in the world as THE GREAT DEAL BREAKERS THE DEAL FRAUD KINGS – earning respect and trust must be given our leaders turn over so fast – developed by future actions that are worthy of trust – as our track record is not one to be proud of.

Our FAKE NEWS makes Russia evil and bad when the USA does every single thing we accuse Russia of. We kidnap we torture we commit crimes against humanity ( and we should not ) we manipulate elections we work against those in power we befriend sociopathic murders and sell Hilters ( MBS for one ) weapon systems and Putin is what? Putin kept his word we broke our word.

THAT IS THE TRUTH and all world leaders know this. Americans only know BOUGHT AND PAID FOR NEWS fed to them by less than 50 news OWNERS. You believe in America and all nations today what the OWNERS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE. The on line ability to find out the truth – well your getting the truth right here right now.

Trump and Putin. A new trust may rise up and if Trump can make deals that last ( which with Nancy needing PUTIN HATRED TO RISE UP TO TRUMP HATRED SO HATRED WINS THE ELECTION AS POLICY ) who knows if anything real can happen – unless brain washed Americans give TRUMP four more years and a congress that works. It is unlikely enough Americans will know the TRUTH to vote more fully informed as the OWNERS are assuring the politics of HATRED & DISRESPECT manipulate vote outcomes the OWNERS desire for greed protection of self. The owners are manipulating US elections using PUTIN AS DISTRACTION so the public does not rise up as one and VOTE AGAINST THE OWNERS which is in fact a REFORM VOTE FOR TRUMP we call POLITICAL BACK LASH meaning the truth and reform won and the OWNERS lost first time in 100 years. Could happen but hard to see 500 days forward yet.

So PUTIN has red lined any move EAST by the USA into its economic exclusion zone.

PUTIN wants a NEW DEAL with Trump.

Trumps wants a new deal with Putin.

Putin wants understanding of the facts presented here.

TRUMP wants to defeat NANCY political back lash to a deal by symbols.

Trump wants Ukraine given back to UKRAINE.

With a RUSSIA TREATY TO PORT ACCESS that can’t be broken Putin with prosperity incentives and USA military preclusion from Ukraine on bases or utility – in RUSSIAS EXCLUSION ZONEs a deal can be made.


They may make a deal traitors on all sides will have no place to hide in this world which stops them in fact.

Putin pressure? OIL.

TRUMP DUMPS and Japan has a new flavor. Missed opportunity FAILING TO TRUMP DUMP as policy in all this.


Putin seeing that AMERICA committed three strikes to completely break trust detente and agreements to NOT MOVE INTO RUSSIA EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONES in modeling to steal political culture, good will, and money real economics, from mother RUSSIA Putin must defend, as a world leader, acted in a NEW DIGITAL WORLD WAR III. The DIGITAL WORLD WAR III RUSSIA HAS WON TO DATE AND WE HAVE LOST which include the following actions of winning strategy to punish AMERICA for breaking agreements and good faith with RUSSIA. Good Faith Russia honored and worked with thinking things would open up versus close up. After having AMERICA BEND RUSSIA over and spanking RUSSIA for trust America Putin acted:

  1. Putin drew a red line in EASTERN CREEP by the USA for deposing the Russia leaning leader of Ukraine. Bam.
  2. Putin hacked everything in the USA with military grade IT weapons way ahead of USA digital weapons at that time.
  3. Putin then used a first DIGITAL MILITARY WEAPON with China and North Korea and Iran to make trillions on 2007 market crash punishing the WEST ECONOMICALLY and always closing all financial institutions. Win for Russia.
  4. Putin next massively hardened IRAN military and IT against criminal Saudi and assured IRAN stability period.
  5. Putin next joined in SYRIA and completely derailed the KING OVER THROW PLAN of the USA in Syria.
  7. Putin took hacked plans and created super sonic nukes to 1000 USA cities on line 2020 – 20 minutes to end of USA
  8. Putin created digital weapons and strategy opposing. USA is dependent on digital integrated battle field.
  9. Russia has leading ( weapons ) that block stop and take all our integrated communications down in seconds.
  10. Russia is prepared to oppose the US with absolute MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION blocking US really

The two super powers are no longer equal today.

Russia has stepped in front hacking and stealing all ( 100% ) our advanced weapon IT.

One of my mentors installed the cyber warfare command center for the DOD in the USA. Now that hacking is blocked and stopped but the damage is done. Pay back from PUTIN view. PUTIN WON the first entire battle landscape of DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and the public has no clue world wide. Today RUSSIA can defend in EU and its back yard – in the Gulf in any location and offset USA powers. Russia can detect and take down steal bombers and respond with super sonic and EMP weapons in kind in instants. Both nations are moving to SPACE FORCE with hardened DOOMSDAY WEAPONS to extinct the other side in minutes – as insane competition from an insane brain virus code ( competition is absolute expression of human insanity impulse – competitive thought impulse is an expression of real human insanity ). Until competition is universally instructed in schools K-12 up as both INSANE ( no wants to BE INSANE )  and culturally preclusive ( no wants to be banned from their tribe of humanity being insane ) the virus clouds sane brain solution streaming. Cooperation is integrity based higher brain function while competition perpetuated in education ( we teach our young to be culturally insane ) as competition is reptilian lowest hippocampus brain stem function. Until we load superior virus FREE SOFTWARE on our brains humanity is moving toward self extinction. As you all see.

If you want a virus free brain circle buy back ordered hard copies of my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and have your circle read the book – as your own virus removal tool. Putin gets TIME OF THE YEAR and Nobel Prizes go out for less – a NOBEL PRIZE FOR REDEMPTION would change human consciousness.  The Nobel Committee only needs to attend CEO SPACE to see education reform for youth and grown ups that removes forever the virus of competition from brains in four days. But I digress.

Competition makes distrust and negotiation with suspicion integrity can not exist inside competition at all anyway, such that the future is hostage to insanity.

Putin wants prosperity and to be with China and USA making world policy with no nation left behind. Trump wants to reset the world and stop the economic waste creating a NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER that stops DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and without a shooting war stops all shooting wars with CHINA RUSSIA AND USA making forward policy together. Rules based economics rising so no nation is left behind.

Iran North Korea China and Russia want HATRED AND DISRESPECT FAKE NEWS to stop, for America at least in private to take responsibility for its own integrity breaches and start FRESH start OVER and show respect. America dealing in respect which TRUMP DOES ( Trump is nothing like Fake news and his public celebrity super star TV actor media persona is like ). All nations play to THEIR CORE BASE IN PUBLIC.

Outside the USA the leaders ARE THE OWNERS and control the news.

Inside the USA the OWNERS ( less than 50 social democrats ) control the news and REFORMERS know only fake news designed to elevate politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT.

The GW BUSH AXIS OF EVIL ( which they are not – we do evil like they do evil -all if it needs to stop ) – know that TRUMPS base are reform the system into a new world order. THEY LIKE THIS AND THEY WANT THIS because the deep state seeks to take over the world for the OWNERS.

Not likely to happen as their jig of competition versus cooperation is up – has run its course and REAL BASE TO REFORM FINALLY is no longer fooled by OWNER news manipulations. At least to the extent that it was at once time. The named nations have hope with TRUMP REFORMS for a new world order Inclusive of them.

Peace prosperity reform.

Now then in America those effected by the OWNERS labeling President Trump as immoral, unethical, wife cheating ( which is a lie ) illegal, without integrity raising up politicas of absolute HATRED AND DISRESPECT have a minority not a majority. The social democrats are dividing resources and money in a Waffle House ( Americans get this ) SCATTERED SHATTERED SMOTHERED AND DUNKED field of dozens of candidates pounding each other, dividing splitting and fully failing to unite the party as droves of voters have had the lies and owner fake news. THEY ARE VOTING THEIR WALLET seeing congress fail to work at all now. WATCH FOR BACK LASH may not happen but its dicey right now.

Biden splits the party.

Nancy is the most hated politician by polls in AMERICAN HISTORY. A failed leader for her own district and our nation.

On her way to jail and out of her addiction to power. You’ll see on both.


Putin and China see all this and are swinging to BET TRUMP WINS. IN JAPAN. But wait….as Putin is not trusting anything USA.


Putin is the most respected leader in the Muslim world.

Today Americans know history 50 miles around a burger King.

The could not find Bosnia on a map.

They have no clue about history or Serbia.

They do not know that World WAR I and WORLD WAR II and now WORLD WAR III shooting wars all start there in the Balkan States.

They do not know the fragile peace and keep in mind Yugoslavia Romania and others were SOVIET UNION STATES historically since WORLD WAR II as Russia WON against the NAZI paying the highest price of all – 100 million dead RUSSIANS and no RUSSIAN IS EVER FORGETTING GERMANY. Putin’s new piple line into Germany secures energy for the EU for 100 years and creates economic CO DEPENCY for Germany to RUSSIA to never again economically threaten mother russia or PUTIN successors turn off the wealth – unlimited renewing non polluting earth friendly natural gas.

TRUMP DUMP now on oil is the last energy card TRUMP can play to make a deal with IRAN RUSSIA and change the cards in the GULF. That window is closing economically for the USA if we fail to use our JOKER WILD CARD. Now.

A child in Romania understands this ( CEO SPACE has Chapters all over the EU and in Moscow members ) . They know.


Peace in Balkins was assured by the SOVIET UNION.

Who understands the issues there outside all the old power brokers loyal to MOTHER RUSSIA?

What are the issues?

Ah. History few Americans 1 out of ever 100,000 understand due to failure of our education system.

So the crusades remember them? Muslims almost took over all of the EU. It stopped in the BALKIN LINES from the Papal Crusading armies eventually reaching the Holy Land.

Today we see 25 million Muslims in the EU who will not allow genocide II of their tribes in BALKS as the west allowed. So under President Obama faced with internal economic melt downs inherited from GW BUSH and 9/11 – internally focused, genocide of Muslims in Baltic States occurred. 100,0009’s of thousands using modern weapons were slaughtered and injured in 90 days – entire cities were rounded up and killed and put in camps. FULL BALTIC STATES threatened a WORLD WAR III. Really. HOME OF ALL WORLD …WARS. Balkins.

So NATO with Obama acted massively and stopped the war and war criminal trials went forth. The head of the muslim genocide died before the trail completed. No closure there. The wounds have NOT HEALED.  A fragile democracy rose to include all faiths now celebrated.

Recently nationalism and conservative populism ( REFORMERS ) are sweeping across the world. The issue is economic socialism or free capitalism. The war is economic disguised under fake news and political agenda. THE OWNERS do not want war. The muslims are not standing by to see their own slaughtered again in genocide. THE CRUSADERS who hate muslims are rising in BALTIC STATES. Russia wants RED LINES to stop the west and anti socialism ( its system ) from being over run and Russia will RED LINE BALTICS protecting its muslim and Russia base from the WESTERN REFORMERS.

America is backing anti muslim factions a failed policy. Why? Our peeps do not understand the real estate is why. We back wrong sides all the time. Why? Because we are naive to history and on the ground culture and politics. The USA is not evil. THE USA wants to DO THE RIGHT THING BY PEOPLE all people including muslims. The USA has over 30 million muslim Americans we protect respect and welcome and celebrate. American celebrates faith and race as no other nation on earth with its core goodness of the melting pot of all nations and all faiths as one in America. Far from perfect yet but we are WORKING ON THAT PERFECTION ALL THE FREAKING TIME. We are in that work never ending the HOPE AND THE PROMISE.

But we make mistakes.

Russian phobia almost hysteria is OWNER created to forge a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT the owners wish to rule over. To do that the OWNERS MUST REDUCE US POWER AND INFLUENCE AND DESTROY RUSSIAS. Reformers work against the owners. The owners work against the reformers. The outcome depends on IF VOTERS UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH GOING ON OUT THERE which is truth the OWNERS manipulate to control voter hatred for reforms at all.

‘We’ll see – as on line levels the OWNERS to be naked in their lies and fake news.

Stormy Daniels stated with her new attorney I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP. Right again. Fake news by the owners to surround TRUMP with public character destruction. Pay back for TRUMP doing exactly the same to OBAMA suggesting into the 2016 elections OBAMA was an unlawful President who was NOT A US CITIZEN. This NASTY FAKE NEWS FROM TRUMP was a counter attack from Obama’s side and Hillary to TRUMPS BRAND. Trump had gone low though years before on this item. Democrats understandably are in full on PAY BACK MODE. Plus SOCIAL DEMOCRAT AGENDA opposses AMERICAN DEEP STATE DRAIN THE SWAMP REFORMERS. That battle is playing out just like in other nations just as nasty as my readers outside the USA know so well.

The truth. ZERO FAKE NEWS.

So who wins.

REFORMERS or DEEP STATE SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Seeking socialism in America versus FREE CAPITALISM the nation was founded to protect?

No one knows.

Voters lack truth because the OWNERS CONTROL what the voters see and hear.

Are AMERICAN VOTERS seeking reforms or older models of deep state. We’ll see a year form NOVEMBER.

NO EXPERT can predict 500 days away – what will take place in fact on ELECTION DAY. That is the truth not the owners now the reformers not the DEEP STATE and swamp itself. The beat goes on


The game board is laying out for shooting WORLD WAR III in Baltic States. A PUTIN TRUMP DEAL would unwind that risk. Without that deal and soon the danger is enormous. This time 25 million muslims would unite with a billion muslims and the EU already devolving  in economic failure as an economic game plan – is – in fact – not able to this time win the war. in fact with PUTIN new GAME PLANS we are setting out for you here – the risk to world economic well being is absolutely terrifying. Lets proceed as always with data. Hard to the summer time data in Balkin STATES and we love the people as part of their community since the 1960’s – on the ground and knowing unlike your typical American – we have your back folks – read on and share this blog with BALKIN leaders business OWNERS and circles please:

  1. Russia takes asymmetrical warfare to decades ahead of others. Russia used their new warfare model with devastating effects in Chechnya, Georgia and then Ukraine. Russia engages advanced multidimensional nonlinear comprehensive TOTAL STRATEGIC ENGAGEMENT: that includes fully exploited social engineering, raising up moral outrage ethnic divisiveness in targeted nations, political extreme postures, within timing to outcome and desired actions of the war planners. Local civilians are massively armed, trained, as paramilitary units to DEFEND THEMSELVES against the enemy Russia has created. In final stages of asymmetrical warfare advanced SPETSNAZ the best of RUSSIA, ( SEAL TEAM AND DELTA GRADE OPERATIVES ) flood in as TRAINERS – all posing and dressed as civilians in nation to the chosen group leadership lifted up by Russia war planners.
  2. Perfecting FAKE NEWS Russia raises up ethnic UNITY against defined perceived enemies who seek to keep ethnic populations DIVIDED. This unity elevates Russian war success as the success of public manipulation flows around politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT socialism invented to fight the West where RESPECT AND RULE OF LAW defeat hatred as a public policy.
  3. False Flag events are mapped out and executed. This further DIVIDES POPULATIONS raising up tighter ethnic unity against the FALSE FLAG FAKE NEWS events Russia leadership planned and executed in fact. The plan is to keep emotional hatreds high and disrupt social order and united as we see from Russia manipulations in America.
  4. Sophisticated next generation electronic weapons are inserted into the host nation to defeat counter attacking against the Rising Russian Backed ethic now armed take over agencies in nation under attack. During this phase TERRORISM MASSIVE CRIME AND EXTORTIONS ( ransome ware attacks and more ) are used to disrupt social trust and respect for hosting governments now under brutal attack digitally and on the streets.
  5. Russia now engages its timeless from the start strategy: with next generation digital weapons accelerating years of time into only months: Exploit class conflicts – exploit ethnic divisions – massive political fake news – fifth column action in nations being softened to fall – political full subversion of the existing power bases – and massive covert support of rising armed insurgency until revolution takes over the nation for RUSSIA.

America has engaged in the INTERNET BATTLE OF THINGS now entirely dependant on magnetic spectrum to unfiy all elements of its supply and real time battle field information command.

Russia has engaged in what works. Every war America has lost in fact – Korea – Vietnam- Somalia – Iraq – Afghanistan – Syria where the King still rules with Russia support against the America take over – was won by technology inferior on the ground fighters. The Trillion dollars of smart bombs bombers and electronics fell to a single uneducated under trained on the ground solider with a $ 200 rifle defeating a SUPER POWER even in 20 year wars …one can see our winning model.

Russia is now decades ahead of the WARFARE INTERNET OF THINGS. Our strategy took a different approach than the Americans in Russia. Russia took the advanced idea of winning not in catching up and beating AMERICAN leading IT. Using superior RUSSIAN AI we engage ADVANCED ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEMS AEWS.

AEWS using AI locates all American electro magnetic sources:

  1. Satellites in Space
  2. Planes in the air and on ground
  3. Ships
  4. Ground command
  5. Troop communications individually
  6. Theater communication electronics all spectrums
  7. Incoming outgoing ELECTRIC signals in all spectrums of one or two way communication including subs

This new AI AEWS different strategy to war – takes SECONDS not MINUTES to achieve. We can with AI instantly provide false information to troops leading them into our traps. We can instantly make the entire system go dark and the entire war plan of America stops and we win. They can not re-engage. They can not know anything about us. We know everything about them. We win.

AEWS defeats America by moving their high technology superiority so that an airship can t tager electronically or even fly. We turn AI AEWS SWITCH without EMP which we also control and America stops. SHIPS STOPS PLANES FALL FROM THE SKY and troos move to our traps fed last information from us they think came from their leaders. WE INVENTED A GAME PLAN decades ahead technically of the USA now co dependant on the INTERNET OF WAR THINGS to their great defeat in real wars.

We have practiced and perfected our strategy.

Russia smaller than the USA is undefeatable in war and we are the opposition to USA POLICY.

Russia does not want war. RUSSIA WANTS INCLUSION and a stop to fake news about RUSSIA. They are telling the OWNERS your plan for diminishing both America and RUSSIA has failed because – we won’t allow you owners ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under a failed model you once held …you lose. Owners you lose. Compromise owners.

Include RUSSIA.

Thats the game plan. You don’t read in the news.

The proof of concept is all being raised up in the volatile former Soviet UNION states  – the BALKINS birth zone of all world wars – right now this summer. Everything written here is applying. Georgia is a distraction to the BALKIN plan Putin is engaging in right now.

To make a TRUMP DEAL.

Trump is engaging in distraction himself which I can’t tel you about – a big surprise to PUTIN if it comes off as planned. We will see.

So big stakes poker.

RUSSIA INCLUSION or we pay a price beyond imaging. In all outcomes we can see RUSSIA WINS.

The USA making a deal is the way forward given these realities.


America and Russia can extinct humanity in a POWER HOUR and we are when its all drifted globally PLUTONIUM gone. Look ma zero humans as the insects inherit the earth – climate change reverses and mother earth lifts up another species smart enough to protect HERSELF and populate her species to the stars for we are THE SEEDS OF THE EARTH.

Competitive thought is human insanity.

Will humans learn to defeat insane competitie thinking into COOPERATIVE INTEGRITY sane brain function?

If yes we enjoy longevity prosperity and endless discovery and adventure.

Insane thinking extincts humans.

Sane thinking immortalizes humanity.

Odd we chose insanity.

The waste these opposing systems defined here rise up – pitting all Muslims against all EU others – is insane. We need to celebrate OUR HUMAN DIVERSITY never punish our diversity. Sanity or insanity?

Learn earn and return ( readers ).


Note: If you scrolled to read Japan CHINA IRAN and now RUSSIA you see the complexity of what is really going on in these summits way outside the FAKE NEWS your reading from kiddies paid by the owners next to nothing to tell you “stuff” to manipulate your vote to owner will. We produce new reading glasses for all news …so you know…more. First always. Russia inclusion is a deal with UKRAINE AND SNOWDEN easy do’s for prosperity if Trump can systemize no deal creep into the future presidents. THAT is the issue….the only issue…of world peace or world war……