Oh I can not remember just how G W Bush said it right now. I wish I could. Applying his famous phrase to Saudi….

….Fool me once –  ( 9/11 and the Twin Towers ) – Saudi and you Fooled me …..

…Fool me twice ( Fake Saudi news to CIA on weapons of mass destruction ) – and you fooled me again….

..FOOL ME A THIRD TIME ( MBS attacking his own ships last week ) – and you fucking sucker punch me bad on me?


Scroll and read WHO GAINS from the mini bang bang. NOT IRAN. They lose. Who wants Iran to lose? MBS.

So last week MBS sucker punched the President’s son in law and Trump withdrawing support for the PEACE PLAN as a set up – pulling the rug out from GULF unity against the Peace plan – as Trump is keeping OIL down and MBS is going to disappear as his cost to the Royal Saud Family passes 5 trillion this month – thats a lot for one failed miserable criminal sociopathic embarrassing life tearing SAUDI ARABIA APART in a full on civil war in the Sand Castle. WAIT FOR IT…

If oil keeps going down and the BIGGEST SHORT is now CHINA AND OIL. Fortunes are going to be made this summer on the BIGGEST SHORT PLAY IN HISTORY.

As Oil drops like a stone following SAUDI lies all year on demand – with the independent oil report this week – from the gulf – hey OIL DEMAND GROWTH hit a cliff and is falling to zero and then negative – the world as we said IS DROWNING IN OIL. Price is phony and will fall like a stone. Oil cost 10.57 dollars on average to lift to market. 50 dollar oil is a 500% profit market up. 70 is 700% and President Trump has stated that price is a SIN AGAINST 8 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet taking away their core economics – their prosperity – their food security – their shelter security – all for the most toxic planet killing energy and material on earth. In 100 years since the industrial revolution the criminal oil FEW AGAINST THE MANY have damaged the planet to the point of risking HUMAN EXTINCTION AND PLANET WIDE LIFE SUPPORT.

Last week MBS lied by saying the break even to invest in new oil is – 72 dollars floor price. In fact Saudi is so broke and exists in red borrowing ink with its credit rating being down graded over and over ( this week another one is due for sure ) where Saudi needs 72 dollar oil or it goes bankrupt. SAUDI has shattered OPEC and members are leaving in fact and soon in public – OPEC is gone. Why. MBS 2014 oil wars to crush American oil industry as a criminal price manipulator. The Puppy King mis understood economics and lost the war. The cost to SAUDI is 5 trillion in 2019 and rising so fast his life is on the red line in his own Sand Castel.

Locking up over 1000 Royals insulting them and without due process on threat of death – stole 100 billion from the royals with loyalty pledges to himself ( my God the puppy King never watched the GAME OF THRONES that is for sure ) and do ya think in 2018 after the CRIMINAL SHAKE DOWN of 100 Billion those royals are all happy campers right now in the real GAME OF THRONES. Are you all getting what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Saudi Civil War and the more desperate MBS becomes seeing his failure in all his policies and wars, and economics, total 100% failure in everything, with a full on RUN OUT OF SAUDI by global capital…like XI MBS is operating in DELUSIONAL ECONOMIC SYNDROM and fake news – he has inaccurate economic data. THE SUPER CHANGE IN SAUDI has taken place far too rapidly for their leaders and system to adapt into. They think things are like they once where. FATAL ERROR IN CHOICE MAKING. In the end MBS costs one too many billions and he and daddy take a long deserved vacation directly with Allah up close and personal. BYE BYE.

Then things can return to the future.

Not until then.

So faced with his own VACATION – MBS bombs his own and sets up IRAN. HE was going to embarrass ABE and bomb a Japanese Ship but he got word the USA would take him out if he did that and he believed that and worked to take the mine off that ship – with his own team disguised and filmed ( by him  ) with Film to our Navy to blame Iran.

Folks – as I said we take photos of the spininch you had for lunch in your teeth and the brand resolution.

We take no black and white grainy photos.

Folks we track the vessels from port to port we don’t fail to know set up and fake news. We want an IRAN deal and we told Iran don’t worry about this pull your Saudi punches and Iran has they want a deal because that is pay back to years of LIES AND FAKE NEWS AND FRAME WORK TO FRAME IRAN. IRAN IS NOT THE TERROR CENTER. Saudi and Saudi money is. Bin Laden’s son the new ruler of terror against the USA is – Saudi and Saudi money. Saudi money not Iran money finances ISIS AND TALIBAN.

The USA is great at some things and even better at others.

ONE THINGS WE EXCEL AT – we follow the freakin money.

The NSA is not fooled here folks.

Politics ( see Game of Thrones all 8 series ) and you see human nature in insane competition. This is important to our team as CEO SPACE our global institution leads a movement for business leaders into COOPERATION FUTURES AND SYSTEM MODELING. We are four decades into the largest revolution in the mind of the world consciousness – framing that the one and the only virus insanity on human conscious – is – COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE. Which we can remove and eliminate with education. Competition is a form of human ignorance. Heaven in all cultures is in fact the ABSENCE OF COMPETITION. Why would we not seek to create that upon the earth? Why would we embrace insane competitive toxic mental god awful buggy failing software of our brains, wireless re-infecting one another – as no one teaches us educates us – how to THINK PROPERLY. Cooperation is the insanity VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. Once you have CEO SPACE Cooperation Leadership Development tools ( FOR A RICHER MORE REWARDING FUTURE ) you effect switched on turned on home space as millions now do – COMPETITION FREE ZONES – and switched on TURNED ON WORK SPACE. All problems between humans are toxic by products ( symptoms ) of the mental VIRUS COMPETITION. It is insanity to educate competition is good in any form or is other than insanity. IMMORTAL BEINGS do not compete unless they are insane. If they are unteachable and insane they reside in frequency outside the sane – in cooperation without competitive thought impulse allowed.

THE MASTER SKILL – virus removal of competition from your super computer above your neck.

So MBS desperate in his final competitive melt down – attacks himself to raise the price of oil. To embarrass Iran meeeting with ABE. FOOL ME FOUR TIMES:

  1. Derail the Trump Peace Deal leaving Kushner who relied on support MBS pulled the rug out from last week.
  2. Bombed himself to effect the Peace Deal with Iran – and embarrass IRAN Maximally with his fake news film.
  3. Sought to blow up Japan Ship to embarrass ABE and shut down Iran Trump Peace deal completely all failed.

Folks – film from the USA does not leave in doubt WHO DID WHAT. We track ships from port to port. We have every ship moving on NSA GRID – are you kidding me – we hear their commands – we see their IP and IT – we have the AI of tomorrow folks no one has what the USA has no one. There are no secrets. Not to our National security.

MBS sought unsuccessfully and failed again to:

  1. Raise the price of oil – up 48 hours back down – the day news came out demand hit a cliff – showing 100% lies from Saudi oil minister all year – pure lies – the GULF KNOWS it – oil went down Friday. Right again.
  2. To tear up the Iran Abe Peace deal working with IRAN and advance a war with Iran agenda only MBS has.
  3. To undermine the Trump PEACE PLAN as MBS wants Israel destroyed absolutely make no mistake about that.


Congress is NOT FOOLED. WHY? Well the truth about the MBS LIES is why.


  • SAUDI fed us fake news on Sadam and weapons of mass destruction creating a war that never needed to occur sucking us into the Gulf sand lot costing lives and trillions – my own son two terms Sniper Team leader USMC four surgery’s and purple hearted – I know this cost up close and personal on Saudi lies and cost to a father and family nothing at all to those thousands dying and never coming home still…we are at war folks while our Congress fiddles
  • Saudi lied about Syria and funded ISIS and Sunni uprisings to defeat Shite ( Iran ) Muslim sec majorities sucking us all in to further way and death. While we are dying and Iran is dying right by our side not SAUDI –
  • Saudi lies and does a COUP in Turkey and blames it all on us
  • In 2014 MBS declares war on the American oil industry and states he will BURY AMERICAN OIL INTERESTS
  • Ever since Saudi invests in instability backing those that would kill us in Pakistan Afghanistan Iraq Syria
  • Saudi lied all year about oil data demand and markets to in a greed criminal act raise oil prices destabilizing us all
  • Saudi lied about internal reforms as a rogue nation building up missiles trying to buy a nuke and killing untold # s
  • Saudi lied about Khashoggi and got caught on film bringing BONE SAWS to a wedding permit – Hitler level lying
  • Saudi led the COUP in Turkey and lied blaming the USA to Turkey – MBS is our enemy
  • MBS Lied about the Gulf PEACE DEAL and pulled the rug last week on TRUMP
  • MBS Lied and set up IRAN who had zero to do with the bombing last week it was all MBS
  • MBS calls this weekend for massive USA action to suck us in to WAR with IRAN which is all failing
  • MBS sucked us in with lies to YEMEN a war he has lost as the succeed in bombing his airports last week alone
  • MBS has cost Saudi 5 trillion and soon will see SAUDI credit rating plunge to junk status as OPEC is no more
  • MBS has only TALK LEFT and his lies are his legacy and MBS a crazy brain believes people believe him
  • SEE GAME OF THRONES to see a preview of how this all work out.

Iran DID Not bomb the ships. Iran had all to lose and no gain – their week was the best WEEK in years for IRAN until MBS created a FAKE VIDEO with his own SAUDI’s on Ships made to look like IRAN with his grainy black and white so no one could be sure – as if IRAN would be SO STUPID – it was a clear and compelling MBS SET UP AND FRAME JOB – and when we say DO NOT BE FOOLED – it is time to see SAUDI as economically gasping – and MBS a HITLER is trying to buy NUKES. Pakistan- North Korea – India – South Africa – UK – France – Russia – especially PUTIN understands just how crazy this puppy TRULY IS – costing Russia a TRILLION BUCKS IN LOST OIL SALES AND MARKET SHARE – RUSSIA IS OUT OF MBS – MORE BULLSHIT AND OUT OF OPEC – that is for sure and PUTIN is assuring NO NUKES FOR YOU as in GAME OF THRONES – MBS IS THE “MAD KING” THEY ALL TALK ABOUT until the MAD KING WENT ON HIS LONG VACATION. Saudi economics will completely implode – as in CATASTROPHIC IMPLOSION as their credit rating goes to junk and OIL within the BIGGEST SHORT moves to 50 bucks and stays there – and SAUDI credit is junk – and the nation has to cut back – massively – so that it earns more than it spends finally – or it goes bankrupt – it sells all its state oil to private firms – but MBS can’t manage the money – 5 trillion in LOSS just LOSS because of one sick brain ? Really FOLKS MBS LIED ABOUT THE IRAN GULF ITEM LAST WEEK..and as we said from the Godfather if you scroll to world media to report the truth stop SAUDI LIES – open the DISCUSSION – IT WAS YOU FREDO IT WAS YOU – happy to do sound bites for you on press – always available 256 850 4715 – my 30 year never change phone to the office. Set up the sound bite – IT WAS IRAN – WORLD LEADERS AND PRESS – DO NOT BE FOOLED a 5th 6th and 7th time by the KING OF MORE BULLSHIT THE KING OF LIARS – KING MBS no truth in the sick oh brain – Saud Family its time to exercise your vacation plan on Fathers Day….can’t occur too rapidly….your out of control boy is going to super crash your worlds.


Now this is a GAME OF THRONES complexity folks.

In the real Game of THRONES two rules apply you all need to keep in mind ( for those who watched the show ) that is:

…nothing but nothing is ever what it seems and….

…follow the freaking money…always follow the real money…

Now then history on Saudi.

So the SAUD family my mentors including past Kings and Royals ( thank you for being my teachers ) – set up the nation and its rules and ran the nation till recently. Then a fork in the family tree reset power to a Saud not supposed to be King the entitled where ousted and everyone scrambled. MBS plowed into autocratic sociopathic rule slaughtering his enemies and the palace dungeons remain full folks. No rule of law. Torture death and what you expect from mentally ill competitive extreme insane brain rulers.

The USA is long term in Saudi for the SAUDI people. We have bases that secure SAUDI stability in fact. Our weapons secure Saudi security in fact.

We are not BETTING ON MBS as the long game.

We are betting on our historic friendships with the real SAUD RULING FAMILY who tell us …wait for it. So Game of Thrones is real in Saudi today. Blaming Iran allows MBS to think he won when he lost – again. As MBS is deluded and easy to fool he thinks – he got away with it again. He thinks he has credibility. Meanwhile the abacus accounting from the OWNERS IN SAUDI is passing 5 trillion in loss and that capital hole is widening into a water whirl pool sucking up the wealth of the entire gulf. As demand for OIL peaked much earlier than SAUDI OIL MINISTER LIES and OIl will now decline in demand ( forever and ever ) never to return to old peaks – Saudi does not valid economic model into the future. MBS plans is crazy. Economically.

We want to help. But we can’t help until MBS takes his vacation.

Meanwhile the Congress knows what as our congress is not deluded:

  1. That MBS broke treaty and used our advanced weapon systems against our law in the failed war in Yemen.
  2. MBS committed war Crimes that Make Syria look Holy by comparison butchering and slaughtering children
  3. MBS allowed capture ( our worst fear ) of our advanced weapons which move right to Russia and China who reverse engineer them – taking away a trillion dollars of our investment to lead…our MBS did that as a war crime
  4. MBS has raised the price of oil derailing global recovery and central bank normalization destabilizing economics of the entire world for his own greed alone. In economic rule MBS gets grade F – ( failing grade for his nation )
  5. Congress wants to protect the SAUD family and SAUDI people with policy favorable to the USA and not without that policy. If we fail to sell to Saudi – before MBS goes on vacation MBS will align with RUSSIA. Which PUTIN is working to achieve playing well to the MBS madness – as PUTIN uses the insanity for gain for RUSSIA. Russia is fine with MBS acting to raise oil price as Russia economics are on oil 80% and lower prices put RUSSIA in recession – which failing to reform into an entrepreneur nation ( we want to help Putin as well to do that ) Russia is about to oil demand falling forever – die in a sea of red ink and debt credit downgrade to pure junk -SAUDI TOO.


The credit rating down grading of SAUDI and RUSSIA credit following the FAILED CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY BY MBS in the Gulf ( with Russia mines not IRANIAN MINES ) – we know it was you two FREDO we know it was YOU – YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOR JUNK STATUS ON SAUDI RUSSIA DEBT. Capital is charging DEBT PREMIUM TO RISK in Russia and Saudi anyway as carry cost for loans is now going to soar and sink economics into very dangerous instability territory without structural reform and TRADE DEALS WITH THE USA –  China and Russia and yesterday is already too late economics.

SO CONGRESS has pack money from defense lobby who are not fooling around on billions in arms sales to SAUDI they do not want going to Russia. Turkey will sink into economic ruin if they operate in DES – delusion economic syndrom – believing economic lies about their economic stability.

The PATRIOT System is NATO INTEGRATED and the leader. The Deal for PATRIOT with TURKEY is better than the deal with Russia. END GAME wants money and agenda issues to say yes. The brink reaches if they do Russia and when they do it is ECONOMIC END GAME IN TURKEY. We don’t see the leadership surviving long term based on one economic self suicide choice to which there is no recovery in any form or model. Turkey believes it is too strategic to the USA today.

Turkey is relying on box top data and rules that no longer exist.

SUPER CHANGE Turkey. We can fly our stuff at super sonic speeds with no base needed on your soil anywhere on each in two hours. You don’t get the SUPER CHANGE. Your geography is NOW IRRELEVANT and we are making DOD shifts that move half a trillion out of Turkey in 2020. Your economy can not survive the largest BUYER ON EARTH pulling out and AI will move capital out of Turkey by a run on your banks – taking place now have you noticed END GAME your running out of money. MBS tried to coup your nation and will with all this try again sir. He tried to butcher you and your precious wifie and your children and your family entire tree. You defeated him. The USA never knew sir. Until after how sick MBS is. That he is a sociopathic ruler like ADOLF HITLER exactly. MBS is the worst monster ruler on the earth today.

Your long game for your people is:

  1. USA trip to White House and Trump Deal and fast. GOOD FOR ALL.
  2. Prosperity and security with USA maximally helping you
  3. Replace competition and distrust into cooperation with systems replacing trust between honorable agendas
  4. Upgrade economics to Turkey prosperity with an ENTREPRENEURIAL NATION failed communist economies can not help you lift up and we – ( CEO SPACE AND OUR TEAM ) and the USA can assure prosperity long game.
  5. Stabilize it all with NATO and the USA and remove the instability before your credit rating goes to JUNK status.

No one can reverse the toxic outcomes of insane competitive decision making. Before you act or take positions do this:

A) Is this a competitive choice and model of decision making?

B) What would a cooperative 180 degree model of choice and decision making look like replacing the status quo?

Make sane economic choices.

Avoid insane competitive economic policy.


The Game of Thrones of insanity lies and deceit and secrets with an OWNER ELITE owning 99% o fall wealth as 1% of in nation populations is ending. Humanity insanity in systems of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – an insanity – is drawing to a close in human consciousness. Totally not sustainable and ends with human and earth specifies extinction. That is systemic madness – humans waking up now – will no longer accept.

A revolution of THOUGHT is taking place . Cooperation vs competition – where cooperation is virus removing insanity and absorbing without contest a terrible way forward to a far better way forward is all. WE SEE WITH NEW VISION the cause finally competitive thought itself. THE BIBLE ON THIS REVOLUTION GLOBALLY IS THE FIVE STAR BOOk _ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Order ten copies hard copy – Amazon fills them in 72 hours – and give them to your best clients and customers and circles you wish LIKE MINDED WITH YOU.

…REDEMPTION IS “THE” VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL FOR THE MINDS OF LEADERS JOINING THE COOPERATION MOVEMENT GLOBALLY….tip: Register to CEO SPACE July 22nd and join a community of leaders on this point – upgrade your community July – 256 840 4715 to explore.

July CEO SPACE family groups all come together with family pricing – children life partners aunts uncles grand parents who family circles attend together once a year – a business conference with bowling laser tag cinemas and game rooms you can walk too including 24 hour food in a new hotel office suite hotel and IPHOP for the kids a block walk in DALLAS as 150 nations are coming – you should think on it. Explore if you want better mind software ….you should.

The Trump Team is going to make a GREAT GREAT PROSPERITY DEAL WITH IRAN in part to pay back MBS and to accelerate the Saud family vacation planning for MBS – the long game – vacation time. Turkey in the new world with IRAN is well advised to not evaporate their economy now failing as the USA ocean moves into ebb tide in Turkey – investment in Turkey ( none ) till this resolves. Cash moving out of Turkey ( BILLIONS ) by AI economics. TURKEY with RUSSIA made an economic error that if unchanged will cause political change in Turkey as economics implode by a bad bad choice in economics at core. END GAME gets back at MBS maximally with a USA deal not a Russian deal. End Game protects his economics and sets up a prosperity which ever way China goes. If China implodes they take Russia and Turkey with them – the danger of DES syndrome and F grade economic decision making – politics ruining economics in AI economic space destroys economies in time frames never seen before the era of SUPER CHANGE ECONOMIC THEORY we are now inside of. The NEW AGE we consult to nations and fortune companies upon – SUPER CHANGE – is unfolding in accelerated pace of change never experienced by human beings before.

What you are seeing today is that – SUPER CHANGE is exceeding national and fortune leadership teams to adapt to the pace of change itself…..fatal errors are made by having bad or incomplete change data …on economics at core

China imploding will economically implode RUSSIA AND TURKEY AND THE GULF without a USA buffer deal relationship. TRADE DEALS WITH CHINA AND RUSSIA AND IRAN are the prosperity pillars of the world economic core system.

IN COMPETITIVE DES Brains – never assume the leaders deluded will act in fact in their own best economic interest. When competitive no integrity I win and beat you brains engaged economic errors compound – politics running economics is 100% failed policy over 5000 years. ECONOMICS running politics in cooperative collaborative win win cooperation results in centuries of human economic prosperity and only in our imperfect as yet executions as we can do so much better.

But will we….


Do not be fooled – IRAN fights ISIS and Taliban – SAUDI FUNDS THEM.

Saudi attacked its on ships – it was YOU FREDO…it was YOU….


DOD knows it was not IRAN me on that.

IT is all Game of Thrones and the outcomes is …wait for it.