What do we know?

We know nothing.

When Saudi announced today DEMAND FOR OIL has fallen WAY WAY MORE than the world expected what did that mean to oil markets. Let us look at that a bit – with SAUDI exporting many many times more oil than the rest of OPEC combined together – what is going on here.

  1. Saudi announces they lied and oil demand is not what they reported this year it is so much worse. Demand is as WE REPORTED HERE ( right again ) falling off a cliff and we told you all why and the stats.
  2. Saudi admits oil demand is falling like a STONE off Niagara Falls in New York – which would move oil ( as surplus into stock piles is soaring – no wants any more Saudi oil – they can’t turn production on again no one wishes to buy MORE OIL ) – so oil would PLUNGE IN PRICE TODAY.
  3. Bang Bang two ships have explosions – they are damaged ( covered by insurance ) damage not terminal to ship values and can be repaired. Call it STRATEGIC DAMAGE.
  4. Saudi targeted its own ships so they can blame this all on Iran.
  5. Iran is meeting ABE from Japan to make a deal with TRUMP the worst thing possible for PSYCHO KING – MBS. MBS who slaughter Khashoggi attacked the Gulf Vessels why? To embarrass IRAN leadership on the day they meet with ABE – to undermined Trump meeting IRAN anytime soon – to raise the price of freakin oil the only way MBS can raise it now – BY BEING A CRIMINAL – which hey folks – we all – all of us – well know that he is.

Would MBS do these CRIMES to embarrass IRAN and raise the price of oil? Now lets look at oil markets:

There is more oil supply than there is oil demand. Oil demand is falling. Faster and faster. We are moving away from oil for transportation as toxic fuel – as toxic fertilizer pesticide on foods – as earth killing containers and packaging – and away from the toxic energy that is killing the entire planet. OIL demand has hit a CLIFF WALL. MBS does not know what to do. His customers are leaving for cheaper oil. His is losing customers. He has less oil to sell and the price keeps going lower. MBS can’t pay his bills. All his spending is on forever hold now. Capital flight is soaring OUT OF SAUDI a huge RUN OUT OF SAUDI has been unrelenting – 5 trillion dollars ebb tide since MBS slaughtered Khashoggi by bringing bone saws to a wedding permit clerks office. 18 person elite report only to the psychopath special forces HIT TEAM like you see in movies – fly to Turkey. They Kill Khashoggi on video and audio and the message to him dying was direct from MBS so he would know – no wedding in your future sonny boy. Pretty Bloody in the SAUDI Turkish embassy too. MBS KNEW before they left because MBS planned and set it all up. JUST LIKE TODAYS CRIME IN THE GULF – seeking to raise oil prices.

Trump’s team will not be fooled. The behind Abe message is clear – we know Iran don’t worry we know. MBS has lost even there. Now MBS has only oil going down down down next week. Iran moving to make a deal – well – Iran pays back the horrors MBS has with lies and fraud heaped upon the Iranian people. SAUDI IS THE TERROR IN THE GULF including todays crimes – all Saudi. None of it IRAN. Why would IRAN with ABE IN TOWN at their request to SET THE DEAL UP WITH TRUMP and turn back on the PROSPERITY PUMP seek to embarrass the process with President Trump? Why? Who would like to DERAIL THE IRAN PROSPERITY PUMP FROM THE TRUMP TRAIN?

MBS KING OF SAUDI the only WHO no one else he is the WHO. MBS is going over the deep end folks…..again….

A black and white film ( the US films are precision and in color telling you the brand of lettuce you had today for lunch ) was released by the USA today. From Saudi or who? Actors staged in the film were said to remove evidence ( the mine on the ship that didn’t go off? ) from the ship or just acting with Saudi dressed as Iran guards? Political theater from MBS all so set up to blame Iran – the Iran who guards these waters for all ships for all nations and the Iran who raced to save the crew on board and did in fact while those fires were put out. Saudi said the ship sank which was Saudi’s hope not knowing IRAN was racing to the rescue. The USA playing alone with Saudi stated with its grainy black and white fake new video that Iran was the likely target Iran ( as its all set up between the parties ) said – boy are we convenient target in such restraint for Iran with Abe in town. MAXIMUM EMBARRASSMENT from the little bang bang to who – IRAN. They embarrassed themselves? If Iran did it the ships would be sunk – for sure. They don’t make sloppy MBS bone saw work and Saudi failing last time to get blame on Iran this time made a little show film or had their actors assure they had film at 11 to blame Iran. Very easy sham and Khashoggi should teach us – who in the theater is a crazy brain state actor and frankly folks past billions by Saudi to say it is always and always IRAN it is in fact Always and Always Saudi. No Iranian in 9/11 or any terror to our soil. Saudi’s all the way. No Iranian in Turkey bringing bone saws to a wedding permit stamp moment. Saudi all the way. The KING OF SAUDI crazy brain. And No Iran in this bring oil up Thursday with fake news video – DON’T BE FOOLED OUT THERE – it is always crazy brain MBS.

This film is a SAUDI SET UP – and no one will tell you the question – WHERE DID THE NAVY GET THAT FILM? Our sailor smart phones are Hi DEF Color. Who took that grainy black and white to assure the SAUDI ACTORS could slam Iran? Why would Iran place a bomb on a JAPANESE SHIP when they are meeting ABE? Why would Iran do anything when its all going their way. WHO WANTS TO DERAIL IRAN AND TRUMP DEAL MAKING ? CRAZY MBS that is the WHO ? DO NOT BE FOOLED HERE FOLKS…..roll back the curtain. MBS “thinks” like Khashoggi – bring a bone saw to a wedding permit…set up IRAN…..no problem for the kiddy pooh no problem what so ever. Did he pool it off? Oh please do you think our GULF expert team is the one and only group doing all this. In fact we have another sound bite so sensitive we will only publish it when the shit hits the fan – because knowing what we know before Fathers day is national security and we are not WIKKI LEAK CRIMINALS. We protect our home team and say to them – knowing we know – GO USA. Good plan. Wait for it. Today do not be fooled on SAUDI little bang bang.  Iran’s IS bigger than theirs and size matters in the GULF.

Who gains from the little BANG BANG Thursday…..it is always Saudi and never is it Iran. Your thinking out there correct?

Would BIBI of Israel under his worst political EXIT PRESSURE EVER distract the landscape – why would Israel want to attack a SAUDI vessel? TO SET UP IRAN? BIBI ( I know him ) is more direct he doesn’t need a riddle. He wants a deal that creates PEACE  and no nukes in IRAN. That is what Israel wants. Why would they with a middle east peace plan unfolding they want with Kushner in the Gulf promoting the new PEACE INITIATIVE years in the making – side bar the peace plan they desire? Kushner just left MBS who made it clear -we are against your peace plan. Kushner was gut sliced by those curved knives they hold under their bed sheets over there. So MBS again. He wants to derail the peace and right damn now while OIL GOES UP.

What do “WE” BELIEVE In our news site here  – we reported last time and now – MBS ATTACKED HIMSELF in a crime to raise oil and derail the peace timed to MAXIMALLY EMBARRASS THE HISTORY AND EPIC IMPORTANCE of the TRUMP IRAN deal unfolding with ABE FROM JAPAN in Iran doing that deal – all going so well – which put MBS in fury and had MBS move to new CRIMES and NEW LOWS.

Did today change oil supply in any way. No. None. Oil went up on perception this little bang bang from some mine slingers from Saudi makes the oil highway moving billions of barrels unsafe. WOW no change in over over supply – price goes up on what. There is an old  song MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL and  those words are my theme song from me to King MBS he night download. OIL MARKETS are not effected by bang bang. IRAN is protecting the oil highway and makes essential money from it. The USA is insuring the highway and a bang bang has no impact on oil supply. Its like a transformer blowing out in a remote mountain pass for electricity – as if that would effect say NEW YORK OR LA power rates. REALLY. A thimble of two ship loads reloaded and reshipped – zero impact but inconvenience and delay a few days plus some Saudi insurance costs. Really? That? THE IMPACT OF THE DRAMA AND POLITICAL THEATER IN BLAMING IRAN which SAUDI DID IMMEDIATELY no one ELSE WHY? SAUDI DID IT TO EMBARRASS IRAN TODAY WHILE ABE WAS FLIPPING THE FINGER AT SAUDI AND WORKING WITH TRUMP TO SECURE ENDLESS OIL FROM IRAN WITHOUT SAUDI IN THE PICTURE AT ALL. Who benefits from todays bang bang -why SAUDI OF COURSE only SAUDI. And that is temporary…..payback on all this for MBS is easy. The SAUDI family present a robust vacation plan for Arabian failed Kings. The MBS Vacation is soon. MBS Must be terrified right about now…as even this failed. Every MBS idea fails even his crimes fail. HE IS THE MASTER FAILURE they should make a movie with Jim Carey as MBS it would be hysterical don’t you think? I can help with the scrip? We’d all see the comedy MBS. What a world joke.

The Gulf is five decades of my life. The rules are simple. NOTHING IS AT IT SEEMS over there. There are layers that make GAME OF THRONES LOOK like a Montessori school for four year olds. The ADULTS PLAY in the GULF. Subtly and nuance that students of Gulf history know and others can not know. That nuance is playing out right now. The KING of Jordon ( my Hero ) knows – the Ruler of the UAE my other HERO – KNOWS -the leader in IRAN another HERO knows. They all know. MBS is surrounded today. I suspect he is sucking his little boy thumb tonight thinking he made a huge win today – failing to notice how he just pulled the appendage from his own little boy ass hole.

Everyone can see the problem….but MBS. Sucking away for security in his SAND CASTLE.

The SAUD FAMILY KNOW and this is NOT how they wish to run their nation. I wrote some time ago the longer the SAUD family delay their Sand Castle Civil War going on ( Game of Thrones for real – not canceled and over no way in Saudi ) the higher the cost to them all. It stands passing 5 trillion in JUNE. How low do you want your money lake to go boys?

Economics 101. It is not personal MBS its business.

As with the GODFATHER MOVIE SERIES…I grab MBS by his little boy fat face – and I hold him tight looking in his little criminal murder sociopathic eyes today – one Khashoggi Journalist ( my tribe ) speaking for all of us all over the world as I say to MBS so he remembers that phrase…can you feel me NOW when I speak those GODFATHER WORDS OF POWER:

….leaning in close so he can feel my breadth – that close nose to nose – as I say so he feels it….FREDO…I KNOW IT WAS YOU FREDO..I KNOW IT WAS YOU…as I kiss his cheek for the very last time before the Saud family balance their accounts to final audits……

…you really had to have seen the movie….to appreciate the scene here……



Berny Dohrmann – RIGHT AGAIN – as you all are going to eventually find out for yourselves – NOT IRAN – MBS !!!


Note: Journalist of the world do you not think Jeff Bezo and the WASHINGTON POST should globally op ed this item to at least the flag pole of truth so the SOCIOPATH does not GET AWAY with killing say ( us ) . Tried to hack us today smile. Failed. Expected you MBS expected you. Plus our team is watching over me – following the truth right along ….