On Fathers day RULER FOR LIFE in China – gets Russian Ice Cream from his bestie Putin celebrating XI’s 66th B day you may wish to put that in your cell phone calendar.

The EU warns on the weekend ( AGAIN ) their strongest MARKET WARNING YET – so as NOT to alarm – markets Monday – THAT – the EU faces substantial systemic ( total collapse risks ) from the massive piling up not sustainable debt loading. They noted defaulting by specific nations could domone a systemic break down of the EU. Right again. We have told our readers this with mounting horror how the without SUPER BONDS can’t work their way out. Which is the WHY CEO SPACE invented SUPER BOND THEORY as the one and the only work out. Brussels phone me 256 850 4715 love to help you all. You have been well warned now.

Turkey was down graded – we told you how bad ENDGAME IS economically on his Russian deal – now Endgame with economics about to super crash – the cost of Turkey Debt Ridden borrowing at WAR IN SYRIA AND IRAQ borders – full war and wars inside – can’t afford war – can’t afford RUSSIAN SYSTEMS and needs to refocus their core economics. TURKEY IS ABOUT TO IMPLODE FOLKS into massive DEBT DEFAULTING. This CONTAGION OF DEBT DEFAULTING is the RISK to the entire world system. TURKEY IS MAKING HUGE ECONOMIC ERROR WITH BLOWING OFF TRUMP AND NATO.

While XI has ice cream with Putin China is imploding fast. The economic crash in China from trade war is faster and more deep than XI ever anticipated and the DOWN DOWN DOWN slide is unstoppable without a trade deal. The next tariff in may in fact cause CHINA to DEBT DEFAULT IMPLODE -the tipping point making errors in economics over silly politics.

Now then – there is a very secret opt going on we can’t report to you here because we are not wikki leaks. When we can and the Americans are safe we’ll tell you – know we know. ITS HUGE.

Also folks – THE WHO this weekend decided ( in a horrible wrong decision for those who will now die ) to NOT DECLARE IN THE WORST OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HISTORY – never coming to ten MONTHS has this growth and expansion pathology been at this level. WHY DID WHO DO IT? Because the ECONOMIC IMPACT on travel and related trade and core economic impact to Africa and the would would be too great. THE WHO NOW CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT IN MY OPINION will damn thousands to die the most horrific death – imaginable as EBOLA spreads not over Africa nation by nation by spreads globally. Plus as we reported out EBOLA is a weapon for TERROR utility – low cost and wipes out a million infidels by Christmas. How wonderful is that for them. On that RISK the WHO has zero control today of Ebola – fully OUT OF ALL CONTROL and spreading like a wild fire in California – and the WHO failing to declare a WORLD EMERGENCY NOW when the timing was URGENT AND ESSENTIAL – will have this weekend DECISION live on the halls of INFAMY. Watch we are RIGHT ON THIS ITEM. Wait for it…..

Ebola will move to planes and the cost the enormity of cost to then track vexors is what WHO put on all of us today. Why. Politics running economics. The decision today was a decision of a WHO bowing to their funding sources who do not want global panic. THE PRESS IS ASLEEP ON ALL THIS. To their enormous shame like last time. We alone rang the bell till it finally picked up the EBOLA CLOCK ON ALL NEWS CHANNELS 24/7. NO RISK TO ECONOMICS IS GREATER TODAY THAN EBOLA – NOT WARS NOT ANYTHING – EBOLA IS THE ECONOMY KILLER IF NOT CONTAINED.

Last time required a G 20 global military response with BILLIONS to contain it.

This time will cost MORE and be FAR WORSE.

Why? Today WHO politically bowed and gave us the DECISION OF THE COWARD IN LEADERSHIP.

WHO I have a label for you…

2019 – SHAME ON YOU ….




PS: Trump is going to evoke reciprocity trade with India. India is about to see economic pain unlike anything they have known as they put duties of over 120% on American imports – now watch Trump amuse himself teaching cash starved india a lesson on credit ratings and borrowing cost as india runs out of cash as AMERICA responds – Japan will be historic for global trade resetting – wait for it…SUPER CHANGE is taking place in INDIA this weekend as Modi lashes out at USA.