The criminal MBS has been framing IRAN. MBS has bombed his own stuff twice to raise oil prices. The Criminal KING MORE BARRELS STORED than any Saudi KING IN HISTORY – is raising oil costing the world the following:

  1. Economic recovery as billions flow to the elites pumping the oil while 8 billion pay way way to much for energy.
  2. Criminal Sociopathic KING MBS is framing IRAN to have war with IRAN to get oil over $ 100.00  and why? ,
  3. MBS is a criminal and has spent way too much more than Saudi earns and now Saudi can’t pay its bills is WHY.
  4. MBS failed policies all documented here all year – are such a long list it has passed 5 trillion in cost to Saudi Arabia
  5. The total of the loss is soaring and no KING has  hurt SAUDI economics more than this young mental case King

The UNITED NATIONS fully independent of SAUDI ARABIA concluded on hard evidence – that CRIMINAL KING MBS was in fact ordering the SLAUGHTER and full on CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY related to the bone saw to a wedding permit game plan the CRIMINAL MBS thinks he got away with that murder. THE UN nations are by vast majority insisting as is TURKEY the offended nation and the USA that – the UN fully now investigate the evidence to a consequence to SAUDI ARABIA who has criminally sheltered and protected this sociopathic MOB BOSS running a nation into the red ink wall.

President DONALD TRUMP should fast track a deal with IRAN, meet IRAN in nation, and pay CRIMINAL MBS for fraud in support of the TRUMP MIDDLE EAST PEACE PLAN as a set up pure and simple to which MBS pulled the rug out and rallied all Arab nations to REJECT THE PLAN he helped to create. A PURE SET UP AND ANOTHER PLOY to show his criminal colors. What a bad man. Screwing both enemies and friends alike.

The SOCIOPATH locked up over 1000 royals and shook them down illegally for over 100 billion dollars he already has spent to pay his nations growing debt loading.

Saudi is in a growing civil war. Trump has the nail in MBS coffin.

Donald Trump needs to DUMP.

500 million barrels in storage why buy more – why not release and drop prices …DUMP ON THE KING. Our true enemy economically. DUMP THE KING he dumped you on your peace plan last week – how many dumps do you require ?

Thats right. We can go a year using only oil in storage – what a thought.

We can dump a million of our 500 million barrels a week for 52 weeks putting supply back in Iran may have reduced but has not yet. We can move oil to 50 dollars and put MBS in the economic vice that his own tribes will find 7 trillion or some number of full on economic loss to nation . and end game for the MOB BOSS MBS. MBS STANDS FOR:



MBS is not a friend to or of America or the Trumps.

Nor is his father another SHIT HEAD.

The SAUD family – my mentors for five decades – ARE our friends and once upon a time KING MOB BOSS SHIT HEAD is going to take a very long vacation you know like say Jimmy Hoffa another SHIT HEAD. Seen him any where lately?

Not so much

King MOB BOSS SHIT HEAD personally conducted a professional bone saw hit in Turkey on Washington DC Journalist KHASHOGGI.

We pay IRAN back for all the lies against IRAN from KING MOB BOSS the source of GULF TERROR FUNDING but going broke now – by dealing well with IRAN. Framed Iran.

Don’t be fooled by KING MOB BOSS PRESS on Iran.

King MOB BOSS took a risk.

His final loss – IRAN . is fatal for he and his father.

The CLOCK OF LOSS FOR SAUDI is ticking away by trillions.

The world knows the following:

  1. Saudi is unstable as a nation under KING SHIT HEAD.
  2. Saudi is in a CIVIL WAR inside their sand castles.
  3. Saudi has lost 5 trillion in economic cost from `100% failed MOB BOSS SHIT BOMBS economically.
  4. SAUDI now spends much more than it earns and can’t make up the difference.
  5. With the UN seeking consequence for the crime against all humanity – by KING SHIT HEAD no one is investing in SAUDI no one risking the instability till the new KING is settled in.

Time is not on any one in the  SAUDI side. Losing the war n YEMEN and so badly loosing Saudi is now under week to week attack with plants airports and more and YEMEN is not letting up. WAR CRIMES THERE are yet another KING SHIT FOR BRAINS EMBARRASSMENT FOR SAUDI that will be years of instability and investments passing over SAUDI. Really Saudi is now a black listed capital nation. The longer the SAUD FAMILY TAKE to execute the vacation plan for SHIT FOR BRAINS the longer their nation and people will pay the price to recover. Pretty soon it will be revolution and the KINGDOM falls to real democracy as the PEOPLE of the great country get the truth from state brain washing from KING MASSIVE BULLSHIT SHEET FILLING mentally ill person – leading their country into full ruin.

The truth will leak out. The people will learn.

Eventually and we hope before civil war in the streets with massive BLUE VEST MARCHES occur – the KING is put out to “vacation” and a real leader not mentally ill takes over the great country.

What a tragedy mentally ILL KING MOB BOSS SHITFORBRAINS IS today.

Failure as a name . KING MORE BULLSHIT.

KING MBS – Murder of Khashoggi – slaughter of his own people -torturer of all disent – brutal savage liar mentally ill deluded and economically fatal to nation.

KING MBS the absolute RUIN of OPEC and now of SAUDI ITSELF.

Iran wins.

Saudi loses.

Watch what is coming next.



YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOR MBS AND DAD TO GO ON EXTENDED VACATION…..you are paying two dollars MORE than you should pay from criminal oil polluting mob bosses ripping you off from India to the EU from America to Africa and all 8 billion of us are paying for ELITES to have ungodly more wealth – profit making that is 1000% profit in a commodity that is price manipulated as a crime. The USA needs a WINDFALL PROFIT INVESTIGATION OF ALL BIG OIL as we stop paying to store more than 500 million FREAKIN BARRELS OF OVER SUPPLIED oil – we are all drowning in oil – there is far more oil than demand and the price is CRIMINAL CARTEL AND CONSPIRACY MANIPULATED which ONE CONGRESS INVESTIGATION – not on Trumps CHILDREN while congress fails to pass our by law required budget ( they are criminals ) for not doing their duty and protecting the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Thank GOD For our agencies that operate in SPITE OF CONGRESS criminal failures and negligence. GOOD ON YOU FOR VOTING NO NEW WEAPONS TO SAUDI good on you…….though its not that simple as you all also know so well…..