Now the good news America. No really. The news you have read ( the bad news ) is an economic oil tanker. That news effects market in the winter of 2020 – and our next danger point is OCTOBER 2019. We see Super Volatility even in the summer lower trading volume months ahead – we wrote a blog on SUPER VOLATILITY – and now later in time all the experts are talking about THAT. Our readers knew first. WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE REALLY.

Today we have momentum. We told you. We told you again. We told you again. The economic softness of Jan to April was CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER and record 28 below zero in SUN BELT STATES setting all time records. Folks ( consumers ) bundle up and stay HOME in Climate change WINTER. Double BOMB CYCLONES in APRIL as a first. Tornado’s setting records ( and we told you MARS Like STORMS are coming now ) and they are. Right again. If effects core economics to the CEO small business OWNERS and those who are professionals in practice ( whom we serve to excellence world wide ) our tribe – who need to KNOW how to plan into the future and what to EXPECT with precision. We do our best. For you.

We told you economics would up bubble in the SPRING.

Now the May numbers came in TODAY for your FATHERS DAY WORLD Wide. Consumers drive the market. We told you consumers are still here strong.

  1. April Numbers were revised higher and were better than they said…we told you THAT…scroll…right again.
  2. Retail numbers in May were revised sharply UP and were better than experts expected why?
  3. SUNSHINE ! The pent up demand from CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER we said was an economic SLING SHOT from housing to auto’s to your wash and dryer to your hair blowers. BAM the numbers are soaring.
  4. Consumer buying is strong.
  5. Retail did far better than anyone thought – right again. Timed right again.

Economists are reporting this WILL ERASE any fears the SECOND QUARTER SLOW DOWN they all predicted ( and they were all wrong and we were well – I know its boring – right again ). Our readers love this of course. They know first.

Will this erase the MORGAN CEO INDEX REPORT ( it might it could ) as CEO’s get this news – as they had banked on the experts and the slow down – in their crash of confidence – and confidence can soar way back in the next report. Lets wait for it….and as always…

…a CHINA TRADE DEAL would seal the meal for all nations….but never assume communist relying on fake news …will do what is in their own better interest. The only ISSUE IN THE TRADE DEAL REALLY – is will a criminal cabal of Chinese hard line hate the west folks – wish to continue to STEAL THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD or will they join a rule of law global cooperative new world order? Will the insanely compete as that have as competition has zero integrity and breeds the core corruption China is not healing yet – or will China move into cooperative capitalism as the way up and forward removing the risk of a shattered national economic Super Crash. Trump does not care. One way is honor integrity and rule of law – and the theft stops on a dime – the other is China Super Crash and break up into provinces in internal civil wars and the theft stops on a dime – either way Trump with a FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH – smiles and waits. As China is SUPER CRASHING right now and running out of money and finally out of CREDIT. XI having only lies fed to him is starting to see lies and I expect some China hard liner’s as we see in Alice and Wonderlands Queen Crying out all the time – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS – may be prophetic from Lewis Carroll in the 1800’s…by a lake with the children near a University…..

WE STILL VOTE – no rate cut – the FED should not REVERSE until the world falls apart – keep you ammo high and dry Powell protect us all – from the speculators who wish free money for profit – you have the HELM sir stay steady as she goes next week ( see our letter )…..

Retail April still in winter and double bomb cyclones was set at .02% decline in retail sales when in fact even in that winter white out for over half the USA retail sales did not fall at all and for the month went UP revised .03% a huge swing up and a great winter number in fact for real retail growth. Not bad overall – and May will save the day – as the retail SLING SHOT into June sales rises.

US Manufacturing had the first GROWTH REPORT for May after the Climate Change winter contraction. This ranged from durable goods to automobiles ( just like we told you – right again ). Scroll and see.

Motor Vehicles and parts production rose 2.4% a healthy one month gain we anticipate will be revised upward. Overall manufacturing across all index measured – rose .02 % versus a decline in prior month -and again we feel this will revise upward. All solid for the US ECONOMY far from slowing down just effected by ice and snow is all. Only that.

Utilities rose 2.1%.

Mining -rose .04% from prior month decline in winter big swing back up for one single month in the sun.

Capacity index rose in manufacturing to 75.7% a healthy one month spring up bubble in USA as China just SUPER CRASHED in May for consumer buying and all manufacturing worst since 2008 crash in China. USA UP – China crashing – now who is WINNING THE TRADE WAR THIS EARLY ON? Right again.

Still a lot of SLACK FED for any inflation and with OIL DEMAND REPORT the cost of everything crashing oil prices next week as MBS failed in his hissy fit blame Iran strategy for his own little boy BANG BANG in the Gulf – no inflation FED none. No reason to lower every reason to GREAT PAUSE FORWARD and get new data …when in doubt my famous father training Fortune CEO’s always suggested……when in doubt boys….do NOTHING…….


Folks this is not the depression of 1929 or do we face its triggers economically.

Today RUNS ON BANK LIQUIDITY are CLICKS not lines at the bank. Today runs of capital out of nations are AI faster than human beings can click at all. All new. All first time economic SUPER CHANGE. The market place of our fathers and grandfathers on father ‘s day weekend are gone in a puff of AI smoke in the wind from their old pipe smoking selves.

Folks today runs occur in seconds.

HONG KONG CHINESE is now violating their promise to the people of HONG KONG on rule of law. The communist intend to arrest and DEPORT to mental re-education centers – with their crimes against humanity THOUGHT POLICE. Today on Fathers day over 1 million Muslims are in camps – like hitler – in daily am to pm – brain washing – to remove their culture and install CHINESE COMMUNIST culture and laws – to that entire population who have no freedom no free access to information – who committed NO CRIME of any kind – who had ZERO DUE PROCESS of any kind – all those daddies 100’s of thousands and mommies and children stripped from their homes and communities – for two years of RE-EDUCATION by the Chinese brain washing sciences – to re shape society into wage slaves for the OWNERS the Chinese Communist elite where 1% own more wealth in nation than 99% own wealth in nation – in a communist nation where the people are supposed to own the wealth – the GREAT LIE OF COMMUNIST OWNERS. THE OWNERS in equally horrific competitive capitalism are like the owners of communism – wealth consolidators and power controllers over the masses these systems are competitive insane economics – they are not sustainable long term – and they lack integrity at all levels. COOPERATIVE SANE FORWARD CAPITALISM is the SOLUTION – ( blue print outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION 5 Star on Amazon and back ordered – you have yours yet ? ) – where China is melting economically.

Why. CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. The USA is booming. China is crashing. Who has won the trade war? Who has better data? How can China avoid a SUPER CRASH out of all control of communists starting now in Hong Kong? What do I mean?

Well you see the riots – the entire population – a million daddy MARCH this weekend – a million – saying to the cabal criminal gang ruling and lying from day one – WE WILL NOW MASS DEPORT YOU ALL TO CHINA AND WE WILL -RE-EDUCATE YOU. What is the outcome: Track this on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT “THERE”

  1. Yesterday China tycoons had had IT with China and see the lies from the truth. They started at a click moving 100 million out of Hong Kong Banks.
  2. Now industry and individuals are today moving billions.
  3. Next week its is TRILLIONS.
  4. People are moving out in droves now.
  5. Business is being moved out – forever – a run out of CHINA in industry jobs and capital like never seen before.

AT THE SPEED OF CLICK ( XI never saw even coming at all ) – CLICK SPEED China is losing liquidity in core markets. All at once. Tim at Blackrock and others must protect their positions now. CLICK SPEED XI.

We used to wear tee shirts …what would Jesus DO…and salute Christian to Christian WWJD shirts.


It is new first time everything folks. No one knows what AI will DO now. It will protect risk. The flight of capital out of China now Рbank core deposits Рindustrial deposits, commercial cash floats Рindividual wealth floats Рnot yet tracked by China Рare CLICK RUNNING ON BANKS IN HONG KONG РChinese BANKS who no longer have the cash to accommodate  the runs on the their insolvent banks. WE WARNED YOU ABOUT ALL THIS.

THE RUNS OUT OF HONG KONG STARTED TODAY FOLKS AND THEY ARE ENORMOUS RISING TO BILLIONS AT A CLICK. Why ? Bad law and broken promise by China. China has a constant. They lie and present fake news. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHINA LIES SET OUT TO CONTROL THEIR OWN POPULATION FROM THE TRUTH. If their population new the MIND CONTROL an elite ( THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY ) were undertaking against them all – they would rise up as one and take out the communist and move to democracy. May happen anyway as XI is playing one losing hand against the other and Trump is FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH ECONOMICS ( but XI does not know that as his own people believe the fake economic news FEN ) that they are reporting to him. He only see’s how fake that news is ..in reverse.


If yes the world moves forward in sanity and cooperation higher code of brain software with integrity between nations.

If not – the world moves into competition and insanity – with buggy brain software into economic super crash and world war.

Putin may be a wild card because he actually understands all this. He wants a deal. A real deal.

Trump wants a deal. BUT:

…business as usual …criminal wealth transfer via theft and state sponsored economic terrorism are simply over and will never return not ever….fair we all win …or you lose and we win…is the future going forward…as the USA has stopped the criminal wealth transfer forever folks…and you’ll adjust or you’ll economically….die now…….

That is True for Japan – The EU – and Asia in general.

The largest customer supporting with Foreign aide the entire world of circulation is not fooling around in the UPGRADED ECONOMICS of no nation left behind – and the criminal theft of national wealth between nations as economic SPORT is now over. AI is monitoring AI for the first time and the SUPER CHANGE of all that is rising.

Will the one nation bringing us – ROUND UP A MILLION BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH – and BRAIN WASH THEM EVERY Grandpa to Child for years – so their thinking is engineered as you wish it – where entire populations could be brain washed. Just take them over and put them into our camp model – hey we have over ONE MILLION MUSLIMS LOCKED UP FOR NO REASON OUTSIDE THEIR FAITH – NO CRIMES NO UNREST – ALL OF THEM – IN THE LARGEST SINCE HITLER CAMPS AND TOTAL BRAIN WASHING AND NO ONE IS SAYING THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?

Hey we say we own the entire China Sea.

The WORLD MARITIME COURT RULES 100% UNANIMOUSLY that is a 400 year breach of law and CHINA DOES NOT OWN THAT BODY OF WATER AND ALL 400 YEARS OF WHERE THEIR BORDERS STOP STAND IN RULE OF LAW – and the world fails to enforce the court unanimous decision – CHINA IS COMMITTING WORLD CRIMES ON SCALES NOT SEEN SEEN HITLER. Like Hitler the world does nothing.

All Chinese citizens are now AI monitored ( see person of interest its worse than that ). They are SOCIAL SCORED to conform to China communist double lines – or they have THOUGHT POLICE VISIT THEM – re-educate them and if now off to camps to re-educate and if not – prison for life. No due process. You just failed your SOCIAL CREDIT CARD to have access to everything – which is taken from you by China THOUGHT POLICE AI controlling over a billion. How long do free people allow all this.

China says ( the press confirm ) we will never build up China sea islands as military to protect our illegal claim we own this entire ocean ourselves and all the wealth inside it. No other nation borders into this ocean get anything we get all the wealth folks – in the FEW AGAINST THE MANY NATIONS insane competition model. Then immediately they build up these islands into forward circles of MILITARY BASES to assure they can absolutely through FORCE now ( lying on the record – don’t be fooled China lies ) – the entire China Sea. They are playing the long game and the USA and the world LETS THEM DO THIS?

However you must pay for it.

China is running out of money.

There is a RUN on China Banks – click speed.

There is a super crash of China industry ( todays weekend report all indexes in China crashing and XI is stunned ). Seeing his peoples lies to him for the first time -unhappy Fathers Day for XI.

mis-calculations are speeding up capital flight from China BOND and equity and cash markets.

Millions of Jobs and manufacturing are leaving China – Amazon and others – buy buy.

China is imploding.

Why is this good news. CHINAS massive pain? The enormous RUN OF CAPITAL OUT OF HONG KONG as riots fill the the sub story is banks in Hong Kong lack the cash to accommodate tens of billions flowing at the SPEED OF CLICK in a full AI and CLICK run on core deposits out of China institutions funds and banks ( today this weekend next week ). WHY IS THIS OUTCOME OF CHINESE 100% FATAL ECONOMIC MISCALCULATIONS GOOD NEWS ON FATHERS DAY?

As an proud AMERICAN INVESTMENT BANKER ECONOMIST – As CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD for the leading Press ranked # 1 Business Community in the WORLD TODAY – as judge and jury here – we know confirm the truth of it contrary to lies the Chinese about to see millions laid off and massive pain in China at the mid year this….

…it is our opinion China has UTTERLY LOST THE TRADE WAR ….THIS WEEKEND HONG KONG PUT THE NAIL IN THE COMMUNIST ECONOMIC COFFIN…and now it may be too late to Trade Deal save them…and Trump and we and IMF warned and warned them….THEY LOST THE TRADE WAR


Nancy Pelos political theater – grade F for failure to pass a US BUDGET and Raise the Debt Celing for failure to conduct the by law REQUIRED BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE – illegal – a crime – and immoral and unethical – and impeachable – NANCY PELOSI BETRAYED AMERICA FOR AMERICAN POWER AND GREED¬† – PASS THE BUDGET CONGRESS OR AMERICA WILL PASS ON YOU…thats good news – America has had enough of Nancy lies and spin and fake news ..more than enough for all parties in all sides – like a dying DINO in a dried up lake bed flopping around ….Nancy this weekend go buy a hat you need one with that last face lift and get some new shoes – your own party is about to OUT YOU as the TORT LAWYERS are looking at BREACH OF DUTY IN HIGH OFFICE 300 million would sign on to as a certified class…starting with my San Franciscan self Nancy singing on board…BARR IS COMING FOR YOU…soon you’ll have to drive yourself – no more private planes honey….its over now……THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY…you’ve used Donald Trump like Stormy Daniels ( who has now said with new lawyers – oh by the way I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP ). Your lies about our President are worse than STORMY ever was. That your own party is working to get you out – well Nancy its late really – and no one deserves being put out of leadership than your criminal lying toxic political self on Fathers Day. Lick your wounds and tour Alcatraz and think how those hard cold cells given your crimes Nancy might feel as all of Justice violated by your crimes in office will now have NO MERCY. Its game over Nancy save for your final hissy fit lies – all bullets are now blanks Nancy your own party is wishing to PASS A BUDGET AS REAL AMERICANS and Nancy that is the GOOD NEWS ON FATHERS DAY – Trump won because the truth Trumps your LIES . We were right again. Such good news in DC such good news. A democratic revolution FOR AMERICA is rising up…way to go way to go…USA USA USA USA USA ON FATHERS DAY…no Nancy in sight……GOOD NEWS IN DC…..

HAPPY FATHERS DAY MR. PRESIDENT you WON THE TRADE WAR and you deserve a CIGAR. Wish I could drive down and share one with you in Florida this weekend. Where you flew in your own favorite movie star and my buddy too to join us – what a weekend that would be in your victories before JAPAN even starts ….enjoy SIR ..after all the lies not yours theirs. The most Fake News on any President in History – you deserve your base applause on FATHERS DAY SIR – you do. HAVE A GOOD ONE because for those who love you most – your work pales to insignificance as President to your victory and work A + sir to your role as FATHER ….enjoy the victory Golf Games with those you treasure most…..