Right again. On everything 2019. Business Index plunge sets new record for down bubble in all matrix measured.

We have told our readers we are inside a new economic age – a first – for humanity – AI controlling over 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows – 7 trillion daily in just currency markets – and look MA no humans are involved. WE call this all WIZARD OF OZ economics where the wizards ( all smoke and mirrors today ) have lost total control of the markets ( all central banks ) as frankly they lack the cash to control the real markets in any meaningful way but TALK. Which for AI is a one day market bump – one day only. AI economics is new and no authority has box top rules yet to protect us as the SUPER CHANGE of AI economics is evolving too rapidly for human and regulatory adaptation. An unforeseen consequence of SUPER CHANGE itself….Ai economics is warp driving into the future and regulations from the 1930’s have zero capacity to keep pace today in any context. That risk we report to you about here first. We often tell you what the press says is totally wrong and than 100% right you come to find in fact – turns out to be the later reporting. Like in the Gulf mess .

Today the OIL market the cost of everything is held up by GEOPOLITICAL SIT COM. There is no shortage of oil. In fact today the global energy institute released confirmation ( right again ) that – oil demand HAS stopped and gone DOWN. Todays FRIDAY OIL report confirmed demand was falling worse than thought or reported previously and that supply outside OPEC can adequately fuel the world in surplus without OPEC need to restore any of the wealth they turned off to themselves. CREDIT RATING AGENCY’S TAKE NOTE:

  1. Saudi should be JUNK BOND CREDIT and remember if you invest in any way in Saudi including their too high oil prices – you lose.
  2. All OPEC credit rating should be lowered based on today’s numbers.
  3. The world does not need nor is the world any longer buying GULF OIL.
  4. The world todays report stated is ADEQUATELY SUPPLIED outside OPEC from producers like AMERICA.
  5. Oil demand is going down down down – and suppliers are in economic rip tide on business models – meaning its game over for oil markets as we knew them. OIL CARTELS ( OPEC ) no longer matter and outside geopolitical NOISE they have only declining fundamentals into the future…their credit rating today is a crime rally as those relying on the credit rating and paying way too little in risk carry cost are being cheated by criminal credit agencies failing to act paid by those they give the phony ratings too as in SUB PRIME but worse. This is all going to come to light now. Todays OIL DEMAND confirmation of this blog on DEMAND dropping off a cliff for oil to almost zero demand – right again. Saudi told you demand was growing and would soar on trade deals. Not true. Fake news from Saudi like Iran doing that bombing MBS faked them out. RATE RISK ACCURATELY the risk in debtor demand falling OPEC is off all charts – downgrade those credit ratings – anything less is criminal fraud to nations and investors. RATING AGENCIES not another 2007 FRAUD FROM YOU ALL OVER AGAIN? Please be in integrity.

Oil demand is not going up oil demand is crashing – it is almost zero demand today with the GULF having almost 5 million daily barrels of capacity they are withholding. Non OPEC suppliers are ranking up supply over all OPEC cut backs and that growth in supply is soaring. OPEC is a SIT COME JOKE today there is NO CARTEL. The CARTEL will fall apart unable to sit in room with LIAR crazy brain MBS any longer. Integrity demands OPEC break up as members leave because THEY MAKE MORE PROFIT ON THEIR OWN than with crazy failed MBS policy on oil.

We told you go long on oil – and blood bath your loses. Oh for the record this weekend….RIGHT AGAIN. Watch this.

Saudi is  INSIDE the worst economic hit from todays OIL REPORT they could with fake news all year no longer hide behind – OIL DEMAND IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF IN NEVER SEEN BEFORE DECLINES – and the benefactor of yesterday’s bombing – timed to maximally embarrass IRAN and raise oil price for say 72 hours was MBS and SAUDI having his warm meal – he shoved it to IRAN. Only we know fredo we know it was YOU.

The phony baloney black and white SET UP VIDEO ( and why is a mine being removed anyway there was no mine it was just a phony MBS ) – of the why any mine on the vessel would slam dunk – have  implicated MBS of Saudi ) look ma no mine. Iran is racing to save the crew of the ship ( on one side and then removing the mine – as any Iran mine would explode ) while SAUDI films their own folks in IRAN uniforms trying again to assure ABE does not make a TRUMP DEAL with IRAN. Behind the scenes I suspect with NSA and CIA correct briefing even they will conclude – who benefits from the little bang bang GEOPOLITICAL NOISE to hold up a world drowning in oil – where no demand ( todays report confirms ) talks price up? Price for oil since April has crashed. You have not seen anything yet and the more MBS loses the more desperate he becomes because…in his SAND CASTLE failures costing his nation trillions….life is cheap in the desert sands folks …life is cheap. Ask Khashoggi’s fiance’ who did yesterday – MBS is my FREDO….I KNOW IT WAS YOU SON. I know. First you said it was a torpedo – then it was mines – then mines failed to explode and they were removed and Iran did that with its marked ships and uniforms in plain site – like stupids when ABE was in town to make a deal and lift sanctions – which MBS is terrified about.

Folks if IRAN wanted to play games you would never know it was Iran and it would be more than a little BANG BANG with zero cargo money lost at all. No it was WHO GAINS to the timing and show ? MBS is who. The man who brings bone saws to a wedding permit – that is the WHO. To our DOD – hey don’t be fooled folks or sucked into MBS child’s game. Or Israel with BIBI a bit more in panic mode today. DO NOT BE FOOLED hold steady with ABE and IRAN – totally framed nation open your eyes as the scales blinding you from SAUDI all fall away today. Stay tuned.


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This Father’s Day Weekend American CEO’s – the business leaders we serve spoke. WHAT DID THEY SAY IN MAY?? You do not KNOW? Why let us share it with you FIRST as always right here as the weekend begins:

Morgan Stanley the leading BUSINESS Brokerage firm in the world – released an index we track – the BUSINESS CONDITION INDEX today. Their INDEX from CEO’s reporting – our CEO SPACE COMMUNITY we have been telling you about for months this year – FELL.

The CEO Business Conditions Index – fell  by 32 points.

Why is this fall important from May to Today? So important in the SAFE HARBOR canary in the mine we have been screaming at to you- as the final act of the longest highest boom period globally IS winding down today. Right again.

The well Watched Globally and tracked by our team of economist trackers inside CEO SPACE – and we expected this – while no one else did. So the index absolutely SHOCKED EXPERTS TODAY. They are all still digesting. Next week we may see a sell off as AI can not trade on human implications of data only data itself.

….Todays Business Confidition Index reported a space shuttle re-entry fall back to earth BRUTAL decline….in confidence the driver for investment and spending by CEO’s who make those choices…an INDEX Fall from level 45 this March to 13 in May….the largest ONE MONTH SUPER CRASH IN BUSINESS CEO CONFIDENCE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE INDEX….SETTING AN ALL TIME RECORD FOR SUPER CRASH IN BUSINESS FORWARD CONFIDENCE…..a never seen before EVENT……..( are you feeling us now for being right again )?

The decline was ENORMOUS and BROAD BASED – in sharp deterioration – across all economic sectors measured in the index – business everything – Every single SUB INDEX of the Business Conditions COMPOSITE FELL – across the entire board ( a first at this level and ratio in history again ) except for credit condition – as the debt super bubble continues to expand and expand and expand.…which we do not favor more of …hence our CEO SPACE to Powell do not lower interest rates to the speculators delight. Not in this climate. Not right yet sir.

IN MAY….ALL BUSINESS CONFIDENCE IN THE USA…..WENT AWAY ….IN MAY LARGEST ONE MONTH DROP IN RECORD KEEPING EVER. Now act differently with this information on economic storms gathering all over the sea you now sale within…the wave and the froth are rising to forty foot and 100 foot towering seas. ARE YOU PREPARED? IN MAY IT WENT AWAY….act differently and prosper act the same and risk your own game. We lead in this space press ranked # 1 for a reason … the leadership as we guide you to a far better way forward.

This reading released for CEO daddies everywhere ( and CEO Mommies too ) is a GPS for JUNE GLOOM. ( right again )

The INDEX has not even been THIS LOW FOLKS since the sink hole when we thought banks would fail in the midst of the daily market super crashes in 2008 itself – now that is a worst case of all reports – and is a report that confirms our call to you – before you fall of the cliff in all this – come together as an EMERGENCY which we frankly think on timing it is – and learn earn and return to be in SAFE HARBOR because now CEO SPACE JULY is actually ESSENTIAL for the awake leader who wishes to step in front of CHANGE THAT IS CLEARLY COMING NOW.

Morgan restated this has nothing to do with TRADE issues this has to do with a global slowing, primarily outside the USA and now effecting the USA itself as all global slow downs will – especially when the global slow down is all at once all nations at once. THE WORLD IS STARTING TO CONTRACT IN ECONOMICS against a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE – as only the CREDIT SECTORS ( is this scary to you with record home defaults still record consumer credit defaults record auto loan defaults and recored student loan defaults with commercial loan defaults as we track all these rising terrors to credit markets ) while still they lend like drunken sailors and now the profit mongers profiting from what we at CEO SPACE call RIP OFF LENDING – are trying to get FREE FED MONEY to crank it way the fuck UP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Good economics? ( not ours )

Bad economics? ( not ours )

Crazy economics ?( yes that all of us today )

My 17 year old gets this on Fathers Day weekend. My ten year old CEO SPACE grad gets this for G Daddy this weekend. Why do grown up’s G daddy not understand this? That is what is hard to tell young Jaxson. Hey my G BABY photo is on Face Book if you follow me ( sorry passed 5000 friends before you were born smile ). Follow me on line I”m funny.

Junes mid point barometric pressure showed:

  • Declines in hiring across the board ( last jobs report crashed NEW JOB creation stunning experts ) not us
  • Declines in future hiring plans ( across the board and nation )
  • Capital Plan for investing
  • Declines in Manufacturing sub index
  • Manufacturing sub index fell off a cliff to ZERO ( now thats a first ) in one month
  • Services driving say FAANG fell from 35 to 18 also a one month FREE FALL SKY DIVING in the index no chute

Your Chute for safe landing IS CEO SPACE DALLAS and if you MISS THAT – your risk pucker factor lacking options tools tactics and a FRESH GAME PLAN to assure you hire when others fire – you grow when others go – is gambling with your future and your stake holders future and your family frankly – SAFE HARBOR. We WILL help you BUILD SAFE HABOR in five weeks with a June Tax buck you save. LEADERS register into CEO SPACE if you can read a business index.

If you think your in KANSAS DOROTHY sing the song – from the wizard of oz – THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME – and say ..there is no place like home toto ( you had to see the movie ) ….and click your ruby slippers – hey if you even prepared and have some magic ruby slippers ….hey not going home ? Stuck in OZ folks? In your wizards HOT AIR BALLOON going down down down the rabbit hole of this LEADING CEO INDEX which tells you the future into the nasty election year 2020?

Do you have a far better plan for the future than you have today?

Do you have a better mentor team helping you in a week to make that plan – step by step month by month to year end and beyond?

Do you think given this SEA CHANGE which is MASSIVE that going forward into the rising forty foot economic storm seas in your row boat all alone is the safe war forward – alone as you do it now?

Do you see that placing your ECONOMIC SHIP behind a sea wall protecting you from those waves – sailing in safe habor upright and storm NOT EFFECTED at all – with as far as the eye can sea at SAFE PORT ( CEO SPACE ) you have a fleet to trade with you lack right now – and you all grow and help each other to prosper when others have no clue?

Is that SMART?

Is that Timely.


  1. CEO confidence in the market we serve for decades world wide just collapsed – worst fall to the index now residing to the SUPER CRASH year of 2008 low all in ONE MONTH ALONE – CEO confidence is the core of forward economics – they are in 100% contraction model. BAM.
  2. OIL DEMAND as stopped like it hit a cliff wall. Supply is greater than demand.
  3. China manufacturing hit a cliff wall – todays report – worse than any number imaginable – as massive debt to the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE is now required in 2007 level TARP and China stimulation – but CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF CASH and its credit rating must downgrade fast. Folks CHINA IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY we now predict if politics runs this and China fails to execute a trade deal – the fait of China seals in economics into SUPER CRASH spinning the entire world into SUPER CRASH in 2020 or beyond. TRADE DEAL of slip on your economic banana peel? All your lies – won’t save you. THE CABAL OF THIEVES ( COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP HARD LINERS ) have run out of economic systemic abuse – the day of THE GREAT REBALANCING IN CHINA IS NOW based on this weeks SUPER CRASHING economic numbers in China ( right again here ) and China is running out of options and cash. THE YUAN will SUPER CRASH FIRST THAN CHINA CORE ECONOMICS implodes without a trade deal.

THE TRADE DEAL FOR CHINA – a real one – is the only BRASS RING to save CHINA ECONOMICALLY today. FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS from China won’t save them not now – AI will with todays numbers run the oceans of money OUT OF CHINA at a pace of EBB TIDE China planners have never experienced in their history…that EBB TIDE is today. We told you get out of China and Asia if you go long into those markets the blood bath especially in their phony bond markets – is going to be red ink to your account on MARGIN CALL in SUPER VOLATILITY ( scroll to read those titled blogs this weekend ) unforgiving for your error in investing…right again. TODAY CHINA IS SUPER CRASHING is what the news told us…just the worst possible China economic report in 40 years. Thats today folks. TRUMP IS WINNING THE TRADE WAR and faster than the lies CHINA economists tell to XI and we told you XI has bad data – suggested. RIGHT AGAIN.

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If you chose to do nothing ….you are at risk in Super Crash and massive global contraction….in the new AI Economy nothing is as it seems….you see ships attacked in the GULF what if MBS uses digital weapons to attack markets?

If you chose to act and come together knowing their IS SAFTEY in numbers you are the tiny % with superior hard information. If you are a blog reader for a time you have seen enough “right again” when all experts said one thing – and we said another …that you trust the guidance the mentorship and you ACT unlike the majority you take action. If you invest in Safe Harbor you will have yours….

If you fail to act and fail to grow a safe harbor game plan……your future is a ….HIGH RISK based on clear and compelling data today.

THE CEO”s who create 100% of the jobs and growth in all nations defined in May the largest DROP IN RECORDED HISTORY OF THEIR COLLECTIVE MIND SET A MASSIVE SLOW DOWN IS COMING.


Take that to your bank and deposit it….RISK is ON now ( right again ).

The time to act as we told you ( insurance diversified invested get out of all markets – read our suggestion for safe harbor for your money – our Platinum member insurance experts will be on site in July at CEO SPACE to explore with you licensed experts ) – protect yourself.

Or not……..



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